The Gerson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle

2004, Mystery  -   102 Comments
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The Gerson MiracleThe Gerson Miracle examines many of the elements of the Gerson Therapy, explaining why we are so ill and how we have in our grasp the power to recover our health without expensive, toxic or mutilating treatments, using the restorative forces of our own immune systems.

Even the most advanced cases of cancer can be successfully reversed using this method. While the results seem miraculous, the real "miracle" lies within our own body and its healing processes.

In this documentary from filmmaker Steve Kroschel, noted MD Max Gerson reveals a nutritional healing treatment that he claims can restore the body's ability to fight off cancer and numerous other degenerative diseases.

The testimonies of a few "incurable" cancer patients highlight why this long-term cure could be much more effective than many of Dr. Gerson's critics may care to admit.

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  1. That question mark as to the efficacy of this therapy is entirely due to krapitalism, a system in its death throes.

    In the 1980 deregulation took place to utilize slave labor to restore collapsing rates of profit ...DUE TO COMPETITION.

    Capitalism requires infinite expansion and the privatization of public service (and investment in properties that fueled the housing bubble) was under taken to facilitate expansion lost to the closing down of enormous swathes of industry

    Privatization of health care is a crime, as there is no integration of services and whether or not your condition can be treated is left to the vagaries of the market. If it is rare, and little profit can be are


    The entire presentation reeks of a scam, similar to many that have come before it that have sought to rip off the vulnerable and desperate for which krapitalism is the ideal system

    Those that sing it praises and suggest we need to be more open minded and do more investigation are the useful fool and enablers for these fraudsters

    We should not have to investigate anything, that is what peer reviewed clinical studies are for. If they are getting the results and benefits they claim, surely they would want their methods subjected to clinical evaluation that could only serve to support the credibility of their treatment.

    Its about time people grew up and assessed issues on fact and not on their emotions......
    fat chance!!

  2. Reading the comments has compelled me to say - Excellent documentary! And may the wise who have eyes to see benefit from it!

  3. now i saw a doc about 3/4 yrs ago. it was about graviola fruit. apparently it was being tested in the late 70s and shown to kill cancer calls 1000s of times more effective than chemo/radiotherapy but through tome effing stupid law a natural product cannot be patented so it was shelved. do you all think big pharma want us knowing about these super foods? a guy i know had prostate cancer, refused chemo etc, did a bit of research, ate asparagus every 1/2 days, few months down the line he was alive and kicking so to speak. lemon zest is the same. google royal raymond rife and what happened to that guy..

  4. Not everything can be reversed. If you put your body through enough torture through the ingestion of harmful toxins for a long enough period you will die. Beginning a cure when the body has been regulated by toxins may send the body into shock, or just kill it. Begin the business of cleansing your body slowly and possibly wean yourself from certain drugs rather than quitting them cold turkey.

  5. I have a friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and went to a Gerson treatment center. She got worse rather than better and is now on hospice. If she goes into remission, I will sing the praises of this method to anyone around me.

  6. This Documentary is a common sense truth, believe it or not your choice.
    The people here who are not open minded to the simple idea that pollution free or organic vegetation verses poisoned meat and constant poison in our environment will take the latter when they get sick as medical doctors will subscribe for them because they are too lazy to uses good common sense. Pharmaceuticals are in the business to make you sick then make more money, end of story. I have read most of the comments and can only assume that the ones spouting the negative are from the Medical industry or Pharmaceutical industry given the negative which is the world they live in. If humans used common sense instead of becoming robots of someones industry, we would like in an entirely different world and it is not to late to change. I give this documentary 10 out of 10 common sense. Be a sheep and follow the herd or be inspired by your self and only a clear mind with out toxins will allow you to do that.

  7. I'm scrolling through these comments and realizing that at least half of you are unaware that The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization and that ANYONE can get detailed information about how to do the therapy independently for free from GI or several other places on the internet. You can also get free counselling from them. I understand your cynicism for the age we live in, but these people are sincere. I've read the books and seen it heal a golf ball sized tumor in my good friend's neck. This after she tried many other natural therapies to no avail.


  8. Its never cured anyone of anything.... except heavy wallet syndrome

    1. It reversed my degenerative neurological disease. I'm out of my wheelchair and no longer take any pharmaceutical drugs. I was taking almost 40 pills a day for 3 years. As soon as I fired all of my MD's, started researching and started using common sense/logic, my condition drastically improved.

      Three months into the therapy my condition rapidly improved and is still improving 18 months into it. I've also helped my close friends grandfather reverse his peripheral neuropathy. Last year he was 93 and needed a wheelchair to move more than 100 yards at a time. Now, one year later and using the Gerson therapy, he is walking 3 miles a day.

      Sure it's expensive and hard as hell to start in the beginning. When you are sick and your life has been taken away from you b/c of disease, you would try anything.

      Heavy Wallet know what is expensive? Having a disabling disease that keeps you from working your entire life. I'd rather heal myself with a therapy that I have to pay for than suckling on the tax payers for my entire life while I'm living on SSDI benefits and not contributing to society.

      Most medical doctors discredit this therapy because we are living with a profit based medical system. All they are taught is pills, cut, burn and poison. If I get in a car crash in America, I'm happy to have these doctors around, but when it comes to chronic conditions, these doctors don't know much. Just look around, everyone is sick with something.

  9. I have read many comments here and find it a real shame that many of you will state that there is no scientific evidence and it is a load of rubbish. There is much evidence and research to back up these claims, you just have to go out there and look. Have a read of the book itself and you maybe surprised.

    What surprises me more though is the amount of chemical changes the body goes through when we take drugs. People are on countless drugs with some of the illnesses they have, with each and every drug having a side affect. Drugs are very toxic to our body. It is up to us as individuals to take control of our health and it all starts with an open mind. Much of Gerson therapy is based on Juicing and that alone has much scientific research behind it.

    I like many of you here have been a sceptic and have studied and done my research on alternative medicine. As a hypnotherapist, I was blown away when I realised that I could control someone's pain almost instantly and I mean from severe pain to having it completely gone. You may be surprised that you can remove pain so quickly but it is completely true!!

    Our diets have a massive impact on our health as does our mindset. Stress can be a huge cause to the onset of illness. So... a message to all you sceptics, have an open mind and do your research, there are countless alternatives to modern day medicine!

    1. I wasn't able to watch this movie for some reason, but i recently watched a movie called forks over knives, which is based on the healing powers of a whole foods plant based diet, with decades of research done by these two doctors and very serious results.. One guy had 27 complaints from diabetes to blurry vision, being tired all thetime and numerous other complaints.. Within 3 weeks they had taken care of 26 of the 27 complaints, totlly reversed the diabetes and took the guy off all of his medications.. He dropped his cholesterol from like 280 down to 160 in a matter of weeks.. I know eating meat is part of our culture in north america, but they sold me on this diet... Like the doctor said, some people say his diet may be extreme, but he says that having bypass surgery is also extreme... He was convinced heart disease is something no one need deal with if we all ate properly. Anyways i wasn't sure what this m ovie was about, juicing or sdomething? Is that just juicing with veggies and fruits or with marijuana leaf? I am quite aware of the amazing results people are getting from jjuicing fresh marijuana leaf on a daily basis, marijuana oil also has amazing benefits like killing cancer cells. It doesn't surprise me that eating or juicing with fruitds and veggies does amazing things, just like marijuana leaf does amazing things... Basically plants are freaking awesome..

    2. Thanks for your reply Jimmyjackson! I have not heard of forks over knives. I will make sure to watch that, it sounds like another great movie. The video above is not working for me now either,

      A part of Gerson Therapy is juicing and another part of it is coffee enemas. I am not an expert by any means, I have just read information here and there. Its worth watching the film though.

      Hemp is an incredible plant and it is said that hemp oil can remove cancerous cells from the body. I have a friend who sells hemp oil as a business, its also completely legal in all 50 states as it has no THC in is at all. It has made primarily for healing,


    3. I've seen both. FOK is a great, great film. I guarantee you'll like it if you enjoyed this documentary.

  10. It is all about the money, 4 months ago I had Collin cancer and was told my only choice was a operation to remove the cancer. I took the choice to wait 6 weeks till my insurance would cover it, so I studied deep into the Gerson program did it by myself for 33 day before my operation against what the doctor said. After the operation, when I woke up I asked how much cancer did you take out of me, we did not find any but took many biopsies, at that point I ask did the coffee thing work? He walked out of the room. 5 days later they all came back no cancer. I feel the best I have ever felt in my life right now and it's all because of the Gerson therapy.

  11. an excellent doc. which should be viewed by all. Even the Aids riddled dude in Dallas Buyers Club knew he should be eating natural and it worked for him; helped him. Separation from the natural world must be over come and those in high places know it will be their demise, hence the struggle to keep so much info and plants illegal. Dominion is one nasty evil lie.

  12. I get this is hoaky but think about who controls our money, government, medicine, FDA. It's big companies and in this case big pharma. H*ll, the federal reserve isn't even owned by the government. These companies are quick to "manipulate" for profit. I really hope I don't need citations to verify this. When doctors go through school they don't go through any significant dietary classes as stated by my cousin who just went through med school.

    I've been down to the library and found a couple books on nutritional values of foods. Some can r*tard cancer like broccoli. Studies were done on these foods. Get off your lazy rear and go to the library if you want proof.

    Now I come to this doc. Not sure what to think but do you think the Gerson Therapy institute would be open right now, in several locations around the world, and for so long if it was a hoax? Maybe it's not totally full proof and maybe biased to successful cases, but what if even half of them get cured? Hell, what if it works? People have to be on this program for 2 years after visiting the institute. For those cases that failed, did they really keep up with the program after they left? I just ended my trial month with my personal trainer and guess how many times I went to the gym since?... ZERO!

    There is scientific evidence of foods ability to reverse illnesses. I bet you guys didn't know that specialized cancer facilities use a high very intense vegetable nutrient diet. Sound like something we just watched? Those with the most curious mind will find the truth.

    1. ok, first of all, i don't disagree that large corporations are corrupt, but when you use that as the core of your argument for why medecine doesn't work what you are actually saying is that the entire scientific method is corrupt...I won't point out the irony of you doing that on a computer, with electricity, on the internet, i'm sure you can see that for yourself.

      Secondly, science has spent decades working on treating cancer. If Broccoli could cure cancer, do you not think someone would have figured that out by now and incorporated it into mainstream medicine? The scientist who discovers the cure for cancer is going to stand alongside Newton and Einstein as one of the greatest scientists in human history. Nobody is going to throw that opportunity away for any ammount of money, especially not when there's a nobel prize to be had on top of it all.
      this is why conspiracy theories surrounding the subject are to me entirely unconvincing.

      If someone is telling you they have a cure for cancer then i'm afraid they are either lying to you or have been decieved themself.

      Decades of constant study have found that chemotherapy is the most efficient and effective way of reducing cancer cells...there is an entire library of evidence if you could as you say get off your lazy rear and go look if you want proof.

      I'm pretty sure that if Broccoli and carrots could cure cancer, then nobody in the medieval or raman era would have ever died of cancer...which i'm afraid they did at a startling rate.

      to answer your question yes the Gerson institute is operating and bankrupting desperate people all across the world...What if half of them get cured? seriously, you're willing to gamble with peoples lives and families based on a what if? are you a sociopath or something?
      Oh i see, you then also blame those who are not healed for their deaths because they didn't want it enough or something...that's an absolutly hideous thing to say, and it's a tactic used by confidence tricksters and faith healers "little Jimmy died because he didn't believe hard enough" it's a sentiment that sickens me to my stomach and makes me question if you are a true believer or a con artist...after reading those sentiments i'm seriously leaning toward the latter...I presume you have some sort of financial interest in this snake oil solution.

  13. The haters here who say there is no scientific evidence are the same people who think Big Pharma has your best interests at heart and wouldn't put anything in your body that would hurt you. The reason they try to make this therapy out to be 8unproven is because it works and they cannot make any money on this because you cannot patent nature. If i got cancer this is the first treatment i would try. Why would i want chemo, which kills your body along with the cancer.

    1. numerous people tried independently to replicate Gersons findings, and they couldn't. That's how peer review works, a different scientist takes an experiment, copies it word for word, and then examines his/her own findings in comparison to the original claims.

      nobody who has copied Gersons experiments achieved the same results as he did, this means he either cheated/lied/did something wrong/misinterpreted his data.

      You can't base efficacy on what "Big pharma" doing that you're no better than the people you're trying to mock...except you're doing it with a lot less evidence than they are.

    2. I guess you would have to talk to the survivors of cancer who did the Gerson treatments if you want evidence. I will take the word of patients and their results over the FDA and Big Pharma.

      Please provide links to these independent studies.

    3. conveniently enough, the people who it didn't work for can't give you their anecdote because they're dead.

      Anecdotal evidence is terrible source of information for good reasons, memories quickly get fogged.

      What's the point in asking for links to studies after explicitly styating that you don't trusty any of the sources you know i'm going to point you toward?
      I could link to every available study and you'd probably just brush it all off as part of the conspiracy.

  14. Hi
    I have tried to watch this video here in UK, but it is telling me that this is not
    possible for UK residents. Any chance of changing this please, as I have been reading a lot about Girson therapy and want to know more. I can be contacted on ... if you can help. (email removed)

    1. im uk too. just type the title on you tube, theres versions we can watch bsaoudi :)

    2. Chnage your proxy settings in Internet explorer to point to a proxy in the US. Google it!

  15. I wonder who the Handsome Hunk Whitehair is Charlotte is dining with..
    Maybe its not about cancer curing but the diet of lots of vitamins seems to be safe
    That much i think can be said abt organic gardening
    vegetarianism is it good; is it better; I don t know tho i v e known a few veggies, agai, physically they are in at least thin shape ,dermatologically, some are wrinkly some are not

  16. i smell quack
    anytime you make bold claims that challenge the known (and peer reviewed) science you should back it up with some research, which i saw none of. citable sources? nope. just a bunch of hokey new age bull

    1. Look up who provided funding to the scientists who performed the peer review studies.

  17. This docu should be in the "Conspiracy" section. Cure for cancer... lmaoooo!

    1. Look up the definition of "Conspiracy". it will make you laugh your a** off. The next thing you know people are going to be claiming if I suck on a lime I'll be cured of scurvy! hahaha! S*upid limey's! Then I suppose somebody will say something totally stupid like consuming proper amounts of niacin will cure Pellagra!

  18. Question? Assuming the gerson therapy is not a cure for cancer, does anyone believe the body has 'Any' innate ability to kill cancerous cells (or prevent further growth)?

    1. My wife is going to Medical School, she's on her last year, 6 or 7 years in College. I bought the book and made her read it, she said that there is a lot of truth in what they say. If you want proofs, please get the book The China Study, the study was the culmination of a 20-year partnership of Cornell University, Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine on how our eating habits affects our health.

    2. Yeah, there being some truth in a book about diet only means that there's some truth about diet. It doesn't prove anything about curing cancer and your wife's opinion doesn't further your argument or provide evidence, however correct she may be in that there's some truth about a healthy diet being good for you. It's called an appeal to authority. It'sa logical fallacy. You're trying to imply that because your wife has soemthing to do with the medical world, she must be an acceptable authority on the matter, sadly this is entirely wrong.

      I'm sure your wife is a good student and that'll be exactly the reason she told you that the book is right about some things. However unless she is a student, focusing her entire study on cancer and the effects of diet, writing a thesis on the subject as we speak, and she specifically told you that "it's all true" then showed you her findings...
      well, it's just irrelevant.

      A balanced, varied diet in conjunction with excercise has long been known to improve overall health and help to prevent some illnesses but doesn't change the fact that this docs claims about cancer are hokum.

    3. Do you seriously think that such proofs would be ever admitted and published? It's not about proofs, it's the results that matter - and Gerson's patient's results are no hokum, these are living flesh and bones who survived thanks to the method. You have proofs that chemo kills many, how is that relevant to anything in the course of cancer treatment in hospitals? The proofs worth...Find an expert in oncology who has access to proper laboratories and research funds and is not under influence of Big Pharma, simply allowed to conduct research like that and let hem publish the results without any manipulation from interested sides:) good luck finding one:) why don't they just let Gerson in the US just to prove their method wrong? Should be so simple if they're so obviously wrong. Look around in the US, look at the fat sick people, look at the rates of cancer cases, look at the food 50 years ago ad now, look at the Pharma profits around that all. The proofs are all around you. Food is way more powerful than just a tool to lose a few pounds and improve overall well being, if it can kill you or keep you alive, how can it be treated as something so insignificant?Ignorance is a choice.

    4. So you claim, but where are these people? I'm sorry, but annecdotes are not evidence. What's more, why would the medical profession hide "treatments" which are shown to help? The fact that many hospitals provide access to Alternative Therapies flies in the face of this. There are numerous organisations around the world invested soley in finding cures for cancer. You don't think they would be all over this in a heartbeat if there were any value to the claim whatsoever?

      Your entire post is fallacious, conspiracy theory nonsense. I suggest you look up the videos on critical thinking and apply what you learn. You'll get ripped off a whole lot less.

    5. it is possible for the body to deal with some cancers unaided. Con artists and quacks rely on this fact to justify selling their fake medicines.

      Sometimes your body can recognise that the mutation is a problem, most of the time it can't because the mutated cells are a part of the body so not recognised as a foreign object by the natural defences. (i'm paraphrasing here, if someone can say it better then please do)

      Cancer is a mutation of cells, and as a result each cancer is different and unpredictable...that's why a "cure" is technically impossible, it would be like trying to cure a mole, there's nothing you can really do about it except cut it off. And even that's no guarantee it's gone.

  19. I couldn't stand to watch the entire documetary, which is unlike me. Now, please don't get me wrong, but, I think eating a healthy diet rich in fresh veggies and fruits (as well as meats and dairy) is essential for a healthy body. The amount of processed food is disturbing IMO, especially when there's an obesity epidemic in North America. I would love to see more community gardens popping up, so that every person has the right to eat fresh and local ingredients (as some communities don't even have this option). With all that said, is that a cure for cancer? No. A prevention for some with or without a genetic factor linking them to cancer for sure, but a cure?! If it was a cure, which it is not, everyone would be doing it and the world would be cancer free. Now if you think to yourself, "Oh those drug companies...they just wanna make a buck so they covered all this stuff up" (God I hate this kind of thinking!!!!!) then you'd be wrong. Word of mouth is the most powerful type of advertising there is and if this was a "Miracle Cure", then surely this knowledge would have been passed down by word of mouth. Unless those pesky drug companies got to every single person who knew about this, and word tends to travel fast, then I just don't know.
    I guess what I'm saying is, eat your fruits and veggies because they're great for your body and if you want to believe they'll cure your cancer then that's your right, it's your body after all, but my father had a great saying for subjects like these, "Believe nothing of what you see, nothing of what you hear and only half of what you read. If it's too good to be true, then it usually is."

    1. If you consider habit forming behavior, biased and irrational
      thinking of human beings evidenced in behavioral economics and
      psychology experiments, then you can understand that people set in their
      ways could incorrectly stand by the conventional medical model of
      treating cancer. Add to this the lack of economic incentive to conduct
      studies on the benefits of natural foods because there is no way of
      acquiring a patent so as to reap financial reward, and what you have, in
      fact, is a very possible reason why there is little evidence in the
      scientific literature to support a treatment like Gerson's. In other
      words, yes, medicine could have it wrong.

    2. While I don't dispute that medicine is not 100% accurate, word of mouth and people living this lifestyle would be all the result anyone would need to see it as a cure. The simple fact of the matter is, cancer is a multifactoral disease with many different causes. I never said diet doesn't help, but it is not the CURE. We are talking Cure here, after all.

  20. Watch and learn for yourself , an excellent documentary, eye opening ,especially in today's problematic medical system !!!!

  21. Very syantific, human body is not designed to consume meat because of our colon. How the hell can that be true when fossils show man has been consuming meat from the beginning? And that the growth of the human brain is contributed to eating meat.

    Don’t you just love scientific fact?

    And IMO, if it takes a person a medical degree and years of work to understand that healthy eating is good for you that person can’t be trusted….

  22. Just one thing perplexes me about this. Why does the US prevent clinics like this in America? Why cant we as 'free' citizens make our own decisions about what we will try and not try? Pepsi is allowed to spend millions on advertising so we will buy their product and drink millions of gallons of junk yet we cant cant spend money on a fruits and vegetables care diet with coffee enemas? Isnt there something wrong with this?

    1. Nobody is saying you can't pour coffee up your a** while eating a banana. They're just saying you can't charge it to your insurance company.

    2. Why not? Prescribed fuits and vegetables covered by insurance would prevent millions of dollars in future costs from diseases secondary to westernized crap eating. Im going to make a bold statement and say 80-90 percent of disease could be prevented by eating right. Not sure how the enema plays into this...

    3. Usually costs like that are paid from an income through a profession of social safety net. The last one is reserved for non barbaric means civilized countries with a minimum of economic sense.

    4. Of course there is..that's the point. They would not be able to make their millions if there was a cure for such illnesses. It's all about the big bucks for the big corporations.

    5. You are free as a bird to eat and juice all the fruits and veggies you want.

      The reason they aren't allowed to run their clinics in the U.S is because they attach unproven and disproven claims to the treatment they are peddling, i.e. it will cure your cancer. They have NO scientific evidence to prove this is even remotely true.

      You ask why is Pepsi allowed to spend millions on advertising. Well the last I checked those ads weren't promising if you drink Pepsi it will cure cancer, make you smarter, or make you live longer.. In other words Pepsi doesn't make false claims about their product.

      There was a time in the history of our country when we did it the way you think it should be. That is anyone could sell whatever potion and nostrum they pleased They could also promise without any scientific evidence that it would do everything from cure baldness to curing cancer. These people were called snake oil salesmen. And they traveled from town to town selling their remedies. People were able to buy what ever they wanted..

      No one knew what was in the potions they sold. Some had ingredients like morphine and arsenic! It was a nightmare. The charlatans selling it could say what ever they wanted about the treatment they were selling.

      This system created so many problems for obvious reasons that the government had to step in. This is why the FDA was created. I don't agree with every decision the FDA makes but they are all made openly and transparently. The FDA invites and encourages every citizen to any session where decisions are made. If the public can't attend they can watch the sessions on video on their web site.

  23. here is where i trip over the idea that the pharmaceutical industry and more importantly the scientists involved in the study of disease are deliberately hiding a cure. first off you would have to assume that ALL of them are not interested in healing only money. if that is the case why wouldn't a group of scientists get together do the testing and provide the evidence collect their Nobel prizes and be unimaginably wealthy and famous? why wouldn't a company outside of the big pharmaceutical companies that don't have a hugely profitable drug for treatment invest in this and make boatloads of money over the short time, as well as vault themselves and their company into the big leagues? finally these company leaders and the scientists as well as other very wealthy people die from cancer or have loves ones who do. is anybody suggesting that these people would rather die than expose that a cure exists?

    1. I don't know if the world is ready for a cure, regardless if there is one or not. I would be quite nervous for this planet if there was a catch-all cure.

    2. Sarcastic_Drew
      that is a completely different argument but i cannot say if you are right or wrong. but i do see a possible argument for that stance

    3. there are plenty of other diseases to worry about. im not sure why you arent sure planet isnt ready though, overpopulation?

    4. I don't like to use the term "overpopulation." It can make some people cringe. It has been used in many contexts in a derogatory fashion.

      I prefer "balance." I think us (life) should be forever balanced. After millions of years of life thriving, who are we to change this? We (humans) have a duty to the planet to keep the balance. We have won the lottery of life and have been given cognition as a prize. This cognition should be put to good use, instead, it is not.

      You say "there are plenty of other diseases to worry about." You are correct. Yet, with all these other diseases and viruses etc meant to keep our species in check, we still overcome mother nature's rule and are able to break the balance [violently and exponentially].

      I want a cure for cancer. Who doesn't? Much of my family has fallen victim to it. But we have shown no progress in balancing ourselves among this planet. I am just stating we need to be 100% conscious of this.

      Right now we are touching the ground on the seesaw of life. We should be downright scared of the day mother nature swings us back up... I fear it will be turbulent trip for us. I hope we can hold on when we reach the top.

  24. The only real beneficial information in this doc is the part about good dietary practices and exercise. Everything else is just so much Internet Quackery, brought to you by the makers of Goldseal therapy and anti-radiation iodine supplements.

    (and, YES, I happen to be a big-fat, pill-popping, Big Mac-eating expert on the subject!)

  25. A much better and safer approach to healthy eating can be found in the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"

    Gerson is ... IMO, the real trick is finding out what your allergens are, eating a paleolithic diet, and exercising.

    I know for a fact that 3 people in my family with Auto-immune diseases have completely gotten their lives back under control using the diet from "FSaND" and I'm sure a cancer patient that has not metastasized yet could definitely benefit from it more than this.

    The human body needs salt, and coffee enemas are just silly IMO

  26. good food, good health. Simple really. Not all that illogical either. That some people think this is quackery is a little nuts. Keep popping pills, eating big macs and diet cokes and type away like experts.

    1. I totally agree...people are blissfully ignorant and like it that way.

  27. Wow I really can't believe this obvious scam has been published on this website. I'm sorely dissapointed. This is possibly more offensive than that Thrive nonsense. Pseudo-science and quackery all the way.

    1. RikG01
      while i agree that this is Pseudo-science. i disagree with it not belonging here. i have seen many posts calling this site bias and i speak only for myself (i have no information on this sites or it's moderators and admin stand on this issue). weather yourself myself or others think this or other docs belong here or not does not do anything to stop these ideas from existing. there are those who believe these things and this site provides a forum to discuss things we don't agree with and maybe provides a chance to educate ourselves and others on what is true or not. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” (U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis)

    2. That's a very fair point actually. Consider it noted and being reconsidered. Many thanks, Over the Edge.

    3. and i'd have to say that you work for one of the large pharmacuetical companies that cannot profit off the gerson treatment, so therefore it must be a scam and would never actually work!, well i hate to inform you that i had late stages of pancriatic cancer and beat it using the gerson therapy, and i didnt have to pay a prick like you to give me a death sentence, i brought the vegetables and performed the coffee enemas myself for a fraction of the price of radio therapy, and am still here 8 years later to inform people that perhaps it is you running the scam for the chemists!

    4. Oh yeah, obviously I work for chemists, I mean, no ordinary person would call this obvious fraud a scam...

      Problem is pointer, where as I have fact and science, Gerson and you, have testimonials. Problem is, testimony isn't scientific proof. Heresay is not measurable in a lab. Opinion isn't evidence.

      I heard about a guy who carried around a stone to protect himself from tigers, well do you see any tigers?

      So you'll forgive me if I don't take your word for it. How about you point to some evidence that contradicts the facts? Seriously I'm all for finding a real cure for cancer. So are many other people in the world, experts, doctors, scientists and yes, chemists. If Gerson's diet was a cure for cancer, don't you think at least one of them would have said

      "Hang on!, There it is, right there. This Gerson chap worked it out, we can cure cancer!!"?

      Fact is, they haven't. Why haven't they? Because it simply isn't true.

    5. i am with you as far as there having to be solid evidence before making such a claim. especially evidence that contradicts known facts.
      so i want to ask you if u have looked into the case of Dr. Sebi. please research him. i'd like to know what u think? that supreme court shit is no joke, and says a lot about a supression of possible cures/treatment methods.
      please do not see this as me trying to challenge u etc. i am just someone who likes to hear other vieewpoints that are based on some real thought and consideration of researchable facts.

    6. Dood, challange accepted happily. I looked Sebi as requested and one very interesting link struck me from the get go, the guy has an online shop where he sells his "cures" at very expensive prices.
      What's really strange is that I can't find anything concrete about his time in court ie court documents but everything I've found refers to Sebi being acquittied of being a "fake doctor".

      This, however, does not mean that all of his cures have been proven to work, only that he wasn't faking some element of doctorate. It's very important to seperate that. It certainly says nothing of supression of alternative cures. I think it's a bit unwise of you to make that link, unless you can show me unbiased material evidence I've missed? Say a transcript from the court which clearly defines how suppression has taken place or which clearly states that Sebi can infact cure AIDS?

      And of course, you can be a doctor and sell snake oil at the same time. Just look at the awful books put out by Mona Liza Shultz. I'd sooner subject myself to Geoffry Archer's "novels" than suffer another of her books.

      It seem to me that this whole "suppression of alternatives" argument is deeply flawed. The big corporations easily have many times more money than the people who first "discover" these "alternatives". It would be very easy for them to aquire their products and reward them very handsomely for it. It would also be very easy for people such as Dr Sebi, to acquire funding to test and prove their "cures".

      Which would make more sense in this modern capitalist world?
      1. Surpressing a cure for something and spending a lot of money to do it.

      2. buying up and proving the cure to work, before selling it to governments and the masses for ultra-massive profit?

      Wouldn't the cure for AIDS alone be super-profitable? What about better cancer treatments. There's a lot of people gonna get cancer, no matter how they live their lives, woudln't Big Pharma want a piece of the action?

      As has been pointed out before to alternative healing enthusiasts on these forums, when a company thinks that there's money to be made from alternative medicine, whether it works or not, they'll market it themselves, so long as it's harmless. Just look at how many foods you can buy now from big corporations with the packaging plastered with "A good source of anti-oxidents!" etc. and Proctor & Gamble make a fortune from aromatherapy just for starters.

      There is no suppression, there is only medicine that is proven to work, profitable nonsense that is harmless and dangerous cons which the big companies won't take up cos they're too risky. With a broader customer base comes increased chance of it being proven wrong, or worse, leading to significant harm of a person. Big companies don't want that. It's bad press.

    7. i agree man, but we try to display as little bias as possible when putting up docs.

  28. Shouldn't it belong to "Health" category?!

    1. no, it belongs here.

  29. "In 1994, a study published in the alternative medical literature described 18 patients treated for cancer with the Gerson Therapy. Their median survival from treatment was 9 months. Five years after receiving the Gerson treatment, 17 of the 18 patients had died of their cancer, while the one surviving patient had active non-Hodgkin lymphoma."

    And there you have it - quack nonsense, which has shortened peoples' lives for being naive enough to believe it works.

  30. All Gerson has to do is publish a scientific paper explaining the biochemistry behind this diet and submit it for peer review. Allow independent experimentation and see what happens. If it passes peer review, then the world will believe every word of it and companies will jump at a chance to make money off this idea.
    Until then, it's just an infomercial.

  31. @ REBELDOCs

    I disagree, if you have a real cure-(not you specifically I am speaking in genral) and you get the right support from the right people, scientifically prove the viability of your product, and expose this to the public, the political will to get something done would be created. Once that has happened the rest is a matter of process and procedure. We all know the politicians will do what ever they have to do to stay in power, so make this what they have to do and it will get done. But you have to present it to the people in a much better way than this docuemntary does, or their b.s. detectors will hit the roof and nothing will happen. Yes judges can do quite alot toward ending this kind of thing, as can politicians but, niether will until we make them. They will not let the whole house of cards fall just to save one scam- they will relinquish and find another scam to ride out until we stop it. People seem to forget that they may manipulate us, trick us, decieve us, but they can't force us. When we stop accepting something it stops being acceptable, the civil rights movement proved that to me when I was very young. Politicians were just as corrupt then, corporations were just as greedy, and people had the same basic natures as today- I am sure my mothers generation felt just as helpless and small as we do. But just look what they accomplished.

    1. I agree to the way you put it.
      Its just so frustrating that just to change 1 thing your talking the battle of a lifetime and by the time 1 problem has been solved another 10 more have developed in the meanwhile.
      The method you state will work.
      Its only up to a real scientist to start that crusade and not me.
      I find it extremely shocking that natural therapies can actually be patented since they did not synthesize or invent the plant or animal they derived it from.
      To make this cure all you need would be some specimens found in nature a sterile lab add still water and polarize the fluid.
      Its hardly science.
      Understanding why it does what it does is the science.
      Pure biochemistry and i know that if the right scientists would look at this they would be able to perfect it as a cure and preventive treatment.
      All current treatments are based on destroying the tumors themselves taking out a lot of healthy tissue in the process.

      The idea of starving the tumor should be further explored since it makes sense. Anybody here who wants to work for a nobel prize ?????

    2. I agree it is frustrating, you would think it would be much easier but, the corporate dogs have had time to really sink their teeth in, they have been working the system ceaselessly from the inside out for years and years. They have in fact even managed to change the system in such a way as to hide and complicate exactly who is profitting and how, which makes "following the money" almost impossible. They set up their industry in such a way as to create a huge conflict of interest- namely that if they cure things they lose money in the long run. The important thing to remember though is that this is big pharma and the health care business we are talking about, not medical research scientists. The average medical researcher sincerely wants to cure desease and makes a very modest salary that is not contigent on any one desease staying around. If he can cure cancer he fullfills his dream of making a difference through science, makes a great name for himself and gets published, and through doing so secures his future employment. I am not saying you got the two confused but many do. Many people seem to condemn science when in reality they are upset with those that took what science discovered or created and did something immoral or unethical with it.

  32. There are thousands of files you have free access to.......there are many videos.....there are newspaper files as well......and always there are presumptions.....I also have learned to (finally at 61) go with my own instincts and commen sense (going out of fashion), I chose well.

  33. I have personally worked with someone who has an alternative patented treatment on the market and helped him with marketing and distribution acknowledging the huge opportunity that a working cure would offer,,,

    During my time working on the project i made the following discoveries.

    The FDA is a corrupt organisation that`s heavily sponsored by the big pharmaceuticals and systematically slows down development of cures and sets a different set of trial rules for different applicants.. and measures with multiple sticks..

    It takes at least 10-15 years and an enormous amount of lobbying (read bribing) and resources in order to put any new cancer treatment on the market today.

    Due to the corruption at the FDA many developers are forced to sell their product as an alternative treatment and pushes it to the same shelf as any homeopathic medicine and hoax miracle cures.
    Putting it in a field without any regulation at all.
    Making it incredibly hard for people to actually see the forest through the trees...
    Actual cures get easily discredited and bogus cures are still in circulation.

    This industry is all about money and not about curing people.
    If a new product works it will be priced according to what the market is willing to pay and has no correlation whatsoever to the actual production or research cost. The margins in medicine are insane...

    A new cure for cancer will be sold for in between 500 and 1200 dollars per month per patient depending on the stage of the cancer and the amount and level of professional guidance provided in the treatment..
    If it treats deadlier tumors... People will simply have to pay more..and 3,000-4,000 dollars per month for keeping a stage 4 cancer patient alive is nothing strange...
    Obviously these numbers do not include cost of any actual hospitalization and refer purely to the cost of the treatment (product).

    In our case the production cost of 1 month worth of treatment was under 10$ US and through a chain of referers, agents and distributors it would be on the shelves for a staggering 600$ per bottle (=1 month)

    The stronger versions (higher concentration of working ingredient) were being sold at multiples of the base price based on the stage of the cancer it treats.

    Being exactly the same product with only a minimal difference in the amount of working ingredient (potency of the mixture) it sickens me to what point the medical industry takes advantage of its customers.
    Here`s an overview of the % of active ingredient.
    0,005 % stage 1 cancer treatment
    0,007 % stage 2 cancer treatment
    0,010 % stage 3 cancer treatment
    0,014 % stage 4 cancer treatment

    Since the substance is non toxic(proven) and is thought to theoretically prevent tumors from developing it would be no problem to just make 1 version that can be used across the board.. but hey...why miss out on a financial opportunity..
    If a person is more sick he`s more desperate to live even if they do not have sufficient financial means by themselves... there`s always friends and families that help each other out.. allowing them to push for more money.. Hippocratic oath ??

    It makes me sick to see the companies that are responsible for "healing" the world and make lives better systematically block good and viable treatments. Are amongst the most profitable in the world and the best thing is . As long as the product do not directly cause any damage... they are not responsible for actually curing you...
    In other words... If i buy X pills and they cause a disease.. they are liable for damages. but if i take X pills to cure something and i don`t get cured... that's fine. They`ll say that every person is different, every case is unique, and if it worked on the test group before.. we have the right to sell this...If it doesn`t work for you... then your pure out of luck...

    As long as medicine is driven by money and not the love for humanity and prestige we will forever be faced with "uncurable diseases" "bad treatments" "incomplete legislation" and a lot of suffering worldwide.

    The free market economy has done so many things for our technological evolution but in the case of science and medicine in particular a more communist approach would be more humane and just.

    Wouldn`t it be wonderful to have the brightest minds of the world collectively work on healing the world ??

    In this particular experience this is only a drop of the filth i have faced..
    I also have seen cases of falsified case studies that are endorsed by prestigious physicians using patient files and scans of patients that never used that particular product...
    Chains of powerful political families that can fast-track you fda approval if its in their own interest. (equity bribes)

    I can go on for days, and probably should make a documentary about this but i fear for my life..

    Forget everything you were ever told and open your eyes again and draw your own conclusions.
    Because the world that you think you live in with all its underlying mechanics ,workings , motivations and philosophies is not what it seems...

    1. Yes I think you should make (or help making) a documentary about this issue. This is a very important topic and your post got me genuinely interested. You will have the support of many. If you start with the social base, like Invisible Children with Koni, nobody will be able to stop you.

    2. I started helping this particular company since i lost most of my loved ones to cancer in the last decade. Not because its my field or specialty and naive as i was I soaked it all up making my observations along the way believing that i was helping a cure for cancer get to a wider audience.

      There were also financial incentives but i never have received any money for my work, since i was helping out a friend and was expecting compensations in other forms once things worked out.
      (e.g. investment in my own future projects)

      I sincerly had the feeling i was doing something good. While even to today. I do not know if this stuff actually works.. and it will require further confirmation by objective doctors and researchers..
      I have met authentic endorsers but have also assisted in fabricating false materials from random patients files to adhere to the norm for trials and brighten up statistics.
      At that moment being totally brainwashed that this is helping people for me we were just re-formatting and saving time , a thing which shouldn`t have mattered because in another country they did a real trial under different norms..and based their statistics on that..

      All the involved medical professionals had no moral issues with supplying the confidential patient doctor files for us to extract the information we needed. Files of non recovery were simply skipped but the most amazing thing was that the people who`s scans we were using... were on a different treatment all together... Many files were older then the product itself...

      As long as the case study conforms to the format it should be presented in , its authenticity will not be questioned and after "FDA approval" its all history anyways.
      Its all about who`s applying and who`s making the phone calls.
      Oncologists are compensated in one form or another for their endorsements.
      (e.g. exotic business trips , watches, equity, commissions)
      So those who play the game well, get things done and approved.

      You will never know if your CT scans are in a classified document that only legislators at the FDA or patent registration office can see.
      You only do if you catch them...
      And i doubt anybody will ever get access to classified documents of companies like Bayer, Johnson and Johnson etc,

      If companies setup medical trials and testing in the past.

      How do we know numbers are not being extrapolated ?
      Why do we need multiple cures/producers/products for medicine ?
      Why does medicine need to have profit ?
      Why can we patent and therefor limit access to potential cures ?
      Is it legal to shelf a potential cure to protect your business interests or competing products ? (Isn`t this MANSLAUGHTER ?)
      Shouldn`t you deserve to die the most horrific death if you want to apply margins exceeding 1000% to a cure that's the difference between life and death for the whole world ??

      People wake up.... We have technologicaly evolved but at the cost of our moral standards, discipline and collective happiness..

      I`m not a film maker but I`ve seen some **** in my life..
      If there is anybody who can turn this into a pwerful message for the world feel free to leave a message and I will contact you with precautions.

      I think that what i know is only the smell of the endless lake of filth that i was temporary exposed to.. and anybody who dives into this ****hole might not come out.

      Conspiracy or not... too many essential elements of life in the world are really messed up.. and that is something we cannot deny...Look honestly at Banking,Politics,Medicine,Food supply,Religion,Marketing and the most insane of them all Corporation and you can only draw one conclusion.

      We are all ******...

      Honestly what can you do even if you know ?

      There is so much corporate abuse that wealth almost resembles how many people you`ve hussled in the past without consequence.

      I`m definately not a communist but you cannot keep changing the rules of the game.

      Please show me a piece of land where its cool to come and murder everybody that resists to claim ownership, where i can make up the law and disable future generations from taking back what is theirs. Ruling over it for 200 years.
      Am i crazy ? no ? I`m not a psycho murderer but don`t forget that this is how every country you see today has been forged,sustained and maintained and nothing significant in this world happens without human cause. (exception natural disaster)

      Its what every noble family in the history of time has based his empire on and that through diplomacy , cooperation and conspiracy has evolved into the countries we have today.

      We inherit the problems of the previous generations but have no part in its creation.. While others inherit position and riches enough for 10 dynasties.
      Divide and Conquer....
      We are living with its ridiculous consequences everyday,
      Please inform me when the next bloody round is because i will happily fight to the death for a chance of this glory and prevent this loophole from repeating itself and turn the tide for future generations.
      We are fighting the wrong war and are constantly distracted from what really matters.
      People worry more about what happens in the next episode of their favourite tv show,their sports team or their facebook page then what they are actually eating,breathing and believing.
      Isn't this by itself COLLECTIVE INSANITY??

      I`m so aware of the state of the world that I`m literaly on the edge of madness. Its so shocking. You don`t want to know.

      If you can tie everything together into 1 conclusion you know the weight on gods shoulders (if there is 1)
      He is wise and is all knowing because if i was him i would`ve wiped out humanity a long time ago and I don`t see a reason why he should not other then that it is already set in motion by ourselves and therefor its not necessary to intervene.
      This by itself confirms gods wisdom or confirms there is no god.
      Nobody will ever live long enough to witness the end...

      People ignorance is bliss. and maybe it is better if we die faster..
      Not for you, not for me, but for our childrens children..
      We should actually all die right now.. Unless you have something brilliant to leave for future generations.. Change to make or something tangiable to leave.
      Unless you are doing something to add to humanity other then human waste,
      You are being selfish to live.. use up space, resources.
      We are keeping each other busy and decreasing the viability of the planet for future generations. All for the sake of what... Not killing each other ? Keeping everybody happy.
      Maybe if everybody was less people they could be happy.

      Because if things continue the way they are . A 100 years from now we really are an extinct species. Not by disaster or Apocalypse but simply by people changing their way of life too late and everybody having to live with the consequences of everybody`s behaviour. The world is in turmoil. While we are more evolved then ever ???

      No matter what we do... I cannot see how we can break this cycle of destruction and freeze time to make a change.

      I urge you all to enjoy every day of your life in ignorance..
      Knowledge comes with responsibility and this is a case of you really really do not want to know.

      I understand it now...
      The enlightened ones..
      Nobody made me part of the club...
      But i understand their motivations...
      Fuck i even understand hitler now... I definately don`t approve but i understand the problem he confronted and the solution he chose. sick as it is.. The next holocaust is going to be decided not by race but by intellect.

      People are the cancer of the earth. and there is no cure... there is no solution without wishful thinking that grasps outside of reality..
      Nature is in balance without people. you cannot deny it !!!
      There are no animals that require human presence in order to exist. So we are not an essential part of the food chain.
      Unless you come up with some animal that lives purely on human flesh or remains..
      Believing that everything is going to be fine is what is going to kill us all.

      And there is no doubt in my mind that there are powerful people aware of this,and are just as worried with a lot more resources then me that have been working tenaciously to make this cleansing happen.

      Reality its totally subjective...
      Only from gods chair you can see whats really happening.
      Most of the people reading this will have stable jobs in save environments and have a reason to be calm.
      Their reality is not so bad, things are still good.
      But slowly the powers are shifting and with limited resources and an exponentially increasing population some things are simply inevitable. Many people will suffer.
      Why be born to suffer all your life and pro-create to make the problem bigger and let your children suffer the same faith. This really is insane.

      I`m no nostradamus but i can reveal the only logical human management evolutions within 50 years time :

      Murder of a majority of the worlds population starting from the bottom up to apply a darwinian way of categorizing people and deciding who lives and who dies.
      The poorest die first. The richest die last.
      A fairly certain assumption the way things are looking.
      Methods : terrorist warfare (invisible enemy), disease, "Natural" disasters. Genetic survival of the fittest.
      (cancer is killing really effective and you get all the targets money too)
      *license to procreate (sterilisation at a certain age, healthy cells extracted, only qualified people can procreate to limit procreation under ethnic groups that have no chance for survival in society)
      *Increase in disease and exotic viruses (manmade biowarfare)
      *Increased limitation in access to medicine/cure to kill people faster.
      *Decreased food supply
      *Mass infertility under less developed populations.
      *Dramatic inflation with all of its disastrous consequences including civil unrest and eventually resource war.
      *Countries will wage wars a decade ahead of above in order to extend their lifespan and move their deadline until all hell breaks loose. Oil is an excellent example.

      Every country in the world will be torn apart just like the arab spring.
      But worldwide one by one.
      Then when some countries are weak and exposed bigger stronger countries will annex them. More economies will fall.
      Revolution is imminent.
      World war 3 has already started.
      Countries don`t matter anymore. They are lesser entities.
      Worry about corporations who work globally and that have monopolized everything that we need or think we need for every stage of life.
      Don`t you understand the corporation is only made to protect the property of the nobility ?
      You see the people have always envied those who have more and this leads to an endless cycle of revolt and violence to subdue.
      By turning assets into corporation the people cannot clearly see who is owning everything and have nobody to revolt to. Nobody to stand up against and therefore less civilian unrest.

      Its slavery if you take somebody and you keep them alive to work for you for free against their will.
      While Its perfectly fine to pay somebody just enough to eat and sleep as long as they agree to it.
      Well other then the free-will i still see the same situation.
      You work for food and shelter and now with the times in evolved a car and some nice clothes, sometimes you get to eat good food too.. The only difference is ... you voluntarly enslave yourself...
      You will run to them like a hungry dog to be enslaved... because you simply cannot survive if you do not...
      And the less we know about basic survival the more dependant we are.
      This is so incredibly smart and manipulative that i`m still amazed by the conclusion.

      Especially with a stock market which trades pieces of ownership every milisecond. And big corporations operating globally. we can never see who` s holding all the cards....

      I went incredibly off topic, but i had to get this off my chest..because it all ties together.
      I cant continue to live knowing all of this and sit by to not do nothing.. This knowledge is an incredible burden.
      The least i can do is share my thoughts.
      They are not standard issue and food for thought.
      Probably I`m wrong here and there. Nobody is perfect.
      But its a lot to think about...
      The post might be a bit dark but don`t get me wrong.

      I`m a life loving person in a wonderful relationship with a world of possibilities. I have known wealth. I have traveled the world. Seen things. Experienced things normal people can only dream about..

      Yet my hopes for the future are dark.
      Not for me personally. But for humanity.
      How can you enjoy your life knowing there is so much injustice and suffering ?
      How can you spend 500$ on a 4 person dinner if that feeds an entire family in a 3rd world country for a whole year. Not by choice btw. but necessity and it breaks my heart that i cannot devise any improvement of their situation without throwing other people in poverty.
      And thats the most important thing we should learn.
      Making others poor to get wealthy is not a systematic improvement. Its actually really irresponsible. and i see no difference with the Italian maffia and Wall mart.
      The mexican drug cartel or Johnson and Johnson.
      The only differences are that corporations are way more evolved, powerful,merciless and have managed to grow into a godlike entity that cannot be touched by mortals and cannot die.

      So instead of drinking cocktails and enjoying my life I`m more inclined in protecting my future descendants to have to face the same injustice and systematic abuse we are all living everyday.
      I rather fight it out in my lifetime then do nothing and let my kids take care of it.
      But i know my enemy and at this moment i rather live to fight another day.
      One day I`ll join the list of revolutionists and mark history... but not today... food for thought !!!!

    3. I would definitely agree that big pharma is about money and controls the FDA, that cures would be suppressed if they could not be made profitable to the powers that be. However that does not force people to sell their product like this, making docs that tell you that you are sick without even knowing the slightest thing about you, claiming this is some kind of cure-all that we should all be on, not completing correct scientific studies- this is all done by choice. I mean o.k. big pharma will not let you in, you can still complete double blind studies and so forth- the scientific methodology is free and readily accessible. So complete the studies and make a doc showing the results, following the study all the way through so people can see it was done correctly and you are not just making pseudo-scientific claims. Expose big pharma and the medical industry for excluding you, prove you jumped through all the hoops and so forth you had to and they still would not let you publish. If there is one scrupulous doctor there has to be many so find others that have good reps as professionals, good educations, etc. to support your cause, if you have a cure that’s real this will not be hard to do. Turn to other scientists outside the medical field but still relevant, like biologists, Richard Dawkins comes to mind- he is very interested in separating pseudo-science and spiritual mumbo-jumbo from real medicine. If you had a real cure that you could scientifically prove to him to be real and successful he would advocate until he ran out of breath and, he has the stage to do it on. He is always saying that if you have a cure or a real scientific discovery that has been dubbed pseudo-science but is the real deal he would love to hear from you and validate your claim. Yes medicine is corrupt but, that doesn’t mean we should buy into every cure supposedly excluded for political or financial reasons. There are better ways to get your cure or discovery out there if it is the real deal and I have to believe these people are smart enough to know that, as I am and I haven’t cured anything.

  34. There's no doubt that some of our "Western" diets are bad for your health, like processed foods that are high in fat, sugars, presevatives and not much nutritional gain if any. Even though most of our parents and grand parents have been eating, more or less, the same stuff for years, what seems to have changed is how we make and grow food and our choice, if we had a choice, of lifestyle.
    Though my understanding of the Gerson therapy is, that it doesn't necessarily cure the cancer but helps the body with the ability to be able to process and get rid off unwanted toxins or toxic by products the body can't get rid of easily on its own. Not everyone has access to the amount of fresh fruit and veg suggested by the Gerson therapy because of financial or geographical reasons. After watching another documentary regarding the Gerson therapy, sorry I forget the name of the doc', I bought the book as I was curious about this, not that I have cancer but like most people, some in my family had it and died from it. Anyway I read through the Gerson book and it does take a radical change in mind and lifestyle, like using non-fluride toothpaste, change your shampoo to an organic version, removing of mercury metal emalgams in your mouth, don't eat fast foods or processed foodstuff and not to use deoderants as the chemicals contained therein are absorbed by into the body through the skin, not to mention the coffee enemas, which, has to be an organic coffee and not any old instant coffee used in the enema, as well as find someone qualified and capable to be able to give you the enema if you can't or don't know how to do it yourself. Again its down to whether or not you have the financial capability to be able to implement all these changes.
    However, what are the alterantive cancer treatments we are given if we ahve cancer, like Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy, what's the pro's and con's of them? Like getting radiation sickness is supposed to make you better and the drugs they use in chemotherapy are extremely toxic and have nasty side effects the list as long as your arm! Yes, your cancer has gone into remission but your body is slowly degrading becasue of the radiation you've been exposed to or the toxins from the chemotherapy drugs is what's killing you slowly but as long as your cancer is gone who cares, right!
    There is another treatment that has made think we have cured cancer already, and that the antineoplaston treatment created by Dr Stanislaw Burzynski. His treatment has been used and is not slated by the medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies because of it not being toxic or not being effective in combating cancers but because one man has the patent on this treatment and not big pharma!
    Either way I found it to be an interesting watch, don't believe me watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.

  35. Steve Jobs did the gerson diet and still died even though he was a billionare with every option available. When your time is up, its up.

    1. arguably

    2. I don't know too much about what Steve Jobs used other than hearing via rumors that he tried Dean Ornish's diet, acupuncture, and even consulted a psychic. If he did use the Ornish diet, it is a different type of diet and therapy from the Gerson diet.

  36. I'm not watching anything that tells me, although somewhat indirectly, in the first few sentences of the description that I am sick and they just happen to have the cure. Its a shame really, I had hopes for this Gerson thing. I had heard several real people (not actors or somone on a documentary but people I met) that had escaped cancer using this treatment say it was no joke, it really worked. Then you see something like this and your b.s. detector just goes through the roof. I mean maybe it is a valid treatment for people with certain cancers when used in conjunction with other treatments, that kind of makes sense. But this alone as a general treatment for already formed, malignant tumors- it just doesn't compute. Everyone is different and if they can't produce reliable results across the board- verified double blind studies done to the letter I mean- then i have to assume those that have had these miraculous results are exceptions not rules. There is enough evidence here however to warrant further study. We should try to isolate what is different about these peoples immune systems, genetic make-up, etc., etc. that allows a simple dietary change to defeat cancer. But they have to stop trying to sell it like snake oil if they hope for their treatment to ever be taken seriousely. When you have discovered something important you don't set out to change the system inorder to get it in place- you work with the system or whatever you have to do to get it out there correctly. Then you can go about trying to change things- I mean saving lives is what medical R&D its about right, not changing the system or making some statement about modern medicine.

  37. another pseudoscience quack

  38. Although, the general philosophy is correct you must read more in-depth as to why this method is too extreme to be healthy. This doc conveniently avoids mentioning the more ludicrous aspects of this method- coffee enemas are an essential part of this "therapy."

    If you want a long healthy life there are only 3 things you must follow.

    1. Eat a WIDE VARIETY of foods. All plants contain certain toxins meant to stave off various organisms eating them. The general principle for anything is that portion/amount changes a remedy into a poison. Everything from tomatoes to lettuce contain minute amounts of unhealthy biochemicals. Eating a diverse array of foods maximizes intake of beneficial biomolecules while limiting exposure to toxic alkaloids.

    2. Excercise! By excercise I don't mean running 5 times a week, or going to the gym (although, you should). Exercise is a mentality; it is something you should be aware of at all times. If you go to the gym for an hour 5 days a week this doesn't make you healthy. I had a roommate who was obsessed with "working out" he did mass gainer, pre-workout supplements, etc. and after just 2 years complains of constant aches, pains, headaches, weakness, etc.

    3. If you don't go to any extreme you are more likely to stick with a healthy lifestyle. Diets are generally counterproductive. People starve themselves with radical diet changes, their metabolism readjusts (slows) to the new conditions, they go off the diet, and because of their now lower metabolic rate gain everything back and then some. The key is to slowly modify your diet, one item, even one ingredient, at a time. This way you adjust over time and don't get the negative mental pressure to cave in and splurge. Add a dash of sprouted (thats key) ground up flax seed to a meal, use canola oil instead of butter, drink milk or water instead of soda, etc. Dont necessarily make all these little adjustments at once or your mind will complain, you'll crack, and you'll be back at the beginning.

    Proper nutrition and exercise aren't a temporary adjustment they are a lifestyle.

    One last note, most veggies/fruits these days have been engineered to be big, plump, colorful, and keep well. To achieve this the nutritional content of such things has been reduced (basically you get more water than you do nutrition). I'm not saying supermarket food is bad for you, its just less good than growing it yourself. On top of this, growing your own food organically means it travels from your yard to your plate (50 ft). Your average supermarket veggie has traveled over 1,000 miles! If your concerned about CO2 emissions, climate change, or even energy prices, you'll be doing the world, and yourself, a huge favor by simply growing some (not all) your own food.

    1. @brian rose
      I agree with you for the most part, I haven't watched this doc yet but I have seen stuff on the Gerson therapy. It sounds too good to be true really, but it apparently works miracles for some people.
      Anyway, my disagreement;
      produce at the supermarket is often harvested early and ripens in transit, which in turn means it may not be as nutritious or as tasty as a home or locally grown and 'picked when ripe' product. The engineering of a food plant, either through long term breeding or GM technology are meant to produce higher yielding and more resistant plants. Nutrient value is not engineered out.

    2. Thank you for adding that higher yield per sq ft and pest/disease resistance are strong factors in modern crops vs. nutritional content.

      I'm not suggesting that nutritional value is engineered out (sorry if it seemed that way). Its not anyone's intention to reduce nutritional value its simply a natural consequence.

      A plant has a finite amount of resources it must allocate to grow. By selecting FOR color, size, yield, look, etc. you are forcing the plant to reallocate resources AWAY from nutrition. I should mention that this isn't universally true, but in general for every action there is a reaction.

    3. The Gerson diet is meant for patients particularly suffering from cancer (although not exclusively). It wasn't intended by Dr. Gerson as a treatment for healthy people (that includes the organic coffee enemas you speak of).

      My aunt was diagnosed with lymphoma and the prognosis was that she would not live beyond 6 months. She did SOME radiation treatment then went to North Carolina to speak with a doctor who uses the Gerson diet. After a few months of being on the Gerson diet, which, I should add, she followed RELIGIOUSLY, and her daughter helped her prepare the meals and drinks, she returned to her regular doctor. The regular doctor said she was "shocked" by my aunts recovery. It's been 2 years now and she looks great.

      Say what you want, but if I develop cancer here is one person who will use this diet.

    4. I'm glad to hear that your Aunt was able to recover using this method. If this method had not resonated with her (leading to her following it religiously), then she would have taken the conventional route. Needless to say her full recovery is a great occurrence that may not have happened had she followed a different path.

      What stage of cancer, and what type of cancer was she suffering from? I'm well educated in oncology, and am keenly interested. Had her cancer metastasized?

      Its important to keep in mind that this therapy was first used for migraines and tuberculosis. It was in 1928 that it began being used to treat cancer (this makes sense as all treatments take time to find their appropriate niche... especially in 1928).

      Please, anyone who reads this, keep in mind that when this therapy was discovered in 1928, 25 years after this therapy began being used Watson and Crick discovered DNA. Thats right. Our species didn't even know DNA existed until 25 years after this treatments first use for cancer treatment. Why such a specific reference? Because cancer is caused by DNA damage.

      When modern research confirms (in multiple studies) that this method has no use but for a placebo effect such knowledge should be heeded. Cancer is caused by changes in the structure of DNA, which Max Gerson didn't know existed (because no one knew it existed in 1928).

      I truly feel wonderful that your aunt was helped (again what stage of cancer? metastasis?) by this method, but the fact is that the placebo effect exists. In fact, I wish we would do tremendously more research on the placebo effect because it demonstrates the power of belief to influence "incurable" disease.

    5. It had progressed enough that her doctor was pretty sure that her chances were slim. I'll ask next time I speak with her the exact stage.

      I forgot to mention that her son (my cousin) also had cancer. He thought the Gerson diet was a shame and didn't go on it. He went through chemo. He recovered, but after surgery on his hip and it took him MUCH longer.

      My Aunt's daughter (my cousin of course) was the one who encouraged her mother to start the diet and I learned what I know about it from her. Of course, I've run across vids on here about it. It's very strict and that's why many patients struggle to stay on it. For instance, you're not suppose to juice using a juicer that is made of aluminum.

      You're right about DNA. Keep in mind; however, that irrespective of that knowledge, many of Gerson's patients had various forms of cancer (some very advanced) and because of his therapy they recovered. Cells can reverse DNA damage in the metabolic process. The metabolic nutritional therapy of Gerson obviously aids in that process on some level, so I don't think it's psychosomatic recovery.

    6. Psychosomatic recovery produces real world physical results just like what you are describing. The happiness and contentment the treatment creates manifests itself as improvement in your biological systems right down to the cellular level. This does improve the cells ability to correct genetic damage, however only to a reasonable extent. As a chemist someone would have to explain the chemical and physcial mechanism by which this specific change in diet and life style could possibly effect genetic malfunction, which is what cancer is in the end, before i could buy its use alone as a general treatment for advanced stages of malignant cancer. Just showing me a few anomolies in the data that are not explained proves nothing except we don't know yet all we need to know. I mean there are unexplained anomolies that contradict evolution, the big bang, the theory of relativity, etc. but, we don't take one of these anomolies or even a hundred and base a truth on them- that makes no sense. In order for this to be seen as a general treatement for cancer you would have to produce reliable results across the board in real scientific studies, explain the chemical or physical mechanisms by which it works, and most importantly gain the support of other competent professionals with real credentials. yes medicein is corrupt and so is big pharma but not every doctor nor biologist is- you can find support if you have a real cure. But as long as you keep trying to convince us lay folk instead of the professionals, keep claiming your product is a cure-all and that we are all sick- I have to believe you have alternative motives as no ligitimate scientist would go about it that way.

    7. Okay, help me understand this... you accept psychosomatic recovery (if you think you can be well you can make yourself well) but you don't accept the results of nutritional therapy?


    8. You should read wald0's posts again and try to make an effort. They are very well written and his viewpoint is not hard to comprehend. If psychosomatic recovery has the potential to produce similar results compared to the Gerson therapy, there's no credible way to distinguish the diet component from the psychosomatic component.

    9. I never said I didn't believe in nutritional therapy, I said i don't believe it alone can consistently cure already formed malignant tumors in late stages. I have a degree in chemistry and know a little about bio-chemistry, though its not my field, and i don't see how a dietary change can directly effect genetic damage. It could potentially increase the cells ability to correct this damage, it could help reduce the risk of genetic malfunction beginning in the first place, it could definitly increase the possibility of psychosomatic recovery if the person really believes it is going to work- but you can't explain how it works, why it works, or if it will work for the majority of people. Apparently niether can the doctors pushing it, or either they didn't bother. Either way it screams fraud or misinformation and working in this field these people know this. You simply know one person that has used this and had success, possibly from the diet possibly not- as much as you would like to think otherwise.Yet you think it should be implemented as a general treatment for late stage cancer all by it's self? If medicine worked this way I would be scared to got to the hospital. Anytime someone doesn't respond to these kinds of treatments you guys say, "Well everyone is different and not everyone will respond." Yet when people like me point out the same thing and say these results are anomolies not rules and therefore we can not draw a rule from these findings you drop that line of reasoning real fast. I'm very pleased your loved one recovered, I lost my wife to cancer and know how it feels. But, knowing one person or fifty that have recovered while on this diet doesn't mean the diet cured them or that it will cure anyone else. That is simply not how science or medcine works, for good reason. Look into how many people live that do nothing about their cancer, or that follow some other weird program that has no scientific or logical basis- like praying the illness away- there are many. Using your logic and looking at these cases we would deduce that doing nothing what so ever about cancer or praying about it would be a cure as well.

    10. "Yet you think it should be implemented as a general treatment for late stage cancer all by it's self?"

      As I stated in my first post, my Aunt did use conventional treatment AND then the Gerson diet. Her doctor was shocked by her rapid recovery. It's also important to note that she is in her early 80's!
      She had mantle cell lymphoma it had not metastasised.

      At the end of the day, I just hope that anyone who has cancer survives it... and if nutritional therapy can help (I believe it can) then great. I will try it if I get cancer.

      I"m sorry to hear about your wife.

    11. Thankyou for your sympathies but it was a long time ago and I didn't mean to use it as a shield or anything, only to say I get where you are coming from. I agree whole heartedly that this could help and is probably a healthy diet that should be promoted, I just don't think it should be treated as a cure for cancer or as a routine way of life in order to stay healthy or avoid cancer. It is much to detailed, strict, and exotic to be viewed as a viable way of life for the vast majority of people, we don't know what the long term effects of living and eating this way may be- how it may effect pregnancy for instance, and until we can conclusively prove this is what cured the people that survived cancer using it and exactly how it does that I just don't think we should get overly excited. Medical science has had the negative experience in the past of jumping on the band wagon based on anomolous or circumstantial data only to be reminded in the end that the scientific method is used for a reason. This not only makes the general public lose faith in medical science it wastes hundreds of thousands sometimes millions of dollars and years of preciouse time. What's worse is we pay the cost often in human lives. After watching my wife go through chemo I am all for finding a better treatment but, I also realize how many scams are out there and how easily we are decieved by anomolous data, taking things at surface value, etc. There may be no intention to decieve but, after watching this I have to wonder. These people know better than to present things this way and expect to be taken seriousely within medical science, they know they are breaking the rules and that if they want "in", for lack of a better term, this is no way to achieve it.

    12. No I didn't assume you used your personal story that way.

      I agree in part with what you're saying. I'm not sure if you read my very first post, but in it I said that it's not truly a diet for the average (healthy) person. Even if some proponents of it are for using it like that, I am not for that. It's way too strict and not good for everyone.

      I'm not an expert, I just know (and know well) someone who tried it and it seemed to help.

      Like I said, I had a cousin (her son) who thinks the diet is a big sham. My aunt's daughter who encouraged her to start the diet caught Hell from her brother and others.

      She followed the diet with her mom (sans enemas) and she said she felt alot better.

      I personally love to eat a hamburger, chocolate cake, or gyro now and then. I'm not giving up what I love UNLESS I get sick.

    13. This is not my medicine or product, I`m just a guy that helped out,got involved before the international launch, knows the involved doctor who i consider a crook. and jumped off this bandwagon a year ago due to big moral issues and the will to get myself as far as possible from these people.

      In theory it works on a molecular level and somehow marks all healthy tissue in a way so that tumors consider toxic.
      By cutting off the supply of healthy tissue the tumor growth stagnates and will eventually diminish.
      The big problem with the product are the people who are pushing it and are holding the intellectual properties.
      If they are crooks and they are protected by law.
      No documentary is going to change anything about that.
      Can a judge force an invention into the public domain ??

      I cannot prove or disprove the claims of the doctor but i do feel there is a core of truth in the product that`s being mercilessly exploited and withheld from the public for corporate reasons.

      I commented purely to expose the dirt of the industry.
      I`m a musician with a well developed intellect and passion for business.
      This is not my war to fight.

      I`m pretty sure that Hugo Chavez has used a derivative of this product. Or mixed treatment.

      I would be so happy if in cases like this the whole scientific community could just speed up the process and collectively make something happen for the sake of humanity.
      Isn`t that the dream of every scientist when they are still in school?

      Scientists that want to do something with this or study it can contact me.
      I`m willing to break non disclosure and supply documentation for study.
      For the sake of humanity... I don`t mind. but that's as far as i go.

      The state of the FDA and big pharmaceuticals Is a better subject then this particular cure or product because making a documentary about this would just be very very smart marketing of a product and shift the attention to one particular product while its happening systematically across the board in the entire industry.

      The truth is as long as you outperform a placebo by a small percentage you can claim it has a beneficial effect in the treatment of..................
      If you use multiple products then how can you objectively measure its effectiveness.
      I mean many people use both chemo and this product to get better results. How to isolate the effects.
      You would have to treat people solely with this and measure the effect vs a placebo. The standard scientific method.

      We have one group..
      group A gets placebo treatment and all die shortly because of lack of treatment... and one group gets the cure and they survive a quarter year longer ?? or they fully recover, some die after 6 months.. some after 5 years... you have to measure the tumor recurring rate.
      This finding by itself would say this product is beneficial in fighting cancer and you can charge whatever you want to anybody who wants to buy it...
      This is ridiculous and FDA is just a form of monopolization.
      There are no guarantees with in any treatment, there is no liablity.
      It only has to have a measurable effect.

      What if there was a clinic where you only pay if they cure you.
      A doctor who only gets paid if he heals you.
      And loses money if you die.
      Where a medicine is only paid for if it cures ?

      No cure no pay !!! Its funny that this a marketing term coined for consultancy ... While there is no place on earth where this model applies to healthcare.

      There are enough scandals with counterfeit medicine. Expired medicine being sold for premium price in aid packages for africa.. Unlicensed trials on unwilling subjects..
      Enough content for any documentary maker who wants to make a racket and stir up some dust.

    14. You are an incessant talker and need to focus on your points rather than ramble.

    15. Cells cannot reverse DNA damage through metabolic process. If they could do that we would all be ageless, immortal.

      I don't know who taught you biology but I would consider suing them.

      You said earlier that your aunt had no sign of remission after her Gerson "diet"? It would probably interest you to know that "remission" is when there is no sign of the cancer left. Unless your telling us that your Aunt still has the cancer but that it isn't going away or doing harm?

    16. Erm...yes...Just yes... you're welcome to take a look at the following:
      the studies: "Nutritional modulation of DNA repair in a human intervention study", "The carotenoid ?-cryptoxanthin stimulates the repair of DNA oxidation damage in addition to acting as an antioxidant in human cells", and "Consumption of vegetables reduces genetic damage in humans: first results of a human intervention trial with carotenoid-rich foods". These studies were conducted by researchers from Oslo University, Aberdeen, and by the Institute of Nutritional Physiology, Federal Research Centre for Nutrition, Karlsruhe, Germany. It was also published via Oxford University Press.

      Maybe I meant oxidative base damage, but since you're an expert I thought you would know the difference:)

      If you disagree with this research, I suggest you call or write the scientists at these august institutions and not try to belittle me because you are irked because apparently you are a know-it-all.

      Have a nice life.