The Boy Who Lived Before

The Boy Who Lived Before

2013, Mystery  -   178 Comments
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The Boy Who Lived BeforeEver since he could talk, Cameron has been telling stories of his life on Barra, a remote island in the Outer Hebrides, some 220 miles from his current home in Glasgow. He describes in detail his childhood on the island: the white house he lived in, the black-and-white dog he walked on the beach. He talks about his mother, seven siblings and his father, Shane Robertson, who died when he was run over by a car.

Nothing strange about all that. Except the fact that Cameron is only five years old now; his memories seem to be of a former life. Cameron’s stories have become increasingly more detailed since he first started telling them, and the shock of him insisting “I’m a Barra boy, I’m a Barra boy” has worn off a little. But his emotional attachment to his ‘Barra mum’ concerns his mother, and there’s clearly something going on in the poor kid’s head when he says, “My real barra dad doesn’t look left and right.” Intrigued by her enigmatic son, Cameron’s mother Norma has decided to investigate his claims.

Everyone who comes across Cameron is sceptical, but his stories are just so consistent. In her search to find a rational explanation for Cameron’s tales of his Barra childhood, Norma first visits psychologist Dr Chris French, editor of The Skeptic magazine. French suggests that Cameron might simply have acquired knowledge about Barra through TV or a family friend, and thus invented the stories himself.

Norma isn’t satisfied by this. Her next port of call is educational psychologist Karen Majors, who tells her that the way that Cameron describes his Barra world is similar to the way in which some children speak about imaginary places and people, except that Cameron really seems to believe that he has seen the things he describes first-hand; he also doesn’t seem to be able to control his ‘fantasy’ as other children do. Norma decides to investigate the possibility of reincarnation, contacting leading expert Dr Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia.

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2 years ago

i think there is definitely something out there, i don’t know what. but it’s so interesting and i would like to find out more.

3 years ago

faker shush

4 years ago

A key element is missing here. The boy's own name in the past life and the circumstances and age of his death.

glenn Davis
4 years ago

The story is significantly edited with a new ending from it's first showing years before leaving you the viewer left with a comfortable feeling all is well!! I'm sure the life of the Boy is on track as it should be! But as to the status of the boy being remembered in the past life? The woman who's family who owned the cottage next door and had the photos of the black and white dog..said the Boy of that period never existed, that has been edited out of this version. So what can you make of the the boy in the present and his memory's of his past life???? memory is inaccurate or the boy never existed in the first place, or the boy's mother had an abortion ? or another possibility ?

4 years ago

Subtitles would really make me happy... I have difficulty understanding Cameron.

5 years ago

Guys we know nothing about life , there is much more out there .

Denise P
5 years ago

Reincarnation is a fact of life to us Buddhists. We knew of and believed in reincarnation even when we were small children. The soul is an energy fuelled up by our negative karma, which is why we try to build up positive merits in our journey through lives to extinguish this energy, our soul, and finally attain nirvana (which is simply the extinguishing of our soul. Yes, just like you blow out a flame of a candle)

Jean Turner
5 years ago

Is it possible, Cameron could have been an adult when he actually died but remembers the childhood memories of Barra? If it is possible, I would ask the sister if any one in later years suffered any kind of dementia that may have focus on this memory.

5 years ago

I haven't watched the video, but I am about to.....either the guy is a liar. We know lots of those exist and we all lie, some more than others, OR he has some fairly mystic unexplained power never encountered or studied by science....hmmmm

Frank Molina
6 years ago

Whether people believe it or not wouldn't change anything or make a difference ...regardless if its Truth or False

6 years ago

Nothing have been proven..But we can't explain everything neither we nor the science.

6 years ago

Chris French is an id**t.

6 years ago

Note that those who are considering it a case of half match and half mismatch type of case are not thinking logically; it is half match and half mismatch if you just ask a random person to give some evidence for some random city. But in this case the boy of just 6 years is first giving you name of a city, airplanes landing on beach, at least surname of robertson, a dog etc and the weighted average of a fact coming out of nowhere itself is more than 50%. So if a boy is remembering something such that in itself is evidence, compared to asking a random person. The rest of what matches is still more than 50% of what doesn't match. So overall it is more than 75% match, not 50-50 as many are considering it to be.
And also we generally do not even remember our own house in this life after say 50 years so what do you expect for somebody who really had a round-trip:-), so we should be a little bit more rational when we are trying to be superbly rational just to reject some evidence. Electron doesn't exist by that kind of rationality, because sometimes it behaves like wave and sometime like particle, so how can you say it exists?

7 years ago

Not one of us commenting can prove or disprove what we've just watched so as with Religion, we have to make a decision. All the derogatory comments are unnecessary. Its either interesting and you believe, or its not true. For my part, I believe the boy definitely feels he's lived before. I think his mother is thinking only of her child's welfare (as you would) and she also interested (as you would be).

Elaine Mackenzie
7 years ago

what a crock of bull!

7 years ago

He may have memories of a previous life but that does not mean he actually experienced and remembers a previous life. There needs to be some correlation.

7 years ago

I've researched this story a bit now, and don't find it 'amazing' anymore.

1. Barra is only 250 miles away from Glasgow, where they live, and his Mum /dad would easily have had knowledge of the place.

2. Mum / Dad's ancestors should be researched, and connections, as they may have worked for the Robertson family in Barra and passed down stories.

3. Mum could easily have mentioned this to Baby Cameron a few times .. And then later Baby Cameron began to think he actually experienced these memories...

4. Once the caretaker's family names ( Sean ? with many children, and the car crash comes to light, as it is very possible that investigation will reveal such a family- linked with his parents' connections- eg : the boy's Grandmother could have worked for the Robertson family)...

A book can be published - and a heap of money can be made! It would appear to be a reincarnation, but would really be not... As the possible great/grandparents connections with that Robertson family would not be factored in. People are gullible :-) Young Cameron believes he experienced all of this- but Barra, being so close to Glasgow, and the Internet entry revealing so much about the planes landing on the beach, in fact the wiki entry talk about the Barra airport being beachy.. !!!

Most houses are white there, most have backyards leading to beaches- and the ancestral relative could have passed on all the details to Mum anyway. Once the book is published, the family will be much richer. Just right now, they have had free holidays and a great deal of publicity leading to a book, and even a movie. 'Barra, so far away, so remote??!' Not to Glasgow!!!! Maybe to India.

Now this is just a little illustration to show you that while it is possible that there could have been a chemical/ genetic memory passed down ( not proven) - this particular reincarnation case happens too close to home to sound incredible. There are so many loopholes- so many residents of Glasgow would have been more likely to know about Barra, than a family living in a remote village in India.

I would LOVE to believe in reincarnation though! Wish it hadn't been Barra but Ahmiraputramud In an unheard of UN wikied and difficult to research place, where the ancestors or contacts of the Mum could simply not have operated from. My guess is that Sean / James Robertson really will be resurfacing soon, and then the intelligent thing to do is to research the Mum's past connections ( Grandmas, aunts, relatives,) to this person.
Not to jump to conclusions !! I baulk at the words 'remote' island Barra...

The documentary was great though, and all of them had a great holiday :-) :-) Loved little Cam, he is so very sweet and vulnerable .. And the Mum was lovely too.. But the story doesn't sound good, very 'wooo' and very easy to construct, if one is in Glasgow?

As Tamiko suggested, more research is necessary, but in the right direction - Caretakers, friends and contacts of the Robertsons, links to Mum or her parents, friends, need to be researched. Where is his Dad by the way.. Research all the links there too, and you are bound to stumble on the family that had Sean, many children etc etc.. Anyway that's just my 'theory' - :-)

7 years ago

You need to research-
The neighboring family histories-
Was there a family with many children that played there with the Robertsons? More of the 'white' house residents/ relatives need to be researched- was it another Robertson family in another similar white house on that island?
More research is definitely needed here.
If they had that holiday house for 20 years, who were the other friends, cousins, relatives who visited there?
Names like 'Siobhan' Roberton need to be researched in the area...
Seems like there is very little 'research' done here.

8 years ago

My VW wagon from the 1970's came back as a Ford F-150. Seriously, our dog Harvey showed up in front of our house 11 months after our Dalmatian Lacy dies. He shows up on Lacy's birthday, acting as if he found his home. We took him to the vet and the vet pegged him at about 11 months old. Harvey is real special to us. I'm a believer!

8 years ago

Okay,i'm from NZ and am writing this at 2am in the morning as myself wife and 1 of my daughters are unable to sleep. at around midnight my son had an episode of sorts..He is 17 and earlier had been drinking with friends(safe to say he was drunk).Him and his friends have been talking about going fishing all week(I've never taking him fishing) but they then decided to go dear hunting on the weekend instead(go figure!).my son goes and takes his sisters compound bow out and is playing with it on the front lawn with his mates ignoring his mums words 'no put it away!' so she comes & gets me from my studio 'come sort your son out please' he gets a 2second warning give it here else im gona punch you in the head he ignores me carries aiming bow at neighbours house and gets a stif jab to the back off the head and then another in the chest and earful of f--kin listen to your mother & I kick his mates out.and go back to my studio....The buzzy part...30mins later i come back inside to my son ranting and raving oh my god my name is Micheal(not his given name) I'm from Barra(yeh right) Reckons he just experienced drowning on a beach in Barra..he remembers his dad died in a car accident and his mothers name was Kerry also there was a border collie barking as he came up for air he also described a white cottage and the beach where he drowned and that the planes use to land on the beach he said he was 6years old when this happened.he was distraught in tears and very upset...during the episode he recalled after drowning everything going black then a single point of light expanding to surround him then his mother Kerry stroking his face and saying its okay let go.. then he came to. after asking his mother what is barra? he decide to google it to find images of the beach where planes land etc oh my god that's where i just experienced daughter and I were taking the piss(to much scary movies boy) but whatever he went through it was certainly real for him.he was worried that his mum would be hurt that he had another mum out there and was overwhelmed by the experience of drowning..We then spend some time trying to calm him & I decide to google some more, couidn't get access to birth,deaths and marriges or old newspaper files without credit card,My goal was to find record of drownings in barra in particular of fatherless 6year old boy named Michael with mothers name Kerry to no avail... then I find this page...lots of similarities to camerons story and this ive deduced simply from reading comments ive not watched documentary yet(but about to!) 1st suspicions were he'd been brainwashed by some psycho movie,just a dream,he was drunk and of course id just punched him in th back of the head....the other thing though that's coincidental that I havn't read in the comments..As a young boy he would often say when we introduced him to people 'no my name is Michael' or 'that's not my name my name is Michael'(he doesn't remember doing this,he did it when was very young), also he never took his 'first breath' when he was born he came out with the umbilical cord wrapt around his neck(we related that to the drowning part of his story) and for the ooky booky folks into omens there was a weird as looking bug in the house (whilst all this was going on) of the likes we've seen before.. So if anybody IS RESEARCHING this im looking for record of the death of a boy named Michael that drowned in barra at age 6 His mothers name was Kerry his dad died in a car accident..needle in a haystack I know as its possible the car accident involving his father happened maybe before he and his mum moved to Barra and I got no last name to put to Michael or Kerry .... death records the only way I can fiqure this 1 out else record of car accident that leaves Kerry & Michael on their if you die do you jump straight into a new body?if you do my son was born in 1997 so Michael died around then...going to watch doco now let you know what I think about it soon.

8 years ago

Does he tell his stories in Gaelic? If he had been a young Barrach - not Barra boy - in the age of black houses then Gaelic would've been his first tongue and he probably wouldn't have had much if any English.

8 years ago

Evidence for the car accident? There's a lot of magic in children's thinking in the early years.

Phillip Michael
8 years ago

With so many similarities in Cameron's memories, could it be he was there in the timeline he remembers, but perhaps in a different dimension?

Виктор Дидиченко
9 years ago

Wow! That is an amazing story! Some might say it is just a set of mere coincidences, but let's just take a closer look. Well, these are the facts that Cameron KNEW that left me staggered: Barra, planes landing on the beach, a white house, a black-and-white dog, the name Seamus or Sean or Shane Robertson or Robinson, a little gate on the path to the beach.
Now let us ask ourselves: How does a 5-year-old bot get to know the name Barra? How does he get to know that Barra is an island? Imagine we had a group of 100 5-year-old British kids and ask them a question "What is Barra?" I guess only 1 or 2 would say that there is an island of Barra.
Then I was totally amazed at the fact that planes could possibly land on a beach. What percentage of British children know that such a thing is possible? If we asked the group of 100 kids "Where does a plane land?" 99% would answer "On a runway" or "At an airport".
Another thing: the colour of the house. How did Cameron know it was white? Why not green, blue, brown?
O.K., black-and-white dogs are quite common, but they can also be red, golden, brown, grey, all black, all white. Black-and-white is just one possible combination of many.
How could the boy know the first and the last name of the owner of the white house? Is that just another coincidence?
And finally, the gate on the path to the beach. Is it possible to make up such a detail?
So, if we take into account all these "strange coincidences", we must admit Cameron KNEW all these things, because he had seen them before.

9 years ago

I Read This On Facebook And It Says They Found A Body? Is It True? I For One Believe This Child Has Actually Lived Before. Its Amazing How Much He Remembers!

Lex Cookies All Mine
9 years ago

i really think this is intervesthing and need to get to the bottin of this because im 12 and i used to belive that i had a after life still do

9 years ago

I think it is very important to recognize that we often have insufficient knowledge to make a definitive statement about a given phenomenon. Often both "believers" and "unbelievers" trash other people's opinions because they think they know that something is rubbish, but actually they don't understand it. Let us be wise enough to know when to shut up.

9 years ago

Sorry about that slip, not to trash other people's beliefs or ideas if we anyway can't prove things one way or another. Some things are beyond our understanding.

9 years ago

It is possible that some of the details are different because he has memories from a slightly different alternate world, not exactly ours. Of course there is no way to prove any of it, but it is a good idea to be tolerant and not trash other people's

Sam Ros
9 years ago

Of course reincarnation is possible. It would be naiv to belive that we humans know how everything works when we have such a short history as a thinking being, that only just invented science.

Sylvie Shene
9 years ago

No, I don't believe in past lives, but I believe in memory cell that can be triggered by trauma suffered in a person's life. Probably he is talking about the life of one of his ancestors that was passed to him at the cellular level that was triggered by a trauma he suffered and now the child is confusing the life of the ancestor as a life he lived in the past. Or he could just be trying to tell about a trauma he has suffered in a symbolic way with his story to protect the person that hurt him, because he is dependent on that person and can’t afford to lose. But whatever it is this is caused by continue trauma he is suffering that he is trying to tell the world in a symbolic way in hopes someone understands and rescues him from the insanity he lives in.

9 years ago

I think that Callum is telling the truth, why would he lie, he is only sharing his memories, he was sent back for a reason. I do not think he was influenced in any way by anyone or anything he had seen on tv as when he first told of his recollections he was only 2 and no kiddies programmes show anything on Barra. He told it as he saw it. I could be that he was in Barra long before the other Robinsons and that they are related, that would explain why the Robinson lady they went to see did not know his father's name. He is a healthy well adjusted boy.

digiprog III
9 years ago

My personal opinion is that, even if reincarnation is true, parents do
their children a disservice by investigating and exploring these
memories or so-called "memories". How can it possibly help? All it can
do is confuse a child and all in the name of something that we don't
even know for sure is real.

S de Vere
9 years ago

Not convincing...

10 years ago

A true skeptic looks. A modern "Skeptic®" merely imagines reason to doubt.

Owen Leslie Wills
10 years ago

French suggests that Cameron might simply have acquired knowledge about Barra through TV or a family friend, and thus invented the stories himself......oh yea a 5 year old "made these stories up" cmon this is proof that we are all trapped on earth by the higher powers, reincarnating again and again lost to the fake reality we are all seeing 2day.

Ophelia Keith
10 years ago

I don't know if this particular case is true but I'm very open minded about the topic. My own son didn't call me mommy until he was three and a half but rather gave me a nickname. He insisted he missed his real mom with the yellow hair, had a baby sister with yellow hair named Gunila and lived in a cold place in his grandmother's red house. He would knock on doors in our house all the time saying "Mommy is that you?" If someone said "Mommy's right there" he would say "No I mean my real mommy". We chose not to feed into it because my reasoning was that if it is true it wouldn't help him now to grieve people he doesn't know at this time and if it isn't I didn't want to put ideas in his head that weren't there before. It faded eventually and he doesn't recall any of it, He is now a happy and well adjusted little boy. My personal opinion is that, even if reincarnation is true, parents do their children a disservice by investigating and exploring these memories or so-called "memories". How can it possibly help? All it can do is confuse a child and all in the name of something that we don't even know for sure is real.

10 years ago

Amazing and interesting

10 years ago

If you just think about it, it is obvious that everything in the universe is a cycle, universe itself is a cycle, so our existence is no different. We come back again and again without knowing it.
Reincarnation is as scientifically provable (and proven) as any of the things you so strongly believe in, people just don't want to see it as great many other things...
There are so many cases, that people under hypnosis remember historical facts that they had no possibility to know and the whole Tibetan Buddhism is based on lines of reincarnate lamas, who undergo rigorous testing to prove that they are indeed the next incarnation of the lama.
So if a small child correctly chooses several objects from among many others, which used to be his possessions in the previous life, I don't know what the discussion is about.
But of course everybody has different conditioning, so not everybody is able to accept this.

Live in peace :)

10 years ago

Why don't they just locate this place and verify it through the local living residents?

10 years ago

Professor Ian Stevenson has studied similar cases in the past and proven them scientifically to be true. Nothing new under the sun.

10 years ago

I agree with Esthela, without certainty, we must maintain something of an open mind. The mark of an educated mind being that which is able to entertain an idea without accepting it...Aristotle

10 years ago

I am a askeptic but my son, 3 years old often talks of his 'past family'. He doesn't watch much TV (only children's shows with me) and does not attend any form of childcare. He is often very moved by things he sees and comments on how they relate to his past. It is very interesting.

Carl Hendershot
10 years ago

The boy who lied before. The programming parent who went with it. The world of people who call B.S..

10 years ago

Pretty interesting film. I do think that Cameron had somehow gotten the information about Barra, the beach, the planes that land ther, a white house w/ a gate, a dog and also the name Robinson.
How he got this information is anyone's guess? Children are full of suprises, imagination, real true feelings that we have but theirs' are far less desensitized by life. They also come up with things that sometimes seem beyond ther age or ability as anyone who has raised a child/children know.
For instance my nephew recieved a bike on his 4th birthday. And of coarse he was extremely excited. But after dad built the bike and it was ready to ride my nephew refused to get on the bike. We were all outside in the front waiting for him to ride this "toy" that he was so excited about but when it was ready he seemed turned off by it. So we didn't pressure him and we let the kids play on, and my nephew was off on his own playing with sticks.
After so time passed he came back with a handful of sticks from the trees in the yard and he set them all down in a row and made sure nobody (his brothers would touch them) then he started demanding tape from his mother. And she hesitated and asked what for..? And he said for his bike. And she said what do you mean? You don't need any tape for your bike you bike is fine. This went on and on with each time my nephew getting more insistant and angry. So finally she gave in and went inside and got him some tape.
When he got the tape he set it down next to the sticks and his bike. And we all sat their wondering what he was doing? He started mesureing the sticks and getting rid of the wrong shapes or sizes, and he was like laser focused on doing this project. So he kept going then he had a few choice sticks left and he started putting them on the handlebars where your hands go on a bicycle and he tested each stick and when he found one that worked in his mind he grabbed the tape and started taping the stick to the handlebars where your hands would be. We finally figured out that what he was doing was putting hand brakes on the bike, (the type you squeeze when you want to stop) and once he taped handbrakes on the left and the right then he hopped right on the bike and wanted to ride. Crazy.
So the moral of that story to me is, not that my nephew is a genius, (i already know that lol) but that we (the 6-7 adults) were all baffled and amazed at what my nephew was doing and what he did.
He had somewhere or somehow saw a bike and the mental picture in his mind of the bike he had remembered it had two front brakes. (to him they weren't front brakes they were just an another part of a bike) So when he got his own bike he compared it to the image that stuck in his head. And his commitment to this image was so strong for him that he couldn't even consider his bike a real bike until it had something, anything! even if it was two sticks held on loosely by tape that looked like the image he had in his mind.
So if Cameron maybe saw a commercial or passed a travel agency and it showed all these things like the beach and the airplanes landing etc. and it impacted him so much that he remembers vividly the things he's describing and he's telling the story so conviencingly that to an adult once u hear that same story over and over again you start believeing him, and then the story starts gaining more detail and he just adds in other little facts that are stored in his little mind, like the name Shane Robinson, and the car accident, and the way he got to this family he just tumbled into it.
The reason it would sound so true was b/c to him it is true. It is a real memory of whatever he picked up. The problem comes in when she started to believe him. And the same thing goes for the doctor. People are very gullible and want to believe in things. Things bigger than them. Thats why mgic is so easy. Even though everyone knows that magic is an illusion. If you watch people whom participate in a majic trick they are incredably suprised by what they just saw. Why is that? They know this person is a magician, they know that he/she is going to do something that seems immpossible, and yet their astonished by what they just witnessed. This is proof that even though your rational brain is fully aware of the fact that majic isnt real, when someone who uses this practice on you with success, they have gotten you TO THROW OUT ALL REASON FOR BELIEF. A belief you just saw something impossible happen. So when the mom seizes to be reasonable and give in to the possibilty that her son is from this other place and time the story he is telling stops being his story to prove and becomes something his mom now is encouraging.
So as a scientist their i no proof of these things being true. A scientist has to be the very last skeptic. The very last one to believe. He must record only truths based on solid evidence. So the boy's story would be a theory or hypothisis and not one of fact. He must be kept away from outside interferance that could impact what he's claiming is true. And then the child w/o couching or being asked about it etc. must be persistant with his story to the point where he is able to on his own provide facts that cannot be refuted.
I think their is 2 parts to this story. One is Cameron remembers the Island of Barra and a white house and the beach with planes. And you see that this part, the part about the beach and the planes landing thier are the core or beginining of his story. Perhaps this was all he said originally. Because the video shows very clearly that he has no fear of the plane and he is leading everyone in the group by at least five paces. And when he gets on the beach he is tremendously happy and more than that fullfilled. Because he could finally prove to his brother and his mother that this place exsists. I beleieve a lot of that is genuine. He somehow has a memory of this place that to him is as real as a slice of bread. And now he is validated it through his expieriance.
But you also see that he was under tremendous pressure by the people closes to him to be right about what he had been telling them for the past 2 years, and for him it is summed up and completed by this uphoria he is feeling on the beach. The second half of the trip is very telling also. He has this story he's been telling and when is stopped being just a story he was telling and the adults around him started to believe that this story could be real, then it is no longer something he has full control over. So when they start asking him questions about it and ask for more detail he does what any kid would do and he answers them. And as time goes on he can sense the questions aren't just routine like what did you do at grandmas yesterday? Now he senses and feels that these questions that he's being asked bear a heavy burden much like an interrogation. And that this story of his has now become a very special thing and he like all children doesnt want to let anyone down especially hi parents so he continues and probably adds some things that weren't in his origional version that he liked to tell over and over.
You can tell that the beach was his proof and he was so happy to have proved himself right and he most likely would have liked everyone to be satisfied or at least as satisfied as he was. Thats why he was so external with his feelings and words saying I tld you so. And to the person who wanted this to be the 100% truth, sadly, and who had put all the pressure and weight to his words he wanted more than anything to please her and for her to hve the beach be a cullmination of everything he said, thts why he went to her and said am i glowing I'm so happy I should be glowing! I'm just so happy! That was his attempt to make this whole thing, this story that had taken on such meaning to his mom, he was in a sense begging her to be that happy so everyone and everything had a happy ending and he didn't let anyone down.
But unfoutunatly for him his mom was already gone. She believed in thi story so much that even his begging for her acceptance got met with suspicion. She suspected that when he asked if he was glowing that, that too had some special meaning that tied into this whole thing.
Because as you notice the rest of the trip the kid was deflated and unsure how to act. When the adults who had came to be his biggest followers and believers were driving down these roads they were truly expecting this 5 year old boy to do cart wheels of joy b/c he recognized his white house and when they though they definatly had the right house you could tell this wasn't part of his memory. He wasn't running ahead of them in glee anymore, he was instead clutching his mom and looking at her for how he was to behave at this house. Afterall she was the adult, she should have been the guide and lead and made him feel safe and comfortable and if he started remembering all these things that would automaticlly happen. Instead she is very hesitant and wanting him to lead her through this mysterious house. She was so far gone in her belief she was expecting him to take her on a guided tour. Like this was my bedroom and this was my brothers and sister room and etc.. But he didnt have that knowledge so he was very insecure the whole time. And you can tell just how much belief and pressure was put on this being true, by watching the younger brother the whole film. I don't think he says a word on camera. He's shy and mostly a prop or an extra in the film. Their whole world revolved around Cameron and the brother gets forgotten in the background. At points you can tell by his face the whole focus of the family was the story and cameron. All eyes were on Cameron even his brothers.
So in case you didnt get it. I believe this was very inconclusive and it's people's nature to believe in things that that can't explain. Take religion for example...Or David Koresh, Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones Compound, The Family, John Edwards, All Mediums, People who followed Timothy Leary, The Greatful Dead, Phish, any concert is full of followers or believers of the people on stage. This boy had these same kind of blind faith followers and the movie probably made it bigger.
So when the mom started to beieve and it stopped being a boy's memory tht he tells and becomes something he is no longer in full control of, the expieriment stops. Or hypothisis stops. Because the subject and his findings have been comprimized. Logic and reason become an impossibilty and we can only go on theories of the evidence left on film. You have just heard my theory in full.

Merry Xmas
10 years ago

For the Bara Boy

I believe in reincarnation and we come back to resolve issues and rectify injustices or people come back to prove to science they got i all wrong
Quantum Physics ask for all that is good in the universe with gratitude acceptance for what you have already received with belief that it is yours.

No I Want, not I want this in the future but instead I have it now

Signed Roma

10 years ago

Every body talks about reincarnation even Jesus. There are many cases of people remembering their past life. One of the famous reincarnation case is the one of Anne Frank.

11 years ago

Well, if the kid does just have an extremely active imagination, I'm sure he'll be a h*ll of a fiction writer one day.....

11 years ago

Lies, i feel sorry for the poor kid, and the brother getting swept into the background...they left him at the house when they went back to scotland, he never came out. He just seems so pressured with the adults constantly asking him over and over.

11 years ago

very interesting story. i was very moved by the little boys emotional reaction to seeing the white house. I have often wondered about reincarnation...and if its different than what is traditionally taught/explained. what if the boy's spirit visited upon this family (and not in physical form). and that is how he gathered his memories. what if his unborn spirit socialized with other spirits that lived and they shared stories, telling him about the white house, dog..and they feel like his own memories. to me its all fluid.. anything is possible. i am mostly concerned with the here and now.. and to make sure that little boy is ok and thriving.