American Nomads

American Nomads

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Beneath the America we think we know lies a nation hidden from view - a nomadic nation, living on the roads, the rails and in the wild open spaces.

In its deserts, forests, mountain ranges and on the plains, a huge population of modern nomads pursues its version of the American dream - to live free from the world of careers, mortgages and the white picket fence.

When British writer Richard Grant moved to the USA more than 20 years ago it wasn't just a change of country. He soon found himself in a world of travelers and the culture of roadside America - existing alongside, but separate from, conventional society. In this film he takes to the road again, on a journey without destination.

In a series of encounters and unplanned meetings, Richard is guided by his own instincts and experiences - and the serendipity of the road. Traveling with loners and groups, he encounters the different 'tribes' of nomads as he journeys across the deserts of America's south west.

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  1. Anyone knows the music song in 28:30 of the documentary??

  2. our narrator looks horrified at what he’s encountering. you’d think someone who says he’s spent twenty years’ on the road as a ‘nomad’ would be a people person taking delight in who he meets.

  3. Four years ago I had to watch my highly successful older sister metaphorically 'drown' from the weight of all the possessions she couldn't give up after losing her husband and well paying job. All she had to do was downsize and lighten her financial burden, but her property, possessions and the appearance of success were what she'd built her life around. She killed herself, I'm heartbroken to say.
    Having seen what clinging to temporary possessions can do to destroy your life, I've decided to stop spending all my money on paying rent and to buy an RV to live in, instead. The US no longer has an adequate safety net to protect the elderly and ill from homelessness and food shortage, so while I can I'll begin a new, nomadic life with friendly others who are going the same direction.

  4. wow why is it so long?

  5. I loved it.. I have an ever increasing desire to sell it all and wander,Free!

  6. I am one of the "American Nomads". I am currently on the road. I choose freely to live this life. it has been a blessing to be able to live a truly free life while ithers seem confined by financial obligations. i only have my dog and myself and i am truly happy. And honestly it is none of my business what others think about me. i am free, i am happy, and i got everything i need. if i can bring a smile to one person's face everyday then it is all worth it.
    Love and peace...

  7. Awesome my desire also to live and enjoy

  8. i commented on this about 10 months ago.

    i`m seriously thinking about being semi-nomadic.
    if i knew how bad the world was going to be now - i would have bought a camper van instead of other material things.
    as an estimate - i`ve `wasted` at least £45,000 over the past 18 years.

    i could have bought a kick-ass camper van / RV and just lived in that. rent-free. no bills.
    i would have kept it on my neighbours farm. out of the way.

    i wouldn`t have debts like i do now.
    the way things are going - i`ve been seriously contemplating change for many years. i`ll have to concider the near-future options...... possibly going off-grid using tents. selling / dumping my material things in the process.....

  9. Comfry please move to civilized areas. Always looking over your shoulder is not a healthy way to live. Stop running from your happiness and yoursadness. Live your life fall in love have a home. Enjoy life for real. Not all freedom frees you from yourself. Sometimes life is supposed to be an inconvenience but you can do it. You are a handsome and smart young man who was given a gift greater than anything responsible parents could ever give.
    You have your mind and your will and your health. Stopliving tve life of a nomad and clean yourself up. God bless you Comfry.

  10. Just thought I'd let ya'll know that Comfrey is alive and well-this doc ended on a worrisome note. Managed to track him down through mutual traveling friends.
    Anyways though, I loved this! I've existed in the rodeo and traveling kid ways of life, and the portrayal here rings quite true. Again, loved it

    1. This is one of the best documentary films about "modern nomads" I've watched so far. I'm glad Comfrey is well.

  11. i`m living in a small flat. in/out of work. i`ve always enjoyed camping + caravaning as a child. i`ve lived near forests. it`s the profound natural pull of these places/travelling that makes us feel misreable in our 9-5 jobs.

    we`re lying to ourselves when we sit in a concrete jungle.

    i`m in my mid 30`s. more and more, i`m finding myself camping out. the live of watching squirrels run up trees right by me. the shooting stars at night through tree tops. animals walking by.

    this is the true nature of being human.

    no amount of money, materials and social circles can match the natural living of being free.

    i`ve been thinking about it for a few years. eventually, i`m gaining the skills and knowledge to live off the land.

    then i`ll give up the flat. move to the woods.

    and then that will be my home. the world around me.


    1. I Am also fed up with mainstream anything! I ditched my TV & microwave & most electric appliances several yrs ago. I gave up an apt bldg, called the bank & just walked away! I now have only 2 bills! I don't like winter or cold so I'd be in the southern states in the winter & checking out the northern states in the summer. I've been across country numerous times on a schedule! Now I'm in search of a good camper type vehicle to live a nomad/gypsy type of life! On My Terms! I'm in the process of selling everything I's just stuff! I have been so much happier since I've Simplified! Great Fortune to all who have the courage to make their dreams come true! Ahhh. ..I remember a time when I wanted, thought I wanted, the mainstream life. Thank Source I've come to my senses! Lol...much Love & Light to you Mike as you grab the Golden Ring!

    2. i have bought more camping gear over the past 2 years.
      i have a bug out bag (BOB) just so i can pick it up and go camping whenever.
      i`m trying beef jerky for the 1st time tomorrow, too.
      it`s the ultimate surviver food (so they say).

      i go camping a few times a year in some woods near by. just to get away from the noise pollution.

      there is a larger wooded area a few miles away. i`ll have to check that out too sometime.

      but if the SHTF - i`ll be living `off-grid`.

      the last time i had a tv was about 3 1/2 years ago.
      i refuse to own a car - the car tax + fuel tax + vat.

      i`ve got virtually all the camping gear i need.

      then i`ll slowly blend in/out of the woods on an increasing basis.

      thanks for your comment.


      p.s. i have a facebook page with ideas and tips for camping, water collection, food, lighting....etc....

      google / facebook search this (if you like):

      Riots and Control / fuel prices / self sufficient / free food / free movies

    3. your crazy bears will eat you!

  12. full of interesting ideas and beautiful description by RIchard Grant...but i got lost and confused as he started his documentary by being himself on the road for years and nowadays he cant stay 3 weeks in his rented home until he leaves again and at the same time most of the nomads he met i felt he was biased against them and what they are doing is wrong ...i would like to know his real opinion as an experienced nomad of this lifestyle its "bads" and "goods" so we can learn practical thing from this documentary. thank you. enjoyed it and learned alot!

  13. Temping as a lifestyle... But hard thing to do in Sweden. Would probably freeze to death or been eaten by a polar bear...

  14. Very well done! Makes me wanna quite my job! Ha. :)

  15. Mother Nature heals.

  16. Spent much of the last 5 years traveling on and off, backpacking mainly, but some hitchhiking and tramping around in my truck (rubber tramp), doing seasonal trail work, all kinds of stuff. Used to be able to fit everything I owned in my little Ford Ranger. Now, having watched this, I'm looking around my room in disgust at all the stuff I've somehow collected over the last 9 months. That guy Yogi is doing things right, and I gotta get back to that somehow. I miss that freedom, the open spaces... and owning all this furniture and stuff just feels like a burden sometimes.

  17. I watched this documentary because today I chanced upon a young man who is a genuine modern American nomad. He came into the library where I was a patron, asked the desk to use the computer and managed to get a guest card so he could do that. We started talking, exchanged a couple of tales of our own personal adventures and decided to become penpals via email. I was impressed by him, especially by his openness and willingness to engage in conversation with what, to him, was an elderly woman. He must have had a good mother to make him as comfortable as he seemed. At least, that's who I attribute such an attitude to. Or maybe it's because he is a nomad, one who, by his own report, has been on the road for at least a couple of years, his 90-pound pack on his back, his face reddened by exposure to the weather. He has already written to me, and I can see that he will one day write that book, as his wrote entertainingly, articulately. I look forward to hearing from him again. He ended his email by saying, "At any rate, that's my story.Your turn." Kind of reminded me of young Comfrey in this film--intelligent, personable, likeable. Just not as heartbreaking, though.

  18. I love the ending. This was a very inspirational documentary c:

  19. This documentary is amazing. There's something incredibly special about it, though I can't put my finger on what that is. It think the presenter/writer, Richard Grant, has a lot to do with it. I love the meandering journey he takes us on, both geographically and in his style of presentation.

    It's more than that though. It's the (broad spectrum of) people he meets too – They've decided to de-shackle themselves from the usual drudgery of every-day, 'regular' life – the bills, mortgage, 9–5 job etc. Some stories aren't as happy as others, but all are handled with interest and tenderness.

    It's 90 minutes of freedom – an escape for the mind.

    All this along with the beautiful scenery and kind of quirky slide-guitar soundtrack, it just culminates in one really beautiful, heart-warming (in places) piece of film-making.

    I couldn't recommend it high enough to those who, like me, view the free-living travelling life through rose-tinted spectacles. And if you do watch it, also like me, you'll look high and low for other documentaries written/presented by Richard Grant one the credits roll.

    On the strength of this film I've just ordered his book, Ghost Riders, and am thoroughly looking forward to getting stuck into it.

  20. the description says there's a "huge population"of nomads. I'd like to know: how huge?

    1. he said it in the documentary.. about 3 million

  21. We are actually featured in this documentary. We are a family of 4 that has chosen the nomadic lifestyle. We are not hippies ... and no we are not tweakers. We are actually one of hundreds of families that live in their rv and travel the states full-time. No bridges were burnt and we were not forced into this lifestyle. My family does spend our winters in Az (Quartzsite) and although there are many "hippies" and homeless there it does not mean they are on meth or are bad people. I honestly think those of you that have nothing nice to say are just jealous that you cannot live as freely and simply as we choose to.

  22. Gotta say, this Documentary wasn't so bad. It's always good to see how other people in this planet of ours live...sadly, many are in a terrible state. I would also love to see the Nomadic Life of the Middle Eastern Bedouins!

  23. take a deep breath, in the name of jesus ho! eesha la deedeedeedeee

    where is the world going..

    1. Same place it's been going for over 4.6 billion years: around the sun through the Milky Way galaxy in the universe. Duh.

  24. this could have been way better if it was presented by somebody else. this guy has no idea what roughin it is.

  25. This Comfry kid seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.
    Someone should offer him a scholarship to a university so he can make use of his smarts and maybe have less of a hard life.

    1. That would be nice for a lot of us... unfortunately there's not many people running around handing out scholarships to strangers or I would make sure to be at the top of the list lol.

    2. He doesn't need a stupid university degree from an institutionalized education. One can make use of their smarts just fine without a degree and even have a much better life than those WITH degrees.

  26. It's had a profound effect on me this documentary. I watched it about 2 weeks ago and I think about it every day. In it, I think I see my future.


  27. Have to nitpick:
    Slab City is not in the Mojave Desert, but in the Colorado Desert which is the name of the California portion of the Sonoran Desert.

    I'm about 1/3 of the way thru the doc and I'm enjoying it for sure.

    I'd recommend reading Wallace Stegner's 'Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs'. In it he dissects the myth and consequences of the drifter/loner/cowboy/American westerner archetype.

  28. 1:04:20 = Best bit
    Pull your self together man, this wondering life suppose to be pursuit of happiness, not the life long commitment to the road, when you meet the right woman and want to settle down and start cranking out kids, just buck up and do it!

  29. I loved this documentary. I'm so pernickety when it comes to documentaries I like, and they can range from the most extreme of subjects, but this absolutely hit the note for me. Well shot, scripted and presented - I really liked the writer/narrator/presenter. Couldn't recommend it high enough ;o)

  30. I taveled the nation for years as a telco installer. Living in KOA type camps and enjoying the local interest on weekends. The life style can be what ever a person wants or a complete bust. The police are the big problem day and night, employment helps but many small community's do not really know how nasty the local law enforcement are to "transients" at two in the morning.

  31. hmmm..i dont know about this documentary. It doesn't feel like there is real heart in it. I dont like the fact that he has the balls to meet/record/interview someone along his travels and call him crazy to to camera. it's hard for me to explain it..the narrator doesnt seem to have much soul. GAh...and how he introduces the bison as a rare species, how special they are- and the next scene he is indulging in a bison steak.

    1. The ultimate compliment to the bison, I'd say!

  32. Excellent, Thank you. I sure miss the roads and rails of Cannada.

  33. the Eagle that passed inches by your windshield was a messenger...

    1. what can he tell me ??

    2. you would have to find out that answer yourself, your best bet is to ask an Aboriginal Medicine Man for his interpretations. The Eagle represents freedom, Eagle is our messenger from the Great Spirit, Eagle is sacred.

    3. He's telling you you're driving too fast.

  34. Well you said petrol. Have you ever been to the southwest USA?

  35. Interesting Documentary. Will be retiring in few years and my wife and I are thinking in selling the house, buying a 5th wheel and traveling the west.

    1. George a name I like because it is my name sake father grand father and great, keep the path you are on, I see many on it including family and it is a great way to meet people and have that " It takes a village to raise a child." feeling, I was a part of it in my youth for a short while and I admit the wanderlust has never left me. If you feel like expanding your horizons and getting to know your fellow human beings instead of being segregated and ostracized getting on the road is one of the few ways I still know how to accomplish that. I am not saying there might not be evil folk out there and in this case best to be prepared then found lacking but... % wise you are just as likely to have a psycho break into your house in some cites... So whats the harm! Just be as vigilant and weary as you'd regularly be and enjoy the moments! :) I'm a Canadian and travel throughout the states and Canada every year and have no problems..

    2. I like your way with words. Your style is impetuous, your defense is impregnable, and your just ferocious.

  36. Excellent doc. I always thought that the American ideal was a cluster flock. I suggest that it could be said that Americans are slaves without realizing that they've capitulated and eagerly enjoy being captive to this failed economic system. Consider that Native Americans can't make their living without participating as slaves. There is no freedom for them or us. Freedom is just another way of saying nothing left to lose.

  37. Wow... this is an amazing documentary. I'm not a nomad, but I suffer from the american wanderlust! I've travel around the states quite a bit, but I hope to do it in more detail!

  38. haha everybody Is talking about Bill XDD about the choice of being in the road full time is something weird to me, I mean, maybe they are happy when they are moving but when it comes time to work in order to stay alive they are not happy because like the mountain guy said "I make enough money in order to not work" similarly to what the Wall Street guy did. we are not slaves in the urban jungle, we are slaves to food, shelter and equipment, and so are these people, but I wouldn´t use the term "slaves" I think that the only people that truly are contempt are the rodeo cowboys because their work is what they really love so they don´t have to worry about anything, unlike the ones that travel just for fun. being a Nomad is great just as long as your a working Nomad. because when I see people like "the lost children" with there dog. are they really happy going through garbage for food,begging in order to drink alcohol and maybe other drugs? can that life style be just as happy as any other life? it goes agents almost every single thing that we fight for, that pushes us, why we take care of ourselves, why we worry. we worry to feed our child, not to leave him with his mother and go off on the road. are you just as happy? it´s a very interesting question. because if that´s true. if we are happy anyway, because of the fact that we get use to things so we might as well do what we feel like to. what´s the point of any type of discipline, of obligation, of "doing what´s right" ?

  39. In the uncut version you see interviews with the girls giving the BJs at the truck stop ;-)

  40. I enjoyed this. It reminds me of how the BBC used to be before the lefties took the place over and started filling every program with their Marxist propaganda.

    This Doc showed me something of an American way of life that I, as a Brit really envy. Out there you have the space that is lacking in this little island to go out and be a free as a bird if that is what you choose. I would love to do as this guy did and go over to the States to taste some of that freedom. This was a great little program and I enjoyed it. Thank you.

    1. Bread it and drop it in the deep fryer. MMMMMM theres a taste of American Freedom.

    2. I hear you there. I feel I'm lacking that true freedom - here in Blighty - that comes with the real wide open space of the American West.

    3. The American West is not all freedom. It is easy to idealize but one must be prepared for the harsh reality. Barbed wire fences and no trespassing signs everywhere, predatory criminals and predatory cops, harsh weather, dingy towns, unfriendly people.

      In spite of all that, there is a certain pull to the place, a certain openness and physical freedom that the most oppressive entities cannot take away from the traveler. The harshness of the terrain and climate creates a hardness and resolve to live a life that has been purged from the last refuge of the imagination in too many people. It requires one to be in greater settled society but not of it.

  41. The best documentary I have seen on this site in weeks! Thanks! I want to go to slab city...

    1. Trust me, you don't want to go to Slab City. Been there and will never go back. It's a cesspool.

    2. a slab pool....i agree didn't look like paradise to me either. Perhaps a good place to take high contrast Black and White photos.

    3. Would love to but I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the Pacific Crest Trail beginning in May. It begins at the Mexican border and ends at the Canadian border so I'll be tied up for a while.

      Working in Mexico isn't what it used to be. You'll need an FM3 visa. Good luck with that. Pretty hard to come by.

    4. A different kind of arrangement i would have with the owner, a real good friend of mine.
      I must say doing the Pacific Crest Trail sounds like a winner!

    5. You will still need a FM3 visa as any stay over six months requires one. You probably need to get started on that right away. It takes time and effort.

      I was supposed to have done the trail last summer but as they say "Mother Nature is a bitch". Late spring blizzards pushed snowfall records to all-time highs. Nothing doing.

    6. I don't really like "hotle youth", in Mexico or otherwise, but boy that sounds fun if Az is there!

    7. When I said it is a cesspool I wasn't speaking metaphorically. There is no sewage system and no garbage collection. Plenty of crazies though.

    8. You have that correct. If Satan had a toilet its name would be slab city.

    9. LOL Have fun. Do it in the winter. Summer its about 125 in the rain.

  42. Great doc, i am a nomad in my own different way.

    1. No, Your just MAD. AZ. ;) teasing ya...

  43. Thanks for taking me back to the road. The TTT IS creepy. Nothing like being east of Tucson and hitching into a stolen car.

    1. Lost, what is TTT? I remember an old hippie telling me about riding the rails between Seattle and Mlps, and he was very leery of some crazy gang of thugs on the rails I believe could have been the FTRA although I don't think this FTRA is as bad as Hells Angels, Pagans, Mongols, Outlaws, Warlocks, etc. Is that what TTT is? am I missing something?

    2. You think the TTT truck and rest is creepy. ? Take a trip out to California and find the TTT ranch. That place if creepy.

  44. It's shows like this that make me hate my job with a passion and become very jealous of people who are truely free. What's an broken down old man to do?

    1. However, there's a price to pay freedom , because freedom is not free!

    2. It cost a buck O three

    3. Your Freedom became death upon birth. There is no other price.
      Do not look into the box from within. Step outside of it and try to help others see the light. You know only what you have been programmed to know. ???? Will you be one of the few to teach the many who find that the scales are not quite balanced ?

    4. alans, freedom is not free? That concept is the epitome of WRONG. In reality freedom is by it's nature free. I believe what you mean to say is that there is a monetary cost to living, usually this cost is paid for by participation in working. If you choose not to work then in that case the only casualty is money and the "banking system", i.e. control by means of money. If money is removed, it doesn't mean that everything is free, it means you still have to work, but that is very fiber of how we live. Your premise presumes that you will always be working for money rather than working for your own and or individual/community freedom. But all that aside, it is true that in essence all of us are effectively slaves to this monetary system. Now get back to work!

    5. You said it yourself, remove the money, still work for your freedom. Be a vagabond, a nomad, but you still have to depend on either someone( a stranger to give you a a ride) or something( a train to take you somewhere), or on your own sweat and toil so you can live your freedom. You might say that guy living in the mountains is free, but he chose to take the risk and all of the consequences that come with living in the wilderness, being exposed to the elements, dealing with the weather, loss of certain comforts, harder time doing laundry, acquiring food, etc..these are "costs" involved, not monetary, but nevertheless. Even if you own your own land, own a house you build yourself, grow your own food, have your own electricity, water, you still need to maintain your life by working for yourself to sustain yourself. You are still bound to yourself for survival, but of course, its better to answer to yourself rather than to someone else for your survival. You always have to give up something in order to gain something, there is nothing absolutely free. There is a cost to everything, it just depends if you are willing to take the positives over the negatives. There are always positives and there always negatives, that is why there is nothing absolutely free. Hopefully you understand.

    6. I apologize, but I get annoyed because part of the problem is the idea and definition of "freedom", the conception is that freedom is something to be earned. i.e. freedom is not free is not a good way to measure freedom, presuming that there is a good way. But make no mistake I AGREE with your follow up post here, we all need to work hard in our effort to thrive. THAT IS SOP. The other issue is one of American idealism, and from where I stand "freedom" is like a legal distinction wherein those who are "free" are effectively enslaved to an economic monetary system. Contradictions, par for the course. And once you are enslaved, an alternative "freedom" could be said to be the idea of casting off the shackles of that political/monetary slavery. In fact, I am sure you have noticed that life is often quite difficult. I believe that our American concept of "freedom" is a red herring, or perhaps a club that the faithful will beat you over the head with. In some respects one could even say that "freedom" doesn't exist(freedom isn't free!), it is an illusion, a creation, like a technological machine of an economic and political system that is there to serve it's own needs, i.e. the ego-ic needs of the wealthiest creators. What overall quality, if any, does it create?

      BTW, we are all dependent upon someone. We are social animals that for the most part don't live in isolation. Human interaction is absolute. The lone individualist cowboy is a fantasy. Perhaps that is where our problems start. These people were either cast-offs, pikeys, gypsies, trolls, left of their accord, financially independent, running from the long arm of the law, etc etc. To survive, human relations and social interaction is necessary. Economics is truly the worst rationale, and as much of the wealthy have very unhappy lives as well...

      And lastly, (I promise) all the economic benefit is rationalized with religion and those who don't participate are then condemned. Many either do it with blatant violent attacks or with dismissive, passive-aggression... It is a cluster flock.

    7. Nor slavery is...

    8. Take a few weeks off. You might find that your job is the next best thing to (*&%#__$%... You might just find all you have ever wanted.

  45. Really great!!! :D I consider my self a semi-nomad... and when I watched it I just felt the euphoria again... to go out and hit the road...
    @bill I invite you to travel... it's a great opportunity to meet new people, new cultures, new languages, and to expand your mind. That's the way you start to question more about how the world works and what makes people happy... and what really worths in life. it's amazing to be shock by nature landscapes, mountains, rivers, beaches, everything is wonderful! and finally you just realize that you don't need too much to be happy. My whole life has been packed in two bags since the last two years... and I think it's even too much... I want to reduce it to one... :D really... travel... you're never too young, or too old for traveling. Greetings!!!

    1. Im 3 years old. Hooked on phonics taught me all that i know. Im ready for the road.

  46. I really enjoyed this. It highlights a group of people that the majority of us never come into contact with.

  47. This is a must see. With the changes in America this is what it is about. Find what you love, not what the "herd" thinks you want. Hope to see more from Richard Grant, like all BBC docs.....Top Shelf

    1. Hmmm not all are great. Most I agree with you JOE. However 1 about BBC in the North American Union investigating women who Top Shelf. "TOPSHELF" slang for )*(J#)*(U*IJ)#J)JIM# in there _*$(UI+)(#+(#.

      WOW sheeple. The grass is greener over the fence. ?

      A bit of sinister but truthful sarcasm at its craziest. That is if you can read between the lines.

      WARNING do not attempt to read between the lines if you get headaches.

  48. Excellent documentary, showing the variety of people who have taken to the road for one reason or another. Thanks for sharing!

  49. If people didn't want to be on the roads bill, they wouldn't sell their homes, they would find themselves steady employment (they are perfectly capable of finding temporary work), they wouldn't dig themselves so thoroughly into the lifestyle that it consumes them, heart and soul. They wouldn't be happy people unlike many of us full time slaves out here in the urban jungles. I imagine you've heard that little voice in your head that wishes it would all just go away and asks the questions 'do I really need to be here ?, would anyone notice if I left ?'

  50. I do a fair amount of road trips and Bill is right about one thing. Most of these people don't want to be on the road. By one means or another each has burned his bridges and has no where else to go.

    1. lakhotason, I would say both yes and no. I agree that most of these tramps(not meant to be pejorative: leather tramps, rubber tramps, snowbirds, et al) would prefer to settle but a percentage are stuck due to economic and social conditions or choice. Having spent some time among the elite I can tell you that these tramps and hobos are just as good. The question of quality is not a class issue but our media would insist on the opposite. They like simple ideas are that objective and not messy subjective, and the difficulties that people suffer from are 100% their own damn fault. As it is were a dialectic, black and white issue.

    2. We are a family of 4. Husband, wife, 2 young daughters. We are actually in this documentary. We choose to live full-time on the road in our motorhome. We very much enjoy our lifestyle and we know hundreds of other families that live like we do. We did not burn any bridges and were not forced into this wonderful way of living and teaching our children.

  51. Good one. I got the American Hardcore (2006) kind of feel out of it, with a modest dash of Kerouac beat generation.

  52. really enjoyed this, from the presenter to the characters along the way, the kid at the end was really special....

    1. Intelligent, well spoken.

  53. @Bill I am almost at a loss for words. Your diatribe seems to be the rantings and ravings of a mad man maybe you should take your hatred elsewhere. It seems to me you might be of the southern U.S KKK clan? How do you like being pigeonholed? Your inference about the race of origin of the presenter based on his "suspicious nose" is offensive and I'm sure most people on this site would agree. Stop being so small minded and petty.

    1. The NOSE Knows many no's. no no no no no no no no no you didn't. I think he did SmellyDentures. ;) Teasing. Oh one more thing. Small minds seem to be running the world just fine.???????? JK Have a bit of fun with it. Now everyone get naked.. ?????? LOL

  54. awesome! elegant style and clean narration you find pleasure in listening. Has he done any other?

    1. He has written a very good book, called Ghost Riders. Same style. Brilliant.

  55. Meh.... mildly interesting but I was expecting something better.

    1. Mildly interesting comment. I was expecting something better. =)

  56. Bison at 1:00:40 - "Mother of God! I must replenish the Bison population!"

  57. Another very enjoyable doc. Thanks

  58. presenter was obviously a real druggie hippie **** up. Congrats on the new start.

  59. Oh hell, yeah!

  60. Nomads, wanderlust, romantic b...s...; they are all victims of a greedy cored society. No one really desires to be a Nomad, no one.
    The British propagandist with the suspicious nose wishes us to believe that this acceptable behavior even desirable. He has a stake in this deception of all Americans. After 250 yrs they (British) will cause the destruction of the American society, we are victims of the Isaiah Sanction commanded in chapter 6. The British used to be our blood kin, but the blood was cleft by the continuous activities of the Rothschild.
    Lies told by the father of lies snowball into a war.

    1. Typical yankee blame it on someone else. It's your own greed that got you where you are and that is why you WILL fall. Your inability to accept responsibility for your own actions and therefore unwilling to change them. If you were more socialist like Britian and other like minded country's and less capitalist thereby willing to assist your own ill and impoverished you may have stood chance. Too late to learn tho so go ahead and blame LOL

    2. Perhaps you and I watched a different documentary. I certainly hope so.

    3. replying to bill

    4. Sorry Lloyd. I thought I was also. Must have clicked the wrong reply button.

    5. That's ok lakhotason I may have overstepped my bounds as it is LOL

    6. Dude, you and Lloyd need to simply edit your replies...

    7. I can't speak for Lloyd but I see no reason to edit my replies. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

    8. simple if you mistakenly post just edit the post and in effect remove the post, that is all.

    9. As a uk resident I find your comments racist to americans - you sound like you need some kind of anger managment and sound very hateful - i had to come here and comment because it;s people lik you that give the UK A BAD NAME

    10. Sorry for that, I'm Canadian not British but bill brought out the worst in me. I should not have replied in that manner but at the time he just pushed my buttons and I thought that might be the only language he understood. So if any other Brits find my defense distasteful I do apologize.

    11. Please see comment that inflamed me.

    12. THank you , no problem appreciate the comment

    13. Mistymoo, racist to Americans? Seriously? As an American I was not offended in the least, but to call Lloyd's comments racist is very alarmist and deceptive. Racist? Where exactly is the racism in someone commenting on and referring to the American economic inequities that effect a wide range of people who come from all races? With the common trait of being American citizens? Calling him racist is the intellectually weak. Instead you might want to call him "mildly compassionate".

    14. Well you are correct it was not racist but inflammatory and also should apologize to my American friends for being to categorical and your right yes compassionate towards the 99%. However I don't apologize to "bill" LOL, I don't post here often and shouldn't waste my time on those ridiculous types of posts. Well 54 and still learning... I guess that's why were all here :)

    15. Lloyd, I don't believe apologies are as necessary you would think... you gotta break some eggs when you make an omlet... and I not sure that makes anything other than an omlet. You sir, are well aware of the arrogant douche bags that are south of your border and for that I APOLOGIZE. I will presume that our dear friend Bill is threatened by the notion of anyone, at least anyone who is not a Yankee addressing problems that are born and bred in the glorious and infallible USA. It is pathetic and they breed like rats. Cheers from MN...where the Dude abides. Jeez, I gotta lay off the caffeine...

    16. LOL well I still stand corrected I erroneously portrayed all Americans in my indignation You are testimony (and many others) to that not all "Yankee's" are oblivious to some of the country's politicalpolicy faux pas . Yes and feel sad for people who actually know whats going on down there. We currently have our own Canadian version of George Dublya at the helm now. Grrrrr... but I must agree we don't have the ratio of "douche bags" here.. they are here oh yes! but not the ratio. Stay strong my friend Nova Scotia here :)

    17. F C~~~~ Missing from UK seems about right in most cases. Mistymoo I would never LIK anyone who talks smack about the UK. I am just teasing you and really found insults up and down this page~as well as the DOCU. Insults make the world go around. Great thing we can just keep moving along and hopefully find our own peaceful ground.

    18. Lloyd its all your fault.. Or is it mine? I did hit you with this comment from behind. Oh, I guess its my fault here in the States... SUE me.... =)

    19. LOL Not my fault either I tried to fix it a long time ago Carl and lost control right away!!! LOL

    20. chill bill. sometime a duck is just a duck.

    21. bill...stfu lol

    22. @Bill
      I am sure I speak for more than myself when i say: Please take your biased hate filled opinions else where. This is an excellent place where more often than not inquisitive minds gather & share informative ideas, dialogue & concepts that at the very least provide food for thought & collectively enhance our intelligence. Nice of you to share your thoughts, perhaps next time if you choose to contribute, your words might be a little less vitriolic.

    23. Well said.

    24. Bill, your comment seems an outstanding example of paranoia.

    25. Ha lol. Cleverly put. One could say that your deceptive as well. Mystery unfolds in thee most random places. Tell us more, tell us more senior Bill. Inquiring minds want to know~!!>>=)

  61. what an amazing and beautiful doc...thanks for sharing this.

  62. These people have seen Into The Wild too many times.

    1. Perhaps they have or may have not. You only live once so follow your hearts freedom to peace.

  63. Awesome doc. . I used to ride the road, so maybe it's nostalgia,, But this is one of the best I have seen. I hope he does another one similar to this.

  64. That dude on the dirtbike was probably on Meth.

    1. You think ? LOL