Shots in the Dark: Silence on Vaccine

Shots in the Dark: Silence on Vaccine

2009, Health  -   56 Comments
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Shots In The DarkSince they were introduced in the early 20th century, vaccines have been a tremendous medical and scientific success. Today perceived as a necessity, they are so familiar to us that their potential risks are rarely mentioned.

However, the stakes are significant. Based on recommendations of health agencies, North American children receive about 48 doses of 14 different vaccines before the age of 6 - double the amount prescribed 25 years earlier. Despite this extraordinary increase, few studies independent of the pharmaceutical industry have been conducted into their long-term side effects. This is a disturbing situation given the numerous toxins, including mercury and aluminum, contained in some commonly administered vaccines.

Several worried pediatricians and scientists are sounding the alarm. Some of the research underway indicates that vaccination is directly responsible for immune or neurological disorders among certain people genetically or neurologically predisposed to react badly to vaccine components. Cases of autism, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis, encephalitis, paralysis and neuropathies indicate the seriousness of the situation.

Despite these findings, the pharmaceutical industry and government authorities deny there is a serious problem. Relying on perfunctory studies, some of which date back to the late 1920s, they reject out of hand any cause-and-effect relationship. Given the known fact that adding preservatives such as thimerosal (mercury) helps reduce production costs, the reaction of the pharmaceutical industry is at the very least puzzling. Preferring not to question a system that has proved its worth, a majority of the medical profession's members reject any potential toxicity in vaccines.

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  1. Rodney

    I'll trust actual medical professionals, thanks.

    This is dangerous misinformation, designed to sound legit enough to Karens freshly graduated from the University of Youtube.

  2. Marian B.

    There's a treatment, designed by Tinus Smit a former Dutch doctor who passed away. He has taught this method to numerous homeopaths/doctors. It's called CEASE therapy. In essence, it's a detox of the harmful ingredients in vaccines, by means of a homeopathic dose of them. It's been proven very successful, in Holland. As a result, Tinus Smit was called to court, accused of telling lies to people and denying the effectiveness of vaccination. He was sentenced by the obligation to stop his treatment. A few years later he died of cancer. Surprise? Tinus Smit may have been a targeted individual.

  3. Suki49

    Most people commenting here don't know the real history of vaccinations and epidemics. Vaccines have never helped stop or prevent any epidemic. Medical history, as taught to the general population, has been heavily propagandized in favor of vaccinations, the ingredients of which, when studied individually, are not capable of producing health or immunity. I would recommend, if people want to truly know what vaccines are about, and their history, start with "The Golden Calf," (circa 1930), and then "The Poisoned Needle" (circa 1957), both on the Internet now, via Whale. Before the Internet, those of us who were doing the research had to go on real hunting expeditions to find books like these. McBean gathered the public health records for many decades from all over the world.

  4. Fidel

    What strikes me here was that all of the people interviewed were very measured and objective in their view of vaccines; none of them said that all vaccines were bad, or that we should never vaccinate.

    The consistent message was simply that we need some proper research, and reliable information on the effects of vaccines.

    That's a message I whole-heartedly support, and I can recommend this documentary without reservation.

    1. informedconsent

      I agree 100%, and I have a vaccine injured child. Vaccines are "bad" in the sense that antibiotics are "bad". Both are potentially life saving, but both occasionally have permanent, harmful side effects. I wish that parents whose child has had a severe reaction were treated with respect and understanding, not derision. No one would mock you if your child died from an allergy to penicillin, but mothers like me have been held up for public ridicule, despite the FDA agreeing with me that neuro damage is a possible risk of vaccinating. I would love to have a civil discussion on this topic without name calling, but it is very rare.

  5. Jacqueline Hancock

    Here is a thought. They did in the past use monkey kidneys for the culture to raise some virus for vaccination purposes you can find documents that say so. Now you can also find research that show HIV is thought to have come from monkeys in Africa. If we understand that the introduction of DNA and protein from a species direct to our blood stream can help a virus ' jump species' would this mean there is a possibility that HIV Aids was ' aided' it's chance to infect humans via the use of monkey kidney cells??

  6. Jacqueline Hancock

    What about all of the surfactants now used as adjuvants as well as the introduction direct to the bloodstream of DNA from the cultures used such as monkey kidneys or even foetal tissue? Some are saying food allergies can be linked to vaccinations of the past when they used amongst other things peanut oil. Do a study on how the introduction of foreign proteins direct to the bloodstream can create an immunological response. There is far more to worry about than just the addition of thimersol etc. Also people should realise that these diseases were on the decline before vaccinations came along in many areas which was due to improved nutrition, hygiene and sanitary systems.

  7. mycial

    I'm sorry, that human people continue to believe in this reality called the matrix. It's just an illusion of a deeper & evil Conspiracy to depopulate The entire planet 90%. Please wake up to their agenda If you think I'm just making this up. Please google depopulation agenda It's no joke. They want to get rid of the human population completely And those that remain Will be controllable! We're not here to frighten you Just to observe. We Do not get Vaccinations Because we know what it's about. This is a prison planet, Human cloning Things are invented in the Laboratory They continued to experiment with you reinventing Your species. So please take this morning Do your online investigations And protect yourself and your family You must get prepared. Love you take care!

  8. Leigh Clayton

    I have read through the comments, and am concerned by some people and what they say: Stating that putting up "this kind" of documentary makes all others less legitimate is very close minded. Each parent should do their research. Go back in time, look at the history of vaccination, read, study...and look at CDC website. These vaccinations are BAD...they may stop one disease, but are causing others. Before you call someone an i*iot, or calling some one a quack for not vaccinating, really ask yourself...Where did you get your information? What have you done to study? And look at Formaldehyde... That is in vaccinations...right there on CDC website...IT IS a KNOWN cancer causing agent...but its somehow in vaccinations.

  9. futureunkown

    alot of information out there with conflicting numbers of injures and deaths caused by vaccines. But the lowest numbers come from, VAERS vaccine adverse event reporting (repressing) system, are still staggering!HRSA Health Resources & Services Administration keeps track of claims, compensation, and dismissed cases, should be another bench mark for information. VAERS reported 19 neonatal deaths attributed to Hep B vaccine, an independent review of VAERS records concluded that 54 infants died in a span of 18 months from the vaccine. Still very small number considering the total amount of vaccinations. One has to consider that infants are at very low risk of infection. Only 279 cases of Hep B was reported in children under 14 in 1996, how many of them had Hep B+ mothers ? Also in 1996, 48 deaths, 872 injured by Hep B vaccine, these numbers provided by National Vaccine Information Center. I use Hep B only as an example all vaccines should be evaluated independently. If your children are vaccinated they should not be at risk from those who are not,at least in theory. Good luck to all parents and doctors how ever you choose.

  10. hroi

    propagation of misinformation... not worth your time

  11. Katnea3

    "The business of the journalists IS to destroy the truth... We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all in the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." -- John Swinton, speech given while working for the New York Sun, 1880

    This 1880 quote sums up how it was back then and continues on today. The elite control sheeple period. When it comes to medications (or anything else being bombarded upon us) always ask yourself "WHY" this is. There is a simple and easy answer to remember. The answer is (drum roll please) just "FOLLOW-THE-MONEY" as this answer NEVER changes. (sigh)

  12. Tad

    The fact that this B.S. is on here calls into question the legitimacy of every other documentary available.

  13. Tad

    It is so depressing that in this day and age people capitalize on the few who believe this awful delusion. The only reason we are here to watch this video is largely due to increased vaccination. I challenge anyone who refers to this as "productive information". I sure hope that one day you do not have to experience the death of a loved one who died as the result of a disease that could easily be vaccinated against. Please don't kill my children by your murderous beliefs. If you think that I am being overly dramatic please look into the concept of herd immunity. My guess, however is that those who do fall for this are not really familiar with the concept of research or reputable sources. Disgraceful.

    1. citalotus8

      Dear Tad,

      Your argument is very one sided and mislead. This doc shows that vaccines are too common and have some very questionable ingredients. Facts show people have been caused ill or even died from their vaccine shots. Does this mean all vaccines are bad? No my logic says stay away. eat good. NO FLU shot! the end.

    2. Jacqueline Hancock

      I wonder how you would feel watching a loved one suffer from a life long immune disease brought on by a vaccination for measles? Diabetes, lupus, Chrones disease etc all impact on a person for their whole life and shorten life expectancy all for a disease that in populations with good nutrition and hygiene is very rarely fatal. We are swapping things like measles and mumps for cancer and auto immune diseases just to name a few. In my thinking I would rather have a bout of chicken pox than diabetes.

  14. Teresa Tom

    omg what a load of bullcrap. how many studies do they need to do that prove vaccines dont cause autism before people shut up about it? yeah there are a few bad things that can happen from vaccines but they are so rare. most are like 1 in 30,000 or more.

    1. citalotus8

      Im guessing that lil guy in your photo is chock full of vaccines right now. Poor little bugger.

    2. Jacqueline Hancock

      You limit your argument to one disease why not try a good study into the cause of auto immune diseases. If you start at the begining and see how the introduction of foreign proteins and DNA direct to the bloodstream induces a hyper immunological response and then realise how this programs the body to fight these things aggressively you would join the dots on many 'modern day' conditions which have risen dramatically and follow the vaccination habits of populations. Just a thought that is if you take research seriously.

  15. Anamaria Nica

    I think maybe some vaccines were good back in the day however I have a lot of questions about so many others that have appeared in the last 30 or some years. My uncle took the N1H1 vaccine. He was an opera singer, got the flu and they gave him the vaccine. It made him so sick, within a week he was dead at 54 years old.

  16. Aron

    To those expelling their intolerance on this subject; Let's not stifle productive information okay!?. Please leave your biases at the door. Fact is, there is overwhelming evidence, both anecdotal and scientific that suggests that there either conclusively is, or very likely could be strong negative neurological impacts resulting from our vaccines. And that various toxic substances within the vaccines may very well be the cause of a whole slew of disorders. The sooner you stop attaching your personal and emotional baggage to this issue, the better it will be for the outcome of this discussion. Let the resources speak for itself. The community is shouting it from the rooftops. It is an issue that deserves thorough, un-slanted research. Your speculation and prejudice is damaging, and I thought you should know that.

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      Actually, there's not... Nice try tho.

  17. Observer

    Why does it show "(No videos are selected ...)! Does anyone know a better link to this video?

  18. Lilypie

    Haven't watched this yet, but to say vaccines cause autism is a bunch of garbage. The original study is no longer even a valid study due to unethical methods. There hasn't been any other valid study out there that has proven the link. I understand that there is a small percentage of risk involved in obtaining vaccines, most everyday activities include slight risks as well. So I will be vaccinating my children when I have them unless there is serious evidence of harmful effect from vaccines.

    @Cha Dem - last time I checked HPV causes cervical cancer in women, sometimes cancer does kill. Even without that risk I rather not get genital warts. Also I received my hep b shot in grade 6 when many young people do actually become sexually active. I don't think these vaccines were intended to give to newborns. And I get my flu vaccines because a)I have asthma, 2)Not everyone around me has a healthy immune system and I don't want to feel the burden of having contributed to their death, and 3)I don't enjoy the flu.

    1. Dutch Major

      Statistically speaking the risks arent small.

      I live in a modern country which isnt the US were my own government doesnt enforce vaccination by law, but certainly does stuff it in your face at every avenue and tries to make you look bad for saying no.

      I could talk about how the swine flu vaccine literally went from the labs to the patient and was manufactured in mass without even knowing if the stuff was safe etc.

      Instead i will talk about how if i want to find accurate information about vaccines in my country i cannot get it from my government directly, i have to go to look overseas, because if other websites post the data sheets in my country they get told to remove it, as its a breach of copyright laws...yet the government wont host the information itself.

      this imediatly raised my eyebrows wondering what was the go.

      Looking at the data sheets from the manufacturer i was able to see why they dont want the data circulated into the public domain. I look on the government website about the risks of a standard vaccine, it tells me their is only 1 major risk and its very very rare, like maybe 10-200/100,000 will get it and its a minor disease which eventually goes away once treated.

      i look in the data sheet and i have a list breaking down the side effects from a 10% margin and below. Im rather surprised to how many severe side effects can occur which can cause permanent harm to the body far worse then the disease being protected against.

      also the substances and trace substances in the vaccines was not entirely always safe either or even tested according to the manufactures own data sheets.

      Further more a big question for me was how they didnt want to define side effects beyond the 10% margin, any side effects resulting in more then 10% of the people vaccinated remained fixed at 10% and just defined as a common side effect. The actual true percentage effected by the side effects as a result is unclear and likely more likely around the 30% mark.

      So looking back to the government website with is rather ignorance to the risks and absence of factual information even from the manufacturer i was rather upset at how they seem to not give a dam and seem moreless trying to sell a product like im a consumer.

  19. DG

    I don't need to watch this doc.Because I already know that there are risks involved.
    Unfortunately the world is so corrupt that you cant tell who's telling the truth and have to make up your own mind based on the information the people in power are telling you,so your damned if you do and damned if you don't.It's like the mobile phone and smoking arena,there is lots of evidence saying its bad and causes death but we still allow it to continue under false/corrupt advise.We need to start acting and making decisions as humans again and those that are trusted to do the job of protecting us humans from harm need to ask themselves can I sleep at night knowing that I am responsible for knowingly harming people through my negligence.Just remember this,there is always a winner in the lottery,sooner or later and the chances of you winning that are like being eaten by a shark but someone does win it and you have to be in it to win it.
    The swine flu vaccine is a classic case of who do you trust,when the World Health Organization was accused of being in bed with the Pharmaceutical Organization over the swine flu vaccinations."Damned if you do,Damned if you don't" would have been a better title for this Doc.
    A lot of professionals involved in making life or death
    decisions in their course of work become so hardened and distanced from emotions that I wonder if they have a psychological problem and wonder if they still know they are human too.
    Its sad that everything in our world has corruption and those corrupted are advising the rest of us that everything is ok.
    At the end of the day those who have done wrong to others will be judged by God himself at the gates of heaven.
    So to the Doctors and Scientists out there,start telling us the truth about these drugs and vaccines you endorse for us to take or you will go to hell and may bad luck rain on you for the rest of your lives!

    1. Stelios Lazarou

      I don't know about the 'god' part but very well said, I couldn't have said it any better! 'The swine flu' vaccination is one of the biggest frauds in human history.

    2. Russell Roberts

      Most people don't realize that ignorance will not be an excuse before God, being apathetic and blindly trusting of any doctrine is dangerous, and leads to all kinds of evil(hurt for others). I agree with your statements, and know that we all have some serious self critiquing to do before anything will "change", but deep down, you must know that the only person you can change is really yourself, you won't be going to "heaven" holding hand with those you are friends with or your family, it is an individual race, and we must all run it.

  20. Michael

    @ Vlatko Thank you Vlatko,
    I agree with you approach that is why I posted something much different having to do with Autism.

    Is there any way you can post that?

    Peace be with you, Michael

  21. Tom Zychowski

    We are a machine, a biological one, that is poorly constructed.


    I loved that Ted speech thanks for sharing.

    "Before smallpox was eradicated with a vaccine, it killed an estimated 500 million people. And just 60 years ago, polio paralyzed 16,000 Americans every year, while rubella caused birth defects and mental retardation in as many as 20,000 newborns. Measles infected 4 million children, killing 3,000 annually, and a bacterium called Haemophilus influenzae type b caused Hib meningitis in more than 15,000 children, leaving many with permanent brain damage. Infant mortality and abbreviated life spans — now regarded as a third world problem — were a first world reality." Amy Wallace

  22. 420 Vision

    The human genome evolved as a direct consequence of environmental influences, this includes the influence of viruses over the millions of years our species developed.

    Our genome is thus directly dependant upon challenges from new viruses. It's simple,.. if an organism cannot develope immunity on it's own to a virus it dies out, and such is life, and such is nature. For us to consider using artifical mechanisms to bypass the natural process of the human immmune system in all it's complexity is an extremely arrogant and dangerous concept. Vaccines used to artificially stimulate immunity directly conflicts with how the human organism evolved to deal with new viral challenges. Vaccines could force the human genome into a state where the subject cannot produce without the help of a vaccine antibodies to fight new viruses. When this happens and it will what will we have become, man or machine ?

  23. Cess

    @Jean Galliano

    If I coud make every person I know read your comment, I would.

  24. Cess


    I couldn't have said it any better myself.

    And it stands to mention that most scientists and doctors who DO make noise speaking out AGAINST vac's, are USUALLY not against the vac itself, but the DELIVERY AGENT that it is mixed with, like squaline etc. THATS where they're f---ing with people. THAT'S where they give you the extra poison that you didnt order.

  25. Chase Dem

    I'm not denying the effectiveness of vaccines against deadly, crippling diseases like polio...but why does a newborn or 2 month old need a Hepatitis B vaccine when Hep B is contracted in the same manner as HIV--through blood, semen and vaginal fluid? Are these babies shooting up heroin, having unprotected sex or engaging in other high-risk behaviors on the day of birth?

    Why does an infant or toddler require a Chicken Pox vaccine when Chicken Pox is rarely (if ever) fatal? Same goes for HPV, influenza and measles. By all means, vaccinate against pandemic diseases that are lethal but cut out all the extra unnecessary bullsh*t please.

    What people fail to realize is that we're dealing with the same entities that approved, marketed and defended drugs like Vioxx, thalidomide, Fen-Phen, Bextra, 1976 Swine flu vaccine and so on. The same industry that claimed that OxyContin was less addictive than other opiates; the same companies that prescribed enough amphetamines in the '40s and '50s to give every single U.S. citizen 20 pills apiece. The same groups that knowingly distributed HIV-tainted blood products for use in hemophiliacs to several different countries. And the list goes on.

    If you believe the pharmaceutical industry has anything other than profit and political influence on their minds, you deserve whatever you get.

  26. 420 Vision

    Eugenics, plain and simple,.. lets face it 7 billion people, becoming 10 B or 15 B by 2050,..not in the plans for the NWO. The human heard is being slowly culled and genetically modified by stealth.

    Is a dumbed down human incapable of critical thinking, but rather obediently doing what they are told the best designed worker for the machine, or is a smart person capable of questioning the status quo going to make the best grunt ?

    The direction for the human world that is being facilitated right now requires substantially fewer people, with a sufficient number of grunts to run the machinery of the feudal elite. Your are witnessing the rebirth of the feudal system.

    The only thing neccessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to remain willfully ignorant or painfully unaware. It's time to wake up and take an active role in the politics that will determine what your role and that of your children will be in the near future. It is time that corporations took a back seat to human rights.

    Your best defense is to QUESTION EVERYTHING.

  27. ez2b12

    @ Solon

    People have a right to transparency and full discloser when it comes to anything the pharma industry is promoting. I am not supporting the abandonment of vaccinating, read my post. I am saying that while it is true that we are intitled to more tranparency and discloser concerning vaccines, we should still take them in the mean while as it is more dangerouse not to. Did you even bother reading all of what I wrote? Saying these people have no valid points is bs and you know it. I totally agree that it is senceless and uninformed to do away with vaccines but, they are a service provided for the people. If those same people demand more transparency and full discloser of all side effects as determined by a non-biased researcher then you as well as anyone else must honor that need. After all it is what we are told over and over to do, ask questions and demand research, for a good reason. It is not beyond capitolism to take advantage to the point of spreading mass hysteria to gain profit, even though this is not the case here- for the most part. In someways they do take advantage and profiteer with all of healthcare, vaccines included. All I am really saying is that it is healthy to question and demand non biased opinions, if this is not waht the "deniers" want then obviousely they are misinformed. Who's respocibility is it to keep the public at least informed enough not to cause social problems like the spread of desease? I believe that would fall under the food and drug admin or maybe the CDC. Whomever it is they are failing. Do not blame the "deniers" as you call them for questioning and being alarmed, blame the institutions that have failed to inform the public and dispell lies and rumor. Blame the huge war against science that has recently taken place in the US under the direct manipulation of the church and far right republican leaders. Blame parents for not making sure their children understand science and reasoning. Blame video games, mini malls, junk tv, and drugs- probably the four largest neon distractions intentionally geared to keep us all occupied. If someone is a "denier" and not misinformed then they ar just plain bad people. Any one who would start this type of intentional social sabatoge is dangerouse and irresponcible.

  28. Lou

    Regarding the notion that unvaccinated children will bring these diseases back:

    The vast majority of adults are not up to date on their boosters, not even near up to date. Because vaccinations "wear off" after about seven years, most adults in the US are not vaccinated. So, where are the diseases?

    Don't be so sure about studies conducted by the companies who make vaccines. That's like trusting that all your food is safe, when chances are it is either genetically modified or chemical laden.

  29. Solon


    No, the truth is not somewhere in the "middle" that's a ridiculous notion. While, for most of your post I agree with to a certain extent, and in a general sense, I disagree that this documentary serves any purpose other than spreading misinformation and panic.

    I truly hate this "in the middle" proposition, for while I'm all for testing vaccines for safety, and improving not only their safety but effectiveness, this is in stark contrast with what deniers advocate. They outright lie, they are wrong, and we shouldn't be afraid to say that.

    Just because there are two sides here doesn't mean they are both valid or that the "truth" is somewhere in the middle. This "debate" as it were, is similar to a debate between a flat-earther and a round earther. The round earther is able to prove, with facts, measurements, etc, that the Earth is a slightly oblonged spheroid, the flat Earth has no proof. The truth is only on one side of this issue, the facts are only on one side, the same could be said in this anti-vaxxer versus the entire medical community debate.

  30. ez2b12

    The truth is always some where in the middle. Obviousely more research and accountablitiy as well transparency is needed when it comers to vaccines and thier side effects versus thier benefits. That being said, any one who doesn't have thier children vaccinated is playing with fire. All of the desease they protect against are no joke, painful and deadly not to mention contagiouse. Saying that they are dangerouse is not good enough, not taking them could be more dangerouse. Bottom line is we have to demand more info and research from unbiased parties. These types of docs are good in one sence, they bring the problem out in the open. But they are bad in that they stir hysteria about a delicate and crucial subject. Watch this with the thought in mind that these deseases are real and have killed hundreds, some thousands, before we developed a vaccine. That does not mean that these vaccines can not be improved, just that they are neccessary.

  31. ecorule

    @Rene: contrary opinions have been omitted in the Frontline documentary you mention, showing that is a biased (pharma supported?) piece

  32. brendan

    Funny thing is, these un-vaccinated kids will be lining up for a shot in the arm when polio, measles, mumps, rubella and malaria come back and start killing people off again.

    I am confident that more and more American children will die of these afflictions in the years to come.

    1. informedconsent

      If that were true, shouldn't we all be contracting typhus, scarlet fever, tuberculosis and dysentery? No one in our country is vaccinated against these things, and three of the four never had a vaccine. Health is mainly determined by sanitation, nutrition, and access to medical care for emergencies. In fact, most adults no longer have titers (an immunity) to diseases like measles and tetanus, since vaccines wear off.

  33. Caleb

    lack of any empirical or tangible evidence to support any of this. sorry about your kids.

  34. Harold

    This is such BS! I completely agree with Gaby Drake. Denialists should be responsible for all the effects of this propaganda film.

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      Agreed, and IMO imprisoned for the deaths and pain they will inevitably cause.

  35. Jean Galliano

    Concerned Parents,

    Please ask your pediatrician to produce the informational insert - with the list of ingredients, side effects, studies etc... for any vaccination he/she insists your child must receive. Every drug prescribed or bought over-the-counter is required to have this insert revealing all the vital information about the specific medication, even its molecular structure! Guaranteed, your doctor will not be able to produce this insert... He/she does not have it. Even if you contact the National Vaccination Center in Washington DC, you will not be privy to the information/insert ...and you will not get any data about exactly what is contained in these vaccines... AND - "until you do, you cannot make an informed decision" - "so, no." Tell your doctor that. Until He/she can provide adequate materials to do proper research, you do not have to commit to the shot. People, lets get together on this - a UNITED front. INSIST on the the INSERT. No insert, no vaccine. Be strong.... for your kids.

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      Please, educate yourself, your knowledge of immunology is quite lackluster. In case you are not aware, the ONLY kids still getting pertussis, polio, whooping cough, and many other ailments are... guess what??? The kids that weren't vaccinated. Please educate yourself before you mislead people and create another pandemic you id**t.

    2. Leigh Clayton

      That is a lie...sorry...Maybe it is time you do some education, the last Whooping Cough outbreak in Smithtown, NY...13 kids got whooping cough...and guess what...They were all vaccinated....You should not call someone an is wrong to do that...and you should really do some research...Check CDC websites...take a look at Smallpox popping up...from vaccinated miltary spreading it to someone else.

    3. informedconsent

      Oh the irony...... The only victims of polio in the US in the last 50 years have vaccine-induced polio. The CDC acknowledges that the majority of Pertussis victims were fully vaccinated. The fact that you think Pertussis and whooping cough are two separate diseases tells me all I need to know about how "educated" you are about the subject.

    4. Ando Fiks

      i sayd no, the doctor got really mad at me when i challenged her.

  36. Gaby Drake

    Demagogical and unscientific.
    Talk in numbers and compare risks with/without vaccination. Denialism is a seriously dangerous issue.

  37. Leein

    Just use good critical thought. You can see the viruses vaccines show up at least twice many times, at least 3-4, so realize, some are worth while others are not. WTF is with polio. Was that not eradicated. Anyways I won't have kids cause I realize the population growth, but if I am a tool, and I do have a kid, then I would create a knowledge base. So no matter what you choose, I hope you do your homework, thats all really any one family can do.

  38. maroonedinohio

    After watching this I hope that I didn't cause any of the autism or other conditions by administering these vaccines while in service. I recall that I didn't have a lot of civilian independants come through as the 121 Hospital handled most of those but man did I hand them Silver Bullets out! Penicillin,Wycillan LA for the clap! One soldier we had to throw him in the stockade for getting infected from the same girl 4 times after exstensive questioning. 2 times and we considered him unlucky but then after a little digging we alerted the S.Korean Health Service to get this girl who was not on our Club Prostitute list and was out there self-employed. Our system wasn't foolproof but I rarely got a soldier coming through the Clinic twice.

  39. Tracy

    ...what we're up against ... extremely compelling

  40. maroonedinohio

    Without even watching this I was vaccinated for the Swine Flu after joining the US Army in 1976. I had a very bad reaction to this and haven't been vaccinated voluntarily since. That's when I found out then in reality that the US Army was really an acronym for Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet! Since then the only vac I got was a Craftsman wet/dry type. Being used like a damned guinea pig was no fun and ironically I ended up being an Immunization Specialist while in S.Korea before my ETS. Luckily the only vaccines I administered were mostly for VD and childrens vaccines for independents and personnel headed back stateside. Before taking over the clinic I checked all my inventory before signing off and managed to uncover that one of our own Drs. was stealing medicine and treating club prostitutes for money and or services being rendered.A lot of power for a lowly PFC to hold when my signature was needed for you to leave the northern half of S.Korea. Luckily not getting TB from over there I updated my own shot records and haven't looked back!