Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

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Why Are Thin People Not Fat?The world is affected by an obesity epidemic, but why is it that not everyone is succumbing?

Medical science has been obsessed with this subject and is coming up with some unexpected answers. As it turns out, it is not all about exercise and diet.

At the center of this programme is a controversial overeating experiment that aims to identify exactly what it is about some people that makes it hard for them to bulk up.

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  1. TO ALL SKINNIES: Speaking as a skinny ass ectomorph though whos always struggled to gain mass, a vegan diet is prob the worst thing you could do, that is unless you had disposable income to afford added protein vegan foods... or the massive will power to constantly just eat nuts and dried fruit, which are again expensive if you want the healthy ones.

    Personally for dude whos 6ft 2 and weighed 9 stone at my unhealthiest, I have tried to maintain a well rounded diet, but with the added extras of whole milk, peanut butter (ideally the healthy stuff) and as much dried fruit, eggs and nuts as I can stomach (not much at all).

    Realistically I cannot afford to eat 6 meals a day as recommended to gain mass so these fillers (esp peanut butter and milk) are a godsend. I LOVE meat btw, but pork is def not a healthy one (though is cheapest) so try to only eat pork once or twice a week. Am starting to do one day a week with no meat also as Arnie recommends trying. I do push weights, stick to 3 main excercises, 3 sets, and bout 3 times a week. It is a struggle to keep the weight on still, as I have to eat something heavy every 2/3 hours and I am easily distracted by my work (selling songs) and hobby (making music) sometimes it can mean I starve myself stupidly and end up cutting weight unintentionally. But at my healthiest so far I now weigh 11.12 stone. Ideally want to get to 13 stone so I can break this body type, hate the fact everyone assumes I am skinny still, but I aint gonna walk around flexin with my top off to just to prove im not. So def still got a ways to go but once I get my income up a bit that should be easy enough from here on out.

    Sugars not that bad as long as you moderate respectively. But diet drinks and no sugar squash with artificial sweeteners seem totally counter productive, not to mention can possibly cause brain cell death and a heap of other disorders...and they taste like shit. Better off with water, whole milk, and I always have glass of grape juice or pineapple juice with breakfast (Ive noticed if I dont keep this ritual up, the weight loss starts , very subtle, but it does begin to happen) SO GET DAT SUGAR IN YA AND BURN IT OFF WITH WEIGHTS!

    BTW anyone on here body shaming people should be ashamed of themselves. You have no idea what its like in someone elses body, so stop making sweeping generalist statements about how fat people are lazy or skinny people are...lazy. Lol can you see the contradiction there?? Yes to change either body type takes huge will power (which some people just dont have) however there is also a lot of other factors to consider (medicine, medical conditions, genes, etc) Also nowadays everything boasts how healthy it is even though its quite often the opposite, a lot of people are just products of they environment and believe these products cannot legally lie to them. These people also believe the government has never lied about anything ever (despite numerous false flag invasions and the federal reserve which prove otherwise) Just think for yourself. Anything natural is prob healthy, anything mass produced by man is prob poisoning you for pure profits. This is why balance is key, we cannot all afford to eat natural foods 24/7 and even if we did we would never gain weight as most natural stuff has such low calories. Also theres so much misinformation out there now, you cant even google a damn thing without at least 2 skools of thought, means REAL TRUTH has gone the way of the dinosaurs, so use ur brain before it gets murked from aspartame n shit. Peace yall x

  2. I know people who eat a lot, don't exercise much, yet stay thin. The people who commented here giving one answer fits all people are typical know-it-all pieces of ****. Each person is different and there are many factors that cause people to get fat but not all those factors apply to everyone.

    1. Very true. I eat a lot and don't do any exercise but I'm very thin

  3. "At the center of this programme is a controversial overeating experiment that aims to identify exactly what it is about some people that makes it hard for them to bulk up" - thing is you really don't have to bulk up at all.. Especially with the earlier mentioned obesity-epidemic.. The conclusion of the documentary is [SPOILER ALERT], that the genes are defining your body shape (however, body shape may be manipulated by your lifestyle due to certain genes being "activated" and processing a certain .. So why is there a constant pressure to serve a certain "goal weight"? No such thing exists. Accept who you are, and if you consider yourself "too skinny" then you haven't found self-acceptance yet..

  4. The answer is your gut bacteria controls what cravings you have. I didn't even watch the video, but I am telling you anyway. If you have a microbiome because of your diet filled with meat, cheese, eggs, and dairy, then your 'bacterial brain' will make those choices for you, and then you have to use your real brain to resist, and that sucks. I know, because I yo-yo about 15lb back and forth when I put 'normal (American)' amounts of Meat/Dairy/Eggs into my diet. When I eat rice, veg, tofu, and sauces (which are also unhealthy, I'm sure), I'm fine, even when I also eat tonnes of sugar throughout. For my body, at least, it is 100% the animal products that cause problems. (But I'm sure I could loose more if I cut out sugar, too.) I'm currently on a high (123 lbs - healthy weight for me is like 105-107ish), and I'm always hungry all the time due to lack of fibre. WHAT ARE THESE CHOICES YOU ARE MAKING, ME?!

  5. As a thin person for all my life I can definitely identify myself with the study people. It is what it is, it really is in the genes!

  6. Because we don't constantly stuff our faces.

    You're not breaking the laws of physics, fatties: if you're gaining weight, it means you consumed it.

    Mass is NOT spontaneously generated within your body.

    1. The national weight registry had studied hundreds of people and the bottom line is they maintain their weight loss by continuing to stay on a low calorie plan FOR LIFE. They eat less than you... to stay at a normal weight. Perhaps if everyone who was prone to gain weight knew this, they wouldn't gain the weight back.

  7. What a bunch of BS! Bigger people do not have bigger stomachs. Nor, do they crave more food! I was a thin person all my life. 67" and never over 135#, until i gained 75# in 6 months. I really knew something was wrong and found out I had Hoshimoto's thyroiditis. The thyroid meds are are a weak replacement at best. I still can't loose weight and my BP and Cholesterol have increased considerably, despite I'm nearly vegan and ingest scant amounts of animal products, and never any butter, cheese, or milk-fat of any kind. As far as craving more food; I only get hungry around once a day. This is a classic symptom of Hoshimoto's-low appetite. I've always been a nibbler, and the current studies show, I've the classic pre-disorder profile: thin female with history of low appetite. Also, here's a kicker; 1-10 adults have this disorder in the USA. I know, because I'm an RN and have done the research. So, just saying, you people don't know what you're talking about and let your fear and prejudice of fat people control your thoughts.

    1. You have another ailment which can't be helped. But definitely same way as the skin stretches the stomach does to accommodate all the food so they DO end up with bigger stomachs. No-one I think here is prejudiced or fearful of fat people. I feel sorry for them because people stare and when they're young girls life is just really hard for them. Such is life. Drinkers and addicts can hide their vices but a person addicted to food unfortunately cannot hide it. But definitely NO judgement from me. I'm sorry for the whole lot - some of us have bad genes, so just no-one on G-d's earth is totally problem free within their bodies.

    2. You have a thyroid condition that definitely keeps on weight but the percentage of the population with a thyroid condition is very small. The majority of people who are obese or overweight are so because of lifestyle: what they eat, how often they eat and how much or little they exercise. I didn't find anything in the documentary to increase fear of fat people. Your notion that fat people are fat because of some condition is groundless and that ones stomach cannot stretch is medically groundless. We know for example that a morbidly obese person say weighing over 300 pounds can lose weight in a controlled environment. We also know that that same morbidly obese individual has a stretched stomach which can be altered through stomach stapelling.

    3. My question to You is:

      Do you do ANY exercise at All,
      or do you sit around All day,
      on the computer, and snack on food.

      I'm overweight, myself, and I can tell you
      that I pretty much do NOTHING but sit here...
      and I've gained 40 lbs.

      Thyroid or not, please tell me what your physical
      activities are.

    4. ...you had a thyroid disease. Totally different.

    5. BMI is genetic, so people who tend to gain weight easier need to eat less than you... forever. We keep giving guesstimates on what the average person needs to fuel themselves, but it's just that. A guess.

    6. Your totally right!! I was the same 1500 calories a day for 5 months EVERY day, exercised everyday, completely cut sugar and I didn't lose a pound!! In fact, kept putting it on. I'm also a nurse and new something was wrong, researched and found out I had hadhimotos, hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue. - it's now finally going down after getting iron, vit d, adrenals, b12 optimal and taking NDT. I exercise everyday, gluten and sugar free. Not possible without thyroid medication!!

  8. Bigger people have bigger stomachs - the bigger the stomach, the more calories you intake... And the more weight you put on. The more weight you put on, the bigger you get. The bigger you get, the more energy you need. The more energy you need, the more you need to eat. The more you need to eat, the bigger the stomach gets. The bigger the stomach, the more calories you intake...

  9. People are so stupied its insulin cause of obesidy

    1. You are correct but insulin is manipulates by the contents of ones diet ie. a high starch, carbohydrate diet. At the end of the day all roads leads to the quality, content and amount in ones diet and the amount of calories burned.

    2. Big people can have 'little' stomachs too.

  10. Oh and we're now all on ketogenic diets, because we were born with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia. That changed our lives lipid-wise. We eat fatty meat, cream, fatty fish, chicken with skin, duck, goose, almost zero carbs and we've just gone thinner, but with best lipid profiles ever in our lives. Doctors are astounded. Very easy life direction - we like our food now to boot.

    1. A ketogenic diet has been a saving grace of sorts for the many lives of people I know who have endeavored into that lifestyle change. Their medical profile has drastically and significantly improved (so much so, that the weightless itself resulted in being the "cherry on top" of the improvements they'd made, despite the weight loss having started out as the primary goal). It's interesting to see and read about people who dramatically reduce their caloric intake on a daily basis, then complain about "oh, this isn't working, why am I not losing weight? I'm doing the right things!", when their new "diet" consist of low calorie and low in nutrient density, with highly refined and processed foods.

      Although this is going to sound as a generalization, I will add that most of my friends who are vegan/vegetarian, end up gaining a noticeable amount of weight, because they're leaving out so many nutrients out of their diets, and replacing it with foods sky-high in soy, high carbs and sugars (but very scarce intake of vegetables), and absolutely no meat, and near zero fat. Then they begin the habitual process of overeating throughout the day, because they somehow miss the connection that the loss of fat in their diet is what's inhibiting them from feeling any long-lasting satiety. In contrast, some of my friends eat such copious amounts of non-nutritional foods in one sitting, followed by feeling disgustingly full for 30 minutes (to an hour), then suddenly become hungry all over again, as if they'd gone on an all-day fast.

      I guess what I'm getting at, is that although there is no "one size fits all" approach to weight loss and health improvement, there are, however, certain modifications someone can do to their lifestyles that can have a positive impact on their overall health, that have scientific backing to evidence that fact.

  11. I do think fat kids happen to parents who are obsessed with food, whether healthy food or not. The thing is not to make kids overly conscious of food, in my opinion. I remember taking my young toddler to a paediatrician coz he wouldn't eat and the goodly doc said: "so what's your problem?" he'll eat if his hungry (after ruling out anything else) - my son grew up as a thin person, like the rest of my family. We start cooking when we're hungry and then they'll sort of eat on the fly. I've noticed ppl going into intense discussions about food in front of their babes. I think don't do it.

    1. I like that you want to keep it simple. The problem as I see it isn't that people have are too conscious about their food but rather that there is too much contradictory information, some of it simply lies, about what is healthy. The overwhelming amount of contradictory information can be very stressful and encourage a poor relationship to food, which I've experienced in the past. Eventually since I got over this by beginning to /carefully/ source my information to eliminate the corporate propaganda, I find my studies very beneficial in making good health decisions.

    2. Yes! When one is overweight and tries to change, he is flooded with all sorts of information: Eat no carbs. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Count calories. Never count calories. Weigh yourself daily. Rarely weigh yourself. Eat a diet high in proteins and low in carbs to satisfy cravings. Become vegan. Eat 1200 calories a day. Eat enough calories to cover exercise. Drink green tea to reduce appetite. Drink water. Don't drink stuff with caffeine. Listen to your body. You may have a higher appetite than you should, so learn to accept hunger pains. Get 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day. Don't do aerobics, but build muscle mass to increase your metabolism. At the end of it, we struggle to do these things in ways that never fit naturally into our lives, lose weight, then slowly gain it all back then some. It's not that we lose our last pound then head for a bag of crisps. It's that we can't always just "listen to our bodies." Some people really do have overactive appetites and cravings. Some don't. Some people live where it's easy to naturally get more exercise. Some don't. The reality, I think, is that the conflicting messages are there because different people have different weight challenges. You may be genetically predisposed to obesity and have grown up with certain food habits that might not make your peers eventually gain weight, but for you, you did. You may not have an obesity gene at all but just grew up with a family obsessed with food. You might just hate healthy food and like your sodas and quick fixes. You might have underlying issues affecting your weight gain. It could be the way you eat.

    3. I do think there's a combination of factors, but I can say my mom is definitely obsessed with food. If I call her, it's "So what did you eat today?" If we go out, it's, "Where did you eat?" When my kids go to her house she obsesses about having enough junk food. When I was little, I was praised for how much I could eat, and sometimes I would eat so much and get really food, and my dad would force me to eat the last few bites. I wasn't an obese kid, so when I got old enough to make my own food decisions, I just ate what I wanted and figured people must have to be doing something really extreme to gain a lot of weight. I felt as though I was addicted to food and worried about the 10 or 15 lbs I could lose. I ended up with a huge appetite, and now, I don't ever feel full. After leaving the military at a relatively healthy weight, I stayed with my mother and ate the same _amount_of food; however, it was very fattening food. I gained 60 lbs in 6 months. My appetite changed. I've lost weight several times since then, but never to my original weight, and I've always gained it all back.

      I'll admit, I could do more, but it seems a serious struggle. I can eat my weight in non-buttered, plain broccoli. It's not about cakes or cravings for me. Although I do have a weak spot for pasta. My mom is overweight and she's different. She craves variety of foods, which is maybe a symptom of a food obsession.

    4. I understand so fully what you are saying!! SO true although I think they meant well?

    5. Yes, I think they did mean well! :)

    6. So how would you know? Considering everyone in your family is genetically thin? Studies show fat kids usually have heavy parents. Children with heavy parents will eat what the family eats which is commonly a high fat, high carb diet.

    7. Wasn't being facetious Lucy. But we just sort of ate whatever, We never spoke about food. Only something like: Oo look, there's a guava tree, let's get some and then it was finished. But NOW since we found out that we have a serious hereditary condition, I have to get my sons on a high fat diet (doctors don't get it) but the LCHF diet gets my cholesterol down to normal-ish numbers and that's nothing short of miraculous. I see this post is a year ago and my heart is so sore. My son had to undergo QUINTUPLE bypass surgery over this past Christmas. I was floored - the youngest ever in that heart hosp. to have gotten it. So now I am going through a very deep depression. But I've noticed he does Keto dieting and I'll softly support him coz I know it works. BUT I can't get over it. Veggie diets will kill us.

    8. Lucy, if you are correct, then adopted children will be whatever their adoptive parents are.... which has been proven wrong many times over.

  12. What happened to their health statistics ? They didn't comment on that. Those who didn't gain weight, I suspect their cholesterol and blood pressure for example went up, so their risk of cardiovascular diseases increased.

    1. This documentary was very poorly done.
      The Asian man who put on muscle wasn't asked if he'd previously had that muscle. Anyone who knows anything about putting on muscle mass knows that there is adaption which goes on in your nervous system that makes re-adding muscle MUCH easier than adding new muscle. In one case, 40 pounds of muscle was re-added in 40 days with only a few hours of training per week, which would be impossible for adding NEW muscle mass. (See Tim Ferris for this case, btw.)
      Also the fact that source of calories was not examined is a major flaw in the experiment, which for this and other offenses deserves to be thrown out. The nutrient density of the 5,000-calorie diet was not even discussed, nor the thermogenic potential, since certain foods like sat-fats/sugars/starches naturally increase metabolism while others like soda/coffee/fruits decrease it.

      The whole documentary was unscientific and I suspect bore undisclosed conflicts of interest in its creation, just like those that are frequently seen in newer PBS documentaries (which I have more experience investigating).

    2. Daniel Wilder you miss the fundamental point of the experiment. It shows quite clearly that over consumption does not result in obesity for all people. The dribble you waffle does not alter this fundamental point that is well made in this experiment.

    3. Glenn
      Wtf are you talking about?! They ALL gained weight! Of course no one goes from thin to obese in one month. But if they continued eating that much for a year, they'd certainly become obese!

  13. this is in line with jon gabriel's way of losing weight...

  14. Do fat people actually eat more than the thin people per hour, per day, per week and so on...? Record their habit of physical movement, and frequency of eating and total it for the whole month, fat people actually take in more food compare it to thin people. (Fat people think that he equation for food is 1X1X1....=X, but 1+1+1...=X). The more you put into your mouth, the more you gonna get it. Fat people crave for food more times than the thin people.
    Fat people when they see a lot of food they have a big appetite, while thin people when they see a lot of food, they are disgusted.

    1. The problem with the 'calorie in-calorie out' reasoning is that it assumes people constantly make the decision of what to eat from an array of whatever is hypothetically available to them in a grocery store. But a vast majority of people have nowhere near this luxury.

      People are not adequately educated about nutrition because the companies that make them unhealthy selling processed foods publish enough biased research to keep the scientific community ever in-doubt. By keeping information about GMOs 'inconclusive' for instance, Monsanto hopes to push into the marketplace and gain enough staying power that the eventual conclusion of the scientific community will be irrelevant. This was the same strategy used by cigarette companies.
      More than education, institutions that provide food options often do not provide healthy ones, and nobody can buy healthy food from a cafeteria which offers none.
      And most importantly of all, the human body has powerful urges which when listened to, guide people to make good decisions about their health; the body can only make the lesser-of-evils decision when faced with no good prospects.

    2. Where are you getting this info? Please give your references.

  15. I allow for the idea that some people are genetically predisposed to weigh more or less, but the majority of people don't differ violently enough to escape the fact they will, with a healthy lifestyle sit within the 'healthy' bmi range...that's what averages mean.

    And even if you don't sit in that category (like myself), when did regular exercise and a healthy diet cause anyone more problems long term?

    An overweight person saying 'I cant lose weight - I'm genetically predisposed to being overweight' is like me saying the same about being underweight. Yet, I accept I can push into that 'healthy' bracket with a little more work. I CHOOSE not to exert the extra effort required to achieve that, so I don't whinge when (as happens almost daily) people comment on my being underweight.

    The difference between my being underweight and -for eg- my friend who is overweight isn't in which end of the spectrum we sit in terms of weight, but in attitude.

    The other day, I said she might benefit from directing her frustration about being overweight into going for a brisk walk, that it'd help her -in the long term- fight her negative feelings much as anything...and her reply was 'depression runs in my family, I cant escape it wherever I damn well walk'.

    I'm bipolar and have been underweight my whole life despite having always had a very healthy lifestyle; I know well as anyone exercise and diet isn't going to 'cure' bipolar or change my body type.

    The issue isn't genes or illness, it is attitude. my friend says a walk isn't likely to cure her weight problem or depression. I say walking isn't likely to make things worse, and may just alleviate my reactionary depression and improve my physical health...so lets do it.

    As for 'fast food is addictive'...if that information is true it has an instrumental and positive use in identifying and then addressing the problem of people who are addicted and in preventing addiction more generally. But it seems all the 'genetically predisposed to being overweight', 'under active thyroid' and 'fast food is addictive' theories often only serve as excuses by people who are unwilling to accept responsibility for their lives and their bodies.

    You are not fat because you have problems; you are fat because you won't address those problems...


    1. I recently became vegan. Eat less. I make all my own food. I don't eat junk food at all. I exercise daily and I'm still struggling to loose a couple of pounds. My body always gets stuck at this weight. I have a positive attitude and I try daily. I'm always hungry and I don't eat the food and the weight isn't coming off. It's ridiculous. My husband is eating the same foods as I am, exercising and he is getting ripped. He's been skinny his entire life. I even exercise more than he does and I do it better. He can not keep up with me in the exercise. So yes, my body for some reason is reading this weight as normal.

    2. Don't go crazy with exercise and never starve yourself to the point of being uncomfortable. Discard the 'calorie in=calorie out' theory and concentrate on eating healthy. You want to nourish your body, make your life comfortable, and let your body know that it's secure and that it's safe to come out of starvation mode because you've acquired a healthy diet and self-nurturing lifestyle for it.

      You may even be suffering from too few calories for too long, which has depressed your metabolism. Matt Stone does work on increasing metabolism; I also recommend thermogenic foods from my experience, like hot peppers.
      If you still have problems, it's probable that you have a latent long-term health condition which you should see a /specialist/ to have diagnosed and treated.

    3. I have seen evidence which demonstrates that diet can in fact cure bipolar disorder for at least some people. If you would like to pursue such an option, please research Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) program. Healing your second brain has profound benefits for your 'first brain'.

  16. The problem with ALL obesity research is that it's goal is not to find a solution, but to find another blockbuster drug that would have to be taken on everyday basis. That guarantees a total failure just like the "war on cancer".

    1. This guy gets it!

      This topic strikes close to home for me, so here's my advice taken from a ton of research and personal experience:

      Don't go CRAZY with exercise and never starve yourself to the point of being uncomfortable. Discard the 'calorie in=calorie out' theory and concentrate on eating healthy. You want to nourish your body, make your life comfortable, and let your body know that it's secure and that it's safe to come out of starvation mode because you've acquired a healthy diet and self-nurturing lifestyle for it.

      You may even be suffering from too few calories for too long, which has depressed your metabolism. Matt Stone does work on increasing metabolism; I also recommend thermogenic foods from my experience, like hot peppers.
      If you still have problems, it's probable that you have a latent long-term health condition which you should see a /specialist/ to have diagnosed and treated.

  17. obesity is not a one factor thing...it's genetic and epigenetic...many fast foods...high salt/sugar/fat are addictive, spiking dopamine levels with opiate like after effects. They should measure Intestinal Alkaline Phospatase(fat busting enzyme) of the subjects and obese people. Take your probiotics and your "fat virus" will disappear

    1. Sound advice, but I should like to add that 'fat addiction' is only a problem if it's trans fat or an excess of the less-healthy fats, since saturated fat is your body's preferred energy source. Salt and sugar as well are useful as energy sources if not consumed in excess quantities, like processed foods are liable to encourage.

  18. Thank F*@# for the Brits/Canuckidans and their socialist medical care system, because of this we can get REAL info from peer reviewed legit clinicians and scientists unlike in the States where big pharma either owns out right or has a controling interest in every medical school and controls the purse strings of almost every University level researcher's grants. The US is in decline because ignorance has been a boon to those who can profit from it and most Americans are too busy w/ the latest cell phone apps and/or reality TV programing.

    1. So right. If you get this reply, please tell me if you know where I can find information on the production of this 'documentary'. I've found that several similar BBC and PBS documentaries bare astounding conflicts of interest, even being primarily funded by companies whose products are one-sidedly plugged in the documentary.

  19. Pizza with MAYONNAISE?

    1. I heard that too, but upon review I believe he says "P-I-T-A w/ Mayonnaise". Though concerning strange British tastes Turkish delight chocolate bar tastes like a decorative soap covered in chocolate. Hard to find Tikka Masala in the States though.

  20. I lost weight by just eating 1,200 calories and cycling for two hours a day. It worked for me. I'm still going under the knife to reshape my body to my ideal shape. I want to have a smaller waist than my hips. Unfortunately, my hips are narrow so there is no diet or exercise I could do to get the hourglass look I want. F*** everyone else I want to have the body of Dipannita Sharma. To me that's the perfect body shape I want for me.

    1. it might be healthier for you to turn off the tv and put down the fashion mags ^^ and talk to a therapist about your body issues.

    2. Please take care of yourself. A calorie restriction diet that severe will be very difficult to maintain long-term, so please don't be discouraged if you regain much of the weight you've lost.
      The most important thing you can do is to maintain a good diet and low-stress lifestyle with exercise, which will assist you in not suffering irresistible hunger pains that cause you to gain back the weight. You really should eat a lot more calories, especially at least once a week to keep your metabolism up. Otherwise your body will have a very problematic reaction and consider itself in starvation mode, for which it will try to store up as much energy as possible. (Tim Ferriss' 'slow-carb- diet has an interesting take on this.)

    3. Read the data gathered from the national weight registry- most women MAINTAIN their weight loss with 1300 kcal and exercise for the rest of their living days. We're doing a disservice to people if we claim they should be smaller on more calories.

  21. The show was kinda boring but I kept watching until the popcorn ran out!!

  22. I'm lucky enough to be one of these people. In high school everyone always asked me what diet I was on...I literally ate whatever I wanted and rarely exercised.

    1. wow. i eat healthily and i always stay like 20-30 lbs overweight even though i eat healthily :( so with anorexia.. only way i stay thin

    2. I used to be the same then I regulated my intake of sugar, unless its dark chocolate because if you eat sugar it must be consumed with a fat. Also eat high fibre meals Low Gi etc. It will help you register when you are full and for longer. Good luck and please don't resort to unhealthy measures!

    3. Do I know the feeling. The only way I would ever be at the healthy weight of 115 (that's the high end of healthy weight for my height) is being anorexic as well. :/ I did the whole regulating intake thing and nothing. I'm still a fat 125 pound-er. I can't get rid of that extra ten pounds. I did went to a doctor and he suggest that the fat I have can't be burned off through diet or exercise. The fat I have is the extra fat cells that I gathered as I was growing up. I was at 162 pound and dropped to 125 pound in a year, but the extra fat cells are still there, they just gotten smaller. I'm going to suck them out with smartlipo. I'm just not going to develop an illness over something that can be fixed with surgery, since everything else doesn't seem to work for me.

    4. Talk about being obsessed with your looks. I personally am disgusted by girls like you who spend all their time reflecting on their looks. Talk about a turn off.

    5. Maybe they don't care what you think.....just sayin.

  23. Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.

  24. an excellent documentary! theories were proven. and now i understand why eventhough my sister & i eat the same amount of food everyday, she NEVER gets fat but I do. hehe. but this doesn't mean that i would stop my diet & exercise. it makes me feel healthy. ^-^

    1. No, those bogus theories weren't proven... all the participants gained weight. And they would've continued to gain if they kept eating that way.

  25. This is me all over, i can eat anythying... in actual fact, i might go and eat a massive cream donut now, and not feel guilty one bit... because my natural weight is already determined, i wont even have to worry about it!!! I think i might go and eat 7 actually. UNLUCKY FAT PEOPLE! Lets just hope i dont get the 'fat virus' lmao!

    1. *likes to see how this person is when he or she is 60... will he or she will have a lot of wrinkles and saggy loose skin* Sorry but thin people tend to age very badly. :P Especially at the hands and neck...ew.

  26. thinking burns calories. Iq may correlate to body fat.It would be interesting to test this theory with college students.

    1. No, I have an IQ of 150 and thighs just as big.

    2. It is true that 'smarter' people are more likely to resist short-terms impulses coming from an unhealthy diet agenda, because of their rational logica..


  28. I didnt really like this movie mostly because I was a fat child myself and lost weight during my teens but now the weight is creeping back up on me.. I think it should point out the reasons for being fat or thin but it should also bring inspiration to fat people not hopelessness by suggesting ways to lose the weight and to tell us that were not bound by these childhood behaviors or genes

    1. why do you need inspiring? shouldn't that be an intrinsic motivation? and basically all that was said is that there is a predisposition to being fat or skinny. just like there predispositions to diabetes or cancer or allergies or moles or freckles or blonde hair or blue eyes or depression and so forth and so on. further more it did not say that it was impossible for a fat person to be skinny or vice-versa it just stated that it is more difficult for some people. so its no wonder we celebrate those who overcome their difficulties (i.e. the biggest loser) and if anything this should be inspiring because it said we are bound to your genes as you should want to disprove this point

    2. check out the primal blueprint.. ;)

    3. Its a documentry on what makes thin people thin! If you dont like the hard facts then dont watch it.

  29. Another superb, interesting & informative doc from the BBC Horizon team.

  30. It's stupid... trying to fit all people in little categories. Every body is different. It doesn't matter what you look like as long as you're a happy, hard-working citizen. But even so, a person should never let themselves get TOO FAT or TOO THIN. We should all be fit ;)

    1. Yes but what is too fat or too thin? I have a cousin who would be categorized as anorexic yet he eats more than I do. O_O He eats very hearty and healthy yet he would be what many would call being "too thin." >_> We ought to do away with the whole idea of body shape and weight, and just focus on eating healthy for the individual. F**k this collective BS ideology of what is too fat and too thin. It clearly doesn't work.

    2. @Yusiley S
      I agree, the BMI standards man-made measurements (in name of "science") has given us are not always humane, and sometimes even impossible.. For instance: for a 25 year old with the length of 1.70 meters it's OK to weigh 52 kilogram, but a year later you're considered 'underweight' with the same measurements.. Meaning you can't keep the same weight with the exact same diet patron, as the doctor would diagnose you 'underweight' or even 'anorexic' because some math-measured indication told so.. They need to look at a being: body shape, lifestyle and food patron are more important than achieving a certain "goal weight". Being 'underweight' or 'overweight' doesn't nesessarily have to be a bad thing at all, as long as you're living a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and find SELF-ACCEPTANCE!! Those are the keys to living a (long) happy life.

  31. How about measuring how many calories aren't absorbed by the body? There are calories in fecal matter so why is it that nobody has considered that maybe some bodies don't actually metabolize those calories?

  32. I'm on part 5/7, and what I keep thinking of is "maybe the people who aren't gaining more fat were eating less grams of fat and/or sugar."
    I dunno. I'm no doctor, but they should have tried to control that aspect, also.

    1. I think you have a good point. from my own experience i find that eating cheese / drinking milk, dairy products make me gain weight super fast, second is meat and third sugar. Maybe everybody metabolizes energy sources differently, so if they happen to love eating what they metabolize the best, then they can eat all they want and not get fat.

    2. Also at the end they showed that the Asian guy (sorry don't remember the name) did gain weight - but it was more muscle than fat. Hence, his metabolism rate also increased. Wondering if he ate more lean protein than the rest?

  33. Interesting doc... I would have liked to be among the participant to test how much weight I could really put on for a month. However there's only few issues in my case... I have severe case of hypoglycemia... whatever i eat gets burn so fast that when I was young I could eat a bag of sugar and be ready for another one two hours later. I also have a disgust for everything super greasy... fast food disgust me; no pizza, no hamburgers, I hate potatoes so no french fries, hotdog (unless they are homemade) hasn't got desert for the last 15 years, and I'm super lactose intolerant.

    Well I guess I wouldn't have been selected LOL.

  34. Wow Martin Wong must be a long lost cousin of mine or something because I'm also like him (except female and chinese-american). I used to be miserable growing up because I would eat a huge amount of calories in a desperate attempt to gain weight/feminine curves and never did. But I was always very athletic and physically strong so maybe the reason my weight gain could be measured by the scale but not visible to the eyes was because I had an increase in muscle mass. Now that I'm at the ripe old age of 26, I can no longer eat the way i did without gaining weight. the good news is, the weight that I've gained is just the amount I want because I FINALLY have boobs now!

    there definitely is a genetic component in resistance to weight gain because the vast majority of my family are slim to normal. None can be categorized as even remotely near obese.

    1. Why the hell would anyone want to gain weight? Everyone is literay dying to lose it. :S

    2. Men want to bulk up to gain muscles. >_> Men aren't women. Men who have a 28 inch waist and are above 5 ft tall look nasty and sick. For a man to look healthy with a 28 inch waist has to be 5 ft tall. I've seen guys who are 5ft 5 inches tall with a 24 inch waist and they look ugly. Sorry but men are suppose to be bulkier than women. I can't stand a bony guy.

      Also you stated in a earlier comment that everyone is different and yet here you are stating why would anyone want to gain weight. >_> Hypocrite!!!!

    3. I do too. And I also think different kinds of genes are more prevalent in different populations. I truly believe the Asian population has a higher prevalence of people like Martin.

  35. @Lainy- his wife, a vegan cheif, put him on a vegan diet to lose the weight

  36. lol at u fat fuks

  37. Im skinny, 160 pounds... why is it such a bitch to gain wieght!? :( I wann be jacked and slamming girls by the day!

    1. 160 pounds is NOT skinny. Lose some weight.

    2. You're kidding right? For a man 160 is actually healthy, especially if it is muscle weight. >_> To you and your distorted concept of weight every guy in UFC is unhealthy and obese.

  38. i can tell you that not all asians are like that , im asian and its like an everyday battle for me to not gain weight . although my brother cant gain a thing at all no matter how hard he tries ,

  39. My weight loss secret=meat + vegetables/fruits + candy. No carb diet and I lose weight like a monkey.

  40. this guys should've smoke some pot to be able to finish eating all that.

  41. Well Your body digests calories from chips differently then calories from apples. You don't see a diabetic refuesing to eat an apple because his/her sugar is high do you? no.
    So to everyone who is saying "excess calories are excess calories" that may be somewhat true,but not every calorie is concidered "equal" in the human body.
    oh and sorry for any spelling mistakes it is not my strong point lol

  42. excess calories are excess calories, whether it's 500 calories worth of broccoli or 500 calories worth of potato chips.

    1. Not when you are trying to lose weight. As 500 calories of potato chips will increase your sugar levels in your body and will give you an insulin spike - making you hungry after a few minutes. Hence you would eat more than thsoe 500 calories. On the other hand 500 calories of broccoli (or preferably of lean meat) will keep you full till your next meal (for about 3 hours). The GI index helps with this.

  43. You tell em Karen!

  44. Continuing on, there's no uniformity of what they're eating or how much they're exercising. They're Also not considering how much the subjects were eating before hand. Perhaps for one person, their calorie target is three times their maintenance diet, where for someone else it's double, but that person used to run every day. How on earth can they isolate some 'obesity immunity' when there is no continuity in the actions of the(incredibly small) sample group, and no consideration of their starting points? Good grief, they're not even being photographed in the same clothes. What sort of scientific study photographs bodies in street clothes? Idiocy.

  45. This is possibly the stupidest documentary I've ever seen. The very fact that they're being constricted from their normal amount of exercise creates a huge additional variable. The fact that they're suddenly eating not just more, but a completely different diet because they're responsible for figuring out on their own what to eat to boost their caloric intake is another enormous variable. Would an extra dozen eggs have the same effect as a belgian chocolate shake?

  46. Wow! Boy am I depressed now. So, do I have a "chicken virus" or am I just genetically predisposed to being overweight?

    I thought it sad that when fat people loose weight their brains make them feel like they are constantly starving until they gain the weight back.

    I was just born in the wrong time period I guess. My ancestors had long lives and made it through the depression and starvation (seriously) just fine, so my ars if fat now, and hopelessly so. Thanks, gramps!

    I'm fat but my wife is slim. She eat rice by the plates full; and chocolate. My son (age 3) is slim, and it's sooooo hard to get him to eat anything, but my daughter (17 months), even as we speek (litterally) has fork in hand and is on the kitchen table with bread and jam.

    We're raised both the same, but my boy is obviously genetically taking after my wife, but I sure hope my lovely little girl doesn't follow too much in my foot steps. She trying to feed me bread and jam now! LOL :-)

    P.S. The boy hates bread and jam and has eaten none today despite it's easy availability.

  47. This documentary sounds particularly clueless with regard to why people gain weight. They need to read Gary Taubs "Good Calories, Bad Calories".

  48. I was shocked to find out the luck out dude of Asian descent put on muscle instead of fat with the excess calories.

    seems to defy logic. would then he be able to eat his way into a body building competition without lifting?

  49. Karen I often have problems with streaming.... When i do I put off viewing you tube until all the yankies are snuggly in bed.

    Lainy regarding Morgan spurlock i seem to remember it took him a whole year to recover form his McDonalds experiment. I have to ask btw are you Loraine Read?

  50. Your "natural" weight is variable accordingly to age related metabolism. I was a skinny fricker till about 35 - used to be able to eat anything drink anything - pig out generally. Then I ballooned. Even so I can still lose weight very easily - I lost 6 stone last year when I put a bit of effort into it. I have my beer belly back now however.

  51. This documentary makes a whole lot of sense.

    I found out that when you reach your natural weight you can tell just by the way you feel. For me it was around 90 kg. lol. Also pays off to keep in shape rather than find your natural weight.

    I still don't see someone's "natural weight" set point being 300 lbs though ... as many "modern humans" that I've seen are around that.

  52. This video kept freezing up, didn't stream well.

  53. Ooh, very interesting! I wonder if Morgan Spurlock found it easy to get back to his original weight after Super Size Me...