Stoned in Suburbia


Stoned in SuburbiaA funny British documentary interviewing various cannabis users (hilarious to see grandmas talking about being arrested for growing etc!)

More people smoke cannabis in Britain than ever before, 10 Million of us have confessed to trying it, and over 2 million spark up every month.

Stoned In Suburbia is a social history film, examining the change in people's opinions to cannabis over the past 50 years.

Discussing the impact of the 60's sexual revolution, the Hippie movement, the emergence of the Punks right up until the modern day.

Ratings: 6.80/10from 10 users.

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  1. TruthHurts420

    The Haters on here are the type of people who can't handle smoking pot. If your brain can't handle it then don't smoke it. Simple. Don't rain your sour bullsh!t on our parade. Myself and many many people I know have smoked it for decades and live happy, productive and proffessional lives. I have known people who have had symptoms that have been described here, like paranoia etc.. but then they stop smoking it. It's not the plant ..... it's the PERSON. If you get paranoid then realise it's the weed and then 'poof' the paranoia goes away. If you have a weak mind then smoking pot is not for you. But to blame the plant itself for your pathetic reactions to life is sheer stupidity. So remember, it's not the plant .... it's the PERSON.

  2. Tehycan

    Just adding my 2 cents regarding paranoia and pot. In my experience nearly all paranoia experienced while high relates to being caught doing something illegal, ie: the neighbours will smell it/hear me coughing/they can see my red eyes and will call the cops etc., I think if we removed the prohibition laws and regulated its use like alcohol and tobacco (2 FAR more damaging drugs yet still legal) the reports of paranoia would dwindle to near nothingness, about in line % wise with how many people get paranoia anyways.

    I think the best thing to do would be to sell 12mth licences to grow 'x' amount of plants, gov. could sell the licence for an easy couple of thousand and i would definitely buy one, where i live crappy weed with no 'name' or known genetics goes for $450 - $500/oz, if i could spend 2 or 3 thousand and grow specific strains to deal with specific problems instead of the lucky dip of dealers i wouldn't be able to get my wallet out fast enough.

  3. Alice

    Cannabis doesn't cause mental illness, especially Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a very complex disease (possibly a group of separate conditions) and each person with Schizophrenia develops it differently. Most people, men or women- the incidence rates for men and women are almost the same- begin to show signs in their early adulthood, but it can begin in the mid/late teens and rarely, childhood. The earlier it develops, generally the worse it will be at the peak. Some people develop it over months or years, slowly losing contact with reality as the illness progresses. This type of onset is much harder to treat, and it's much harder for somebody with a slow onset to return to normality. For others it happens literally overnight, and this type reacts well to treatment and therapy. A sudden onset is usually just the one episode; but a slow onset could mean repeated episodes for the rest of the Schizophrenic's life. Now you have a bit of background information about the onset of Schizophrenia, I would like to add that most Schizophrenics are drug abusers. Whether it is an attempt to self-medicate, escape the pressures of the illness, or just to relieve the intense boredom that comes with it is hard to say. Unfortunately, Cannabis can aggravate symptoms of a pre-existing illness, or trigger the onset if the person is very genetically susceptible to Schizophrenia; but in many cases when people "get Schizophrenia from smoking cannabis" they were already in the early stages of development and were drawn to the drug to try and cope with these unfamiliar and often frightening experiences. If you have a family history of Schizophrenia, don't expect to smoke Cannabis and not have long-term (if not permanent) side effects from it. If you don't, but smoke Cannabis anyway, depending on your level of use you would usually not suffer any long-term mental health issues. Bearing in mind that Schizophrenia effects 1% of the population, and could strike anybody at any time- the best advice is not to smoke, but the risk is extremely low compared to other drugs. In fact, a daily caffeine intake of 500mg+ (or 5-6 cups of a medium-strength coffee) is well known to cause psychotic behaviour/experiences in around 10% of heavy users.

  4. Sam Griffiths

    Cannabis does not cause mental illness in any way, shape or form, it just accentuates any underlying mental issues and makes people far more aware of them.... which can then lead to anxiety, paranoia and in some cases schizophrenia. But if you are mentally stable, smoking cannabis will do you no harm.

  5. Mandy Reiss

    I got high and watched this docu 3 times in a row, lmbo at the cast of unique characters in this docu. Go granny Pat!!! 2 thumbs up!

  6. Morsie

    That was so great to watch.....oh yes, took me back to the day...Hmmmm..

  7. Alan Jamieson

    its bbc, lil bit propaganda in it to say least, full of shite .

    1. technobrakes technobrakes

      sky one mate and they got there numbers wrong, loads more smokers than that

  8. Pat

    “Marijuana is known to cause anger in those who DON’T use it.” Does that even make sense? Most people in rehab are their for weed, sorry to break the reality to ya."

    That's because otherwise they're going to jail or it's court ordered.

    Nice try, though.

    1. Andrew Kelley

      THC is less addictive then caffeine so to put a pot smoker in rehab for addiction is absolutely insane. Why don't we take the tea or coffee drinkers too?

    2. Gary V

      I think that you will find that the most people in rehab are there because of alcohol. I have tried every drug that I have ever come across but alcohol has always been the worst drug for me.

    3. Lil2k7

      going on pure numbers, potheads are the highest population of users in rehabs across america..

      and from experience and research, its 99% the "jail or treatment" ultimatum.

      i was busted along side 3 white males(im a filipino male) and i, having no outstanding record aside from minor in consumption of alcohol 2 yrs prior was the only one slapped with mandatory minimum 24 hr lockup.. sry the last part was just a lil stoner injustice ranting, lol.

    4. Ashley Haynes

      the reason the people r in rehadb is because the court says go to rehab or jail what would u pick spend 3 months in jail or 2 weeks in rehab

    5. Ammar Salim

      and my dear friend you have blown the issue from its perches. absolute truth!

  9. chad

    i live in canada and we smoke a lot of pot. yeah some people get panic attacks but thats nothing campared to any other drug weed kills 0 people per year.In 2005, tobacco caused 5.4 million deaths (1 every 6 seconds) and its legal i dont get politics

    1. Samneed

      it may not kill people, yet has been linked to many psychiatric disorders schizophrenia etc

    2. Alex Obama

      actually there is no proof that it causes schizophrenia...pot smoking has been going up in all age groups yet schizophrenia has been going down in all age groups...also any side effects pot may have are not even close to that of alcohol or tabacco

    3. DogTrainingStoner

      Actually marijuana does not CAUSE schizophrenia. It has been known to aggravate some schizophrenic symptoms in PEOPLE WHO HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA ANYWAYS (caps for emphasis, lol) but it also reduces other symptoms. In fact, cannabis is sometimes used by schizophrenics who claim it makes them feel better.

  10. dave

    wow the 53 year old gets good 8ths

  11. theta

    This was so fun to watch...I enjoyed all the people interviewed and had a couple good laughs (with them!) I love the part where the dude said he visited Germany and they really messed him up and he was on t.v. to talk about weed and he keeled over. This was one of the most enjoyable docs I've seen on marijuana. Very light and fun. As far as anxiety I think it isn't common but it is true. I've smoked off and on since 15 (34 now) and I never had any problems with feeling anxious until recently. For me I started experiencing anxiety in general first and noticed when I smoked it made it worse. If I do smoke now I only do very little as opposed to what I used to do. Now it's like a 50/50 chance I will feel anxious if I use it. Then again I don't have access to all kind of different strains so I'm sure there are some out there where this wouldn't be an issue at all. As far as psychosis goes I think what is happening is people have issues to begin with and the plant can trigger it in some people. Not everything out there is for everyone. Your milage may vary. Peace

  12. Chris

    I am glad I live in the states and have never come across "soapbox" It sounds horrible. We have regular grown outside weed that comes from Mexico or ("skunk or "hydro"= grown indoors). Of course hydro is the BEST! I enjoyed this doc. That is until the last segment where the woman makes the assumption that all people in mental institutions are there because they smoked pot. WTF? If there are any negative symptoms when smoking, the symptoms go away after the drug wears off. It doesn't permanently make you crazy. Her son went to a mental ward for 6 months after smoking? It sounds like he would have went to a mental ward regardless if he smoked or not.

    1. Gary V

      You are wrong there my friend, I'm 47 & have been smoking weed for 32 years now & I have suffered from acute anxiety & depression for the last 15 years & I lost my house, family & a very well paid job. I haven't worked for the past 15 years, trust me drugs can really mess you up if you are not careful. I have had several addictions but have managed to get over them now, alcohol was always the worst drug for me. I still smoke weed but it does not give me the same buzz that it used to, now it just makes me paranoid. I think that what you were on about is what we call over here "soap bar", it the compressed resin that is pressed into a block that looks like a bar of soap & weighs 9 ounces, I know because I used to be a dealer of everything to feed my habits. Anyway I hope that I haven't freaked you out too much, just remember if you are going to take drugs do it in moderation. Have fun but don't over do it & stay a way from the hard stuff.

    2. Ando Fiks

      If it makes you paranoid you got some issues, its not cause of the weed.

  13. Cazzy

    Hi sorry if I repeat anyone elses comment but quite frankly I get bored of listening to the same old comment. Have any of you tried livin with a heavy cannabis user when you yourself dont smoke? I cant back this up with scientific papers but what I can say is its hell. Not only because of the constant obsession with growing/buying/selling of IT. But also the forgetfulness that leads to accusation of mind games the stink the constant dark cloud of getting busted the stigma and the affect the stigma has on the kids. The mood swings I could spend prob around 3000 words discussing the affects on other family members but I will keep it brief in saying its not the harmless happy plant ppl make it out to be. In my younger days I was in a relationship with someone who smoked it in the evenings and socially. And I've recently ended a relationship with someone who smoked it all day every day. And both were as equally moody, especially when they'd run out, verbally nasty, completelly paranoid over gettin grassed up. Over apparent "mind games" within our relationship. Its a SHIT drug that if it was to be legalised then all drugs should be legalised because is ill affects and its impact on social and family life is no way less severe that other class A and class B Drugs

    1. bhasday

      Maybe your friend is just an idiot and or has a mental illness, those are pre-existing conditions that can be made worse by cannabis smoking, but to say that cannabis caused it is ridiculous.

    2. Josh

      to cazzy: any addiction will most likely lead to problems in a relationship. when a person chooses their addiction over their relationship it just shows A: their either addicted or B: they dont value the relationship. if your partner was a sex addict their probably would actually be mind games being played and a constant struggle over their relationship, to choose to be straight or give into their addiction. recreational use dosent hold you back but when it turns into a lifestyle and you cant get through a day without thinking about or doing it thats when its usually is a problem. "use over abuse" is my motto.

  14. Abdullah

    "I only use PURE BUD" that is one cool grandma!

  15. cyberdog

    Gill, now there I completely and utterly disagree with you. The media likes to portray that image to us, this sells their news and in turn fills their pockets. The reality is that there is only a handful of people that are monsters, and the majority of them work for (or run) the governments and massive financial institutes. They are the ones who make up this crap, and the ones who start wars to fill their pockets.

    That's the scary part. Yet they want us all to believe that everyone cannot be trusted. I Believe that the more people actually trust each other, the more they will realize where the real problem is, that we do not need governments and other dictatorial organizations like religions. These only benefit a handful. These absurd laws created against things like marijuana just highlight the power and thinking of some of these people. People work very well together naturally. Governments, and dictatorial people have taken advantage of peoples trust and fears, and used it to their benefit.

    Creating phantom scenarios like terrorism, and using that to f*ck with peoples minds into believing that they are doing some bizarre form of good by killing and destroying other peoples lives. It reminds me of a serial killer, killing in gods name, fully believing that he is only doing good. When you are in the war of terrorism and the war against drugs, it all makes perfect sense. Yet when you take a step back, and look at it from an outside perspective, or look at it holistically, all I can say is... WTF?

    Then, while I am still in AWE, the financial institutes and the government people and their associates come along and try to shoot the messenger... WOW. If I had to behave in the same way, and do the same as the governments, I would be serving multiple life sentences. WOW!

  16. gill

    lets face it this world is scary and most people are not nice so it makes sense to be paranoyed on drugs or off them

  17. ben

    the granny describing how to do a submarine hahaha

  18. taoc3010

    while cannabis can cause psychiatric symptoms (largely down to the strong skunk strains) there is a new mental health crisis growing in the UK: Amphetamine, the war on drugs in the media has led to more people turning to the (mistaken belief) that Amphetamine is a safer high, sadly however, Amphetamine massively increases the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, inducing temporary psychosis for the duration of the "high"

    I can confirm from my psychiatric team (being schizophrenic myself) that their admissions for drug induced psychosis has seen a massive increase in Amphetamine related psychosis with the Cannabis related admissions rapidly dwindling over the last 2 years

  19. CyberDog

    An interesting observation ...

    Would this paranoia and psychosis [sic] occur if cannabis was not illegal?

    The paranoia as well as the mind altered views and other symptoms are more likely to be created by the anti-drug campaigns which has the sole purpose of [successfully] creating this paranoia and fear. By targeting your fears, and using the media to alter your state of mind as well as your perceptions of what is real, through lies and deceit.

    If these symptoms are truly effects of cannabis, then areas such as those in Holland where it is legal, should logically have the highest rate of psychotic and paranoid people on the planet. I'm stumped about not seeing any reports of this... anywhere ...

    As far as the addiction side, I stopped smoking cannabis after approximately 10 years of very heavy usage, without any problems, or side effects. Simple, I just decided to stop smoking it, and that was it. I can not say the same for nicotine, it took me another ten years of absolute hell to finally stop smoking cigarettes. And you want to see psychotic, try get some rational reasoning out of someone trying to rehabilitate from nicotine.

    In hindsight, I will not think twice about smoking weed on occasion. Cigarettes, I do not wish that hell on anyone.

    The whole making cannabis illegal aspect, in my honest opinion, is totally bizarre. And is clearly motivated by agenda's other than the public's health. Admit it, the governments have f***** with your minds once again. And are lying to you. I find it hard to believe that people are still so gullible and dumb to believe the lies. And it is blatant lie after blatant lie after blatant lie.

    And please save the pothead bullsh*t, I have not smoked cannabis in at least ten years.

  20. Balkan

    good documentary.the part about skunk is true.its too strong

  21. khiril

    wow brits must have small G's a 1/8 would last me 3 and 1/2 days

  22. JD

    "“Marijuana is known to cause anger in those who DON’T use it.” Does that even make sense? Most people in rehab are their for weed, sorry to break the reality to ya."

    Actually Mike, the reason that more people are in rehab for weed (which is true) is because it is usually court mandated in order to get a lighter (more reasonable) sentence from the judge.

    The completely hypocritical thing about that is then the powers that be will turn around and use that very statistic that they created through cour mandates and say "see, so many people are in rehab for weed. We can't make it leagal because it's dangerous"

  23. DG

    i think as long as you have a method for your madness you'll be pretty much ok, take the beatles and hendrix for example, they loved lsd aswell

  24. Phil

    I have been smoking cannabis for 20 years and am a successful businessman with a great life. The last person to die of cannabis was when a crate of it fell on a man in a dockyard and crushed him. People who suffer psychosis and paranoid delusions would have done without the use of cannabis. They are just blaming the cannabis. I have at least 20 friends who smoke it and none of them or any of their friends have ever had any such problems. It's all scare tactics - cannabis is great!.

    1. Ammar Salim


  25. Chelsea G

    I been smoking Marijuana for 5 years.. i have friends who prefer other drugs like XTC and Alcohol.. and ive NEVER tried anything other than weed.. ever! even tho i am around it a lot.. i am just not interested.. i am not curious at all.. and let me tell u.. ive seen ppl do extremely dumb things under the influence of alcohol.. ive never seen anyone do something stupid that they later regret under the influence of Marijuana.. which is why i dont drink or do any other drugs... cus ive seen friends do stupid things under the influence of other substances that they truly wish they hadn't done... I am also in college.. i had AP classes in high school.. i graduated with honors.. i work.. and i love to read and watch documentaries.. ive never stolen money.. and i have a great relationship wit my family... and yes i been smoking for 5 years =] since i was a junior in high school.. it never affected my grades.. it did make me more mellow and it made me a thinker.. wen i smoke wit my fellow pot smoker friends.. we just talk =] and i love that.. we just light up a blunt and put it in rotation.. while we smoke we discuss random things.. and just chill.. and relax.. then i go home.. i have an amazing dinner.. maybe watch a movie.. then i go to bed.. very normal right? that is why i laugh at all the ignorant ppl who swear that pot makes u stupid and that its bad for u..

  26. Cassio

    Happy 420!

  27. objectivity

    Soap-bar. Smoking vinyl and dogs***! lol!

    Don't know if it's a British thing, but yea soapbar bloody sucks.

    The presenter just came across the whole doc as a smug, uninformed, condescending git but the interviewee's definitely redeemed the show.

    They succeeded in showing how range and diverse cannabis culture is in the UK in contrast to stigma the media portrays it as.

  28. Mauw

    mike k, such people are only in rehabilitation centers because they are faced with an easy choice: go to jail / get kicked out of school or go to a rehabilitation center. this is the only reason why there are so many pot smokers in those centers.

  29. FiveOh

    ATTENTION: My research has recently uncovered a link between psychosis and sunlight. Every single person who has developed a psychotic disorder has had persistent exposure to sunlight throughout there life. If you care about your children at all please teach them about the evils of sunlight. Thank you.

  30. zzz

    People can abuse anything: plain drinking water, food obviously since there are so many obese people, they can have too much sex, too much cigars, they can spend too much time sun bathing and get skin cancer,...alcohol....You name it and you can understand what i`m getting at.

    Besides that, people react differently to everything. Someone will keel over and die from a handful of peanuts if they`re allergic, someone will stuff their face with peanuts and then have some more.Do we have to ban peanuts then because some dumb-shit ate them when he was allergic? If something is not good for you that doesn't mean you should force other people to avoid it too and people shouldn't be so afraid and forcefully oblivious to a whole array of issues especially when parenting and in general when talking to other people.

    Is it better to keep it banned, keep it quiet and hope your children, for instance, don`t use it or is it better to let them know about it at the right time not by scarring them with repercussions but by informing them on the good and bad and teaching them how to think critically about everything and not just prescribing to something that is widely accepted.

  31. WaDe

    All i can really say is, if ur a nut job before smoking it... what do you expect?

  32. Katerpult

    nice doc, nice people!

  33. DakkaDakkaDakka

    Excellent documentary, well worth a watch.

    Since there is an off docu-argument ill jump in :D

    To round up:-
    Generally speaking doing somthing illegal, you will be paranoid. (It makes alot of sense to not want to get caught doing somthing that you would be punnished for)
    If somone offered you a joint in las Vegas and told you there is manditory prison sentances for a joint, would you or would you not be paranoid?

    If you went to amsterdam where it is not illegal to have a joint and were handed one, would you feel paranoid?

    If you thought your mother would disown you and your father would beat you whist quoting Ezekiel 25:17 (The one thats quoted by samuel jackson in pulp fiction)
    Would you not be paranoid?

    Its a matter of situation, education and common sense.
    If your a parent who would kick off that your son/daughter/dwarf was if you caught them smoking then you are soley responsible, get off your soap box stop preaching and listen to your kids for fuc*sa*e

    If your smoking in las vegas, becareful this is bat country.

    As for psychois, there have been certain cannaboids (THC is the main cannaboid in cannabis) that have been found to have anti-psychotic properties, along with some being found to aid caner and aids patients in recovery from medication.
    And so a more logical statement would be, certain compounds found in cannabis may lead to psychological problems but this IS unconfirmed.

    If its so good why is it banned then? because you cannot patent a plant. The pharmaceutical industy makes its money from man made drugs that can be patented. Bullcrap you say?
    Do the searching yourself, look for synthetic cannaboid patents and you will soon learn that major pharma companies are producing patentable compounds that are present in cannabis.

    If you havent watched the doc dont post comments, theres a forum for all your soapboxneeds.

  34. jim

    "if however, you notice something in someones behaviour that you hadn’t previously noticed due to an altered awareness and it indicates you cant trust them or they don’t like you or something like that it may affect you later on if whatever you have thought still makes sense to you after the drug. this is of course not the drugs fault, if its not true its the persons fault for being of a ‘paranoid’ mindset to be inclined to believe those sort of things, if it is true it should be considered helpful, but unfortunately for some reason in our society it is normal to think too highly of yourself and that everyone likes you even if its not true but if you think most people don’t like you theres something wrong with you even if it is true."

    Thats what happenes to me every time i smoke. IT's killing me

  35. yavanna

    Its amazing how many people have authoritative views about something they have f*** all experience of. Keep reading Pravda peeps.

  36. nick_kcin

    cannabis is a psychoactive drug so it changes the way you think and percieve things for a short period of time, and if these changes in perception make sense to you after the drug has worn off then you'll incorporate that into your everyday mindset

    for example if you get paranoid that the cops are outside because you heard a car door shut down the street somewhere you're hardly going to be freaking out every time a car door shuts for the rest of your life, the drug wears off and you laugh about it.
    if however, you notice something in someones behaviour that you hadn't previously noticed due to an altered awareness and it indicates you cant trust them or they don't like you or something like that it may affect you later on if whatever you have thought still makes sense to you after the drug. this is of course not the drugs fault, if its not true its the persons fault for being of a 'paranoid' mindset to be inclined to believe those sort of things, if it is true it should be considered helpful, but unfortunately for some reason in our society it is normal to think too highly of yourself and that everyone likes you even if its not true but if you think most people don't like you theres something wrong with you even if it is true.

  37. matt

    sorry to dissapoint but there is no scientific evidence cannabis causes any of the problems, but there is evidence is helps with pain releif ect, cannabis is not harmful it kills 0 people a year, people who have smoked cannabis and who experience paranoia, mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks and psychosis, often have big problems before the cannabis, and the weed shouldnt be to blame.
    Nothin But The Truth
    Smokin for 10 years

  38. sabs

    Cannabis can cause paranoia and psychosis.. people who deny it are ignorant. I don't think that its as physically damaging as alcohol though.

  39. Dick

    Who says being weak minded isnt biological/genetic?
    People have the "holy-shit-burn-the-narcotics" mentality.
    Face it. People are in 'rehab' for everything. People are rehabilitated after addiction to cheeseburgers, there is always going to be people who cant handle there shit. The difference between the everyday pot smoking person and the silly stoner stereotype that has gone insane from the violent hallucinations induced from 'skunk' marihuana, is that some people don't physically and mentally agree with the reefer.
    Peanuts have been killing allergy affected persons for years, the time is nigh, we must illegalize peanuts before our children start playing with fire in a metaphorical nut sense.

  40. ollie

    cannabis is not physically addictive so if your addicted you are weak in the mind hence you should not touch it + psychosis only happens to 1 in 10000 ppl as for the saying cannabis cause`s anger in other my god that is so true you cant believe it as a frequent user i have never had any health issues physical or mental i am not lazy in fact i work over a 100 hours a week as a chef + how many ppl are in these rehab places because of alcohol i rest my point free the weed.

  41. corneilius

    When folks speak about addiction, paranoia etc ... most focus on the person by saying he or she is weak, and on the substance by saying it made him her that way. And avoid the obvious societal factors in both addictive distraction behaviour, personal anxiety and paranoia. We live in a culture that CONTROLS. The worst offenders are those whose 'cure' allows to to fit into a sick society, because they choose to be blind to others experience.... to protect their egos from the awakening - from the truth that society, as currently organised, is at the root of much emotional distress and trauma.

  42. Karenep

    If one needs anything outside like drugs to to have peace and joy then they are only chasing after the wind like riches, material things, illicit sex, alchohol, gambling, fame etc. True peace and joy will come from the inside and will not be affected by circumstances on the outside. I am glad I have the peace that surpasses all understanding and the joy that knows no bounds in my Lord!

  43. Rip

    If ppl are in rehab for weed, then they have poor will power to simply stay away from smokers and dealers. As soon as these 'pot addicts' (lol) return to the same geographical area, they will immediately return to their 'addiction' (lol) I'm a daily pot smoker, have been for 20 years. After watching some pot docs, I tested myself and quit for 4 days (lol, ya real long, i know) but anyhow, other than a poor appetite and NO motivation, there was not a single problem. On the 5th day I got high as hell. I do it for fun now and call them tolerance breaks!! yEEHAAA smoke away- gotta go roll a salad. Certainly, marijuana is known to cause anger in those who don't use it- OUT OF JEALOUSY, SPITE, AND COMMON SENSE tells them they SHOULD be smoking it!!!

  44. Graham

    I disagree that a person who succumbs to the addiction and paranoia/anxity/psychosis is "weak minded". I myself only smoked for around 2-3 years but it caused massive amounts of damage due to the fact that I had undiagnosed, untreated ADHD-PI which causes a high substance abuse risk and thus a higher chance of paranoia/anxiety/psychosis.

  45. Mike

    weak-minded people? That has absolutely nothing to do with addiction. Addiction has everything to do with biology. If you have history of addiction in your family you are at a stronger risk of addiction than others who do not have this hereditary element.What is the psychological cause of psychosis? If psychosis can be surmounted by simple will or restraint in use, why dont people simply stop? IT has nothing to do with weak and strong mindedness, because those terms are very subjective.

  46. Nyax

    forgot to mention (it's pretty obvious to me but just in case), like it has mentioned in the docu., psychosis, or apparent psychosis is extremly rare in cannabis user, and could be attributed to other causes in some if not many cases. The paranoia that can come with being too stoned is short lived and might just be a good deterrent to important abuse of cannabis.

  47. Nyax

    most people in rehab for weed are there because the other alternative is jail. And Marijuana do causes paranoia and states that could be diagnosed as psychosis, but the cause isn't physical but psychological. Abuse of any drug can potentially lead to health problems, and as the psychosis has a psychological cause, it can be surmounted by simple will or restraint in use. Weak minded people are obviously going to be more affected by psychoactive drugs than more balanced persons.

    Reasonable dosage and frequency, friendly setting, knowledge of risks and effects can go a long way in preventing harm in recreational drug use, and that is any drug from alcohol to PCP.

    Of course some drugs have harmful side effects that are inevitable even through careful use (nicotine, cocaine, almost any opiates, solvents) and that is why knowledge of risk and effect is the best way to ensure people will not use the more harmful drugs or even worse "no return" drugs (I'm thinking of intravenous drugs mainly), and that they will use other drugs responsibly.

    Sadly there is no cure for stupidity and people will keep doing stupid things with drugs legal or not. But legalization would ensure accurate, cleaner doses and information.

  48. Mike K

    "Marijuana is known to cause anger in those who DON’T use it." Does that even make sense? Most people in rehab are their for weed, sorry to break the reality to ya.

  49. Not ignorant anymore

    To the poster above, your comments are bullshit. Marijuana causes paranoia, mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks and psychosis. Seen it for my own eyes and I've experienced mood swings and anxiety attacks myself so I know what I'm talking about. Took about 15 years of smoking it to get to that stage then I stopped for good. 7 years since I smoked a spliff and I'm no longer the unmotivated lazy moody skint individual I once was but I can't blame you for thinking that way. I used to. Just remember, what goes up must come down!

  50. unimportant

    The part about mental illness, is bull****. People who are in the mental rehabilitation centers are not for there because of cannabis, they are their because of other much more harmful drugs.
    - Marijuana is known to cause anger in those who DON'T use it.

  51. Del

    I really enjoyed this doc. You really see another side of what is thought to be a younger persons choice of relaxation. This is not a drug but a beautiful natural plant with great gifts.