Secrets of the Lost Empire

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Secrets of the Lost EmpireDiscover how ancient Egyptians used nautical experience, ingenuity, and unwavering faith to raise massive 500-ton granite monoliths that have stood for thousands of years in tribute to their unparalleled early civilization.

Travel to Easter Island to discover the secrets of this vanished civilization through the "moai," the massive headstones that these ancient islanders created to achieve peace and harmony, yet resulted in geological disaster.

Tour the crumbling public baths of Rome to learn intimate details of what life was really like for ancient Roman citizens, and in the process, discover the engineering feats that made these baths such an impressive achievement.

Travel to 12th-century China as engineers, scientists and scholars help reveal the intricate mysteries behind the revolutionary strength and elegance of the Rainbow Bridge.

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  1. js

    i don't think those megalomaniac Egyptian s would have cared for the live of any of the workers or their limbs. they mobilize thousands of people to move 500 tonnes.

  2. Terrance Caren

    Those stones were NOT moved by rope and logs.That is a ridiculous theory that is being taught to our children to keep them from finding out the real facts.
    Oue engineers today can not replicate the pyramids with all of our supposed technology.There is much more to the story.Do your research,the facts are available if you seek them.

  3. ron

    This engineer is so typical of the architects and engineers I have worked with. I'm a mason, sculpture, and owner of a stone co. and I'm always having to fix what these "professionals" plan or do. For this engineer to have bad-mouthed the mason's method was very tacky and I'm glad to see his personal approach failed.

  4. Skye-hook

    Of course the Egyptians used sand! They lived with sand so much that it would automatically have been their first thought. As children they played with sand enough to know pretty much what they could get it to do. Also, they really did have the wheel, didn't they? Besides logs, I'd guess they sometimes used wheels & round stones, wouldn't they? But sand of course!They even used sand to lower huge stones inside pyramids, so it would follow they'd use it for obelisks too. And as I said somewhere else recently, I don't totally believe we couldn't build the great pyramid now. We might have to build some bigger machines is all. Maybe 40 yrs ago people couldn't imagine that we could do that. I think we can. And sand ramps could help. Sand was used a lot for many more things than we give them credit for.

  5. Skye-hook

    I skipped the Easter island video til tomorrow, but the last 2 were also really good. I loved all 3 videos I saw here! Very worth watching! The Roman bath video didn't have much controversy, which was nice, & had a lot of interesting info, very well done. Too bad they had such a tight schedule, which did have it's bad effect. Such wow things should be given the proper time to do it right. The China Rainbow Bridge video was also extremely interesting, and they had to work it out & work hard to get it done right, but had much less hassle due to a better time schedule. Excellent videos!

  6. Skye-hook

    Ok, saw the Easter Island one too. I liked it the very best. You've got to see them all. They are each & every one very worthwhile! Wonderful that people tried to do these things the ancients did, & actually succeeded! All four films showed how very hard it was to do. Incredible. It also made it so clear that almost impossible things can be done one bit at a time, slowly and surely, if we just keep working on it. Never give up! Sorry I watched it in segments & so commented in segments. At least I saw them all. :)

  7. Coyote03

    They were all amazing! Pretty hilarious to see how much they fought amongst eachother.

  8. bert

    OK google "baalbek" and tell me they moved those stones with ropes and slaves.

  9. Eniki520

    obviously they must have, since they are there and they didnt have modern technology, and the stones werent moved into position by natural causes, and their is noevidence of aliens building things for them. Not all ancient laborers were slaves, the pyramids, machu picchu, the Acropolis of Athens none of these werent built by slaves, most ancient building werent built by slaves. the people who did build them ere working for god kings which like the names implies they thought of as a god not just a man. if there were mega structures all over the world then maybe i would believe they had some special technology to move them but they all over the world in all different types of cultures and they all had rope and man power.

  10. dks2012

    there is a severe lack of the "aliens did it" crowd here, maybe they dont want to challenge their delusions by watching something scientific

  11. tom

    This is a short sighted, narrow investigation into the ancient mind and the technology it produced. One has to only use what we call common sense today to understand (see) that the ancient Egyptians, along with other ancient cultures opened and used parts of the brain along with sensory skills to move and cut stones that we can barely imagine how to access and manipulate, even with our so called advanced technology, which, for instance, would be hard pressed to manipulate, carve black diorite found in some Egyptian sculpture/ pottery as early as 4000 years ago
    The idea that these documentaries continue to 'believe' these people moved these stones with logs and ropes, so meticulously carved and measured is pure nonsense, but 'modern' man continues to think that because these monuments were erected 1000's of years before him, believes they had no technology beyond primitive tools and man power.
    It's time for us to Wake Up

  12. terence galland

    what on earth were they for,what was there function or purpose?

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