The Legend of Atlantis

The Legend of Atlantis

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The Legend of AtlantisHumans still recognized that they're a part of god on earth and nothing exists separately from god. They were conscious that if they were a part of the creational spirit, which has been materialized for millions of years, they had to possess in themselves dormant, the almighty powers waiting to be awakened. Thousands of years ago the gods came down to Earth from the stars to initiate a genesis. Human civilization was formed and reached a peak with Atlantis.

A dark age began and the battle of Atlantean gods led to its fall. A secret brotherhood brought Atlantean secret teachings before the fall to Egypt. Through all civilizations and with inspiration from extraterrestrial guards the secret Atlantean brotherhood managed all political systems with an educational mission.

Following the catastrophe in Atlantis all nations were dispersed. A part of the Atlantean brotherhood's secret knowledge survived in Egypt, in India and in Tibet. The heirs of these secret brotherhoods led mankind during the dark age...through Atlantean knowledge and through all ages.

Atlantean secret knowledge tells us the legend of mankind and those souls, who have to undergo cycles. With the fall of Atlantis a high civilization cycle had ended. All prophecies and more recent Earth changes point out that today's mankind has reached the end of the next experience cycle.

Millenniums have passed... since the high culture of Atlantis sank with a catastrophe through power abuse of some corrupt scientists. All humans of that time, who also experienced the descent into the dark age, are being reincarnated today.

For millenniums the secrets of creation were exclusively limited to an elite of secret societies. Now we have entered the so-called Last Days where these secret societies like the Freemasons and the secret political lodges lose their power. (More at

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1 year ago

Complete bullshitery, they never back anything up and can be only described as a complete work of fiction, or more accurately, the worst work of fiction since Battlefield Earth!

Billy Lyons
3 years ago

A lot missing for some reason.

3 years ago

I'm looking forward to this, seem's the write up matches a few things I have a record of. I have a record of a history that proves when Atlantis was destroyed, the megalithic site's all over the world already existed. Theory: San Fransico has the Golden Gate bridge for a reason. It's alignment from north to south actually points south to where Atlantis was, The origional city of the golden gates, south of the Bay of the Rivers of Blood, these rivers being 'A' river that flows into the bay of mehicouan, The Bay of the Rivers of Blood named due to the war that led to the demise of the Atlanteans. This river is the biggest river left of florida, (I'm in the Uk, florida is west), is that 'east' of Florida, cant say west, where does west end lol? I am actually in search of somone. In particular, the 'Man who came from the day's of tomorrow..' - This dude came back from the age of aquarius to warn the pachacouti tribe, (same dude Veracocha 'saw', a giant mirage basically) Not to do something, which I believe would lead to the world being turned on it's head at the end of mayan time. This led to the prophecy that the world would be turned on it's head at the end of mayan/aztec time. The wessex (druid's) and the Druid's of today who defeated the wessex then, also spake of a man who came from the days of tomorrow, see dormer masonic study circle number 5, the message of aquaria.

So many people thought the world would be destroyed in 2012. The correct translation of the pachacouti tribe's reason for sacrificing so many children, was to ask the monkey king, pachacouti, not to turn the world on it's head at the end of said time. So I study history, in particular, collecting as much information on whom I seek, this same monkey that was to be reborn as the new human in the year 2012, and then it dawned on me. I am a monkey Aquarian. And the bro's can hear me cant they? Now here's my secret. If I see or experience the masonic initiation that turned their world upside down (in their mind at least lol), it really will be the end of the world. When I mentioned this to a friend, their comment was 'thats an awful lot of children just to pass on a message to one person', to which I reply, well it would take such a horrifying story to get through to the only person the mesage was intended for. It would literally ruin that person's life. The full horror of knowing that so many deaths have occured just to ask one person not to turn the world on it's head. Not physically, but mentally! For that person would BE the ONE, that same ONE the matrix kept quoting... 'he's the one..'

My grandad made a point of stating to my 3 sister's, he's THE one.

I've been showing all here a story coming true. Anyone wanna help with a REAL documentary?

anthony andrea
3 years ago

This is the best video on the Internet - I think the original is about 7 hours. The charlatans in it spouting garbage cannot take away from the narration - which is the most accurate rendition of our history that we have.

3 years ago

Mormon crazy talk.

5 years ago

Ethralling. So true every word for five hours.

5 years ago

This is very well put together documentary.
Having researched these topics for decades I can say that material here is consistent with other sources .
Those that say this is cr*p or made up are basically saying they don’t understand any of it. That they are in way over their head. That they need to start at the very beginning.
I’d like to let the producers know that I appreciated these videos and watched all 5 1/2 hours.
It is a great synthesis of information.

Alejandra Rodríguez
10 years ago

You need a wide open mind to even begin to understand this. I recommend starting with the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

11 years ago

Dudes, it's a bedtime story like your mothers used to make up to help you sleep. Albeit, five hours worth. Kaput.

11 years ago

wha wha whaaaaaaaaaa. pretty certain about a lot of uncertainties! if you are a really impressionable person I wouldn't start here!

11 years ago

ladies and gent,s i refer you to spear of destiny by trevor ravenscroft,yes unlikely as it is this is no more or less real as the bible or kuran,so why do people call this myth,s,the truth is we are being controlled,this is an excellent series and very informative,some people are more gullible than others this is real as any other religious belief,i am more inclined toward,s zarahustra.

12 years ago

'documentary' ... loosely termed indeed. but still interesting

12 years ago

Interesting. As with anything, its a pick and choose with what resonates with you. For me the details seem a little muddled, too stretched to try to make it tangible. Anything that tries too hard to bring something unknowable into the concrete is destined to fail. The central ideas are there though. Similar with any true mastery or belief...same principle message. Taken with some 'big picture' thinking, I'd say its not a bad job, though it does get a bit off track into some unimportant details, and I can't say the blue/white/red people did much for me...just odd ;)

12 years ago

There's a massive difference between believing that other lifeforms may have visited in the past and influenced human development and believing that these aliens MADE us. Doesn't really approach it from a reasoning viewpoint at all.
I don't believe in any religion. A lot of the evidence they give seems to have religious origins.

Also did the guy in the denim jacket say "we christians"? I don't think you count as a Christian mate, that was lost somewhere in the priests of the red and yellow snakes.

12 years ago

We had to have extrterristrials come down here to show us how to pile up rocks so they wouldn't fall over

12 years ago

So now they want this ol' agnostic confess to another kind of god-like entity.
Why do these 'new consciousness' stories pretty much always want one to believe in an almighty being?

Of course this almighty being was not smart enough to foresee that some of its followers could go rogue...

I have to admit though - the first parts were a nice creation story, and one I like better than most of the known religious myths. That was, until they tried to sell me the part saying 'the Illuminati are only doing all these things to give us the opportunity to experience evil so that we cherish the good stuff even more'... Interesting idea though - the bad things happening all over the world sure play a big part in the development of mankind to the better.

But the cherry on the cake were the 3 blonde 'mediums'! LMAO! One would think that a Pleiadian talking through someone would be more proficient in English. Even I am - and I am German! :)

On the other hand - if this story would have been written in a 5,000-year old book I'm sure a billion people would believe in it today, and the chicks would be prophets proclaiming the words of the god/s. ;)

Looks to me like an attempt to unify all world religions - which would be the next step in the agenda on creating a New World Order. Followed by the last card they will play (as Wernher von Braun stated) - the alien threat, to unify the rest of the world. They sowed the seed already in this story by creating the 'evil' kind of aliens.

Von Däniken made some good points - and I am pretty sure he is not aware that his theories are abused by these people.

However, one thing I would like to agree with - women should rule the world! They are way less aggressive, and more focused on the intuitive and spiritual side of life. Would be a nice change after all this killing and destruction...

12 years ago

I don't believe any of this, of course, because it's all made up, but listening to it reminds me of all the read-a-long audio books I had as a kid (something to do with the narrator's voice). They're all fairy tales and shouldn't be taken with an iota of truth. "In Xanadu did Kublah Khan..." Dreamy, trippy, all of that. But the drug-induced narrative, for some reason, makes me feel like a kid all over again.

12 years ago

Why does learning the universal, the obvious, the taken away knowledge require so much death and suffering? I'm sure if it was all for real things would be different already. We could just aim at being the best we can be every day.

12 years ago

Is this like some scientology beginners guide for idiots video. 5 minutes of this bull$hit would make anyone drink the koolaid just befor they catch a ride on the halbobt comet.

keivn wethington
12 years ago

This show is based on grains of truth, wrapped in enigmas, dipped in riddles, and rolled in huey. It is a series of one raptured fairy tale after another.
The authors of this religion and these beliefs and theories either experimented with way too much acid in college, or their mother's did while they were in their womb. You just can't put this many different divergent highly speculative theories on what was before and what you think might be now together and call it anything but a way to sell books. Like the expert scammers speaking in this program, you know, the ones in the, "don't know," want to sell some books to the lost ones (monied sheep in the shape of human beings)they find an organization/s, attrubute non-existent powers, schemes, and hidden government control agendas to them. Usually these organizations usually have only one secret, and it is not the hand shake or special word; the secret is, they want a night out away from the wives. People, this is what happens to the kids in gym that were the targets of the organized ganging up that happens in gym class when dodge ball is the exercise of the day. See what we have done to the minds of these poor geeks. I for one, am a bit ashamed. This twisted mind set makes the damage done to the psyche of combat traumatized soldiers and marines look mild. Religious creationistic fanatics and their followers are the reason we have the occassional Jonestown, Guayana, "Horizontal Woodstock," and Hale Boppe comet, purple robed, castorated, suicidal, comet riding, star chasers. It was nice to vent for a while, but geeze, whoever belives this tripe I really feel for.

12 years ago

This seems perfectly sane to me, it's exactly what Cayce "said" while "reading" people's previous lives.

12 years ago

Most in-lightening...Lots of good correlations to so many different philosophies...Plenty of references for the seeker of truth to continue to look deeper inward...Also plenty of "oohkie-doohkie" commentary & graphics for the already-decided to get distracted by & add to their many excuses for their narrow-mindedness...This journey isn't about finding absolutes...It's about fully realizing the potential...
Love & Light In All Ways For All Times

12 years ago

"This is a great documentary, the entire series is definitely worth watching! It explains everything more thorough anf from a different perspective, if you have seen other information about atlantis and ancient civilizations, this will make sense and bring it together.

Thanks for putting this up!

12 years ago

It's a bla bla nonsense. If you know a bit about even one of spiritual traditions quoted in this movie you can see obvious missinterpretations. This simply doesn't make any sense to anyone but those who made good money by preaching this new "religion", writing books etc.

12 years ago

I made it to 3:02 in the first part and heard "Galactic Confederation". Nuff said.

wake up
12 years ago

has it evered occured to u children that humans have always been smart? so they built a pyramid... so they built macchu picchu. they were smart, there were no extraterrestrials, because the incas and aztecs never even developed the WHEEL. im sorry but whoever wasted their time on this documentary should try something else. sometimes I wish I could share in your ignorance, because it would be pretty damn cool if aliens came to the planet long ago.


12 years ago

09:36 minutes! I managed to endure nearly ten minutes of this c--p. Surely a record? How did I manage it? By raising my inner chakra until it was level with my outer soul-body but only after deep cleansing my sideways pointing pneuma. No, don't try to match my achievement. It will only cause a deep rift in the cosmic underworld plasma floating within the universal round. Unless, of course, like me you are a person of "advanced spiritual knowledge" in which case you too will be able to levitate your ley lines until they meet at the poles. Feels good, huh?

13 years ago

This documentary is one of the best I have ever seen. It contains deep truths that only persons of advanced spiritual knowledge can understand. Ive never seen a documentary that connects the truth behind our history and future so well, simply amazing, divine even.

13 years ago

Rambled on forever. Pointless. Complete and total waste. I felt like i was watching stock footage from hell. The voice-over was the best part. I should know, i myself to voice-overs. Did this man know he was working on a total piece of c@#$ film?

Thankfully his soothing voice put me to sleep.

13 years ago

I've watched around 20 minutes of the first episode, I know it's just a little, but I'd like to say about our genes coming from outer space... there's a theory about it, and a document on this page. I red some of the comments of that doc, seemed like it was credible to some people, at least. I guess it's a possibility we came from outer space. If the indian texts really talked about three cities, fine.

Proving this whole atlantis theory wrong is far more simple than proving it right is. All you need to do to prove it wrong, or at least inaccurate for that part, is to show that one of the sub-theories isn't correct. Can you really do that, considering how little we truly understand of the universe?

One thing I can understand about this document, is the basic psycho-active thing someone didn't like about. Believe your reasons to not believe that psychic talk if you want, but if you wanna have an open mind, think this: human is a physical being, one that you can touch, taste, hear, see, smell, and form a whole of your understanding of that being in your brain. Those are the six senses, I'd say. But, since human is an entity that's existence should be very hard to deny, it should also be very hard to deny our feelings. After all, being scared, brave, liking and disliking things, being interested or bored, aren't those just as evident? The higher you are, the harder you fall. That is why many people may not have the courage to go higher than a certain degree. Other people will make them fall to make way for themselves for that higher seat. This is all emotional/psychic talk, about what's inside your head. Is that concrete enough?

Due to many people limiting themselves to protect themselves, which is a very reasonable thing to do in today's societies, we may not rise to such high levels as we may have in the ages past. Thus we really may not know what's it like once you reach it. So, I'm talking about a state of mind we can safely assume there is. I'm also admitting that we probably don't know what's it like to be in that state of mind.

The more you learn, the more you come to understand of how little you have still learned of the whole picture.

13 years ago

Can someone please tell me more about “The original sound” mentioned in part 1. He called it “erton” Don’t know if that’s the correct spelling. I can’t find anything about it online. Thanks

13 years ago

Can someone please tell me more about "The original sound" mentioned in part 1. He called it "erton" Don't know if that's the correct spelling. I can't find anything about it online. Thanks

13 years ago

This is just Scientology all over, absolute balls!! where is any evidence of this sh*%e?? A documentary should show evidence and opinions from geology experts about Atlantis and the fact that it may have actually existed somewhere at some point!! I watch documentaries to be educated about things i don't no much about, after watching this i feel i would probably learn more from lord of the rings or star trek!! complete nonsense!!!!!

13 years ago

The galactic federation? if I want that c*** I join Scientology.

13 years ago

Oh boy.....The inside of our wonderful planet is a molten nuclear furnace..Our very existince depends on it..It is a matter of factual science..No life exist there now or ever, human life or otherwise..The magnetic field that protects us from solar and cosmic radiation is created by our planets core..

13 years ago

Just to add: I see people saying how weird this video is, and I'll guess they haven't been exposed to some of these ideas before. It could be that as they get closer to the truth, it may get more weird.

One thing to remember when watching this is that this video was made based on the "Prophecies of Elia," who I've never heard of before this film. I know there are several churches of Elia in Europe, but I couldn't find any other information so I don't know how much they are related.

Just keep an open mind, is my best advice.

13 years ago

This is my favorite documentary of all time. It wasn't weird to me because I've been researching for the last two years about many of these topics that were covered.

One problem however, is that this film has been spliced up and not all of it was shown here. There are different parts 2,3,4,& 5 on google video and I've seen those too...I think that is why someone up above said the last part seemed to have something missing. Some of those other parts on Google Video were changed too, in order for the film to have a different message (parts deleted and other graphics added in), so be careful if you look on google video to find the lost parts.

I was glad to see some of the lost information on this website.

13 years ago


13 years ago

it is about time some deccent material came about,keep it coming please

13 years ago

Part one was excellent. It ties in with the work of Zecharia Sitchin and his reading of Sumerian tablets or at least hints in a similar direction. I agree with the likes of Graham Hancock, that there was an advanced (but now lost and almost forgotten) civilisation before us that passed on knowledge, but to say this is fact or fiction? I think you'll find it is just as difficult a task to disprove as it is to prove and thats saying something. An open mind is required to learn anything about anything. I enjoyed the information presented regardless of what I'll take from it.

13 years ago

We don't know anything further than a few thousand years ago and there is so much unexplained ...not only in the 3 dimesions we live in but beyond.

It's no stranger than the idea of a man with a beard called God who sits around on clouds. There is now evidence that physical reality is all elecro magnetic holograms created through consciousness...all one mind experiencing itself that's pretty wierd too but let's face it...we have not even stracthed the surface of what is real.

13 years ago

Only individuals who have actually studied and researched the true historical records would appreciate the information in these films. These films may seem somewhat "strange" or "weird" to people that are unknowingly, or choose to be selectively blinded by the illusory materialistic reality they are currently experiencing. The answers to the questions of life one may have, are found "within themselves". If you look outward, you will miss that which is starring you in the face, the true nature of yourself.

13 years ago

Is it possible to find the subtitles somewhere? There are moments were the reader seems like he has plums in his mouth. English is not my first language and I would like to understand better what is he talking about.
Thanks a lot.

13 years ago

This is not even decent material for a fiction novel - not even inventive. I am tired of the "polarity" (a word repeated far too often) of this documntary; it is the product of proud and empty minds. Who knows? There could have been other high civilization, but why does this hypothesis always turn into some elaborate psychobabble? Discussing archeological findings in a reasonable manner would have been very interesting, but why pad the facts with fantasies? Even in the first part, one of the men who are interviewed admits that there is no objective proof, yet his attitude shows that he treats objective proof as a nuisance in order to justify this wishful...thinking? no, surely this is not thinking. World War II was much more complex than what this system allows, and the same goes for many of our historical and present conflicts. There is no reason to wrap up everything in this world in translucent mysticism and place gods over it like little bows. The problem of arguing with these people is that there are no hard facts to argue against/for, but only speculations.

13 years ago

Excellent. Very well made and explained in an easy to understand manner. Highly recommended for those wishing to leave the dark ages behind.

13 years ago

I found that some of the interviews were coming from people that seemed to be "a bit out of it", to say the least... Some of the views of inter earth I've never heard before and I cant support any of that but I must keep an open mind to it as to hopefully find the truth. In the end I think this video has a good message... peace on earth!

13 years ago

Umm...what the hell? Weird indeed...REALLY weird...but interesting at the same time...

I don't mind the narrated sections, but I'm sure I missed 90% of those interviews because it lulled me to sleep...bad quality and excessively long. But some interesting/WEIRD stuff in here, and I found a lot of the imagery quite frightening...

I like some of the stuff said in here though, especially the guy talking at 1hr 17min into part 3. I totally agree with that guy....

h.g wells
14 years ago

really really weird.

14 years ago

You’re just playing with us. I hope you found this footage, because if you spent all that time doing a voicing over... wow.

I'm sorry.

14 years ago

dudee im with rudi down there.. this just seems like a bunch of bologny here i thought this documentary was about how the legend of atlantis came about and for how long it has existed.. and the many different stories behind it but instead its a documentary series about nonesense.. seriously im guessin this is a film religions use to promote the word of the invisible man..