The Big Freeze

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The Big FreezeImagine our world in the not-too-distant future? In parts of the northern hemisphere, the temperature plummets to -90 F. At 130 below, public transportation fails.

Those caught outside freeze to death. Buildings collapse under the weight of snow and ice.

The power goes out, society collapses, and anarchy takes its place.

Could this be a vision of our future? In this documentary, Naked Science examines what may cause temperatures to plummet and how this could spell disaster for our planet.

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    Roger Brown.
  1. Roger Brown.

    It looks as if it has already started. Weired going on-s over the (Artic) and antartic. Two cold winters after a lull of ten years of warmer than usual summers. I think things really started to have been happening over the last thirty years...

  2. calvee
  3. calvee

    We here in Canada survive every winter. We don't stop doing what we do, Water supplies are still available because the ice formed only is up to 3- feet thick. We can drive on lakes and rivers. We play hockey in -30 C weather. Yes we have to move indoors when we are done working / playing or what ever, but I never heard so much lying. I really hope people don't think with freezing weather it is disaster, such nonsence. How do they think we get along in the far north or far south?

  4. Oli
  5. Oli

    If the average heat drops about 10°C in Iceland we would have an average around 0°c in hottest month of the year. I would probably not be so nice. And if the gulf stream stops it would probably have drastic affect on the fish. Even though you have 30°c in winters in Canada you have hot summers.

  6. Healer
  7. Healer

    Bah, let it come. Then we'll live through it. People from the north know how to deal with -40C decrees. Mankind survived the last big ice age around 5000 years ago, we aint all grown so soft and scared and hopeless that we'd fall to something like this.

  8. Sarah
  9. Sarah

    I definitely think this has started to happen already- at the moment in Europe (including Ireland where I live) we're having a freeze, average temperatures are 0 or below, and roads are frozen solid, already it's causing chaos and it's been like this less than a week! It was very interesting what they said about it being caused by volcanic eruptions- we've had three volcanoes this year, in three different parts of the world- Iceland, Guatemala, and Indonesia- so it seems like a bit of a coincidence! I don't think people should panic so soon, though- after all, as other commenters said, if they cope so well in Canada, Alaska, and other cold places, and can still drive and still have electricity, etc, then why can't we? We survived the last Ice Age!

  10. Tom
  11. Tom

    The people that have commented above, haven't looked beyond their own little neighborhood. They envision still turning on a light switch, thermostat or kitchen faucet, with no awareness of the massive infrastructure (located elsewhere) that allows them the convenience. Food production, processing and delivery is also a minor necessity that likely will be affected by this pesky little change of climate. Healer needs a history lesson, the last ice age was about 10,000 years ago, and we weren't here to survive it. Especially not 6,000,000,000 of us. On the other hand, Sarah shows a logical reality check.

  12. tigerpred
  13. tigerpred

    Modern man has been around for at least 100,000 yrs. we can make it through alot of different circumstances I can't see how climate changes are soo scary

  14. Pyrrhus
  15. Pyrrhus

    The best thing for life on Earth would be the extinction of the Human species.


    sad but true! Have you read "the world without us? I actually felt better after reading this book, albeit we won't be here to see it

  18. jcn1706
  19. jcn1706

    i live up in northern CANADA i love cold around -20 is nice,but its dry colds,not like Montreal . work on the ice road ,cold up to -70 now thats cold

  20. maryland71
  21. maryland71

    And that is the truth without humans the world can replenish it self because humans are destroying the planet one day at a time.

  22. betelgeuse51
  23. betelgeuse51

    Time is running out for us in this planet,not only because of the changes the planet normally has,but because the way we've affected this living world we call earth,never before human beings have been so vulnerable to the changes and catastrophes that are happening right now,maybe a few ones will survive,but it woulnd't be a good place to enjoy life;well... we deserve it,we've been in this world for thousands of years,and we haven't been able to live in peace among ourselves and with all the livings beings that we share this planet,and now more than ever before we are destroying the reason why we are here - our mother earth.How sad it's to see how we allowed life to be directed,guided by mentally r****ded beings,who only think on themselves and on the things they can get,without caring about anything else,it doesn't matter if they have to destroy and kill everything they can.
    Rest in peace mankind,the trumpets are playing for our last moments,there's no place to go and no place to hide.

  24. David Stegen
  25. David Stegen

    Food is grown around the same latitude around the world, which would be covered completely in ice sheets during another ice age. And we've forced almost every other hunt-able food source into extinction. A climate change to extreme colds is more threatening than a nuclear war to the human species and its your way of thinking that has gotten us to this point

  26. Shawnie Campbell
  27. Shawnie Campbell

    Give me a break. I was born and raised in Alaska and we deal with extremely cold temperatures, blizzards, ice, snow etc. all the time! Humans will be fine, especially now that we have modern technology. Up on the Arctic Slope, we do just fine as well, and the temps there can reach -70.'s not much fun but it's certainly survivable. And I would rather it get colder as opposed to hotter anyway. It seems to me that scientists and experts can't make up their minds anyway...first it's global warming, now this??? What's it going to be?

  28. clazy8
  29. clazy8

    You've ignored the effect on agriculture. Freezing to death is not the problem, starving to death is.

  30. Billy_Masefield
  31. Billy_Masefield

    Well Canada's ******. When it happens, we should keep those Canuck's out of U.S. just like they are restricting American travelers to Canada

    Did you know you can't get into Canada anymore if you got a DUI 15 years ago? We're American's damn it, you're lucky to get our tourist and business travel. ***holes!

  32. chris
  33. chris

    Hey billy how does it feel to go to the bank with an American dollar and come out with Canadian change?

    The only travelers we restrict are the loud mouthed self-righteous bullies who think they are somehow entitled to better than everyone else. The days of "I'm an American damn it" are gone with the record player, vcr and making non-whites sit at the back of the bus.

  34. Schtals Kristaps
  35. Schtals Kristaps

    fear propoganda. thumbs down

  36. SuperPhoenix
  37. SuperPhoenix

    billy mate, go easy. There is too much words to read. Make it short and punchy. My opinion is that too much exaggeration and it won't like the same. Yes distant future few hundred year or thousands years before present cycle of ice age peak to new one.

  38. Devon Griffiths
  39. Devon Griffiths

    You haven't got much money anymore and it's not worth anything anyway. You are our Mexico now; we didn't ask for that or cause that, it's just how it is now. Your nation has a culture of crime, corruption, and greed - rather like Mexico, only different by degrees. We have to protect ourselves from your poverty and gangs and guns and drugs. And yes, drunks too - they can come here but not if they get drunk and get on the road and threaten the life of our citizens. This is our country, we decide what conditions there are to entry. Deal with it.

  40. lrz0o
  41. lrz0o

    Global warming will cause an ice age, and quite quickly. It won't be warmer noticably, and it won't be warm for a very long time either, the high temperatures will quickly turn into icy cold - winter is coming.

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