The Doomsday Code

The Doomsday CodeWhat is the real source of these ideas that so many people attribute to the book of Revelation? Whoever wrote it sheltered in a cave on the Greek island of Patmos, probably a refugee from Roman occupied Palestine. He is also likely to have consumed the local hallucinogenic magic mushrooms. So rather than taking these bizarre visions literally, it might make more sense to try to understand them in their historical context.

There are some 40 apocalyptic books from this era but this was the only one that made it into the Bible. If the author was writing about the hated Roman Empire, it could be that the seven heads of the beast meant the seven emperors.

The mark of the beast could be the head of the emperor on the coins. The dreaded 666 very likely represented three letters indicating the Emperor Nero – representing letters by numbers was, and is, common in Hebrew. If so, instead of being a description of a world in chaos, it could be seen as a book of morality, optimism and faith.

Let's hope the End Timers start to see it like that before their actions really do bring about the end of the world.

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  1. gunk wretch

    so maybe a bad mushroom trip will cause the end of the world by a self fulfilling prophecy? Reality is funny.

  2. spinbutton

    what the heck with this awful whispering voice that reads the bible is driving me nuts...speak up!

  3. Bill

    I'm a little confused about this rapture idea...if all of the good believing people are taken up to heaven during the rapture, whats the point of everything after that? What would be the point of armageddon if all thats going to heaven has already gone? And if the rapture has to happen first, how are the end time believers going to accomplish this? If there is no rapture then everything thats supposed to happen after that is a moot point. If only God can cause the rapture,and if it never comes, then the world shouldn't have anything to worry about except those who have been predicting it for 2000 years.

  4. marathonmilk

    This explains so much about the state of the world. Well worth watching.

  5. Thomas Moore

    Everyone judges - there is no way to stop it, but you can keep it to yourself.

    Revelation is amazing if one understands Old Testament imagery, but if not, be a hater and prove out Revelation - it talks all about you. Why is it that most people have died under the Atheistic Communistic governments? 40 million for Stalin and 40 million for Mau...mathematics and science all support God...

  6. panthera f

    "God" outlined nothing: 4 men who wrote the whole caboodle did. :-(

  7. Guest

    Yeah, heard that B-4. Psychedelic mushrooms in the Mid-East even before Christ, much before...
    ZR11 mentioned here below: -"That you had no word in the spoken language of the day to describe"...
    Good stuff for "Astral Trips", isn't it? And all natural as a plus.
    As good as LSD-25. I wonder if there's was "Mushroom parties in those days, where the religions were founded, a few centuries BC?

    I heard that Libanese hash is quite someting.
    Even stronger if one keeps from eating.
    There may be a God, maybe...
    But based on the massacres and abuses americans has voted for since the mid 50's (The list is much too extensive...), I'd be surprise if the real God would simply state: -"No harms done, right this way".
    EG: -In God's name, let's throw a little bit of napalm on that teenage Viet girl as she cross that bridge after her family house bombing!
    Left aside, the USA subidees to the jewish gov. to expulse the palestinians natives from their houses and lands they occupied since 3 milleniums.

    A typical american way of life: Organized crime.
    Next? Where'se the USA debt fits in all this?
    Isn't it by the end of summer that the USA gov. will get short of money and be unable to face its monthly statements?
    A little "Doomday" everyday within this material physical world.
    No in the secured "Astral" one.

    Better be quick to grab Iraq ressources or else, Barrack will have to go borrow one more from the "Bhaad" communist chineses.
    Each ones only have a few "Peanuts" but considering their number...
    They can buy the USA and front the sale of it to anyone who feels like owning & using hidden WMD.

    Religion is nothing more than an astral psychelic trips in which some psychotic or psychotic followers found an ideal irrefutable justification to grab other properties that they were simply too stoned to earn on their own.

    Go listen to George Carlin a little.
    They just couldn't care either 'bout you or about any other living things on planet earth.

    1. Vivian Oberon

      I doubt the actions of any government on earth and most people for that matter, have anything to do with God. To say "Religion is nothing more than an astral psychelic trips in which some psychotic or psychotic followers found an ideal irrefutable justification to grab other properties that they were simply too stoned to earn on their own." is a silly statement without any thought put into it. You honestly think your statement can describe thousands of years of religious thought? How many books have you read on the subject?

  8. Jack Seahorse

    I CAN'T BELIEVE THESE IDIOTS!!.. wait this is excactly what i need for my novel!! oh yeah!!! OH YES!!!! hahaha!!

  9. 0zyxcba1

    a t h e i s m = p e a c e

    1. Nakor420

      I wouldn't go that far, even if everyone was Athiest, there would still be wars over resources, over power, and many other catalysts.

    2. Andreas Hansen

      But alot of people wouldnt be as easy to menipulate into going to war.

    3. Tessa Bell

      The lack of a 'God' concept allows for people to connect on a common sense and moral level, rather than a judgmental, 'This isn't Christian, so it's not right.' outlook. Until people stop saying 'You do drugs, you're not worth helping.' or 'You need to find Jesus, until then we're not paying for your medical care.' we are never going to evolve. The fact is that ONLY atheists are capable of seeing ALL humans as humans, and helping them completely unbiased. As long as people believe in a mono-theistic God, they are never going to be able to admit that their scriptures and messiah could have made a mistake. ALL polytheistic religious structures admit time and time again that ALL gods are with flaws, but not any Abraham based religions. Oh no, that God couldn't possible make a mistake, even though he says that the flood was a mistake in the scriptures.

      All religion does is allow for more separation.
      Until we get rid of that separation, we will never know what the human race is truly capable of.

      Atheism till death.
      Then nothing.

    4. Capn_Sensible

      "The lack of a 'God' concept allows for people to connect on a common sense and moral level, rather than a judgmental, 'This isn't Christian, so it's not right.'

      I have to respectfully disagree. it's naive to think people will suddenly act maturely and responsibly simply because of a lack of belief. People will still hate each other for being different, as they do now.

      It's also unfair to put all the blame on christians, as though atheists are somehow above judging others simply because they are atheists.

      Instead of pushing an agenda to make everyone conform, we all need to learn to just let people live how they like. What does it matter to you if Joe Schmoe, who is otherwise a really smart and cool guy believes in God? As long as he's not trying to convert you, and doesn't have blind faith (something not all chrsitians are guilty of, contrary to your statements.) it's better to let him live the way that makes him happy.

      "The fact is that ONLY atheists are capable of seeing ALL humans as humans, and helping them completely unbiased."

      This is just a giant load of crap, and poisonous thinking. You are not above anyone for your beliefs, or lack thereof. You say this, while judging all christians.

      In case you find it somehow relevant, I'm agnostic.

    5. Joe

      i couldnt agree more with this post. and if its relevent im christian, more specifically what some may call a "realistic" christian, meaning im not a fundamentalist, and i agree with proven science. but i dont think im above anyone else, as i feel its not my place to judge others, but thats not to say i wont counter what someone says about me with something that makes them think about themselves :P

  10. zr11

    Imagine you saw something, be it in a dream or in reality, That you had no word in the spoken language of the day to describe. Or worse, no context in which to interpret what your were seeing in terms of the scientific understanding of the time period. What I am saying is that a Neanderthal 50,000 years ago might describe what we know today as a modern car as a magical shiny round legged roaring dinosaur. Now imagine this Neanderthal was capable of documenting his interpretation, and preserving it for posterity until the present day. From our current context we might be tempted to think that the story was made up, or that he was speaking contextually and not literally, or that the sorry being recounted had be retold until all the facts were confused, when the reality was simply a lacking of understanding and proper language to codify the "TRUE HISTORY" in the event witnessed. I was raised and attending catholic schooling all the way through to University so I have the benefit of understanding biblical scripture. I have also had the benefit however of a liberal self education and being able to discern the facts as they seem most likely to have occurred. The book of Revelations, like most of the rest of the Bible as well as many other ancient texts such as The Sumerian Enuma Elish, The Vedic Mahabharata and even the Egyptian Book of the dead are all accounts of History and predictions based on seeing that history through to a logical conclusion based on the Observations of the time. The problem is that they lacked they or we lack the language to pass through their observations to the generations. If you want to further understand what I am getting at... Look for the works of Michael Tsarion, Lloyd Pye, Zecharia Sitchin . You will start to understand, that our true past, and future were not documented wrongly... Only completely and totally taken out of context and misunderstood. If you watch the movie ENDGAME: Blueprint for global domination, or Zeitgeist, then you will start to understand why this may have occurred. Good luck to us all.

    1. Guest

      You say: I was raised and attending catholic schooling all the way through to University so I have the benefit of understanding biblical scripture.
      Are you the first? I don't think any one can claim that.
      No one other than the writer of a text knows exactly what he or she was writing. I may be wrong but i think ALL ancient writings are interpreted and translated.
      Don't they fall in the line of "i read, i wrote, you read", or "i heard, i wrote, he read, he wrote, you read".
      Nothing written in ancient time is understood "as is" or even "as it was" by the reader only by the writers...and they're long dead.

      i do like your first phrase and some others.


  11. D Knight

    Only fifteen minutes into this Doc and I had to stop. I propaganda for brainwashing the sheeple into their plans. The Bible was written by Freemasons under the King James ruler ship, It clearly shows in this Doc that all major religious leaders are in full support with the president of the most powerful country in the world. Their agenda will be accomplished because the population of sheeple are foolishly believing in a God that they (freemasons) created. Myths of long ago are all compiled into something spiritual and is accepted to be facts today. Fear is what all religion teaches to it's followers and the promise of a better life as a GHOST. Why would a rational thinking person believe such BS. So where does animals and plants go when they die? I guess that cannot be answered since they don't speak our language. What makes us so special? to have a place filled with milk and honey? I'd rather go to the store and buy myself a bottle milk and honey and enjoy my paradise here on earth. In short religious followers will be surprised to know they've wasted their puny lives here on earth hoping for paradise. Peace!

    1. Nakor420

      Written under King James?! LOL, what a retard. The scripture was written THOUSANDS of years before the King James version. LONG before freemasons even existed. The dead sea scrolls are FAR older than them, and those aren't even the oldest texts, The bible was written by the Romans at the counsil of Nicea. You want to talk bible origins? Look no further than ANCIENT sumerian clay cuniform tablets. People like you with your distorted view of history and your incorrect "facts" are what holds the human race back. Really? King James? How was there a pope before King James then? Was the catholic religion without a bible before King James?! HAHAHA What about the Hebrew Torah? The torah is simply the old testiment. Are you Saying King James started Judaism too? LOL, what a dumba**.

  12. Ramus

    Why are Christians who I'm guessing are supposed to be good and holy, so fixated with killing and Armageddon? Why don't you guys spend your time more usefully and try and spread peace in the world rather than death and destruction?

    1. CalebW

      Jesus gave the same advice. Preach the Gospel and do not worry about the end times.

    2. Joe

      thats kind of a generalized statement, saying that all christians care only for killing and armageddon, it's like saying all men are poor and dirty. you know thats not accurate at all. just because you may have had a bad experiance with a few people, doesnt mean they all are like that. it only shows how closed minded you really are. im christian, and i dont try to convert everyone, i dont agree with killing needlessly, and i damn sure dont run around screaming bout the end of the world. in fact if the end was to come tommorrow, im pretty sure id be too busy saying goodbye to worry bout whether or not someone i dont know is going to hell....

    3. freethinker_2012

      That statement is an over generalization with no logic or correlation to this documentary... there are people in all religions spreading peace and doing charitable deeds, there is also non religious people doing the same. This doco is looking at a certain type of people that are fundamentalist in their thinking, that type is also across all religions and also non religious people, you can get preaching athiests too, who force feed there views down peoples necks... its a documentary highlighting certain elements within religious thinking, it isn't suggesting that this is how all Christians think, that would be stupid.

  13. Lary Nine

    If you are a Christian, then for a moment, just imagine that you're 'me'. Imagine something that you know is absolute, pure fantasy--- like extraterrestrials or bigfoot or ghosts...
    Now put yourself in my shoes and imagine that this is really, really how I view Christianity and all those supernatural Trinity mysteries, etc. Got it? (Try not to judge the truth of Christianity... just imagine my viewpoint... true or false... regardless.)
    Do you see how silly I must think all this mumbo-jumbo is? You get it, right? If I don't believe as you do, then Christianity is simply ridiculous... You see that, right?
    OK. That's what I think about the efficacy of the apocalypse and the end times ideas in this documentary too.

    1. Capn_Sensible

      That's great, by why come to the comments section of a documentary about something you don't believe in, and talk down to everyone who disagrees with your take on it?

      Disagreeing doesn't give you the right to be belligerent, and honestly, one strabger's opinion on the internet holds no weight to anyone anyway.

      TL;DR: You're being a dick for no reason.

    2. freethinker_2012

      No, a religious person who has faith in God will not see how ridiculous their belief is, due a stranger on a post comparing faith to aliens and the supernatural and taking some narcissistic high ground all about himself, your post is the definition of ridiculous.

    3. Lary9

      [~excerpted from my original comment~]
      "If you are a Christian, then for a moment, just imagine that you're 'me'. Imagine something that you know is absolute, pure fantasy--- like extraterrestrials or bigfoot or ghosts...Now put yourself in my shoes and imagine that this is really, really how I view Christianity..."

      No. You missed my point completely. I wasn't expecting you to change your views and see your faith as ridiculous. I was asking only that you try to imagine my POV on the ideas of Christian belief and ONLY from my perspective. You can manage that, can't you?
      Also, if I was a narcissist, I wouldn't be able to understand empathy for another's views at all. So who's really the narcissist here...and who/what has been making claims to "the moral high ground" for longer than you and I have been around?
      You are afraid to see my point of view...just for a order to truly understand the mindset of one modern, secular humanist like me without supernatural beliefs. You are scared to death. Aren't you? And yet if your evangelical impulse for Christ was strong and honest, you'd try to enhance your ability to spread the Gospel by doing just that. How else better to convince the modern pagans of the 21st century?

  14. Paul

    Remember, The Maya, Hopi Indians, etc, all write about this new earth cycle we are heading into. I just finished reading that the early christians "did believe in REINCARNATION" like most religions believe in today, which was removed from the Christian teachings in around 543 AD to control the masses. The only constant is CHANGE and all the dooms day believers do not want to change while Nostradamus did write about the year 3,000 odd, when humans will still be around. Mother Shipton is more bleak to what could happen in this century......I think I will go walk abouts and live, this Religion BS is too depressing, the current wars since "the new world order" are too horrific and Martin Luther King (RIP)was right, "all life is interrelated. What affects one directly affects all indirectly." Either we will "all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together like fools.".
    "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

  15. Paul

    Show us the actual contract where GOD signed the land over...
    and then show us who was the witness to this contract, as well as the JESUS CHRIST who opened the seven seals to this Doomsday Code you all believe in....
    Then I want to see the archeology prove that the so called choosen ones existed on this stolen land as these Bibles you all believe in and quote say they did and own.
    No prove and no actual written contract with the witness signature means its all lies.

  16. Lisa

    @ Charles B.....
    Did you check out that info that the first guy spewed on about? It's whacked for sure. Interested to know your thoughts.

  17. Lisa

    @Angela - perfectly stated.....thank you from one normal Christian to another.

  18. Tom

    The theme of the Bible is "God's Kingdom" that will soon end all human selfrule currently under Satanic influence. Humans are created to live forever on Earth and it will soon be a reality! - 1John 2:17, Daniel 2:44, Psalm 37:29

  19. anthony

    children afraid of the dark

  20. Jon

    Anyone claiming exclusive knowledge of God is false. The writers of these ancient passages were simply trying to explain the world around them. Unfortunately, they were armed with much less data than we currently have today. Indeed they had little more than visual observation, superstition, and the reality of the cruel and chaotic world around them to draw their conclusions from. I can not in my mind equate the 'miracles' described in the bible and other religious texts (water into wine, walking on water, etc.) to the actual miracles of reality and existence that take place all around us every second of every day. Magic tricks and misdirection fall pale in the presence of actual phenomenon like, say, photosynthesis, cell division, and the intricacies of our own solar system to name a few. These REAL phenomenon are dismissed as mundane and largely ignored in favor of the snake oil that is religion. It saddens me that people in this day and age are so frightened by the reality around them that they must retreat into the glib and ultimately fruitless world of religious belief.

    Please note that my problem here is not that people believe in God, it's that they believe they can be told what God is.

  21. The_Eh_Team

    wow‚ religious people can be pretty crazy sometimes

  22. monkey

    Has anyone seen the episode of American Dad where he dosnt get Raptured... clasiic.. hahaha

    Seriously though, some chosen ones that abide by certain rules will float to heaven, some shepard this god of yours.

    Do believers neverr ask them selves: what would the world look like if there was no god ? No one askes, what about If all religion was a psychological phenomenom inherent to the way our brains are wired for survival ? And what is more plossible leaving science to one side, the existance of a supernatural creator, or that we as a species have invented such a deiety to satisfy our own shortcommings, fears and lack of control ?

  23. Chief Smackaho

    I havnt gone to church in 20 years. I dont pretend to be religious, but I cant help noticing the same tired leftist people who claim to be the enlightened ones. They boldly say religion and the religious are the reason for the worlds woes and then turn around and say they are the tolerant ones. They say America is the cause of all the violence and war in the world, but offer no solutions. Your all a bunch of phonies. Your no better than the rest of us.

  24. Son of Satan

    I will destroy all religious institutions and drink the blood of christians!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. GrittyKat

      Well hurry up and get on with it then. ;)

  25. Tim Osman

    I've noticed in my life there always is something hanging over the head of humanity. Growing up it was nuclear war/ww3, then 1999, then the comet, then the millennium bug,then 2005 05 05, now 2012 12 25. And I ain't that old.

  26. eoin


    "medieval folly was associated with darwinism" what the bejesus are you on about?

  27. nico

    another bigotry english doco--- making fun of american ideas of end times..

    medieval folly was associated with darwinism---but they are not going to produce something like that

  28. ekim

    LOL... end up a science book people!

  29. PC812

    @Kara - Former President George W. Bush is an End-Timer. He launched two wars in the Middle East, which he has been quoted as saying he did because God told him to. He has referred to both these wars as the beginning of a crusade. These wars have resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, the destabilization of two nations, and increased tensions between Muslims, Jews and Christians. And you're telling me that End-Timers don't carry a lot of influence?

  30. eoin

    the presenter of this show is actually a respected archaeologist and historian, who had a very interesting programme about stonehenge and presents a series called Time Team on the discovery channel. also, he used to play a dimwitted assistant in the Blackadder comedy series on british television. make of this what you will.

  31. Kara

    Wow, this man thinks so-called "End Timers" carry so much influence that they are able to bring about the end of the world? Does he not realize the message of the End Timers is nothing new and this stuff was preached when my grandparents were young?

    The United States is an apocalyptic culture? Interesting.

  32. Charles B.

    This documentary is so biased. Can't believe I wasted my time on it! They did a horrible job of "interpreting" Revelation. Completely wrong.

    Nonetheless, these are dangerous times indeed. The "Lord's Liberation Army" of Uganda is nothing of the sort. An evil bas-tard called by God's name is still an evil bas-tard, just as a rose is still a rose by any other name as the old saying goes. Such men shall burn in hell, and perhaps even more so, for they have used God's name for their own selfish atrocities.

    Adiplomat4godsgovernment: People like you the reason people think Christians are all crackpots! I'll look up your website, but I have a "vomitus" feeling in my stomach reading your posts. I already know beyond a shadow of a doubt your "prophet" you're trusting in is a false one.

    Mr. Razor: I see what you mean about the myriad of denominations many of them claiming to be of God's will. We do live in dangerous times. Example: ADiplomat4GodsGovernment! Without the one true God's help, it's very easy to be deceived. Howevver, please don't throw out the baby with the bathwater; there is a true and there is a genuine, and that is why there are so many deceptive falsifications of faith in God. No one particular denomination is the only one to be saved, but yes, Mr. Razor, you do need to be "born again" to inherit salvation. Yet, God alone is the one to decide who eventually meets that requirement. Millions will, and millions more won't. It's that simple.

    Do you like mushrooms, Mr. Razor? I love them! The Chantrells of the Pacific Northwest are wonderful. But, the deathcaps are well named. If you cannot tell them apart, then surely you might think all mushrooms are "deadly" and to be avoided. Not true. Discernment is the key with mushrooms as well as with religion; don't just go putting anything that calls itself "of God" in your heart and soul, but don't forsake the pursuit just because some are as evil as they sound. There is a one true God and there is a one try "Way". Don't give up searching for the truth.

    Peace to you

  33. angela

    for some reason the media decides to represent Christians in a very negative light. We are shown as "crazy" people who picket soldiers' funerals and say "fags will burn in hell". I, for one, know in my heart I am a Christian and will go to heaven upon my death or rapture. I was raised in a Baptist church, and although I don't cling to a specific organized religion anymore, I hold my morals and beliefs dear to my heart. I would never (and was never taught to) call out another person on sin in their life or believe they would go to hell over it. Every human has sin in their life whether they are Christian or not. I want people to understand that what is represented in documentaries or on the news regarding "christians" is mostly false. There are organizations who represent themselves as christian but who possess no morals or qualities that I, in my 31 years of life in the Christian faith, have ever been taught. These are the people who make it on TV. Yes, Christian/Catholic faiths have been shrouded in violence in history, but these are zealots, much like those who crashed the planes into the World Trade Center on Sept 11. It's a small percentage of who Christians really are, and real Christians know that these people will not be accepted into heaven. The Bible in fact, calls Christians to be aware of false prophets who do things in the name of God or the Bible. I guess the media representation of Christians as crackpots is a slummed down version of how they used to be persecuted and fed to lions in Rome.

  34. lorelai noah

    Whoever wrote this was ignorant, or as the bible would describe, a "scoffer". It goes beyond just that though. The author of this article clearly has no education in journalism; otherwise they wouldn't have their biased opinion smothered upon it. I was hoping this would be an unbiased article/review and that I could get some facts. However I will have to look elsewhere.

  35. Andrej77

    Every generation has its own "End of the world" and its stupid. Grow up!

  36. MemyselfandI

    ADiplomat4GodsGovernment is obviously not very good at reality. Seeing as Revelations was not written at the time of Daniel how could he be refering to it. Daniel was talking about the Jews and his own experience exclusively. He was not talking about egotistical Christians who think its all about them. Time obviously goes backwards as well as forwards in his own little deluded universe.

    Revelations was a late addition to the bible compilation. Included by St. Augustine in 400ad, and not to be taken literally.

    Religious literalists are terrifying, thank goodness we have secular laws and the human rights act. If anyone is the Antichrist (liars) its relgions not the UN. Religious zealots are crazy and would narcissisticaly destroy the world just to prove themselves right. They need locking up and medicating.

  37. affkabo

    I truly hope the good God speeds their wishes for "rupture" and help us get rid of these blood hungry humans! Their ignorant beliefs, saturated with evil and malevolence, is like cancer in our beautiful earth. The sooner these dangerous idiots leave our planet ( by whatever means necessary ) the safer it would be for the rest of humanity.

  38. Achems Razor

    There are 19 major World Religions. Which are subdivided into a total of 270 large religious groups, and many smaller ones.

    34,000 separate Christian groups have been identified in the world.

    Some of the approx. 1,000 Christian faith groups, in the U.S. and Canada, believe themselves to be the only true Christian denomination.

    Many conservative Christians believe that one has to be "born again" in order to be counted as a Christian.

  39. tim

    religion should be illegal,and the fools that think this is how it is should be shot, so the world can move to advance itself and not be held back by the greatest evil of them all religion.more wars, more death than any other cause in mankinds history good old religion.

  40. Wildewood

    This isn't really saying anything very new: after all, robert Grave's scolarly work 'King Jesus' is a much more erudite inquisition into the mysteries which were usurped by Paul and his bumch of radical jews. Live life, be kind to your children and love your neighbour as your own self. For god's sake, come on, it's not rocket science.

  41. Joe

    Very silly,oh yes very silly indeed.Will the end of the world be on tele and will Simon Cowell own the rights.I predict, being the son of god that I am,that the world will be destroyed in the year 3666,at 9.30am gmt.I base my ideas on the fact that god spoke to me and gave me this time and I believe him.

  42. William MacDonald Gibb


  43. savehuman

    Being human one should place human life at a higher priority than god.

    Lets teach God to speaks for himself to all, not whisper to individuals.

    Lets teach God other necessary presentation skill required to communicate with humans.

  44. ADiplomat4GodsGovernment

    As Daniel was informed the Book of Revelations was never meant for man to understand until the prophesized endtimes. The time that we are currently living in. The Bible explains that Jesus Christ himself would open the Seven Seals at the appropriate time.

    Now is that time, a time that the scriptures tells us will be evidenced by a great apostasy (falling away) and the unmasking of the Son of Perdition or the Man of Sin who was the previously the head of Gods Church. As head he raised raising himself above God altering Gods Law causing Gods Church to splinter into over five hundered unaffiliated groups.

    Out of the ashes of the great apostasy emerged Gods Remnant Church. It was not until Jesus revealed secrets that were intentionally reserved for this time to his deciples, members of the only True Church, that the Book of Revelation is being fully understood.

    The real problem as far as christendom is concerned isn't so much a result of mans lack of theocratic knowledge, but instead the reality is that no man has the capasity to understand scripture without first receiving Gods spirit.

    Man too often forgets that God's Holy spirit cannot dwell within men who are practicing sin and/or false religion. God provides the long awaited understanding only through His true Church, the Body, Gods Temple. God Yahweh Elohim does now nor has He ever given truth to the Harlot, Satans version of christianity. This reality shows why it is so difficult for the majority of man to grasp what the scriptures actually mean.

    This video unintentionally demonstrates the collective inability of those wallowing in Satans world to understand what has been withheld from man for so long and only have only recently began to be revealed through His endtime Elijah Herbert Armstrong and prophet/witness Ronald Weinland.

    The Seventh Seal was opened Nov. 14, 2008 and the very first trumpet sounded 30 days later Dec 14th 2008. (The World economic collapse and all the associated calamities) Note the unfolding of the first trumpet and the extent of it's effects will continue to manefest ythroughout the opening of the remaining seals.

    Repent now brothern and receive salvation! For accurate scriptural information about the Bible's Book of Revelation Google Gods Only True Church, the Church of God PKG.

    With much love,


    1. smokestakz

      this is f***ing the last page of revelations again...if anyone adds to these words he shall be spared the glories of heaven the same as if the words were taken away (paraphrased) say that the banking collapse was the first trumpet is where in revelations does it mention specifics as to what signs will be given to inform God's people...

      this kind of s*** makes it really hard to defend Christianity..(not that i don't try, and will for the remainder of my days), it's just, when people develop their own ideology and then try to match it to the text is what gives the other side fuel to hate us with...Jesus says in the book not to dwell on the end times for no man on earth truly knows when Christ will return and anyone that says they do shall be treated as a blasphemer...the message you should be spreading is love, peace and acceptance not fire and brimstone...

      and learn how to f'n spell...and don't come back with " a true man of god wouldn't use such language" guys obviously don't know or understand Christ, i speak with him everyday and he seems to be fine with my choice of language...Go back and do some more reading...

      a short message to the non-christians reading this post:

      there are a couple things i want to address, one being the sects of Christianity...i.e. Catholics, Baptists, 7th day etc...these different groups are what destroys the image of Christianity as a whole. Pedophiles in the catholic church, end timers in the 7th day followers and so on. an old saying "the strength of a chain can only be measured by it's weakest link"...that is true if you claim to be catholic or another sect, but if you choose to be one of the few that reads the book, does the comprehension and makes your own conclusion about what you have read, this is the true way to follow...God does not want you to blindly listen to a priest and sing 27 hail mary's and confess your sins to a creepy dude in a box...its not how it works...God wants direct communication between him and his followers...ask for forgiveness from the father and you shall receive it...

      so please, quit bashing Christians as a whole. It hurts me and others to be pigeonholed along side men and women who claim to be right with God but do not portray it in their day to day life...

      peace be with all who search for it...