Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation

Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation

2011, Performing Arts  -    -  Playlist 18 Comments
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Thin Lizzy: Bad ReputationAffectionate but honest portrait of Thin Lizzy, arguably the best hard rock band to come out of Ireland.

Starting with the remix of the classic album Jailbreak by Scott Gorham and Brian Downie, the film takes us through the rollercoaster ride that is the story of Thin Lizzy.

From early footage of singer Phil Lynott in Ireland in his pre-Lizzy bands the Black Eagles and Orphanage, it follows his progress as he, guitarist Eric Bell and drummer Brian Downie form the basic three-piece that was to become Thin Lizzy - a name taken from the Beano.

Using original interviews with Bell, Downie, the man who signed them and their first manager, it traces the early years leading to the recruitment of guitarists Brian 'Robbo' Robertson and Scott Gorham - the classic line-up.

The film uses a number of stills, some seen on TV for the first time, archive from contemporary TV shows and a range of tracks both well known and not so famous.

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8 years ago

FYI - Top Documentary Films - in the introduction, you spelled the drummer, Brian Downey's name wrong.......

9 years ago

I saw them in Toronto the same night and I have always said
that Thin Lizzy were way better than Queen that night! I sat in the golds just a couple of rows off the floor and near the stage.
I really loved that the Jail Break theme was kept up the whole show...especially with that cop car red siren flashing the whole time....I am still amazed!!!

10 years ago

If u like thin lizzy u gonna like 21 Guns with Scott Gorham.

11 years ago

great doc with many memories of life as a teenager in the 70's. Thankfully it was not all disco. Thank You Thin Lizzy. Sorry that hard drugs and too much booze got in the way of all that great creativity. Everything in moderation man.

11 years ago

just thrilled to see a Doc made on one of my favorite live bands ever. saw them on tour here in Toronto canada with Queen as headliner in mid 70's. I'll still say as I always have ....Thin Lizzy owned the crowd that night. "Boys are back in Town" made the maple leaf gardens here almost collapse . The crowd went crazy....Long live REAL rock n roll !!!!!!! Fergus

11 years ago

great doc about a great band, well worth the watch and highly recommended to any youngsters out there who dont know the band but want to discover something GREAT.

john kay
11 years ago

Affectionate but honest portrait of Thin Lizzy, arguably the best hard rock band to come out of Ireland.
"arguably" shouldnt even be in the above sentance.

One thing about the lizzy, at a time of guitar rock and jams, they wrote songs first. great songs, great lyrics, great melodies, great grooves = greatband

great doc seen the doc and the band a few times, well worth watching again

11 years ago

One of the rock and roll acts of the sixties and seventies that I missed. Have always regretted that. Loved this doc.

11 years ago

Lot´s of facts and music, just what you´d expect from a band documentary.
Really well made!
And anyways good old rock is the best music ever made and the best band of them all is sabbath.

11 years ago

awesome video, love the music scene, learned a lot about thin lizzy!

11 years ago

disturbing mickey mouse sketch in the background of his final interview calls me to question his upbringing and path to fame but that's a different video; one concerning Caroline Crowther.

11 years ago

They were a great live band and (as with many gigs in the 70/80's) I watched them in the upstairs room of a pub, sitting a few feet from the stage; electric.

11 years ago

yeah, warty old geldoff just copied the blueprint. Shame his sickly pedophilic form taints an otherwise happy memory trip in more ways than one!

11 years ago

A must for anybody with an interest in rock music, absolutely fantastic band. They sounded good on their albums but they sounded better live, and that is a very rare thing. I think the RedHotChilliPeppers manage it sometimes, or they used to at least.

'My favorite song is the next one.'

RIP Philip Lynott

11 years ago

Tight band! (In more ways than one.) If you love classic rock, you'll love this. I suspect Thin Lizzy's one of those groups most everyone knows, but doesn't actually know all that much about. At least, I learned a lot, that's for sure.
I really enjoyed this, and seeing all those beautiful Les Paul's is just... UMM! Always a lovely sight...
Thanks to whoever recommended it.

edit- The nice harmony leads reminds me of a corny old joke:
Q. How many lead guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Three. One to screw it in and two to tell him he's doing it wrong.

Sean Finn
11 years ago

Great Band, but the Second Part was blocked. EMI warning!