Stealing a Nation

Stealing a Nation

2004, History  -   122 Comments
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Hidden from Parliament and the U.S. Congress, the deal was this: the Americans wanted the island, in their words, swept and sanitized. An entire population was declared expendable; all of them were to be deported.

Stealing a Nation (John Pilger, 2004) is an extraordinary film about the plight of people of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean - secretly and brutally expelled from their homeland by British governments in the late 1960s and early 1970s, to make way for an American military base. The base, on the main island of Diego Garcia, was a launch pad for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Lawrence Sarsoun
3 years ago

The book, "America's Monetary Mess" outlines the story of how the Federal Reserve became the agent of the Communists to destroy America's currency. Find out how the author didn't file his 1040 for 5 years, ran away to Europe, and when he turned himself in, was given a 1 year work release sentence.

4 years ago

I cried

6 years ago

Your documentary is one such that I haven't seen! Horrible and just unacceptable! These countries should own their mistakes now as it is transparent now! Come on! Don't guide or talk on human rights and humanity anymore. Do what you are doing and done for these people by taking their land or nation! Still time to own and make the decision and apologize and give compensation to the citizens.

6 years ago

Several things are wrong with this documentary.
The islands when first found and adapted for use by the British, as a port of call on the way to Australasia was decades before anyone else arrived on the islands. In fact many of the residents were brought by the British to the islands as laborers to carry out building works on the islands.
These people say they were not £3000 was a hell of a lot of money in those days, in fact it was over a years wage for my father who was in the British Army.
That would have been plenty of money to get a nice place in England let alone Mauritius.

What was failed to be mentioned was an outbreak or rabies on the island. unfortunately animals at risk in those days would have been put down, to limit the spread of infection.

Finally one thing I noticed through all this was how well dressed and how well equipped the solicitors office was, if he really felt like he says he does then he wold have been taking his money and moving the people out of the squalor.
There seems to be a lot of people around these people with lots of money.

Rating 2.4 Misleading misinformation and lots of exaggeration at little things to prove little or no point. Pointing out that someones had racist opinions in those days is like pointing at slavery and blaming everybody now for their attitude then. Our attitudes have changed and we have become more acceptable of others as we have grown, but the one thing remains unchanged....There are 2 peoples you cannot rely on Journalists and Lawyers.

Stuart F Taylor
7 years ago

We didn't know much about this -- this is a serious violation of human rights by my country (the US) and the UK.
Where do we rate it?
My wife gives 9.2, I give it 9.5.

mike m
7 years ago

Mr. {proud in us} is why bush and trump are around

7 years ago

First, the title is misleading because it's not a nation. It's part of the British Indian Ocean Territory, and as a territory of the United Kingdom the UK was within its rights to relocate the residents of the islands. Some ignorant people here claiming the UK or US governments did anything wrong need to learns the facts of the situation and the law. And one person brought up Bikini Atoll, the US government has on numerous occasions compensated the former residents of the atoll and also promised to let them move back once it is safe to do so (they have to make sure it's not still radioactive)

7 years ago

An important film to watch. How about another film about the entire South Hemisphere on the planet with very (White) few exceptions, dominated by the Northern hemisphere. South America and Africa bankrupted by the World Bank and financial institutions thinking in "those places" as "inhabited" by "people like them". The film clearly shows an international Apartheid motivated by racism and power. How wonderful would be to "decode power" so the masses wake up from the hypnosis created by ruling kings and the establishment that is never satisfied of greedy and power in this dark and unjust XXI century. The world would be democratic then, and only then.

8 years ago

Like I've always said, Britain is just America's b*tch.And that's coming from a British citizen !!!

8 years ago

Dirty bastards

8 years ago

I guess this confirms what I've always known - the British government sucks as bad as the ruthless, greedy, power-hungry idiots in D.C. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! COOK THE RICH AND FEED THE POOR!!

Valerie Kelley
8 years ago

At the root, we have a group people (specifically, a European descended people) that employ violence and manipulation in order to acquire (a.k.a. steal, take by force, or "gentrify") the property/skills/talent of another group of people (usually of non-Caucasian descent). Don't me wrong -- the Establishment exists among ALL peoples.. The unfortunate thing is, the main beneficiaries of this behavioral tactic are Caucasian peoples (even the African that does the same to his own is most likely a black face serving as the curtain before a white Oz; chances are the African is operating in the interests of their "former" colonizer). Thing is, too many folks tend to: 1 - have empathy for the colonizer, but not the colonized; AND 2 - discredit the experiences of "certain" target groups (i.e. the descendants of African slaves in the U.S. particular, and Native Americans who are still in a position of dependency upon the U.S. Govt. - the original abuser), simply because their bondage is no longer occurring in full view of the general (white) public. With a few exceptions, the brutality of the treatment is no longer as blatantly physical (i.e. no leg irons, shackles, no public whippings while hanging from the side of a tree, no scalping, not cutting off of noses, and no rape..). "After all, they live next door now...One of them is even President!" (:-l ) America/Europe better get it together.. Remember, at some point "the piper WILL be paid"..

8 years ago

Anyone who has even had the most cursory of glimpses into the west's
imperialistic history can hardly be shocked by the outrage of this
heartless theft. However, one thing this documentary does expose that is
shocking is the sheer open level of hateful contempt by the imperial
powers regarding these poor natives.

The vindictiveness of the
scheming and racist tone of the exchanges between the officials are so
blatant that they sound more like something from several centuries ago,
rather than within this last.

It is clear to see that sometimes
the government do not just 'not care' about ordinary people; we can see
in this doc that on occasions they quite literally hate people and
especially minorities.

They hate even having to think about
them, and the wrinkles of disgust that the interviewed politicians on
here barely conceal speaks volumes; thinking of the Chagosians makes
them feel bad, and they hope most of them will die soon so they won't be
inconvenienced by what they perceive as worthless and irrelevant lives.

8 years ago

they did the same thing when they took Kosovo from Serbia....Albanians got it under one condition...let us have a military base now that Berlin has to go....Democracy in action.

8 years ago

Thank you for ALL your great work on behalf of ALL of us Mr P.. a great Australian.. selfless compassionate and creating consciousness in all your works !
Many more Please!!

anthony bauwens
8 years ago

There is no International law for poor helpless humans as us all,onlly for the rich,but by the time Intern. law applies for them they have lived65 years of their emberassing life,and as most will pay their way out with the big $$.Most laws dont even apply thwe rich we should know that...

Paul Yih
8 years ago

The British inhumane colonial crime continues on -- But there will be more to address these past wrongs -- by way of the development of the Economic Forensics ... doing so globally - Just to address the on going crimes like here of the Chago people.

Paul Yih
8 years ago

This is why, folks -- the world outside of the Anglo American world there has to be formed and created the university course to be named Economic Forensics. Besides these victims from the island -- there has to be the courses to study the origin and plan of the planned crimes. Be that of the old colonialism -- as we can start with the Opium Holocaust of China, where 100 million Chinese perished from the Indian grown opium by the Brits. 170,000 tons of silver were extracted from China by all the treaties. That alone, in today's value is over 500 trillions. Then India, then Africa -- How the Oppenheimers and Rhodes had taken all the gold and diamond out of Africa-- All and all, funded by the Rothschild and their in laws -- the opium Sassoons.

The world will not be able to shake these war bankers and their collaborative puppet regimes to have created more wars, bogus wars from Vietnam to Iraq -- why ? Because wars can wipe out all existing accounts -- such as the 4 trillion of the Pentagon debt -- that will never be paid up -- and why ? The presence of the non government war banks called the Federal Reserve with fiat currencies just like the European Central Bank.

War becomes an industry for these two nations -- manipulated by the war bankers and their collaborators of the weapon industry. The victims of Chagos is just one of the many war crimes created by these war thugs. Economic Forensics will allow all nations to re-study of the past crimes - created by false money and their war criminals.

9 years ago

Why somebody/group/nation has to proof his good intention of philanthropy or mettle by building martial bases far away from their own homelands ? Are there no other means to maintain peace, integrity and express solidarity? How could someone from outside understand the citizens born in their own country within a very short period of time and start taking decisions on behalf of them? One has to stay long beside them and become one of them .Some people need very little to live and some love excess and grandeur.These people who were content with their meagre provisions is practically an example how to lead life with satisfaction and is a model for this world how to utilise resources judiciously and remain unaffected by recessions. Some think their means of living is unscientific and they cannot sustain on their own and cannot defend themselves from the disasters.It cannot always be true because they are adapted to this environment. If something happens, others can always assist. In fact with this system of alienation we are loosing valuable wisdom,well nurtured cultures, simple techniques etc.. Isn't their humility and self-restraint a glaring show of mental and cultural advancement which can be cherished by posterity without any disgrace? One should think twice before being condescending.

9 years ago

Poverty is the end result of the failure to adjust to CHANGE. These things happen in most countries the world over leading to suffering and hunger or deprivation. News is modern corporations suffer from market irrelevance and the consequence is bankruptcy and unemployment. There are a lot of similarities or common experiences that these islanders suffer with street people living in American ghettos who fail to adjust or face trials and disappointments in life..

Point is the first few interviews show exactly why the islanders got displaced. They want to lead the idyllic life rather than assimilate by change and progress. How I wish they asked for jobs or work, but no, they would rather turn back time. Maybe it is carelessness or indifference of the authorities to their plight which preserved and permitted the rise of familiar sub-culture within former colonies like Pakistan and India that suffer ignorance, hunger and poverty today despite record breaking economic progress.

Incidentally this is what environmentalism today hopes for too: a return to nature and resistance to technological change. Problem is such lifestyles have become the issue for neo socialism where government is expected to fund for everything without realizing that is the easiest formula for poverty.

9 years ago

WOW too many accusations on US and UK citizens.
Remember one thing "The observance of morals and ethics is secondary to the interest of the ruler."- Chanakya. Every one other than a ruler is a solider and its their job to do what they r told for their country, which actually is not for their country but for 1 mans ambition. I realized it when i read General Dyer's interview He said" I would have killed more Indians if more troops were provided as it was my job to put the fear of government into hearts of people who oppose it". I am an Indian and as much as some1 thinks I hate UK i don't, I love it and their people. Politics and Prostitution are the oldest traits of mankind. The world was never right, nor it is now and it will never be, but one day it will all end may that be by any reason 5th Ice age by magnetic pole reversal, sun burns out of its fuel or anything else ^_^ till then read history, live in the present and thing about the future.

9 years ago

Disgusting behaviour by those that would be quickest to punish you for not paying you're tax.

9 years ago

Just another in a long line of documentaries that exposes just how messed up humanity really is. (nothing else need be said!)

9 years ago

I don't believe in god, I wish i could then it would have been easier to believe that god will punish them. But hey wait if we look at the history we find that every great civilization met its fate, I wish i witness that in my lifetime.

9 years ago

Wow, powerful...definitely NOT in your textbook.

Jacek Walker
9 years ago

Sad but nothing new in fact. Abuse of power going on and on for thousands of years around the world.
If we really want a change in the way our world is run, we should start to question ANYONE who evince any aspiration to rule over others. Its an obvious sing of a perverted mind looking for compensation for its inferiority complex.
So the problem lies not in who rules the world, but in the very power trip itself. Once understood, cured and consequently transformed it will disappear. No fighting or revolutions wil ever change anything profoundly.

Rory Morris
9 years ago

If not for this documentary I would never have known. If it were the other way round. there would be 100 documentaries and about 10 'blockbuster' moves about it...

9 years ago

And we wonder why other peoples don't like us. I'll bet dollars to donuts that it was all over the oil being protected in that region by both countries even though it isn't in their countries they believe it's theirs to have and to hold and to make money with all under the guise of defensive thinking. What with Southeast Asia getting hotter up to present day Mideast goings on no wonder people of that area look on us as a--holes or infidels as they say.
Then again if they moved 'em into subsidized housing and food vouchers it wouldn't be much different than some large cities in country.

9 years ago

Now UK will about to lose Scotland, by Referendum., Its Karma., coz they took Sabah, and Sarawak and included in Malaysia federation illegaly., and other Territories that doesn't belong to UK. more conspiracies to come.

9 years ago

Bravo John Pilger! One seldom sees such sincere passion and dedication for the underdog. Nicely done!

10 years ago

Everyday I learn something knew to be ashamed about as an American Citizen.

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

Are there any limits to western evil, imperialism and crimes ...?

I wonder ..........

11 years ago

Real patriots want their country to be the best it can be (including its moral integrity). We should be proud of our country's positive accomplishments but we need to be honest about & learn from our mistakes as well. If we mistake self centered nationalism for patriotism then we are acting like a parent who believes his/her child can do no wrong, who defends their child no matter how badly he/she behaves. Parents who really love their children want their children to have a conscience as well as self esteem. Praise the good, correct the bad and never stop looking for ways to improve.

Jonathan Baron
11 years ago

people ask: Are we alone in the universe? I would say that if we are not alone in the universe, watching this documentary has left me to fear that we may have been 'left' alone

11 years ago

What kind of sick people can be proud to be British or US citizen?!

11 years ago

I have totally lost the capacity to be shocked by any level of inhumanity displayed by my country or the West in general.

At least, should I wind up in hell, there won't be a language problem.

11 years ago

America... **** Yeah! The world police is a reality.

11 years ago

you power hungry nations, your full satisfaction will come after you have destroyed the whole world including yourselves. Shame on you.

11 years ago

so explain to me how the united states BUYS an island from britain.and the british dumps the people on mauritius in abandoned buildings. does the u.s. not have a conscience to make sure that those 2000 citizens are compensated and resettled property? oh but these are not white citizens of the falklands but black natives.

11 years ago

Oh WiseGapist, how's it going this morning or night? Not even you with your over used mouth is gonna neglect me the sun rise of a Idahoan, clear, frosty morning.
( your and you're) got me rollin' on that me.......... .rollin'! (@) (@) boo!

11 years ago

Nothing but the devils doing what devils do. But the devils never sleep because they know the day is coming when the tides will turn. The devils know they will have to account for their injustices and wickedness.

12 years ago

Same thing is happening to Muslims today through Us imperialism...Don't let another 40 years to realize that

12 years ago

Same thing is still going on today...This time Muslims are the victims to US imperialism...Don't let another 40 years to realize that

12 years ago

once Bob dylan was asked in press conference "don't you love america" his answer was " yea I love america, i love america as all the Americans do, but america will be bought to judgement oneday"

12 years ago

This story is but ONE of the THOUSANDS of other tribes.. think Africa, Native Americans, Indonesians and god knows how many others. This I am sorry to say the price we pay for having elected Politians to do the thinking for us. We have only to blame but ourselves.

12 years ago

Corrupted/ing people will allways rule the world, generating and sustaining sorrow, as long as we allow them to. Flags, religions, political systems are used to divide humanity.
Even if we have no power yet to overthrow this status quo, which is built up and transformed through millenia upon millenia, we still can and must raise consciousnes to others and boycott anything that provokes or is a result of injustice and disrespect to any life human or otherwise.

12 years ago

Few people in Power in most Democratic Governments, take decisions that shame most humans and animals.

12 years ago

I am American and embarrassed to confess that. But let me say. as with many countries. its not the people. its our criminal government. most any American citizen would NOT condone this crime. Its our Government, who back in the day, Were Citizens of Britain. One could say the American revolution was just another cover up for Britain to take more land from common people and claim it as theirs. At the British empire’s peak they ruled more than thirty-five separate countries/colonies.

stand up citizens and take our lands and freedoms back. revolt ! before they take control of the world food supply

John Pilger is king
12 years ago

After going through less than HALF of his 60 some documentaries, he is hands down the most accomplished documentary filmmaker. His work amounts to a course in historical ambiguity as well as how the social complex, geopolitics, interacts with and impacts the human condition.

12 years ago

I would happily convert myself as a terrorist and bombed their *ss.