The Gerson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle

2004, Mystery  -   102 Comments
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The Gerson MiracleThe Gerson Miracle examines many of the elements of the Gerson Therapy, explaining why we are so ill and how we have in our grasp the power to recover our health without expensive, toxic or mutilating treatments, using the restorative forces of our own immune systems.

Even the most advanced cases of cancer can be successfully reversed using this method. While the results seem miraculous, the real "miracle" lies within our own body and its healing processes.

In this documentary from filmmaker Steve Kroschel, noted MD Max Gerson reveals a nutritional healing treatment that he claims can restore the body's ability to fight off cancer and numerous other degenerative diseases.

The testimonies of a few "incurable" cancer patients highlight why this long-term cure could be much more effective than many of Dr. Gerson's critics may care to admit.

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David Dieni
1 year ago

That question mark as to the efficacy of this therapy is entirely due to krapitalism, a system in its death throes.

In the 1980 deregulation took place to utilize slave labor to restore collapsing rates of profit ...DUE TO COMPETITION.

Capitalism requires infinite expansion and the privatization of public service (and investment in properties that fueled the housing bubble) was under taken to facilitate expansion lost to the closing down of enormous swathes of industry

Privatization of health care is a crime, as there is no integration of services and whether or not your condition can be treated is left to the vagaries of the market. If it is rare, and little profit can be are


The entire presentation reeks of a scam, similar to many that have come before it that have sought to rip off the vulnerable and desperate for which krapitalism is the ideal system

Those that sing it praises and suggest we need to be more open minded and do more investigation are the useful fool and enablers for these fraudsters

We should not have to investigate anything, that is what peer reviewed clinical studies are for. If they are getting the results and benefits they claim, surely they would want their methods subjected to clinical evaluation that could only serve to support the credibility of their treatment.

Its about time people grew up and assessed issues on fact and not on their emotions......
fat chance!!

2 years ago

Reading the comments has compelled me to say - Excellent documentary! And may the wise who have eyes to see benefit from it!

peruda hudson
2 years ago

now i saw a doc about 3/4 yrs ago. it was about graviola fruit. apparently it was being tested in the late 70s and shown to kill cancer calls 1000s of times more effective than chemo/radiotherapy but through tome effing stupid law a natural product cannot be patented so it was shelved. do you all think big pharma want us knowing about these super foods? a guy i know had prostate cancer, refused chemo etc, did a bit of research, ate asparagus every 1/2 days, few months down the line he was alive and kicking so to speak. lemon zest is the same. google royal raymond rife and what happened to that guy..

4 years ago

Not everything can be reversed. If you put your body through enough torture through the ingestion of harmful toxins for a long enough period you will die. Beginning a cure when the body has been regulated by toxins may send the body into shock, or just kill it. Begin the business of cleansing your body slowly and possibly wean yourself from certain drugs rather than quitting them cold turkey.

6 years ago

I have a friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and went to a Gerson treatment center. She got worse rather than better and is now on hospice. If she goes into remission, I will sing the praises of this method to anyone around me.

Carol Ann
6 years ago

This Documentary is a common sense truth, believe it or not your choice.
The people here who are not open minded to the simple idea that pollution free or organic vegetation verses poisoned meat and constant poison in our environment will take the latter when they get sick as medical doctors will subscribe for them because they are too lazy to uses good common sense. Pharmaceuticals are in the business to make you sick then make more money, end of story. I have read most of the comments and can only assume that the ones spouting the negative are from the Medical industry or Pharmaceutical industry given the negative which is the world they live in. If humans used common sense instead of becoming robots of someones industry, we would like in an entirely different world and it is not to late to change. I give this documentary 10 out of 10 common sense. Be a sheep and follow the herd or be inspired by your self and only a clear mind with out toxins will allow you to do that.

7 years ago

I'm scrolling through these comments and realizing that at least half of you are unaware that The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization and that ANYONE can get detailed information about how to do the therapy independently for free from GI or several other places on the internet. You can also get free counselling from them. I understand your cynicism for the age we live in, but these people are sincere. I've read the books and seen it heal a golf ball sized tumor in my good friend's neck. This after she tried many other natural therapies to no avail.

James Peters
8 years ago

Its never cured anyone of anything.... except heavy wallet syndrome

9 years ago

I have read many comments here and find it a real shame that many of you will state that there is no scientific evidence and it is a load of rubbish. There is much evidence and research to back up these claims, you just have to go out there and look. Have a read of the book itself and you maybe surprised.

What surprises me more though is the amount of chemical changes the body goes through when we take drugs. People are on countless drugs with some of the illnesses they have, with each and every drug having a side affect. Drugs are very toxic to our body. It is up to us as individuals to take control of our health and it all starts with an open mind. Much of Gerson therapy is based on Juicing and that alone has much scientific research behind it.

I like many of you here have been a sceptic and have studied and done my research on alternative medicine. As a hypnotherapist, I was blown away when I realised that I could control someone's pain almost instantly and I mean from severe pain to having it completely gone. You may be surprised that you can remove pain so quickly but it is completely true!!

Our diets have a massive impact on our health as does our mindset. Stress can be a huge cause to the onset of illness. So... a message to all you sceptics, have an open mind and do your research, there are countless alternatives to modern day medicine!

David Roadrunner
9 years ago

It is all about the money, 4 months ago I had Collin cancer and was told my only choice was a operation to remove the cancer. I took the choice to wait 6 weeks till my insurance would cover it, so I studied deep into the Gerson program did it by myself for 33 day before my operation against what the doctor said. After the operation, when I woke up I asked how much cancer did you take out of me, we did not find any but took many biopsies, at that point I ask did the coffee thing work? He walked out of the room. 5 days later they all came back no cancer. I feel the best I have ever felt in my life right now and it's all because of the Gerson therapy.

Kevin Hagen
9 years ago

an excellent doc. which should be viewed by all. Even the Aids riddled dude in Dallas Buyers Club knew he should be eating natural and it worked for him; helped him. Separation from the natural world must be over come and those in high places know it will be their demise, hence the struggle to keep so much info and plants illegal. Dominion is one nasty evil lie.

10 years ago

I get this is hoaky but think about who controls our money, government, medicine, FDA. It's big companies and in this case big pharma. H*ll, the federal reserve isn't even owned by the government. These companies are quick to "manipulate" for profit. I really hope I don't need citations to verify this. When doctors go through school they don't go through any significant dietary classes as stated by my cousin who just went through med school.

I've been down to the library and found a couple books on nutritional values of foods. Some can r*tard cancer like broccoli. Studies were done on these foods. Get off your lazy rear and go to the library if you want proof.

Now I come to this doc. Not sure what to think but do you think the Gerson Therapy institute would be open right now, in several locations around the world, and for so long if it was a hoax? Maybe it's not totally full proof and maybe biased to successful cases, but what if even half of them get cured? Hell, what if it works? People have to be on this program for 2 years after visiting the institute. For those cases that failed, did they really keep up with the program after they left? I just ended my trial month with my personal trainer and guess how many times I went to the gym since?... ZERO!

There is scientific evidence of foods ability to reverse illnesses. I bet you guys didn't know that specialized cancer facilities use a high very intense vegetable nutrient diet. Sound like something we just watched? Those with the most curious mind will find the truth.

10 years ago

The haters here who say there is no scientific evidence are the same people who think Big Pharma has your best interests at heart and wouldn't put anything in your body that would hurt you. The reason they try to make this therapy out to be 8unproven is because it works and they cannot make any money on this because you cannot patent nature. If i got cancer this is the first treatment i would try. Why would i want chemo, which kills your body along with the cancer.

10 years ago

I have tried to watch this video here in UK, but it is telling me that this is not
possible for UK residents. Any chance of changing this please, as I have been reading a lot about Girson therapy and want to know more. I can be contacted on ... if you can help. (email removed)

Harriet Leeck
10 years ago

I wonder who the Handsome Hunk Whitehair is Charlotte is dining with..
Maybe its not about cancer curing but the diet of lots of vitamins seems to be safe
That much i think can be said abt organic gardening
vegetarianism is it good; is it better; I don t know tho i v e known a few veggies, agai, physically they are in at least thin shape ,dermatologically, some are wrinkly some are not

11 years ago

i smell quack
anytime you make bold claims that challenge the known (and peer reviewed) science you should back it up with some research, which i saw none of. citable sources? nope. just a bunch of hokey new age bull

11 years ago

This docu should be in the "Conspiracy" section. Cure for cancer... lmaoooo!

11 years ago

Question? Assuming the gerson therapy is not a cure for cancer, does anyone believe the body has 'Any' innate ability to kill cancerous cells (or prevent further growth)?

11 years ago

I couldn't stand to watch the entire documetary, which is unlike me. Now, please don't get me wrong, but, I think eating a healthy diet rich in fresh veggies and fruits (as well as meats and dairy) is essential for a healthy body. The amount of processed food is disturbing IMO, especially when there's an obesity epidemic in North America. I would love to see more community gardens popping up, so that every person has the right to eat fresh and local ingredients (as some communities don't even have this option). With all that said, is that a cure for cancer? No. A prevention for some with or without a genetic factor linking them to cancer for sure, but a cure?! If it was a cure, which it is not, everyone would be doing it and the world would be cancer free. Now if you think to yourself, "Oh those drug companies...they just wanna make a buck so they covered all this stuff up" (God I hate this kind of thinking!!!!!) then you'd be wrong. Word of mouth is the most powerful type of advertising there is and if this was a "Miracle Cure", then surely this knowledge would have been passed down by word of mouth. Unless those pesky drug companies got to every single person who knew about this, and word tends to travel fast, then I just don't know.
I guess what I'm saying is, eat your fruits and veggies because they're great for your body and if you want to believe they'll cure your cancer then that's your right, it's your body after all, but my father had a great saying for subjects like these, "Believe nothing of what you see, nothing of what you hear and only half of what you read. If it's too good to be true, then it usually is."

11 years ago

Watch and learn for yourself , an excellent documentary, eye opening ,especially in today's problematic medical system !!!!

John Cury
11 years ago

Very syantific, human body is not designed to consume meat because of our colon. How the hell can that be true when fossils show man has been consuming meat from the beginning? And that the growth of the human brain is contributed to eating meat.

Don’t you just love scientific fact?

And IMO, if it takes a person a medical degree and years of work to understand that healthy eating is good for you that person can’t be trusted….

11 years ago

Just one thing perplexes me about this. Why does the US prevent clinics like this in America? Why cant we as 'free' citizens make our own decisions about what we will try and not try? Pepsi is allowed to spend millions on advertising so we will buy their product and drink millions of gallons of junk yet we cant cant spend money on a fruits and vegetables care diet with coffee enemas? Isnt there something wrong with this?

over the edge
11 years ago

here is where i trip over the idea that the pharmaceutical industry and more importantly the scientists involved in the study of disease are deliberately hiding a cure. first off you would have to assume that ALL of them are not interested in healing only money. if that is the case why wouldn't a group of scientists get together do the testing and provide the evidence collect their Nobel prizes and be unimaginably wealthy and famous? why wouldn't a company outside of the big pharmaceutical companies that don't have a hugely profitable drug for treatment invest in this and make boatloads of money over the short time, as well as vault themselves and their company into the big leagues? finally these company leaders and the scientists as well as other very wealthy people die from cancer or have loves ones who do. is anybody suggesting that these people would rather die than expose that a cure exists?

11 years ago

The only real beneficial information in this doc is the part about good dietary practices and exercise. Everything else is just so much Internet Quackery, brought to you by the makers of Goldseal therapy and anti-radiation iodine supplements.

(and, YES, I happen to be a big-fat, pill-popping, Big Mac-eating expert on the subject!)

Jeremy Hughes
11 years ago

A much better and safer approach to healthy eating can be found in the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"

Gerson is ... IMO, the real trick is finding out what your allergens are, eating a paleolithic diet, and exercising.

I know for a fact that 3 people in my family with Auto-immune diseases have completely gotten their lives back under control using the diet from "FSaND" and I'm sure a cancer patient that has not metastasized yet could definitely benefit from it more than this.

The human body needs salt, and coffee enemas are just silly IMO

11 years ago

good food, good health. Simple really. Not all that illogical either. That some people think this is quackery is a little nuts. Keep popping pills, eating big macs and diet cokes and type away like experts.

11 years ago

Wow I really can't believe this obvious scam has been published on this website. I'm sorely dissapointed. This is possibly more offensive than that Thrive nonsense. Pseudo-science and quackery all the way.

11 years ago

Shouldn't it belong to "Health" category?!

11 years ago

"In 1994, a study published in the alternative medical literature described 18 patients treated for cancer with the Gerson Therapy. Their median survival from treatment was 9 months. Five years after receiving the Gerson treatment, 17 of the 18 patients had died of their cancer, while the one surviving patient had active non-Hodgkin lymphoma."

And there you have it - quack nonsense, which has shortened peoples' lives for being naive enough to believe it works.

11 years ago

All Gerson has to do is publish a scientific paper explaining the biochemistry behind this diet and submit it for peer review. Allow independent experimentation and see what happens. If it passes peer review, then the world will believe every word of it and companies will jump at a chance to make money off this idea.
Until then, it's just an infomercial.

11 years ago


I disagree, if you have a real cure-(not you specifically I am speaking in genral) and you get the right support from the right people, scientifically prove the viability of your product, and expose this to the public, the political will to get something done would be created. Once that has happened the rest is a matter of process and procedure. We all know the politicians will do what ever they have to do to stay in power, so make this what they have to do and it will get done. But you have to present it to the people in a much better way than this docuemntary does, or their b.s. detectors will hit the roof and nothing will happen. Yes judges can do quite alot toward ending this kind of thing, as can politicians but, niether will until we make them. They will not let the whole house of cards fall just to save one scam- they will relinquish and find another scam to ride out until we stop it. People seem to forget that they may manipulate us, trick us, decieve us, but they can't force us. When we stop accepting something it stops being acceptable, the civil rights movement proved that to me when I was very young. Politicians were just as corrupt then, corporations were just as greedy, and people had the same basic natures as today- I am sure my mothers generation felt just as helpless and small as we do. But just look what they accomplished.

11 years ago

There are thousands of files you have free access to.......there are many videos.....there are newspaper files as well......and always there are presumptions.....I also have learned to (finally at 61) go with my own instincts and commen sense (going out of fashion), I chose well.

11 years ago

I have personally worked with someone who has an alternative patented treatment on the market and helped him with marketing and distribution acknowledging the huge opportunity that a working cure would offer,,,

During my time working on the project i made the following discoveries.

The FDA is a corrupt organisation that`s heavily sponsored by the big pharmaceuticals and systematically slows down development of cures and sets a different set of trial rules for different applicants.. and measures with multiple sticks..

It takes at least 10-15 years and an enormous amount of lobbying (read bribing) and resources in order to put any new cancer treatment on the market today.

Due to the corruption at the FDA many developers are forced to sell their product as an alternative treatment and pushes it to the same shelf as any homeopathic medicine and hoax miracle cures.
Putting it in a field without any regulation at all.
Making it incredibly hard for people to actually see the forest through the trees...
Actual cures get easily discredited and bogus cures are still in circulation.

This industry is all about money and not about curing people.
If a new product works it will be priced according to what the market is willing to pay and has no correlation whatsoever to the actual production or research cost. The margins in medicine are insane...

A new cure for cancer will be sold for in between 500 and 1200 dollars per month per patient depending on the stage of the cancer and the amount and level of professional guidance provided in the treatment..
If it treats deadlier tumors... People will simply have to pay more..and 3,000-4,000 dollars per month for keeping a stage 4 cancer patient alive is nothing strange...
Obviously these numbers do not include cost of any actual hospitalization and refer purely to the cost of the treatment (product).

In our case the production cost of 1 month worth of treatment was under 10$ US and through a chain of referers, agents and distributors it would be on the shelves for a staggering 600$ per bottle (=1 month)

The stronger versions (higher concentration of working ingredient) were being sold at multiples of the base price based on the stage of the cancer it treats.

Being exactly the same product with only a minimal difference in the amount of working ingredient (potency of the mixture) it sickens me to what point the medical industry takes advantage of its customers.
Here`s an overview of the % of active ingredient.
0,005 % stage 1 cancer treatment
0,007 % stage 2 cancer treatment
0,010 % stage 3 cancer treatment
0,014 % stage 4 cancer treatment

Since the substance is non toxic(proven) and is thought to theoretically prevent tumors from developing it would be no problem to just make 1 version that can be used across the board.. but hey...why miss out on a financial opportunity..
If a person is more sick he`s more desperate to live even if they do not have sufficient financial means by themselves... there`s always friends and families that help each other out.. allowing them to push for more money.. Hippocratic oath ??

It makes me sick to see the companies that are responsible for "healing" the world and make lives better systematically block good and viable treatments. Are amongst the most profitable in the world and the best thing is . As long as the product do not directly cause any damage... they are not responsible for actually curing you...
In other words... If i buy X pills and they cause a disease.. they are liable for damages. but if i take X pills to cure something and i don`t get cured... that's fine. They`ll say that every person is different, every case is unique, and if it worked on the test group before.. we have the right to sell this...If it doesn`t work for you... then your pure out of luck...

As long as medicine is driven by money and not the love for humanity and prestige we will forever be faced with "uncurable diseases" "bad treatments" "incomplete legislation" and a lot of suffering worldwide.

The free market economy has done so many things for our technological evolution but in the case of science and medicine in particular a more communist approach would be more humane and just.

Wouldn`t it be wonderful to have the brightest minds of the world collectively work on healing the world ??

In this particular experience this is only a drop of the filth i have faced..
I also have seen cases of falsified case studies that are endorsed by prestigious physicians using patient files and scans of patients that never used that particular product...
Chains of powerful political families that can fast-track you fda approval if its in their own interest. (equity bribes)

I can go on for days, and probably should make a documentary about this but i fear for my life..

Forget everything you were ever told and open your eyes again and draw your own conclusions.
Because the world that you think you live in with all its underlying mechanics ,workings , motivations and philosophies is not what it seems...

Paul MacLeod
11 years ago

There's no doubt that some of our "Western" diets are bad for your health, like processed foods that are high in fat, sugars, presevatives and not much nutritional gain if any. Even though most of our parents and grand parents have been eating, more or less, the same stuff for years, what seems to have changed is how we make and grow food and our choice, if we had a choice, of lifestyle.
Though my understanding of the Gerson therapy is, that it doesn't necessarily cure the cancer but helps the body with the ability to be able to process and get rid off unwanted toxins or toxic by products the body can't get rid of easily on its own. Not everyone has access to the amount of fresh fruit and veg suggested by the Gerson therapy because of financial or geographical reasons. After watching another documentary regarding the Gerson therapy, sorry I forget the name of the doc', I bought the book as I was curious about this, not that I have cancer but like most people, some in my family had it and died from it. Anyway I read through the Gerson book and it does take a radical change in mind and lifestyle, like using non-fluride toothpaste, change your shampoo to an organic version, removing of mercury metal emalgams in your mouth, don't eat fast foods or processed foodstuff and not to use deoderants as the chemicals contained therein are absorbed by into the body through the skin, not to mention the coffee enemas, which, has to be an organic coffee and not any old instant coffee used in the enema, as well as find someone qualified and capable to be able to give you the enema if you can't or don't know how to do it yourself. Again its down to whether or not you have the financial capability to be able to implement all these changes.
However, what are the alterantive cancer treatments we are given if we ahve cancer, like Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy, what's the pro's and con's of them? Like getting radiation sickness is supposed to make you better and the drugs they use in chemotherapy are extremely toxic and have nasty side effects the list as long as your arm! Yes, your cancer has gone into remission but your body is slowly degrading becasue of the radiation you've been exposed to or the toxins from the chemotherapy drugs is what's killing you slowly but as long as your cancer is gone who cares, right!
There is another treatment that has made think we have cured cancer already, and that the antineoplaston treatment created by Dr Stanislaw Burzynski. His treatment has been used and is not slated by the medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies because of it not being toxic or not being effective in combating cancers but because one man has the patent on this treatment and not big pharma!
Either way I found it to be an interesting watch, don't believe me watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.

11 years ago

Steve Jobs did the gerson diet and still died even though he was a billionare with every option available. When your time is up, its up.

11 years ago

I'm not watching anything that tells me, although somewhat indirectly, in the first few sentences of the description that I am sick and they just happen to have the cure. Its a shame really, I had hopes for this Gerson thing. I had heard several real people (not actors or somone on a documentary but people I met) that had escaped cancer using this treatment say it was no joke, it really worked. Then you see something like this and your b.s. detector just goes through the roof. I mean maybe it is a valid treatment for people with certain cancers when used in conjunction with other treatments, that kind of makes sense. But this alone as a general treatment for already formed, malignant tumors- it just doesn't compute. Everyone is different and if they can't produce reliable results across the board- verified double blind studies done to the letter I mean- then i have to assume those that have had these miraculous results are exceptions not rules. There is enough evidence here however to warrant further study. We should try to isolate what is different about these peoples immune systems, genetic make-up, etc., etc. that allows a simple dietary change to defeat cancer. But they have to stop trying to sell it like snake oil if they hope for their treatment to ever be taken seriousely. When you have discovered something important you don't set out to change the system inorder to get it in place- you work with the system or whatever you have to do to get it out there correctly. Then you can go about trying to change things- I mean saving lives is what medical R&D its about right, not changing the system or making some statement about modern medicine.

11 years ago

another pseudoscience quack

11 years ago

Although, the general philosophy is correct you must read more in-depth as to why this method is too extreme to be healthy. This doc conveniently avoids mentioning the more ludicrous aspects of this method- coffee enemas are an essential part of this "therapy."

If you want a long healthy life there are only 3 things you must follow.

1. Eat a WIDE VARIETY of foods. All plants contain certain toxins meant to stave off various organisms eating them. The general principle for anything is that portion/amount changes a remedy into a poison. Everything from tomatoes to lettuce contain minute amounts of unhealthy biochemicals. Eating a diverse array of foods maximizes intake of beneficial biomolecules while limiting exposure to toxic alkaloids.

2. Excercise! By excercise I don't mean running 5 times a week, or going to the gym (although, you should). Exercise is a mentality; it is something you should be aware of at all times. If you go to the gym for an hour 5 days a week this doesn't make you healthy. I had a roommate who was obsessed with "working out" he did mass gainer, pre-workout supplements, etc. and after just 2 years complains of constant aches, pains, headaches, weakness, etc.

3. If you don't go to any extreme you are more likely to stick with a healthy lifestyle. Diets are generally counterproductive. People starve themselves with radical diet changes, their metabolism readjusts (slows) to the new conditions, they go off the diet, and because of their now lower metabolic rate gain everything back and then some. The key is to slowly modify your diet, one item, even one ingredient, at a time. This way you adjust over time and don't get the negative mental pressure to cave in and splurge. Add a dash of sprouted (thats key) ground up flax seed to a meal, use canola oil instead of butter, drink milk or water instead of soda, etc. Dont necessarily make all these little adjustments at once or your mind will complain, you'll crack, and you'll be back at the beginning.

Proper nutrition and exercise aren't a temporary adjustment they are a lifestyle.

One last note, most veggies/fruits these days have been engineered to be big, plump, colorful, and keep well. To achieve this the nutritional content of such things has been reduced (basically you get more water than you do nutrition). I'm not saying supermarket food is bad for you, its just less good than growing it yourself. On top of this, growing your own food organically means it travels from your yard to your plate (50 ft). Your average supermarket veggie has traveled over 1,000 miles! If your concerned about CO2 emissions, climate change, or even energy prices, you'll be doing the world, and yourself, a huge favor by simply growing some (not all) your own food.