102 Minutes That Changed America

102 Minutes That Changed America

2008, 9/11  -   194 Comments
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102 Minutes That Changed America102 Minutes That Changed America is a 102-minute American television special documentary film that was produced by History and premiered commercial-free on September 11, 2008, marking the seventh anniversary of the attacks.

The film depicts in virtually real time the New York-based events of the September 11 attacks primarily using raw video footage from mostly amateur citizen journalists. The documentary is accompanied by an 18-minute documentary short called I-Witness to 9/11, which features interviews with nine firsthand eyewitnesses who captured the video footage on camera.

According to this film, most of the archival video footage was in possession of the U.S. government but was released to History years after 9/11.

This film was shown on Channel 4 in the UK, France 3 in France and History Channel in Brazil on Monday 07 September 2009. In The Netherlands it was shown on SBS6 on Wednesday 09 September 2009.

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194 Comments / User Reviews

  1. The name of the movie should be "102 minutes that changed the world"

  2. it breaks my heart. I was born in 2004 so I didn't witness it live but once I studied about it since 5th grade. Its broken my heart. Forever remembered.

  3. The video has been taken down.

  4. I forced myself to watch it, because it was so surreal and unbelievable. RIP to all those innocent citizens and first responders we lost and may they be resting in peace. We must not forget because history does repeat itself. We must all stick together and pray on this fateful day every year for the rest of our lives. Pray for the innocent citizens and first responders and their families who suffered this loss. My father "this was the worst event in American history since Pearl Harbor". He was very saddened. RIP Dad and I will always remember what you said on this day and all other worldly things you taught me. RIP!

  5. God Bless all those innocent people who lost their lives and the people who are still dying today from the dust and rubble xx

  6. i watched this the other day one thought that kept popping up was THAT IS REALLY BAD PLACE TO STAND when you see video of someone filming right under the WTC when it was on fire

  7. Sure looked like controlled demolitions, especially the collapse of building 7 hours afterwards. Architects and engineer groups are asking questions, based on knowledge and professional ethics. The world must be told the truth.

  8. Having spent 30 years in law enforcement, it is sad to encounter people that live in a world of paranoia and conspiracies around every corner. Much of what is held back from public consumption is not to deceive, but to be able to carry out missions without broadcasting the game plan.

    Some individuals see this as violating the public's right to know. However the public doesn't have the right to know everything. What a citizen in Chicago needs to know is far different than what those in law enforcement and the military gather in intelligence. Perhaps some of the conspiracy theorists should realize that their right to voice their opinions bolstered by conjecture and falsehoods is protected by the very people whose sworn duty is to protect them and that right.

    Every profession has "bad seeds" . But to vilify with a broad brush those that protect is
    deceit of ones self. Unfortunately the military and law enforcement must keep "secrets" from the general public to protect. That necessity doesn't constitute a "conspiracy" against the citizenry.

    I took part in the investigation of the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.
    I suppose that makes me and my co-workers part of that "conspiracy".

    But I can tell you no matter who you think the conspirators are, they will continue to protect your rights. They will continue to run toward danger while others are running away. These "conspirators" have chosen professions to give so much for those who care so little.

    Perhaps those that think the withholding of sensitive information constitutes a cover-up should realize there are real bad guys out there that may live in their neighborhood...........and work hard to find out what the "good guys" know.

    9/11 has justifiably been blamed, in part, on the lack of/misinterpretation of intelligence.
    You can't have your cake and eat it too. We either beef up methods of finding out what the "bad guys" are planning and take them out or invite them for coffee and bring them up to date on our "secrets".

    Yes there is one huge conspiracy that can gladly be acknowledged.......the conspiracy to capture or kill the Jihadists who might make your loved ones the next target. Think about that the next time you go to the mall, ride a bus, attend a sporting event or take in a movie. There are people out there that are "conspiring" to keep you and your children safe. And that is a FACT.

    1. First and foremost I would like to thank you for your years of dedicated law enforcement service. I come from a family of LEO's, past & present. Sadly, I was unable to carry on my family's legacy due to health issues.

      Secondly, I am in complete agreement with your thoughts on conspiracy theorists. They are as dangerous as those that perpetrate these heinous acts of cowardess.
      Well said sir. Thank you for having the courage to speak out! You have my complete respect.

    2. Hey, mr. Law enforcement, these neocons don't give a sh*t about you, your family, me, my family, or anyone else. All they care for is money and power. Our " wonderful" government allowed this to happen. Thats no theory, thats fact........

    3. I agree with you.

    4. What does showing evidence of a Ryder truck exploding have to do with not letting the "bad guy" in on the secrets. The feds are either hiding something, or they are buffoons (or both).

  9. The passionate origins most of these comments emanate from, could be comparable to a Noble righteousness. So, I guess the relevance of my intelligence, cognition and even self-confidence are at stake, from the words I volunteer here:
    -"Wake up".
    -"See the truth hidden in the lies".
    -"It's only propaganda masking a sinister scheme".
    -"Question everything, trust nothing".
    -"You're a fool if you believe your eyes".

    Okay, I won't accept any information that comes from an established institution.
    I'll only believe in those conclusions that Theorist's insist I'm an idiot..... if I do not.

    Now what? Bask in the glow of having snuffed-out the Illuminati?

  10. Watching this I got older: Not smarter!

    History written through the prism of American Exceptionalism!

  11. The owners of the history channel are part of the terrorist group called the IMF and the Federal Reserve experts at creating False Flag Wars throughout the world with the help of national leaders throughtout the world. National leaders are owned by the Private Banking Industry others also owned are congressmen, senators,lobbyist,oh hell all of government. Those governments who will not participate are labbled ' terrorists ' and attacked by the governments owned by the Private Banking Industry. So if you are a government that puts its people first you will be attacked by governments that put Private Banking profits first while disregarding its people. War, ressions, depressions don't just happen they are deliberately planned and carried out by the Private Banking Industry just to make more money.

    1. Someone’s a retard.

  12. I remember I was in seventh grade taking graduation pictures then all of a sudden we were called to a class and watched this unfold. Never forget it, I really do not care who did this to the U.S. I just feel for the families who lost loved ones.

  13. Made possible by tha fascist Us governmant and its allies, Federal Reserve and Imf and Military Industrial Complex. Oh yeah, the ones who profit from this," THE TOP ONE PERCENTERS ".

  14. it was defenitely bush, just like his father killed kennedy. i agree with nowaypal

  15. god please forgive the terrorists they know not what they did

    1. God can't do nothing he is just something that was installed in your head when you were a kid by the same people who did the blowing up of the World Trade Center. And they know exactly what they were doing. WAKE UP

  16. What happened tp loose change final cut?

  17. The God that founded America, has the power protect America

    1. America was founded by athiest not religionist. Americans were fighting for the freedom from religion not for religion freedom. Our history books have been changed throughout the years to make it look different than it realy was. Just like god is installed in your brain ,without your consent, as a child. History books are changed by those in power at the time.America was founded by free people not sheep.

  18. history channel...lol..like they haven't faked our past like they are trying to fake our future. This is an obvious effort to quell those that are asking questions. As brezinski said: It used to be easier to control a million than to kill a million, now it is easier to kill a million than to control a million. These are demonic spirits guiding these people. Learn to fight the demons through Jesus...he did it often and he's the last one they want you to know about.

  19. Who is the guy at hour 1:15-1:16? Secret Service? What is he doing in there I wonder. He looks too calm and too prepared for me. Like he knows that building 7 is coming down.

  20. I think the most amazing thing about September 11th, irrespective of who the finger of blame is pointed at, is that it had the ability to compel an American TV network to show 102 minutes of television WITHOUT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK. UNBELIEVABLE!

  21. This was a good Documentary!!! Definitely a terrible terrible day! 102 Minutes that changed alot of things, not just America. The Documentary was full of Footage that I had never encountered. But I didn't see REAL PLANES!!!! Not a single one!!!! I wanted to see Planes going in!!! I didn't see that...I hear of people in the Documentary mentioning Planes and stuff but I wanted to see for myself!!! ..Sheesh! No planes were shown throughout the Documentary until the very end of it (and only one was shown) when they brought those 'Witnesses' who they say had filmed the events, but that's not good enough, Before the interviews with the 'witnesses' everything was real but after the 'witnesses' it was not so real. I hate that, So, no plane hit the Twin Towers then?! The second plane looked almost real just around 1:45:57 but why wasn't it brought before those 'witnesses' talking and why wasn't it filmed from another location/angle????!!! To me, the buildings collapsing until they've completely disappeared is much more of a bigger issue than 'planes' hitting them. And Yes, I know people we're shocked I saw that in the Documentary, Those people at the end of the Documentary were really unnecessary, I can think for myself.

  22. More of the same... I feel for the victims but these idiots that troll through and leave bullsht comments about the 9/11 cover-up are sick puppies...

  23. awakenthyself888- the reason why you would want to turn this documentary off only after ten minutes 888 is that without the bell sit of the herder sheep dont know which way to go. shut up and sit down!

  24. what seperates this documentary from the others is its non-narrative presentation . if these images as they appear are true to their time and place in history and as they are repeated in this documentary represent what many people demand to know and suspect the u.s. government is with-holding and that is the truth about what happened that day. we know its not the work of terrorists,and if its not an "inside job"by the u.s. government. the absence of a full-scale investigation is either,{A} a confession of guilt by the govt., or {B} grounds for the removal of the govt. by the people as described in the declaration of independence and ratified in the constitution of the united states of america. siting a non action by the u.s. govt. whereby LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (inalienable rights endowed to us by our creator.) clearly having been violated. or(C) Both A and B . im thinking (C) thats all, good night and god bless

    1. Actually, evidence supports the view that Miley Cyrus and her corporate giant were behind 9/11. Miley Cyrus's company purchased thermite related chemicals in 2000. In September 10th, 2001 Miley Cyrus along with employees related to her company "surveyed" the WTC and building 7. Some eye witnesses even claim to have seen large boxes of sensitive materials carried to areas of the buildings that coincide with columns essential to a demolition. When an eye witness asked what was in the boxes carried around by these people. The man responded that he was carrying Mily Cyrus' makeup.

      This was ridiculous, there was no way for actress and singer to be still so ugly with that amount of makeup. The more reasonable conclusion is that Miley Cyrus didn't ever use the makeup. But if you probe the story even further, and look up the ingredients for Miley Cyrus' makeup. At the bottom of the list are ingredients related to the use of thermite and ignition, ingredients like Aluminum and Magnesium. Is it also a coincidence that makeup has a similar chemical properties to thermite, same color and powdery property.

  25. People need to open their eyes....

  26. Why are the American people so afraid to see that this was not a terror attack, but a set-up for a cause to enter into war and make a few poeple money? I guess it's easier to point the finger elsewhere than it is to look at your own people for doing this. Greed has done this to people for years....... Wake up....

    1. 10 years and counting tick tick tick and still no REAL proof for your lots wacky conspiracy theories. And no, regurgitating the same long discredited half baked ideas does not qualify as real proof.

      99% of those people most qualified to understand building design and collapse ie structural engingers, have no problem with the fact that the buildings were brought down by a combination of fire and structural damage caused by fully laden high mass 757 planes. This does not mean architects, or electrical and mechanical engineers and certainly not the Loose Changer crowd, but rather structural engineers. If it is good enough for them it is good enough for me.

      Until you have REAL proof go back to sleep.

  27. 1:08:38 into the documentary something comes from out of thin air and flies over the trade centers just after the south tower collapse exiting the picture at 1:08:45. can any one explain?

  28. can someone explain what flies across the picture materializing out of nothing
    starting at exactly 1:08:38 and ending at 1:08:45?

  29. After all this, New York voted for Obama.

  30. this was created by horrible nasty people who dont care about anybody they are willing to kill them selfs just justify there religion islamic should be wiped out of this world they are going keep doing doing things like this 1 day they mite go too far and damage the world with nuclear chemicals

  31. God rest all the souls who died in this tragedy. And God bless all families and loved ones who were affected. God bless America.

  32. It was very good but sooo very sad... It told and showed alot...

  33. Best account of what was going on in New York City that day. I recommend seeing it. It's amazing. The format is effective.

  34. Best account of what was going on in New York City that day. I recommend seeing it. It's amazing.

  35. Best account of what was going on in New York City that day. I recommend seeing it. It's amazing. Not your ordinary documentary.

  36. I Remember seeing this on tv that day and thinking it was just a movie or something, that it couldn't be real. Then all the planes got diverted to my province of newfoundland, seeing it all unfold was surreal. I couldn't belive it.

  37. You know, I just cannot believe there are such stupid people out there. Tens of thousands eye-witnessed the planes. To believe in conspiracy theories demeans the memories of the people that died and as far as I am concerned should be a basis for facing treason charges. If you want to be ignorant and stupid fine but do it in your own inbred home.

    1. Hmm..maybe you should look at all the evidence before pointing the finger and calling people stupid, you may find you should be pointing it at yourself. Watch all the news broadcasts and explain the firefighters screaming about explosions in the basement. You may also find that total ignorance about the truth denies the families and the memories of those that lost there lives, justice. If you don't consider the other options, the culprits could go free.....

  38. As I watch this.. I am overwhelmed with so much emotions as its way more confronting and graphic than I expected... it makes me remember that horrid day... I hate to say this but sometimes humanity and even I must admit, I just wants to avoid and forget the fact such events happened in history.. That such a cruelty could ever happen.. Seeing this just reminded me of that very day...The day when I just woke up turned on the TV to CNN and was shocked to see what I saw.. I remember thinking it must be a movie and I got the wrong channel.. But no It was real... LIVE it said.. it just had alreadyshown the first plane hit one of the twin towers then.. then Horror a second... I couldnt believe it.. then I remembered "OMG my aunty she lives in NYC I screamed" She work near the Twin Towers all I could think was what if she went their that day,,, as she always had lunch around that area or sometimes inside the one of the Towers... My mother tried to call her.. but couldnt.. lines were down in the area.. I was scared... Then I saw to my horror the one of the towers fall... I started to cry and pray to our lord that my aunty was safe.... that it wasn't real...
    I was luck as my story ended well my aunty was sick that day with the flu and was spared... She was home watching the news like we were... Though she lost many dear friends and colleagues that day and realized it could have been her... Thats my story maybe we all can share our stories here... In memory of '9/11 The Day That Shock The World... Even though I want to forget as its painful.. I am glad their are people keeping their memories alive so that we can make sure this tragic Event NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!! PLS LET US LEARN FROM THIS!!!

  39. Not the sort of subject matter I'm normally drawn towards (partly because of the inevitable angry and hurtful posting that it attracts). However as it is ten years to the day I thought I'd watch.

    Really well made doc, tells the human story in such an intuitive way, capturing the shock and grief in a manner no reel of new archive and voice-over could do.

    My sympathy to those affected.

  40. why all the negative comments. the government have a reason for everything they do. you may think of it as corrupt, but when you were little you thought your mom or dad was unfair because they grounded you, or because they went with what your teacher said when you got in trouble and you didn't say they're corrupt. Its the governments job to keep us safe, you might disagree at what they do but what are you going to do. you live under the u.s. government and you live on their land, respect what they do say and how they approach new situations. ---TRUE AMERICAN

    1. You live on their land? Why isn't it your land? And what do you mean what are you going to do? Sounds like an excuse to do nothing to me. One must always question the authority of those who hold money in higher regard than human life. If you went to McDonalds and they left out a cheeseburger from your order, you'd probably march right back and demand a cheeseburger, yet the government royally rips you off in life so as to benefit their friends in the conglomerates and banking cartels, and you sit back and say what the hell. I sincerely hope you aren't a TRUE AMERICAN otherwise we're all in for a quick demise...

  41. I really think all of you people misunderstand all these events that took place. The US Government didn't orchestrate 9/11. What was there to gain? Afghanistan is a poor country. No oil, no functioning society really either. The war is still going on and we have not benefitted in any way. If you want to see the government doing shady things to prosper, look at our involvement in Iraq. The threat of WMDs is a farce if I ever saw one.

    1. It's a good place for a foothold for further operations in the middle east though... And you can't say that no one has benefitted from the war, what about the arms companies?

  42. The nut jobs who talk about explosions and other such conspiracy crap because you hate not being noticed why don't you just crawl back under your stone this weekend, this weekend is for the families and victims and firefighters and police officers.

    1. What about those who plead for justice in the hope that those who lost their lives may some day have justice? By accepting the mainstream medias account of what happened you let the real perpetrators carry on as normal, and without a doubt let them murder countless more... you may be thinking of the families but your actions betray them.

      PLEASE watch 'Inside Job', 'Home', 'John Pilger - The New Rulers of The World', 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', 'Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers' to name but a few. All FACTUAL documentaries, please I plead with you for the good of all of us, not for my ego.

  43. Here's the truth. A bunch of nutters hijacked and flew planes into to the WTC, the Pentagon which ultimately resulted in 3000 people losing thier lives. The rest is all gravy.

    Do you seriously believe it was planned by the US government? I mean really? Do you think that the US government, made up of elected American citizens would do this to thier own people in order to start a war in Iraq? Or Afghanistan?

    I'm not saying that the US Goverment has not been guilty of many crimes in the past - absolutely they have. Every government of every country in the world has. But killing 3000 of it's own citizens? America? Not one, not ten but 3000 of it own people?

    I'm British - do you think we all suspect the UK government of orchestrating the London underground bombings in order to get the UK to support the war in Afghanistan? I haven't met one person that does.

    America is an amazing country. It's citizens have freedom, rights of expression and a quality of life unparalleled anywhere in the world. You and your elected governments made sure of this. You should be proud of the goverment you have created. Sometimes you've got to put your trust in them.

    1. Oh my god.... Learn to read. Jesus, start with "Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth". If you don't know how to use google, then no problem and have a nice life. Best of luck.

    2. Oh my god - I can read! And use Google! Praise the lord. Thanks for you help GoughLewis! Does this mean I can't have a nice life?

    3. Ian....Before you REALLy go off on a rant...Do your homework, research a few incidents of our most glorious past, then get back to us...(Golf of Talnkan-vietnam,Pearl Harbor time line, etc...to think our gv. isn't capable of such an act is ...well, silly.
      Remember: homework, research and THeN get back to us Aight?

    4. If you read my comments I didn't say the government weren't capable of bad things, of course they are. I just don't think 9/11 was orchestrated and perpetrated by the government. Not any of it. If you think 9/11 was a conspiracy then that is entirely up to you, I just don't agree with you that's all.

    5. It's a hard pill to swallow, but you have to just choke it down.

    6. LOL Americans are digging a hole...

    7. I find it a little sad that people voice opinions with such passion without having investigated or researched the topics they post about. I admire you for being grateful for the things that so many take for granted that is denied to those in poorer nations, but due to many large corporations taking the wealth from those in poorer nations, thousands die each day. Greed is a very real threat to the future of the human race, and if you don't think that it has absolutely saturated the political system, media and government in general you absolutely aid their actions which are now ALWAYS for very wrong reasons. PLEASE watch 'Inside Job', 'Home', 'John Pilger - The New Rulers of The World', 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', 'Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers' to name but a few. All FACTUAL documentaries, please I plead with you for the good of all of us, not for my ego.

    8. Chris, I think you are right - greed is a threat to humanity but I think it is inherent in all of us, you and me both, it's part of the make up of man and probably isn't going to change anytime soon. I'm sorry, but I don't see how I aid the greed actions of the government by not thinking 9/11 was a some kind of conspiracy. OK, Iraq/Afghan invasion for oil and gas - I'm with you on that one, it's obvious, if it was for humanitarian reasons we'd be invading Zimbabwe by now. That's not to say I don't like a good conspiracy theory - I find the JFK one most entertaining - but 9/11, an inside job? Just plain wrong in my opinion.

    9. The only thing inherent in man is to be influenced by his environment and to maybe take the path of least resistance. A culture that rewards and values greed will be overrun by it. We think it's inherent in us only because we know no other way.

    10. If you cannot see a conspiracy in the mountain of evidence that is 9/11 then you are:
      A)CIA FED nutjob
      B)Iraeli nutjob
      C)Rightwing inbred christian zealot nutjob


    11. They sacrificed almost that many at Pearl Harbor, and if you understood anything about political political economy, you would understand in both cases severe economic conditions drove both false flag events? How many people have asked the obvious question? "Why did the Japanese attack pearl harbor, when they were certainty in no position to occupy the US and were already at war with China?"

      As for trusting the US administration that has overthrown 60 governments since WW2 alone at the cost of approx 30 million dead and counting?

  44. give them fiction.

    I remember in 1963-as a 7 year old-seeing JFK -in Dublin Ireland. He was not a bad man despite what some opportunist lazy and cowardly latter day scibes would have you think. Dead men can't sue. I digress

    When I heard news of his murder -5 months later-I was scared of this 'Oswald' character. Years later-what Warren et al- overlooked-was evident to anyone who cared to notice.

    40 years -or a little shy of it; I have had the great opportunity to visit almost half of the great US States from California to Vermont.

    My interest and fascination with aviation -found me at flight test areas and air force bases across the length and breath of a wondrous land-of kind and talented and hard working people.

    In 2007-I was privileged to be in the White House -and in retrospect take up JFK''s offer -to visit there-which he made in the summer of 63. I as an 'ordinary Joe visitor' that is

    . I have similarly been privileged to have been permitted to 'tour'the Pentagon -twice no less. I stood in the centre or center-of that 'power house'-and to this day -I would see the folks there -as 'good'.

    I stood -in Lincolns 'place' in the Capitol building as I tend to do-in a slightly obsessive way -at most -most historic places across the globe

    As critical sense developed-I believe I understood most socio -economic -cultural political moves-(though I missed the Ollie and Ronnie Iran Contra intrique-which was some move-by the backroom boys)

    Anyway-to bring matters to issue at hand-----I fell for the 9/11 tragedy 'line'---until I decided -belatedly this September 2011-to review the evidence.

    The only conspiracy -is to take the meaning out of the worto make it everything that is 'other' to the truth..
    The 'evil' which the misguided Mr Bush spoke of -(before and after he rode backseat -behind real pilots onto a carrier)-is the coterie of Cheney, Rumsfeld , and their ilk-who sat out wars in Vietnam and Korea-and schemed ways to make 'meaning' of their lives-by the acquisition of money and power-
    .......in effect making war on their own nation,

    Notwithstanding the cabal of power holders -mentioned in most of the documentaries here ....the lowest form of human life outside of them and lower than bankers and estate agents is the self serving media tribe..

    Here in Ireland-the -the aforementioned Random Tedious Effluent videlicet RTE-; along with cartoon class TV3 ;Newstalk' ;Today FM-make up the numbers.

    They height of their inquiry-when not insincerely joking and 'joshing among themselves on the latest celebrity - is to ask their audience -'dial up-if you can-and answer if you can-where is New York'-and win a chance to win -a chance to win -something. The money of course -is collected to add to hyper salaries...but one 'member' of their audience wins something.

    The scary element is that folk do-and that indicates how easily people can be manipulated-and ultimately 'down the line' controlled

    Keep a critical eye-or develop one -if necessary-and try to resist print and visual 'networks'-who will only take your soul away for the price of a holiday or a car .

    Seek the truth -in the USA and -across the world
    -or in my country Ireland , where the political class are 'only' inordinately clueless and greedy. God forbid- they could ever wage war.

    I forgot to mention that in Ireland -there was 'an event'-as the media class might say-

    Timeline:Dublin 17th May 1974: 33 civilians and an unborn child were killed
    in the Republic of Ireland and officially 258 people were injured as a
    result of a series of massive explosions(without coded warnings) when four
    car bombs were planted by Loyalist paramilitaries in several rush-hour
    streets of Dublin(I I was there),and one in Monaghan town.
    Independant research groups have pointed to the fact that special military technical expertise and intelligence would have been required and that they were supplied in
    personnel and equipment from several British sources Special Forces; MI6 et
    al. .
    The death toll was the largest in any single day of the Irish conflict and
    pre-empted similarly hideous events that followed in Britain.
    That the fairminded people of Britain were never made aware of this carnage
    is an indictment on journalists and politicians on both sides of the Irish

    As with 9/11 -when truth is witheld -or utterly destroyed-we as humankind lose-and casualty and wickedness continues.

    more anon

    Maurice Aherne

    A plethora of 9//11 official stories are broadcasting as I speak on the aforementioned national channels. One 911 day world changed-is as risable as tthe title. We have all the suspects-both usual and real-and unusual;and we have Laura Bush saying quiveringly-George and I held hands -and I knew things would be different for us from now on'. Yes indeed,love. A lame duck president would overnight be a heroic one-to start with. It was as nauseating as any hollywood spun film -but sadly real.

    The opening speeches of another 'on script-onside' documentary -' they have lethal weapons' -replays in my mind the old truth in jest -that is....

    How do we know-they have weapons?
    we have the receipts---
    Sadam +Osama-are---eh -were old friends---eh clients---eh---cut the tape!!!!!

    NB-Here in Ireland-the national media RTE or Random Tedious Effluvia 'news ' department -follow the 'line'.
    that is when they are not condescending to their audience -or selling them something-or mesmerising them-- in other sublimal ways-while they pamper themselves and their own golden circle of opinion making friends.
    Sadly the same-is evident for neighbours in the UK.

    Even the more intellectually searching agencies-and less corrupt- in Germany and France among others have bought to some degree-the 'line'

    Panem et Circenses- - bread and circuses
    ...Here! Buy this commodity- you need!
    -while we show you sport and musak-and
    Give your minds a holiday!
    Don't ask and don't worry!--ad nauseum-adinfinitum!

    10 YEARS ON-OR 37-if evidence is overlooked and victims forgotten-there is little of value in anniversaries-except for media luvies who have something to sell.

    1. R.I.P. Bill Hicks!

  45. may God almighty bless all the innocent souls which were lost due to the hateful crimes of a few.. i pray every waking moment of my life that there is everlasting peace in this world and that horrors like these never ever get repeated!!

  46. ter·ror·ism (tr-rzm)
    The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

    Just ask yourself this question. Has Al-Qaeda or who ever you think carried out the 911 attacks, used this day to change anything in society. Only then will you start to see who is to blame for that horrible day.

  47. Amazing and harrowing footage. I can not even comprehend what must have been going through people's minds that fateful morning. We will never ever know what really happened and why, but yes there are many conspiracy theories and ''facts'' to back them up. If the American Government or even the Illumanti had anything to do with this ''orchestrated event'' then I honestly and truely do not know how they sleep at night.

  48. Terrorism is always defined as a governments way to intimidate, and it is the Systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal.

  49. It's weird that there are so many people who can't accept facts for what they are. It's so much harder to explain and prove your compounded theories than it is to simply look at what happened and see 9.11 for what it was, a terrorist attack. If we had wanted to go to war we could have just done it. We don't need to set up some huge ruse and distraction.
    The Bush Administration couldn't even fix Social Security and these Truther knuckleheads think that they could have pulled THIS off?
    Get a friggin girlfriend already you losers.

    1. This one "ain't to bright boss..." Well, no child left behind my foot.

      Go read some history.

    2. I hear your girlfriend never gets any satisfaction from you cos your a little prick, she's probably cheating on you right now.

  50. After seeing this documentary I was speechless... after reading your comments I dont know what to say.... I just wanna say that if USA and US government wanted to take revenge from Taliban by attacking Afghanistan then why they have attacked Iraq and hanged Saddam Husain??? what was the reason behind it... I don't know that weather the attacks were inside job or not but I still dont that why the US Government has not been able to accomplish the war against terrorism so far??? Why are they still jeoperdizing the people of the world??/
    That war should'nt have taken that long time.... these are the questions in my mind but I dont have the answers

  51. another great propaganda film put out the the puppet masters to keep the idiots in the dark

    1. How is this propaganda? It's literally live footage without commentary of what happened. And you think the History Channel is in collaboration with the US gov't somehow to cover everything up? Haha, get a clue. Here's a theory for you - people who think that 9/11 was an inside job have trust issues due to their own personal bad experiences with authority. Either that, or they want to believe it for their own ideological purposes, or some combination of both.

    2. You sound intelligent, please be intelligent enough to not think I'm simply trying to burn you when I say to do some research. People die every day at the hands of greedy corporations and banks, corporations and banks which have an increasing hold on governments. Unfortunately an increasing number have had bad experiences because of authority, and the numbers will continue to rise if ignorance continues to persevere. PLEASE watch 'Inside Job', 'Home', 'John Pilger - The New Rulers of The World', 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', 'Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers' to name but a few. All FACTUAL documentaries, please I plead with you for the good of all of us, not for my ego.

  52. I love how the History Channel muted all the after explosions inside the buildings. Why wasn't the mysterious 47 story 'Building 7' included in this propaganda piece? It fell just like a planned implosion at 5 : 20 pm the same day, strange how not many people know about this extra collapsed building.

  53. Main stream media are actors, fact, and the law in the U.S.A.says they DO NOT have to tell the truth, FACT..

    "We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth." - Pablo Picasso

  54. I have come to a conclusion that people can never accept things for what they are and that there has to be some other myths, theories, agendas, secrets, or deception that just feeds itself to the paranoid in a viscous cycle so they totally corrupt the events that did take place and choose to forget the tragedy that did happen on our soil and ignore the cowards that really did cause this terrible event.

  55. I've worked in the airline industry for 22 years and seen thousands of 757's up close. After seeing the "plane" that hit the Pentagon, I can tell you this was no 757. The tapes show something other than an airplane. Also, you CANNOT make cell phone calls from an airplane. Your average cell phone doesn't have the capability, due to the speed at which your traveling can't grab a tower signal. Elevation has less to do with it. Try it. I'm all for the USA, and love our country, but refuse to consider an opinion, until we've seen the facts. When the facts and evidence are withheld, I can only speak in good conscious about what I know from experience with my own eyes.

    1. Who was making cell phone calls from airplanes? They were using the phones built into the headrests... That's so cool though that you've seen planes before, you must be one of only a handful of people ever to have that experience.

    2. No actually, they where using cell phones, as well as air-phones. The problem is they can trace the calls through phone records....and they where cell phones. Very weird indeed, considering they can't work at that altitude or speed.

      Just one of those facts that make you go Huh?

  56. Hi all. Every time I see the events of 9/11 I am overwhelmed by the monstrosity of it, the wanton destruction and carnage that has since then changed the world. But I just cannot accept the conspiricy theories that surround that horrible day. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a place that was plagued with terrorism, bombings, shootings, and riots for 30 years, thankfully it's calmed down now (come visit, you'd love it!)
    The thing you must realise is that it is EASY to be destructive, it's the just the natural goodness and altruistic nature of Man that stops us from killing to take what we want or get what we want.
    That is why it shouldn't be so hard to believe that a few deranged, fundamentalist individuals could hijack a few planes and fly them into buildings. Seriously.
    As for the buildings collapsing..do you still do physics in school? Or has the creationist movement eradicated Science completely from the syllabus?
    The world can be a strange and unusual place, but why make up outlandish and frankly absurd conspiricies to make sense of what is actually a very simple act of inhumane terrorism?
    I know that some people's response to this will be to say that I am brain washed by governments; I am not. Or not smart enough to understand; if I can wrap my head round string theory I think I can get the conspiricy theories.
    C'mon. Bad things are done by bad people. End of story.

    1. Sorry, are you talking about Dick Cheney?

      When governments or organizations (usually connected to the former) stage highly sophisticated attacks on their own or foreign soil with the purpose of placing the blame on a desirable enemy foreign or domestic, one who has otherwise done no wrong. Essentially a setup, it provides the government entity with an excuse via fabricated evidence in complicity with media to fulfill its various agendas (i.e. war or law making).

      As false flag operations gain further ground and frequency, the better you know their history, the sooner you can recognize when they are about to happen or as they occur.

    2. i have to agree with your last statement namely bad things are done by bad people ie bloody sunday in derry done by the british government what makes you think that the american government couldnt be equally inhumane to ITS citizens?

  57. 27 minutes 47 seconds (27:47) on part two explains this whole thing.... She hits the nail straight on the head, she's one of the brainwashed,

  58. I have no theory as to the 'who/why' of 9/11.

    But I can state, categorically:
    Newtonian Mechanics dictates that the free-fall collapse of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, & 7, were the result of controlled demolitions.

    As far as conspiracy theories go:
    The Bush-Cheney Conspiracy Theory is the most far-fetched, patently absurd, conglomeration of deceptions, stupidities and lies I have yet to encounter.

  59. 9/11 most likely involved the American government. Think about it, what other government is experienced enough in death, terrorism and destruction to pull something like this off....

  60. This movie is a bunch of lies. #1 im a firefighter and ive listened to all the radio transcripts of september 11th 2001 and its about 12 tapes side A and side B with all the radio transcripts. Almost everything they're saying on this movie is altered to make it more dramatic. I've caught them now adding sentences to the tapes original words. What a bunch of lies.

  61. I just don't know what to believe anymore except that 9/11 was a tragedy.

    BTW I'm American. I don't watch America's Got Talent or listen to Lady Gaga cr@p.

  62. i can see why they wanted to jump out the window i wood if i was were they were its better than burning form a terist attact my friends uncles friend was on one of the plans takon bi them if i was walking by the building i would run even if it wasn't i terist attact you should no what was going to happen its just makes you think they were going to anouce peace one day when it happened

  63. Conspiracy theorists. Dear me, Its amazing how people with so few answers can ask so many questions.

    As for those that are pro-war, well you dont ask any questions at all now do you.

    Questions are important, but are more so if your answers are factual.

    I know one thing... Its a fact you've got be a brave son of a bitch to walk into one of those towers without asking a single question for your own safety, just to try and help those that needed it the most.

    I'm british, but I've got to say hat off to FDNY/LCPD.

    How those people did any kind of job in that enviroment amazes me.

    I enjoyed the Doc and its realtime style. Made me relive the day and the way the news broke. It gave me that feeling of helplessness all over again.

  64. Hey peeps,

    The biggest conspiracy theory is that Iraq had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION... remember that one? That's right, there weren't any.

    Once again the 'Conspiracy Theorists' were right.

    I'm always amazed that people use the term Conspiracy Theorists as derogatory when really it's people trying to find out the truth.

  65. But who cares right? Surely what really matters is who won America's got talent... or is it what Lady Gaga is wearing?

  66. Hi Rick,

    Oh for the love of God, you don't need to be on site to see what's going on.. Thankfully, or else we'd all be dying from breathing in the crap that was blasted into the air that day.

    Noone needs to be down in your God Blessed South, to see that there is oil on the beach, that is the joy of the internet, people can post videos. You don't need to be in New Orleans to know that those poor people down there are being left to rot after the hurricane, where's the government help there? Oh that's right, it's too busy destroying other countries (that you probably haven't even been too either but somehow believe that they are BAD and therefore deserve it).

    I'm guessing you're American.

  67. Hi Courtney,

    There are phycological reasons why people did not leave the building. There is a great documentary on line (which I've had a look for but can't find) called something like 'avoiding disasters'. Anyway, that went into 911 and explained why most of us just don't want to believe that something bad is happening and wait until someone else takes the lead and we follow them. I think it was Merril Lynch that had regular fire alarms so the staff were well versed in exit procedures and all but one got out of the building. Others took their time, finished emails, logged out their pcs and even took as long as 45 minutes to leave the building. If I find the documentary again I'll post it as it's got some vital (no pun intended) procedures that we can all follow to avoid dieing unecessarily because we could have forward planned.

  68. I am so glad that there are good men and women in this great country who fight day in and day out so all of you can theorize your conspiracies about what happened. Especially since I know you were all there when it happened! People still fight for your freedoms everyday while you all play detective. Do not forget that! GOD BLESS AMERICA! P.S. if you truly believe that the United States attacked itself than you are an i@#$%.

  69. Until a people can agree to focus on facts rather than emotional appeals (especially to lower emotions such as anger, hatred, and so on that was directed purposely by media towards Arab people), people can be manipulated easily.

    Think for yourself, question authority.

  70. Such a powerful film. Having no narrative makes you feel like you were there. True, unbiased, and haunting reality.

  71. Hi,
    i want to start by saying im NOT claiming to be full of facts that theorists claim support their theories. i am however well versed on the PROVEN (not speculated but proven) facts of that dark day in american history. what i'd like to make very clear is i dont plan on spending all my time here debating these theories and what did or did not happen because i know what WITHOUT A DOUBT happened. no, there were no charges placed to make the building fall. ask any architect and he can tell you that based on the structure and how it was hit, WTCNorth fell exactly as any building similar in building structure and hit in a similar manner (as in force and placement) would have fallen. also i'd like to say that if you honestly think our own government was planning this attack and made it all happen AND THEN tried to cover it all up, why don't you talk to your senators or state representatives. or you could sit in on a political science courses where they DO NOT teach people to lie. they DO NOT teach people how to create huge and devistating tragedies. and they DO NOT teach people how to orchestrate huge cover ups to hide the true nature of the afore mentioned tragedy.
    i am an american citizen and i am not living in darkness and i am not in denial but i do know honest to god proven facts and i do know that this nation was BUILT on trust. trusting in your government and your neighbor to do the right think and i like to think that the time has come where we cannot trust our neighbor but it there has not come a day where we cannot trust our government. Yes, we are a nation motivated by money, but no, we are NOT a nation that will KILL OUR OWN CITIZENS for money. we will NOT DESTROY our own AMERICAN soil for money. and i believe this because if we ARE that kind of nation then we have sunk lower than our national counterparts, countries that WILL do things like this, and i refuse to believe that AMERICA THE PROUD AND THE BEAUTIFUL can become a country which does exactly what it is trying to eliminate. if we were, then we are a country at war with itself.

    i know, youre all going to try to "educate" me on your various theories and whatnot, but i will stick to my beliefs. you may call me ignorant and say what you wish about my "Stupidity and naivety" but i am unwaveringly set in my opinions and i will not be changed.

    as final thoughts i'd like to say, why must you belittle what these AMERICAN HEROES have done for their country? furthermore, how DARE you say anything and make ANY comments whatsoever as to the nature of these films and the people depicted in them? can you not just ACCEPT that this was a TRAGEDY? because that is what it was. nothing more and nothing less.

    1. "there were no charges placed to make the building fall. ask any architect and he can tell you" A & E for 911 truth now has more than 5000 of these experts that will show you that without a doubt there were explosives.
      "WTCNorth fell exactly as any building similar in building structure and hit in a similar manner" Ok then just come up with 1 example of this will you because I cant find one. I did see the Madrid tower fire that burned for ....19 HOURS ..... all that was left was the STEEL FRAME.
      " i do know that this nation was BUILT on trust. trusting in your government and your neighbor to do the right think and i like to think that the time has come where we cannot trust our neighbor but it there has not come a day where we cannot trust our government."
      This is where you lose all of your credability. This nation was built by patriots who gave their lives and fortunes so that their sons would be free of tyranny. Do you think the founders trusted their government?
      also you would LIKE to think you can't trust your neighbor? I bet that you think that the federal reserve is the federal government too right? This also used to be called a conspiracy theory, it has been proven that the fed is a private central bank.
      "we are NOT a nation that will KILL OUR OWN CITIZENS" really tell that to all of the military, children and african americans that they ran test on and sterlized over the years. Lets not forget Kent State when our own national guard killed our children.
      "why must you belittle what these AMERICAN HEROES have done for their country? " I morn for this country and it's heros that have been decieved by the WICKED MEN who run it they care nothing about them or us. Our country and most of the world has been taken over by a cabal of the elite. One final thought. I am sure that you would say that we have the best of the best here and that our forces are second to none right? How is it then that OBL could take out the two towers which by the way had the commaand cenrter in it also housed the counter terrorism FBI unit, and the PENTAGON and NO ONE GOT FIRED INFACT THEY GOT PROMOTIONS EXPLAIN THAT. I know you can't. i hope you can sleep well at night knowing that you have kept you and yours safe. God Bless and say your prayers we will need them.

  72. Or did the people leave? Because I could be wrong in my thinking that no one tried to evacuate the buildings.

  73. I have a question that's been on my mind for a while. After the first plane hit, why didn't anyone think to leave the building?
    Why didn't anyone leave the second building?

    Did anyone, for one second, think that "Hey, this buildings on fire, I should probably get out of here." I'm not trying to seem heartless, but it's just a question I've had.

  74. When 9/11 happened I was a sophomore at Ft. Knox High School. I remember sitting there in my second period class watching on tv as the first building burned. Then on live tv the whole class saw the plane fly into the second building. We were all in shock and couldn't comprehend what was going on at first.

    Then Ft. Knox went on lock-down (I guess you could call it that).

    At home on the base I stayed glued to the tv for about a week. I believed what the media and politicians said about terrorist hijackers. Why would they lie?

    As I got older, I heard bits and pieces of other theories of what really happened on 9/11. It started to make sense. I now think 9/11 was an inside job.

    It just saddens me that so many died. So many were injured physically and mentally. So many were brainwashed by the lies.

    My dad just went to Iraq a couple weeks ago for his second tour this "war"(He also served in the first Gulf War). They don't want to show this all over the media. They want to show the news about it all being over. About all the troops coming home. Well, it's not over.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I couldn't believe at first that 9/11 was an inside job. I come from a military family. My dad and brothers are soldiers. We've always loved our country. I believe it now, though. And it hurts.

  75. @Ryan,.. you have once again MISSED the point, just like you have always missed the point and will continue to miss to point every time it entices you to become aware and better educated during your long and incredibly boring, pointless, pathetic, meaningless little shell of a life. Honestly you would be better off just lying down before us, and letting real men that understand the true nature of global politics make the self centered decisions that will continue to take advantage of the frailty inherent within your unfortunate genes bestowed upon you by your weak minded parents.

  76. wow, its like conspiracy kooks festival here. don't worry people the earth is really round and i just saw Elvis at the mall last weekend.

    1. Another Dummy haha

    2. Good for you! But you should take your pills soon...

  77. 9/11 was the result of government complacency and political infighting between the intelligence and law enforcement communities. The writing was on the wall that attacks were imminent, but the powers that be failed to take heed - for that reason alone the government should be held accountable. That being said, to say that 9/11 was a conspiracy, an inside job, a series of controlled demolitions, a missile attack on the pentagon etc., etc., etc., is utter STUPIDITY at the highest level and nothing can or will ever convince me otherwise.

    You may now resume wearing your tinfoil hats. Have a nice day.

    1. What a dummy haha

  78. Wow...
    What a brilliant piece of b@##%^&*. This is the worst piece of propaganda i have seen about the attack on the American people. Fake footage and all. What garbage. Whoever [ut this together is pro-government, and was clearly trying to counter the key issues/happenings that need to be explored that occurred on that fateful morning.

    So---thanks, entertaining but a total piece of propaganda s@#$.

  79. Much of the media given to Western audiences, particular those in the USA, is half-truths and sometimes untruths. There has been a concerted effort by many in power and in the conglomerate media networks to present and keep up this image of a fanatical Muslim people who are bent on taking over the world and killing all of us "infidels".

    Much of this is way hyped and instigated to keep the people voting for the extreme spending and loss of freedoms that entail this increase in our "security". When one does their own independent research, not turning to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or any other major corporation interested in profit and not rocking the boat, they realize the extent people are lied to day in and day out. This is why most of the world cannot comprehend why Americans are so clueless about what their military is doing in other lands. It is not a noble or honorable thing by a long shot.

  80. Why do we insist on time limits on figthing Islamic fananatics - We should be committed to fighting them for a thousand years and beyond. No quarter asked and none given should be the motto of our political response.The more these Islamic brutes bomb and kill us is the more they harden our will to resist them. The West is slowly waking up to the menace that is Islam.The moderates on their side are just as dangerous only because they serve as a bridge for their fanatic muslim brothers to infiltrate our society. Long live Freedom - Long live the US of A and long live the Cross on Calvary.


  82. Man who knows anymore...the only thing that is for certain is that there was definitely stuff that has been held back from the public. Whether its in the interest of national security, evidence of conspiracy, or just plain irrelevant, not all the information has been released.

  83. again this fails to provide what i want to see, well rather hear. i want to see raw unedited footage from start to finish, close up, of WTC 1 and 2, from the time the second plane hit to when they both collapsed.

    I noticed that they still didn't leave the audio in for the build up to the collapse. why do all media leave this key bit out i wonder.

    I do believe that the US gov had something to do with this. but i am not a conspiracy theorist. i am a human, and as a human when something is wrong. my instincts tell me so, and i trust my instincts.

    And to be perfectly honest. there was so much footage that was not released of the day in question. that it makes you wonder why they do not release anything that will disprove a US gov involvement just to end the argument. though with everyone arguing about it on the web, nothing is getting done where it matters. in the real world.

    There is so much that just doesnt add up that to simply roll over and believe the official story is madness.

    as for the arguments of "well it must of taken 1000's of people to pull this off" i hardly doubt it. would take some careful placement of cutter charges on key support columns to collapse these two buildings and let gravity do the rest. any one can see that the second tower to collapse (WTCNorth) that the radio antenna moves before the building. it might not be proof. but sure looks like the central support columns and not the floors gave way first.

    I think the people who believe official events should ask them selves, why all the secrecy from the Offical people. why not release the rest of the video footage why did it take them so long to release the NYFD radio transmission recordings? and even when they did they have been edited to leave key pieces out. what sort of secret should a fireman have to hide when hes trying to save the lives of people?

    there are so many more questions it should be hard to believe anything they say to be perfectly honest. until all the facts are on the table.

    But most importantly it was supposed to be the biggest crime of the 21st century, why remove and then destroy items from the crime scene before a investigation got underway, all parts of WTC 1 and 2, along with WTC7 were part of a crime, why start to recycle the evidence until after the investigation was complete?

  84. You cant bring down a building that big in that amount of time..my apologies for not proof reading.

  85. All you have to do is watch LARRY Silverstein who was the lease owner of ground zero and him telling the interviewer that he made the call to 'pull' building 7. That is term in demolitions when its time to bring down a building.
    So the question is how did they bring it down with such precision in a matter of 8 hours or less among the chaos?

    Any demolition expert will tell you that you can bring down a 47 story building in that time. It takes weeks and sometimes months of planning to pull off a job like that.

    So that would lead me to believe that the charges were already in place.
    Also, look up how the BBC was reporting building 7 had also came down before it came down. That is all on film too.
    It was hilarious to watch the British reporter telling the anchor man in the studio about it when the building was in plain site in the background.

    Wake up some of you doubters that say that there was not knowledge before hand. These are just a couple of examples. There are many many more if you spend the time to find out the truth.

  86. @Jame Selvey~ You have no idea. But you can find the truth. Not everyone in our government is corrupt. There is however a few deceptive bad apples falling from the tree that tend to find there seeds in the ground for later manipulation. I personally do not like Conspiracy. This goes way beyond even that. Anyhow beans are not meant to be spilled for the likes of those who come along and eat up all the good ones leaving behind a mess. It is really to bad that you can not point a finger. That might just seem like a threat.

  87. Seriously, conspiracy theorists need to be a tad less paranoid and realize that this was not perpetrated by our own government. Now our government did have some idea that attacks were imminent but not the how or the when. We had chances to get OBL and failed (thanks Bill & W). I had a chance to visit NYC and take a look at Ground Zero.It was a sorrowful visit to GZ that is all I can say. To say that this was an act of deception by our government is ridiculous and a slap in the face of all the victims and their families.

  88. 24,000 people die in the us due to no health ins. the us killed millions starting with the native americans-trail of tears?!-jackson is even honored with citys and currency with his name/image! 1 million innocent civilians(so Far)have died in a b.s. war over this.if most people really believe in heaven etc..whats the problem and/or why do the same people ignore and act the opposite of christs teachings.how many countries have we clandestinely attacked,how many innocents were killed? how can we act so indignant!? we knew sodomy insane was gasing kurds. we did nothing about rawanda,nothing about present darfur. i would certainly risk my life to save those in n.y. and i would love to go to war.... against us corporations,congress,phony christians, bankers,wall street,media murders from hurst to now etc. the founding fathers would be sickened and ashamed of us.i would like to hear a attempt to justify this 80 i.q. martyrdom we espouse but w.f.buckley is dead as is c.s. lewis,so no one with any wisdom that can see that "chickens do come home to roost" can hide the lie's,greed and history that turned a tragedy(microscopic compared to u.s. sins)into a justification to return to the hey day of robber barons,union busters and fascists.we got off easy-the only way to stop these%#$@@%@* is to implement the draft untill age 55,no corporate war profiteering, absolutely no exceptions(that means you (cod-piece georgie) ive got two words left to those who think this country isnt a lot of zombie bamboons[sic] sarah palin. p.s. darwin has been proved wrong!

  89. The documentary had the word skyscraper in it. Something like "The building of skyscrapers" or "How skyscrapers are built" or "Skyscrapers and High-Rises" (that last one sounds closer to it) or something like that.

    P.S. Sorry 'bout that intelligent comment. My sisters would have many comments about that if they knew about it. But in my opinion, a major part of intelligence is the desire to find out what the truth really is. To question EVERYTHING. People have been tortured and murdered for simply asking questions. Any organization be it religious or political does not want questions. They want slaves. Unthinking, docile slaves.

  90. Hi Bob,

    Your comment is very odd on so many different levels.

    I just wondered if you had the name of 70's documentary you watched regarding the towers already being loaded with explosives.

    How great to know you are an intelligent athiest but please, for goodness sake, try not to judge others.

    Do you have the name of the documentary?

  91. Mandu,
    It is in the Quaran that all muslims are commanded to convert all non-believers to Islam or to KILL all non-believers. Therefore you are my sworn enemy.
    I am an atheist. Therefore, I am too intelligent to believe any religious BS be it Islam or your kinsmate Judaism or it's kinsmate Christianity. My mind is free of the shackles of any religion.
    As a matter of fact, you are an atheist too! There were many gods created by man before Allah or Yawyeh or Jesus. Do you believe in RA, the Egyption sun god? If not, then you are an atheist.
    Levels of intelligence aside, Islam does require you to convert me or kill me. I will not convert to your barbaric idea of religion. Bring it on!

  92. The 70's documentary I talked about was not online. I doubt the government allowed it to get very far. Just like they confiscated all those videos from surrounding business when the Pentagon was hit.
    I hope the reporter and the assistant architect he talked to are ok but I wonder. With all the controversey about 9/11 I would think they would have stood up and told their story about the planted C4. But they haven't. The possibility of the government hitting the Pentagon with a bunker-buster leaves me to think killing a reporter and an architect to hide their crime would not bother them at all. The fact that there were no airplane parts left at all at the Pentagon is highly suspicious. The fact that many high rise buildings have caught fire and burned a hell of a lot longer than the 2 towers and never collapsed is also highly suspicious.
    The answer could have been a simple screwed up idea of planting C4 to facilitate the eventual demolision of the building. But the fact that they are hiding that planting of C4 could mean they want everyone to get upset and angry about the obvious cover-up. WHY? They want us to revolt?
    I suspect one of the reasons Bush attacked Iraq is to test and show off the fancy new weapons they developed. That would also scare others countries into thinking there's a new bully on the block and you better do as your told. It may be that they want us to revolt because they have new crowd control weapons (sonic and microwave) and are anxious to test them in real time situations. If they can show that they can control us in this country with them they would then be able to sell them at high profits to other countries.
    It's all in the profit motive. The greedy are running the country and using us as guiney pigs. (not sure how to spell guiney, sorry.)
    Greed can be taken way too far. I think it has been lately. It can even be the downfall of the human race.
    We have all been lulled into a sort of trance by TV and video games. We are not paying attention to our leaders we elect.
    The ancient Roman emperors used the gladiator games to distract the people from what the emporors were doing. Today it was sports and tv sitcoms and soap operas. In America it's a republic. We have to PAY ATTENTION! Watch those politicians and what they are doing to us. They have been bought and paid for by corporations and banksters. They do not represent theeir constituents.
    It is our job, all of us, to watch them and TELL them if they are doing a good job or a bad job. We have to tell them if we agree with a bill up for a vote or not.
    Yes, you will have to put down that Wii and do some reading and thinking. Freedom is not for the lazy. Many of the lazy are behind bars where they should be.
    This is FOR REAL! We all need to pay attention to what the government is doing and voice our opinions or we will lose all our freedoms.
    I really don't want this to turn into a shooting war. It may if we don't start waking up and using our brains to figure out what this nation is all about. It's about the Constitution. Read it. Study it. Form your opinions of it. UNDERSTAND IT! It is your freedoms in this country. We have to start taking charge of our own beliefs in the freedoms we enjoy and make sure the people we vote for are doing their job.
    I have seen videos on the internet of politicians that were either total morons or, no, they were total morons. I can't believe they would have gotten elected if those videos were part of his campaign. Unless the people who elected were even more moronic than he is.
    This country could be forced into a totalitarian government by the banksters. They have us by the family jewels with easy money mortgages and credit cards. They are throwing around our tax money like confetti.
    It's all a show with smoke and mirrors. The problem looks like there are so many people that it is difficult to get the info to all of them. The internet is the best way but Obama has recently been given the power to shut down the internet any time he wishes. I voted for him and could not have voted for anyone else at that time or now. But the President, whoever he is now or in the future, has that power. Enjoy it while you can.
    I will never vote for another republican as long as I live. They have so blatently lied to everyone that they have lost all credibility.

  93. Hi Bob, please can you post a link to that 70's documentary so I can watch it? Oh that's assuming it's on line, how spoilt we are nowadays.

  94. PS Khadijah, with all due respect, and as I'm sure you're well aware now you've converted to Islam.. Islam does not cause terrorism. Islam, like Christianity et al, all preach peace and love. It is people that are screwed up. Look at George W Bush, he claimed he was a Christian and yet has signed the death warrants of millions of people. He needs to go back to the bible and re-read it, I'm not sure that's what Jesus or God wanted for this world. If he and all the others like him, were believers in the bible, there would not be any violence in this world.

  95. I thought he said Finland too, but if he did say we should go to Bin Laden, how the hell would your average Joe in the street know it was supposedly Bin Laden that instigated this attack? If your average Joe knew within 102 minutes of it happening, whilst out on the street in all the craziness, then that tells you the government were already banding his name about before this happened so must have known something.

  96. He didn't say we should go to Finland. He said we should go to Bin Laden and all those Arab countries and blow them up.

  97. It sure changed me! It caused me to study Islam to understand how and why it caused terrorism.

    What I found was the total opposite. I also found proof for the existence of God. I went from being an Atheist to being a Muslim.

    I have tasted the Sweetness of Faith.
    It is Islam.

  98. "did that guy who talked about blowing arab countries say

    ¨we should go to finland and all these arab countries and just blow them up¨

    it sounded like he said finland wth, its pretty far from arab countries"


    I've lived in Finland my entire life and I'm pretty shure this ain't no Arab country. I haven't seen a single islamic church here. Pretty strange to call an European country with a economy based on high technology an Arabic land. I hope he isn't going to bomb me after this message.

  99. I apoligize for the gramatical errors. They didn't give me a preview to review and correct errors.

  100. Whether you realize it or not wea have all been "programmed" by television. It does a wonderful job of bringing all cultures together under one set of social rules. On 1 hand, that is good as it is easier to understand each other across the globe. On the other hand we are being programmed along what the "Masters" want us to be. The "Masters" are the Banksters. They control the money and therefore they care not who makes the laws. I tend to believe that the Banksters do have some kind of strange religion they are following and they are hiding it in plain sight. Nutty people are everywhere.
    Many vids in YouTube mentioned bombs, extra explosions, reported by the firemen and other people.
    Back in the '70's I saw a documentary about skyscrapers. In one of the segments, the reporter interviewed an assistant architect of the WTC. Very early in that interview the assistant architect was very anxious to promote an addition to what the new procedures were in building high rises nowadays. He said "What goes up, must come down."
    He said the most difficult thing to do when they must bring a building down is determining and getting to the crucial weak points of the building to plant and detonate the explosives. They are now looking toward the future. In 75 years or so they figure the World Trade Center will be demolished to build another building. So they are now planting, at those crucial points, C4 so that when it must come down it will be easier all around.
    The reporter was a little taken aback. He asked "So there are explosives installed in this building?" The asst. acrhitect said "Yes". The reporter asked what if there's a fire? The archetect said It takes about 12,000 degrees to set C4 off without a detonator. No office fire could possibly get that hot. The reporter said what about that small plane that crashed into a building last year? The archetect said that small plane still don't carry enough fuel to get that hot and the big airliners are restricted by the FAA to not come within 20 miles of the high rises so there is no danger af an accident there.
    I was so shocked by his statements that I still remember them. I kept wondering whenever I went into a building how new it was and whether it was planted with C4. I worried that if crooks knew about it they might be able to steal it and use it to blow up something. Like, maybe the safe at my bank while I was doing something in my safe deposit box.
    I don't believe all of the conspiracies. I'm 62 and remember a lot of, what I considered strange things, that went on in the world over the decades. Now they are begining to add up and connect to each other.
    Greed for money and power are diseases. They lead to enslavement and all kinds of perversions.
    Think about it. If you had absolute power, what kind of perversions would you indulge in? Remember! You have absolute power!
    The "Masters" now have enormous powers. They can crash the global economy at will. The banksters can foreclose on all your property an steal your money any time they wish.
    We all need to s)WAKE UP!
    It's like walking around a corner and someone suddenly jumps out and says "BOO!". They lulled us to sleep with television and whenever they want the can say "BOO!"
    I don't watch regular television anymore. I watch MSNBC (But even they are suspect. I sent this info to Rachel and Keith but no response. I also sent it to Alex Jones but again no response.
    Waco, Texas is another story. I saw what happened. All the networks had it live. The govm't burned alive women and children.
    I can keep sending this out to whoever but if you don't want to wake up, you will wake up wondering what happened when you are out in the street with no property and possibly in a detention camp. It's possible the "Masters" are nuts. And we have to either put up with them or fight back. A revolution may be coming, soon. I'm getting ready. Are you?

  101. Its funny reading all your theories,& arguements, all people do is talk,and moan at each other,the goverment know this, and conspiracy or not they will always get what they want because the people will let them.

    Think about the people who died talk about them not conspiracy or goverment. Unless people act there is no point arguing about it, or getting all paranoid.

    Its been nearly nine years and ur still arguing at each other.

  102. demonic...the guy you are talking about @ Part 2 - 25.15 is wearing a smoke hood, not a space hood as you describe it, and it probably came out of one of the bags he has strapped over his shoulders since one of them has VRU written on it in big red letters which stands for Victim Rescue Unit. It is a self contained protective breathing device designed to be used when there is no source of clean, breathable air. Don't think you can blow up a building with that.

  103. I live in California. Watching the news on TV on 9/11/2001, I was SHOCKED.

    My mind was FREEZED at that moment. There were no THOUGHT or REASONING at that moment. However, there was an EXPRESSION: HOW COULD THE BUILDING GOES DOWN THAT FAST AND THAT CLEAN?

    I went back to the shocking state and keeped watching the news.


  104. Hello,i live in Belgium and i am following all media,docu and news about 9/11.I am not American but i have lost my very special (girl)-friend there,she was working in WTC1 on the 92st floor.I still can't believe what happend with the Twin towers that day.
    I support the thoughts by Karen and Ned.It have nothing to do with conspiracy but what happend with the buildings AFTER the attack :was a decision made by the American governement.If this would happen again somewhere in a big city ,in any other country,they will bring down those heavy damaged buildings too...

  105. Part 2 unavailable

  106. @Ned, your answer is dismiss anyone that disagrees with your point is "part of the conspiracy"....whatever.

    but instead of focusing on who said it and where it came from, just try focusing on the data and facts stated. you cant state the facts are wrong, but without providing your evidence there is no reason to believe you.

    PS. i was once a truther like you. there isnt much you will say that i didnt once believe.

  107. @Mary Kate:

    I agree with not liking to be preached to. I was trying to bring some facts to the table way up above in earlier discussions. Harry Tritt commented calling people who look at facts "fools" and "evil and full of wickedness". So I was just responding to the same quality that you claim conspiracy theorists possess.

    In reality, we are all just people, and all have ideas and opinions. I've only responded when people claim that anyone who does not believe the official story is a fool, idiot, or some other condescending word.

    Facts hold more weight than any opinion, and a discussion based on facts is always helpful.

    peace to you

  108. By the way, I can't wait for all the OH-so superior conspiracy theorists telling me how obviously stupid I am and how much they pity me. :].

  109. If people want to believe that the government did this, that 9/11 was an inside job, that's fine, you have every right to. But you don't have to be so condescending and preachy about it. Telling us to "open our eyes" and that we're "brainwashed" and "ignorant" is arrogent and extremely annoying. You know those really annoying religious preachers? The ones who say things like, "If you don't believe in God, you're going to Hell for all eternity" or "If you don't have Jesus in your life, your life is meaningless" ? You preachy conspiracy theorists are really no better than them. Let us believe what we want to believe, and you can believe what you want to. We obviously don't want your, uh, "enlightenment", so just shut up and leave us alone. If it makes us brainwashed zombies to believe that 9/11 wasn't a conspiracy, then so be it.

  110. @Harry Tritt

    where is your logic and fact-checking? your comment is just an ignorant opinion, based on all the evidence that refutes it.

  111. If you believe this was a conspiracy by our own gov, then you are an evil person full of wickedness. AND u probably believe aliens run the world from afar. I hope you will desire Truth. Your only hope is to hunger for Truth. There are only 2 kinds of people in the world, fools and those that are not. Conspiracy people are 100% fools.

  112. Epicurus whats your explanation on building 7 then?

  113. Interesting thoughts on the subject.

  114. lol if you think the clip at 35:40 on film two shows a controlled demolition you have a lot to learn.

    i cant believe people still think 9/11 was an inside job. its almost laughable.

    at 35:40 that building had weakened on one main beam allowing the floors above what was left of the plane to come crashing down causing whatever was left of the plane to explode then it shows the building falling at a speed accurate to the way it would fall based on one floor collapsing down upon another, and in now way a demolition through controlled explosives.

  115. thanks ned, i like the frame at 35:40.....i knew 9/11 was an inside job a long time ago, but seeing a freeze frame of several detonations at the same time is very good for non-believers. everyone has to get past the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, they need to digest it, and realise that the same people are in control now, and they could be up to way more than we think. 9/11 is just the beginning. i can't believe how intense the lie is on this one. we must start putting names to those who are truely responsible and get them in prison. there's way too much evidence out there, just look for it.
    religious fanatics and everyone else...look into H.A.A.R.P.
    maybe just maybe there's a bigger picture.
    peace all.

  116. It's nice to finally see people waking up to the truth (that this video conveniently leaves out the facts and continues the standard official propaganda line).

    9/11 was an inside job.

    Video Part 2, pause at 35 mins and 40 secs. You can see the explosions going down the building in perfect timing to initiate the collapse.

    Just one of many facts that don't add up about the official story.

  117. A little taste of your own medicine. Suck it up!

  118. Karen u sound like a lost version enhanced. I like it. Point well made.

  119. The events of 911 in general laymans terms of how things possibly went down:

    A tragic event occurred when planes crashed into the world towers.
    People were injured and some died instantly.
    Fire alarms sounded.
    Confusion and panic set in and people were in shock, people cried.
    Rescue services were deployed.
    The air zone was restricted.
    Rescue attempts began and firefighters attempted to put out the blaze.
    People were told to clear the immediate area.
    Some people escaped the building. Others remained in the building, some of them were dead, some were injured, some were trapped, others were emergency personal.
    People were moved further out of the area.
    The fire that was set by the crash engulfed the building and created heat and allot of smoke.
    People in the upper floors of the building were choking for oxygen as they were engulfed in smoke. Some attempted to hang out of windows for air in hopes of being rescued. Some people became asphyxiated and fell out of the building.
    30 floors of the building were ablaze. Elevators malfunctioned. Explosions occurred.
    The building was being cleared of people. The injured were starting to be treated.
    People were moved back out of the area another 8 blocks (approx).
    During the chaos, the damage was being assessed. It was determined that the buildings were beyond repair, it was feared that they would collapse, and that the fire was out of control.

    A conclusion was drawn.
    The owner of the building was approached. He was told. Sir, your property has been severely damaged and is now compromising the property and the safety of others. We think it best under the circumstances that we destroy your buildings now since the population has been displaced and we are unable to rescue those remaining in the building. We think that those left in the building are dead, from the crash, their injuries, and smoke inhalation.

    A decision was made.
    The building was checked.
    People were told to move further back and cross the bridge to safety.
    Charges were set. In the haste some of the charges went off prematurely. People on the first floor were killed and burned by the explosion.
    Firefighters and others were given notice that the buildings were coming down. Firefighters picked up their gear and started to leave the site.
    The charges were set off and the buildings came down.
    The public was not made aware that the buildings were pulled down in the interests of the majority.
    Attempts were made to recover bodies. When it was determined that the feat was too much, rubble was removed.

    The population has been devastated by this tragedy.

  120. How is it that everyone say 40 plus thousand people were late to work or took the day off? Where does one obtain so much footage?. I have seen very little till now. Terrible sins.

  121. Dam you hear that women at part 13:50. Shes giggling that the tower blew up. And the guy coming up stairs is laughing. This is not a hotel coming down in vegas you F%&k tards. I am concerned with those in the building and on the ground around before im laughing at those dying just outside my door. It makes me even more furious when i see people like this. Camera guy 1 what is your badge number. Well the peace officer just saved that guys life by kicking him out.
    You know what F*^k it. Im all for population control. Selective breeding. And a new world order. Union Of Nations needs to hurry up there process cause i need a job. 0.0 Gulps at georgia stones but then smiles =).

  122. They had a whole hour to get out of the first tower that went down and an hour and a half to get out of the second one. The only people that really didn't stand a chance were the ones injured in the initial crash and the ones trapped above it. Every adult is responsible for his/her own life. If you can't figure out by the time you are 18 that fires increase in size as they burn, and that it is a good idea to leave, well then you die. Remember the old saying 'you learnt everything you need to know in grade school', there were fire drills in grade school.

  123. This is all fake it was all planed . there is a spical group and they r controlling everything. even obama is in it
    waste of live but if they r good they will go to heven

    Don't waste ur life
    lov God

  124. Loose Change Final Cut. Dont waste your time with the "programing" brought to you by your TV.

    Think for yourself. Research information that dont look or sound right to you. Dont let your thoughts be created from TV. Millions of people tune in and watch the same news on different channels. You are programed what to think and how to feel. Stop being a pawn in the chess game.


  125. To Born in America.

    If this documentry made u ask questions and if you havent already watched "Endgame" or "The Fall of the Republic" Please do so.

    For those who havent learned from history, Are doomed to repeat it.

    Remember govenments have always funded both sides of the war. The War on Terror is not the first. Let us make it the last. DEFEND THE BILL OR RIGHTS.

  126. One last added note: It's just like Noam Chomsky said...

    "When you can't control people by force, then you have to control their minds (thru the media)."

  127. I believe that war makes this government alot of money from the American people. Also, that oil is a big part of this. Our government wants it. I know that the Bush family had business ties and history to the Bin Laden family. I also believe that our troops go all around the world with a sincire and honest desire to help the helpless and to protect us, the American population.

    I don't believe it was all orchastrated by Osama alone. I don't believe it was an inside job, by demolitionists imploding the buildings.

    I hope that we as Americans, nay, as human beings can see how our materialistic society is ruining everything. This war on terrorism is like fighting a ghost... no real objective, which gives our government a chance to do whatever it wants. We have also acted as terrorists towards other countries.

  128. sorry abot it

  129. Brilliantly done. The impact this film has is phenomenal and grabs right into the core of the soul. Whatever we as individuals think or don't think about the causes / forces behind the events of that day, ALWAYS, ALWAYS we need to remember the people that lost their lives (both initial victims and all of the brave souls that tried to save them despite incredible odds) and the friends and families that lost their loved ones. I think all Americans were impacted on some level that day. I believe this film will help to remind us that beyond all of the theories, the arguments, the hate, the antagonistic attitudes... the most important fact that we all should take away from that horrible day remains the same. An enormous number of people suffered unspeakably horrific deaths, and all we could do was watch it happen. They should be remembered and honored. FOREVER!

  130. Thank you President george w. bush, it is all your foult. I hope we all American learn the consecuenses when sticking our nosess in other country's busnissess. We American people do not want to become the "police of the world". because we only making more anemies by doing that. I hope we all learned our lesson, specially the politicians, for killing thounsands of innocent people all over the world!

  131. LoL well you should know G Doubya!

  132. This movie only serves to make my views on this stronger, typical propaganda. Please wake up america, before it's too late, 911 was an inside job.

  133. I still weep for all of those souls we lost on that horrible day. God bless this wonderful country.

  134. So what - to all intelligent people out there: You know that the media networks lie to you, every day, every hour,every minute, every second! I always knew that there must be a lot more footage of the event than they have shown to us in 8 ! years. This is new york and there is no time where not any tourists are using their camera. So how could this Footage be in"possession of the U.S. government but was released to History years after 9/11." ??? They had 8 Years for censorship!
    Or why did they keep this secret? Did they watch this over and over again to see bin ladin standing around? How long do you see the collapse of the south tower? Half a second! Very nice cutting - i must admit. Seems to me like a jerry bruckheimer movie - lots of emotions - but no content. I am glad that there is no stuff in here from the infamous naudet brothers - who are proven liars already.
    After watching this you should ask yourself: What else do they NOT show us!

    Think for yourself

  135. I got a distinct Blair Witch Project vibe from this documentary. The feelings I felt when I saw 911 live and unfolding on TV were all brought back. I cant help thinking that that was the ultimate purpose of the makers. As propaganda goes they achieved their aims with a not so subtle use of children to pull our heart strings. The scenes all seemed so selected and whilst I tried to view this video from an open perspective it was hard not to look for evidence of other things. Such as barely damaged steel beams with clean cut ends, some of which were diagonal.

    Lonnie could you try your best to stop evangelising on all the documentaries you comment on? I really like your style of writing and you sometimes make some really good points. However why do you find it necessary to constantly try to drag every discussion into your specific "reality." Stop trying to convert people and stop preaching. If any of us wanted that we are more than capable of finding it. Frankly its insulting.

  136. Ive always been suspicious about something in part 2 of this docu. After the first tower collapses, a film crew runs up into WTC7 (time stamp 24:11) to encounter some guy at the top of an escillator. THis guy is wearing a space hood, has a white hard had and 2 bags on his side. Also on his body is a police/secret service flack jacket, although to me he looks like a civilian contractor (demo team?). Look at the plad buisness casual shirt on under the flack jacket. Please watch and pay special attention here. There is a really good freeze frame of the guy at 25:15.

    I also think this scene has been edited out of the version they play on every anniversary.

  137. Well said Brett and welcome to the fray. I have no trouble understanding how the people responsible have pulled this off, my comment was meant more as an exclamation of how we Americans feel. Most of us see our nation and ourselves as the saviors of the world, we were the good guys in the white hats riding in to save the day just in the nick of time. I voted for that a--hole GW Bush TWICE! Imagine my embarrassment, for Pete's sake he is a country boy a rancher and a Texan, not to mention claiming Christianity as his belief system. Even those of us who are waking up (at least me) feel a bit befuddled and punch drunk. What a shock to find out that the government you believed in and trusted is actually THE head of the military industrial complex for the whole world. How many govts have we toppled to establish a foothold for financial reasons? How many have died at the hands of soldiers who believed in their hearts that what they were doing was right and righteous? I didn't see any combat but I was in the US Army 6 years... I am as guilty as any politician of horrible crimes against humanity by my sheer apathy and inactivity in govt affairs. Look what we did to Vietnam and the Vietnamese people and for what? Opium and to make the military industrial complex profanely wealthy. But that wasn't bad enough we have wars going on that the people of this nation know nothing about, lies, propaganda, literal programming through our TV's, they have stolen the hearts and minds of our children and WE PAYED FOR IT! No wonder they call us useless eaters and treat us as though we are stupid; in their eyes we are! And what the hell do we do now? The only option I see is to find a hidey hole and save as many people as you can from what we are about to face. And that is just the man made side of things, the only reason this country is still in existence is because we have backed Israel's right to a homeland and taken their side in almost every instance; for that God has allowed us to remain. But Obabma is no friend of Israel and neither are the one's pulling his strings. Did you know that we got hit with hurricane Katrina at just about the same time we essentially forced Israel to abandon the Golan Heights? I don't care who you are or what you believe, DO NOT MESS WITH ISRAEL! They are God's golden children and while they have their faults and we may not agree with their methods, God will not tolerate an attack on Israel nor will He continue to bless anyone who stands against her. Myself I am throwing myself on the mercy seat of God and begging for forgiveness for my ignorance and apathy, if only the rest of the believers would do the same we could turn this around, but we won't. We are in the last days that the Bible warns about, for those of you who are non-believers, PLEASE listen to me... everything is going exactly according to Bible prophecy and it is happening at an alarming rate. Time is very short, check yourself are you ready to face the maelstrom that is about to ensue? If not I would suggest you get down on your knees and humble yourself before God and pray for mercy because it is about to get very very very shitty. I wish you discernment in these confusing days.

  138. Hey Guys!
    I am from a little place in western australia
    I have done a lot of research on the 9/11stuff and I am firmly convinced that it was not as it was portrayed in the media & by world governments.
    I think these types of forums are great because it gets people thinking.
    The towers & building 7 were obviously controlled demolition. There is probably enough evidence now to convince honest skeptics that steel framed buildings don't come down like that unless they are set up to collapse globally by ensuring all joints fail simultaneously. (Although I see on Foxtel promos of "Life after People" that they show a future where the Chrysler building collapses exactly as the towers did. Maybe some mind manipulation going on there? - Just a thought!)
    I particularly feel sorry for the thousands now suffering because of breathing the pulverized dust as they tried to rescue anyone trapped in the wreckage.
    Killed by their own government!

    Come on! Just think about it. A 6ft5 Arab on dialysis living in a cave in Afghanistan was able to not just overcome but neutralize the most powerful and sophisticated military defense apparatus in all of history and still remain at large ....... ? Sounds like the plot from a bad movie, doesn't it?

    Living thousands of miles away in a country that was also impacted by terrorism (several Australians died the Bali bombing) I am disappointed in the apathy shown by my own countrymen too. Whenever I mention the possibility of us being sold a lie, many of my countrymen too easily dismiss it as just a "conspiracy theory".
    I fear that life is too good for them to want to see the truth. It is far easier to be blissfully unaware. To be aware may mean that they will need to start taking life a bit more seriously and maybe start thinking about things a bit more.
    Lonnie, you ask how is it possible. I think you know the answer from your Bible studies. People believe what they want to believe. The old saying "seeing is believing is even more true the other way. Believing is seeing! We have to be careful not to simply see what we believe!

    Cheers guys & keep up the dialog

  139. Yeah I hear ya bro. I am a Christian and a student of the Bible, care to throw that one in the mix too? LOL There are days I swear I am crazy as hell, because I mean how is it possible that this much evil exists in the world? How is it possible for so few people to pull off so much crap on so many?
    But I have done so much research and listened to so many different people who tell their stories and I know there is a LOT of BS out there, but there is just too much pointing in one direction to ignore it. It is all coming together exactly as the Bible says it would, and it scares the shit out of me some days. I keep hoping I'll wake up and it is all just a bad dream... PEACE

  140. I don't even know anymore. For every claim there is a counterclaim, and a counter-counterclaim, and a counter-counter-counterclaim, and every piece of evidence is countered with another one that says the opposite. It's just like every other debate, it goes back and forth until it looks like everyone is right and everyone is wrong. I'm just going to look into the Bucket of Truth now so I can know once and for all.

  141. Dear Tim, Ryan, George and Dennis, Take heed of your fellow countrymen, Anamericantroop and Lonnie, for they speak the truth and you guys need to wake up and realise that yes, it is true, wars are fought for profit for the very few, governments cannot be trusted, rich b@stards will sell their grannies so what makes you think they would give a hoot about poor folk like you.

    Ask yourself this one guys, why was there no footage of the plane flying into the tower? and given all the footage of the first tower falling, (freely available on alternative open mind sites) so why oh why could they only show you a black screen with a clock counting??

    Congrats guys for the propaganda, it was a poor job but better than the first release which claimed that the floors collapsed with the weight of the floors above falling on them.

    Watch closely guys and check out the beauty of a perfect demolition job.

    By the way, you might want to Google BUILDING 7, they didn't report that so readily did they. Once again, another fine demolition job.

    Your terrorists are your government, don't be suckers.

  142. Lonnie i could not put it better myself. Ryan, please open your eyes and serious think about what you said. If anything, ask your representative (if you think you have one)to show you the videos the CIA confiscated before anyone had to chance to watch them. Ask them why they don't show us the type and why they of confidential to the American public. They wont show you because they are in power not you, thus the people dont have say in anything, thus we are slaves. Anyways go read a book.

  143. Ryan my friend it is time to face the fact that we have been lied to used abused and slaughtered for the purpose of making a very select group of people very very wealthy. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and several other "conflicts" and covert wars were fought for the sole purpose of making money, developing the military industrial complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about. As for Iraq, follow the money! It's Oil Ryan. Oil. We are slaughtering innocent women and children and killing their young men by the hundreds if not thousands for oil. You probably know men and women who have been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to "fight for their country" They are cannon fodder my friend and they have been sent there to get them out of the way so that those wealthy people i told you about could topple this government and destroy the sovereignty of this nation and bring us to our knees so we have little choice but to join a one world government. Little babies right here in America don't have a father or mother any longer because certain very greedy individuals want to rule the world and they have sent our young men and women to die so they can. Do your self a favor Ryan and spend some time checking the alternative news services, sorting out the hoopla and checking the facts and use some of that "hate" for those who deserve it, you're going to need it when they come for you and your family.

  144. God, I hate the conspiracy theorists. Are we really that paranoid that we would accuse the government of an inside job? Seriously, what purpose did it possibly serve? So we could go to Iraq? Fine. Then answer me this. Why in the hell would anyone want to use time, money, and resources to fight a pointless war?

    1. Because it makes money - LOTS of money - and increases the size of the controlled territory.
      And it served perfectly to undermine the few 'freedoms' that citizens still had, in order to realize the NWO.

      I don't hate you. Why would I - only because you have another opinion? Or because you are unable or don't want to ask the obvious questions? I don't think you really hate the theorists - I think you subconsciously hate the idea that it could be true. Repression is one of the favorite strategies for the human mind if the truth is hurting too much.

      Let's look at the facts and find real answers - not the usual propaganda, suppression, and ridiculing. we might find out that the gov had nothing to do with it.

  145. did that guy who talked about blowing arab countries say

    ¨we should go to finland and all these arab countries and just blow them up¨

    it sounded like he said finland wth, its pretty far from arab countries

  146. i accept my mistake. i think i got a bit too zealous.

    thanks tim

  147. js:

    Maybe this film isn't successful as propaganda because it is not intended to be propaganda.

  148. trying desperately to continue the propaganda.

    but you can see that the quality of their propaganda is going down.

    they can't use the normal demagogy of strong words anymore, running out of expression of hatred, they know people in the whole world don't believe them anymore. but there are still some american that just cannot stop living in fool's paradise and are willingly lending themselves to remain useful idiots.

    it is a pity that so many american lives has been sacrificed for such a lie. the fire fighters were determine to save lives. but the administration were determine to let them die. the higher the death toll, the more unwilling heroes you have.

    not even one shot of the big flop... the pentagon of course . though this film is from amateur videoes. and there probably was not amatuer there. but it is suprising that hitting the pentagon with a missile has not changed america. it does not make good propaganda because it jeopardise the whole cover up.

    i give this failed propaganda film 3 on ten. very bad propaganda indeed if you want to convince the world .....

  149. Google "9/11 Cancers"

  150. Well done doc. It was more powerful without a narrative.The viewer can feel the strength of the images..interesting to see the reaction of different people.I would have been running away from the beginning but folks still stood around and kept watching. Should be shown in all schools .


  152. Finally, a 9/11 doc without conspiracy theories. I thought it was pretty good. All live footage, so you get to see it all as it happens, though obviously from limited perspectives. It even captures the shock and anger of the people who saw it happen, like that one guy who said we should bomb all the Arab countries. I'm sure glad we didn't though. But mass murder does that to people.

  153. i still feel that we were lied to and taken for idiots.