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The Core

2011 ,    » 189 Comments
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For centuries we have dreamt of reaching the center of the Earth. Now scientists are uncovering a bizarre and alien world that lies 4,000 miles beneath our feet, unlike anything we know on the surface.

It is a planet buried within the planet we know, where storms rage within a sea of white-hot metal and a giant forest of crystals make up a metal core the size of the Moon.

Horizon follows scientists who are conducting experiments to recreate this core within their own laboratories, with surprising results.

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189 Comments / User Reviews

  1. magarac

    Really interesting to watch even thou the one thing i´ll remember most are the teeth of Kei Hirose just when he says that he will be the king.

  2. adoc80

    didn't learn anything I already didn't know - only interesting part was the S.Atlantic anomaly, but already seen that in half a thousand other docs, same with pole flipping.

    Sometimes it seems these new docs are just recycling info from older docs, over and over again...

  3. Vladimir Petkovic

    Maniacs of the devil, Lunatics of the Dark!!!!

  4. Annique Savage


  5. Matt Kukowski

    Alan Watts once said, "We write books about books about books. And that is most of all scholarship."

  6. Robert Elliot

    I don't think they tell us 5%, if that, of what they actually know. Can you think of any major advancements in any field other than consumer electronics (which is being used to create a global surveillance and control grid around us) in the last 50 years? The elites snap up the brightest minds and hoard all their discoveries for themselves. I find it hard to believe that they haven't managed to drill down extremely far into the earth, perhaps even through to the core, using nuclear powered lasers - the same kind of technology they use to create their Deep Underground Military Bases, which of course they don't tell us anything about either, even though we pay for them. Fabian socialist Bertrand Russell wrote, "gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton." I think we are fast approaching that time.

  7. Charles Alderson

    I quit posting because someone edited my post and I hate censorship :(

  8. Charles Alderson

    The use of the word "f--k" did not violate any of your comment policies. It was an expression of happiness over the idea of something to do with videogames if I remember correctly. It in no way harmed or insulted anyone. I can express a thought without using the word, but very many times I chose to use it. I will try to refrain from using it here since there could be children watching I guess. I just thought we were mostly 30+ here. My bad.

    Watching link now, but I wasn't really upset. Just absolutely hate when someone changes what I say. I'm not sure why but I think I'd rather you fu.... have intercourse with my girlfriend than change my words. Something inside me just hates it.

  9. norlavine

    Found this a well rounded doc without any philosophical meanderings or superfluous drama to fill it out. The guy who's 'going to be king' will have to take his ticket and stand in the queue with all the others. Easy to understand for those who haven't grasped the concept of these magnetic anomalies and also suitable for atheists and religious zealots alike because it reveals the scientifically found results in a very matter of fact manner. Not scarey for kids either, just scientific and interesting xx

  10. Vlatko

    @Charles Alderson,

    Hahaha... good one. OK we're getting off topic here.

  11. Guest

    Our planet is an eye.

  12. Guest

    Nothing new hey? i bet you anything this is new to a lot of people...let's say in the millions.

  13. Guest

    round is right.

  14. Teamtigerpaw

    You both seem to have my sense of humor. Both links are F&%#ing Funny. Others mileage may very.

  15. Alex Burke

    WOW. So this documentary's twist is that THE POLES ARE SWITCHING and they wait till the very end of the documentary to tell us? Does anyone else see this as some sort of scientific conspiracy? I thought we were over trying to prove that the earths going to switch magnetic poles but behold.. A documentary that masks its self as something interesting but proves to be some sort of conspiracy. Atleast thats what the conclusion makes it seem.

  16. Yi Wen Qian

    Lol everything is a conspiracy if you really try, although I think the only thing this documentary is asking for is funding for the scientists trying to understand the core. The idea that this documentary is pushing for is that understanding our earth's core is important, that earth and magnetic poles and earth mantle are not permanent and eternal. The pole switching was played up too much I think, as you can see the scientist here just go yeah, pole will switch, few interesting things will happen, but it has happened hundreds of times before over a long period of time and nothing to stress about.

  17. His Forever

    "Hard core" science! Gotta watch this one!

  18. Philio

    They missed a chance to explain how the activity of humans is responsible for causing a rise in these anomalies leading to a future polar reversal.

  19. Yavanna

    One thing occurs to me watching this is why not make use of the core to provide us with clean and mostly free energy. Ie sink extremely deep wells. drop in highly conductive "pipes" and so forth. Essentially manufacture our own geothermal springs. Any geothermal experts about? Is this unfeasible for some obvious reason I cant think of other than the initial drilling costs?

  20. Suzanne Case

    Why aren't human earthlings satisfied to just leave the earth unplundered?

  21. Sertsis

    I'm not an expert, but I do know that geothermal energy is being used right now. In North America it is mostly used for heating, rather than a gas, oil, or electric, but it has only come into use in the last 5 or 10 years, and has a long way to go before it is a standard heating system. In Iceland, where the heat is much more accessible, they also use it for electrical generation as well.

  22. Jack1952

    @ Robert Elliot

    "They" want to keep up their surveillance on me. Today, I woke early with an upset stomach and phoned in sick. I slept most of the morning, getting up twice to purge. I finally got up and ate a piece of toast with a glass of juice which I managed to keep down. I then put on a movie and slept through that. My daughter sent me some chicken soup and am feeling a little better tonight. I watched the Leafs beat the Jets in a shoot out and then watched this doc. What a boring job that watcher has that has been assigned to watch me. At least "they" know I didn't fake an illness to avoid going to work.

    5 percent of what "they" know is all "they" are giving us. Since you admit that this is just your opinion and not based on empirical data, it really doesn't mean much. In fact, your entire post is not based on any facts...only opinions without one bit of evidence to back it up.

    Secret nuclear powered lasers to build underground military bunkers, huh. If its such a big secret then how do you know about it? Are you one of the "they"?

    Bertrand Russell was born into a leading British aristocratic family. He was a result of selective breeding and it shows, as he was a brilliant thinker and ahead of most of us ordinary "ruled". He is one of those leaders that us plebs (sheep?) will have to revolt against.

    A science film about the earth's core and someone still manages to spin it into a political commentary.

  23. Jack1952

    I don't understand how your comment relates to the earth's core. Maybe I missed something when I was watching it.

  24. sarah post

    AMEN!!! CAN WE GET AN AMEN?!! Ppl've got too much time on their hands

  25. Achems_Razor

    @sarah post:

    I have noticed that you have numerous "monosyllabic" one liners spread out over a number of posts, nothing you have said is at all related to the docs in question. Please desist.

  26. mahonhouse

    was it Haarp?

  27. mahonhouse

    some one should use the freedom of information act to have a look at Teslas unseen work.

  28. mahonhouse

    I wonder if the moon is simply the core of a past planet?

  29. Epicurus

    no, the moon is a piece of the earth that broke off in the early formation of the solar system.

  30. Cool E Beans

    My wonderment is similar to the rotating flow of water down a sink south of the equator vs. north of the equator. Is the galactic plane similar to our earthly equator and as such, the north/south orientation weakens as we approach it, flips as we pass it, and reasserts in a south/north orientation once on the other side? This flipping would occur as quickly as our crossing of the plane. Also, I would bet the draining direction of water would also reverse (you could check this daily) as we approach the plane, water may flow straight down for a short time.

  31. Guest

    then why did nasa find out the moon was 10's of millions of years older? Also look up boulyaldous newton inverse square law for finding out the gravity of the moon.

  32. Guest

    because humans on other planets arent satisfied not plundering those planets either. So who created humans in this galaxy and maybe throughout this universe? We just seemed to not be satisfied sitting still.

  33. Guest

    hey Vlatko how are you doin these days. As I have suggested some documentaries you didnt have at the time, i also suggest you take a look at the subject of overunity. Tell me what you think.,,,thanks

  34. Guest

    dont be a hater. be a couch potater

  35. Yi Wen Qian

    This actually is a good question, I'm no geologist, but geothermal is very viable as a free, clean energy. As I understand it the problem is depth. The heat needed to generate electricity is quite high and usually geothermal plants are situated in places where magma is naturally close to the surface. These places are usually protected though... like Yellowstone National park.

  36. Yi Wen Qian

    I think it is the rotation of the earth that affects the direction of how the water goes down the drain. However the force is so small, that under normal conditions like a bathtub/sink, it isn't controlled enough (as in the water is already moving around and temperature differences can also cause turbulence) to show the effect anyway. Change of magnetic poles wouldn't change how the earth spins. Also, the poles shift very slowly, in this doc they say 1000-10,000 years.

  37. Yi Wen Qian

    Lol, too much thinking about far fetched scenarios can't be healthy. You'll be depressed and paranoid before you know it.

  38. Guest

    No. not depressed, nor paranoid and quite healthy.
    My mind is free to roam and free to talk about it and people are free to respond what they think. That's the way i rule my self.

  39. Rocky Racoon

    I guess you never heard of inbreeding and the consequences if anything that is what is wrong with the world the aristocracy is nuts.

  40. Yavanna

    So as I understand it the technology isn't quite there yet. Or perhaps there is the danger of creating our own artificial volcanoes. I appreciate (as Sertis commented) that we have access to natural geothermal energy in places like Iceland.

    I did read somewhere a while back that (in Russia?) they drilled the deepest well ever. So deep that anything dropped down such as sensor equipment would melt. They didn't hit magma. It just became so hot that it was impossible to drill further.

  41. P.M. Rangarajan

    A very interesting documentary. What lies beneath our feet,hardly we know. If the magenetosphere changes its strength due to disturbances in the core of the earth etc, how can they be pointed at one place. As the molten metal provides the characteristic of magnetism and as per the property of liquid it may flow in any direction , should not the South Atlantic anomaly occur in many places? Or is it becuase the crust of the earth is thinner over that region? Or probably to find it conclusively if the solar wind producing, protons charges higher in those regions the people living in those regions may likely to have higher incidence of cancer, especially skin cancer. Also if the magenetism is produced due to the dynamo effect of the earth's core, should not the electrical energy be produced as they always go together as EMF, which can be measured accurately upto microvolts. If a electrical generator is taken down under in those regions it probably may start producing electricity. If we measure the Geothermal energy from those vents we may propbably get better picture. If an explosive device is set up in one of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, we may get clearer picure of what goes on under our feet, thro the seismic measurements and plate movements.

  42. Achems_Razor


    Yes, and this might bring the religee's out in full force (my bad)
    A lot of the religee's actually believe that the sounds of hell are emanating from the bore holes in Russia, google... "the sounds of hell recording"

  43. Yi Wen Qian

    The depth is an issue because the way the heat is brought up to the surface is by pumping water down. Deep holes require a lot of water, and it takes a lot more power to pump it back up. It is impossible to create your own volcano though because as you said the metal will melt before you reach magma.

    There is a lot of research going on trying to find a material that can stand very high temperatures to make geothermal more viable, but yes, currently we lack the technology.

  44. Yi Wen Qian

    The document did point to other places where the disturbance is happening, but only the South Atlantic anomaly interest NASA because the telescope pass over that region. I don't think you can make electricity out of the magnetic poles unless you get a large metal ring big enough to surround the earth. As for solar winds, a shift in magnetism doesn't get rid of the field, it's just pointing in a different direction (and so the scientists aren't worried :p). Also I think geothermal is a bit different to magnetic field and therefore measuring one wouldn't give any indication of another.


    pretty interesting documentary, worth watching.

  46. Yi Wen Qian

    @ Azilda
    Haha, I personally don't know how people can look at the world and go, is that a conspiracy every 5 secs. There are a lot out there, I use to live in China so I know how evil a government can get. Still, saying that an experiment going on in China that changes the magnetic field slowly moving over half of the South America is over thinking I believe. :P

  47. Guest

    Then quit thinking about it.

  48. Guest

    I've heard it. lol.
    Laughed my ass off...
    Everybody should know that hell is on the sun.

  49. Guest

    ok but you are missing the point. The latest supposed theory has a planet or something striking the moon then spinning into its or near its present orbit. but that was way after the earth formed or accepted formation. so making up a law or some other discription isnt proof of anything

  50. Guest

    far fetched is newtonian einsteinian physics. the universe is electric. ask Wal Thornhil. a true genius not a marketed 1 like einstein. anyone actually make useful facts from einstein instead of more theory, more conjecture. School sells us trash ie antiquated info good for nothing

  51. Guest

    actually we dont lack the technology we have been sent in the wrong direction dont look down look up research over unity

  52. Yi Wen Qian

    I think that was an accepted theory of how the moon was formed. However if that's the case then the age of the moon should be a lot older than earth. By looking at the rock samples, the age and composition is very close to earth, so it's more likely that it was formed around the same time as earth.

  53. Yi Wen Qian

    Right... Newton is wrong, Einstein is wrong, and Wal Thornhil is right, and schools sell trash... and we never lack technology.... Sigh.

  54. Guest

    what exactly do you mean?

  55. Guest

    so you know what over unity means? If I post links, they might get sensored as spam. Thats why I ask if you've heard of that terminology.

  56. Yi Wen Qian

    I didn't realise that was a question. Build one that works, and I will believe you. You won't get sensored if you link something like that. Also, I believe we are off topic.

  57. Guest

    yes i was leading to the point of why bother drilling> For energy? when its all around us. No official money nor research has been conducted in this area doesnt that tell you somethings really wrong?

  58. Guest

    How can we just mope along and not ask the real questions? the important question? Let us make intelligent use of this forum and discuss whats really important. Our lives are important. everyone of us is important.

  59. Epicurus

    no the latest theory has a planet smaller than mars striking the earth and knocking debris out into a ring around earth which over time through accretion formed into our moon.

  60. Epicurus

    what do you mean its all around us? what do you propose we use for energy?

  61. Yi Wen Qian

    Perpetual motion machines have been looked at in the past, but no one has ever got one to work. But you probably won't believe me when I say that it's theoretically impossible atm so I won't. There are already other ways that work, like geothermal, wind, solar, fossil fuel is running out, whether we like it or not. You can now grow algae with waste water that produce petrol. You can get hung up on the prospect of free energy, or you can look at what is possible now. Nuclear fusion would also be viable... but we haven't gotten it work either.

    We would all like free things, but when it comes to energy, it's never free. If you want an engine to just run on no fuel, build one, if the theory is simple you don't need a lot of money, because if it is more expensive than say make an 80 dollar solar panel, you are going to lose out anyway.

  62. Guest

    just as you stretch a canvas to catch the wind pressure, you can tap the environment to catch the electrical pressure . We live in a very powerful electric field. The sun aborbs the energy from the galaxy. Its not a fusion engine. If it were the the hottest part would be in the center and there wouldnt be a corona at all. The suns heat signature is backwards of what it would be from the current model. Have you looked up wal thornhil or the thunderbolts documentary?

  63. Guest

    what have you built what experiments have you done. when you say we ,, we who/ do you know what you are talking about or is that what you are told/ Do you know the difference?

  64. Yi Wen Qian

    Lol, then please build your own sun. Sorry, I don't support that theory. If it is as expensive as getting nuclear fusion to work, then you are out of luck.

  65. Guest

    oh and yes i did and yes i am as have several others try actually thinking and not following

  66. Guest

    lol it sstops being theory and becomes fact when you build 1 as ive done it on a small scale. yes its cheap about 10 dollars for components. If you really wanted to know you would have already discovered it by now. Its up to you if you live your life with your eyes closed. sorry for your luck.

  67. Yi Wen Qian

    I don't think this have much to do with following, much to do with thinking. You are following Thornhill without question, no?

    When I say we, I say all of us that seem to depend on fossil fuel. I work in a lab in a hospital so my experiment are not related to what we are talking about.

    I'm just saying, build a free energy machine, then you will convert me. This is how I feel and you can calling me a sheep or what ever insult at my way, it isn't going to change that. If it's going to be more expensive than a solar panel, it's not viable anyway.

  68. Yi Wen Qian

    Ok, I'm sure you'll make a lot of money selling it.

  69. Guest

    i dont follow anyone i dont say believe me i said check things out foryourself. Im not trying to argue im saying what i did not what others told me they did. Now its up to you if you actually have the courage to look solar panels are a jole solar technology is a distraction and not a attempt to actually do anything. If you actually have the ambition to ask questions , drop a magnet down a copper pipe. If you dont question the results, you completely do not understand your environment.And thats a very cheap experiment to do

  70. Yi Wen Qian

    Yeah, that's what current turbine use with fossil fuel, the energy from picking up the magnet is converted to electricity.

  71. Guest

    i feel so sorry for you . you make every arguement not to do anything. You cant make money from over unity devices but you can get yourself killed if you try and market them.

  72. Yi Wen Qian

    You don't have to feel sorry for me. Honestly. Have fun with your venture.

  73. Guest

    no its not you just find a a way to stop short. actually do something for yourself. or are you afraid to leave the flock or heard or group you hide in?

  74. Yi Wen Qian

    You are right, I'm going to buy that orange dress over ebay. I'll leave you to your advertising.

  75. Guest

    my venture is to raise the concious level of us humans. And its hasnt been fun. So many people just refuse and try to open their minds just a little to actually give it a try. yet they spend so much energy trying to affirm what they already believe. come on dont go back to sleep with the flock

  76. Guest

    Orange dress? are you a woman? if so then it should be easy for you to question the status quo. Women have been getting the bad end of the deal for atleast4000 years. patriarchy has facilitated most all of human deprivation. We need to go back to a matriarchal system. How do you feel about that?

  77. Yavanna

    Ahhh yes. I`ve come across this before. Infact I think I listened to a "broadcast" from an internet radio station called redicecreations (they interview some really weird cranks; people who believe the moon is hollow and so forth - quite entertaing) a few years back discussing the hell noises and I think that's where I remember the info about the deepest bore hole I mentioned. The sound recordings are believed to be a hoax. Sounds like my old school yard to me:P

  78. bryan j trahan

    Drill Baby Drill :=))

  79. MatarD

    Just wondering how this "shia"-wave could pass through the fluid outer core surrounding the inner - if it only could pass solid. What am I missing?

  80. Yi Wen Qian

    It pass through both fine, but like any sound waves, it passes differently in liquid and solid, so you can 'hear' the difference with the sensors.

  81. Jean Richard Latortue

    @ Everyone>>>this is a pretty good documentary and i would suggest it to all who are curious. Moving forward: @ Homie and @Yi,: information is meant to be absorbed within, reflected upon and shared throughout the world. Not to be argued upon. @ homie and @yi come on, people. You two are patronizing each other and other people on the forum. Each comment is filled with errors because everyone is in a rush to speak but not to listen. i read comments before videos and seeing that the video did more to create argument over orange dresses and people trying to bring down the ambitions of others ( exempli gratia : "have fun with your venture") Both of you made VERY solid points but detracted from it by injecting overtones caught in the undertow of animosity that can be felt, not just read, throughout your text. Both of you sound like pretty bright people. It's better to discuss things than to argue. Share peace - share knowledge-share love-share bud-share time-share thoughts-share creativity -share orange dresses- share turbines-share shia sound waves-share square waves-share life. But try not to be so....intellectually agressive, because in fact there is not intellect in that at all.

  82. Jamie Megarity

    @ MatarD

    Good question buddy. well noticed.
    Also struck me as a "theres something more to that" moment.

    The Documentary itself... Very good. informative of observations and cause and effect as apposed to "proven Scientific method".

    Some more stuff to think about. The more i research the past and the thought processes of man throughout the ages, The more the magnetic field and its changes from outside influences (other magnetic fields of other orbiting objects), seem to crop up.
    I don't mean all the minds to ever consciously think, came to the same conclusion... they just noticed the changes. if you really open your mind from an "observation only" perspective. (don't use the words or images themselves as a reference point to think from... try and "feel" what the person has noticed and the effect that had on them. this is ultimately what understanding is and it directly effects the words we use to try and share that "feeling" with others. looking back, its easy to identify peoples reactions and "understanding" of the changes.)

    Its not just "their" brains that can think bigger and beyond the "explanations" the modern civilization offer us. the brain itself is an ever learning thing and only YOU can choose to let it learn properly.

  83. Jamie Megarity

    @ Jean

    Well put. we need more people like you.

  84. Yi Wen Qian

    Haha, I wish, but he wasn't really listening, the orange dress was the only way to get out of the conversation. I would love it if all of it got deleted to be honest. The free energy machine didn't have anything to do with the documentary at all. The fact is there are a lot of scams out there that sells these so called machine and they never work. He mentioned about link a site that would considered to be spam and that he got one to work. The only thing I can think up was that he was trying to sell me the machine.

  85. His Forever

    I didn't understand that either. They did a poor job of telling how that was possible. I think that was a MAJOR flaw in the documentary if not in the theory, but looks like people that had spent years studying this would have noticed that inconsistency also. To say like Yi Wen Qian that it passes through both doesn't go with what the premise of the theory was that it can ONLY go though a solid material. Very irritating part of the documentary.

  86. Guest

    Part of your comment should be in the Comment Policy. With your name you could add...slow down... lol
    az agree!

  87. Guest

    Many scam machine (as you say) would work if big companies knew they could make big$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with them.
    If not the research is dropped.

  88. Yi Wen Qian

    A perpetual motion machine is a good idea, and would of made a lot of money if it does work. The problem is that it goes against basic laws of energy conservation, that energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore the sum of all the energies in the system is a constant. This is basically a machine that says, it will run and generate electricity forever without the input of energy.

    Very attractive as a machine but going against the basic laws of physics is not going to get anyone anywhere soon.

    Maybe companies can sell them if they do some crazy advertising? Advertising can seem to sell anything lol, even if it doesn't work.

    Best way to currently harvest energy as a result of gravitational pull are these wave engines that get's energy out of waves.

  89. Yi Wen Qian

    Well, I don't think the commentator understood all of what is going on, I mean, the sensationalist pole switching was kinda over the top.

    But yeah, basically, the wave passes through both liquid and solid, but it would 'sound differently' because it's passing through different mediums.

  90. His Forever

    Ok. That was simple; it's the only way it could possibly reach the inner core as the outer core is entirely molten.

  91. Epicurus

    lol you need to learn how to look up REAL academic research. not pseudoscience bulls***

  92. Guest

    what do you want explained and what did you think i was saying?

  93. Guest

    lol real academics is way behind why do you think the largest debt in the usa is student loans? Tesla was way ahead of everyone and somehow he was hushed up. It would be nice if college actually prepared students for something useful. College is the hoax. If you havent researched over unity, you might want to join the 21st century.

  94. Guest

    ok you are good at criticizing so what inventions products or research have you done? I have built free energy circuits and now building an overunity device I built many homes i dont just theorize i actually do things. I'm not a hero worshipper im a doer what have you done?

  95. Guest

    Oh and you completely missed the point in the first place. The blogg did regress but i wasn't chatting at you was I? Share something you have created and then lets talk.

  96. Guest

    you call that thinking? And yes It was obvious you were exiting that subject. But dont slander me and run. thank you so very much

  97. Guest

    they havent figured out a way to tax our breath and just like the air we breathe electricity is all around us. We live in an electric field an electric universe. Its laffable they still try to tell us comets are icy snowballs, when every photo to date shows a rock. H2o doesant sublimate and there is no ort cloud. And please dont hint or assume I am selling anything. Ive done my own research I dont repeat after someone who is supposed to be our heros. Try it yourself, you will be amazed

  98. Guest

    when you research john bedini or nicola tesla you will realize: they didnt make money on it either. Have you studied their work. Einstein is a circle jerk. what has he done to contribute to our lives? Unlike tesla and bedini

  99. Guest

    well im listening show me what you have done.???

  100. Epicurus

    thats ethnocentric. what about the rest of the world? what about Canada and England or Norway and Sweden and France? American education is crap in the first place so thats a bad example you used.

    Tesla was not ahead of everyone and was not shut up, you just believe conspiracy theories.

    University is not a hoax, what students decide to take is. invest in something worthwhile and meaningful.

    what you are saying is the common anthem of the kid too lazy and not bright enough to get into university.

  101. Epicurus

    what i have done in regards to what?

    you are obsessed with pseudoscientific nonsense and conspiracies like nikola tesla. hopefully you will grow out of it.

  102. Guest

    what are you mumbling?

  103. Guest

    what theory are you spouting about? J P Morgan pulled his funding have you even checked out how many convienencs he invented. He invented the 20th century . but maybe darwin or einstein appeals to you. ? :)

  104. Jamie Megarity

    Come on guys your flooding this page, arguing good points, but still. think of the People who would other wise have watched a documentary, looked over everybody's opinions and came to their own conclusion.
    If you are a free thinker then comment and don't reply to people who goad you or want you to give them the "facts" you made your opinion on.
    Things that aren't yet "Facts", are just "Facts" waiting to happen.
    All this frustration and repetitive arguing just hampers someone else's ability to draw a conclusion made from their own intellect.

    I won't be replying to any replies that aren't something the do with THE EARTHS CORE


    All of the above is My opinion, not yours.

  105. Yi Wen Qian

    Ow, Australia isn't on the map again ._.

  106. Epicurus

    people claim that he had something to do with the claim about orgone energy and that his discoveries are linked to HAARP.

    he was a brilliant man but he didnt find any secret that the government is trying to suppress.

  107. Guest

    You got to be kidding/ Thats so incredibly short sided. This is all you know about Tesla's work? No wonder you make such ret**ded claims.

  108. Guest

    Yes but you just waisted all this space saying what? And you dont even grasp my point. You are frustrated. I actually make things. Whast have you accomplished or created in your life? What good have you done for other people?

  109. Epicurus

    i didnt say that was all i know about teslas work was it? you asked me what conspiracy theories. i know what he ACTUALLY accomplished. but a lot of the stuff like wireless energy transfer and electromagnetic fields he was wrong about.

    way to straw man me though. nice try
    how old are you? you act like a child.

  110. Epicurus

    no you dont make things. stop lying to people or provide some evidence.

  111. Guest

    Sorry to catch short sighted but guess what, I made a free energy circuit. So go be sheep and did someone hire you to be a pitiful debunker? So how you going to just lie to me when I actually made 1. Speaking of children/ Are you a child molester like some of your catholc friends?

  112. Guest

    lol oh so you are telling me I do or do not do things? Pull your head man and who is the old dude in your avatar?

  113. Guest

    I act like a child lol well then if your an adult maybe you are the down syndrome case in your blog?

  114. Epicurus

    no you didnt. there is no such thing as free energy. you are a quack. a liar, and a conspiracy theorist. i have met people like you online only too often.

    im not a catholic, im an atheist. but yaaaa, busting out the child molester you just keep showing your age or maturity to everyone reading.

  115. Epicurus

    the old dude is Darwin. you dont do things. you make up lies on the internet to try and validate your conspiracy theories. however im not an id**t and dont believe a single thing you are saying. especially since what you are claiming to have made goes against physics.

  116. Epicurus

    yes once again, you are acting like a child. you dont understand something so you insult it.

    you didnt understand how chromosomes fuse, so you feel making jokes out of it will help with your cognitive dissonance. thats okay. hopefully one day you will grow up.

  117. Guest

    Which shows you what you are taught is wrong. Where's your courage? You know you can search you tube. Afraid your world will crumble?

  118. Guest

    you met people online? And how do you do that/ Blind blog slandering is your idea of a meeting with people? Get out of the closet.:D

  119. Guest

    I insult things that try and insult my intelligence. I accomplish things. So tell me what you have accomplished? Sore subject for you ?

  120. Epicurus

    i dont feel my accomplishments have anything to do with what we are discussing.

    my accomplishments for a 27 year old with a past like mine is admirable though i will say that. anyone who knows me would agree.

    you need to learn how to focus on the subject.

  121. Epicurus

    lol youtube?? is that where you get your education?

  122. Guest

    Hey seriously you should try stand up comedy.

  123. Epicurus

    i have thought about it.

  124. Guest

    I use comedy as a tool to try and take the edge off what has been an extremely painful life at times. I am not suggesting, I am flat telling you the current paradigms are wrong. When I started connecting the dots and found that what is called alternative knowledge was based in actual physical facts, i started researching and experimenting. It takes courage to work out the details for oneself. And a lot of work. Try it.

  125. Epicurus

    give me one example of an experiment you conducted which showed a modern theory to be incorrect.

  126. Guest

    Does your mommy know you're playing on the computer? Sheesh.

  127. Guest

    where does a magnet get the electrons it puts down a wire? why does the solar wind accelorate? and bulialdous newton inverse square law.

  128. Guest

    Yes she does. She will be 90 on the 21 of december by the way. And thanks for asking.

  129. Guest

    I must say are calm. Are you also moderating this dude at the same time, you should hear me laugh.
    Any possibilities that this could be Tegan disquised as Negate?

  130. Epicurus

    nope i havent moderated anything he has said lol.

    and im being calm? well I will try, I certainly dont want to get chewed out again by all of you lol.

    I suppose I should make a disclaimer now, if im ever being very rude and insulting its most likely purposeful and meant to get a reaction out of someone.

    other than that I will try to be as cordial and polite as possible.

    no i dont think its Negate. This isnt the type of stuff he would believe. what i find funny is that a 50 year old is using the name homie. it must mean something different for our generations.

  131. Guest

    particle acceloraters put charged particles in magnetic fields they use huge monopolar magnets ie cern and fermi lab. So yes they do know. Its you that doesnt know, again. And bulialdous newton inverse square law was in reference to the moon's gravity. Apollo 17 said it Von braun said it the neutral point is 43,495 miles from the center of the moon or 200,000 from the center of the earth. Now if you use bulialdous newton law you find there is 62 to 64 % of the earths gravity on the moon and not 18 or 1/6 that of the earth. Which means the moon can hold somewhat of an atmosphere. Ill post the equation for you in next blog

  132. Guest

    Re-radius earth3960miles Rm-radius moon1080miles X-distance earth to neutralpoint200,000miles Y- distance moon43495miles Ge earth surface grav Gm moon surface grav Ge(Re^2/X^2)=Gm(Rm^2/Y^2) Now instead of me typing all the math steps, your so smart? you will find it tobe moon 64% grav of the earth.

  133. Guest

    now you are his sock puppet? lol

  134. Guest

    You finding your shoes must be an accomplishment even with the help of your sock puppet friends you still have actually done what experiments yourselves? Quit hiding behind dogma and do something you lazy people.

  135. Guest

    Amperes law expresses forces in relation to distances. It does not stae where the electron actually comes from As i keep telling you, why doesnt your standard model start with the cause or where the electron comes from? If the sun was the creator of the energy, then magnets wouldnt work indoors and during the night. Also this year they indicted the 2 scientists who falsified the data on co2 and greenhouse effects. Remember global warming? lol Now they are calling it climate change. Wake up we are being lied to.

  136. Guest

    Is somebody off his meds?

  137. Epicurus

    dont get paranoid on me.

  138. Epicurus

    LOL oh wow you are a climate change denier as well? whats next government was behind 9/11 and aliens killed JFK?

    when it comes to your claims about magnets not working at night or indoors you have completely lost me. that is so illogical i dont even know what you are trying to say.

    if you want to know how the electrons form here: Pair-production is when a high energy photon ( 1.2 MeV or more) interacts with the nucleus of an atom and turns into an electron and a positron.

  139. Epicurus

    lol quit hiding behind ad hominem attacks.

  140. Guest

    you are fishing and havent caught a thing. lol

  141. Guest

    so you bozo ed out of atleast 2 intelligent responses. you are confusing you being a dullard with maturity. get out of your gutter and actually interact with nature.. Oh you cant the weather in canada sucks. But you can the actualy experimentation with free energy circuits if you can afford 10$.

  142. Guest

    jeez dude no wonder you are so off base. experiment with simple magnets and quite copying status quo. Like i said actually do something.

  143. Guest

    oh i forgot to ask you, whats hominem attacks mean? and dont cheap shot with your debunking bologne using terms someone taught you like conspiracy theorist. Im not being theoretical i do things :) when will you do anything yourself?

  144. Guest

    i am no sock puppet. i just find it hilarious the way you two are talking or writing to each other. Makes me imagine if it was face to face...and i was there watching. I must say Epi is remaining calm and you are getting all bend out of shape, or it seems like it.

  145. Guillaume

    LOl dude homie you are terribly, terribly uninformed, and might I add, dumb at that. Get out of the fox news bubble a little man, the "climate change debunking" was debunked by a scientist working for the coke brothers. But I'm sure you have no idea who they are..

  146. Epicurus

    an ad hominem is when you insult or attack the persons character so you dont have to address the actual arguments being made.

    it is a simple logical fallacy that anyone who claims to be as educated as you do sir, ought to know.

    once again you are making ad hominem attacks.

  147. Epicurus

    i feel as if im arguing with a drunk person.

  148. Epicurus

    is English your second language? you seem to be having a hard time stringing a coherent sentence together.

  149. Guest

    There is always the possibility that the person is in a difficult state at the my advise is stay calm and are doing good. One never knows in the world we live how someone can be "bothered" by personal events.
    It has been interesting to read, not that i understand the bulk of it...but bits and pieces here and there.

  150. mo

    I am genuinley concerned about homie, you guys should stop picking on him, as it is painfully obvious that he has some sort of psychiatric or developmental problem.

    And yes, we all believe you are a "doer" and the epitome of a free thinker.

  151. Guest

    cool I wish you were and we were. Thanks for the consideration. Thats extremely empathetic of you. Nice to hear some one would actually pay attention to subjects not normally on the radar.

  152. Guest

    i have no idea who the people are indicted for falsifying the co2 data i lost that article. I dont watch tv ever. anyway my point is if you watch thunderbolts of the gods film , on this site atleast, it gives a different explanation to the nature of the universe and galaxies and such. So when your done with slandering, watch thunderbolts of the gods. I would truly like to hear all of your criticisms about that subject matter.

  153. Guest

    Oh I cliclk on your links. No wonder you cant grasp anything i have said. You bumped your head or something. Hey show those to your girl friend az. O M G

  154. Guest

    Oh sorry about that. AS I see your character assasination are from someone with no education. Now you you are making sense.

  155. Guest

    How do you you know when someone is drunk or mad without capitalizing or exclamation marks and the like. You seem like an expert of some sort. Maybe it's that education you say you have?

  156. Guest

    ya its tough when texting idiots

  157. Guest

    lol another closet psych major?

  158. Guest

    John Bedini and others have been powering their homes and business' for years. They call it energy from the vacuum. Show your expertise of something besides slander. What are you afraid of losing? Your dogma?

  159. Guest

    I do not have the knowledge to dispute or agree with what you bring forward and frankly it wouldn't surprise me if it did hold some truth. Science has gone forward because of visionaries and it has (also) gone forward because of followers. Some innovate with crazy ideas and others pave the way for the ideas of others to slide towards new ideas. Universities teach what is known while students dream of finding and proving the unknown. Both roles are important. Knowing that the ones who push the boundaries will be the laughing stock until they are recognized and this does not always happen in their life time and for many it never happens, we have to be like an open vessel.
    What i deplore in your approach is how you present your ideas towards someone who is set in his ideas. Epicurus is a very smart man, i get the feeling that he has gone through the needle hole in his own life, his education elevated him above his own past potential. It is man like him perhaps that will be listened to in the future. The fact that he is actively searching tells me that he will find. You claim to have found, perhaps you have found a piece of the puzzle but i must say your arrogance will not work in your favor.
    Harness not only life's energy but people's energy so they can harness yours...we are what we are, they see what we show.

  160. Guest

    just the fact, someone asking me what an energy signature but refuses to pursue what i said about the sun shows ones head firmly embedded in the sand. Mr expert mo

  161. Guest

    Oh darn and speaking of radar I live near an array of radio telescopes. Have you inquired about radio astronomy? It shows a wider spectrum of the electro magnetic spectrum.

  162. Guest

    OH I am so glad you wrote this reply. People aren't stupid. They just know so much that isn't true." Ronald Regan in an adress to congress. I am 5th out of 6 kids. My mother raised us and 2 alcoholic husbands . My dad who i never met, being 1 of them . My oldest bro was a cop. My 2 other bros robbed banks. I went to school so I would have a choice not to be either type. Smart is how fast you learn. I dont learn fast. But i try and base my thinking on actual results, as I have always done my own homework. If you do your own homework then check out , if you can, the substance of what I have said and done. Oh and please dont cheap shot me. I to have worked very hard and against popular opinion at times to gain actual knowledge. Quoting from Esoteric Agenda, people dont want true knowledge sometimes because its tells them something they think is wrong. I leave the rest up to you. Lets see what you will dig up.

  163. Guest

    Oh and 1 more thing. Dont let people tell you that you are not smart enough to understand them. Becuase thats what quackademics tryand puul on us. If someone is so smart, they can explain things on a level we can understand. THIS I do know. because all my life I have sat at the front of the class. And I was able to understand what the student in the back couldn't so as to ask the teacher the right questions. Which means, I could present the idea in question form to the teacher of what the lesser students couldnt, to get to the next step, for those students. Hehe so now I'm wrestling concepts with Epic. To try and bridge the gap. Thank you so much for your reply. I think we might be getting there?

  164. Guest

    Epi is not my boyfriend and i am not his girfriend. I am old enough to be his mother. I have never met him and quite possibly never will.
    Do you think you could continue this without accusing everyone that comes on or..... is that not in your "power"?
    I suggest you take more than a few seconds...take your time instead of ours...and write something coherent about what you are trying to say. Give us a short expose of your claim, make it clear, accusation free, focus on the intention of reaching out for the good of mankind and try to be convincing the way you were convinced.

  165. Guest

    Oh but you do have knowledge to observe and test what you see in nature. You call yourself a student of life. So dont be afraid of asking enough simple questions to be able to put the complex questions together. If academics are so smart, then they posses the knowledge to explain such intellect.But you must not be afraid to do the asking. It's what makes us human beings. The ability to ask the questions.

  166. Guest

    lol well if you cant scroll down and see he has done more of what you have accused me of, thats called favoritism. Sorry for eluding to a relationship between you and him. Why would you think you should tell anyone when and when not to consider this or that thread? When did you start running this site? Or am i wrong and you are some kind of oversealous administrator here? Not accusing just asking? Oh what is happening? what is it that you seem like him to insist is happening? It doesnt matter if I know you or you know me. If that was the case , isnt that called killing the messenger? sorry for my many posts, as it takes me a few rereads to get the whole escencts of these replies. Can you say the same/ Can you take the time to understand the escents of whats being said/ Even though the syntacs or the spelling is wrong whats more important is grasping the actual idea I would think.

  167. mo

    So everyone that is interested in different fields of academia from yours is considered ignorant right?

  168. Guest

    Where did you get that idea? Everyones interest is important as it takes all of us to make society work. We all all important each and everyone of us. My definition of ignorant is ignoring and not nescesarily not knowing.

  169. Epicurus

    you have become incoherent and impossible to understand. your inability to focus one one topic and address it issue by issue makes it a waste of my time to speak with you here.

    keep making your free energy.......

  170. Guest

    yayaya blah blah blah so where does the energy come from, a faraday flashlight has?

  171. Epicurus

    the energy comes from the individual shaking the flashlight causing a friction. that friction is the energy harnessed. but the energy used is the exertion by the individual. thats like saying riding a bike connected to a generator to power it is free still need to provide yourself with external resources to provide you that energy.

    i cant believe you would actually think this was FREE energy.

  172. Guest

    from friction? you got to be kidding?
    electrons come from the magnet thats how electricity is generated . Jeez thats so fundemental. What you are refusing to find out is the arent collecting the back electromotive force nor in the case of the relay free energy circuit are they collecting the energy from the collapsing magnetic field. Does it really hurt to look?

  173. Epicurus

    friction of the magnet moving through the copper. the electrons are in the copper and when the magnet moves through it, it pulls and collects the electrons, this transfer is where the energy comes from.

    and what does it matter that they are not collecting the back EMF?

  174. Guest

    lol got you there. anyone who knows about electricity knows you are ridiculous. electrons in the copper/ how'd the electrons get on the copper? And dont say its the electrons in the atomic structure of the copper or that would mean copper gets used up and we know that's not the case. Can't you get a real education and actually do something?

  175. Epicurus

    copper doesnt get used up? are you saying copper is eternal? i dont get your point here.

    if you think Faraday's law somehow applies outside of thin strands of wire you are sorely mistaken. there are many examples where this law does not apply.

    but i see you are still being an angry bitter man at the end of each post. thats lovely. im sure if i had found free energy i would be a bitter person also.

  176. Guest

    lol is this an example of your knowledge of psychology?

  177. GG

    What the **** is wrong with you?? Stop wiriting bull**** and stick to the subject. Just write if it's a good or bad documentary instead of argumenting like id*****.

  178. ViQui D

    Can this guy not pronounce ''Celsius''?!

  179. MrSharpie

    how cool thatI get to read an argument on free energy. ever notice that you get more shocks from static electricity when you are standing in the great white north directly in the current flow of the earths magnetic field? as opposed to standing in the deep south and not getting a single shock when the current flow is miles above your head?? isnt that wierd???

  180. MrSharpie

    how cool thatI get to read an argument on free energy. ever notice that you get more shocks from static electricity when you are standing in the great white north directly in the current flow of the earths magnetic field? as opposed to standing in the deep south and not getting a single shock when the current flow is miles above your head?? isnt that wierd???

  181. Guest

    Here's a game, guess what words i am writing:
    i*iot, cu*t, fu*k, s*it, da*n, bast*rd, ass*ole...ect
    Get it?
    Don't let someone play doctor with your girlfriend over this.
    We get it too!

  182. teamhex2002

    It's humidity chief.....Sorry to burst your bubble, but up north there is normally very dry air. In the south we get air from the gulf of Mexico which causes very high humidity. The drier the air the easier electricity can make the jump. Believe it or not water itself is not conductive. It's the metal and other particles in the water that transfer the electricity. You could submerge a computer in pure water and it would not short out.
    -Source...Me a PC tech

  183. AngoraRabbit raven

    This documentary was pretty good, it showed some new things science has learned about Earth.

    After seeing commentaries below i was mind fuked, nothing about this documentary, just argues between two - three people about something completely irrelevant to this video.If someone claims theres free energy just ask him for a proof, dont discuss him thats like discuss between an atheist and a believer.

    On the other hand to complement the argues below and show how science goes in investigating and proving or disproving a claim. There are those who believe in hollow Earth and its up to them to show some proof, science showed, using experiments, that Earth has a core and mantle, hollow Earth conspiracy theorists showed nothing. And until they show something no need to even discuss it.

    Its hard to show someone their opinion is false if they believe in it and use it as a tool for answers about other deeper questions they have.

  184. James

    If this shear wave can only pass through something solid how does it pass through the molten core?

  185. GreatMoel

    Seismic waves can pass through everything below our ground.
    They meant that certain wave properties can only occur if the wave passes through solid material. When the wave leaves it brings the characteristics with itself through the rest of molten rock.

  186. PLsmscientist

    No doubt there is a clear correlation between atmosphere, therefore climate, and geological variations. The magnetic field is probable the strongest element which influences our life and the human history.

  187. Al McKenzie

    I'll tell you why it's unfeasible. Because in a free energy economy, the wealthy elite would lose it's stranglehold on the masses and there would be a complete economic collapse of the way the global monetary money system works. Free energy would destroy the very system that so many evils have spent a lifetime building. That is why Nicholas Testla's free energy inventions were never revealed to the world, and all of his inventions related to the subject destroyed.

  188. Jade Palmer

    Why? You didn't. I'm jumping on the baby bandwagon too.

  189. koko

    Has no-one here ever heard of trolling? Because this "az" ass is playing all y'alls for fools.

    In any case, this documentary is naff. Geology is clearly not one of the "pure" sciences. Wave travel times are irrelvant without knowledge of wave path. Trollololo

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