Download: The True Story of the Internet

Download: The True Story of the Internet

2008, Technology  -   43 Comments
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Download: The True Story of the InternetDownload: The True Story of the Internet is about a revolution -- the technological, cultural, commercial and social revolution that has radically changed our lives. And for the first time on television, we hear how it happened from the men and women who made it possible.

From the founders of eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape, Google and many others, we hear amazing stories of how, in ten short years, the Internet took over our lives. These extraordinary men and women tell us how they went from being geeky, computer obsessed nerds to being 21st-century visionaries in the time it takes most people to get their first promotion. And, how they made untold billions along the way.

The style of the story-telling is up close and personal. With first-hand testimony from the people that matter, we tell a story that has all the excitement of a thriller -- full of battles and back-stabbing, moments of genius and moments of sheer hilarity. You will never surf the net in the same way again.

Download is hosted by technology journalist John Heileman. He's an edgy, combative, hi-energy New Yorker who never takes anything at face value. He's also a personal friend of most of Silicon Valley's most important characters and he revels in craziness of it all. After all, this is a story in which 20-year-olds become overnight billionaires, create, destroy and re-create more wealth in ten years then human race has ever seen, and still struggle to get a date.

1. Browser Wars - This is the story of an epic battle between America's mightiest corporation and a small group of "computer geeks" who created a revolutionary technology.

2. Search - In a few short years, a new and unique way of finding information revolutionized the Web. In the process, Google grew into one of the largest companies in the United States.

3. Bubble - he founders of Amazon and e-Bay, Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar, tell the stories of how their businesses grew from nothing to dominate the global economy. These companies have changed the way Americans live.

4. People Power - The Internet has changed society and a new breed of entrepreneurs is shaping the digital future. Find out how it all started with Napster, a way of swapping music dreamt up by the teenaged Shawn Fanning."

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43 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Paula Lambert

    I found this four part series, incredibly interesting and particularly liked how it was summarised in the fourth part titled quite simply People People...

  2. David

    ashbytim if you watch the whole series you'll see that he does an interview, check out the 4th part of the series.

  3. stiltskin

    I was really looking forward to watching this but, the hosts jerky head movements and nervous gesticulations made me think i was watching an MTV Rap show presenter.. I lost faith in anything he was saying.. Then to top it off he started throwing little hand drawn placards onto the street a la Bob Dylan.. I stopped watching. I think i was about 30 seconds in.. oops

    1. nick

      I read your comment before watching and thought "he can't be that bad..." Whoa, was I wrong. This guy is garbage. This type of idiotic narrator has no place in a tech documentary.

    2. yoeyyutch

      He may have a different style that is not for everyone, but he's one of the most qualified people to narrate this documentary since he was a journalist in Silicon Valley who covered these events as they happened. Ok so he's no Morgan Freeman but personality quirks aside, I think his firsthand knowledge adds to the story.

  4. ashbytim

    Was it just me missing it or am I right in thinking that there was no mention of the the World Wide Web's instigator - some would say creator - Tim (now Sir Tim) Berners-Lee?

  5. Hanan Zalkinder

    Funny how the current crisis dwarfs the high-tech bubble

  6. Susan Raybuck

    Sure wish I could easily rewind without having to watch the whole thing again. I wanted to write down specific quotes but this site, unlike Youtube, doesn't allow one to stop the video and go back a short way. Frustrating.

  7. Sterling Thompson

    how much gasoline was burned in the making of this film. The narrator is driving in every scene that shows him in a giant SUV

  8. Dale W

    Very good information about the historical impact of the internet. Can't wait to watch more and pass it on to frinds.

  9. Christian Esperar

    Thanks for you information…..I just watched it from Browser wars up to this people power and its really interesting that how people make a brighter future over the year.

  10. Chris

    The narrator is just awful, the research done on the subject is not thorough and the commentaries are way too bias.

    Watch the Pirates of the Silicon Valley and Internet Revolution. Those two documentaries were great, they show you how the internet started out.

    1. RichM

      You took the words right out of my thoughts.

    2. Shishir Gaikwad

      I couldn't find Internet Revolution can u plz gimme any link....

  11. starwins

    Good documentary, but does not fully tell the story of how the internet really came to be. Internet commerce emerge because the the government allowed businesses to conduct business online in 1994, which brought on the rush of the internet. So those people who were lucky to be a part of it, became wealthy beyond imagination.

    The another micro rush is about happen again.

  12. George D

    ...reminds me of pimp my ride!

  13. George D

    The host acts like a complete fool. Narration is further worstened by poor humour and thoughtless comments

  14. Vitor Mendes

    Very good documentary,i agree with 'irish shane,this was the true birth of democracy time.

  15. Tomislav Stankovic

    Interesting and stimulating. Instead of looking for work in existing businesses we need to focus on creating new jobs for us.

  16. Irish Shane

    In time I believe society will look back upon this crucial time in history as been the true birth of democracy.

    Technological patriots of humanity.. something like that anyway.

    thanks for putting the doco up, well worth watching just like the many others on the site. Good work.

  17. reese

    video player does not work

    1. Vlatko

      Post updated. Enjoy @resse.

  18. Sam

    I am unable to watch these sort of Discovery Channel documentaries because of the massively intrusive and cacophonous 'music'.

    It's incredibly distracting and unnecessary, especially for people with e.g. stroke cognitive processing damage.

    Pity, this doc looks like it might be good.

  19. kevin kennedy

    an interesting and fast-paced documentary...
    i have always found the internet roots so

  20. ArcticFox

    The hosts head movements when talking are too distracting. Especially his right side movements.

    just me?

  21. Jean Pierre C Alderama

    @ André ... Yes it is but that is what happened. GO watch any documentary that is like this one. Its is the same story.

  22. Jean Pierre C Alderama

    I've watched this Doc many times. I like this style of production because, like the web, it is fast-paced and the narrator shows that same momentum. Everyone should learn a thing or two about Bill Gates. His business practices are cut throat and to the point. That is why he is one of the most richest men in the world. Bill has inspired me to pursue Computer Science. In my eyes and mind, he is my personal hero. I wish i was his brain for 5 minutes. Come on guys, don't trash Bill for his business tactics... Remember it's business. He has become one of the best anthropologists in the world. Thank Microsoft, Bill, Steve and Paul. He did his thing and succeeded immensely. In contrast, look at Google. They virtually rule the internet. Let's be real. Microsoft rules the OS market. Steve Jobs rules the hardware and portable market. Google well.... you know... If it wasn't for Bill Gates we would not have what we have now..... Every 'Nerd' has a role to play. Bill exploited and won. Is it luck? Who knows. Great documentary, good style, edgy attitude and solid facts.. That IS what happened. Imaging the next ten year. The next Killer OS.. I just wish there were more commercial OS's out there. You know, something new and completely different. Not linux, OS-X, BSD, Unix.... I would love to see a new revolution. Like, what would happen if all the competitors in the same market would ALL collaborate for the sake of mankind and high technology ... Windows has many productive software that is easy to use. Powermacs are great for desktop publishing and media arts. Linux is a awesome geek toy and the only bad thing i have to say is; how come the Free Software Foundation, GNU and open source community didn't get any airplay.. HELLO!!?! Web Server. Linux is godly when it comes to hosting and server side applications. OK the wine is kicking in..

    1. Dave Bliss

      Bill Gates is power hungry megalomaniac. Virtually everything he got was down to his lying theiving attitude. He now is funding world population control with all it's ramifications. A dreadful man, and not one to idolize, as we will al see historically.

  23. André

    A bit sensationalist, I think.

  24. Elizabeth

    Thank God for the Web's "little miracles," no matter how these geniuses are coming up with their ideas, they are still providing a fair service for all of us who rely on the WEB for what ever the reason...nice doc! & let's see what's next :)

  25. paul heggem

    why does this guy think this is the trailer of a action movie? is this a doc made of americans?

  26. Matt

    Yeah, MS had some questionable business/marketing tactics in the past, but the top companies (especially when so public) always take the brunt of the criticism. There's no such thing as innocents in business, the very nature of capitalism is aggression and competition. That being said, I think Linux has a stronger chance of evolving with the market because it is so dynamic. Because Linux is Opensource people have more freedom to expand their ideas and create different markets. We already see Linux on routers and hardware devices, and soon we will see it in our homes and all around us like public telephones, atm's, TV's/bluray, but it will most likely still be a niche genre for technically minded people.

  27. chetan

    Very Good Doc
    The real life examples used to explain complicated theories is very helpful.
    Cheers and thanks for the post

  28. deox

    Nice doc, worth watching, if you've been online for some 10 years.
    An extra bonus: GOOD background MUSIC!
    5 out of 5 stars!

  29. mj

    nice doc
    there seem to be a problem with the sound

  30. Shashikiran Srinivasa

    Amazing... Good watch. I just started it to pass some time and I saw all four parts and I go to learn a lot!

  31. Will E.

    Probably the best documentary about the internet we use today, great detail and was easy to understand, its definately worth watching, it shows the internet, the how and why it was created and to what it has become today!

    Grab some popcorn!

  32. Panics Prey

    Time line rather.

  33. Panics Prey

    Jack the whole thing is pretty accurate and does show a decent time like of events. Don't think you watched far enough to enjoy it. Oh well.

  34. Jack M.

    the blatant anti-microsoft bias in this documentary [if you can even call it that] made it really difficult to watch. and i don't even LIKE microsoft

  35. Solomon S. Buyco

    Nobody wanted to be a horse, much more to be a lamb...

    May Bill Gates find peace and solace. America did not pay the British any single dime in using the English language to their own benefits... So, Microsoft should think more closely of having the Microsoft Central Program and not just rely on their software. All the users will do is buy a computer and log on to their Microsoft Website and pay for the connection as what the users are in of their computer's worth and not of what the Microsoft Software are worth.

  36. Achems Razor

    Watched all of it. Good doc.

    I use Linux Ubuntu system. Works much better for me than windows ever did.
    Although have to admit, it is a little more complicated.

  37. dave

    Great watch. Started and just watched all 4 episodes. Really good and very up to date history of the web.