Secrets of the Aegean Apocalypse

2010, History  -   35 Comments

Secrets of the Aegean ApocalypseAround 1,200 BC, an ancient Armageddon destroyed nearly every known civilization. What could have caused it?

The theories are many, but most now include one mysterious and massively destructive factor - a force only the Egyptians survived to name: The Sea People.

Who were these warriors and how could they take down the world's greatest powers in a span of just 50 years?

Scale the dizzying heights of Crete's mountain fortress with archaeologist Krzysztof Nowicki as he searches for clues.

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  1. Marilyn Murphy

    Stumbled upon this entrancing list of documentaries and predict I will now be "hooked" on this site. Having had the pleasure of many personal "exploration" trips to this part of the Mediterranean including 12 trips to Greece alone, happy memories of Crete and its mountainous villages of today were superimposed on the ancient villages shown in the film. Whether or not you agree with the thesis, thank you to whoever is responsible for the posting. PS speaking of postings, I saw one critical posting that was merely a diatribe of hatred --- the writer needs a referral to a good psychologist to work out his inadequacies! And maybe a few xanax

  2. lol

    please remove from your list . account that had this video was deleted apparently.

  3. DrJack37

    You can explore a detailed study of the cultural links between Late Minoans and the Sea Peoples/Philistines in Chapter 9 of "CALENDAR HOUSE" at ANCIENT LIGHTS dot o-r-g.

    Most interesting to me is that A) Minoan Crete lasted so long at such high levels of development without a single "king" being archaeologically visible---and B) that this was also true of the Sea Peoples/Philistines. And in both cases, the cultures that "succeeded" them---the Mycenaeans and the Israelites, each with their kings---endured for scarcely a fraction of the age of their predecessors. Kings were probably the most disastrous "invention" ever devised.

    1. LoggerheadShrike

      The Minoans had kings, we just don't know who they were. There are throne rooms and such in their palaces.

      As for the Philistines, they definitely had kings ... not only do we have the archaeological evidence, we have much written evidence as well. We even know names of many of their kings; they were mentioned by Assyrians, Egyptians, Israelites, etc. Abimelech, Badyra, Sisera, Maoch, Achish, etc, all Philistine kings. Their kingdoms were small, just city-states, but they were kings.

  4. vasliak

    So the demise of the minoans and mycenaes brought the rise of the greeks?What a load of crap, minoans and mycenaes WERE greeks they were the first historicaly documented greek empires and the filistens were created by minoan imigrants pushed away their homes by the mycenaes and settled at cyprus and todays israel .These ignorants only archaeologists can't be.

  5. Jon Hunt

    I can see this happening again now. Government corruption and economic collapse is already changing South Africa and the Middle East. Europe is right behind it. Starting with Greece, then Spain. After Germany falls, then it's the rest of the world.

    1. PeanutM

      We may be up there in the front of that list if you ask me. Most of our civilization today has a foundation on things that are not real. There's no accountability anymore, the bad guys win, there's a huge difference in the haves and have nots. We're kidding ourselves when we think we're an "exceptional" country. We're like all the rest who have come and gone. Its only been 230+ years since we've started. That's a drop in the bucket in the realm of time.

  6. binzee

    i believe it was the volcano on Thira, as it was the main trading island in the area, and with resent evidence that the Mycenaeans on Crete eating there own children due to starvation ... where would u build ur house?? so "the sea ppl" would be many from all areas looking for food mho

  7. Kaleem Ullah

    good doc

  8. francuccio

    You mean "cited"?

  9. DF_Lickiss

    I am convinced that the Philistines of the Jewish texts and the Sea People were one and the same. It seems that the Mycenaean culture fell into a dark age about this time and there is some evidence of northern invaders into Greece at about this time. It seems likely that a powerful sea faring warrior culture that just got its fanny kicked would have spread out to neighboring lands and hit the Egyptians and resettled in lightly populated areas between the Hittites and the Egyptians. I believe archaeology has found some strong parallels in tools and pottery that seems to support this conclusion. Now I'm going to watch to see if this film supports what I've read elsewhere. :-)

  10. Dan Budhoo

    I see some correlation between the Polynesians and these Sea People. Interesting also that this doc claims the remnants of the Sea People were settled among the Israelites and the Israelites happen to be the only people from that part of the world that practice circumcision.

    -The Polynesians claim they left their original lands and sailed (and marauded) for many years until reaching the Polynesian islands.
    -They were warlike and adept at sailing vast distances in small boats.
    -They practice the rite of circumcision as a sign of their obediance to their gods
    - Their taboos echo many of those of the Israelites

    If interested in the Polynesians and specifically the Hawaiians, I recommend reading The Legends and Myths of Hawaii which was compiled by the last Hawaiian King, Kalakaua back in the 1880s. These are all stories that were passed on orally for dozens of generations and although the writing style is typical 19th century gothic, its very good stuff.

  11. Layla Phelps

    Something noneducational-I think I'm addicted to learning of ancient history.

  12. QueenBee

    @Vlatko: Thanks yet again for some great documentaries!

    @DaftAida: "...This tribe of Hitites were to me, connected with and to Phoenicians, Venetians (both using the waterways as a power-base, as did Brittania, who ‘ruled the waves’) and today’s Israeli’s worldwide. The latter have dominated the seaways for purposes of piracy, rapine and conquest...The Pope with his Bi-ships and deity worship, use the fish as their pivotal icon..."


  13. Greg

    Well I am just a regular guy so I dont have a learned opinion enabling me to write a 3 or 4 paragraph long comment adding something interesting or informative to the forum. Nor do I want to be one of those people repeating (quoting) things we all heard in the doc and trying to make it sound like they are my own original ideas (yeah harsh I know but we have all read those type of posts lol).
    I just enjoyed the doc and learned a few things.

  14. wolfeye

    that is a good documentary ... it helping in my study realy

  15. ross

    Watched whole thing and thought it was something new discovered;was disdsapointed, I found interesting dialougue and what not... the point about the footmen being from a lower caste to do the dirty deeds....huh? the nobles felt to distasteful for it,I geuss and where the seapeople are alleged to have founded afterwards was interesting are they causing the business going on today? They really don't know and real history is worth gold these days ...maybe the seapeople were probably some group like Germans or others like them or Vikings or Celtic people who are larger and sronger than the med. people. Civilizations went through the pass all the way to the baltic sea or Etruscans they dont know about them and they were fierce? Scythian? They all had bull horned hats.

  16. Waldo

    @ Imightberiding

    Carbon dating can be way off the mark, here are five reasons why:

    1. the carbon 14 dating method measures the time since a living organism has died. Thus, it is useless for measuring anything that has never been alive, such as a rock.

    2. compared with many other radiometric elements, carbon 14 decays quickly. It is useless for dating anything older than about 50,000 years.

    3. because carbon 14 forms from cosmic ray bombardment of nitrogen 14 (and decays back into nitrogen 14 through the release of beta particles, i.e., electrons) the effect of variations in cosmic radiation intensity (caused by altitude, depth below the earth's surface, and astronomical events) can be difficult to calibrate.

    4. a specimen's contamination by carbon from surrounding soil, water, vegetation, and animal matter can seriously undermine accuracy of tests on a given sample.

    5. the release of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning significantly dilutes carbon 14, and researchers have no accurate way to calibrate this dilution factor.

    But, there are very accurate and useful ways to date materials. One way of what we call absolute dating is Thermoluminescence, and is used to date inorganic materials including ceramics. Another is Potassium-argon dating, used for dating fossilized hominid remains. Yet another absolute method is Archaeomagnetic dating - Clay lined fire hearths take on a magnetic moment pointing to the North Pole each time they are fired and then cool. The position of the North Pole for the last time the fire hearth was used can be determined and compared to charts of known locations and dates. Absolute dating simply means some physical aspect of the item in question is used to obtain a date.

    Here are two relative dating methods, relative means it uses already agreed upon scientific evidence to link the object to a certain time period:

    Paleomagnetism: The polarity of the Earth changes at a knowable rate. This polarity is stored within rocks, through this the rock can be dated

    Oxygen isotope chronostratigraphy: This is based on the climatic stages displayed in SPECMAP relating to different cold and warm stages experienced in deep time for example point 5.5 in the SPECMAP chronology describes the peak of the last interglacial 125,000 years ago.

    So, as you can see we have much more reliable methods than carbon dating. Yet for some reason this is the method that everyone has heard of and has some knowledge of. Too bad, as this is the young earth creationists favorite game, to act as if we have only carbon dating and therefore cannot know the age of the earth. In reality we have much more accurate means, and we require agreement between two or more seperate methods before we accept the results as truth. We also vigorously examine all contextual evidence, which can tell us more than what most people think it can.

    Everyone seems to think that as scientists we just make things up and make each piece of the puzzle fit where it must to support the "official story". The truth is everyone of us would love to find something that might change that story significantly, its called recognition. You don't exactly get in the text books for just agreeing all the time. Its the guys that find real hard evidence that things happened in a different way that get remembered.

    But, alas peer review is a b1tch. If you are going to claim you have found something that changes everything you better cross your t's and dot your i's first, or other scientists will tear you apart without mercy. In fact most of the so called cutting edge renegades out there are people this very thing happened to and they just can not let it go. They attack what rejected them with all the tanacity and wreckless abandonment of a bull dog, and sometimes though very rarely are vindicated.

    1. US Sovereignty

      "Too bad, as this is the young earth creationists favorite game" is an overt twist from one so learned, for Carbon Dating is commonly sited by science as best it can dare acclaim of itself.
      And common is the knowledge of the short fall of Carbon Dating.
      Thus, of the uncommonly sited Dating Methods of supposed greater reliability, what of them?


      *cited. (your ignorance is showing) maybe you'd like to fill us in on the shortfalls of carbon dating? i***t...

    3. francuccio

      What? Does anyone understand that?

  17. Imightberiding

    I don't believe it can be done with any degree of reliability or accuracy. You would be surprised how many other items/artifacts throughout history have been carbon dated & documented to be a certain age but in reality are at best nothing more than educated guesses do to the condition or trauma said articles have undergone prior to discovery.

    Nice to see somebody on the ball. Cheers!

  18. Imightberiding

    I meant to add this comment earlier when I watched this. Thank you very much for giving us access to these historical docs. I fully realize you are not responsible for content or whether the historical facts or any facts in any film are accurate or not. You give us the info & it's up to us to ascertain the truth or maybe just what we can to receive what ever is of value. The fact is this: You provide us (the TDF viewers) with much needed mental food & it is very appreciated. More often than not the docs you provide are very high in intellectual calories. For me, the history & geographical docs are especially tasty!

    Thank you once again for all your hard work & time to allow us to better ourselves through this fantastic site. I am so glad I found it. Needless to say I have shared it with friends & family.

    Happy New Year to you yours Vlatko!

  19. dave

    didnt know you could carbon date pottery..

  20. Leo

    ''It was the very structure of the ancient world that made it vulnerable to terrorism from within.

    What we have here is a combination of causes, the sea peoples got lucky.their timing was perfect. they take advantage of some of pherhaps natural disasters
    Where one or two factors which in of them selfs would not have cause the collapse of civilazations ,. when they are put together they create a magnification effect. ''

    -This make me to think of modern structure of our society which is globalization.

    And to be honest we are heading towards destruction of our society. then the question is, what will come after that?

  21. DaftAida

    Is anyone else out there asking why the theory does not include the possibility that a flood and or a rising sea level drove all peoples ever upward with the resultant conflict over land and space? Why do they jump on Earthquakes or eruptions only to dismiss them and never ask the obvious?

  22. DaftAida

    The Hitites were said to have infiltrated the Royal Pharonic family via deception and seduction by the 18th Dynasty which coincided with profligacy, debauchery and egomaniacal rule. To my memory, this period depicted in Old Testament and Moses' tribe exodus and exile. The story goes that they did not 'flee' but were hounded out and hunted for the damage they had done, ransacking and burning on their way into the 'wilderness'. This tribe of Hitites were to me, connected with and to Phoenicians, Venetians (both using the waterways as a power-base, as did Brittania, who 'ruled the waves') and today's Israeli's worldwide. The latter have dominated the seaways for purposes of piracy, rapine and conquest. They are indeed monster mariners or Sea People and The Pope with his Bi-ships and deity worship, use the fish as their pivotal icon. We live under rules of marine law or admiralty law from berth to watery grave. The Brittanic Empire holders worldwide are obsessed with Egyptian iconography which litters our city landscapes without explanation or general understanding. I do not like the tone of this video; it dictates that we assume what the producers have in the presentation without any hint of evidence for assumptions stated as fact. Will continue to watch until conclusive.

  23. Koljah

    This is the one of worst documentary i ever saw.
    This stupid americans (and his pet polish) are totaly ignored the fact of explosion the Thira (Santorini)! Yes in fact is was bigger explosion than Krokatoa in 1883. And is caused massive tsunami.
    The town of Knossos in Kreta was destroyed by tsunamy and if u dont know why tsunamy is heppened you start (if u survive)lived on mountayin top. (If u want to defens yourselfe from invading armys from the see bild huge fortress in port so no body can disembark)
    Only fact that could be real is a tension of wild people to take advantage of those poore people with out fortefied ports (becouse they are destroyed by tsunamy) but this is very comon in ancient word no new news.

    Documentary full of ill guess & non fact.i rate it -10!

  24. maqsood

    It is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Eric T

    Very interesting. I knew nothing of any of this.

  26. Connie

    @ Vlatko
    I was gonna say it myself but Steve beat me to it.
    Thanks esp. for all the History Docs and many extra downloads lately.They are Great ! I keep watching some over and Over. I think I esp. Love the ones about Sumerian and crete etc. First civilizations.

    It looks like they are really starting to get a good grip on those Ancient civilizations and Starting to pull the individual civilizations into a whole picture.

    I havent watched this one yet but I am excited to get at it now. I have been wanting to hear more about these Sea Peoples as they are referred as.

    I at first thought they were the Vikings and perhaps remnants of Atlanteans. Still not sure but am left to wonder from other Docs, if it was just a name given any unknown sea warriors. We will see what this doc says about them.

    I hope you and yours had a great New Years. Happy New Years TDF !

  27. Steve

    Thanks for this and all the recent history uploads. Has given me plenty to watch =)

  28. Kara Kittle

    Diplomatic messages...until it was Wikileaked.