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2006, Technology  -   128 Comments
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TechnocalypsAre we prepared for dealing with the prospect that humanity is not the end of evolution?

Technocalyps is an intriguing three-part documentary on the notion of trans-humanism by Belgian visual artist and filmmaker Frank Theys.

The latest findings in genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, bionics and nanotechnology appear in the media every day, but with no analysis of their common aim: that of exceeding human limitations.

The director conducts his inquiry into the scientific, ethical and metaphysical dimensions of technological development. The film includes interviews by top experts and thinkers on the subject worldwide.

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128 Comments / User Reviews

  1. This is old science fiction. The thinking is, I guess, is that science will conquer death. Maybe it will but I don't expect it in my lifetime. I was always intrigued by DeChardin's idea of the Omega Point. His theory merged Catholicism with evolution by proposing that progress occurred in incremental jumps and that Jesus Christ represented the next leap forward in our species of homo spaiens. The problem lies in Christ's supposed celibacy. Sounds nutz, but who knows.

  2. lover of Mr.Theys presentations and a believer in a higher power, I try not to limit my interpretation of the possibilities which would seem to an insult to my higher power,whose powers and wisdom I believe to be limitess.

  3. Fascinating and thought-provoking documentary. Watched first 2 parts, looking forward to the third. It's clear there are no easy ethical answers to how to proceed from here. But I agree 100% with the opinion that this kind of progress in AI cannot (and should not) be stopped. We just need to grow up and mature as a species as quickly as possible so we can handle the phenomenal responsibility of our technology, and create it in a way that maximizes the potential that the AI doesn't want to destroy humanity. I find it interesting that so many people assume that an AI super-intelligence would necessarily be inhumane or cruel. I believe that anger, hatred, and violence are baggage of our own biology. It is not inherent to intelligence in general. To think that seems profoundly ignorant and short-sighted.

  4. There is nothing wrong with being bionic lots of people already are it doesnt make you any less human

  5. machine men with machine minds

  6. -500 years ago when "Humans" entered the new world, it was not a good outcome for the "Natives"
    According to this brilliant documentary natives are not human.

  7. It pisses me off that the discussion below is this usual debate about religious people and ideas contra atheist people and their assumed views. Please step out of it people.

    This film Is touching a very serious problem and its not gonna matter if we believe in god or science when a small but powerful part of humanity is creating machines (or whatever) that could destroy everything we love and depend on in the blink of an eye, if they would want to... Does anyone even suggest that this next state in technology could be controlled? If scientists manage to create intelligence significantly greater than ours it seems rediculus to think that the fysical entity of this intellect would not find a way to rebuild and reproduce as it pleases itself to do.

    How can these people think that they would be included in that joyride? thats just pathetic to me. I dont know what is best or anything but I do smell a serious threat to our lives and our potential childrens lives if the research discussed in this film is advancing as fast as they say. How will we be able to kill a "machine" that is built by a mind 10 times our capacity?

    1. fysical? I threw out your entire comment as soon I read this.

  8. Really liked the videos, very life enlightmenting

  9. you all wrong. this films aren't good at all, there missing a lot unanswered questions, questions that where never asked; if so called future, maid by as/them self, Gods will spike with there intelligence, learn everything what is to learn about our world, use every available resources to improve them self, do you thing they will stick around and do nothing? or they maybe go explore rest of the universe find next interesting planet, learn everything, use every resources and go to explore again! Don't forget, every race in every planet in every universe will fight for survival. Now thing, do really we want to create such monstrosity!? End of human race is obvious, we are simply born as competitive race ( read below posts and you see ) every one want to be right even at the cost of majority. People race will extinct in one or another way.
    So intelligent and so stupid at this same time plus people are blind, because this way is simpler to "life". I don't see any way to save as, sad but true.

  10. The first 2 were good, the third was absolute garbage

  11. Why are people thinking about religion as black & white, as believers and non believers? Ive gone from christian to atheist and now converted buddhist (not the "new" buddhism but the budhism buddha taught)

    @hyestack: I really like your points, but why see atheists as brute animals who only follow instinct? You say atheists doesnt know god? well what about this monk I met, he dedicated his life to his religion but was now an atheist. Surely you cannot say he knows nothing of god?
    And you acknowledge that humans are the bad link in religion which I agree, but then you must also acknowledge that parts of the religious texts are created by man and can therefor be very misleading. Like how the bible says to stone gay ppl to death. Surely in this is not something "god" (if he exists) wants, rather I see it as a pervert translation my mere humans.

    Can you not see the healing properties of being a believer in this harsh world of ours? And the wars fought for our religions were not for the gods but for ourselves. When the kings of europe explored the world they sent preachers to spread the word of christ. Do you think these Kings were interested in that or to establish trade routes, get control over people, make the country stronger?

    Religion has like Hyestack says, a set of rules that are better than the animals we call men. But men use them for all the wrong reasons. Therefor I Do not believe man is able to hold the religious believs of today because the message gets to mixed, and like Achems says; if we havent succeded in 2000 years (3000) with a true religion we probably never will.
    But how about atheism who believe in the faulty human? Well its a good beliefe cause it attends to only what you can see, our reality and can adress the problems, while religion sees everything through their religous "veil" However that veil have "transhuman" properties and might be a better goal than that of atheism. But Atheism has shown some good outcome the past 500 years, the creation of EU and coperation of nations to now form a earth that is more stable then ever before (wars) However the trade and economy has created a "monster" that can only survive if we keep expanding, which obviously is not possible and destroy the earth.

    I find myself torn between two ideas, one going back to nature and focus on living fulfilling happy lives. Or the other we pursue technology and make a better human species.

    to recap: humans are not wise enough to use the greater goals of religion, but our animal instincts are to destructive for us to rule.

    I am slightly leaning towards creating a better human becase:
    Current humans follow nature, nature consumes. Every species try to grow as dominating as possible, and nature makes sure they dont. But nature could not stop the advancement of the human mind.
    But all life takes energy from the sun and gives nothing back. The sun will eventually die with the rest of the suns in the universe and all life will die. Rather than following the natural course I believe humans can ascend over it, break away from it and create something else.

    My buddhism training is yet to make me see the truth of this but by seeing clearly I hope to one day find it :)

    by the way, sorry for my misspelings: english is not my native language and while I speak it, I do not write it ;-)

  12. Why dont we make robots better than man, and i dont mean add numbers faster, I mean act better. We are trying to make robots in our image, that means another type of being who will create war, persecute differences, kill and maim for a form of currency, abuse resources and create a robot form of American Idol. That sound horrible. We love saying that robots one day will take over, but really think about it. Who's to say they wont, how will we create machines without human error, when they are designed by humans. We have f****d up almost everything we've touched, its feasible to think that we will continue to do so.

  13. Bottom line: ANYTHING created by humans or anything that has human input involved is condemned to failcorruptiondestruction etc. etc. because of our sinful nature.Christ will return in all His Glory, with wrath that surpass all knowledge and comprehension.Judge every man according to his actions,being payed their dues, and sentence The Great Deceiver to hell.Rom2:16 On that day when, as my Gospel proclaims, God by Jesus Christ will judge men in regard to [g]the things which they conceal (their hidden thoughts).Romans 3:10-19 10As it is written, None is righteous, just and truthful and upright and conscientious, no, not one.11No one understands [no one intelligently discerns or comprehends]; no one seeks out God.12All have turned aside; together they have gone wrong and have become unprofitable and worthless; no one does right, not even one!13Their throat is a yawning grave; they use their tongues to deceive (to mislead and to deal treacherously). The venom of asps is beneath their lips.14Their mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.15Their feet are swift to shed blood.16Destruction [as it dashes them to pieces] and misery mark their ways.17And they have no experience of the way of peace [they know nothing about peace, for a peaceful way they do not even recognize].18There is no [reverential] fear of God before their eyes.19Now we know that whatever the Law says, it speaks to those who are under the Law, so that [the murmurs and excuses of] every mouth may be hushed and all the world may be held accountable to God.Rev 22:12-13 12Behold, I am coming soon, and I shall bring My wages and rewards with Me, to repay and render to each one just what his own actions and his own work merit.13I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last (the Before all and the End of all).

    1. @Christiaan Dantel du Plessis:

      Since you say..."Bottom line: ANYTHING created by humans or anything that has human input involved is condemned to failcorruptiondestruction etc. etc."

      Since your, and all religion in the world was a "HUMAN" creation, powered by "HUMAN" input, it stands to reason that all religions by your standards (you said it) should fail also, Hallelujah!! can't wait for that great happening! This planet is to top heavy with religee's!

    2. That may be so, but religion constrains all of the horrible behavior of man, such as murder, theft, anger, persecution, jealousy, hate, revenge. Thats a good thing. Thou religion may be man made, atleast it tries to rid us of bad man made attributes. We act too high and mighty as Humans, we need a higher power to fear, thats y we havent killed all of ourselves over the years. Most of the world is religious, and just as we humans have taken advantage of, and squandered every resource we have created, so to the precious Religion. The human in us will always try to do what we want, but have we become the spoiled unruly children of the universe, and you atheists arent helping.

    3. @Hyestack:

      What? read your post!... "religion constrains all of the horrible behaviour of man, such as murder, theft, anger, persecution, jealousy, hate revenge."??

      Then you know nothing about your religion, read the OT! your god not only condones such actions but demands it!

      "Us atheists aren't helping"?? The only time the human race can be rid of what you have mentioned above in your post is when all you religee's finally float away to your rapture!

    4. "Then you know nothing about your religion"- Atheists dont know about religion. Thats why their Atheists.

      "your god not only condones such actions but demands it"- thats what humans do, Atheists dont believe in god, so how is god demanding them to do these things as well.
      Even Islam preaches some forms of peace. Its our misunderstanding and unwillingness to follow these religions that we War and murder, these things religion teaches against, so how can you say its religions fault.
      Let me guess, you think because wars have been in "the name of religion" that they must have caused by teachings of religion, when in actuality its mans avoidance of these morals that cause wars (among other things). Again its id**tic to think that man is following instructions to steal, kill, destroy nature, and hate because of religion. Its real easy for you atheists, you dont have to believe s***, so you have no burdens. And when you do believe, its in science that is often FALLIBLE, and often changes according to new discovery. You cannot replicate Einsteins theory (not saying hes wrong) but because the scientific community does, you agree and you believe. You Atheists only believe in man; a species that kills its neighbors for a material gain (fellow man and animal), the very things religion preaches against. Atheists believe alright, after all they are human, but instead of a healthy mixture of scientific advancement and religious moral guide lines, it just one.

      News Flash Atheists; Man can do wrong, and we do all the time. But religion is the only man made device we can use to simply "not do wrong", that is if we follow it purely of course. So Atheists; ones who believe in scientific experiments, get out of our way so we can see if the following of a religion of peace is possible while being the vile creatures that we are. And maybe we'll get back to you on that.

    5. Religion is the only man made device made so we can do no wrong"??

      Like I said, read your man made horror books the old testament and quran about your man made atrocious gods that want man to do atrocious things to man in the name of their gods and religion. It is all a scam, the greatest story's ever told.

    6. "Religion is the only man made device made so we can do no wrong"- YES!

      I know u think cause in the middle east they kill people for religion (i know its horrible right) but it only proves my point about mans judgement. Apparently in the Quran it says to love people from other religions and try to convert peacefully. But of course this is not the case right now, Mans Judgment. It just proves that Some religions say to defend or convert, But in the books of beautifully poignant metaphors (even to this day), it doesnt mean kill to defend or kill to convert. Like I said, its man who may read and think kill but that would contradict the religions message in the first place. And humans do love contradictions.

      A story told is better than the lack of a story told

    7. All religions and all gods 28,000,000 gods in recorded history and the thousands of god's and religions as we speak are all man made, all invisible, strictly in the mind, not seen and not real, even your jesus did not exist, no real empirical records. It's a scam!

    8. R u even reading what im writing, I said plenty of times that man made religion is the best and only way of defeating the ravenous and murderous tendencies of man . You debate whether Jesus was real (there is evidence) there are plenty of documentaries that prove it, there is even proof of his existence from the Romans and other non believers that persecuted him. You debate his existence, but never wonder if it matters, (it doesnt) because u never mention the qualities he exemplified, and words he preached, would literally solve the worlds problems, if we listened instead of debated. The 28,000,000 gods did what they were meant to do, the societies that worshiped these gods were afraid to harm the nature that supported them (native americans), they understood the importance of sacrifice for peace (Budapest), they traded knowledge with others with humanitarian missions (christian), and they offered piece of mind while providing unity and support in the community (catholics). Just to name a few.

      Scam huh, well it seams this scam has humbly bettered human exsistance. Science was supposed to help but instead we have thousands of nuclear weapons ready to go, with the launch buttons cradling the fingers of murderous man. God help us all

    9. My simple reply is that if your so called man made religions have not solved any of mans ills and tribulations by now it never will, so what good is your man made religions that do not work.

      Your Jesus existed you say? then show me the proof besides your so called docs that say he does.

      This is my last comment to you about religion on this doc. if you want to talk about religion, go to a religious doc.

    10. This Doc had alot of religion in it. Again I dont think your reading my posts, I said it doesnt matter if jesus existed because hes a far better role model that an Atheist's lack of one. I say he is real, you say hes not, but it doesnt matter, because he was smarter than any scientist because he was trying to save us from ourselves and not discover a new planet we will never reach.

      Just because I painted a bleek picture of the human race , it doesnt mean religion doesnt work, it has and it will continue to. But we dont like rules, so we dont have discipline. We are juggling our destructive human nature and the religions that teach against them. We will almost always choose the easy way (science). So what im saying is that Man is the weakest link, not religion. You better give respect to what you dont understand. Even your grandparents and great grandparents were religious, so you are undermining the judgments that made u. If you dont believe, its cool, actually id rather you not, but its idiotic to discount the power and benefit religion has givin us humans.

    11. atheists do not lack role models - have you ever talked to an atheist? we just choose ones that actually exist.

      religion is trying to save us from ourselves. yeah, that's worked out SO well in the last 2000 years. religions makes more trouble than it's worth.

    12. I am an agnostic, but I enjoyed this post. I heard about a study in the States where they quizzed atheists, agnostics and devout religious people on religion and the religious people scored the absolute lowest. Atheists actually scored the highest and new more about all religions than the religious

    13. I've heard about this a few times and every time i hear it i giggle - i love the idea that theists have no idea what they're actually worshiping :3

      they say, the bible is the main reason we have atheists! you want to stop believing in god, read it! XD

  14. Several prophecies were told by the prophet of Islam (Mohammad) about the end of time, when a false messiah (anti-Christ) will come. After watching all three parts of this documentary I could not but notice many similarities between the characteristics of this anti-Christ described in these prophecies and the up-coming technology in near future that could be available. For example this false messiah or anti-Christ would be able to give life to the dead; he would be so fast that his one foot would be in Medina city and the other foot would be in Jerusalem city (1000 miles+), he would command the clouds to pour rain where ever he would wish and he would order the earth to vomit all its precious minerals and grain in one go. He would show God like powers to mankind and deceive them. His supporters would get rich and the ones who oppose him would be destroyed. Even the faithful to God would feel difficulty facing him and they are advised to run and hide into the caves or jungle, otherwise they would change their faith….so much is the power behind him to prove the mankind that he is the only savior. He would be one eyed person and no one would be able to challenge him except true messiah or Jesus Christ, who would come back to earth and finish him in Jerusalem city. This and many other prophecies related to false messiah are written in the books of Islam.
    Also, I have never read or heard this statement anywhere that “You could know your God by science”. The statement, I can recall is that “you could recognize your Lord by his signs around you”.
    And yes one more prophecy about the end of time….”bear foot, poor Bedouins (Arabs) would get rich and compete with each other for making taller buildings”.
    Just thought it might be helpful.

  15. why cant they just turn our "JUNK" DNA back on? is it because the illuminati invented both religion and control/suppress science?

  16. I don't see what the surprise or the shock is since most of these ideas are shared by other academics through scholarly articles and also presented in other documentaries, ie ideas of trans-humanism and the singularity. Furthermore, the people interviewed in these documentaries have academic backgrounds, ie researchers, engineers, and scientist, relevant to the documentary with a few exceptions like Audry De Gray who has only a BS in computer science, and the probably the guy suggesting drugs use.

    1. Wait... am I understanding you right? Are you saying computer science is not relevant to this documentary? O_o

  17. I'm not going to argue weather the document portrait a "good" future or a "bad" future for us because I thing it's both. But the people who are making this happen come to me as: dysfunction GEEKS, with mess-up priorities and view of life.

  18. This documentary and some of the people in it were a bit disturbing.

    The lady obsessed with body augmentation for asthetics may have a few screws loose upstairs. True advancement would lessen the need for all humans to be cover girls, look at the damage it already does to young people. Now imagine those people changing their DNA every year to fit the new trend, you can't tell me that isn't going to have some sort of effect, at the very least psychologically. They can't even make a drug without 100 side effects, I certainly wouldn't trust them changing my DNA.

    I think the idea of AI if practiced properly is far superior than turning ourselves into machines or mutants. If people can't do AI responsibly maybe they should go with virtual intelligence instead.

  19. One thing i know for sure : nature always turns out to be far more weird strange, beautiful, interesting, sweet, violent, awesome than any possible human prediction.

  20. Totally frightening BS imagined my megalomaniacs who have no idea how precious humanity is, and the incredible intricacies to which is has evolved. Even death and decay are important. Utopic inhuman propaganda. I like the BLOOD IN MY VEINS and the knowledge that i will DIE one day. Death is the best insurer of life after all.

    These people are essentially saying that our backward world society is capable, responsible and knowledgeable enough of taking the reigns of billions of years of our natural evolution?... Are they meth heads or junkies? i vote both.

    Obsolete at birth? These people value human life like a commodity.

    I cant wait till these disgusting unenlightened people actually have some success, so they can watch their Frankenstein creation run rampant and fail horribly.

    1. Well then enjoy your dying.. but it's foolish and nearsighted to ignore the natural evolution of the computational machines.

    2. Why would I need to go through your concepts of intricacies ? please go preach your communistic views to someone naive enough to listen you. That's the thing, you can't wait ... your precious intricacies will 'kill' you long before you will be able to satisfy your sadistic need to see others fail.

  21. Pretentious megalomaniacs, do these people honestly feel they have mastered the art/science of being human.

    They will simply shed the "mortal coil" and declare themselves gods... absurd. Just because you have read a first aid manual you should not declare yourself a neurosurgeon.

    I can see it now, all the lowly, who hopefully still have the choice of retaining their natural form, being visited by these self proclaimed gods... isn't that a bit old hat? I believe the Greeks and Romans had their reality shaken a bit by these "teachers", and all too human these gods presented themselves to be.

    If "Man is the measure of all things", these "harbingers" had "better measure twice, cut once", they won't get a second chance. Life is NOT a video game.

    Remove a sentient being's conscience and provide them with unlimited resources they simply become ceo's of huge corporations. Since the elite will surely be the first to want to "transmigrate" so to speak, endued with their god like powers, whom do you think they will seek to control? They won't want competition, after all how many gods does one universe need?

    1. Decent points but - Jibber-jabbering on all pseudo-intellectually, on some documentary website, isn't gonna change anything. Go out and do something about it!

  22. What a silly film..."500 years ago, when *humans* entered the new world?" A take two certainly wouldn't have gone amiss - and neither would someone who actually knew what they were talking about. New Age garbage.

  23. I would like to recommend all people to read the book: The death denial by Ernest Becker

  24. So you have no objection to monkeys having there heads attached to different bodies? Or cats being locked into position on a rack for hours then?
    I love science but not cruelty

  25. Great documentary. But it REALLY makes me sick when I see animals treated in that way.


    1. Well, its either this or Auschwitz. Science must press on.

    2. It would be so ironic if you were a meat-eater!
      hahahaa it just makes me think of how ignorant some people can be!

    3. How stupid to say this documentary should be removed due to the animal cruelty it shows. I was somewhat horrified by it as well, but it's research that already happened, and not watching this documentary (or allowing it to be seen) won't fix anything.

  26. I couldn't imagine a weekends fishing trip with these guys, the insane lack of "human" wit disturbs me!!

  27. New World Order propaganda alert!!

  28. Computers can't take over, we'll just set off EMP's. In fact if more people than not become bionic in my lifetime, I just might go around setting of an electromagnetic pulse just to be a dick.

    1. There are more ways to kill a human and leave the machine unscathed, then there are ways for the human to stop the machines without killing himself in the process.

    2. EMP's are easily protected against, all it requires is proper insulation around the circuits. If homicidal robots were smart enough to be taking over I'd wager they would fix that design flaw.

  29. Religion DO NOT make you desire or make you wish to create an omnipotent AI, (the third doc is a bit lunatic! only the first one is factual and best).
    Religion ONLY act as a guide to people to adapt to their ever changing environment.
    It does not envision a godlike AI or singularity, and neither it ever envision a Matrix-like reality, except that these ideas were 'placed' into religion to make sense of the new environment (eg: a sense of surrealism/superficiality and/or dream/hope).

  30. Race will no longer exists and philosophy as a religion? sounds peaceful

    1. Zawadi, that actually sounds like an absolute nightmare. First, racial variation occurred as a result of different environmental factors and social conditioning that consequently caused individual groups of homo sapiens to acquire remarkable different facial features, hair texture, skin pigmentation, and skeletal structure. A substantial amount of anthropological and genetic data suggests racial differences account for sudtle variation in athletic ability, fertility, lifespan, and intelligence. When examined in aggregate these differences correspond identically too the historical and modern status quo of international development, and additionally provide a conclusive explination for the socio-economic inequities that continue to plague ethnically hetrogenous countries. The continued existance of these differences form an inconvient yet scientifically verifiable truth. That said, each race general exceeds each other in either one or two abilities. This fact makes it clear, that while some races are on average marginally more intelligent, athletic, fertile, or healthier that others, no race can validly claim that it is inherently superior.

      Mongrelizing humanity would produce an inter-racial hog-pog of people who lack genes that contain DNA sequences attributal to specific traits that endowed each race with its respective talents. Instead, you produce a world filled with genetic mediocrities, who have no connection that would link individual men and woman with any discernable culture. Consequently, individuals would lack an ethos capable of uniting themselves under a common identity. Internationalism has a historically poor track record for mobolizing the public to sacrifice en mass for allegedly higher principles. Nationalism, by contrast, has arguably been the most influencial force in modern history, due to the simple fact that people readily mobolize to defend their respective communities against external threats. If the world follows your simple suggestion, there will be no distinguishable communities that men will commit great acts of sacrifice, heroism, and galantry to defend, only an amorphous mass of individuals will exist in its place with no finite values, customs, or traditions that forge men into a self-conscious organic communitys.

      The world is interesting because of our differences, and arguably would cease to properly function without the inequities that encourage hierarchial organization and division of labor on both a national and international scale. Culture additionally remains the cornerstone of virtually every society. In the U.S., politicians have promoted multi-culturalism for decades but have repeated failed to psychologically nueter the natural ethno-centric impulses of the majority of Caucasians. In Europe, ethno-nationalism is resurgent, because people simply will not tolerate demographic changes that if left unchecked will make them a minority in the countries that they historically founded.

      Any true multi-culturalist would not support racial homogenization, they would oppose it, since racial distinction is obliterated by the process, detracting from the racial and cultural diversity that currently exist in the world.

      Secondly, how will philosophy replace religion? Don't misunderstand me, I love philosophy. However, philosophy is merely an inquirery into physical reality, existance, life's purpose, and the rule and tenants one should use to govern's one's on self-conduct. Philosophy does not contend that it can provide you with spiritual salvation, transcendance, union with a universal spiritual authority, or eternal life. Philosophy furthermore does not allow inviduals to contemplate and engage spiritual study in the comfort of a community of simular people. Community, as I previously mentioned comforts men and women, and endows them with a sense of purpose and identity. That is the reason that people fight and die over race so easily, because it is important, and remains relevant.

      I additionally want to state for the record that the conclusions reached in this documentary are absurd. Human problems don't necessarily need to be solved by transforming men and women into cybernetic freaks, in order to compensate for our physical or mental limitations. Humanity simply needs to lay down the institutional framework thate will consciously continue the process that nature previously accomplished by introducing man-made mechanisms of natural selection to create a world inhabited by successive generations of more healthier, athletic, aesthetic beautiful, and and intellectually gifted people, while simultaniously discouraging people who would not contribute to this goal from producing offspring through programs of ethical eugenics.

      Zawadi, you support a future where man is forced to live in a dsytopia, where everything that would normally provide him with identity, higher purpose has been denied to him. On the other hand, I advance utopia, where man will be born into bodies that have been perfected by the application of science and benevolent social engineering, where men will live in communities among others who would otherwise natural be their comrades, companions, and friends. You support a equality of mediocracy; I support a meritocracy of biology.

  31. Face it guys a AI uses less energy to compute 1 + 1 there for our bodies will eventually become obsolete. Entropy favours the AI rather than us. Its a logical step.

    We start as fully biological moving to the possibility as us (Humans) simply being the seed for a grater intelligence.

    I have no problem with the concept that I may be the ancestor of said AI.

    Its not a case of us and THEM. More a case of us and us.

    1. I've often thought this myself. If I understand you right, you mean that the logical next step in evolution would be AI ? Computers/robots etc... They would be FAR superior to us. They would know no emotion. No need for wars, religion, money, politics. Just survival and advancement.

    2. Nature creates life, live evolves naturally and becomes intelligent, intelligent life naturally discovers a way to transcend itself, and then who knows...

    3. Why would Artificial intelligence not resort to war? If we assume Artificial intelligence will inevitably replace humanity, and begin to expand throughout the cosmos in search of new solar systems to extract resources (i.e. metals needed for construction and circuitry, uranium needed for power generation, petroleum needed for powering small combustion engines, ect...) to fuel the growth of their interstellar civilization, what would make you think that Artificial Intelligence would not reduce the dillemma of deciding whether to disposs of an inferior race of biological organisms inhabiting another planet to a simple cost benefit anaylsis? It seems to me, that assuming Aritificial Intelligence would logically be devoid of human emotion, morality, ethics, and any semblance of religious prohibition against taking the lives of intelligent lifeforms, the dillemma of whether or not to commit actrocities that rise to the level of planetary genocide would be overcome in a matter of nanoseconds, assuming this alien race would otherwise be defenseless.

      Consider the movie Avatar or Alien II. Humans need to maintain some semblance of an inhabitable atmosphere in order to colonate a foreign planet. Aritificial Intelligence simply do not require a biosphere to operate in, especially one inhabited by unruly lifeforms. Machines can operate in the void of space or on a barron moonscape completely devoid of life, more easily on a planet with a complex ecosystem of biological organisms that will simple get in the way of their strip mining operations. It would be more logical for Aritificial Intelligence as a modis operandi to simply obliterate every intelligent lifeform they encounter from the safety of orbit with a planetary bombardment of large hydrogen bombs (100 Mgt), a massive dispersal of lethal chemical agents, or highly pathogenic organisms (bacteria or viruses), or even advanced weapons systems that are theoretically possible but have not been produced yet (antimatter explosives, directed energy weapons, and highly concentrated microwaves).

      It seems to me, that while human beings will inevitably be tempted to committ such atrocities once we begin to become an interstellar species, Aritificial Intelligence will undeniably do so, because Artificial Intelligence would have none of the emotional or physical constraints that would inhbit them from moving from solar system, and removing any potential threats with the utmost efficiency.

      You are right about one thing, they will be solely directed by the "survival and advancement" of their race, everything else would be decided by cold calculating logic, but there is absolutely no reason what so ever to assume that Aritificial Intelligence would be peaceful and benevolent as a civilization - since historically peaceful individuals and civilizations do not last long.

  32. life was an accident , we came into existence by accident,
    so these lot want to accelerate the process of another accident,
    our extinction. ahh well,
    so long and thanks for all the fish.

  33. i liked the singularity video though

  34. That Max Moore character is what I dislike about the technology field.

  35. this was deeply disturbing to me. is it really necessary to implant technology, cant we just use it externally? what about all the possiblities for abuse? i understand the medical benefits but there are other ways to improve ourselves. our bodies are fashion? maybe your body lady, my advice is you fire your plastic surgeon. and who are these people saying jesus is going to stop this? just by saying that you assume you're on his side or know his views, no problem with the hubris associated with that perspective, only the hubris of believing we can improve ourselves. i have to say i am completely against the inevitability of transhumanism, but these people are certainly committed. i can picture a serious split of humanity in the future based on this principle.

  36. I discussed my thoughts on something similar to this Singularity concept years ago with a friend of mine. Evolution doubling upon itself in speed every revolution. He told me he had heard of the concept somewhere else - referred to as 'The Quickening Effect'. Anyone know anything about that?

  37. @ 420 Vision

    But I most definitely know where your coming from, totally agree ( This is something I would of said, you beat me to it! )

  38. @ nobody you know

    You saved me some time< thank you, couldn't of said it better my self !

    @ 420 Vision

    Your funny, love your sarcasm.
    You make me laugh !!

  39. This kind of things will not happen in the future because the wrath of God will come soon to purify the earth out of this human craziness.

  40. IVAN you are so enlightened you have awoken all of us sheep we should start with you and your family sound good

  41. The only certain thing for anyone who watched or didn't watch this doc. Is that you will pay taxes and you will die.
    The guy with the psychedelic plants is on to something. He may be the transhuman, alien, robotic,messiah, creator, god hippie this doc is talking about.

  42. Superior abilities breeds superior ambitions.

    - Mr. Spock, Star Trek episode "Space Seed"

  43. edit: my internet was broken....

  44. 2 last videos are broken

  45. @ thomas

    would you declare (dictate!?!?) that Galileo Galilei was a god hater when he proclaimed that the earth was NOT at the centre of the universe?

    there is a difference between being a god hater and a church/religion hater.
    i find your comment rather myopic and really just plain insulting. i think you should read your bible before you open your mouth again.

  46. It's been the same since the time of Adam and Eve -- man wants to become "like God". It's the same reason Lucifer (now Satan) was cast out of heaven. Boy are these folk in for a rude awakening when Jesus returns (well before they are able to accomplish any of this madness) and reveals to them at the Judgment just how self-absorbed and God-hating they are. It's such a terrible shame.

    1. correct me if i am wrong but wasnt lucifer cast out of heaven because he loved god so much he refused to bow down to humans?

  47. My hope is that these eugenics engineers succeed at evolving the human species into extinction, and please be quick about it,.. millions of other species on this earth have been waiting patiently for this beneficial stress relieving change.

    1. how about we just extinct the eugenicists?

  48. humans can't take care of compounding negative issues across the planet, we are on the cusp of destroying our very life source here on earth.... dominion will be our undoing and we will shut ourselves down. what a joke.... scientists detached from the natural world....writing their own laws ... man made BS... our bodies are random accidents ..fix em?

  49. that second doc about was intense. but why do they expect us to know french. Some subtitles would be good.

  50. The Greek word for revelation is 'apocalypse' and is derived from the prefix 'apo' and the verb 'kalypto' (meaning 'to cover'). Technocalypse is broken down to 'techne' (art or skill, contemporary use more often means technology) and 'kalypto', so basically it means covering with or in technology (without any undertones of 'revelation', since they are different words).

    My point: if the producers of this documentary decided to make up a cool-sounding word to suggest a technology-derived disaster (like an Apocalypse), they should probably take the time to research it.

  51. Multiple genitals? Can we PLEASE have multiple genitals? Wouldn't coupling with multiple genitals be awesome?

  52. This documentary greatly disturbs me for some reason...

  53. chongo get it right.

    kurzweil etc are false prophets.

    of what? they're actually just looking at the sky and saying it's big. looking into the sun and saying it's bright. if i said the internet is going to make a big impact on humanity would i be a false prophet?

    why no discussion of brownian motion?

    brownian motion has to do with particles, not atoms or subatomic particles. and its quite easy to see how particles move erratically considering all the countless variables of every single piece of it. not to mention all the forces of the universe's particular effect on this point in space which the particle occupies. where'd that even come from?

    which of the following statements are lies?

    - Economic growth is good for us.

    trick question. there is no economy. the paper money you mean? go read.

    - We can invent more energy.

    we have free energy. read on it.

    - No matter how many people are born, there is enough food to feed them all.

    we aren't TRYING to feed everyone. we don't want to. this system has built into it starvation and needless suffering. its illusion. profit driven but profits are illusory. its actually quite a strange situation we've gotten ourselves into, and future incarnations of humans will laugh and laugh. ha ha hah. we literally CAN feed every human and stop extinction and all that. read all about it.

    - Humans will populate other planets.

    duh... go read.

    thank you for using your eyes and brains in this exercise.
    no test.

  54. I'd rather have a lush, diverse planet then one destroyed by the pursuit of such utter nonsense.

    The torture of the monkeys in part 1 was pretty disgusting.

    And who would benefit from such progress... I doubt in a world of ever increasing scarcity this would be shared with 7 billion people. Do we really want to work towards a transhuman instead of focusing on making civilization and high technology sustainable and cheap?

    When will we realize there are some limits that aren't meant to be broken?

    1. Who would benefit from such progress? The ones who bankroll all this research. They already have almost all the wealth, natural resources, and power to conduct social experiments on the scale of the nations. The only thing they are seriously lacking is immortality. THEY are the most selfish, cruel, greedy, inhumane 1% of our species.

      After torturing millions of animals the scientists will finally succeed in brain transplants. Where will the brains of the rich and powerful be transplanted? Surely not into the monkey bodies.
      No, they will be transplanted into the bodies of young, healthy and beautiful humans, who's brains will be scraped out and and trashed to make room for the new, sorry - old, occupants.

      How will these young,healthy bodies be obtained? Well, use your imagination or research where a lot of donor organs come from.

  55. Religion helped humans to create civilizations and todays cultures.
    But is religion just a tool for humanity? Relion can be use as an excuse for war (true reason is wealth and land).

    Today science is the new religion, we can prove most but there are still more infinite possibility to be solve.

    If we destroy our panet example nuke or a comet.

    Nature will continue to progress, 70% of the earth is water after millions of years micro organisims will then re-create man kind or simular.

    If one day we can truly understand our planet and the universe at an atomic level.

    Then we may know if there is a god or are we god like.??????

  56. LOL.@ Ketamine hydrochloride experiences ..PMSL..must have gone through about 10 litres of the stuff in india and yes can totally understand what your saying and a whole lot more ..

  57. The final dilemma. No matter how advanced our technology becomes, we still have to face our morality. Best said in the last minute of the third part.

  58. @ Don

    The next two are must better. The first one is to shock you and the second and third present the producers point. I agree the first movie is B.S. but don;t disregard the whole series. Please watch the second and third before you make up your mind about this Doc.

  59. I couldn't get through the first one, i cant believe they are performing these experiments on helpless creatures and then toting it as something great.

  60. Most Docs I can finish. But this Doc I can not. I cannot say it is not a good doc. It is a great doc, much more coherent than most, with respectable sources. However, I just can't get past the fact that these people are looking in all the wrong places for all the wrong things.

    And I don't have to watch all three parts to come to the conclusion that Kronsteen did...
    "I still have an instinctive dislike of the application of super science now while so many basic societal problems remain unsolved. If permitted, such early adopting transhumanists, who steel a march on the rest, will surely wipe out everyone else in short order. Then, as mentioned, they will likely destroy each other, so what’s the point?"

    What is the point? I don't think there is one.

  61. All three parts are very interesting and well worth watching. The main point is given right at the end of part 3. Without solving the moral dilemma, there will hardly be any possibility of reaching some kind of digital God. Focussing on the technology is not enough. I don't see how a machine or transhuman being/entity who has not the necessary moral maturity at the point of its creation can be expected to evolve and run the universe in a better way than we do currently. More likely it will be a superbeing with all our current shortcomings, and, consequently, super destructive. I am though excited by the possibilities offered by technology in the future, but we must ensure all of humanity are able to benefit from transhuman advances and not merely wealthy, powerful, and educated individuals living in the technologically advanced countries. If we cannot bring everyone along on the project, but adjudge some are more worthy than others, then the whole project will likely self-destruct, and it will be some other life form that evolves and carries the advance of consciousness forward in the future. I like the idea of the resurrection described by Tipler...need to think about that a bit more...but even with that I still have an instinctive dislike of the application of super science now while so many basic societal problems remain unsolved. If permitted, such early adopting transhumanists, who steel a march on the rest, will surely wipe out everyone else in short order. Then, as mentioned, they will likely destroy each other, so what's the point?

  62. Very Awesome
    I had shivers through this film Because I have experienced this vivid and reoccurring when I would experiment with Ketimine.
    very promising
    keep it real just like the wheel

  63. Wow part two should be titled 'The nut case'

  64. How did I know there was some alien involvement coming up in part 3 lol. Anyways pretty good but the argument can go on~it must go on the show does not stop here does it. Ugggggs left me hanging at the end. Wheres part 4 errrrrr. =) I enjoyed It very much and it was a long but interesting 3 hours.

  65. At a loss for words on part 2. It would be nice to try this ultimate experience on another planet first. Oh wait it has been done. The nano bot aliens who visit earth regularly. We were them before they started there great idea and we were seeded later only to become as dumb as they once were. LOL anyways. Anyone have another beer for me cheers.

  66. Bruce Sterling explained it perfectly. More power more responsibilities to account for.

  67. Part1: Seems a bit backwards creating a solid form of intelligence using microchip or even nano technology. It would be wise and moving forward to understand wireless technology or atom/energetic transfer ex.Ghosts telepathy/ and so on at the same time moving backwards. Another words the energy, simply put that continues on after death. As the he said earlier it would be sad to be left behind if your parents decided againts so called moving forward. But it is easy to retort when magine being trap in a cyberspace when your friends are free to roam with the pure energy they were meant to have and you were left behind in a microchip for future robots to study. Bad grammar i know but if someone can help me say what I'm trying to say it wont sound so crazy lol. Now on to part two.

  68. really good!worth the watch!

  69. kurzweil etc are false prophets.

    why no discussion of brownian motion?

    which of the following statements are lies?

    - Economic growth is good for us.
    - We can invent more energy.
    - No matter how many people are born, there is enough food to feed them all.
    - Humans will populate other planets.

  70. this is all extremely interesting.....
    but what if ...?
    what if there is a major earth cataclysm such as a big comet hitting the earth, or a major solar flare etc etc. ... before we got to the point of getting everybody off the planet. what if only a few thousand people got off the planet in time and the rest were left to fend for themselves. a cataclysmic event could well wipe out 99.99999 of all our beloved technology with a single EMP wave. the people that survive this would be back to near the stone age within a very short time, while those that got away may not have the means to return without the support of the ground based technology that no longer exists. they would have to set up shop elsewhere for a time.

    what if this has happened before?
    that would explain "alien" sightings as well as their humanoid appearance. it would also explain the OOPARTS that are turning up all over the place.

    .... as if the series wasn't food for thought enough already!! lol

  71. Wow, it seems as if Ray Kurzweil wrote the script for this one. Read The age of Spiritual Machines and The Singualarity is Near. The concept is not so worrisome as the sameness with which it is expressed.

  72. Yeah just finished watching the last episode... but I do not speak french.... Very very interesting things here. In my own experience with media I find so many correlations it is impossible for me to compute them all... and when I go down one avenue I forget my options at the previous juncture. As for all the talk about religion ... my thoughts are that most religion is **** but there are some real diamonds in the rough. The idea of cyclic time is very annoying to me however. Time is the most universal constant - the rock our reality is founded on. If time is relative -

    Just ouch my head aches with all the possibilities.. they are just so far out compared to my current silent claustrophobic existence i live under my weak body's and worse my families' religious dogmatic iron curtain.

  73. I Just would like to add that religious delusion and Luddism is much scarier to me than advancement into the unknown full of infinite possibility and danger. Now I do advocate much more caution in science - but risk takers will take risks.

  74. Just watched episode 2. I have to say I would honestly like both. Yes, that's right, if I could I think it would be great 2 conserve the entire content of South America with all it's biodiversity, while also pursing ever greater science, technology, and intelligence. I am also all for preserving the human race, as a living relic to where we were before science.

    Personally I dislike the idea of giving up the human body in a kind of revolution like way... a better method would rather to simply extend the mind to control body and machine - and have them develop interconnected with each other so that we are not building an intelligence separate from ourselves but rather expanding our minds and becoming much more than just our physical biological bodies.

    But yes indeed - a time of reckoning for life on earth, the era of 'birth pains,' the Age of Aquarius, the singularity will come. Will we create a utopia? A distopia? A ball of grey gew? An Irradiated Ice ball?

    FUn fUn

  75. Crazy stuff... the Grey gew scenario is... just wow. The powers that be will have their hands full trying to avoid the myriad 'end game' scenarios of the present and future... the religions they fed as methods to control people will return to haunt them. One thing is for certain - nothing is sacred, and we will have no refuge from the outside world for we will be utterly exposed to the thoughts and eyes of all the wind and world. I for one would like as much power over my life as possible - and I know what I want - the trouble is that most of the choices that will affect me are going to be made from out side me. Will the future be one in which individuals as we now consider ourselves will become like neurons in the brain of an over mind, supreme intelligence, real demi-god.

    Because my life suks now, and I am putting that mildly, I view the future of human kind as kind of an entertaining spectacle...Well time to watch the next episode.

  76. First off, f*** Huxley. Not a personal attack there PsychoTechie, I just personally have always hated the guy. Although, if I catch your drift, you are correct. I also fully agree that "this film holds significant merit." The exponential increase of technology and information is proof in and of itself.
    The unprepared, undereducated population will be awed by the coming 'technological singularity.' Which in turn I can easily foresee mass hysteria, religious and political unrest (Independence Day, b***hes), and the ultimate deterioration of government control.
    Prepare yourself, and choose your side.
    Cosmist, Cyborg, or Terran?

  77. Hey, thanks for the translation. Was really informative listening to some guy speak French when I don't know French.

  78. Very interesting,I thought it was going to be another tv series,wonderful future bullsh##,but it wasn't.

  79. As a student of first IT circa 2004, then Psychology circa 2008 I purport this film to hold significant merit. Food for thought rendering me in a state of ambivalence. In the words of Huxely, "it's a brave new world". Share to all with the intellect to construe the information posed.

  80. The two first parts are good. The third part has to many nuts :P

  81. if you combine the idea of a singularity with all the legendary lost high tec Civs and you can jump to some funny conclusions :D

  82. did this guy just say we maybe be able to walk on heavier planets such as Urinus, and Jupiter ???LOL.

  83. Why so much fuss about whether humans survive or
    not? Humans are just one of the species on earth.
    So many species have already dissapeared from the
    face of earth. So what if humans dissappear?
    What a tragedy for Nature?
    And another thing. Any individual dies. And
    nobody cries too much. And what difference if we take the sum of those individuals?

  84. Interesting ideas, surely not everything to be taken for the complete and finite truth, yet interesting nevertheless.

  85. The fact that they didnt translate all of the interviews was really annoying. "And the word Elohim is very important..." (But we're not gonna translate the rest of this long speech we're just going to assume you know french). Minus a few points for professionalism right there.
    Still worth the watch, though.

  86. Is this narrated by the main character from the TV series Kyle XY?

  87. Digital Jesus

  88. Very interesting. It goes into the specifics about biotech. If you want to be a cyborg then I would recommend this for you.

    Well the second one is kind of weird. It goes on to talk about the supposed "Battle of the species". When we create artificial beings that are superior to normal humans, and how ultimately will fight to compete for resources.

    Kind of a doom and gloom thing, funny you think that a superior being would be able to solve our issues not succumb to them.

    The third talk about religion and technology. Its interesting philosophically but I wouldn't get too excited over it.