Through the Wormhole: Can We Live Forever?

2011, Science  -   46 Comments

Through the Wormhole: Can We Live Forever?Medical advances have doubled human life expectancy in past centuries. But can humans ever beat death altogether?

Can we control and fix the errors that build up in our DNA over the years? Can we find a way to replace the chemistry of life with something more durable?

Death is a humbling reality - but what if life had no end? Cutting-edge science embarks on a bold mission to extend human life and may soon bring immortality within our grasp.

Why do we age? Dr, Michio Kaku explains the second law of thermodynamics states that everything falls apart eventually, including the human body.

This episode wonders into the mystifying definition of eternity as it relates to human lifespan. List of all episodes here: Through The Wormhole.

Ratings: 7.54/10from 28 users.

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46 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Lee

    no, we cant live forever. The universe is going to expand endlessly weakening gravity so new star systems cannot form. But if it ends in a big crunch collapsing upon itself, well do I need to say more.

  2. Bruno Villela

    damn transhumanism

  3. Ricardo Diaz

    Fools, we don' really understand how our own brain, our consciousness works... yet, but we are quick to make stupid statements like "our mind is not designed to withstand eternity" how would you know? since we don't know much yet, that being especially truth for ppl like that. but rest asured, we will know.
    thats the whole thing about science, and that is natural on us, is what makes us human.

    1. BionAlexHoward

      alzheimer's disease.

  4. Louis Starwind

    FATHER !! Forgive them for they don't know what they're doing.
    Been blinded by Ignorance.

    1. Abed Alrahem Fadila

      what? are you serious? then why were we created to think this way in the first place?

  5. Andrew Vallier

    this sounds like a good evolutionary step we will make to be able to travel throughout space for exploration. im excited to see how far all this gets while im still around.

  6. Peter Crofts

    Live forever? How would the mind deal with the thought of never ending? By going completely of its rocker. I find this series in general, even though it does include interviews with notable scientists, is aimed at someone with ADHD and the brain of a chipmunk. Shame on you Morgan!

  7. carmenhironimus

    We could not live forever if the Love faculty is not developed to sustain the world of immortality. To be able to "create" immortality we need to experience immortality and oneness. If we observe that human beings are the only ones that have the ability to give meaning to their own perceptions of life and raise the vibration where they can experience oneness of consciousness while honoring the individualize expression of self, we can understand that Immortality is the Love faculty developed at a level of The Source - where the vibration is so high that healing takes place in the process of life itself, not in a petri dish. This means human beings becoming the temple of the Source, with the same creative qualities, omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscient, while exercising free will. The ability to live in the world of synchronicity where experiences are rolled in front of us to serve us, to learn how to be responsible for our own energy, and through our free will choose higher vibration and love. In the comparison of religion and science, fundamentally at the religion level human beings were created in His image and at the Science level you are talking about creating at our own image and I can understand why they would want to put human beings in a cage at this state of the game, but I believe we will get there as humans and not as machines.

  8. jkrbrandt

    do you guys think this documentary would be really good high the first time?

  9. Thang Tran

    To the people who bring the issue of over population:
    If we have the technology for immortality we might also have the technology to colonize or terraform worlds.

  10. tariqxl

    I really struggled to watch this one purely based on 'is it morally correct' but then i reached minute 35 and had to stop based on some crack pot suggesting a theory which sounds suspiciously like a cult religion... I'd highly recommend that you don't even bother with this one.

    1. Thang Tran

      What do you mean is it morally correct?

      A theory that would be nearly impossible today or hundreds of years from now? He is refering to the legendary and perhaps impossible type 4 civilization that Michio once mention which he enlikens to the Continuum from Star Trek.

    2. Ryan Carter

      dont tell other people what or what not to "bother with". this episode was one of the most captivating one's i've seen so far.

  11. tariqxl

    Please appreciate the visual analogy of the cop bacteria carrying the large bomb and ask yourself do we want to carry this generation on. Baring in mind that we'd have no room to house the new hopefully better generations. It would be useful technology though for a new breed of space explorers.

    1. Thang Tran

      Given our rapid rate of technological advance colonizing other worlds such as Mars might be as far'fetch as it seems today.

  12. Todd

    I wish the 2004 BBC series 'What we still don't know' had continued more than the 3 wonderful episodes I watched.

    Well, I guess I still enjoy this series but sometimes it seems a little silly - Frank Tipler, for example.

    Anyway, also now enjoy posts from nand gate - insightful and well-written.

  13. natasha0

    i love this series

  14. critropolitan

    Its really a shame that a documentary of mostly plausible if speculative science informed discussion was interrupted by such an utterly ridiculous discussion as Frank Tipler's "omega point." Though there is utterly no reason whatsoever (let alone necessity of the laws of physics!) to think that future humans, at the end of the universe, would ever be in such a position where they could make use of any weird physical properties that would enable them to have unlimited computational power - even if we accept this implausible premise - and we accept the further premise that such future people would want to create a simulation of all past human life for their own research purposes - it makes absolutely no sense to think that in any meaningful sense this would entail reviving actual deceased persons. A mind duplicated identically in a computer is still a different mind and not a continuation of a previous one since there is no psychological continuity between the two. This is made even more obvious if you consider whether, were this 'cosmic computer' used to replicate the mind of a *living* person, would that living person then live in the computer simulation, despite having a living body in the physical world with an intact and functioning brain? The answer is of course not. (added to this the relatively minor question of why beings running a *perfect* simulation of the past would make that simulation profoundly imperfect and unlife-like by running it without the possibility of the simulated people ever dying)

  15. Canadian_tax_me

    I thought we did live forever, we just keep replacing bodies

    1. NAND Gate

      lol awesome comment. Om manipadme hum. Om nama Shivaya.

  16. Jack1952

    To be able to live hundreds of years may not come about as a strategy or a plan to live forever. What we may see is individuals taking treatments to correct health problems and by doing so inadvertently extending their lives indefinitely. In the industrialized countries senior citizens live longer and in greater health than they did 100 years ago. This is due to healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine. An eighty five year old will go to the doctor when he doesn't feel well and will take a course of action suggested to him by the doctor. If a person is in excellent health at 100 and is living a vigorous and interesting life that person will wish to continue to live a little longer as long as he has his health. Most of us realize that we will not live forever but we don't want to go tomorrow, either...and we will take steps to avoid the grim reaper if he appears to be coming in the immediate future. I think that is a normal response no matter what age you're at.

    There are some people who seem to have their own thunderstorm that they drag with them everywhere they go. That storm cloud has been with them so long it has become impossible to see any sunshine in the future. In spite of the bad things that are happening in this world, and even in my life, overall life is wonderful and I hope to live a long and healthy life. The longer the better.

  17. OccultAlien

    what if people never died and kept eating and breeding until all the material substance of the universe became caught up in the human cycle. and there was an infinite amount of humans eating and sh**ting humans out there a** and eating it.

    1. NAND Gate

      With an expanding universe and such little matter distributed throughout it, we would be reduced to eating our own s*** in isolation and eventually suffering a slow thermal death as entropy stole parts of our s***.

  18. NAND Gate

    "There's no time for us, there's no place for us.

    What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away from us?

    Who wants to live forever? There is no chance for us. Its all decided for us.

    This world is only one sweet moment set aside for us.

    Who wants to live forever? Who dares to love forever when love must die?"

    Not Freddie Mercury. And not me either. At some point I will say:

    "Holodeck: End simulation". What makes you believe there is such a thing as death with a capital "D" anyway? End disease, not birth and death.

  19. Divarin1

    This doc completely avoids the biggest problem that comes with this technology. Overpopulation.
    Much of the world's major problems right now are related to overpopulation either directly or indirectly; not enough water, energy, or other resources to go around. Technology like this would only exasperate this problem.

    1. NAND Gate

      Oh never mind. If you look through the comments here you will see only MOST of them want to live forever, and they have an excellent solution to this problem.

      Along with the end of death, they will simply just introduce the end of birth as well.

      *load suicide gun.

    2. SonofPlato

      @ Divarin1
      Alternatively, we would have to stop having children. Too much of a sacrifice, methinks.

  20. James Cameron Horth

    If people ever live forever it will be terrible. The ruling elite living forever? No thank you.

    1. NAND Gate

      Glad you can see the danger. Seems few can.

  21. Imightberiding

    Death as we know & understand it to be is one of many things & perhaps the most important of these many splendid things that makes life so valuable, precious, & special. Life without the possibility of death somehow becomes a little less special. There is also the question of death. Is it real? Do we really end? I am not speaking in a religious sense. Just wondering about what happens to us (our energy) when we supposedly die?

    Oh yes, & as Achems_Razor already mentioned, the wormhole series is always good viewing.

  22. Achems_Razor

    Great doc, love the wormhole's, AI is coming, inevitable. The game of life, life arising out of absolutely nothing, was also discussed in Stephen Hawking's book "The Grand Design"

    And maybe we already live in a Matrix, a computer simulation, according to only two out of 9 multiverses, the holographic and the simulated multiverses so says Brian Greene.

    1. NAND Gate

      Yay simulism my favorite topic.

  23. adoc80

    Really I could handle this - a lot of people say "No Way I would get bored", etc, etc - but it all depends on them being able to not just allow you to live forever, but to also to manipulate state of mind, endorphins?

    Anyway I can recall as a child the years seemed to take forever, so in truth it is almost like I have already lived forever and now I am just in a waiting room waiting to die, jaded by the bullsh1t life has thrown at me, bored with basically everything (I am only like 36). If my state of mind could be reset to that of a child and life become one big game of fun experiences I would jump on board!

  24. NAND Gate

    Only one type of psyche would continue to want to live forever after say, 120 years - the tyrants and psychos.

    1. DeeJay Pickles

      that's two types

    2. NAND Gate

      Rofl highest liked comment. Wow thats saying something. I highly doubt that is two types - more like two descriptions of the one type.

    3. James Cameron Horth

      I wholeheartedly disagree.

    4. NAND Gate


    5. DeAndre Miiler

      And what for the knights of justice. Is the good side just going to give up? You've been granted immortality, but your going to allow your eternity on Earth to be hell? Doesn't even make since. Forever isn't forever if you live it one day at a time and just because you can live forever doesn't mean you can't die...

    6. NAND Gate

      You miss my point. There is more to humanity than that.
      There is birth, and the reality of ending death is you also end birth.

    7. critropolitan

      Only one type of psyche would want to die at any age - the suicidal. Thats whats really abnormal.

    8. Alvaro

      In fact, those to choose to die and refuse to live are "Suicidal" by definition. It so sad that at least for me, I out of time to see happen.