The Billy Meier Story
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The Billy Meier Story

2009, Mystery  -   56 Comments
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The Billy Meier StoryIn 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS and global warming. Is it the biggest hoax or… the most important story in human history? You’ll find the startling answer in this remarkable, true-life story about how a young Swiss boy’s meetings with extraterrestrials would eventually lead him later in life through dozens of countries, meeting many famous world leaders – including Saddam Hussein – in order to fulfill ancient prophecies.

This one-armed farmer from Switzerland has taken hundreds of the most startling photos in UFO History and has even filmed what he refers to as “Beam Ships” used by sentient beings that hail from a star system near the Pleiades. He has been able to produce photographs, film footage, sound recordings and even metal samples as evidence of his visitations.

You’ll be captivated by how in his twenties, “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier was transformed into “The Phantom” (a real life combination of Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and Han Solo) and by packing a .44 Magnum was able to apprehend serial killers and mass murderers. Meier’s life story is an enigmatic journey that ultimately culminates with him becoming the messenger for an advanced race of beings known as the Plejaran.

Their message is clear: earth is in trouble, the people have been asleep, and we must make drastic changes or there will be devastating consequences for all of mankind. Is this story real or too incredible for us to grasp? You must decide for yourself, but if it’s a hoax, why has Meier been the target of 21 assassination attempts? Could it be that the message that humanity so desperately needs to hear is not welcome by many of our world leaders?

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2 years ago

If these MESSEGES were so important for humanity then why not tell us all instead of just one person, that way judgments want be passed on one man!

dennis gamble
4 years ago

Wanted to let anyone who knew Phil McKainey know that he has passed away,

6 years ago

Rob, you have an excellent perspective of this conundrum! Open your eyes, open your hearts, and take what you can for the common good of the people!

7 years ago

Hi! everyone i just wanted to say to everyone out there. listen to the message and pay attention use your head to think for yourself about what's going on in the world and not judge Billy, listen and learn something for once. Who cares about ufo's and the pictures Billy took. Everybody's missing the point. The point is what he is telling everyone he is giving knowledge teaching us to be better pe,ople, and telling us how to deal with the problems everyone in the whole world is going threw. Why is that so bad? Can anyone answer that! It bothers me that us humans never take time and find out things for ourselves but rather accept any explanation the governments, religions, or any other fool who trys to rule over them. Everybody want answers, everyone want help, everyone pray to a god or whatever to save them. How about this for once in everyone's life, Stop being lazy do things yourself, help yourself ,save yourself, and stop blaming everything on the next and blame yourself. If you want to know the truth forget what you was taught and start over. Start over with reading and listening to Billys material. Dont even look at the pictures of ufo's or any other pic. Listen and learn what he is teaching. What he is teaching is priceless knowledge and wisdom for all who wants to be saved. And the other thing is it's all free, who else does that can anyone tell me that. I know some people going to say he have books he sale and make a profit off. so what the man gotta eat too. The most important thing is that majority or not if all is free Online or YouTube. Was the bible free no in most parts and do it really make any since to anyone no in the most parts also. Billys material make the most since then any religion in the world. People wake up, listen and learn everyone want love, peace, and harmony the way to the so called kingdom of heaven. Well Billy gave the map and blueprints. now its up to you not a god or devil to find it. Well that's all i have to say and no i don't know Billy or a spokesman for him i just know the truth when i learn it. Peace and luv everyone.

7 years ago

Yet most of you believe in God..

Steve Hunt
8 years ago

This documentary has had quite an effect on me.
I've watched it 3 times in 3 days and it continues to blow my mind.
find the comments on this thread fascinating too, the way that people
quickly become authorities upon that which they know nothing about,..
the human ego supplies the validation to use opinion as a weapon to
injure those with differing opinions.

I think someone needs to
remind us all that its ok to disagree,.. and that someone who holds a
different opinion is not your enemy.
Those who were paying attention
to this documentary will know that the alien contact is only a side-note
to the true message of this film.
This documentary is about the
evolution of our species, its about embracing the separate paths of our
earthly family, and the knowledge that our differing roads all lead to
the same destination.

I, for example cannot escape the feeling
that most of the photo's aren't 'genuine' - I also feel that the
majority of the footage isn't authentic. - I DO believe in the
possibility of extra terrestrials visiting our planet, and the evidence
of that being scattered over cultures and time in fragmented legends and

The information garnered by Billy from his contacts is illuminating and is in NO way dependent upon my belief in his claims.
wealth of information within the contact tapes resonates SO highly with
me it has inspired me to focus, and become the best person i can be,
and in that sense and many others,.... it IS real.

9 years ago

best film EVER!

9 years ago

Whatever is visiting our planet is not based on our biology or anything similar. "Quantumanity " asks why we are creating our own demise and explains a lot .No cost ,no books just add to the debate..

9 years ago

Billy Meier would encourage an active, lively discussion about the veracity of his claims. UFOlogy is a very difficult topic for people to discuss without getting upset at one another, clearly.

Billy Meier's raison d'être is not to "wow" everyone with fantastic UFO claims, however. It is to deliver a spiritual message to humans on earth regarding love, knowledge, taking personal responsibility for ones actions, and becoming a better people who are capable of living together with one another without strife and in harmony. That's an exceedingly brief summary of his message - you should read the Goblet of Truth and judge it's spiritual insight by it's own merit. I think you'll find it remarkable coherent and understandably compared to any religious teaching you've encountered.


Cranky Steven
10 years ago

Pretty unbelievable but I am preparing for the worse, none the less.
Whether or not he was genuine, it doesn't take an e.t. to realize we are in deep doo-doo. Prepare to fend for yourselves and to be able to assist as many others as you are able to.

10 years ago

Understand what equipment this loving human being used to capture these photos.... And forget the pots look at the other info....that's where it get jaw dropping honest and real....truly what us behind the the way we should stop analysing the photos and start analysing ourselves and what is truly in store for us and what can we do to capture the best future we can for ourselves .......

Capt Jack Obvious
10 years ago

None of the documentaries on Billy do his case any good service except the original called Contact. That was and still is the best one due to the timeframe of 1978 when it was filmed and his major contacts began in 1975. All of the original investigators involved in that film still back up Billy diligently, Jim Dilletoso being a very prime example. Billy does seem to be a good man while I can rail against his contact persons. Coniving aliens guilty of manipulation to the umpteenth degree, and never once apologizing while blaming earthlings for all our own problems caused by our being manipulated. His Contact Reports are quite the story, and well worth the read.

Carl Hendershot
10 years ago

I personally think that he might have had a experience once upon a time. Far into the world of imagination was able to hoax 99% of the rest. It is what it was. It was what it wasn't.

10 years ago

I like The Pleidians stuff & have many star seed friends that are the sweetest most caring loving people. But something is wrong with Billys photos. Look how the spaceship looks like junk metal & now in 2012 Pleidian crafts looks totally modern and way more updated/ remember they are coming many thousands of years from our future. ALSO MANY RESPORT REAL ET SHIPS ARE NOT LOUD LIKE THAT. THAT IS NOT THE ZERO POINT GRAVITY MANY ETS ARE FLOATING AROUND IN. I am just saying something does not seem right. Also, I saw where they say Jesus was a lie but have many star seeds that swear up & down they have seen him. Now he says Semjase isn't around & has major head damage or something. This is because all the real star seeds are very very psychic and they would be connecting with her telepathically and channeling her. But it is very rare possibility this story could be true, but the space craft looks man made and looks like tin or some sheet metal.

Jessie James Low
11 years ago

And here is the science to prove he is a fraud. The Pleiades is a star system that is about 150m years old while earth is 20 to 30 times older. Assuming the evolution is using the same universal time frame perspective, we humans on earth are big brother to the beings from The Pleiades - they would probably still be running around in caves.

11 years ago

I definitely see your point.
I as well believe that the serious cases have been presented through documentaries such as:"The Hessdalen lights", "New twirled order", "NASA's secret transmissions, the smoking gun", "Out of the blue" and a number of others, have demonstrated an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence to come to a very reasonable conclusion that earth has been penetrated by either/or extraterrestrial/extra-dimensional entities and/or beings. I do agree with you that it seems odd that Meier would be chosen as a form of Prophet conduit for these advanced human beings.
Another suspicion comes from my observation as an artist/designer. The photographed space crafts' design elements feel suspiciously as though they are of the rational of human beings. The designs feel like ideas of flying saucers from the 1950s and 1960s. It's just a subject observation.
Besides that, i just find it difficult to understand why someone would make a life out of lies and deception if that's what Meier's about.
It's a sad state of affairs. With hoaxters, closed minded scientists refusing to take this issue seriously, government within government black project moguls confiscating the truth, our state of devisiveness, world conflicts, wars and violence, it would make sense if the advance beings observe our condition and conclude that we are not worthy of collaboration and friendship.
If benevolence and guidance is not their goal, then we're in trouble.

11 years ago

Falcon, in fairness to you, I did see your link. And it does poke some gaping holes into the Billy Meier story. My apologies for my previous comments and having missed your links before.
Thank you.

vano sujashvili
12 years ago

Hi - Can you explain me about his ( Meier) history autobiography ?

13 years ago

Just browsing over Falcon's link it seems the main criticism is some of the pictures are taken from sci-fi movies and books. Maier explains this on wiki as government agencies adding these fakes to his pictures to disprove him and cast doubt on his findings. I actually find Maier's explanation to be more plausable than these sci-fo pictures actually being a part of Meier's pictures that these people studied to see if they were real or not. If these sci-fi pictures were part of the batch, surely they would of known them to be fake.

I find it hard to believe a one armed farmer from rural Switzerland could fool the top scientists of the time with not only pictures, but recorded sound of the aircraft and metal samples.

13 years ago

Aah what a load of horrific cr#* !

13 years ago

This seems to be a film. In some scenes the investigators seem to be acting. It's a really strange one this, so believable but then at the same time so unbelievable. My heart tells me that it is just a film though-the whole thing fabricated.

Dale Gervais
13 years ago

the only thing that really bothers me about creeps like old eduard here is that good people,somewhat gullible yes,get strung along with him.These people are almost exclusively from the u.f.o or so called conspiracy movements.All of which are painted with the same brush.My greatest wish is that true believers were much more adamant about truth,and less willing to believe.Cases like this give skeptics all the ammo they need to ridicule us all.Toughen up guy's,and a big slice of raisin pie to falcon,honorable mention to razor for changing his tune..

Jason K
13 years ago

Check out Falcons links... Billy just a old hoaxer.

13 years ago

if you need proof of ufo's watch the phoenix project this doesn't even come close to being real.I like a good conspiracy just as much as the next guy but please don't fall for everything.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Charles B.:

Actually I came to the conclusion that it is a scam!

Charles B.
14 years ago

21 assassination attempts?!? Those are some really crappy assassens! There's a pretty darn good chance if a government of any kind really wants you dead, you're gonna die (barring a miracle of God)--or help from Aliens! ;-)

I will watch it now just because Mr. Razer liked it. :-) But Falcon's websights sound pretty credible that it's a scam.

14 years ago

Hi Falcon,

Thanks for the sites, it's quite obvious that this guy is a fraud. I agree with the words of that Taylor guy - with this scam, Meier did a lot of harm to the legitimate UFO research. Pity...

14 years ago

To "raised eyebrow" and others:
When you fall for a obvious scam like this, it really says something about you...There is plenty of evidence that this man is a fraud, and I gave you some good links. Anyway, I've got some nice land in Florida for sale...

raised eyebrow
14 years ago

Falcon ... I don't actually see the sun come up everyday, but I know that it does ... open your eyes and mind ... a believer knows he can be mistaken, a skeptic doesn't have a clue ...

14 years ago you really believe him? He is a scammer.

14 years ago

Fascinating, though would have been more so had they shown less of their investigation and told of more of the conversation Billy had with the Pleiades, and the information they told him. For example; what their planet is like, what kind of physiology do they have, the same as us? Also, who were our common distant ancetors? that they mentioned? And how we can achieve their technology, and how we could communicate with them on a more regular basis.

Apparently the beings alo told him future predictions of things that would happen on our planet, (indluding another world war) but there is nothing of that on here.

Still, well worth watching!

Achems Razor
14 years ago

Do we have visitors from the the Pleiades?,
7 Sisters Star Cluster in Greek mythology. Some 425 light years away.
In the Constellation of Taurus.

Due to all the evidence, this documentary is very believable!

This documentary is very well made! I give it 10 stars!

14 years ago

This is a great documentary. I would like to see the evidence brought forth today and subjected to modern methods of fact finding.