Terminal Democracy

2013, Politics  -   27 Comments
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What if people were either so distracted or so disillusioned with the political process that they simply gave up on democracy?

Take a journey around the province of British Columbia to discover the current condition of our democracy, talk to the people involved in the process, and look at the real issues facing citizens in British Columbia.

Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally - either directly or through elected representatives - in the proposal, development, and creation of laws.

It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

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27 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Z3R0

    First off "WE DONT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY" ....We live in a 'Republic' !!!!
    people are all so quick to fall for the trap id**t americans created !!

  2. Uselesseater

    The game is rigged.. There is a Doc about how the hack the voting ballets..The elite will put in who they want not us.

  3. SatanMonsanto

    When will civilized people stop making the absurd assertion that we desire a "democracy"? Maybe when they actually understand wtf "democracy" means.

  4. Mark Durland

    The Canadian government, on both the federal and provincial level, is totally for sale and is selling our future,...mainly to China. No sense of perspective due to it's lack of history and being such a new nation when compared to Asia and Europe. I am currently living in Japan, where people live on land owned by ancestors from hundreds of years ago and companies have 100 year business plans. Our government has no vision, it's quite pathetic to watch. . Our citizenry celebrates while their house values skyrocket without understanding the long term impact it has on our culture. The cost of living in Vancouver is through the roof and it's almost impossible to get ahead working and living there and paying taxes. Meanwhile foreigners buy up real estate without contributing tax dollars: as they send their wives and kids to live in Vancouver to enjoy our social programs while they continue to work in their own country.
    And the foreign worker program is total garbage and reveals that our government is 100% for sale and doesn't give a damn about it's people or have a clue about long term nation building.

    1. LoggerheadShrike

      The citizenry isn't celebrating. The Baby Boomers are celebrating, as they have been doing their entire lives. One big lifelong party, at the expense of practically all the wealth previous generations built up as a legacy, as well as the wealth of future generations. They are a black hole of a generation, sucking up everything and leaving nothing. They don't care if China eventually owns a Canadian dictatorship with a Latin American economy - they'll be dead by then.
      Thankfully they can't keep doing it after they're dead, but I'm sure they would if it were possible.

  5. scribblerlarry

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with "Democracy". This is all about validating our present system of elections which is a mockery and an insult to any thinking person.
    Elected representatives do not, have not, and, in fact, cannot ever truly represent the people. They represent those who financed their election campaign, their political party, their friends and relatives, their......etc., etc. The people? Waaaaay down on the list; if on it at all.

    Is there a better way? You bet yer bippy there is!
    If that idea interests you, drop me a note at "scribblerlarry "at" yahoo 'dot' ca"

    I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

  6. terrasodium

    Simon Fraser (20 May 1776 – 18 August 1862) was a fur trader and an explorer who charted much of what is now the Canadian province of British Columbia. Fraser was employed by the Montreal-based North West Company. By 1805, he had been put in charge of all the company's operations west of the Rocky Mountains. He was responsible for building that area's first trading posts, and, in 1808, he explored what is now known as the Fraser River,
    which bears his name. Simon Fraser's exploratory efforts were partly
    responsible for Canada's boundary later being established at the 49th parallel (after the War of 1812), since he as a British subject was the first European to establish permanent settlements in the area.
    What part of corporate letters patent from Her Royal Majesty's North West Trading Company do British Columbians not understand?

  7. disqus_BiqVigqfGP

    I can concur with those who have issue with WCB and EI. A few years ago I got sick on the job. I was working as a nurse then and had a mental breakdown. Suffice it to say when I was fired I was denied any form EI benefits even though I worked for over 5 years and contributed to the program during that time. The system is rigged to deny workers a safety net where possible.

  8. Veggamattic

    I wish people understood the math that is behind voting. The idea that everybody should vote is nonsense. Not so much in smaller municipal elections but in any election that is provincial or national. The reason I say this is that all large elections have voter turn-out numbers that are large enough to show the proper election results and if more people vote the law of large numbers or (sample size) will not change the percentages of the outcome. This is how results of elections are predicted so early on election night and even earlier in the polls. The reality is that most people who have the right to vote in Canada are too uninformed to properly vote and the percentage that do is large enough to give a completely accurate representation of the results. These results are likely better results than if everybody voted because the voters that do turn out for elections are far more informed about politics and the issues involved. Only 5-10% of voters turning out with gives you more than enough voters than are necessary to get the accurate result. This is not an accurate number but it is likely close (I worked for a company when I was younger that did political polls and the number of people that were completely clueless about political issues was stunning to me...it was almost everybody I surveyed). If this was untrue then the polls would not almost always show the same results as the election even though they often use less the 1% of the actual voter base. Polls are accurate though even though they use a fraction of the results elections do. Please don't vote unless you understand the issues...it is not helping!

    The things that BC should be concerned about is the fact that most national elections are decided before the polls even close in BC. This is due to the time zone difference. If I turn on the news at 7:30 pm, half an hour before the polls close in BC there is a good chance the election is already over and many BC citizens haven't even had the chance to get the vote in yet. All election results should be publically banned across Canada until all polling stations are closed in the pacific time zone.

    1. jonsinvolved

      is the law of large numbers the reason why prediction polls got the last election so wrong????

    2. Veggamattic

      I don't know what polls or what election you refer to but I don't think you are correct. Math doesn't make mistakes with enough sample size to work from.

    3. LoggerheadShrike

      Wrong, there is ALWAYS a margin of error, regardless of sample size. You certainly aren't one of the people that understands the math behind voting.

    4. Veggamattic

      I'm willing to bet every cent I've ever made that I understand the math better than you.

  9. spencer

    this is the best information about what is going on! they are all correct 1000 percent, this is my opinion, but its correct. christy clark and the librals will destroy BC! frac off christy clark

  10. james

    what the hell was that? please add alternative views. i suggest tragedy and hope's john taylor gatto interviews.

  11. tomregit

    This is NOT a documentary. It is a political ad for the NDP (New Democratic Party). Some of what is said is absolutely true, however the NDP has had it's opportunity multiple times after being elected. They turned out to be cut from the same cloth as the Liberal Party and were turfed from office for the same backroom dealings they accuse the current government of. Their last tenure was terminated by voters for years of incompetence and corruption.

    I have no love for either party in our polarized province. I may well be pissing my vote away, but in two weeks I will shun both mainstream parties by voting for the Green Party and hope for real change eventually.

    I'm extremely disappointed to see this partisan political ad on this "documentary" website two weeks before the Election in British Columbia. It contains uncontested statements from party hacks and even from the party leader who hopes to be the new premier. It's nothing less than gross interference in our electoral process. Vlatko, I am curious as to who suggested it belongs here and how and why you were so easily duped into getting involved in the electoral process in a foreign nation.

    Please Vlatko I expect an answer. If this is the direction TDC is headed you have seen the last of me here. So long friends.

    1. Craig Bailey

      We in England were going to vote for UKIP the conservatives knew this, the huge hype they'd gain from peoples resentment of this 2 party system is obvious. The cons infiltrated UKIP, a load of them jumped boat made head lines and made the move. Unfortunately the British public seem to have missed this fact and are still making UKIP a front runner. Soon they will win and then say see this is a fair system... So sad.

    2. DigiWongaDude

      Craig, as I'm sure you are well aware, the UKIP vote for the most part, was a vote of 'no confidence'. If there was a box on the ballot for 'no confidence', how well do you think UKIP would have done? I hear what you are saying regarding the lack of honour that politicians have, and it's a very fair point, but at the end of the day we don't choose these candidates - the parties push someone to the front of their choosing. Our votes don't vote anyone OUT, only IN and thus those votes, unless made in protest, count as confidence (it gives the politicians a warm fuzzy feeling all over).

      This programme clearly states that by not voting we can not have the politicians we want. True, but total spin! What would be closer to the truth would be, even if you vote you still can't have the politicians you want. You can only have what we say you can have, and we say you'll have what we tell you to have. It's a crock of steaming horse manure. The very wording used in this programme exemplifies the spin they are so adept at using. They just can't help it. 'Cui bono'...CUI BONO.

      Without a way to protest against this system, it's not surprising that the likes of UKIP do so well, especially in times like these, regardless of political manoeuvring that goes on behind the scenes.

    3. DigiWongaDude

      Ok rant over. I have a ridiculous solution. Remember the UK census of 2000? Remember we created a legit religion called Jedi? Well lets do it again...just because there is no box on a ballot that says "no confidence" doesn't mean diddly-squat. We should just make one ourselves and tick it. En masse. All over the world. We should demand this as right of free and transparent accountability. The number zero wasn't initially recognised either.

      ...I'm still ranting aren't I?

    4. bringmeredwine

      Good idea!

    5. Dean Edgington

      Good idea. Start a facebook campaign maybe?

    6. Tom McDowell

      This docudrama is a blurb for the N.D.P. that is true, but that does not mean it is not correct. We have had "good business government" for 15 years now and look what it has brought us. B.C. Hydro which was the legacy of W.A.C. Bennet gave us low cost power and development of the north and is now just a pale shadow of its former self. He took over the P.G.E. and turnerd it to a profitable business when private business would not touch it. Mr. Bennett was no socialist but he recognised that government had to step in when private business would not act for the benefit of the people and the country! The neo cons cannot stand government control of anything, so they spin it off under some kind of pseudo corporation like the B.C. Ferries which has million dollar C.E.O.s that bankrupt the system! When this is presented to our premier by the good work of an astute reporter she makes the rediculous comment that "there is nothing I can do about it". No government employee should make more money than the premier!

    7. Vlatko

      I had no idea that there'll be elections in British Columbia, as I have no idea who suggested the doc. Don't take it personally, it was not intentional. There are many docs that in some way offend many people on political, religious, rational, and every other ground.

      All I can do is apologize if the doc caused an inconvenience for you.

    8. 1concept1

      Good Doc! Vlatko. Just the fact that A person can sell off a country's natural resources to line his or her personal pockets is Criminal in nature! Capitalism and or for profit should be banned from; Education, Law, Medicine And Natural resources! You want to charge me a hefty profit for your yo-yo's, Have At It!

      The moment any govt. infuses corp. profit into National Health Care and weighs the value of My Brother or Sister against the going rate of any dollar is more than enough cause to dismantle that govt.

      NATURAL resources belong to all life form in equal proportion to its direct need to sustain its existence. Any govt. that allows one MONEY PUNK, to line their pockets with gold by controlling the use of said NATURAL resource is more then enough cause to dismantle that govt.

      To deny a proper education to any citizen of any country is IGNORANCE IN THE HIGHEST ORDER! who will pay for their ignorance in the long run?

      To disrespect any member of this very small village and weigh for profit against any one of its natural citizens is more than enough cause to dismantle that govt.

    9. Harry Nutzack

      i cant honestly claim to "know" this to be so, but his postings have long led me to believe Vlatko is NOT north american (not that that matters much in most circumstances). i am, and i honestly had NO idea there was any kind of election in the offing in BC or any other part of "the great white north". though it is indeed a "center of your universe", BC is not the axis upon which all spins. give the V-man some slack, lol

    10. Achems_Razor

      You have been on TDF for a long time and you should know there is no preference nor predilection as to what vids are put on for the general public, so please reconsider your stance.

    11. tomregit

      I understand, however I take this opportunity to point out again that it is not a documentary, rather it is a political ad made by the United Steel Workers Union. It passes unchallenged and is promulgated here just days before the provincial election.
      I agree that there is no malicious intent by TDF. I don't like it but I feel less exasperation after cooling off a bit. Thanks to you and Vlatko for making the effort to reply.