Treeman: Search For The Cure

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Treeman: Search For The Cure36-year old, Dede, from Indonesia is afflicted with a terrible disease that is encasing his body with tree like roots.

Thick branch like growths on his hands and feet make him incapable of carrying out even the simplest tasks. He can no longer work, therefore, he cannot provide financially for his 2 teenage children.

The tree like roots on Dede's body grow up to 5cm a year and he has hundreds of smaller growths all over his face and body.

American dermatologist, Dr Gaspari, hears of Dede's story and goes to Indonesia to meet Dede. He finds that Dede suffers from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), or common warts.

Dede's case is extreme, because he has a low immune deficiency that has allowed the virus to flourish to a massive, deforming infection.

Though Dr. Gaspari offers to try to cure Dede with drug treatments, Indonesian doctors have moved forward with surgeries to remove Dede's warts.

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20 Comments / User Reviews

  1. entropy

    Been wanting to see this for a long time, thanks Vlatko!

  2. eireannach666
  3. eireannach666

    This was a good one.I saw this on TLC a while back.Im glad to get to watch this again.

  4. ellen
  5. ellen

    What a sad story, but with a courageous human being. Have you guys seen his progress? It's remarkable... you can find his health updates on YouTube.

  6. laz
  7. laz

    Now!, that was weird!!

  8. Marshall
  9. Marshall

    That was sh!tty the way the president swooped in just despite the US trying to reach out and help him. All they wanted was the publicity and to sell the story for attention to the press. Very sad really.

  10. Adan
  11. Adan

    @Marshall - They swooped in out of National Pride, a commond condition suffered by most humans.

  12. Pete
  13. Pete

    "Those (warts) that were removed are growing again and started to reappear after I returned home," he said from his home in the West Java village of Tanjung Jaya.
    He has two children but his wife has left him. Doctors admit they'll never be able to stop the warts from returning, but said that with two operations a year, Dede would at least enjoy a better quality of life. Dec 2009 report-

  14. Nataniel
  15. Nataniel

    sad, but grotesque.

  16. ReligionIsntAllBad
  17. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Wow ... it is truly amazing the way the human mind works. That someone can find some happiness in the midst of what looks like hell.

  18. Guest
  19. Guest

    I don't think you are a bad person, my guess is you haven't lived hardship the way this man has.

  20. Guest
  21. Guest

    Quote from your Facebook: "¢?i?i¢iz? ?? & i ???? ?i?? ???. ??? ???? ?? & i'????? ???!"

    i see!
    Ok, your comment was great, full of love and compassion. You do not look like a tree, more like a flower...really!

  22. Sieben Stern
  23. Sieben Stern

    Amazing. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  24. Viktor Gabriel
  25. Viktor Gabriel

    When I read this I didn´t laugh or smile the slightest. I just felt disgust. What an incredible unattractive trait you have, talking like this. I feel sorry for you, and that you need to pick on others in order to feel good. You must live a really depressing life. I wish I could be with you now so I could repair your damaged mind, with a scalpel.Just kidding, but you get my point. A**hole. Hope your mother reads what you wrote and slap you until you can´t stand. People like you make me wan´t to puke my guts out, similar to when Jesus died for everyone´s sins. And I´m not even christian. Dic*head

  26. anonym ous
  27. anonym ous

    I feel sorry for you...

  28. Kim Mcpherson
  29. Kim Mcpherson

    wow,so happy for him and his family!!!!

  30. April12
  31. April12

    Don't get enough sex, do you?

  32. BlackCelebrityEnergy
  33. BlackCelebrityEnergy

    Wow he has to be one of the strongest willed men alive. I admire him so much, I don't think most people could have done this. It shows how important family support is too. Never did his family turn their back on him or make him feel like an outcast. I'm going to be keep up with updates if they give them. I'm really curious to see if the chemo was effective. I understand why the treatment was came only after the first hand operation. In that way there it won't seem as if Americans offered the best solution.

    Boy this documentary also showed how egotistical medical professionals can be, sometimes patients get caught in between that. Good Luck to Dede

  34. Jeffrey Allen Burton
  35. Jeffrey Allen Burton

    i was able to get rid of planters wart using just inferred light. it's little known, but it works. research it.

  36. Jeffrey Allen Burton
  37. Jeffrey Allen Burton

    in short, get a halogen light from the hardware store, 500 watts, shine it. it's good for healing and fornms of chronic pain as well.

  38. Ferenc Csicseri
  39. Ferenc Csicseri

    I' know is a God ,and I'am envy this Man for his willpower because not all of us would be able to going through with it.

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