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Swarm: Nature's Incredible Invasions

2009 ,    »  -   24 Comments
Ratings: 8.70/10 from 10 users.

Swarm: Nature's Incredible InvasionsThis documentary reveals the awe-inspiring world of animal swarms, discovering what happens when super-swarms invade people’s lives and, using the latest camera techniques, going to the heart of the swarm to reveal how the creatures therein view our world.

Real-life footage from camcorders and mobile phones captures the amazing impact they can have. Killer bees mount an attack on an international football match in Costa Rica; in the US the Illinois River boils with leaping silver carp, an alien species that has hijacked the river, smashing into boats and injuring people.

In South Australia a sea of mice raids farms, consuming and destroying in their millions on a scale that defies belief. The largest swarm on Earth erupts from Lake Victoria: trillions of flies blanket villages but the locals have learned to turn the swarm into a highly nutritious fly burger. In Rome, cameras fly alongside ten million starlings, the largest swarm in Europe. Their mesmeric waves stop many residents in their tracks, but as they roost they smother the city in tons of excrement.

One man has learned to control the ultimate swarm. He has become their ‘queen bee’ with startling results, learning to control what most people fear and to understand one of the most incredible forces of nature.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. JK

    Great documentary!
    Are we, humans a super swarm?, like those birds in Rome :D

  2. Eric

    Very good one!

  3. ryan

    Wow! Great bit of 90 degree high resolution chase cam in this and some things i didn't know were possible until now.

  4. coyote03

    amazing stuff! The scene where they blew up 100,000 birds in Africa was wild, it shows how intricately their nests are built in order to attract a mate, then boom! Sometimes we gotta keep populations in check (especially when we've contributed in some way to their growth), I'm sure animal lovers will enjoy that part! The bird swarms in Rome were really cool also, I had no idea those took place, the amount of bird sh*t was ridiculous!

  5. ez2b12

    Finally something that is not a conspiracy that we can watch and talk intelligently about. Thanks Vlatko, i was getting really disillusioned with all the conpiracy stuff on here lately, i welcome some good old science.

  6. Achems Razor

    Agree with ez2b12, on this.

    Seems to me I saw this a long time ago, but will watch again.

  7. ez2b12

    @ Achem

    yeah, but at least you had the sense not to get too involved in the whole conspiracy discussion. I jumped in and now can not get out, even though i think it is really silly and below our collective intelligence level to even be discussing such non-sense. i guess I learned a valuable lesson, trying to take these conspiracies from these people is like trying to take a bone from a bull dog.

    As far as this doc, I watched it last night on satelite. It is good, but made my skin crawl in certain spots. Plus i am not that interested in the swarm phenom, I live on a farm where we keep honey bees. So I have seen swarms in person many times. Still a good watch though for those that haven't yet experienced it or watched this doc before.

  8. pantrose

    Bravo! Loved it Loved it Loved it, thank you for the great site.

  9. mowgli

    JK- I would say -yes we are a giant swarm.

  10. Patrick Leonard

    that was better than a horror film, really made my skin crawl

  11. Andrew

    Absolutely amazing.

  12. Ras Khafila

    I live in Bangkok, Thailand with 4 movie channels and a
    news channel that comes included in the rent--total American
    mindless TV, so having a chance to watch these docs really
    gives me hope for visual entertainment and for learning about

  13. Michael

    I would highly recommend reading:
    The Swarm: A Novel of the Deep by Frank Schatzing

    About how nature, in particular the oceans, strike back at human abuses. Prescient fiction based on fact.

  14. Samusakis

    Damn I'd like to try that bee-suit!

  15. kittybrat

    This was a wonderful documentary. Thank you.

  16. ashbreaksstuff

    I wonder how that guy gets the bees off at the end of the day....

  17. Reasons Voice

    That guy really did just blow up 100,000 birds at once. No one let PETA know about this guy. hahaha

  18. Joh Doe

    I just wonder why dont they eat the birds instead. Sure it takes time to prepare a meal from such a small bird but it's edible protein.

  19. dustin

    I'm a big man that walks without fear just about anywhere but you gotta fear the swarm!!!

  20. Charles B.

    I'd eat one of those midge fly burgers! Wow! That was interesting. I was wondering why they just didn't eat those birds too. Here in Asia, they eat ricefield rats for the same reason; they're eating us out of crop and home, so we'll just eat them! Simple.

  21. Elle

    o they said on next episode we look at alien mind controlling swarm i want see more swarm u have link to more swarm plz u can post again here again plz swarm plz k thanx

  22. Ramus

    Anyone else feel their skin crawl while watching this?

  23. Nikita Kade

    Frightening! Fantastic! Where is Part Two??

  24. Nikita Kade

    Not just my skin, Ramus...the mouse invasion had my stomach in a big ball of burn...

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