Selling the Girl Next Door

Selling the Girl Next Door

2011, Sexuality  -   102 Comments
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Men are renting girls barely in their teens on the Internet. The oldest profession is quickly moving off of the boulevards and onto the Internet, and the girls are getting younger and younger. This is how the girls get literally sold nowadays. Most of the "action" is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada where thirty five million Americans spend their money every year. It's a spectacular party but if you look behind the scrupulously advertized show, you are going to discover one of America's dirtiest secrets.

Underage girls are frequently bargained, bought and sold for the enjoyment of grown men. And every year, hundreds end up in a juvenile detention facility. 13-year-old Salina is just another teenage girl next door converted into commodity, sold by pimps, used by men. She was detained in a casino by undercover police and locked up. Salina is a sex-trafficking victim, not a felon, but like most teenage girls who are prostituting she has a history of problems at home. And that's a very hazardous thing across America where sex dealers and predators are always on a lookout for girls who are out on the streets alone. In the detention facility, at least, she's safe.

When Salina moved in Las Vegas with her mother she started running away. They reside in the outskirts of Las Vegas and Salina's mother is working as a middle school teacher. Salina went to therapist, received a tough love, but nothing has delivered positive results. It's almost certain that if she returns home again she'll run. Salina was sold by a couple through an online classified website ( for a rate of $300 an hour, $150 for the half.

There are many girls just like Salina all over America and for the first time in the very long history of prostitution there's a new effective tool for criminals who seek monetary gain and sex from underage girls - the Internet. Concealed, often out of sight and occurring every single day in every corner of America.

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5 years ago

i feel sorry for the little girl, but the mother really acted like she tried to do everything to help but i think she could have tried harder. this little girl could have ended up in a better world if she would have had a father in her life. you all want to place blame? well theres a certain amount of blame to place on everyone from mother, to lack of a father, the pimps, the judges, the police, the little girl, the johns and even the host of this show

James Peterson
5 years ago

If some smarty pants thinks that doing a concordance search for the word "Satan" in some Bible and coming up with nothing means that morality isn't real, he's a really . . . frightening . . . human being. But, hey, that's what New Atheists call being "rational." They just start by assuming that all morality is gray. I mean, that's really what their theology is about: greying moral values (so that they can do whatever they want to whomever they want without feeling bad about it or any consequences).

Solomon was real, dude. It's been called Solomon's temple for a couple thousand years. The Israelites are described in their surrounding neighbor's records. The Old Testament authors wrote about historical figures and events taking place around them in ways that accord exactly with historical events. Nobody else kept a record of the Israelites except the Israelites because . . . they were a small band whom nobody cared about. You should check out images of the old walled Jerusalem. It's three miles, dude. It was the size of San Francisco with 1/5 the people engulfed in Las Angeles and, most of the time, run by the Las Angeles City Council (just to play with a comparison). Fortunately, like every other nation around them, they keep their own historical records.

What you've done, whoever you are in your gray zone morality, is assume that because a book that Christians have always called either "Wisdom" or "The Book of Solomon" wasn't literally written by one guy names Solomon that you've proven Solomon isn't real. Dude, that's not rational, and you're an atheist so you should be. The Book of Solomon was compiled during Solomon's reign. That's why it's called his book.

The Song of Solomon, which the perv above refers to as pornography in order to justify his own pedophiliac leanings, is actually an Israelite version of an ancient Sumerian rite in which the king of Sumeria would ritually rape a wife his choosing (representative of a goddess) in front of the entire city on the roof of his palace; this would be followed by a human sacrifice. You'll notice the total absence of rape and human sacrifice in the Solomon sacred script. Why? Because it entirely lacks the pornographic / snuff film elements of its pagan predecessor. Why? Because Sumerian morality was pervy and pornogrphic for its time. Which made Solomon's wedding a metaphor for the people's relationship with God: it transcended voyerism and snuff as public entertainment, which these boys on this board really like. They must. Because they really hate the God who's opposed it it.

QED. Take a bath, boys. In the Blood of the Lamb.

James Peterson
5 years ago

I find it interesting that some of the clowns in this post are, suspiciously, steering away from the topic of pedophilia toward diatribes against a God who is opposed to pedophilia. In fact, in a post where most of us are concerned about pedophilia, two or three of them keep focusing on the idea that, really, there is no morality because there is no God or Devil, Good or Evil.

Now why do you suppose they're so interested in doing that?

In Baptist theology, God lets the devil rule the earth because if He defeated the devil came back now, billions would spend eternity apart from God. Believe it literally or not, what this means is that God, along with people like NewCovenant and other Christians, are waiting for the pervs here to go ahead stop being perverts so they don't have to burn in hell forever for being perverts.

Perverts make people's lives hell. Period. What's the discussion here? The morality is black and white. Heaven and Hell. Good and evil. American atheists and their Ren Faire bondage porn pagan friends are just . . . unbelievable. They have no problem worshipping the devil. They only have a problem believing that he's literal.

Satan is all over the Bible with different names and attributes, just like God is. Dude. You haven't read it.

6 years ago

These supposed human interest documentaries are actually advertisements for this trade. When porn went mainstream seemingly overnight, with the consent of the government, it was to serve as a teaching aid for the next generation of prostitutes. Now that Man in all his wisdom and might has dominated and commodified the earth, also the animal world, as well as the plant world, what's left? Girls. There never was any protection of the feminine whether it's girls, women or the earth herself. It is there for man's use, wealth building and gratification. I'm so glad I didn't have children. Humans suck.

6 years ago

It is amazing to me that women continue to feel the victims of sexual abuse even though they peddle sex , enjoyment, pleasure and etc using their own mental energies. Prostitution is common globally. Sex abuse claims a daily reality in the workplace, on city buses, gyms, even in massage parlor hoe houses. It seems the average female is obsessed by being paid for sex accusation same as actual physical performance. Why no documentaries exposing and revealing the mindset of vagina vendors? Why no insight into why usury for cash no crime>?
Women pretend to be victim just to acquire attention, sympathies and freebies same as any social PIMP. Underage girls sure are victim in the western world since laws exist, BUT!......... to compare why they ended up in a whore situation always points to a rebellious lifestyle. Abusive parents are one thing. Insane leech, pimp, females are the most offensive biological parasite which exists.

By the way the most common pimps worldwide are other women not men............

Our film narrator is a fake and a fraud

7 years ago

most of this seemed to be fake. it seemed like a cherry picked example that had more behind the scenes than they were showing, turned into an entire show. very weak.

Isa Dprf
7 years ago

Really hard to fix situations like this crisis on youth when there is no possibility to have pollitical will, still there is no expression s human to ilustrate acts like this , and is not aceptable to maintain the peace when there is so much injustices like this happening , caus is created cicles of decadence maintained and all for some rich white old fart to come a litle

8 years ago

i like how the girls mother doesnt even look at her when she leaves the courtroom, maybe thats why your little girl keeps running away. LOOK HER IN THE EYES AND TELL THAT LITTLE GIRL OF YOURS YOU LOVE HER!

8 years ago

The reporter makes me sick. The mother makes me sick. The whole documentary makes me sick.

8 years ago

That is all happened because prostitution is illegal, so get more of this America until you legalize it !

8 years ago

More reasons to legalize prostitution and control it so the john cannot harass the under age girls.

8 years ago

How could they not have caught on to the fact the guy with the $30,000 cashiers check was trying to scam them? The scam was she was to get credit cards, then give him the numbers over the phone. He would tell her he was putting the $30,000 on it. That's how he would get her to give the numbers to him. Then, he would be able to spend whatever amount she bought each card for. Duh!!! This was so painfully obvious to me. I can't believe nobody caught on to that fact!! lol

Sean Duong
8 years ago

how is this lady so clueless that you can go on the internet or newspaper and order a hooker? what a idiot.

Sean Duong
8 years ago


Jani Veble
8 years ago

What Message are they conveying to the audience?

Girl, victim of a traficking siting in chains, with her face shown for everyone to see who is she, while at the same time they protect offenders, with covering their faces?

8 years ago

Glaring absence of daddy. These adults are complete slaves so there's no guidance/love for their kids (that doesn't come out a screen). We all scramble to fill up the family sized hole inside by whoring ourselves to the addict economy. CNN is part of the brainwashing Pravda 2.0 media too, making money of a countries' slow disintegration with its good cop act and its hot dumb blonde host.

Their cowardly refusal to address the bigger picture beyond more 'save the poor pretty girls' hysteria is repulsive.

8 years ago

Wow. This was me. I am 53 now, but as a youngster I ran away and ended up just like these girls. Some things I've seen would break your heart. I was 15 when I was turned out, 13 when I first ran away. I am extremely lucky to be here today. I would love to share with some troubled youth.

8 years ago

The female host is obviously fascinated with this subject... I think she wants to join in! ;)

Damn hot!

Mahns Vula
8 years ago

People are not animal.People are the most precious, priceless things on earth.That is just an act of coward!

Jim Butowsky
9 years ago

total bs, moral bainwashing at its finest, they were barely past puberty, duh what is puberty in nature it means they are able to have sex and bare children. so why is the government making it illegal, ill tell you why to make money off it there the biggest pimp going, telling people not to have sex is like telling them not to drink we all know how that went back in the day. let people do what they want and its there own business, cnn is a joke. so is this so called documentary, kids like to f*** get over it. those that say its wrong to do it for money is wrong, really? why do men buy you s*it take you out for dinner buy you wedding rings pay for food movies just another form of prostitution. your all hookers in a way. f*** marriage thats a joke as well, most people hate being married 75 percent end in divorce, god forbid a man wants a young tight pussy, as apposed to an old loose used up one, women are just catty and jealous of youth, leave men alone already

9 years ago

I do want to add that I actually feel bad for the judge, he's trying to do something to help these girls but no one gives a crap. I want to help all victims of trafficking but money should be pooled for our own citizens first or at least equally.

9 years ago

As a mother, I don't want to place it all on her mother, but her mother is so daft seriously. Oh she was in DARE, who would have guessed? It's common sense that those programs make drugs and a bad lifestyle seem more 'fun' or elusive. How will criminalizing a girl help her hmm? More than likely being in jail will just keep her around bad influences. Her mother has a new baby now and just seems like she's given up on her daughter. Hey here's a guess, move the hell away from the cesspool called Las Vegas and go somewhere and actually set up a program for your daughter. The mom just seems so detached and not really even trying. I've experienced somewhat of a situation with my parents. I get it if your kid was violent and you've tried 'everything' but this mother just seems like she didn't even try, seeing all that the program shows at least. She just seems emotionally far away and wouldn't even look at or touch her daughter and then 'oh a cigarette' oh some pot. She just though oh my 13 year old is smoking whatever it'll pass? What an idiot I'm sorry but that should have been a sign right there to get help. Placing children in the institution of 'school' (ie prison) just puts them in the hands of being manipulated and becoming manipulators. No surprise, she's a middle school teacher, so she's a believer in that 'system'. BARF

9 years ago

prostitution has many faces, women have been with men they don t love to get security, or what they felt they needed since the dawn of time, this might be it s ugliest face, I feel this case was done right, it s obvious the mother could nt handle her little girl, she was pretty wild and disturbed for her age, I think she wanted the excitement and the money, as for the host of the show, she clearly tried to direct the blame on men, and acted like she did nt know about sexual attraction, how old was she anyways? the 'johns' we re lured, while some of them seeked younger girls, I don t feel it was the majority, it seems to me the 'pimps' of the add agency are the ones to blame, they should get all the wrath of the law, they re clearly making too much money to act responsibly, it s like, do you want pizza? to hungry men, then, at the last minute, they understand the pizza is illegal, the add agency should get busted!

Chezza Mp
9 years ago

Having read many of the comments here, it's clear we all come from different walks of life therefore have very different views on this shocking behaviour. Some of you blame the mother interviewed, some of you blame the absent father, some of you attempt to bring down the wrath of God etc and etc.

As the interviewer clearly stated this issue is widespread across all socio and economic backgrounds, it doesn't just effect one parent families or young girls who may be growing up in a questionable family atmosphere...IT SEEPS INTO ALL AREAS OF OUR COMMUNITIES.

These girls are being exploited and abused firstly by the sleazy operators who literally search for young, vulnerable girls, then groom them. Let's be realistic here - all 12, 13 & 14 year old girls are vulnerable by virtue of their age alone, let alone other factors coming into play.

Yes I agree the adults who pay for these services should be brought to trial and made to account for their deplorable behaviour. But will harsh penalties "fix" them? Will long prison sentences "fix" them? These are men who are knowingly seeking out young, vulnerable girls, when they could just as easily go to any legal brothel. Their sexual attraction is children, not adults. Past experience has shown prison sentences have NOT been very successful rehabilitating this type of offender, even when accompanied with intense therapy, as they continue their offending behaviour behind bars by fantasizing.


None of us should act piously here, as one day it could be YOUR child....I speak from 15 years experience working with vulnerable & at risk youth.

9 years ago

I just view this video may 2014....It made me cry....that ADULT MEN.. LISTEN MEN YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM!! WITHOUT MEN CALLING AND LOOKING FOR UNDERAGE GIRLS ..JUST MAY BE SOMEONES DAUGHTER CAN BE SPARED THIS ABUSE YES ITS ABUSE.......are using underage girls....these girls may have been runaways .for what ever reason. that not as important . this is whats important there no safe to go..for help or somewhere to be safe...we spend ten's of millions of tax dollars given away to corporation. and not penny to set up any help for these girls ....spending $$$ to kill...and very spent to save these girls lives ...

chip griffin
9 years ago

mom killed the family, what did you think would happen?

chip griffin
9 years ago

they watched their mothers and aunts and sister and wanted in on some of the actions. men can not do it alone. it makes me very angry. but it is told from one side, the wrong side...

9 years ago

This mother is in complete denial of her own responsibility of the situation. Where is this girl's father? Of course the little girl is seeking attention from men. The hell if I'd be having rational conversations about the life of prostitution with my 13 year old. I'd be getting her the hell out of there.

9 years ago

I have thought about this issue for the last few years. Working in the Psychology / Behavior Modification field for the Government for 26 years.
We are dealing with the Psychopath that has no empathy for a human being. People are objects and COMMODITIES to be bought or sold and killed with aids or murder.
Unfortunately,....the cure is the death penaly.Historically we have given these Psychopaths jail to reform them.BUT,....we must send a message that death is the sentence and then they will find the price too high.

9 years ago

Having goon squads or anyone else try to stop individuals in society from doing things that people will do anyway is ridiculous. You try to stop prostitution and it goes underground. You try to stop drug use and it goes underground. They cannot even keep **** out of prisons. You try to stop gun violence and you further enable the state to infringe on liberties in the name of security. Now the goons and the government are the biggest problems in society. Stop fighting human nature and behavior! Share experience about it, learn from it, move forward, help those who struggle to do the same. Its pretty simple. But closed society methods are ineffective, self-destructive, immoral, dangerous and just wrong. CNN has been demonizing human behavior in the name of divisiveness for far too long.

lan ban
9 years ago

why didn't they expose the old guy? Was he from the chosen people The rulers of America

9 years ago

To have an addiction to anything is horrible. Evil, lawlessness & the decay of moral society is encroaching everywhere, wickedness is a free for all these days! The Good LORD in love will WEIGH and Judge every injustice that has EVER taken place. Pray for these girls, and the men who have a spirit of bondage, lies, perversion. It is ultimately an invisible war between God & satan. Every life is PRECIOUS to God! (God of the Bible.)

9 years ago

As a female I am wondering why on earth there are not just places they can go where they can scr## a 'dolly' so they can get rid of the itch ?
they won't like themselves any more, but at least they are not messing around with children - maybe this is the 'business' that I could set up in every town square so these 'big men' can leave girls in peace -
ok - my new business :
"Sooper-dooper scr##dollies - your place for getting your fixins !!"
Sorry to be facetious but I am so-o-o-o disgusted I want to spit !!!

Larry Dean Moore
9 years ago

What is sought as right and okay in society is pretty messed up. Like the legal pimp being seen as a god amongst men. Like the allowance of escort services but the forbiddance of prostitution. Like being so high and mighty on people breaking law when she's lying/catfishing and breaking law too. ughh grey areas. I think authorities should regulate it fully across the board. licence it hell tax it. Is there really a such thing as purity? Oh and where are all the mothers at in this while her 12 yr old child is out whoring around. Daughter like mother? Smoking cigarettes and weed at 11? Is she really innocent? Want to fix this trend how about start with picking a "real man" to knock you up and be a responsible parent..... I don't take kindly to the feminist/emotional spin. Its okay baby mommas out there at least you are liberated. no class.

9 years ago

It was very disappointing to get all caught up in the sting on the 27:00 mark, only to have the conclusion and the identity of the child molester withdrawn from this doc. WTH?
If some big shot was knowingly setting up an underage girl, why didn't they expose him? Was he a big wig at CNN?
This underage prostitution situation is never going to go away because the powers that be are not dealing with it, for real.
It's just gross how escort adds are not monitored, and people are allowed to hand out flyers up and down the sidewalks of Vegas.
Society says tsk tsk, some of the ho's are underage, then turns away.
As if there's no millionares willing to fund a proper refuge for these troubled little girls.
Men and women continue to have unwanted pregnancies, abandon their children, or abuse them, and the cycle continues.
If Salina was to connect with her father, in some small way; maybe
she'd finally find some peace.