September 11: The New Pearl Harbor

September 11: The New Pearl Harbor

2013, 9/11  -    -  Playlist 320 Comments
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On the very day of "September 11" several commentators drew a parallel with the historical events of Pearl Harbor. But there was also someone on the same day who offered a prediction. In fact the more information that's been emerging about "September 11" the more we've come to realize that many different aspects of the two events bear a chilling resemblance to each other. While both events were needed by the U.S. to go to war, in both cases the ultimate goal was not the one initially stated.

Roosevelt knew a surprise Japanese attack would enrage the public and jumpstart the American war machine. In this way F.D.R. would get backdoor entry into what he really wanted - war with Hitler. According to their own documents, before 9/11, authorities knew that surprise attack like new Pearl Harbor would enrage the public and start a war against Afghanistan. In this way they would get the backdoor entry into what they really wanted - the war with Saddam Hussein.

Before and during the World War II, the propaganda machine made a relentless effort to create a direct connection between Hitler and Japan. One poll, taken immediately after Pearl Harbor, showed that more than 60% of Americans believed that Germany was behind the attack. The Bush-Cheney propaganda machine made an even harder effort to create direct association between Iraq and Osama bin Laden. By the end of 2003 nearly 70% of Americans believed that Saddam was implicated in the "September 11" attacks.

Top levels of the Roosevelt's administration knew in advance that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. Secretary of state, Cordell Hull, even knew the exact day of the attack a week before it took place. Before "September 11" many in the intelligence community knew the attacks were on their way.

Vital information on the Japanese attack was kept from those who could've used it to defend the Hawaiian port and to minimize the number of American casualties. Two men could use that information immediately: Admiral Husband Kimmel and Lieutenant General Walter Short, the commanders at Pearl Harbor. But they never get it. Before "September 11" important information was kept from counterterrorism czar, Richard Clarke, who could have organized the defense and even have prevented the attacks altogether.

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David Dieni
1 year ago

While the evidence provided by this doco is compelling, the question remains as to why have the neglected to consult Scully and Mulder!

Chris D.
3 years ago

Great documentary but from solid evidence we know no plane hit the pentagon. So why such a long section on the pentagon hit?

Randy Caran
4 years ago

This is by far the most comprehensive documentary about the events of 9/11. It tackles the logical fallacies of the debunkers head on with eyewitness documentation, the immutable laws of physics, and the testimony of professionals from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, Pilots for 9/11 truth, and other professionals and whistleblowers. It is impossible, absent blinding cognitive dissonance, to watch this documentary without coming to the conclusion that the official explanation for the events of 9/11 are false. It also opens one's eyes to the existence of an international conspiracy capable of perpetrating the attacks and covering up their guilt through control of the mainstream media and the judicial system. This answers questions and poses questions of its own. Highest recommendation.

Malcolm Reynolds
4 years ago

Makes you wonder if continuing to allow the President to be in full control over the military is still a good idea.

5 years ago

Don't be swayed by the desperate attempts of someone going by the name batvette, to rescue the ludicrous official story of 9-11...

What gives away that it was an inside job is the unprecedented collapse of 3 steel skyscrapers, primarily from fire. They are the only 3 such buildings to ever collapse due to fire. Moreover, neither NIST nor batvette can explain the extraordinarily symmetrical nature of the "collapses," through the path of greatest resistance, including dozens of massive core columns. Batvette claims that structural steel weakens at 1000-1100 degrees F, and that once one floor collapsed, the portion above that point would fall 3 meters and start an unstoppable total collapse. Highly, highly dubious. One problem is that weakened steel is likely to deform first, rather than neatly snap, and to do so at a certain location rather than at every load-bearing point on that floor, all at once. If we had any examples of steel skyscrapers collapsing from fire, and we don't, we would likely see one portion of the building giving way and then a toppling over, not a symmetrical collapse through the strongest structural elements. Another problem is that the fires had greatly diminished, as evidenced by the preponderance of black smoke, by the time of the "collapses." Still another is the discovery of partially vaporized steel, which requires temperatures north of 5,000 degrees F, impossible in the context of burning jet fuel or office fires.

An even greater problem that the above is that NIST itself abandoned the progressive, pancake collapse theory that batvette describes, in favor of one where the perimeter columns fail first, buckling in while still connected to the sagging floors. This form of collapse is exceedingly hard to reconcile with the symmetry of the destruction of the towers.

Perhaps batvette should get into the business of building demolition. What a bunch of dummies. They carefully plant explosives throughout the structures, and take out floors sequentially, in a carefully choreographed way. What a waste of time and money! All they have to do is rig up a the top few floors and take them out, and batvette's modified laws of physics will neatly collapse the rest of the structure, at near-free fall speed and almost completely within the building's footprint.

Also, too bad batvette wasn't working for NIST during the years they were dragging their feet, delaying an explanation of the symmetrical destruction of Building 7. Their eventual report didn't even pass the eye test, presenting an explanation that involved a buckling in at a single column, a buckling that cannot be observed in the videos of the collapse. I bet batvette would have been able to produce a satisfying explanation within weeks, and avoided all of the conspiracy talk that ensued when no official explanation was forthcoming.

No doubt batvette is very busy, and probably just didn't have time, but this genius forgot to explain why many catastrophic, long-burning infernos in steel skyscrapers have never once caused a collapse, even though office fires routinely reach temperatures well above the temperature where steel weakens.

And I'd love to hear batvette's explanation about where all those thermitic materials came from, that were rampantly present in the WTC dust.

Last Viewer
5 years ago

What's impressive in all this is the addition of an infinite corroborations.
Just like needed when a capital sentence need to be judge upon a convict in a country under the Rule of Law.
The point within this documentary is that the so-called "Rule of Law" in the USA is something equivalent to whatever runs Russia or what's left of it.
- Too many corroborations to explain childish incoherence and incongruity.
And you guys have the full freedom to bare arms to protect yourself?
Protect against who?
After Boink Laden, there will be another one.

6 years ago

The Debunkers served a very good role in helping demolish the official tale.

6 years ago

This is a great doc.

6 years ago

This batvette clown smells like a government paid shill sitting at a desk in Herzliya. ;)

7 years ago

This is the most comprehensive documentary on this subject. This is not a "Conspiracy Theory," this is proof and evidence of a conspiracy involving the highest level of government and military officials. Everyone involved should be indicted for treason and mass murder.

Lee Anderson
7 years ago

People who think three buildings can collapse straight down through the path of greatest resistance just demonstrates the futility of our education system. People are taught by their TVs. As the buildings went down, the path of the military industrial complex was paved all the way to the middle east, oil tycoons and bankster profits went up, our civil rights went down.

7 years ago

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Basic physics. Only a fool could argue against this. When experienced architects, engineers, firefighters & pilots tell me their views I put more weight on them than the American Government.

Blue Clue
8 years ago

Hey, it reminds me of 'organizations" that I have worked for.......incompetent. Or, was this part of the Master plan?
The Pentagon was not hit by a jet......that's pretty well be rules my 7 year old. I was fooled for a while thought.

8 years ago

its sad to see that the american people have just accepted what the gov has told them, that guy at the end saying 'avenge us' as an outsider looking into america, i think you have already been forgotten about because nobody will listen to the evil conspiracy theorists who want to avenge you, its sad! this documentary is just unbelievably good, if you took this to court the ONLY possible verdict they could come out with would be GUILTY, 9/11 was indeed an inside job, just wow!

8 years ago

At this point this is by far the most comprehensive 9/11 documentary.

8 years ago

This is the best documentary exposing the fiction of the 9/11 commission report. Even without mentioning the nano-thermite topic... (why did they not mention that by the way?)

Anthony Lo Cascio
8 years ago

Much respect and admiration to those who created this particular 9/11 Documentary. namaste

8 years ago

...astounding work here, I'm familiar with just about all of what's touched on, but this documentary is admirable, I don't think I've seen anything that dissects the complex picture quite like this I gave it 9.
It says 284 minutes, but I watched till the end, which was 1 hour and 55 minutes, then additional material had to be seen from buying that correct? – I was on a plane at the time, flight AA81 from Stockholm to Chicago, but ended up in Montreal and had to stay there for several days, which I didn't mind. But the captain never said exactly why, only that airspace had been closed, so I felt I was the last person on earth to find out what had happened...from a Canadian customs person...anyway...American Airlines handled this situation in Montreal fabulously well...when I watched on TV in my room in Montreal, how the towers came down, I was astonished...I said to myself, if those towers were to collapse for whatever reason, it wouldn't look like that....

8 years ago

It was the "Mossad" that did 9/11!
And remember Israel has commited more of these "False Flags"!
Nuff said!

8 years ago

9/11 was Bush's Reichstag. We may think the war against Hitler went well, but now we are propping up the Nazi coup in the Ukraine to start a war with Russia, go figure. And the war against Saddam was just brilliant, we destroyed a secular govt and let the jihadis take over as soon as we left, now we are trying to coax the Baathists into fighting ISIS, who looted all the armories when we bombed Libya. War is a criminal enterprise that kills many innocents and makes most people poorer, but the weapons manufacturers are doing just fine.

Jason Derrick
8 years ago

The problem with both sides of this argument is you are both trying to PROVE yourselves right and the other wrong. One person keeps trying to answer the respective comments of another by using what they think is fact or proof or undisputed sources etc., and that they can answer ANY argument made against which ever side there on. This is futility at it's glorious best!
I believe that nobody knows exactly what happened on that day and that nobody has all the facts or even a quarter of the facts on every little thing that happened on 9/11. And I think this is the reason we may never get the answers correct from the people involved if we keep to this path.
I believe the solution is to stop watching these documentaries, news programs, so-called experts etc. with the intent of trying to get the correct answers to the questions we all have, on both sides.
I believe that any American who reads or have read the government's official version of 9/11 which is called "The 9/11 commission report" would find that some of their facts or answers they give can easily be questioned at the very least, if not proven wrong. I say any American knowing there is always an exception to the rule and also that there will always, always be devil's advocate's who no matter what will seek to be on the other side of popular or even consensis opinion.
So I believe if we were to stop the futility and arguments, and stop trying to come up with our own facts or our own research and agree that the 9/11 commission report is at best flawed. Then we can move forward by coming up with the most accurate questions we can derive from the report and then not standing on either side of the aisle DEMAND an absolute response from our government and the people "in charge" of compiling all the research and data that went into the final copy of the report.
It is my opinion that this is the only way to get the answers we seek because only those who are responsible for what happened on 9/11 can give accurate (truthful) testimony surrounding the events on this day.
We have to keep asking question's of the people who attempted to give us the answers. Why would you or attempt to answer something you know nothing about?
That would be my 1st question. lol (Everything is IMHO) your free to disagree...

8 years ago

Air traffic controller here...not a pilot, but I do know a few things about aviation. The ground speed and VMO are not calculated in the same ways. Ground speed is what is indicated on radar, and is almost never the same as what pilots are indicating their speeds are in an airplane. That part of the argument is a flawed/incomplete one, without properly explaining the difference of the two.

A little surprisingly, the air traffic control portion of the doc was pretty solid.

8 years ago

Repeat "Its a frame"

Jim Bunion
8 years ago

False Flag. Operation. Look at Dr. Ray Griffin's Book, the New Pearl Harbor or any youtube lecture by Richard Gage, Architects for 911 truth. Or listen to ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX and get the lies.

8 years ago

I don't know why people have to explain it all over again to the deniers -- as everywhere in the US of A there are a lot of deniers working for the government who have to keep working at trying to justify what was basically a false flag operation co-ordinated by the Bush admin and the CIA or they know that possibly their lives and most certainly their jobs are on the line.

9 years ago

the zionist infiltrators within the usa and eu, have to be removed if you want justice and normality and your freedom the terrorists are within our goverments sadly its fact ---wont say too much find out for your self

9 years ago

please check out some work done by Dr Davd Duke you might start to get the big picture lies dont stand very long

9 years ago

You have presented way too much irrefutable evidence to be discounted. Thank You. Now if I can just get others to see what I have seen. I feel Drained, Angry, Sad, many emotions. But the top of that list of emotions rides Determination! I pray I live long enough to see this Reinvestigated and Treason charges brought upon those who would do this to us

uponedownone1 .
9 years ago

our satanic gov was behind it,people who don't believe just look at the evidence,its funny to me that all u need to know is a little highschool physics to know that a structure like those towers just doesn't fall at free fall,their would of been some resistance if they weren't blown out,funny there was no wreckage with the one in Pennsylvania nothing,no baggage,seats,no engines,no wheels its like it disappeared,it could not of evaporated it wasn't going near fast enough so it was shot down,its unbelieveable the balls the media had to report a fbi agent found one of the terrorist pass ports that hit tower 2,what did it just fly thru the fire and building and land on top of all the ash and paper with no damage to it,the pattern of the flight that hit the pentagon was so incrediably hard to do and there were no grass torn up from ground going over 400mph,the damage does not add up to the size of the plane,plus one engine was found and it was way too small,no seats,passengers,plus the jet fuel went out pretty fast,its no secret bin laden was the made up boogie man for us to go to war with saddam now why bomb him if it was bin laden simple the us wanted the oil,now Afghanistan is ours cause of all the opium that is there that the pharm companies make billions off of,just too much evidence

9 years ago

Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. ...voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.
~Hermann Göring

9 years ago

All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.

—Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X

root syntax
9 years ago

Lets face it the USA is one of the biggest terrorists on this planet and yeah of course they would kill their own people for various twisted reasons, they are only human after all, not like the Government are frickin immaculate angels void of doing any wrong, lets put it this way If someone offered you billions of money, wealth and endless financial gain for killing people and no one would ever find out soon, you'd certainly have a think about it, if you were already consumed by greed and grandiosity of power, you would jump at the chance and even smile wildly about it and smugly gloat on what you had just done and its all a secret that no one will believe if it came out anyway...too many conspiracy theories out there as it is....Bottom Line USA government was responsible for 9/11, why wouldn't they be ?

9 years ago

The weakest part of the film is the first half hour or so, where they
examine the parallels between 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Personally, I
agree with their thesis, but I thought that starting out an examination
of one "conspiracy theory" by examining how similar it is to another
unproven conspiracy does not help it's cause. If you do not accept, as I
do, that Pearl Harbor was treasonous, then you are apt to dismiss the
rest of the film, regardless of it's strengths. The truth about 9/11
does not rest on whether FDR and his top generals were derelict in
informing the commanders at Pearl about the coming attack. So, while I
think it would have been appropriate to mention that there are
some similarities, I think they spent entirely too long on the subject.
(They show 12 parallels between the two events.)

However, since I
am one of those "nut jobs" who believe the actions of FDR and his top
generals was treasonous, I didn't have a problem with that, and for me,
the parallels were interesting and entertaining, even if they really
didn't add strongly to the evidence that 9/11 was a government
conspiracy. The only evidence that there actually is a connection is
the reference that the NeoCons made to it in their planning documents
when Bush II ascended to the throne, er presidency. Although this is
well known, seeing the need for a 'shocking event' to galvanize the
American people into action, such as Pearl Harbor is hardly proof that
the government actually set out to create such a plan. This conclusion
would be better left to the end of the film, after they have established
that there must have been a conspiracy, where they could point to this
document and then ask the audience to make that connection.

thought the format and content of the remainder of the film was
excellent. They break down the events of 9/11 into the main areas at
issue and present both the official version and the unanswered questions
about each area of contention. They present the arguments of 3
debunker groups or individuals, including the group from Popular
Mechanics. They do not try to attack the debunkers motives, but simply
their criticisms, so the tone of the film stays at a high level.

thought the explanation of the physics involved were really good, so
hopefully those without a background in physics can understand the
issues involved a little more easily.

On the nitpicking side, I
would have liked to see the evidence about the use of thermite, but they
completely skipped the issue except they did examine the 'mystery' of
the molten steel and concrete. Rather than point the finger at thermite
as the likely cause and examine the forensic evidence of it's existence
at Ground 0, they simply ask how could these high temperatures (2800
degrees F) happen without any high temperature fuels being available.

examine the mysteries at each of the 3 crash sites, and even for
someone like me who has seen quite a few of these documentaries, I
learned some new stuff. I especially thought that their examination of
the economics of the Twin Towers was good, as it showed the strong
motives that existed to demolish the buildings and the amazing
coincidences involved in Silverstein's acquisition of the 3 towers. (He
went from a set of buildings which represented a billion dollar
liability to a 7 billion dollar award in about two months of ownership.)

I doubt that this film will actually make converts of those who
staunchly defend the official story. I say that, not because of the
weakness in the film or the evidence presented, but because I think that
at this point, people have shut their ears and eyes to anything which
does not reinforce their opinions. People who were honestly searching
for the truth have already made up their minds, and those who cannot
accept the possibility of real evil in top leadership have made up their
minds as well.

Jon Brown
9 years ago

No more sitting on the fence for me.
I never claim to know something if i don't, and not a soul on this planet could make me feel stupid for not knowing something they knew, and felt i should too.
I've retained and regurgitated stuff i've heard with the best of them over the years, i'm sure we all have, but i properly woke up a little while ago, and now i just can't ignore when someone is just talking utter sh*t.
And by that i mean, they mean what they say, but don't 100% know why they're saying it.
It first happened when i went travelling, and someone asked (genuinely) why i had the opinion i'd just given, and i didn't know. I'd just repeated something because it kinda sounded good.
We've all done it, but it's things like that, being pulled up, that make you start thinking for yourself.
What i've also learnt is it's really quite obvious if someone is lying, it boils down to instinct, and switching off your emotions and any pre conceptions you may have.
My point being, we're so bogged down talking about the facts (or lack of them in this case) that i've not seen one comment mentioning the very obvious fact that every time you see anyone championing the 'official report' they're so uncomfortable it's almost painful to watch.
Almost everybody who goes on record defending the official version is getting paid to do so FFS.
Contrast that with the behaviour of the people questioning it, it's not science i know, but it's quite clear who's genuine and who's squirming!
The sheer weight of INDEPENDENT scientific queries is simply too staggering to ignore, unless you had to ignore it for some reason.
Don't let us get bogged down in nonsense, bypass the blind and focus on a fresh indipendant investigation.

9 years ago

Some very insightful comments here. I am really concerned that the psychopaths in control are too busy with their power games to notice that the entire planet is slowly being poisoned by large, daily doses of radioactive elements such cesium, strontium, etc. from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plants. Life on the planet evolved without these elements so they are not recognised by our bodies as being harmful, infact these radionuclides in the form of "hot particles" mimic elements such as calcium and potassium which are incorporated into our bones and organs and remain radioactive for hundreds or even thousands of years. Internal exposure to these elements does far greater harm than external exposure. 300 to 400 tonnes of highly radioactive water is entering the Pacific on a daily basis. The large amounts of radionuclides are being bioaccumulated (biomagnified) into the ecosystem especially into the species at the top. There has been no international cooperation to fix this problem or the other potentially catastrophic problems with the crippled nuclear plants. Dilution is not a solution to this problem. The entire planet is being poisoned and nothing is being done. Could this be a deliberate terraforming of the Earth by the invading David Ike lizard creatures? I can't believe that humans can be this stupid! There cannot possibly be an illuminati or such because they and their offspring will eventually all be poisoned too. Unless they have technology taken from crashed UFOs that can neutralize radioactive elements in their bodies. But seriously there are now bigger problems than 911 that are being covered up and even most 911 truthers are not aware of them. A good resource is the Fairewinds website if you want to know more. Sorry to deviate from all your interesting takes about 911.

Brent Scott
9 years ago

True, true. Now what do we do? The
propagation of the sociopath is reaching it's zenith and we still
seem baffled. Like “rope a dope” we just don't seem to realize
that to engage sociopaths in conversation is part of what perpetuates
the enmeshment and keeps us locked in an ineffectual dance. This
strata of a bizarre human aberration, perhaps not even human, is the
morphing of what peaked in 1945 as the Nazi sociopath ethos,
evolving into the aberration of the nondescript “suit” with
credentials. “I have found the enemy, and it is us.” well, some
of us. Until we are able to discern the convoluted fabricated fact
o-babble of the sociopath, we are the pray. The chickens must
identify the foxes. I even see it on a micro level around me. Those
that behave unethically, and can generate a facade of misdirection
and misinformation. Learn to deal with crazy people and you will have
begun to learn to deal with the ruling power class on planet Earth

9 years ago

Anyone of near average intelligence in charge of their senses, literate and reasonably sane, would have to be either willfully disinterested and ignorant, pathologically dishonest, or materially complicit to deny that the events of 9/11 represent comprehensively coordinated and overt extra-legal acts against civil interest resulting conspiracy originating within the highest elements among and involving all tiers of government, foreign accomplice governments, intelligence agencies and their adjunct commercial/financial entities, executive and subordinate military, aerospace, communications and engineering personnel, full spectrum law enforcement, co-opted network mass media, and psychopathically sympathetic civilians.

9/11 reveals the extent to which we, the sheeple, exist under controls of the true masters of terror and violence, utter corruption, pretense to justice and willful abomination to our living planet.

We do and will pay an accelerating price for our complacency as silent accomplices.

Jason Derrick
9 years ago

Unbelievable. I have watched Loose Change, Farinheight 9/11, Terror Storm and other documentaries over the years and while I did leave those films with some questions about the Truth of what happened on 9/11, I also left with some doubts about some of the conclusions they were making to make sense of certain events. I would rather hear no explanation that a half-baked one. But the 3 part film put together the evidence in such an overwhelming and legitimate way that they could then challenge anybody watching to answer their questions or refute their findings which in the end were actually the findings of the 1st responders, (both Police and Fire) emergency workers, eyewitnesses, workers in all 3 buildings, the media, Architects and Engineers, airplane pilots, mayors and governors, airline workers, the pilots who "trained" the so- called hi-jackers, the official documents from the Government warning of 9/11, testimony from high ranking officials from our armed forces, all the people from Shanksville and the Pentagon who couldn't believe the claims of commercial airliners b/c their was no such evidence where they were on the ground, FAA personnel, cell phone technicians, and on and on. This film is amazingly accurate and in my opinion irrefutable evidence that the official explanation for the twin towers, building 7, the pentagon and flight 93 are completely inaccurate and we must demand new and further investigations into who is responsible for the things that happened on Sept. 11th 2001 and how we can hold then accountable for any actions against the innocent people who were killed and who continue to die as a result of those actions. Great film. Unreal.

Michael Strada
9 years ago

As a retired college professor who has written eight books, and travelled to 50 countries as an international studies generalist, my current shtick consists of presenting Elder-Hostel seminars called "9/11 Contextualized," based on a decade of copious research. I welcome to opportunity to travel for this purpose, and will email the three brief hooks for my upcoming seminar on this subject. Also, my books show up on Amazon books, as well as on Google. My key question: Why have American Corporate Media continued giving Bush/Cheney a free pass for their willful somnolence? I've read the books and seen the documentaries, wherein their sins of omission have not gone unnoticed; likewise with the foreign press. I consider the role of PNAC in the 1990s as both motive and opportunity as a New Pearl Harbor. MJS

9 years ago

The first time I saw the trade center being hit I said to myself ' oh my gosh, what did we do this time. And there are more people out there that , I am sure of, can see clearly. The evil is here in the USA not in an other country. Fear, ignorance, prejudice are the real reasons behind willful blindness.

Todd Morrow
9 years ago

ok so continuing from the end of the documentary, our FBI and executive branches on all levels are capable of demolishing buildings with thousands of people still in them. This thought is so oppressive that I don't wonder why the majority of Americans don't believe (can't believe it) it despite the mountains of evidence presented here.

I mean, in committing this act, the Bush administration and everyone who assisted them well exceeded the magnitude of evil and horror they ascribed to the offshore Muslim terrorists they blamed for this.

Think about it. Take everything you thought Osama Bin Laden was, and then think about Bush being that and much worse, because Bush did this to his own people, so he could start a war and kill thousands of more people, some guilty of some things, but most innocent.

It's hard to accept. So hard, as a matter of fact, that most Americans won't even consider it. Not because they are necessarily stupid, but because they never personally had an encounter with an evil person and they just can't imagine all this.

By the way, when I say Bush, you know that I mean the whole part of the Bush administration involved with this, and yes, really, the corporations behind them, pushing them to do this. Obviously, it was not the work of one psychopath, but many psychopaths working together along with their willing quasi-psychopaths (the ones who knew what they were doing was wrong but went along with it for reward or to avoid punishment and kept quiet). Those corporations made and are still making huge sums of money from this evil act, and no one has come forward admitting participation probably because of fear of death. (Some key witnesses have died in odd circumstances)

Brandon Adams
9 years ago

Do not argue with people who show an obvious emotional connection to their argument. Chances are that they will be blind to evidence that counters their argument because they personally identify with it. A more appropriate method could be to downgrade the conversation to petty ridicule, instead of wasting your time trying to convince a sounding board of other people's ideas, who, for no a lack of trying, cannot think for themselves.

9 years ago

hi capn canard I would not give batvette the time of day as he either works for the government or he's one of those people if you say white he says black or he's not very intellectual as intelligent people ask questions why do you think pol pot of Cambodia murdered all the educated people so all that was left where batvette and that's why he ruled for so long until capn canard and his men came along and freed the people and all is atrocities were revealed

9 years ago

The entire documentary is 5hrs and stands as the new "platinum standard" of forensic analytical evidence for what happened on 911.

Mic Medeiros
9 years ago

Has anybody seen the patterns here? All the scientists from high placed organizations and people with big careers to lose usually deny the conspiracy theory. Just follow the money. Places like NIST will never adopt the demolition theory simply because it would be damaging to their goals.

9 years ago

These 2 are among the many obvious points that destroy the conspiracy:

1. United and American Airlines, and their insurers- lost BILLIONS of dollars that day and the years since, in ticket sales, stock value, and claims paid out. Many insurance companies were involved which employ scores of investigators who in each and every claim look closely for signs of arson and other fraudulent claims.
If it was anything besides muslims hijacking planes, why did American and United announce it was their planes? Why did they take a hit like that?

Why did their, and the towers', insurance companies pay out billions of dollars in claims if their was a sliver of a chance they could deny liability? If there was ANY credible evidence of this conspiracy, you wouldn't need the gov't or any other entity to do a "new investigation". The insurance companies would have already done it- and in fact did as a matter of standard process of claims-in their usual attempt to transfer liability from their insured customers and themselves. "Follow the money" seems enough to convict, or so we hear. If greed would motivate a conspiracy, greed should be enough for these corporations to leave no stone unturned to reveal one from others.

2. Osama Bin Laden, a man worth $50 million, and Al Qaeda, by claiming responsibility, sealed their own death sentences and immediately reduced to the indignation of a life fleeing living in caves.
How could the CIA, Bush,. or ANYBODY possibly coerce them to pursue such a suicidal act?

Unless you can resolve these dilemmas, or admit they make the CT virtually impossible.... if you can't recognize this makes the belief crazy... well that's crazy.

Quan Bui
9 years ago

Do a little research on Building 7... it's chilling how that building fell so similarly to the twin towers despite not being directly hit by any airplane. I mean seriously, just look at any video of Building 7- it was clearly destroyed by demolition.

9 years ago

What I do not understand, is that, if they knew people were going to die in all of this ... and deception was the new game ... how can they talk to fellow man and bold face LIE? The perfect pocker face. The SKILL at which these people LIE is so unreal.

I mean they are top military people and in Govt, they MUST know about the Alien Disclosure Movement. Why aren't they interested in learning more about them? I mean it is fascinating new world of possibilities ... yet the game of 'Go get the Oil' and play with our Toys in the sand to get that Oil is more important?

It just amazes me how shallow all of this is. It is so unreal that they took more interest in war games for Oil then entering a new world in outer space, new ways to clean up the planet with Free Energy systems and so many wonderful new things to play with.

Instead they wanted to play with old WW2 toys ??? Just wow.

9 years ago

This 9/11 subject has been beaten like a dead horse. It happened, and it speaks loudly about our condition of our culture that allowed this to happen. We learned a lot about hitler. 9/11 is teaching us about False Flags and how they happen. Next, Sandy Hook and then Boston Bombing (perhaps).

What will be the next deception? Now more than ever it need to stop. So, we can get going to correct the Culture and stop blaming Individuals. 9/11 is a beacon of how Our culture is screaming for Intervention and a forgiveness and acceptance to learn from.

We HAVE to stop fighting with each other. It screams of Capitalism's religious like hold on our motivations and it's relation to the Earth. If money AKA Capitolism is going to continue, we will only have more False Flags.

9 years ago

Possibly the best and most definitive work on the subject of 9/11 to date. This multi-episode multi-disc set is on par with works such as "The Men Who Killed Kennedy". Massimo Mazzucco should be given every documentary award available. 10 Stars.