The Lost Gospel of Judas

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The Lost Gospel of JudasThe discovery of ancient texts such as the Gospel of Judas has sparked renewed interest in many ideas rejected by the early church. This documentary uncovers the truth behind the supposed secrets of Gnosticism. Featuring interviews with leading historians and scholars, it examines Gnosticism’s origins, its early influence - and what’s fueling its resurgence today.

What if an ancient gospel was rediscovered that offered a radically different perspective on a man that history has painted as the ultimate villain? What if this account turned Jesus’ betrayal on its head, and in it the villain became a hero?

This documentary provides exclusive access to the documents and evidence that traces the incredible story of what has happened to the Gospel of Judas since it was found. Combining dramatic recreations and insightful analysis by the world’s foremost experts, they ask and answer the question: Is the Gospel of Judas real?

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  1. tim

    very good doc,but doesnt tell exactly what the gospel says,so disappointed

  2. Alex David
  3. Alex David

    Excellent documentary. Not quite sure but made me understand, how the two forces, the positive and the negative work together to create one force that's really difficult to grasp. Seema this is what makes life interesting.

  4. Noe Quick
  5. Noe Quick

    Decent production, but doesn't tell us what the gospel says (hint: it reads eerily like scientology).

    Somewhat pointless all in all, as the entire Bible is fiction, and this is just one more rendition of one story from it.

    Not very enlightening, not really worth the time to watch it.

  6. ghetto spokesman
  7. ghetto spokesman

    the clown judas is the biggest sellout in the history of earthling man

  8. Seek the truth
  9. Seek the truth

    What can I say? Are we suppose to read and study the Bible? or Shall we read and obey the Bible? Things are lost for a reason and found for a reason. Is this a reasonable fact of finding the Judas Gospel to be deceive by it or to seek the truth by it. I am a curious person.

  10. sunny1
  11. sunny1

    Very interesting...One needs to understand that the bible is composed of books selected to substantiate the views of a few people (with agendas)and also that the bible is only one group of books that teaches about the mystery that is life...Great photography...I agree with Tim that more about what the gospel says (and discussion of possible meanings) was needed rather than the endless build up and reiteration...Thanks Jim for the site to read it...I always thought Judas got a raw deal, afterall if the prophecies of the old testament were to be fulfilled Judas was necessary...Today's Christianity would be berefit if there was no crucifixion...
    It is terrible how the Jews have been persecuted for "killing" Jesus when according to Christian belief he rose from the dead while at the same time apparently redeeming the sins of mankind. Why condemn those who brought this event (so critical to Christian belief) to pass? Anyway we know that Romans along with power hungry established Jews (priests) did the act and that a sheeple Jewish crowd allowed themselves to be persuaded that this was a good idea.
    Also, weren't Jesus' last words "forgive them for they know not what they do"? Thus who are we to condemn anyone especially if Jesus is our leader?

  12. Reb
  13. Reb

    A documentary should be made on the Secret Gospel of Mark. If the Gospel of Judas caused a stir of hissy fits among the 'believers', a documentary on the Secret Gospel of Mark would cause an epidemic of cardiac fits. The early church fathers knew all about this secret version and that would go far to explain why homosexuality and pedophilia among the 'holy men' of all three Abrahamic religions has always been rampant and growing by the day. How blind can people really be? They preach one doctrine to the simpleminded and practice the 'secret doctrines' that Jesus said was not for everyone. Now we know why. The church thought all these other gospels had been destroyed but they missed a few copies.

    Now the pope is even saying you don't have to be saved to belong to the church and there are many ways to salvation! Mary can even forgive your sins if you prefer to bypass jesus. He also is now concerned with the souls of our Alien brothers and sisters from space. I think he is getting ready for the release of the rest of the dead sea scrolls and is trying to cover his deceitful ass.

  14. yavanna
  15. yavanna

    The PDF of the gospel is more interesting than this doc. I would bet my life that the RCC has a complete copy buried in its vaults.

    Reb I`ve had a brief try at looking at the Secret Gospel of Mark. Let's hope the Vatican also has a copy of that because there doesn't seem to be much info available. Point me if possible please.

  16. yavanna
  17. yavanna

    oops needed to add a notify (ignore)

  18. Reb
  19. Reb

    yavanna, I posted a great link for you but it has to go through moderation first. You will get an eye full when you read it.

  20. yavanna
  21. yavanna

    Excellent. Thanks for that. I`ve heard the story of the naked youth before - Maybe Michael Jackson thought he was JC :)

    It's estimated that there were 30+ gospels before Constantine picked the 4 that suited his politics of the time. I wonder if they were all destroyed or if indeed they keep them hidden in the vaults like they do so many other relics and evidence that doesn't "fit the faith." We'll probably never know. Aside from all the more obvious abominations that have come about because of the RCC, it's sad that so much of our real history will probably never come to be known and not just the true story of their favourite carpenter.

  22. Reb
  23. Reb

    yavanna, M. Jackson! the twilight zone of the bible world, who knows.

    One of the first so-called church fathers referred to no less than 80 manuscripts of gospels. I can't remember but I think it was Origen and he also criticized the ones who put the NT together and said they didn't even make it cohesive. Reading the works of the early church 'fathers' is quite an education.

    If the world could only see what the catacombs of the vatican held. We would probably burn down the whole damn place. What they didn't destroy, they did.

  24. Ivan Light
  25. Ivan Light

    Jesus message was not passed out to the average people; they did not understand it. Even the 4 Gospels say that. He had to explain what he meant in private to his chosen ones, and they were slow to grasp it. He said so himself. Naturally there was debate over the meaning after his death, and the early Church suppressed the debate in the interest of intellectual conformity and doctrinal consistency. But, if you really want to understand or rather try to understand what Jesus meant to convey, you must press beyond the orthodox view. This is still the gnostic view. I find it attractive.

  26. Achems Razor
  27. Achems Razor

    Watched this doc. in Sept.

  28. Solomon S. Buyco
  29. Solomon S. Buyco

    Words, words... all they have is the power of words at the present time of creation.Words like,

    "Without Judas, crucification could not have happened."...Without Judas, Jesus could have just been assassinated in the street or in His sleep.

    "Jesus was sacrificed by the father" ... but as in the words of Jesus. "Whose father would give their children a snake if they asked for a bread?"

    Gnostic... "in the know"... but in reality gnostic is a disregarded beliefs of the people in so called higher authorities.

    Words, words... I know that they have are only words...

    But then again, let us go trough of the events...we should put ourselves into a perspective of the time and place about Judas. Judas is a Roman Jew, and Jesus is a Roman Christian as baptized by John the Baptist. They may be second class citizen, but they are Roman citizen never the less, who pays their taxes... Just like any other races. King David's Christ and King Saul's Messiah is on the table as they still practice of what was thought of them of their religion. Muslims, Buddhism and Hebrews are not around but their teachings are distinctive.

    Sacrifice... in my opinion of the events occurring in the common era is that Jesus was sacrificed by the elders of the old Christian world to the Romans of the sin they have committed that nearly annihilated their race, failed revolution. They have even supported it as Jesus was on His way to be crucified. "The blood of our children is in your hands!" They shouted.

    The only participation of the Jews is of their capture of Jesus and of their inquisition. And as of Jesus death, they have turned over Jesus to Poncius Pilate for going against a law of congregation, and with that, Poncius Pilate ordered Jesus to be punished... and here comes the mob whom Judas is trying hard not to have in the presence of Jesus. The Christian mob... the very people who declared Him as the Christ or the Messiah... and because the revolution failed, they faced Jesus of their own wrath.

    So, getting back to Judas...Why would Judas wants Jesus be in jail and be in the hands of the Jews... despite of the cold wars of Jesus with them? And also remember, Somebody wants Jesus be killed but they just don't have the right moment to fulfill their plans because of the reprisals of the people who protects Jesus... as for me of the events laid out, Judas wants Jesus to be away from those revolutionary people whom Judas also knows, simply because he is one of them. In Jail, Jesus would be safe... and would be freed at the right moment.

    Judas, simply put, is the "scape goat" of the old Christian world, of the people of King Saul's Kingdom and of the rebellious races ... Or I will simply say, "the mob" who doesn't want Roman Empire.

    Luke 23:34
    Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

    Jesus is not about rebellion of authority but brought out revolutionary view of being a responsible leader with God. Jesus embodied the truth of being a true and revolutionized human... free, guided accordingly to the laws and principles of men under God.

    We owe our sense of Freedom and Liberty to Jesus.

  30. mj
  31. mj

    jews, jews and jews again.

    behind every conspiracy then they try to cover up ...

    sorry, but what these people are doing in palestine and how they cover the truth and their abominable acts... reinforce the view that they are full of guile.

    why are you called an anti semitic if you criticize a jew... it is like if you have to fear to criticize them... another of their guile...

    of course not all the jew are like this, and the good one should consider themselves excluded from this comment, my lord JESUS was a jew... only the bad ones who are concerned with these!!!!

  32. Danto
  33. Danto

    Hyksos were the Jews. They are invaders not slaves. They invaded Canaan after kicked out of Egypt. So if Moses was just a Hyksos king and an invader it really throws out the notion that he was special and parted the Red Sea etc.etc. If that history was forged then what do Christians base their faith on? On the Old Testament which is false. How can Jesus exist and expand more falsehoods based on an old Hyksos wise tale more probably ripped off from Egypts Book of the Dead where the commandments really came from. Islam, Judaism, Christianity are based on lies and fabled revised history with no support of such claims! Archeology, DNA and science tell us a different story not based on faith and assumptions and no political agenda. The truth is not a political agenda. REligion is. Did Jesus even exist? Josephus the Roman Historian doesn't mention him at all. Was Jesus the actual son of Cleopatra and Caeser? He was after all born from a godess and a god if you will. Also spent his life running from the Romans in hiding and was a learned teacher because of his royal upbringing. Egypt is the source of all the worlds religious mysteries. Ever notice the symbolism?

  34. Solomon S. Buyco
  35. Solomon S. Buyco

    Moses was raised as adopted son by an Egyptian Princess... Was demoted to a manual labor because of killing an Egyptian official.

    He was Hebrew in the first place not a Jew, which tells us that Egyptians are Hebrews. He lead the slaves out of Egypt to be ridiculed of what status does he had upon the slaves to be their leader. Maybe, Moses is a Troll of descend... a new race for Egyptian to reckon... A Barbarians of the Romans.

    It was sons of Abraham who are not slaves... in which they are not Gentiles.

  36. Solomon S. Buyco
  37. Solomon S. Buyco

    But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.


  38. Justin_n_IL
  39. Justin_n_IL

    "I can’t remember but I think it was Origen and he also criticized the ones who put the NT together and said they didn’t even make it cohesive. Reading the works of the early church ‘fathers’ is quite an education."

    So what? Jesus spoke in parables so that seeing they would not see and hearing they would not hear. Jesus never explained his parables to the masses but only to the disciples. The Bible teaches that the truth is only for those who hunger and thirst.

  40. Solomon S. Buyco
  41. Solomon S. Buyco

    "Love your neighbor as thy selves" and "Love your neighbors as I have loved you."

    Peace to all...

  42. crimepilot
  43. crimepilot

    Wow, it's like Snape and Dumbledore.

  44. missy
  45. missy

    to me i find this docco very interesting. for me the story of judas is very sad to finding out the truth of what really happend between him and jesus. for what a true friend he really is obbyeing his commands from jesus to these days when the human rasise is praseing a book of lies to tell the truth who really is the true discever of jesus christ.

  46. PC812
  47. PC812

    Very fascinating. One part I found really interesting was the claim that "no angel has seen the kingdom."

    But some of the anti-Semitism in these comments is absolutely disgusting. Hatred of any group of people on the basis of religion, race, political beliefs, ethnic origins, what have you is sickening and deplorable. I don't care how many conspiracy theories you've heard about involving the Jews -- I guarantee you 100% of them are outright fabrications perpetrated by hate-mongers. One of the most famous of these, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, has been deemed an outright fabrication by scholars and is only recognized by bigots.

  48. James
  49. James

    Hebrews ARE Jews... There is one name for the entire race, and then further names for each tribe. And even the entire race has several names that they call themselves. Look it up.

  50. jay
  51. jay

    I just don't know... as far as I know, the bible wasn't written by any of Jesus followers. I mean, none of them. If you're really interested in FACTS and Science, check out the documentary called The Origin of the Bible (which can be found in this website too).

  52. anzoni
  53. anzoni

    All the disciples of Jesus, the 12, where jews. EVEN JESUS WAS JEW. Then, say that the gospel of John have anti-semitism ideas, that lead to the prosecution of jews in history is absurd. Jesus (a jew) had 12 disciples, and only one betray him. Only a part of the jews betray Jesus, but many jews dont betray Jesus. Only a fraction, not all. Many support Jesus and was afraid and run away, and left Jesus alone. If we were in this moment of time, probably we would do the same. Dont have any sense to say that the jews as the responsible of the dead of Jesus.As in many societies there are god people, bad people mixed. We are not better thant the jews of the time Jesus, or the romans, or the samaritans... Blame a entire group of people we know pretty clear that leads to a catastrophic results for all. I desagree totally that the John gospel have antisemitic ideas only because show Judas as a traitor. For the same reason is absolutely fond of jews because show many jews doing the things wright, and the first is Jesus, a jew too... (and many others)...
    And... I think but this is my personal way of think, that probably Judas is better than many other people in history, and in the end I think Judas will be forgiven. He try to help the jews fighting the romans, but he think that Jesus was wrong with his no violence way. He repented. Many many people in history didnt try to do anything for others, and of course never repent, and dint have any remorse of enormous atrocities they commit (Hitler, Stalin, and many others not so infamous)... Comparing this people with Judas and I think Judas is almost a saint...

  54. Epicurus
  55. Epicurus

    judas didnt betray jesus...if jesus was sent here to die for our sins then judas was only acting out of gods were the romans and the jews. no one can be blamed except god. the fact that judas killed himself afterwards shows how immoral of a being this god thing is IF it is real (which any intelligent person can tell it isnt)

  56. H
  57. H

    A lot of books were discard from the bible. Priests and bishops in the 4th century decided what books to include.
    ...and i guess if God had anything to say about his book he made sure they didn't include books that shouldn't be studied.

  58. Judas Thomas
  59. Judas Thomas

    and Jezus told the real lessens ( secret teaching ) only to Judas

  60. Steve G
  61. Steve G

    I'm surprised to see people taking the "content" of this document as seriously as they do. This doesn't add any credibility to the bible nor does it discredit the mythology already in it. They are all just stories. It's an important historical document that sheds some light to the origins of the Christian religion. If we find a journal telling the story of Hansel and Gretel with the house build from french toast rather than gingerbread it doesn't make that story more credible as non-fiction. Basing your believes, morals and life standards on such nonsense materials is just plain irresponsible!

  62. ameen rasheed
  63. ameen rasheed

    i didn't look at the move video yet but i promise it will be reviewed.But I want to ask this Question Romans are from ItalyI supposed,so If the roman soliders killed jesue,would that mean the Italy played apart in the the death of Jesus The Christ or were there another name since that was a comoe name at the time in that area like here in America,John,Smith,or mary,lewis or culppeper..thought he was born in bethlaham and that is in palastine,somebody help me please...

  64. TheOnlyFemale
  65. TheOnlyFemale

    Everybody should watch the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, which is a telling of the story from Judas' point of view. It raises some interesting questions, like predestination--how could he escape God's plan to have him do what he did--and also suggests that Jesus wanted him to do it. The film was produced by a Jew, just FYI.

    The whole Jews killed Jesus thing is nonsense--how many Christians killed Christians, including saints, during the Inquisition? Why don't we go all "racist" on that? People who bring that up are trying to CREATE anti-Semitism that they can use to go with their twisted worldviews. Except for the Romans, who told the Jews to solve the Jesus issue themselves, they were ALL Jews. How can they be anti-Semitic? They were anti-Jesus, not anti-Semitic.

  66. pamela
  67. pamela

    The NT bible had many, many authors, they named them after a male disciple. Does that mean there wasn't apostolic origin or even women writers? No. But we also know that there was a process of cannonization much later than 100 years after the death of Jesus. Thank goodness there wasn't a prining press, we'd never have any approved version to read. We don't have all the is long gone. I don't believe the story of Judas in NT is antisemetic nor that the Bible reads as anti-semetic. They did not follow the Jewish traditions, that existed before Christianity too. To treat Jews as inferior was not in the text of St. Paul, a jew..he said there is no Greek, nor Jew, nor male nor female, we are all one in Christ Jesus, and this is what was preached by the Pope during the rule of Hitler.

  68. Nanci Cunha
  69. Nanci Cunha

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    my home telephone number is 01235 52024
    If I can be of any assistance please let me know, i do have a place for more or less 20 people seating confortably ( sorry, i am brazilian..Portuguese easer :)) anyway, thank you so very much for this wonderful place.

    Be peace always


  70. cmst69
  71. cmst69

    Well, I sit here afta watching, in what I believe to be 1 of THE biggest challenge in Christianity, and it's perspective in how we are supposed to see their interpretation of Jesus.
    Come on folks, if your were Jesus, you would have known this was to happen the way it happened.
    It is fact, the Church from all faiths have lied and they keep on lying.
    Judas was the only man that was worthy to sacrifice the 'Son of God'

  72. Robert Combs
  73. Robert Combs

    Modern Religion; as we know it; is obsolete; Your soul is real; you have been here many times. God is real. 2 commandments make sense; Do unto Others; what you reap you Sew; Jesus came before as Enoch; and will come again; as will you....break free from religious dogma

  74. Miguel
  75. Miguel

    I thought this was the Gospel in the bible, called "Jude". According to some sources it's believed to be written by someone else in behalf of Judas, because we know clearly that Judas committed suicide before Jesus died, so he himself couldn't have written anything. Unless Jude is someone else.
    Furthermore, those who read and understand the bible know that Judas couldn't be hated because of his role, because he did what he was meant to do. Jesus accepted his destiny knowingly of what was to come.

  76. ReligionIsntAllBad
  77. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Robert, you are using the word religion interchangeably with the word Christianity ;) Watch out for that. It's awfully North-American-o-centric. For instance, Buddhism is alive and well in the modern age and is no more obsolete now than 3000 years ago :D

    The myths of Christianity do not age well along side the discoveries of modern science.

  78. BIll CLinton
  79. BIll CLinton

    Whats the point of this documentary? Seriously, can someone please explain to me the point. Why wouldnt they explain or give us some type of detail on the what the Gospel of Judas actually contained. They showed it a thousand times but didn't go into detail.

  80. Clifford
  81. Clifford

    These people trying to get rid of Christianity. How can a man told someone to go and betrayed him. If anything he would says "go and do what you have to do." THIS IS RUBBISH. Because someone who is a Liar and Thief to wrote a story of truth.

  82. ManoliXios
  83. ManoliXios

    It was in a cave for almost 2000 years but the 16 years it sat safe in a bank valt was what damaged it the most.....something fishy here.

  84. Meaghen Couvillon Haynie
  85. Meaghen Couvillon Haynie

    There seems to be a misconception about how one can look at a religious text. Such things can be discussed from a religious point of view, a philosophical point of view, a theological point of view, or an academic point of view. Just because you might disagree with the documentary or the material it contains- that doesn't make you or this film wrong. Truth and fact don't have to be the same thing.

    Also, a little perspective: We have more ancient originals of the scriptures than any other work in history. Put them together, and they make about 1500 Bibles (pre-print, all hand-copied, which is harder than it looks). A distant second is the Iliad, coming in at 693. The amount of discrepancies between these 1500 Bibles numbers more than the amount of words that are in the Bible, itself.

    None of this has anything to do with the validity of Christianity as a religion.

  86. Pat Khufu
  87. Pat Khufu

    poor judas gets no respect... guess they missed the point of religion, forgiveness & acceptance. embrass the love negitives attract negitives you decide on how you want to live your life....

  88. akabuike
  89. akabuike

    People brain washing other, No worse than the people of old,with this documentary as everything is all about desire's greed and decepetions

  90. akabuike
  91. akabuike

    This documentary is all about desire's,greed and deceptions because it makes no sense at all, leaving the viewers with much scepticism just like every other text

  92. Guest
  93. Guest

    Not much told about the the content of that Gospel aside the treason.
    I guess it'll be for anotehr time, another doc?
    So, there we have it or rather know that a copy exist.
    Not xeroxed.

  94. Pa Wall
  95. Pa Wall

    very thought provoking, thank you for this video.
    1: what if someone knows something so special and will one day pass this information on..and other 'people' feel the need to stop/mislead/corrupt that certain knowledge..
    2. wonder if Jesus chose to disclose certain information to Judas
    3. what if we 'think out of the box' from some things we've been "taught to believe"..
    4. wonder if Judas was 'killed'..kind of like todays times perhaps by discrediting/silencing witnesses that have the TRUTH
    point? the TRUTH has a way of eventually coming out, will we recognize it when we see it..
    think i'll dig deeper..

  96. 100622
  97. 100622

    Same as when you criticize a black person. We don't have free speech anymore

  98. Robert Wahler
  99. Robert Wahler

    We have more ancient originals of the scriptures than any other work in history.
    -- Like none, you mean. This document, The Gospel of Judas, will end Christianity. "The Bible says 'Saviors' -- Obadiah 1:21"


  100. Robert Wahler
  101. Robert Wahler


    There is an interesting parallel to Secret Mark here. In the canon, the 'Betrayal' covers up the installation of the successor to 'Jesus'. He is James the Just. Secret Mark says "naked man to naked man", and many think these are homo-erotic passages. They are NOT. "Naked" means naked SPIRITUALLY. (See Gospel of Philip) The scholars are clueless, not studying Mysticism (Gnosticism) in school. JUDAS (James, really) was the "sacrifice" at 56:20 in gJudas. True mystic teaching is what Jesus was giving him. He was to become the new Master. "You will RULE over them [the other generations]." The 'kiss' in the Betrayal is really transfer of Mastership, as in First and Second Apocalypses of James. How long before they (clueless scholars) get onboard? Who knows...

  102. Robert Wahler
  103. Robert Wahler


    The 'naked young man' was JAMES. He was a Nazarite, which is why he was in linen. He 'flees' - UP - when they want him (they 'laid hold of' or 'seized' him, Mark 14:51) to be Master. The entire 'Betrayal' is an installation of James as Master, to succeed Jesus. That is why he is overwritten as a traitor. Dr. Eisenman established this reversal m.o. from studying the DS Scrolls. The church wanted to hid any successor. Jesus was likely fictional.

  104. Meaghen Couvillon Haynie
  105. Meaghen Couvillon Haynie

    Thinking one document would end all of Christianity is pretty naive. It has quite the foothold. Whether or not it should is an entirely different debate, but it won't.

  106. Robert Wahler
  107. Robert Wahler

    But you don't realize what it is saying. It will take time, sure, but
    what it says is that JAMES is the "sacrifice" at the climax. Earlier in
    the text 'Judas' is dreaming that he is stoned to death by fellow
    disciples. just as James was in the historical Hegesippus account.
    (Josephus has him killed, but not by stoning or by fellow disciples.)
    Even early church sources like Eusebius, Papius, and Origen have James
    as the heir to Jesus. Eisenman shows that "Joseph Barsabbas JUSTus" in
    Acts 1 is a cover for James, dying and being 'replaced' by "Matthias" at
    precisely the point where Jesus' successsor should be chosen. There are
    clues in all four gospels that James is Judas in the 'Betrayal' story. I
    go over them in my book. Both Nag Hammadi Apocalypses of James show
    him as successor Master, or savior. Saviors come in endless
    procession. You and I won't see the end of Christianity, but it is now
    inevitable. Why not join me in bringing it on? It's long overdue.

  108. Robert Wahler
  109. Robert Wahler

    Scholars are not yet aware that 'Judas' was James, James the Just. He was covered to hide him. All the four gospels in the canon have evidence for him being James. They didn't want a successor. The church needed a dead Master, not a live one. Masters always come for the ready, at all times. and many places. (There is one here now.) I wrote about the saviors in the first century in "The Bible says 'Saviors' - Obadiah 1:21".

  110. Nelson Donnell
  111. Nelson Donnell

    I guess it all depends on how you determine whether or not someone is a Jew, right?

  112. Robert Wahler
  113. Robert Wahler

    It sheds tremendous light on the canon. It shows JUDAS was the mystic sacrifice, NOT JESUS. And it also shows that he was JAMES the Just. judaswasjames dot com

  114. Robert Wahler
  115. Robert Wahler

    And why is it "naive"? After all, it took only one to start it. :)

  116. Robert Wahler
  117. Robert Wahler

    Greed, of the antiquities dealers. Hannah I think the name was.

  118. Robert Wahler
  119. Robert Wahler

    Hebrews was written as a polemic from the Pauline school. Toss it.

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