Stand-Up Student

2011, Comedy  -   21 Comments
Ratings: 5.89/10 from 54 users.

Documentary about learning stand-up comedy. Starring the author as the brave/stupid guinea pig, how much could he improve in two gigs?

It features interviews with some of Britain's best-loved comedians... Lee Mack, Micky Flanagan, Milton Jones, Jo Brand, Ed Byrne, Tim Vine, Arthur Smith, Hugh Dennis, Rhod Gilbert, Greg Davies, Russell Kane, Russell Howard, Stephen K Amos, Shappi Khorsandi, Johnny Vegas, Lenny Henry, Al Murray, Jack Whitehall and Kevin Bridges.

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21 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Ab

    OK, it's gone. Anyone got a link to the film?

  2. Hinda

    I've liked the documentary, it's sharp and straight to the point. I've learned something from watching it and it does give lots of hope to people who think that stand up comedy or talent for that matter is inherent to certain people. You can achieve anything you want with work. And well done to Ben for getting up there twice. It takes balls to do that.

  3. Zaki

    I give the guy credit because he had the courage to get up there and give it a try. Its a lot easier to criticize and heckle but doing stand up is a lot harder than it looks.
    I think he got some great advice from the pros and having said that should have done a lot better in his final gig. Shocking start and after 10 seconds seemed spineless to the crowd/mob. He's just not funny but he's given me and others hope, to give it a shot. Well done, oh and Jack Whitehall is a poncy mo*on.
    I've got a lot of written material but had varied advice from friends and family as to whether its a good idea. Why not ey?

  4. Robyn Winters

    oh my god, I hear some Kasabian in here.

  5. Nakor4Twunny

    I wanna do comedy

  6. Allan Young

    Good Doc, but... don't waste your time or money on Comedy courses. Just get up there and do it. Comedy is one of the only art forms which doesn't need formal training. If someone is training you, they're not training you to be funny, they're training you to imitate them.

  7. Ashley Cowan

    For a student doc i thought this was great. Sure production values were a bit rough in places and the end slightly weaker but fair play to the man, it had a good journey, goal, arc etc and good access to the comedians. Do i believe that he only ever did two gigs, nah but that doesn't matter! I have just started an MA in Documentary Making and if mine can be this good in June wooo I will be happy! Thumbs up!

  8. André Bittencourt

    oh my gosh what language is this?

  9. one, two, free...

    What's the difference between an onion and bagpipes?

    Nobody cries when you chop up bagpipes.

  10. aufpet

    Heckler's are annoying.

  11. steph

    Ehh, since when did Ed Byrne become british??!

    1. mikeygray666

      his dad is welsh,which im pretty sure last time i looked is in the british isles.....if we re being pedantic

  12. Tom Tyndall

    In what world are those people considered the best comics? Dara? Louis CK? Vos? Gervais? Izzard? Carr? Dipaulo? Cook? Rogan? As if Johnny Vegas is anywhere near as good as those people are.

  13. tomregit

    Best line came early.

    "I think it might irritate my legs"

  14. wald0

    Mildly interesting, somewhat entertaining, not very funny. But, he does say at the beginning that this is an experiment, not intended to be taken as comedy. I was surprised to see how much better his jokes seemed to flow after he got some formal training and, restructured each gag to have an actual punch line. Comedy can be quite interesting if looked at correctly. What works and doesn't, what is considered taboo or classless, the amount of hostility some hecklers develop and why/how they attack certain comedians- its all fascinating stuff that can tell us lots about the human experience. People kind of let down their guard when a good comedian comes on stage. How the audience reacts to certain jokes or actions can tell you tons about the collective psyche of that general population, where ever that may be. One of the best political indicators is how people react to jokes about a certain candidate, or jokes about this or that scandal or issue. When people are out in a crowd they feel more safe about exposing how they feel about certain topics, no one back home will know its them laughing, clapping, or screaming after all.
    By the way, this was a somewhat scientific attempt at analyzing what makes stand-up comedy work and what doesn't, thus the analytic nature of my post. In other words, I am not so huge of a nerd that I sit around analyzing stand up. I just like to look at all things from all angles, which leads to some weird practices in retrospect.

  15. FreemonSandlewould


    stop yelling!

  16. Irishkev

    Ed Byrne is not British, he's Irish. Just for the record.

  17. Earthwinger

    I'm not sure which was worse, the young man's comedy routine, or the production of the documentary. Not only did they fail to really capitalize on their access to some of best current comedians in the UK, but they also managed to turn the ending into the dampest of damp squibs.

    1. Guest

      Was hoping to fall asleep laughing tonight, looks like I'll have to Bounce instead :)

    2. Earthwinger

      Ooh er missus! ;)

    3. Guest

      fnar fnar!