The Hidden Story of Jesus

The Hidden Story of Jesus

2007, Religion  -   160 Comments
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The Hidden Story Of JesusTheologian Dr Robert Beckford investigates amazing parallels to the Christ story in other faiths, some of them predating Christianity by thousands of years. The Hindu god, Krishna, was conceived by a virgin and his birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds. Buddha was also the result of a miraculous birth and visited by wise men bearing gifts. Beckford attempts to unravel the mystery of why there are so many versions of the Christ story across the world and asks which is the real one.

Was the Christ Story stolen from other, older religions? Theologian Dr Robert Beckford investigates remarkable parallels between the stories of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mithra, and other major religious entities, and examines how these similarities impact Christianity and its message.

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160 Comments / User Reviews

  1. The narrator is the perfect example of a highly successful indoctrination of Christianity. Despite of his overwhelming discoveries about lies, conflicts, contradictions and copycat dogma of Christian religion specially Catholicism, he still is proud to say that he is Christian!

    He is no different to those suicide bomber and women and child predators saying that they are martyrs under Islam's name.

  2. Only those transformed by the power of Jesus Christ will understand his true message. Those not transformed will cleave to a form Godliness, it will give them some life but not the magnitude of life that leads to overcoming sin and achieving an eternity with Christ in his kingdom.

    1. Can you please tell me which version of Bible is real

  3. The investigator of this documentary is missing key facts in his understanding of his own faith . One is that many of the events of Jesus's life was prophesied before his coming in the writings of Judaism. Looking at the logical consistency of the biblical report from the beginning of man's descent into death the coming of the savior was prophesied and details of his life was revealed to followers of God progressively over the years, as such persons from other cultures who interacted Hebrew/Israelites would have been familiar with the story of the coming deliverer and king Jesus Christ.

    Two, there is a real devil that has been trying to get man to worship him from the beginning, by purporting lies and counterfeiting everything God does , so it is no strange thing that many other religions have similar origin stories of their Gods and religious figures so that it makes Jesus's story when it did come sound commonplace and familiar inciting skepticism and doubt.

    Three, similarity and same are two different things. Not because a story or teachings seem similar means it is the same or deserves the same evaluation or response. Not all ideas about God are created equal. What about the key differences between Jesus and Buddha and Krishna that set Jesus apart . Differences like; Jesus taught there is one God and that one God was in him and he was in it and this God is spirit, not tree persons as some Christians believe but one spirit. Many of these religions outlined believe there are many Gods, yet the number one commandment Jesus reinforced is that God is one God and men should serve no other God besides him.

    What about the fact that Jesus was a sinlessly perfect? What about the teaching that man was dead and alienated from God and that only by the sacrifice of his death could man be delivered from the bondage of death and be reconnected to God? What about the fact that Jesus was born a king and came to set up a kingdom that he will fully establish on his second coming, in which those that endure to the end will rule together with him? There are key differences with Jesus that make his mission and message highly incompatible with the mission and message of other religious figures .

    1. How can you explain the fact the Jewish prophets who had insight from God, said the Messiah would be a normal human king and not divine? The Jews who by way are the holders of the pre prophesy of the Messiah, should expect at the very least the insperation our creator gave them, right?

    2. Fantastic response

  4. Jesus is the son of god. and now a days he only does miracles, and his mother Mary this proves that he was true no other statements are not needed to prove it, other religion god and goddess are not doing any miracles.

  5. It is appointed unto man, once to die, and then the judgement.

  6. I think religion is just a way of weakening people in order to avoid chaos on Earth. I personally find it hard to believe BIBLE and OTHERS. I love all your comments and I'm enjoying them with keen interest. In Genesis, the bible says God created darkness (is that true)?, In Joshua, the bible says Joshua prayed and SUN DIDN'T MOVE(does the sun move?). I don't accept any statement in the BOOKS which are not scientifically proven or correct.

    1. Weak? Sir I challenge you to step up to the plate. I lived in places that you wouldn’t make it out alive. Thrives in places that would see you as the weakest of the weak and I KNOW JESUS IS LORD!! So what are you saying weak?

  7. 13 "If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. 14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith." 1 Corinthians 15:13,14

    The missing piece here is that the believing in Jesus or his good teachings is futile if you don't believe in him as the Christ, the Messiah, the saviour from sin. There is no power to unite people in peace without this. Very thought provoking documentary though.

  8. Wonderful discourse. I have little doubt about jesus' existence but question the way he is presented in the Christian bible. This is based on the bastardization of the book at the first Council of Nicea, a clearly political exercise by Emporer Constantine to put together a holy book that would help this Johnny come lately Christian forge his way into heaven. Left out of the Bible were perhaps the most honest and realistic descriptions of the teachings of Christ, the gnostic gospels who were banned and eventually confiscated and destroyed with all but the few discovered in Egypt recovered and translated to shed a whole new meaning to the story. The story of Jesus and the Bible are thus fiction to me in that sense.

  9. Only with grace of father one can comes to Jesus . Without you can't think about him . Don't against God if you against you burn your soul . Who are all reject Jesus as god and saviour there are all SONS of SATAN

  10. In The Name Of Jesus I Break All Powers Of Darkness of Satan that you all may know the truth and that the truth may set you free out of dogma and speculations in order to transpire the true meaning of Life in you.

  11. Jesus Said "I am the way the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father except through him." No other God in this whole universe had sacrificed his own life for us as Jesus did.....

    Jesus did not preach merely Love...He really Loved us to the extent to give his own Life...
    Who in this world has ever given his own life for the sake of wretched sinners like us human beings.....

    No so called Gods has ever practiced what they have preached...

    It is not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strength.
    It is not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned
    It is not what we earn but what we save that makes us rich
    It is not what we preach but what we practice that make us true Christians...

    Words without action is dead...
    Jesus Practiced What He Preached.....

    The greatest love can only be portrayed by that elegant Cross...
    That crucifixion alone can stand as History's most awful moment.
    Son of God strains for breath, held by crude spikes driven through his flesh
    Mercifully dismisses his anguished spirit yet not forgets to forgive....

    This Is Not Just Merely Love, But Perfect Love.....!
    Jesus Loves You My Dear Friends........

  12. It is so pleasing to my heart, arguments have come to an end. You are all beautiful. All of you. Perfect in your diversity, You Hindu's, Muslims, Christians, Baha'i, Buddhist, Confucianist / Chinese Traditonalist, Jainist, Jew, Shinto, Sikh, Taoist, and Zoroastrianist and the humans belonging to the other 4288+ religions. All loving nature, nurture, devotion and peace. Individually. As you all have a right to do, so beautifully with your own inspirations. Love is such a beautiful thing, it can not belong to a single group of people, it exists in all of you. so it is important you must recognise this is each other and everyone you meet. Love and Hate are your children, they will run around looking for friends. One is much happier than the other. Implore yourselves to understand one another and not waste your precious electricity coming up with the wrong conclusions, in spirituality physicality is not important. Do not argue who is better and more knowledgeable, this is a sign of misunderstanding. Love each other, like you wish to be loved yourself. You are lovable and capable of beautiful things, words are to be whispered, make the world a quiet place. Where people can hear themselves think. Peace my friends. Walthari Oenomaus

  13. Why do you all argue amongst yourselves and your beliefs what are just your opinions. The truth would have to be seen by your eyes to be known. Your two eyes you see through and the third to be understood. Jesus was enlightened because he looked with three, Krishna was enlightened because he saw with three. Why does it matter to you all, no matter where you are geographically, in time, or in reality where or how these light beings were born. we are all light beings, some shine brighter than others, like these two kings. Does it matter more because for we are obssessed with their deaths too. more than their lives. would you talk to someone asleep and then ignore then whilst being awake. You all respect the same idea, the same love and imortance in understanding, maybe this is why you argue and defend your ideas when someone else puts doubt on them simply by writing on here. It's self not a reality but the feelings it projects into astral space and time is. be at one with yourselves,only then will you be at one with others and only then, will you know truth through all eyes. 1,2 and 3. the heart beats as one of these eyes blinks, imagine how many photographs that is, a camera is a light machine, so is your eye. be careful what you photograph and be aware of what you paint. with your individual lights, all of the same bulb. Walthari Oenomaus Douglas-ireland Nikolaj
    Peace friends

    1. Much thanks for your Beautiful insights, light and love-infused words needed in this physical plane - from my innermost light- love-soul to the your inner light-love-soul - you are cherished

    2. The truth of the matter is Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one goes to the father except by him. This teach us that without Jesus our eternity is inevitable. It is good and pleasant when you give your to Jesus, he's the only savior that was stated in the bible your intellectual knowledge cannot save you. Please I have a very big question to ask, did Krishna died and rose again? But Jesus died and rose again, so the true resurrection is Jesus.

    3. Christianity is not a religion if I may guess correctly. Christianity is belonging to a spiritual family, but not as a religion people think it is. The bible says that God is love and anyone who doesn't love does not know him so in this point I'm making here you can clearly see that, the word "love' you can only portray an effective and unquestionable love when you are in God and God in you.In as much as God in you definitely Jesus is in you,so for this reason if you claim you believe in God, but deny Jesus, you deny the father also. Anyone who has the father has the son also because both are one.

  14. Most of us commenting on this don't even follow our religious practices and we keep on arguing. No other god will express love for love as JESUS did. He died that we might see how much he loves us and also express same love to those around us
    Luke 1:37, for nothing shall be impossible with GOD

  15. It proves not only the truth of Christ but also those before him as well as say our founders who in truth understand the equality between Creator and Humanity. And in these men each portrayed the beginning relationship created with our Creator and Humanity. That how through diversion and lies laid upon Adam and Eve and their belief of serpent over the Creator of all. Truth hidden in plain sight just as planned by the serpent to steal our Eden or planet from humanity just as the religions of the serpent left and right are doing by creating lies for us to sign our sovereignty or individuality as well as our land or nation away by lies pertaining from our founders to the Creator itself. Truth in plain sight. Christ was nailed to the tree nude just as Adam and Eve when created as far as being naked in the glory of Creator not clothed in the law of the serpent. Truth in plain sight.

  16. is that so if the Lord Jesus is a simple human being than he never rose up from dead.its true that no other God did as this.even Hindus believe that as the world is persecuted by the Satan( bad human) then their God or Goddess took so many avatars to kill the Satan (human) and make the world free from sin .if that is sin than what is today happening,the murder,killing,lie,idol worship .thank u Jesus that you came here not to kill we human being but to save us from sin .I'm accepting Jesus as my Savior

  17. It is well done Dr. Beckford! I like people who are not afraid to ask questions. On religion class when I was 14, I asked the same questions and I wasn't satisfied with the answer.
    Your documentary should be translated into other languages.

  18. this quite cool. I have really been earthing up some stuffs bout Jesus's life account during the ages of 12 and 30. Was on this search when I came across this doc and the comments. Am a young lad wondering if there was no witness to Jesus's life during these ages.
    some sources say he travelled to india to study under a master....other says he helped joseph his father in his wooden crafts and others say he was in britain...which is right... if anyone has any result with vivid historical truths (not facts,cos facts are not truths) can freely make it available here for me to read.

  19. I was facinated with this documentary. I will tell you why the stories are so similar. Human beings have the habit of making very good human beings into gods because rather than becoming like them it seems easier to worship them. In the past when the whole world was more pure than it is today Christ, Buddha and Krishna became objects of worship, whereas today sports figures and movie stars have become objects of worship. At the time when Christ, Buddha and Krishna were walking on this planet in those bodies they never intended to start their religions, they were just teaching and trying to help people to lead better lives. Their followers created the religions after their deaths. Our world is created through our own thoughts. This life is a drama and we are all actors. God has actually come now and many are now recognizing Him. He comes in India on Mount Abu, Rajasthan, (the Father's mountain in the Land of Kings). Those who recognize Him are His first creation, the original, true Brahmins. We follow God's directions at this time and for each of us our every thought, word and action is creating the entire world drama. Amazing, but true. We are all souls, points of light and Gold is the Supreme Soul, our spiritual Parent. We got ourselves caught up in this drama that we call life and began taking everything g too seriously. He has to come just before the end to teach us so that we can free ourselves from body conscious attachment and fly home to the soul world, Nirvana, with Him to take a rest before we begin to play out our wonderous parts once again.

  20. Please ask yourself whether Jesus is in you ?? Not a theological or a faith question.. Knowing Jesus is simply to become a better human being.

  21. do not compare with gods because our gods are mother and father so worship and love her they were our real gods.

  22. The truth behind all of the stories can be found at a Youtube search for "Religion, Bible, Can you handle the truth?"

  23. Implications of points of
    similarity between the lives of Jesus and Krishna:

    1. Yeshua and Krishna were called both a God and the Son of God.
    2. Both was sent from heaven to earth in the form of a man.
    3. Both were called Savior, and the second person of the Trinity.
    4. Yeshus adoptive human father was a carpenter & Krishna's Cowman.
    5. Krishna and Jesus were of royal descent.
    6. Both were visited at birth by wise men and shepherds, guided by a star.
    7. Angels in both cases issued a warning that the local dictator planned to kill the baby and had issued a decree for his assassination.
    8. The parents fled. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea; Krishna's parents stayed in Mathura.
    9. Both Yeshua and Krishna withdrew to the wilderness as adults, and fasted.
    10. Jesus was called "the lion of the tribe of Judah." Krishna
    was called "the lion of the tribe of Saki."
    11. Both claimed: "I am the Resurrection."
    12. Both referred to themselves having existed before their birth on earth.
    13. Both were god-men: being considered both human and divine.
    14.They were both considered omniscient, omnipotent, and
    15. Both performed many miracles, including the healing of disease.
    One of the first miracles that both performed was to make a leper whole. Each cured "all manner of diseases."
    16. Both cast out indwelling demons, and raised the dead.
    17. Both selected disciples to spread his teachings.
    18. Both were meek, and merciful. Both were criticized for associating with sinners.
    19. Both encountered a Gentile woman at a well.
    20. Both celebrated a last supper. Both forgave his enemies.
    21. Both killed by their own people.

    22. Both killing style was same.

  24. People completely miss the point of Jesus if they confuse signs and wonders from the mission of Jesus which is to bear witness to the Truth. Jesus himself declared that happy are those who do not see but believe. However for the non believers, he was not optimistic saying that not even a dead man brought back to life would persuade them.

    The big deal of difference is for Chrisianity, God is inside men. No real need to search for divinity elsewhere. God alone is good; and thus only God deserves worship. Men are nothing without God. Moreover by dying on the cross, Jesus demonstrated life ever after, or resurrection of the dead. Thus it ultimately offers a new meaning to our life in this world, which is passing and finite.

    If there is a God, then He lives inside men, and this is the source of our Power, Glory and Honor. Thus it will be on the basis of how we lead our lives, and our treatment of our fellowman that will reflect how much we worship God. True worship means to honor God in Spirit and in Truth.

    1. The truth part is what trips up most fundamentalists. The truth about their own religion is lost among a desire NOT to know. They have become comfortable with their beliefs as a child and see no sense in the need to research it even more than their pathetic level of understanding which is no understanding at all. Truth is lost on those who have become lazy of the mind. They simply cannot grasp that humility that Jesus spoke of that allows us to ask ourselves "What if I am wrong?" That carries too much baggage and it would require us to forget everything we know and search unchartered territory about our own deeply held beliefs. This is something the typical American Christian is unwilling to do. And I can go a step forward and say also that most Muslims are not willing to think deeper on their own understanding.

    2. Somehow people who wants to derail people from their faith are selling another faith to the undecided or wishy washy. I am not in the business of selling something that was given freely out of love that cost Jesus his life on the cross.

    3. Jon, atheists don't want to 'derail' you, they simply want to facilitate agreement among all people regarding what is 'reality' and what is not. It's that simple, but I doubt it will ever happen. You notice how our egos come out on these pages, disparaging other views and ideas, while asserting that we are right and others wrong. But we're all the same, and if I am still searching while you have found it, then we compare evidence. How difficult is that?

      As I've mentioned elsewhere, there is another paradigm I've not seen mentioned much except in anthropology, the idea that religion serves another integral purpose in social structure, and its ideas become the adhesive that holds the group together, it gives the group a background for other activities such as schools and charities, but to not believe, and to not participate in the common group think will put one in danger of ostracism and expulsion from the group. After thousands of years of this social structure it likely would seem natural, a habit one acquires from infancy. It suggests religion as a means to an end, and not an end in itself......


    4. Ahemm, what ego? A lot claim to know and they probably believe in them too, so they are not atheists. Unless of course all these are instant beliefs and false claims, which are not impossible.

      You really think atheists are to blame for everything?

    5. `Everyone gets their share of the blame, and the pain, and the suffering, and maybe even a little extra if luck runs against you...

    6. You probably mean atheists want to take you for a ride. But in order to do that, you must get off from whatever place or space you are now.

      However in the analogy of the Gospels, Christians are like pilgrims; when or how they want to travel is not set. But they must take the tested narrow path to their destination. Jesus got to walk the Way to the Eternal Father and he asks his disciples to follow him.

  25. Yes the story of Jesus has been around far longer than the Bible story. Religions are like life, they evolve from one source and mutate into the many that are with us today. The Geneses story also has its beginning long before the Jews adapted it for their use. Everything written in the Bible was taken and adapted from older religions. There are no historical facts in the Bible. Events told about in tales from many sources were adapted and used in the Bible as if they happened during the writers time. The parting of the sea is a possible event of nature and may have happened but not at the time the bible depicts. This story was added to make the writing more exciting and memorable.
    If you actually apply logic and reason when reading the Bible you will be able to understand what it is.

  26. Robert Beckford is following the script given to him by a system which would love to DENY* & DESTROY* the authenticity of both the historical JESUS* & the Son of Man who made the divine claim to be the SON OF GOD!!! Why is it that these so-called theologians & academics refuse to look at the Biblical hostorical record in the light of prophecies made by JOB, MOSES, DAVID, DANIEL, ISAIAH, EZEKIEL, JEREMIAH & other prophets who made prophetic claims about the advent of JESUS CHRIST long before the advent of any of these corrupt, PAGAN*, idolatrous man-made religions like ISLAM, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM & others ever existed... Beckford et al will not entertain any real "Biblical scholarship on these subjects because it would DEBUNK* their postmodern nonsense and show their narrow epistemological mindset... In the said HADITHS* of the so-called "PROPHET" of Islam - he poignantly remarked for all the Muslimeen: "THAT THE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS WILL PROVE SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS WHO REJECT FAITH"!!! The said Islam in a deceptive doctrinal slant opines that when the MAHDI comes that YESHUA* (CHRIST JESUS) will accompany him - yet Jews & Christians are Kafirs (worthy of DEATH)... False prophets, false prophecies and BAAL & Astoreth worshipers...For HINDUS, their religion is even more pathetic!!! let us not even discuss their theology right now!!! SMDH...

    1. You seem awfully angry and hateful for a loving christian. Before i attempt to address your post one important thing has to be asked first. Do you have any actual proof that Jesus existed as advertised in your bibles? i am not interested in claims by unknown authors that contradict themselves , history and logic. Nor am i interested in claims made decades (or longer) after the claimed events. You can scream all you want (all caps) and attack the other crazy belief systems all you want. But until you have actual proof for your god claims, you are no better than those other belief systems.

    2. There was a TV Documentary some time back that offered an alternative side to the "Death and Resurrection" of Jesus where he did not die but lived on. Do you, or anyone else, know of this work? Thank you in advance.

    3. Everyone who claims his religion is superior to other religions is only a fanatical fool. An envious crybaby.

      In the human of body form we can come to know God and love Him.

    4. jews apparently are descended from indian Brahmins according to ancient greek philosopher artistotle and even ancient jewish scholars. so did story like miraculous births, noah's arc etc find their way into jewish/Christian theology.

    5. And it is the attitude in which you are writing your comments that cause you to fall into the trap of what this documentary exposes, the unwillingness to ask questions of your own faith. The process of education is ask questions, that is where understanding begins. It is no ones fault that you cannot possibly understand your god but are required by him to worship him.
      There is no judgment in a humble man.
      We are to humbly ask information which allows us to understand the rest of the world around us. Isolation has cause us to hate and disdain those who think differently than we do. Isolation in our own belief and the unwillingness to learn about others let alone our own religion makes it easier to pull the trigger. It make sit easy to hate others when the hate resides only in ourselves put there by a religion of intolerance. Jesus asks us to tolerate, understand, and even to love our enemies. How many Christians do you know that encompass all those traits? Welcome to the beginning of understanding.

  27. If you examine the Bible for signs of work of a higher intelligence than that of just mans, you find shocking results. True proof of Jesus Christ's existence is found hidden within the Bible in code form. But this has been completely ignored, rejected, or worse, for years on end by those who couldn't see the truth even if you rubbed their nose in it..

  28. The Codex is corrupt and the whole story was stolen from older religions, wake up guys!

  29. I believe that it was not merely Jesus spiritual body alone that was risen, but in fact both his spiritual and physical body was risen, due to the fact that the Bible states, that after Christ had died and was risen, he appeared to the doubting Disciple and showed the the nail marks and the wound on Jesus's side which he suffered on the Cross, and Jesus had the doubting Disciple to thrust the hand of the Disciple into the wound on Jesus side, which would have been impossible if Christ was appearing merely in Spiritual Form.

  30. Jesus did exist. His message is do unto others as u would have them do unto u. We only deny him cause we do not like that teaching in this survival of the fitest generation.

    1. So Did Thor and Zeus and horus and Romulus Isis and many more.

    2. Do unto others was in the old testament.

    3. It's in lots of religions.

    4. And his teachings were all about relational issues yet many Christians are anti gay and anti abortion both of which Jesus makes no mention.
      When I asked of my pastor he said Jesus did not have time to discuss those issues.
      Many Christians I asked said that Jesus lived before those things were issues.
      Many Christians think these two items are the most important Christian issues in the world today and many things are blamed by Christians on these two items.
      I found it curious that Jesus said NOTHING about either of these things.
      The bible does, but the words in red are Jesus own words.
      So who is saying anything about these two issues? Paul.
      Is Paul Jesus? No.
      1. Jesus knew the time of his death and he said everything he wanted to say before that event. Sorry pastor.
      2. Homosexuality occurred historically before and after and during Jesus lifetime. Sorry Christians.
      3. The most important rule that Jesus said was to treat each other as we would have others treat us. Sorry voters, those two issues are very minor when it comes to ruling nations.
      4. The mistake that modern Christians are committing is following Paul rather than Jesus. Paul contradicts Jesus teachings too many times and there is no reason to take Paul's words as important as those of Jesus.

  31. I very much enjoyed this Documentary. Excellent coverage, nothing was left out, all possibilities were covered. Yehsua Ben Yosef, the Man, the Son of Man, gave us teachings. Those are what is important.

  32. Its all the same just fables and stories retold for the sake of comfortbility

  33. A beautiful documentary full of common sense to direct you to the real message. After watching this documentary you should ask yourself, did you get the ******* message?

  34. uncompleted document.......

  35. @petter_rabbit

    I am a christian and sometimes i have the same feeling its same as horus story.

    1. Well your feeling would most likely be correct then.

    2. Hi Nick, I have lived in Egypt 20 years and everything about Christianity is in the Temple at Karnak, Luxor, appox 4 thousand years ago, a truly amazing and spiritual place.
      The god AMUN that this temple was dedicated to in Pharonic times.
      At the end of all prayers the preists called his name Amun in arabic it is still used but they say Amin in England Amen. The Horus story and the slaying of the dragon is the original but for us it is a Crusader slaying the dragon which is actually the original symbol of the Coptic Christian in Alexandria which still exists today with all the old rituals which have never changed. Absolutely fasinating religious history here. I realised man years ago the clergy in England only know what they are taught from within few have traveled in the real world and would soon see the doubts of their vocation.

  36. Krishna and Krishna Consciousness have always existed. Other religions are new or recent in comparison to Krishna's eternal existence .
    Bhagavad-Gita (as it is ) is the essence of the vedas where Jesus and Buddha are mentioned.
    If you prefer these other religions ,thats ok ,but you would advance far better if you chant the names of the lord you prefer and stop eating meat.
    These two things would please God very much.


    1. lol man, i ask u to read the veda again

  37. Funny there is no real original text to back any of these claims, Mithras and such stories were derived from hieroglyphs and such, with great liberty taken later in retelling the context. You really only have to look at the supporting text of things to come to a logical conclusion. Manuscript evidence goes a long way. There is a unprecedented amount of it in antiquity on one hand to support a position, and absolute speculation to support the other.

    1. there are texts that you havnt read im afraid.

    2. Everything in the bible has been translated a half dozen times and the stories told at least three to four decades if not centuries before being written down.

  38. Dr Robert Beckford ,i can give u the true reason that Jesus went to Khashmir....unlike what Dr.Fida Hasssian more of a general issue....
    he was a prophet of Isreal...and did u knw that 14 jews tribes exited....
    at the advent of jesus......Plz give me ur give u mre supporting evidence....
    i can prove ur thought that Jesus...infact came to india n Had a natural death

  39. Jesus never existed. He is just a myth. A retelling, a plagiarism of the story of Horus.

  40. Krishna was not born to a virgin and as as Hindu, and as far as I know, there is no concept of a virgin giving birth to a child. Even Kunthi's children had someone to call as their father!

  41. You want to find out about Jesus, you go to Krishna - contradiction. Claiming Krishna was born by a virgin meanwhile he has an elder brother. This documentary is what is totally wrong with this world.

  42. I think everyone should read this:
    christianthinktank (dot) com/copycat.html
    It's a careful study of these claims.

  43. I dont think these Jews are ever going to give it a rest about the holocaust, 20 times more people died in the spanish flu, but people just got on with it. To see them blaming christianity, and attacking christians, just shows they dont know how to follow there own teachings some 70 years after the atrocities. Not that I am a christian, all religion is simply an inherent need for humans to believe in something more, even when that something clearly has no truth and is made up only from a succession of stolen stories by a myriad of wannabe son gods(note the clever use of son in reference to the earliest religion of Osiris) Besides, worship or god for anyone must surely be that big yellow ball in the sky, you know, the one that gave birth to life and maintains life, and the one that will one day destroy life, yep, one day god will be taken over by the devil, swell up and destroy everything, im afraid you have all been lied to, but then again, theres no chance of us still being around then.

    Whenever anyone tries to preach the gospel to me, I always ask what about the 360 million year old dinosaurs, explain to me what all that was about, and how it fits into your pathetic book and your lying and murdering and incredibly short history, which, surprisingly, archaeologists do not even seem to be able to verify whether Jesus was even a real person, after all lets face it, his birthday is'nt the 25th December, so what else isnt true ? I will tell you, an awful lot.

  44. what a grate movie! really proved there point and i think they r right!

  45. jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life... NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME." do they address this?

    1. well of cores he says this he dose not want any one to leave his cult

    2. that was like most of his sayings about divinity. added later (a couple hundred years)

  46. "Was Christ's story stolen from other, older religions?" You must be joking. Don't you know your Bible? You're supposed to be a learned theologian and you don't know that in the very beginning God said: "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." (Gen 3:15). He was speaking of His Son, Jesus Christ's, crucifixion who in the distant future would pay the penalty for the sins of the entire world and conquer Satan. Now that's old, my friend . . . very old. In fact, it is one of the oldest prophecies in the Bible which was fulfilled thousands of years later. All the other religions borrowed their stories from the original one told in Genesis 3:15. Their's are false Jesuses, Christs and Messiahs. Indeed, the real and factual Jesus said that many false Christs and false prophets would arise claiming that their religions are the genuine ones.

    1. perhaps you should see the "the lost tomb of jesus"

    2. Tom please study the bible. Then you may speak if what is written therein. The lost mystery foe you my friend is the bible itself. Study when it was written and by whom. Then we can discuss in rational fashion what is contained in that BOOK. Just because the bible says it, does not mean it is real.

  47. I enjoyed this movie although, I would have liked to see a more fact based approach such as, what is the archeological evidence that a "Jesus" figure even existed? I would have liked to have seen a more conclusive time table with regards to the writing of Paul and the actual time of Jesus's life. There is a disparity for anyone that wishes to research. Many of the gospels are even considered "spurious" by many scholars. I still enjoyed this movie and the open mindedness of Dr. Beckford.

    1. I don't think that the matter of Jesus beeing a true or a fictional character is relevant. The only certainty is: Jesus teaching is alive.

    2. Jesuses teaching is Alive ? The Bible is a fake book Created so simple minded People would Submit without a Fight in the name of some Magic man in the Sky ! You are a Slave to Santa Claus ! Grow Up !!!

  48. This is a great documentary! Very objective. I suppose some people will be upset by the film, but I believe it was done in an open minded, free thinking manner.

  49. Thanks Dr Robert Beckford for all the work and effort in putting up this wonderful documentary. what you just done in a space of couple hours,is what that has taking religious leaders and hierarchy thousands of years to comprehend and yet they can not.

    I can honestly say today that if all this religious founders comes back to planet earth,they be amazed to find out none of their million or billion followers is actually doing what they have preached.

    In the whole account of this film i can only say that the only person that made sense at all and is wise will be Mohandas 'Mahatma' Gandhi's. in fact am being inspired by him.

  50. "The Hidden Story Of Jesus", I have watched this doc quite a few times and i am getting ready to watch it again. It's an education in and of it's self! Thank you Dr. Robert Beckford for all the work and effort you put into it!

  51. Oh dear Helen are you sure you have?

  52. Oh dear Robert Beckford hasn't understood at all what Jesus said about him being the only way, the truth and the life and that no one can come to the Father except by him.

    1. Helen a lot of people say a lot of things if you choose to believe what someone says and it gives you comfort and peace of mind good for you.

  53. @truthalone,

    You're trying to justify the inferiority of the women expressed in the Bible with one big ambiguous argument, which can be summarized with the following sentence: "Everyone is interpreting the Bible differently". And it is true. That is why there are thousands of faiths/religions based on the Bible, and every one of them thinks it's on the right track.

    The case is such because the Bible lays such an excellent foundation for misinterpretation, since it's full of contradictions, myths and discrepancies.

    Now back to the argument, there is no moral or any kind of reason for justifying the inferiority of a fellow human being.

    1. The contradictions and discrepancies exist only in misinterpretations born of the initial state of our nature to invent convenient belief systems that allow us to depart from the influence of our base-level convicting consciences and engage hatred to maintain the comfort of our individual physical bodies. If we don't hate in response to those hating us, they may take advantage of us. Inasmuch as they, looking back at us, reason the very same thing, we can understand that this is the net effect of separate perspective as it wars against unifying perspective or the war between our heads and our hearts. When our convicting consciences evolve into an increased sensitivity state, the people that experience it will be aware of division justifying people maintaining justification in contradictory interpretations of the Bible.
      These "convenient" interpretations, along with the contradictions they maintain are eliminated with the application of figurative meanings for a handful of key words, the first of which are given in the Bible directly (when Jesus explained parables) and they lead directly to the others.

      This evolutionary development and the new interpretation that documents it is the reason that the Bible gave warning that hidden things would be revealed and that we should be careful what we thought we were hearing; what "measure we were using" (i.e. our hearts or our heads).

      The new interpretation, requiring a significant conviction of conscience to engage, is established in the book "The Third Measure of Meal". It is void of contradiction, solves the "synoptic problem" and is in harmony with current scientific understanding to provide a "first cause" for everything else. While it lacks the contradictions of previous interpretations, it also lacks their convenience. This is why it requires a significant conviction of conscience to engage, and did not emerge before the present time.

  54. Well, Vlatko, the religion I have studied most closely (the Judeo-Christian tradition) appears to be one of an ongoing struggle to evade captivity and assimilation into a culture which calls itself "civilized". The bible is merely a (somewhat embellished) historical record of how they had failed to do so. It advises the reader to hold to his/her convictions in the face of all manner of persecution; and it promises it's readers justice in the end of days for having endured said persecution.

    It is not what the atheist community says it is, by any stretch of the imagination. It is not an excuse to commit war; rape; or any other atrocity. And those who would use it as such have not taken it's teachings to heart. The same could be said of all other religions.

    As one of my favorite musicians once put it: "The Lord uses the good ones; And the bad ones use the Lord".

    1. @David Foster,

      "It is not what the atheist community says it is, by any stretch of the imagination."

      You're wrong here. You should have said: "It is not what the atheist community AND ALL THE OTHER RELIGIONS says it is, by any stretch of the imagination."

      You have a book that only 30% of the people on Earth believe in. And out of those 30%, just 5% have read it from cover to cover. That means only 1.5% of the people in the World have read the Bible from cover to cover. Imagine what was the percent in the Dark Ages and before that.

      "It is not an excuse to commit war; rape; or any other atrocity."

      Any evidence to support this. I can quote many, many sources where Bible was taken as reference and a shield for committing war, rape and other atrocities.

      "And those who would use it as such have not taken it's teachings to heart."

      This line deserves special attention. Who would judge and who would decide that those have not taken it's teachings to heart. They will certainly argue they're devoted Christians. I can be Christian too, a true believer with the teachings of the Bible to my heart, and I would not pay attention to those passages that call upon war, murder etc, but I can still keep my wife in inferior position. It's not a big deal and I'm still true Christian. But wait... it is a big deal.

    2. @vlatko, depends upon what you mean by keeping your wife in an inferior position. it is a very interesting statement, which made me think and analyse each word for quite some time. each one us are conditioned to think in one way due to our socio-economic, political, and geographical backgrounds. what is deemed as freedom in the west is seen as decaying in the east. what was considered as a freedom of expression in denmark was considered as an assault on religious sentiments. wife definitely is considered as a possession in some countries, and wife is given equal status in the west. we see broken families in the west and oppressed women in the middle east. so where lies the balance. i beleive a rational and analytical approach is needed to solve such issues. the bible makes man the head of the family, and shows at the same time how a leader should be( by the example of jesus). leader sets an example in everything and serves the inferior one. his authority is gained from his subordinates not by force but is gained through love. a couple was sitting in the garden when their gaze fell upon a beautiful flower, the man described how beautiful it is and even compared it to his love and then they left, then came a group of botanical students who studied the morphological characteristics of the flower, the petals and sepals and all those stuff, then came a bee, which plunged into the flower and drew nectar. so this metaphor i quoted to identify various kinds of people and their varied approach to scriptures and everything in general. so only the bee can understand and describe the flower's essence in our story.

    3. @Vlatko: If you saw an army coming at you carrying statues of Buddha, would you automatically assume that Buddha was a warmonger? Puh-lease! Ambition had always used religion to justify its intentions. It has always been a lie... like: "spreading democracy" is today.

    4. I will give you one thing, though... Jesus said: "I come not to bring peace, but a sword." .. That much, he has accomplished.

    5. If I understand "God's Plan" correctly (as stated by numerous biblical prophets) it is as follows:

      "Because we chose not to take our instructions from him, and decided that we would rather run amok (building cities, starting wars, etc..).. And because he had tried and failed numerous times to get us to turn-around, before we made the entire earth uninhabitable.. He decided that he would go the other way, and assist us in what ever way possible (with scientific knowledge, political leaders, etc; all driven by his very word).. So that our civilization would build itself up so fast, and to such incredible heights, that when it finally DID fall, that fall would be permanent."

      It stands to reason that you would not approve of such a plan. Oh well. Wasn't my idea.

    6. For the record, I believe THIS:

      That when a prophecy is spoken, and is believed by enough people over a long enough period of time, that they will eventually find a way to MAKE it come true, no matter HOW outrageous that prophecy originally was.

      So let it be written... So let it be done.

    7. When a hypothesis is spoken, and is believed by enough people over a long period of time, that they will eventually find a way to make it come true, no matter how outrageous that hypothesis originally was.
      Sounds like what works for religion works for science.

    8. @David Foster,

      I must admit, I enjoy this conversation.

      The God's Plan is only a "plan on paper" written by man. Other Gods have other plans, which are also written by man. There is no shred of single evidence of any kind that "The Plan" is of divine nature. Therefore it is only a speculation.

      "If you saw an army coming at you carrying statues of Buddha, would you automatically assume that Buddha was a warmonger? Puh-lease! Ambition had always used religion to justify its intentions."

      Buddha was not a warmonger. I can tell you that for sure. But the Abrahamic God was/is for sure. There isn't anything that needs to be assumed here. Just reading their scriptures will give you the answer.

      If I saw an army coming at me carrying statues of Buddha, I would assume that there is something with this man that tells these people to go to war. Then I would read their scriptures, and guess what? I wouldn't find anything like that. It’s a religion of non violence and peace. That is why there were no massive wars in the name of Buddha. Of course no religion is perfect, and it was abused on some occasions.

      On the other hand if I saw an army coming at me carrying crosses, I would assume that their God tells them to go to war. Then I would read their scriptures, and guess what? I would find tons of passages where their God tells them to kill, rape, torture, go to war, keep slaves, keep their wives in inferior position etc.

      Having said that, I hope you can clearly see that your analogy is really unsuitable. Puh-lease!

    9. Actually, Buddhism is not a religion, but a philosophy. This is a common mistake made by Westerners.

  55. dear friends, i was just checking out other videos when i came across this video, saw the first 10 min and am writing this comment. the first 10 min revealed that this is sub standard to be called a documentary. i am an indian well versed in all the mythological stories. krishna is not born of a virgin (fact one). he is one of the many children born to his father and mother out of wedlock. in fact he is the eighth child of devaki and vasudeva prophesied to dethrone and kill his evil uncle kansa. the commentator says kansa like herod went on a killing spree, in fact kansa killed the children prior to krishna ( not a killing spree but a family feud).it is no way related to the nativity scene, and there was never a mention of angels visiting krishna at his birth, nor the wise men.( if men from east visited jesus, then men from west,hmm...americans or the british must have visited krishna according to this theory) i can go on and on. but when we present the truth we must do our homework well and not work with a hidden motive just because we feel the the other thing is true.

    1. The idea is to have everyone believing that one religion stole it's ideas from the previous, and so on, and so on; thereby discrediting the entire notion of religion. They do the same with the old testament, in trying to say that Judaism evolved from Zoroastrianism; when the texts themselves imply that the history was carried out of Egypt by Moses and Co. Naturally, the solution is to try to show that Moses never existed. It is a fascinating game to watch.

    2. @David Foster,

      The question if Moses existed or not is irrelevant. The question of how or if religions are copy/pasted is also irrelevant.

      What is relevant is the very core of their structure and their practices. They're strikingly similar, and that begs the question: Is it possible that they derived from the same phenomenon - the fear of the unknown and death.

      I'll tell you one beautiful example. The comparison between the Zen Monks and the Christian Orthodox Monks. Their daily routine, practices and so on. Keep in mind they never met, and they' have totally different concepts of faith.

      The first ones live in a remote monasteries (away from civilization). They get up early before sunrise and assemble in one common room for group meditation. They start to meditate in a za-zen posture and if someone fails to maintain the posture, the head monk who supervises the meditation, will hit that student with a stick. That goes on for several hours.

      After that the students are required to practice meditation throughout every activity. Walking, gardening, eating and so on. At some point students are called upon by the head monk for a "daily spiritual encounter - darshan". They will talk with him, he will instruct them about what it needs to be done on their way to enlightenment and he will give them a Koan (silly unsolvable word puzzle) to meditate on. And that goes on for every single day in the next 20 years.

      The second group (The Christian Monks) are living in a remote monasteries (away from civilization), in order not to be polluted with the everyday ordinary human thought.

      They get up early usually before sunrise and they gather in a common room where they prey in a group, supervised by the head mink. The prayer is not as we think it is. It's a kind of chanting where the flow of the thoughts (prayers) involving Christ have to be continually in your mind. That goes for several hours. After that the students are required to constantly pray in their thoughts whatever they do. The thought have to be constantly pointed to the Christ. While they're eating, walking, gardening etc.

      At some point students are called upon by the head monk for the "daily spiritual encounter". They will be informed about their progress and instructed on which books and passages they have to pay attention to. And that goes for the next 20 years.

      Those are two totally different groups of faith with nothing in common.. geographically, nationally, historically etc. But their practices are strikingly similar.

      If you go on and study the religions you'll realize that they have the same notions, same fears, the same core pattern they follow.

    3. @Vlatko: Similarity does not indicate common origin. Yes, we fear death. That MAY be the only thing that defines us as LIVING.

      I had previously suggested that if A.I. developers are intent on producing a sentient computer, that they should consider programming it with a survival strategy (fear of death), and allow it to evolve from there. And I am seriously convinced that is the only way it will ever happen.

      You fear religion, this much is obvious. But I feel that is only because you don't understand it's primary purpose; which is to cope with death -- something we all must face sooner or later. For this, you will never be rid of it. Even your very science will become religion, in due course.

    4. @David Foster,

      Similarity does not indicate common origin. Then what indicates?

      You fear religion, this much is obvious. That is your perception of me, but rest assured, I do not fear any religion. Simply there is no need to.

    5. Incidentally, the same Jesus story has also been attributed to the Egyptian gods Isis and Horace. See Zeitgeist for details.

    6. I do strongly agree with you Mr. Pavithran." krishna is not born of a virgin (fact one). he is one of the many children born to his father and mother out of wedlock. in fact he is the eighth child of devaki and vasudeva prophesied to dethrone and kill his evil uncle kansa. the commentator says kansa like herod went on a killing spree, in fact kansa killed the children prior to krishna ( not a killing spree but a family feud).it is no way related to the nativity scene, and there was never a mention of angels visiting krishna at his birth, nor the wise men.

  56. Everyone cannot be right someone has to be wrong for someone to be right,someone has to bad for someone to be good,that why all religions cannot be right, the thing of it is,no one likes to think that they are wrong.The first man God rejected in the bible was a religious man and every time God does something the first time he is obligated to do it that way every time in order to be God, what that simply means is that God cannot change. Cain was very religious, he wonted to serve God the way he think he should serve God but not the way God required and for being a free thinker he was rejected. Jesus said not every one that say Lord,Lord shall enter the kingdom but he that doeth the will of the Lord. God's will is his requirement and it is a mystery, and until we find what is the will of God for our lives we will end up like Cain, marked and separated from the present of God.
    Remember all life comes from God and once you did not give yourself life then you are accountable to God for giving it to you.

  57. Anyone who believes in something that they have no evidences whatsoever to prove is a blind fool. This movie helps to show (although it barely scratches the surface) the similarities between ALL religions. All faith-based religions get their morals and beneficial teachings from man, not from any divine source. There may or may not be a god, but there certainly is no empirical or any other kind of evidence of one. To believe wholly otherwise is to abandon reason. Abandon reason and you might as well believe in any god, all gods, or make up your own. What matters in these teachings is the morals that are innate in humankind that are represented within the mythical stories, which are all very similar to each other.

  58. watch "the arrivals" all the 50 part on youtube and some of you might just change your minds a little.

    1. Why so Jackline, give us a run down, a little hint on "the arrivals", and what am i going to change my mind about?

  59. Dear Friends,

    Do not be disturbed at this because all the prophesies in the Holy Bible must come true before the second coming of our LOrd Jesus Christ. Hence, encourage these people who have been chosen by God to represent SATAN until the final day. Then, you all know what is gonna happen to them. Wait in faith and watch. God Bless U all.



    1. Dear friends,

      Do not be disturbed by the thoughts of eternal damnation. For all we know the theory of a GOD may not be true. The speculations of intelligent design is nothing more than a speculation. There has not been substantial empirical proof that a living god exist nor evidence of his omnipotence. I instead implore you to live your one and only precious life to the fulliest with kindness and love towards your fellow man. Enjoy life day by day with family and ones we love with new inspiration. Thank you and may REASON guide us through life.


      Logical Thinking

    2. The devil himself couldn't have said it better, but don't worry, I'm sure you don't think he is real either.

    3. Indoctrinated.

  60. Krishna was an Anunnaki, so was Rah, and Zues,and all the other ancient gods. They will return

  61. One "remarkable" thing happened, and people all over the world took and shaped the story to their needs. Anyone who is going to remain in their ignorant box, that one is right and all others are wrong is a fool and is deserving of "hell". There is something universal here that we need to come together and realize. I dont know what else to say.

    Love, Aaron.

  62. Dr Robert Beckford's documentary is well done. There are historys of Jesus in Puri and throughout India. The idea that he was in Kashmir for so long may not have been correct. Sri Krishna was neither a prophet nor messiah. Sri Krishna is the Father that Jesus, the Son of God, refers to in his teachings. All Glories to Jesus and all believers of The Supreme God.
    Jai Sri Radha Krishna,
    Raghunatha Das

  63. Question:

    Isn't Jesus considered to be the 10th reincarnation of Krishna?
    I read that one in a book about Hinduism.

    Unfortunately, when we consider Jesus as the Word of God made flesh, and dwelt among men and the word of God says "it is appointed unto man once to die and then after this the judgment", doesn't that sort of contradict that?

    The Bible teaches absolutely nothing about Him going to India. Even the British people say Jesus went to England with Joseph of Arimathea.

    I really don't have faith in anything that teaches Jesus can be contradictory to Himself, because He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

  64. Namaste

    There's God (the Highest and First Person, Purushottama, Dharma Kaya in Mahayana Buddhism) and His Son (Second Person, amsha/expansion, Sambhoga Kaya in Mahayana Buddhism) who comes _repeatedly_ to the material world of samsara to liberate matter-bound jivatmas, His children. This is agreed upon in teistic traditions, only He is named diffently:

    Sankarshana/Baladeva/Ananta Shesha in Vaishnavism, Serapis/Asclepius in Egypt/Greece, Toba Yahu in Judaism, Yahu-shua/Jesus in Christianity, Amitayus/Avalokiteshvara in Mahayana Buddhism...

    He's also expanded in the person of the physical Guru, His nature being called Guru tattva. Therefore Guru is worshiped as God.

    Hari Hari

  65. @pamela- You're correct in saying "They are opinions of peoples but he speaks on their behalf...". But that still doesn't negate the historical fact, not opinion, that many of the stories in the Bible, such as Noah and the Great Flood, the story of Moses, and Genesis, to name a few, were handed down from tradition long before the Tanakh in Judaism and the Bible were written.

    It amazes me that the people who attempt to discount the FACTS I have just listed are the same ones who believe in talking serpents. I don't mean to come off as arrogant or rude, but to believe that Eve was made from Adams rib is just plain ignorant. Remember, Jesus never started a religion, men did. Fallible men full of sin (after all, we're all sinners right?. In fact, I contend that if he really was who and what Christians say he is, he would be pretty damn pissed off at what Christianity has become. But he is not! The birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus are based on the movement of the sun through the constellations...FACT!

    The comparisons to Buddha or Krishna in this film are unimportant, and I think the producer missed the mark on that. All you need to do is find the origin of the stories in the Bible and it's plain to see they're nothing more than a regurgitation of mythological tales told since the long before Judaism arrived. And that's a FACT!

  66. @pamela- I agree with you. I noted that the Buddhist monk would not submit to Beckford's leading questions, to agree that Buddha and Jesus were alike. I think we can find as many differences as similarities. I think the monk was being polite. The cart came before the horse in this film, where Beckford was trying to make a case that the evidence of his documentary didn't really support. Throughout the film he was trying to goad particular answers from his interviewees, but their answers didn't always conform to his interpretations of them.

  67. I find that this documentary attempts to make comparison but when it comes down to the comparisons, he jumps to conclusions about how it came about without any true historical facts. He is not only misquoting the Christian Bible, he tries to convince us he is making unique comparisons that make Jesus one in the same with other religions. The Buddhist Monk appropriately replies, you answered for yourself...I cannot speak for you. The people he interviews, well none of them are those who are leaders of the particular religions. They are opinions of peoples but he speaks on their behalf, so he is trying to promote a view that he knows all these religions to the enth degree, and that convinces me, he is a confused man.

  68. An interesting, powerful, and energetic documentary. Great conclusions, well done!

  69. This doc is a factual failure, that guy usually makes good films, don't know what happened here...

  70. By the way, I highly recommend Thomas Paine's, "The Age of Reason". It drives the point home that not all the Founding Fathers intended to build this nation as a Christian one. That being said, being a Christian nation isn't the same as having values that Christians also happen to have. Most likely, Buddhists, Taoists, and followers of other religions have very similar values. Most of the Founding Fathers were deists, not Christians. Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The Jefferson Bible", his version of the Bible (minus the talking snake, 900 yr old people, and other obvious mythological events) containing the moral teachings of the man called Jesus of Nazareth. I'm a firm believer that had we been brainwashed as kids and told that the story of Peter Pan (or any other fairy tale)was true instead of the Bible, we'd all be worshiping a gay boy who flies around in green tights whilst kickin' it with his drag queen diva friend Tinkerbell...

    1. They came here to get the #ell away from organized religion for one thing.

  71. Even if you were to take out the Krishna reference altogether, you'll find that most of the stories in the Bible have been handed down from tradition. The Epic of Gilgamesh = the story of Noah, Sargon of Akkad = Moses, etc. Jesus, the man, never wrote of starting a religion called Christianity. This was done long after he had passed, if he ever lived at all. The final push to make Christianity the big religion was a political move facilitated by Rome. And in doing so, they simply transferred the attributes of their pagan gods over to Jesus and the "saints". Here are excerpts from Thomas Paine's, "The Age of Reason". He can state this more eloquently than I:

    "The ancient Mythologists tell us that the race of Giants made war against Jupiter, and that one of them threw a hundred rocks against him at one throw; that Jupiter defeated him with thunder, and confined him afterwards under Mount Etna, and that every time the Giant turns himself Mount Etna belches fire. It is here easy to see that the circumstance of the mountain, that of its being a volcano, suggested the idea of the fable; and that the fable is made to fit and wind itself up with that circumstance.

    The Christian Mythologists tell that their Satan made war against the Almighty, who defeated him, and confined him afterwards, not under a mountain, but in a pit. It is here easy to see that the first fable suggested the idea of the second; for the fable of Jupiter and the Giants was told many hundred years before that of Satan."....


    "Had it been the object or the intention of Jesus Christ to establish a new religion, he would undoubtedly have written the system himself, or procured it to be written in his life time. But there is no publication extant authenticated with his name. All the books called the New Testament were written after his death. He was a Jew by birth and by profession; and he was the Son of God in like manner that every other person is -- for the Creator is the Father of All.

    The idea of his concealment not only agrees very ill with his reputed divinity, but associates with it something of pusillanimity; and his being betrayed, or in other words, his being apprehended, on the information of one of his followers, shows that he did not intend to be apprehended, and consequently that he did not intend to be crucified."

  72. One thing, if you're going to argue at least get your facts right. He never said Krishna was born of a virgin, he said that the pregnancy was Miraculous. There is a difference. Abraham's (Abram's)wife Sarah (Sarai) had a miraculous conception. Miraculous simply means that it was unnatural. Sarah had Issac after being barren all her life when she was far to old even if she hadn't been barren. That means that when he says Krishna's birth was miraculous he doesn't have to mean born of a virgin. Pay attention people. Also he never said Jesus was buried in India either, just that some people *believe* that he is.

    All the documentary was doing was showing that while the stories are different, there generalities are so similar that other religions will even accept Jesus as being a holy man as well. Christianity seems to be the only religion too idiotic to realize that other people can be holy even if they aren't Christian, especially since they didn't even have the OPTION of being Christian since Christianity was around yet! Even the bible says this in a round about way. It says the whole world would be judged, and no one would have an excuse. You can't judge someone on Jesus if they've never heard of him. But God is supposed to e just. This is why some priests will say that holy men from around the world preached God's gospel to the people of other nations. Jesus was just the last in a long line of prophets and he was for the Jews or whatever. It's still non-sense of course, but it shows *some* thought at least, which is more than most.

    I mean people, I grew up in a church that believed the bible word for word. These people still believe that the world isn't round!!! You know why? Because the bible keeps mentioning "the four corners of the earth". What bullshit! They KNOW you can go around the world, so instead of saying the world is flat or a square or rectangle, they say it must be a cube of some sort because that explains why you can go around it, and it still has four corners. Hopeless. Just freaking hopeless.

  73. can i find these documenturies on tv.

    1. No way they would never allow most of these doc's on tv that is a very highly controlled industry. tv is an insult to any one with half a brain.

  74. kanna: I believe i said " fffuuuuuu "

  75. Believe in Lord Jesus christ then you will be saved
    There is no other way my friend..this is a religion
    It is not a myth
    It is about salvation..
    Believe i say u will see the Grace of God

    1. Why do you say this?

  76. It's obvious from the comments generated that there are so many historical gaps in the historicity of Jesus that they can be filled with imaginative minds to say almost anything. That doesn't mean Jesus' message is false of course but it gives sceptics the opportunity to have a field day. One example which comes to mind is Michael Bagent's book 'The Messianic Legacy' but clearly there are many more.
    There is also a book, the name escapes me, which describes the parallel sayings of Jesus and Buddha. So we have these charismatic men who teach righteousness and love so there is bound to be some similarity in their teaching. The huge difference is one claims to be the son of God and the other an ordinary man. One claims a supernatural unseen universe creating being and the other claims a kind of psycho-philosophical message that if we detach ourselves from the ego, see ourselves as one with nature, relinquish desire and clinging to worldly things, we will find a kind of bliss and our Buddha nature. It's supernaturalism verses naturalism, despite some supernatural claims by ancient Buddhism as it became a 'religion' and which are pretty well discredited by modern Buddhists. I think that explains the popularity of Buddhism in the west as it doesn't preach supernaturalism.

  77. this is ridiculous lord krishna born to a maybe garnering some cheap publicity.... in Hindu circuit... and he was not the first child either....his elder brothers were all killed...

  78. In which school did Dr Robert Beckford learn that the Hindu god Krishna was conceived by a virgin and his birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds? Just one thing - people always look for opportunities to prove they are idiots.

    1. And you stepped right up to the plate idiot.

  79. Religions are annunaki creation via the elite bloodlines to create a mindset of sheepability for the vast majority. Religious scripting and programming are constantly upgraded under the same basic theme that eventually leads to a clash of civilizations (aka Armageddon) for a reboot for total control w/c the elite bloodlines will eventually turn over to the returning annunaki masters. Many of the religious forerunners have mind resonant implant for this purpose.

  80. An African myth,there was a great worrior called Rwada Magere,he belonged to a community called Luo's who are found on shores of Lake Nyasa in Eastafrica.The Luo's neighbours were called the Nandi's.This two nations fought many times,the Nandi kept on losing,they new Luo's without rwada magere could not beat them.
    Some wise men from the Nandi community devised a method to learn the power behind Rwada magere.Rwada magere body was made of stone so no spear or arrow could cause harm on him.They made peace with the Luo's and gave one of their woman to rwada magere as a sign of good will.Some Luo elders objected rwada magere from marrying this woman but rwada could not take their wise counsel.
    One day Rwada fell ill,he told his wife to cut his shadow on the head and put some medicine.She did as she was told,when she cut the shadow blood started oozing,she put the medicine.
    Then Rwada fell asleep,this woman went to her people the Nandis and gave the account of what had happened,then she went back to rwada's home before he could wakeup.
    The Nandis came up with an excuse to start a war with the Luo's.Unknown to Rwada magere that his woman had given out his secret he led his forces in attacking the Nandis,then one nandi worrior came and stabbed his shadow on the heart and he died.
    Isn't this similar to myth of Samson and Delila?My conclusion is religions and many myths were created before mankind spread from africa,otherwise how comes we have many almost similar myths?

  81. The bible is a symbolic book,i went reently to a church a friend had invited me and after a lot persuasion i agreed to join him.After the end of sermon,as we were leaving my friend told we greet some of church going friend.I said to them "hi my name is mnganga wa kiyenyeji" one of them asked wheather am baptised and i asked what is baptism,he said what is my christian name.
    Most christians believe that baptism is having an extra name,i regard baptism as giving yourself a colonial name.If you at African countries the christians in each country give themselves names that came from their colonial masters,if a country was colonised by british the christians have English.french colonies french names,Take Mozambique or Angola people there have portuguese names.
    If we move from symbolism,what can be the meaning of baptism?
    is it the name?is it the ritual?my understanding of baptism is one's decision to live a positive life,to strive for it,to raise your self esteem no one an do it for someone else.

  82. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him. 2 Cor 11:4

    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Galatians 1:8

    Dont be fooled with these decievers. They are possesed by evil spirits. They have no Salvation.

  83. The message of jesus,mohammed,krishna,Gandhi,Mandela,Martin luther king,Nyerere,Antony Robbins the list is endless.Is the message of humanity,among the Bantu speakers of africa we call it Utu,its universal message and no one can claim as his own.Theres nothing like the chosen people all people are the same that Man is inherently good.
    .All the languages in this world have the term Love,Even the animals even though they dont speak like us they to do loving deeds to their kind and some rare cases a different species.Let no one cheat themselves that there messanger is the greatest and if one thinks that ttheir messanger is greater then preach by deed not by fear but by realization.

    1. I really like your position - "no one can claim as his own". Who can own God, the Truth, the Divine? If mere belief was sufficient to realize the Truth this world would have been a very different place a long time ago. Love is an action not merely a thought.

  84. An excellent documentary, although for less than two hours of content there was a lot of "glossing over" of differences between the religions. However, I firmly believe in the central message that one must eventually dispense with the dogma within each religion, which is largely the creation of the powerful elite within each, to control their flocks. It is action, not words, like the Christian peacemakers at the end, that really matter in the development of humanity. The development toward real spirit, real compassion, justice, and peace. Read your holy books critically, then throw them away and act with what is in accord with your heart. Throw away that which is not in accord with the message of brotherhood, compassion, understanding, and feeding all people.

  85. A very good documentary as it gives a nice overview to the world religions we see today, with all the craziness that often implies. Even as an atheist I can see that if Jesus is taken simply as a man who tried to teach people a moral code of practice, that this is a believable story. Unfortunate that his story is lost and so bastardised by the religions that evolved to what we are cursed with today.

    A minor complaint against Dr Bedford is that despite him being a Christian and seeming to approach the whole subject from a very open minded view: is that he refers to some of the older belief systems / religions as myths. All religions are based on myths or man made conceptions. Each time some new evidence comes to light; such as the gospel of Thomas for instance this shakes the "God" Corps to their core.

  86. Good job Dr. Beckford. By going to speak to these people in person you really get a sense of how silly and childish organized religion is all over the world.

  87. True Christians are the ones who feed and cloth the poor not the religious nut who beats people for being different and damning people as if he was the voice of god himself. If all Christians were pure with goodness, religious wars would not happen and churches would not spread hate instead of tolerance. Who Jesus really was is not important but the moral teaching he taught.

  88. This is nothing new, but for years the Christian religion told their followers to look into other religions was evil and of the devil. I got this from my church when they found out I was taking world religions and mythology in college. I was taught many sun gods are just like Jesus and Jesus is nothing new or original. Even his death isn't original. I was told from my priest that Satan went back in time and put these sun gods in history. What a crock! I finally saw the truth that Christianity is not original and lies and denies their followers the truth. Talk about controlling. I left the church to worship all the pagan gods not just one.

  89. Any idiot knows by now that Jesus is the personification of the age of Pisces. The stories and myths of the various religions of the world have more to do with astrology and aliens than anything else.

  90. This piece was very informative. It proves once again that the christian myth is just that. The story of Batman is more consistent than the story of Jesus.

  91. A very interesting show. I fear that the orthodox religious types would disagree with me and with the content of this documentary. However, at the end of the day, if you stip away all the doctrine and focus on the core messages of Jesus and other Prophets, I beleive we might see some peace finally dawn in this troubled world. Lets hope so.

  92. what about the story Noah that is similar to the Flood story of Gilgamesh. Did the christians steal most of the stories from all these cults or just exchange ideas.

  93. A horrible documentary. It's only goal was to make Jesus insignificant. It said Jesus escaped and died in India. Satan for a long time has been trying to take Jesus's goodness away for a long time. This is nothing new.

  94. its fake trying to change the human mind to fallacy

  95. No, Krishna was born without sexual union. There are certainly parallels; as there are with MULTIPLE other savior myths from all over the world.

  96. Hi All,

    This documentry is false, i am an indian and i know the birth story of krishna. Krishna was not born of a virgin, his father and mother were in prison when he was born. There were no angels too. I think the author has made of his mind in anyway linking the story.



    1. krishna choose to take birth on earth..his soul went to Devki's womb ,,and took birth (devki did not had give birth to krishna) so its said tht he was born virgin

    2. Krishna appeared on the earth to kill Kansa (kansa was used to be called king of demons ) ,
      it was predicted by great astrolger that kamsa will die in hands of "vishnu"(krishna is a rebirth of vishnu) who will take birth as "devki's son"... so when kansa came to know that..he started killing every child of her.. so atlast.. krishna choose to take birth on earth..his soul went to Devki's womb ,,and took birth (devki did not had give birth to krishna) so its said tht he was born virgin.. ultimately he killed kansa .