The Fourth World War

The Fourth World WarWe walked and these moments changed us. We saw the buildings burning and the pain in our neighbor's eyes. We rushed bayonets in the mountain and lines of police in the city.

We were touched by too much death. We loved and felt alive. We heard the echo of our word in other voices. We watched the moon rise over the barricades.

We were wounded by the courage of small children. This is not the whole story or the only story.

It is an introduction to some of the people with whom we share this planet. A much greater story remains to be told. A story that we will write together.

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  1. Healer

    Unfortunately 240 pixels does not cut it. This site has poor graphics. Sad. What can be done about this?

    1. Achems_Razor

      It is not the site, these vids are all streaming, ask vimeo if you are not happy.

    2. Healer


    3. Healer

      Why does not Vimeo give a netflix option of a paid site with a much higher minimum graphics resolution.

  2. Healer

    We are being genocide d in the west now with gmo foods, polluted water and air, radiation, and engineered wars for the sake of capitalist profits. Out western governments are right up there as far as being named among histories tyrants.

  3. Mark Mills

    "Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes",
    Unfortunately communism is responsible for greater acts of genocide than religion. What to do? Push the button. Let the nukes fly. Maybe the World will be better with the next evolution. And now for something totally different.

  4. Sprint

    Goddamn, this documentary ******* sucks. It sounds like it was made by id**t tree hugging undergrad hippie pot smokers.

  5. Me

    just so people now nafta doesnt exist. take a look at the softwood lumber trade between Canada and US which WTO voted in favor of Canada 3 times and still US did not comply. If this is not enough, their representives that came to canada admitted that US would not go for a free-trade deal to our representives. nafta is non-existant, its been proven time after time. The word of the us is made of Sh"it.

  6. Michaell Svendsen

    Now 20 min in when they mention Palastine, they lost my support, because their are many countries in war, don't you even dare say that Palastine is the only country in the world with the correct courage.. shame on you... SHAME ON YOU...
    But other than that, yes, the world is at war. All over the world is at war, this is nothing new, and it will be like this until the world is under one government, as long as there are differences there will be war, once we are all the same and under the same rule, brainwashed by the same ideology, there will hopefully be peace...

  7. bluetortilla

    Looks informative. Wish there were English subtitles.

  8. David

    #TPierre# They FORGOT and DON'T CARE ANYMORE.

  9. ChosenCompany


  10. Guest

    I stopped the movie half way. In so many instances, this or that case is not explained as the Agentina one is at the beginning.
    In any events, the peoples (Nations) who deeply suffered during the 2nd half of the 90's, it is obvious that they took measure to cope with this.

    However, for the USA for instance, it's something else!
    This, even though they had more than their fair share with the Viet-War.
    I guess they simply forgot the extent to which they got fooled by their leaders & their war criminals. They forgot or don't care anymore.

    Now, they've been lied to by these leaders. Left aside those clowns have also lied to the rest of the world. Worst, those clowns have signed their lies with a heck of a grin on their faces.

    NEXT? The USA Gov. renders the civil rights in the USA inexistants in the USA by a "Patriot Act" while building intern camps all over the USA territory in case of sedition... Ahum !

    My opinion is that "They are far, very far from outing the deep forest they engaged in". Just think of it when that nation will have enough of their clowns! Damned! It's the clowns who possess the weapons and the money needed to bring the weapons in the game!
    It just can't last for ever. Better be far away from there when it'll break out!

    Lucky me, I wasn't striken by the disgrace of being a USA citizen!
    I rather retire in Vietnam where there ain't no worthy natural ressources, no oil, no blood diamonds what so ever.
    Between USA-Backed Pol-Pot and China backed Viet, I'd need to pounder the whole for more than a while...
    Just throw te case to garbage with its key and go on to another documentary that do not require me to ponder anything standing in the future!

  11. TREBOR

    Forgive me, I stand corrected. This video should show more of the suffering the Jewish people had to endure in WWII. I find this doc to be painful and I sit here wondering what will the next 20 years bring? How did we reach this point and on such a global scale? It's the people on this post and a billion others who will have to one day step forward and say ENOUGH! That thought is scary. The black man at 28:30 is
    Speaking the Truth!

  12. Trebor

    I have no problem with Jews or any other people but damn I do notice that Jews seem to think They are the only human beings who has had to suffer! Why is it right now that you don't hear about the suffering in Africa, Central America and Eastern Europe. I love My Jewish brothers and sisters just as I Love all people but please stop this c@#$ about being the only race who's had to endure hell. Peace To All.

  13. tim

    Active Denial, America's microwave crowd control system will put an end to a populations ability to mount a mass protest. The Police State, world wide, is here to stay.

  14. Robert

    To scott_of_the_rock: So true. Religion and Nationalism have created some of the worst horror stories in our history. I use the will of allah as but one example. There are many others: Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler who used both to gain thier power over others. But then, we never paid attention to the Commandment: Thou shalt not kill.

  15. scott_of_the_rock

    "so that the armies of Allah could drive the Jews into the sea. Then, when the Jews were drowning, they could return to thier homes. That is the Will of Allah."

    This isnt a product of allah but instead a product of the hatred driven by the fear that resides in the hearts of all men who choose to embrace it. Humans created religion and then instilled their own bias upon its teaching inorder to justify their will.
    Gods dont kill people, people kill people.

  16. Robert

    Defendant asks "Who started it....? The Arabs. The Palestinians were told by Government radio broadcasts from Eygpt, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria to move out of Isreal so that the armies of Allah could drive the Jews into the sea. Then, when the Jews were drowning, they could return to thier homes. That is the Will of Allah.

  17. Patrick Leonard

    If Hamas chose not to take the path of violence, imagine what Gaza could be like. Maybe it's too late.
    I'm not sure what Israel can do except cease to exist, and that is not going to happen. Maybe men with such different ideologies cannot live together.

    This was an awesome documentary. It showed me that WE own the streets, not the elitests, and not the tanks. When the world economy collapses, we have to own the streets, and we have to help each other. We should neither expect, ask, nor accept help from them.

  18. ahmed

    i am getting sick and tiered of those people like (Bluesmanwalking and Defendant) that are saying that jewish people are facing the world with the holocaust all the time, you mister blue man or whatever your name is and all of the other loosers out there that have the messed up mind to think like that, ITS NOT LIKE 6 MILLION OF YOUR PEOPLE GOT MURDERED, excuse me but NO the holocaust is not something to just get over with. And another thing you should check your history books every jew that worked with the nazi's got eventually murdered themselves, the ones that came out of it filthy rich you so say (Bluesmanwalking) are to start with many of the Swiss Banks and other Banks and Friends/Allies of the Nazis like VICHY France and many more, Please dont me laugh, its the antisemites and people like you that just want to forget about it. You should be ashamed of your self.

    1. psychorealm11

      I understand how upset people get about this topic but there is something odd about the exposure the holocaust gets compare to other genocides. I mean it has been less than 20 years and no one talks about the Rwanda genocide. I mean also no one knows about the Nanjing massacre that happened in china. There have been others as well like East Timor was invade by Indonesia where they did do genocide. Also anytime I try to discuss the point of view of Gaza and how unfair it is to be trapped behind a wall I am called anti Jewish but I am not. I have nothing against Jewish people and I do believe Jewish people have a right to live but I also know there is always two sides to a story. Also I do not believe we should forget about the holocaust but also we should shed some light on other genocides that need to be told.

    2. 0zyxcba1

      @ psychorealm11
      "I understand how upset people get about this topic..."

      "Rwanda genocide" doesn't get press because the press you see is run by Murdoch and Murdock is white, and in the corporate nooooz cartel of which Murdock is a prominent leader, BLACKS DON'T COUNT.

      An then there's East Tremor, which Pax Americana sponsored and paid for. Surprise! Surprise! America's press, the freest press in the world (lol) barely mentioned it while at the same time giving endless coverage to the horror being perpetrated by Pol Pot, coincidentally a communist during the cold war.

      Jews are often thought of as being in great numbers because the Jewish religion(s) there are several, is believed to have given rise to Christianity and Islam?huge in their numbers. Actually, Jews are a tiny minority and, unlike Christians and Muslims, Jews do not seek converts.

      Jews are a tiny minority and have, for that reason, been seized upon countless times as scapegoats. Jews do what they must to insure their security in a hostile world. You'd do just the same.

      And, no, I am not a Jew, nor do I know any Jews. I am an atheists. All you have to do is to look to the Middle East to
      see how wonderful atheism would be!


    3. 0zyxcba1

      @ ahmed

      You wouldn't just happen to be a Muslim who wants Israel to be pushed into the sea, would you?


  19. Wheres My tini at

    @pulunco: So, to your mind, it's okay for refugees to go to another land, steal territory they didn't own or buy legally, kill the people living there, then cry 'foul' when they retaliate, all because they somehow have a 'connection' o a 'legacy' of 'ownership' that dates back 2000 years?

    I'd say your brain is the messed up one -- your view, like so many others, makes it out that Palestinians somehow care less about the homes they grew up in than people whose families haven't lived in the region for over a millennium.

    I detect not a little racism in that mindset.

    Ignorance is one thing -- blind, naked stupidity supporting one side when you have absolutely no understanding of the conflict is another matter entirely.

  20. pulunco my friend have serious problems with your brain.

  21. WTC7

    Defendant, I'd say it was the Brits who started it :-(

  22. Defendant

    Bluesmanwalking... I agree with every word you just said.

  23. Defendant

    Great Documentary ..very smart .

  24. Defendant

    Israelis loosing there families?..Palestinians have lost their families..their friends..their towns..their homes..their hearts..their futures ...and their presents. And who started all of that was it the Palestinians or the Israelis ?

  25. TV

    The spanish speakers basically said this to summarize:
    We are not political movements, we are not looking for anything special, we dont back any type of power, we are only students and we are all classes united, the worker to; all of us just want our freedom. We are fighting for that and only that, to not be stolen from.

  26. lallu

    These images do not require a language to be explained...good job.

  27. Bluesmanwalking

    loli, maybe you can answer this for me.
    Why is it that Jews have been putting the holocaust in everyone face and still do for the last 65 years ?
    When the last Jew of the WWII will pass away will it finally end ?
    In the US it's all about Jews all the time, movies, books, docs, etc. Boohoohoo ! What about those Jewish families that work with the Nazis and came out of this war filthy rich ? And those today in diamond trade in Africa ?
    Don't ear about the Gypsies in WWII. The Resistance.
    Don't ear about 300 years of slavery day in day out, movies, books, docs, interviews, etc. Why ? Are they over it ? Or maybe is it because they have no control in the media. I don't know.
    One last thing. Do you honestly think that what Israel is doing to Palestine is right ??? Couldn't they (Israel) deal with it a different way ?
    Dude come on, let it go already, i'm not to blame.

  28. David

    loli, get a clue.
    Two words for you to go look up: OCCUPATION and PROPORTIONALITY.

  29. loli

    When the hell will they show Israeli families crying for the loss of their loved ones!!!

  30. Shawn

    Excellent docu wish i spoke spanish or there were english subtitles though :(

  31. Shane

    My spanish is not nearly good enough for this one.

    I don't get it, is it strictly for spanish/english bilingual viewers?