UFOs: The Secret Evidence

UFOs: The Secret Evidence

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UFOs: The Secret EvidenceA handful of foo fighter sightings could be dismissed as pilot error, but there were hundreds, if not thousands. Could they really just be the hallucinations of tired or terrified men? Call me Einstein, Flash Gordon or just plain crazy, but I know what I saw! declared civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold, referring to the nine strange aircraft he'd seen flying rapidly in formation over Mount Rainier, Washington on the afternoon of 24 June 1947.

It was, however, not the shape of the craft themselves but the way they had moved through the sky that would fix itself in the popular imagination. They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water, Arnold told reporter Bill Bequette of the East Oregonian who then went on to use the term flying saucer for the first time in the national press.

A few weeks later, when the July 8 edition of the Roswell Daily Record appeared in New Mexico with the front page headline Army Air Force Captures Flying Disc in Roswell Region, the transformation of motion into archetypal form was complete. Although both stories originated in local newspapers, they were quickly picked up all over the world, and the lure of the flying saucer, the promise implied in its ellipsoid shape, has subsequently pervaded modern popular culture.

Whatever the truth of these two controversial incidents, they established flying-saucer science as one part Einstein, one part Flash Gordon, with just a creative dash of craziness.

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  1. Matt

    A lot of people don't believe in UFO's until they see them for themselves. I was kind of like that.. or didn't think much of it. but after seeing two in 1996 and in 2008 with my neighbor, I no longer doubted it. I knew immediately they we're UFO's and NOT from this earth! that's how obvious they were.. that second was an other worldly massive saucer shaped UFO with six huge reddish amber orange lights, setting stationary and silent at a 20 or 30 degree angle for 10 to 15 seconds before disappearing in place! it was bigger than our town!! scarred my mind for life! it was rather exciting but also frightening! just from the other worldly size alone. and had the look of a predator, something unearthly and sinister about it! definitely did not want it to come any closer! probably would've died of fright!

  2. alexander

    the 3 lights probably sits underneath 1 vehicle similar to tr3b black manta or aurora sr91 etc etc etc. seen tr3b with my own eyes a few years ago in narvik norway on the 17th of may i was honoring the fallen heroes of ww2 instead of eating icecream n hotdogs n dressing up like the rest of n the citizens of narvik... after a while i noticed i was the only one on the cemetry not in a hurry just to put flowers so people could see they had done their ``duty`` n griefed with a flower n up n off with some nonsense to do..... so i took my time and payed thanks n respect to all fallen i could find there like the pollish british french norwegian slovanian etc etc and suddenly i noticed very very far up in the air above the cemetary the tr3b or an exactly like that looking triangle shaped ship/plane/vehicle was hovering straight up from me,not going anywhere as if they was recording me or maybe just doing whatever they do ,but it was completely standing still/hovering ish and could aswell have been a holographic imaging test with project blue beam fake alien invasion training in mind...

  3. peruda hudson

    an alien implant removed by dr lier when looked at under an electron microscope turned out to be made up of carbon nanotubes,

  4. Drey

    Hahahahaha...etc. So at 7:22 he brings up this so-called cave painting as "fact" and even adds an extra 3000 years to the original bullsh*tters claim. That so called 4-7000 years old cave painting came from a 1967 magazine article about Sputnik. Hahahaha.

    Damn bullsh*tters.

    1. Andreas Ryder

      How do we know you're not just doing the same. You have provided ZERO evidence.

  5. james

    ET beings have predicted many types of natural disasters and revealed there home planet is Mars-Venus- Orion star constellation and many more constellations so they are in denial of the actual truth when communicating with humans !

    The ETs are constantly in total control over humans during contact and that is a fact.
    They rarely answer questions , they make us watch videos of disasters and feel our emotions during this and may be entertainment and learning how we think !

  6. Jim

    I sure hope the devastating meteorite does not hit the Ocean like these beings said !
    That's the true danger to Earth !

  7. jason butler

    brilliant documentry ..... i myself jason 14 12 1971 butler has witnessed several real ufos over the last 20 years including a small intellegant 6inch x 6inch ball of light only 2 foot away outside my bedroom window it was so close i could neally touch it i tryed to touch it and it stayed near me foe a about 20 seconds glowing brigbt and then brighter it looked like a glass ball perfectly round seethrough ish! intellegant beautiful amazing unbelievable to most people but true jason mark butler wigston leicester uk

    1. Mark Ford

      Jason i too have seen such a thing and it was so fast

    2. Mark Ford

      It must of had an effect on you cos some of your words dont make sense thats down to you using a phone ITS A PITY YOU DIDNT USE THE SAME PHONE TO RECORD 20 SECONDS IS WELL ENOUGH TO GRAB PHONE AND HIT RECORD I GUESS YOU THOUGHT WE'D ALL TAKE YOUR WORD THAT THIS EVENT HAPPENED

  8. Tabby

    I read about and saw pictures in the internet, some alien seeds found in this guys leg and they belong to alien race called Ataracu from orion. The things in the phot are freaky and scary as hell. It made me wonder about it in a different light.

  9. Rotimi

    nobody has sighted UFO here in Africa!
    Are they afraid of Africa?

    1. Lee Simpson

      ebola mate

    2. bingo

      They dont have cameras there

    3. Tom Pain

      Not true. Do a search for the incident in Zimbabwe during the 1990's. Entire school, teachers & students, witnessed a daytime very close landing of a UFO. Very solid case and dozens & dozens of the witnesses have never changed their story to this day!

    4. Andy

      1964 -- nearly 100 young students at a school in Zimbabwe witness a landing.

    5. Mike

      Yes they have, you should probably look up the "friendship" case its one of the largest and most reliable cases ever smart guy.

    6. RA

      You obviously haven't heard of the Ariel School encounter but you obviously don't know very much about UFOs by saying that no one sees them in Africa.

  10. Brian Muldoon

    A lot of this is good but that UFO from Silver Spring MD is obviously fake as can be (actually hilarious). I am for standing up against a wall or using street lights or construction cranes for more than illumination for all hoaxers who mess with people's minds (physic abuse).

    1. Frank gay

      Yes they have, in Zimbabwe

  11. Paul_F76

    I think these aliens have set up base inside the moon and mars. The small creature type ones curious and want to learn of our anatomy and the ones that look like us are trying to help and warn us to stop polluting the planet .

    1. Jim

      Paul they somehow know more about human anatomy to heal people on occasions !
      They are procreating a human ET hybrid species and many were shown to abductees !

  12. Nick

    Always thought UFO's were most probably secret government projects after seeing one myself but with all the evidence dating back to the first foo fighters, and such credible pilot sightings at such an early time how could they ``ALL'' be ours

  13. mycial

    We must prepare ourselves for new adventures among the stars, we aren't alone and have never been alone. The government is keeping this a secret there is evidence of other life forms that lived on this earth. From Giants two small people, Non-Human looking bones. But religion Brian washes people to only think one way. Which needs to be banned! These lights in the skies are both ET crafts & the government. There (MUST) be an event

    1. Shillen

      You are absolutely Right!!!!

    2. Jerry Patton

      Its nice to see your so aware, while the populace are sheep.

  14. edc1234

    Unfortunately the ultimate evidence will not be coming anytime soon or maybe by luck. If I go into the woods looking for a bear I can pretty well guarantee it will take many efforts to see one so ufos are the same "luck". Evidence does exist and unfortunately the governments are all on the same page here that it will not be wise to let the general public know at this time. It really bewilders me that skeptics have not taken the time to look at leaked government documents that clearly show that there is something there that are not of this earth. To my knowledge no one has shown that these documents are fakes yet and any documents that are released are severely censored. Why would you need to censor anything that does not exist or is made up by people. When you add this evidence with credible witnesses past and present the case is quite strong in favour of phenomena we can't understand and that needs to be investigated. This is world wide past and present the numbers alone warrant us to take it more seriously.

  15. Jimmy Hoffa

    Article was fine, well written even. But I do object to "humphreysmr" relating "Bill's drippings" to the story. It was a mean, snide and disingenuous slam on a former President. Why is a comment like that relevant to anything in the story? Those kinds of put downs say more about humphreysmr then they do about the target of his invective.

  16. beesBUZZ

    hi,ive seen this,on ufo/uso documentaries,like a string with very bright lights,i think that is related to "foo-fighters",seen by our aircrew,seen in the second world war

  17. humphreysmr

    I by no means am an expert on this subject ! That is the great thing about it ! One can have no knowledge what so ever and be just as professional and accurate as those that have studied and documented this question for years.
    It is the age old question -- which came first the chick or the egg ?
    I am excited to think that there are folks not of this world ! I am open minded and would like to see hard cold evidence of such ! I watch the UFO programs on TV and am probably less intellegent as a result.
    Every document, every show, every sighting , every individual , fails to present one thimble full of hard evidence that can be connected to something not of this world. We find rocks driven through space penetrating our atmosphere and landing upon our earth ! That is stone cold evidence. Why can we not find one screw --- one piece of material--one fingernail---something that can be held in our hand that says >>>>>hey this ain't from around here --- lets show it to somebody ---we think it may be from another world ? (oh but the fed's got it all) !! They managed to find Bill's drippings on her dress did they not ! But when the Document is read ---THE video has been seen --- the UFO documentary on T.V. Is over > It is still completely up in the air as to intellegent life beyond earth ! One never sees a T.V. Show or a document that reads in the heading >>>>>>>> hard cold evidence has been found and is in our possesion for your inspection !!!! Why not ???? There goes all the money ! Thats why ! DUUUUUUUUH !
    I find it mathmatically incorrect to assume that life beyond earth ( intellegent Life at that ) would not exist ! Just give me one shred of cold hard -- place in my hand evidence !
    You have any idea how much money they( you)are making off folks that truly desire to believe ! How folks have their hopes up and loyaly await written in stone evidence !
    I am not from MO. BUT SHOW ME !!!

  18. Wes Guptill

    I can definitely be categorized with the 'believers' in the school of thought that says that we are (and have been, for that matter, since time immemorial ) being visited and influenced by extraterrestrial intellects. However, I do maintain a strong sense of skepticism which is aimed at some of the things, both physical and theoretical, that people conjure up to try and shove into place among the more plausible aspects of the UFO-alien enigma. More importantly, when I am discussing or pursuing a particular argument or perspective, I take the time to construct a coherent, readable, well-thought presentation. My feeling is that if I do so, then I may be able to capture the mind and interest of a cynic or disbeliever a lot more readily than if I just pasted drivel or garbled words on website or in a blog and expected the whole world to understand and endorse what it was supposed to represent. For a number of years, I have reviewed and studied thousands of reported sightings and encounters, and the alarming common denominator I keep finding is the consistent incoherency of the people who are posting these events and experiences. What is probably a very real, very significant event for an individual or even a group of people has suddenly became a farce, a joke to any who happen to read the entry for the sighting or experience. My point is this, if you want to come off as being credible or authoritative in some vein of this field, either as a commentator or as a witness, then maybe you should invest a bit of time and give people a better, more easily understood depiction of the event or your observations. Because, unfortunately, most of the comments and other offerings I have happened upon here (and in other locales) are gibberish and nonsensical. This degree of low level communication by 'contributors' makes them more subject to ridicule, doubt, and accusations than would be leveled at someone whose education and thought processes were more evident. Do yourselves a favor and learn how to communicate concepts and experiences; do that and you might just see people start to take the UFO experience more seriously.

    1. Raptor jones

      ed- Another NOOoo response post

    2. jim

      When so very many credible people report craft that fly bizarrely and like no aircraft on Earth the reality that only one true ET craft is here means we are not alone !
      Some very advanced technology must be used to get here and the high technology has been observed !
      Its true but hidden truth our Govt. does not intend to answer so they do not exist nor investigated except the Pentagon broke that lie wide open with the tic tac ufo video release !
      They do not want mass chaos or answer questions by a official release of the facts yet disclouser by steps thru the media and movies and whistle blowers !

      I get it !
      Its amazing they go anywhere unfettered and we cannot stop them !
      Abductees seem to be returned with little memory of such events !

  19. Winston Smith

    See if you can find the Peter Jennings' news special: "UFOs: Seeing is Believing " -that testimony.. -especially the of the cops in Ohio I think it was will leave you convinced. They had effects artists draw animations of what they all saw.. and these were not just 'lights in the sky.' -it will leave you a complete believer in UFO's!! Guaranteed.

    It only makes sense that in a universe as vast and ancient as ours and with us being such recent arrivals here (amd how prolific life is under the right conditions) that more technologically advanced intelligent life forms most likely do exist out there somewhere in the vastness of the cosmos. They are probably just waiting for our humanity to match our technology and for us to stop killing one another like tribal bands of chimpanzees of the rampage before making full contact (Nothing against chimpanzees, -they can be very violent).

  20. Roger Rhodes

    Great sight


    poor investigation...and lame conclusions. what about all the world wide accounts from nuclear instalation`s of direct interference and rendering obsaleete countless warheads??
    90% explainable phenomanon/aircraft/stars/planets e.t.c
    6% unconventional -antigravity application/high speeds/rapid-stoping&turning
    most likely secret projects/back engineered craft
    4% unconventional behaviour -super speeds- de/re-materialize, change shape
    split into balls of light , manipulation of matter and excepted laws of physics
    most likely extraterrestrial in origin- other possible origins.. inter-dimensional
    future earthlings or future extraterrestrials.

  22. gallowaygrumblefield

    I have never seen convincing ufo evidence, and I've probably seen most of what the "believers" here have seen. I'm still waiting, but not holding my breath. Most evidence is easily explained as something else (blurry photos of birds and flying debris; Venus; balloons). A whole lot of evidence is really hoaxed. A lot of evidence is easily explained, but the UFO believers want to see something else (gold pre-Columbian flying fish figurines; wooden Egyptian toy gliders). A little bit of evidence is difficult to say. These may be indecipherable hieroglyphs, etc. The problem here is the UFO believer instantly jumps on the most outrageous explanation, that these images MUST be aliens, because what else could they be? And therein lies my biggest criticism of the UFO believer, that they aren't really interested in truth, they don't take methodical pains to rule out mundane explanations. Like any religionist, they have already decided to make the evidence conform to their belief in UFOs. It isn't coincidence that several posts even in this discussion talk about "balls of light" and crosses, where the line between ET and Christianity have become conflated. This is why the UFO believer is so quick to see a bad, grainy, out of focus, shaky video of Venus as compelling proof that aliens are among us, or proclaim that a stylized gold figurine of something from nature, a flying fish, MUST be proof that ancient Mayans had F-16 fighter jets.

    1. kodzer 1

      I totally agree, galloway. Notice how your first replier called you an a**hole in the first sentence. It's a bit like fundamentalist religious reasoning really. Easy to just believe in something if it's sold to you as something that makes you somehow privvy to important information. It's an ego trip, and if your interfere with some peoples ego-trip beliefs by pointing out that they are not logical they revert to name-calling and aggressive reactions. Grow up UFO fanatics. I'm waiting for genuine evidence. I won't go to hell for not believing without question. That's what religion is (was) for. The day of self-delusion/mass-delusion should be a thing of the human past. If you really want to be ready for when they land and meet the president, like in your movies, then try to be wiser and more restrained in your approach to the subject.

    2. James

      In the 1950s a fleet of UFOs flew over the White House and Fighter aircraft could not catch up to them and the UFOs returned as soon as the fighters run low on fuel and landed then the UFOs returned later that week and the President said he was briefed on UFOs at every meeting there after !
      Violating closed airspace is a threat too National Security yet today they deny its so !
      No one denied they were UFOs at that time !
      Who do you believe Govt. or the common man who reported over 50,000 UFO reports over the years !
      I know what I saw !

  23. whiteagle

    With the greatest respect to all those who have left comments here. I am an avid follower of ufo phenomena but cannot help but tell you about some ufo type incidents in my own home. It started with light from a candle which did not simply flicker but a flame of light extended from it and wandered off through a wall approx 4 feet away. Now I will tell you, my eye sight is not so good so not really thinking not much of it I turned to my 14 yr old daughter and said "did you see that?" she then confirmed exactly what I had seen. Following that we were kind of plagued by balls of light going up, down and though walls and the final confirmation was my very level headed husband witnessing one with us my along with my other 9 yr old daughter (these ones were without candles0 . Family all worried so I got a minister that I knew to assist in stopping it (they are very strict about this kind of thing so it was done remotely). The orbs have gone from the house now, I ave a crystal crusifix in my home to aid protection -some spooky things still happen occasionally. we see the same orbs on digital photos - sometimes! apparently they have something to do withthe flash?
    This is not the only time I have experienced stuff like this. I have no reason to lie or be untruthful in any way. To do this would go against all I believe to be right and proper.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      This seems more like a paranormal experience rather than intelligent life from another planet experience. An alien society with interplanetary space craft would no doubt have a mode of production a government of some sort be organized have a belief in science or at least physics. Supernatural well I have no idea where they get their power it seems one is either good or evil and in the service of one or the other and power is granted through those allegiances sounds like local politics doesn't it? I hope you make out ok and that whatever you experienced causes no harm please try not to let fear get the better of you. Are they doing any fracking in your area?

    2. kodzer 1

      Sounds like natural gas from the earth underneath your home/a leak in your domestic supply is pervading your house and being energized by the electrical cabling in the walls, turning it into plasma, which glows. It would also move around due to the heat displacement. If originated by the walls it would also be attracted to them by the negative charge contained within, or possibly also in the cabling. It could even be air currents pushing the phenomena around the room. This may not last long as the gas being released would diminish and the phenomena would cease. This would explain how it ceased to happen. Sorry, but I doubt the remote ministerial actions were the solution. Scientific research has uncovered much in relation to gas plasma in recent decades.

  24. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    This documentary pretty much reflects my own view of the UFO phenomenon. The vast majority is explainable by natural phenomena, deliberate hoaxes, or 'black projects'.

    However, there is this little percentage which can not be explained - yet.
    And 'little' is by no means a small number - it means several hundreds of sightings actually. Also there are many, many sightings from the time when planes or balloons weren't even invented yet, going back to the pre-biblical era.

    Of course it is easy to ridicule a sighting when it comes from some redneck hillbilly trailer park dude called 'Bubba' living in the outskirts of 'random village' - don't get me wrong here, I don't say they couldn't be true - but it's another thing when experienced pilots, military and intelligence experts, or scientists, make such claims.

    When it comes to abductees I'm somewhat sceptical though. The human psyche is obviously bound to believe in something supernatural besides what we can see or touch. I didn't meet a single person in my life yet who would not believe in something that can't be explained or proven - let it be UFOs, ghosts, angels and/or demons, the soul, god/s, or what have you. But even in this area - abduction - there are some events which cannot be dismissed easily.

    My personal opinion is that whatever we hear about hostile aliens and painful examinations of abductees is a major military/intelligence operation to make the public believe aliens would be a threat, in order to prepare us for a global government to fight the 'common enemy'.

    Of course I have no clue what possible aliens are about and what they might think or feel about mankind - but if they would be here to conquer Earth or harvest people or whatever negative intention imaginable, they would have done this already long ago.

    Maybe they are just scientists and observers, probably to get an insight about their own early stages of evolution, or we are an interesting experiment for them - who knows? We can make only assumptions when it comes to their motives until we talk to one of them directly.

    I myself had several sightings starting in the year 1978, but except for the very first one I was able to find explanations for them. After decades of research including meeting all kinds of scientists, this single sighting is enough for me to know there are things out there which are not man-made.

    If I should ever encounter real aliens, I wouldn't hesitate to ask them if I can go with them! And if not, they hopefully share some of their knowledge with me.

    I will keep watching the skies. :)

    1. vintage

      if a retired scientist, an astronaut military personnel say they actually saw it must have happened, nasa must just tell us to prepare for the worst 'cause even in the bible in revelations it is said that such events will happen in the last days

  25. Dea

    Want to hear a secret?
    There has to be a "UFO phil" Documetary made... The whats, Whys, How, Whens!

  26. Dea

    It's time for the big change, UFOs were here before we were and thus means they still probably are! People are not blind, death or stupid and this world is getting to small to hide stuff anymore with populations getting bigger....which means more people to see stuff that some feel they think that will be hidden forever! They give us stuff that they made, so we can't notice whats up there..and even with making games and computers you can't stop people from looking up and or communicating what they see!Unless they turn us into robots or use force, it won't ever happen.Even the entities before us gave us stuff to find them and so they can't hide or cover up forever anyway! So you see discloser will happen anyway down the line and in the big picture of things!It's like you can't stop a volcano the same thing!

  27. Troy

    Meh UFOs are bogus, Even if other intelligent beings are even remotely close to us to even have a chance at finding us, consider our current level of radio emissions in all frequencies would be undetectable from 20 light years away as it would be indistinguishable from the Suns own random radiation, Apart from SETI which uses some other high band wavelength, Its still highly unlikely to find us when you consider our galaxy ALONE is 100,000+ light years wide.

    & also consider Voyager 1 lanched in 1977 wont even come close to a SINGLE star for 40,000 years & its going 61,452kph & increasing.

    Its a Freaking big universe in other words :) & the only way any intelligent species will EVER conquer realistic space travel will have to go past the speed of light, & that is impossible (or so we think at this time with our monkey brains :P)

    1. Ian Savage

      a nuclear blast is a pretty loud radio signal if you know your apples

    2. Rocky Racoon

      When we learn how to bend space it won't be that difficult and once science is freed from the profit imperative and we can use our resources the way we want instead of on oil and well.....In your life time if we survive.

  28. Stephen

    I will say, while it is enjoyable, the maker of this film had his mind made up to begin with. I did not believe in UFOs before watching, and I still don't. My reply is directed at those who suggest it was "Balanced."

    He shows a few opposing viewpoints, very briefly, and says "But this person didnt know ect ect ect..." Then spends alot more time on investigating the ufo claims (most of which I found highly suspect). There are a couple of interesting points put forth. If you don't believe in UFOs this likely wont change your mind. If you already believe we're being visited you will likely continue to believe this.

    Fun, but nothing profound to see here.

    1. eze60

      I do agree with you. See my post above.

  29. joann

    This was an excellent excellent film. The British do an excellent job as usual. I enjoyed it immensely. It was one of the best films I have seen.

    1. eze60

      Sorry Joann, i beg to differ.
      See my post above as to why I felt this reporter missed the mark.

  30. godslabyrinth

    Hello Friends. Yes I too saw this great documentary and agree with you that Mr Cook presented a well balanced piece. Just when you thought he was going to throw in the towel and agree that UFO sightings are all manifestations of technologies hatched here on terra firma he has the wit and wisdom to leave the door ajar. It's only human to try and explain away the impossible with something familiar and let's face it we all know the allure of the sobre headed scientist reassuring us that what we saw was in fact a this or a that (just wheeled out of Uncle Sams top secret research and development lab). The hard headed scientist takes his cue from the great Sherlock Holmes. Everything can be explained - nothing can be beyond us; look at the Hound of the Baskervilles - just a stroke or two of luminous paint on a dog's lips.. (get a grip of yourself man) But Cook was at pains to point out that woven into the fabric of sobre headed explanations for these phenomena there are some stubborn threads which wont go with the pattern. And this was a surprise. I was sure Cook was a Devotee of Sherlock and I was proved wrong.
    To end I would say that science has possibly made us blinder than ever and drives us to make ordinary out of the extraordinary. Its been said that our knowledge is like an island in the sea of the unknown and as the island grows so does the shoreline to the unknown.

    1. eze60

      While I disagreed with your take that the article was balanced, I do agree with your final conclusion.
      The reporter in this article in many occasion, did conclude his belief
      and angle. The feeling i had was that he crafted the documentary just enough to make his case. The legitimacy of the ET factor never came across that leaned towards accepting it.
      I suppose each angle of this phenomena can be documented in a way that makes ne's respective case pro or con.

  31. UnIdentable

    Orbs,Ball Lighting, that alien digital photo spy, oh yes!!! The Foo Fighter lights of 1944, but seen many times before that date! What or who are they? Everyone by now has a digital camera right? Well, have you noticed the clear or colored Orb balls of see- through floating lights or orbs on some of your photos? Well maybe these things are a spy from space. I noticed that those orby things tend to move with you or track your movements..Try it! Take a few photos and then see if you get the orb things they could be any color, some white, some blue or even red and some might even have two shades and an outer lining.Some say this is dirt on the lense...I can believe that, but since when does dirt move around on the lenses like it is deliberate to your movement and since when does dirt have a tail when they look like they are going up toward the ceiling like a tail you would see on a comet or meteorite moving? Some orbs are also HUGE and can take up a whole photo!Uh Oh!!!... what? You can see it on the photo, but not the dirt on the lenses, even in the dark or using a black light to see the dirt better and even can't see the dirt inside the cameras lenses? Explain that one!Well, if you ask me, some are not, how-ever I feel some are a type of Space Spy watching and observing us as we are going about our daily business, using the camera as a way to travel about UN-see able or unknowingly as a sort of travel with you spy! They can't drive and UFOs and those flying them probably need more ways to spy on us, Well maybe this is it folks! An older lady I know saw these and said with urgency:That is a spy!This lady is a very smart elderly lady who never saw a orb and said this with-out even blinking an eye...makes me think about what she said! Indians have said they talk to spirits, but won't say what they look like, I heard from someone they talk to orb like spirits! My heart just about stopped hearing that! Then you read a book called:Almanac of the Infamous, The Incredible and The Ignored And some of those orbs things are all over in stories in the book gives a whole new perspective to orbs and such. I think Ball lighting is also a kind of Orb, but doing it differently being it is all about energy. Well, If I was a spy... I would hide from sight, I would change with the times, I would travel and follow you with quiet intent to get all the information I could, I would also be disguised and as a orb, well, that sure would fit the picture of all that I mentioned above just now.If you ask a person who is into the Paranormal like psychics they say they are spirits good ones or angles at times, so I ask why can't they be a spy also...Because If I was a spy or if I asked a real spy..I bet they would say an orb would fit all the scenario for being a spy and I feel that about some of those suspicious orbs also.I think our scientist should be looking into every way a Alien could visit us or how they could be even checking us out, because If I was an alien that would be a good way....because some do not believe this could be.. How-ever with everything that is, anything can be and when it comes to spying any way you could do it and still be UN-suspect doing it, that would truly be a very good way to go about it.So next time you find those orbs notice where they are on the photo notice how they move and how they seem to move with you at times...seeme just way to suspicious to me!God... if it isn't our own world spying on everything we do, it's those spy orbs that watch us and then get caught being seen in our photos..what is next I ask?!

  32. UnIdentable

    God said: He knows all...sees all!The earth will be the same, through all times, people on the other hand will be the ones to change! That makes sense to me!What will happen now and forever, will happen now and for ever....People will come and go!NOT THE EARTH!The earth will not change, even if it gets hit by asteroids or worse, because that is what it does..People on the other hand, WELL it's a day at a time and luck also as to when or how things will happen or when our light is turned off or if we will see the next days sun come up. So thus UFOs and such are not such a big deal, when you look at the bigger picture of lifes mysteries!

  33. UnIdentable

    With the Giants building the Pyramids ect...I also want to ask this question:If Aliens or time travelers (Which ever one they are?) can move stuff around through time..and are that far advanced in technology..maybe they could change DNA of those who travled with them...So we can't figure out what they were doing here or up to ect....so thier DNA looks like it came from Billions of years back like the giants ect who hepled biuld the paramids..thus disguising the true age of the giant and other things ect..maybe so we can't delve into thier past ect. Makes them even more interesting then UFO stuff.I feel Giants came form another time or life/Vortex all together!

    I also feel Our Universe began from ONE huge planet that blew up and formed all the others through meteorites that hit together bounsing off each other then coming togather in particular places forming the planets like the earth, the moon, Jupiter ect.. The now known meteorite belt that is floating in space is that one now huge planet that we are made from. The stars could be from one huge sun that blew up forming what we see now as stars.....Like when you watch fire works they go all over in sparkles then burning out....but the sun that blew up the sparkles stayed and did not, they formed stars....Thus there was One Sun and One Planet and that explaines why everything out there is made from all of the same stuff. Maybe we got pushed out of the Milky Way and this Universe is the one place we neded up! Could be we That one huge planet got attacked by UFOs or another life form form another vortex...WOW I could make a all new Movie! IT's my Idea though!!!!

    Sort of!Which in turn would make history as we know it.. a huge Lie...BLUFF... Bulloney and the blanket is being pulled over our eyes.But don't ask me..I just thought this would give us something to think about!

  34. UnIdentable

    UFOs have been seen even in some of the Bible writings and in biblical paintings. I say if time goes forward, then what is here now could be in the past...Thinking what goes around comes around again maybe? also since we don't really know what our real past is and how far it really goes back. Could be that we have time travelers form other vortexes ect...or maybe we have people of the future coming to visit us. I was reading that if you go to space you shrink of your muscles start to get smaller....It makes sense then that if there is life in space people of space would not look like us..They would not have the bodies we have in-fact they would look totally different in body shape and make up....also when you go deep in to,caves and into the deepest oceans, fish have bigger eyes and will look more like a lit up light...So maybe living forms form space look like something from the deep ocean mixed with what cave dwellers would look like also..so thus the aliens we have seen Grey's or humanoids with large eyes.They look like cave and deep ocean dwellers. If they comes form the future this would also explain the intelligent and unexplained UFO vehicles that are being seen now, because thier technology is years a head of anything we will ever make. I also feel that the pyramids were built by Giants which may have been brought in with help of time travelers or UFO-Er's. There was no way to build those huge constructed pyramids even with horses or humans or water ect....Giants could be the way...That would explain the Huge Giant skeletons that have been found and hidden in Museums. I also feel our Universe has unseen secrets we will not know since stuff can be hidden behind planets and stars or even moons of other planets....Remember we will not see everything only what is in front of stuff and if it moves when we go around the sun we will not see that stuff either if it circles what ever we can see and not to mention dark matter spots that can hide stuff no matter what is seen by us at any time. Things can be hidden all over the Universe. Also if they are technologically far advanced...our telescopes won't tell us if it is Camouflaged or designed to look like a planet or space cloud or black hole! What I mean what we think something is might be something different when actually encountered.Like the floating asteroid could be a UFO in disguise! If they are that technocal we better know waht we are talknig about Cause we might be just a guessing and then ZAP that will be the last word, if you can imagine I mean! With all I say here: I only have one thought on this movie....We are not and have never been alone!

  35. pablo

    Actually our physics make time travel, and worm hole travel possible. The fastest way, or the speed limit for moving through space is light. However even at the speed of light the universe is too damn big, for it to be efficient travel. These beings could have lifespans of thousands of years, making a 20 year trip might not be a big deal for them, also the closer you are to the speed of light, you basically do not age. Either these guys visiting us are from a relatively close star system and they don't mind 5-20 years of light travel, or they are traveling by bending the fabric of time and space. Which means if they have this technology, we compare to them, like stone men hurling slingshots at the modern army or air force that we have today. That is also why they are not a security concern, because we simply can't do anything about it even if we wanted. Most likely they are not a threat, or they would have destroyed us long ago, what are they waiting for? if they were a threat, perhaps their hybridization program has not finished yet, perhaps they are waiting for some peak in our human evolution to take something they may want. I am convinced that there are multiple personalities out there, some with our best interests in mind, and some not so much. After all we are the "human virus".

  36. Philosophocles

    @ Whodat

    Thanks for the shout out. And I wholly agree with you. Number one there is no need to watch this Doc, save to waste your time, and number two why can't anyone just give some concrete proof?

    Sadly, now that we have photoshop and other ridiculously advanced computer image generation programs there will be absolutely no way to ever truly know. Even if someone credible does post it "everywhere".

    I stand firm on the basis that to truly know anything about UFOs, one must have a first hand experience of one! There is no other way. If it concerns all of mankind, mankind might listen (highly doubtful though). If it was a special (albeit circumstantial) experience for that person alone then it is of no use to mankind.

    Those are the only two possibilities and I have only read one book on UFOs that made a point to give some knowledge to all of mankind. Whether it is true or not, it has some very valid moral points and useable info (similar to the Bible he he). Its called Thiaoouba Prophecy. But as most will deny the truth of this book, I find it irrelevant. What is the message? Is not it quite irrelevant if Jesus Christ was fictional or not? Was not his message worth the farce? My question is 'Can I use this info (fictional or not) to better myself?'

    Alas, I've went on a tangent again. Forgive me Vlatko! You are truly a selfless citizen, helping inspire the minds of others. I applaud your charity.

  37. whodat

    Ok... not to going to bother on this one because Philosophocles watched it for me and (no doubt) gave the same review I would give.
    I don't want to see (or hear) "eye-witness statements of high profile & credible people, such as respected astronauts and pilots" I've already seen enough of those to last a lifetime... like everyone else, I want tangible proof.
    I don't care about the "UFO Coverup". Governments, rulers, etc, etc .. throughout the ages have used "plausible deniability" as an excuse to hide what they want, when they want... that will never change.
    If it's real... why can it not just be proven REAL ? One expert person with all the right equipment gets the undeniable proof on good high-quality video and posts it EVERYWHERE all over the web so secret societies and top military officials can't just jerk it down. It CAN be done.
    If any determined paparazzi can get a clear topless picture of a reclusive star at a secluded beach resort with the highest security measures, why can't we get ONE good clear photo or video of one..just ONE... UFO or Alien?

    1. eze60

      Proof is elusive because as we are a confused conflicting and convoluted specie. It is a consequence of our level of evolution.
      While some of us want proof too many of us will get in the way of it.
      For example:
      1-Hoax makers who find it funny to fake and ridicule the topic,
      2-Mainstream Science that fear losing its identity if it were to go against its structure in order to investigate a phenomena without the formula that science knows,
      3-Greed brought about by big corporations and a segment of the air force who have the money and resources to execute what they believe is their right to own and manipulate alien technology for control and profit while keeping everyone else in the dark about it,
      4-The mainstream press which may be in bed with the big corporations is manipulated to ridicule the topic,
      5-Politicians who fear losing their credibility if they were to embrace the topic,
      6-A large number of us who are too caught up in our day to day life issues and struggles to care about disclosure,
      7-The ETs may not want to be proven without a shadow of a doubt right now,
      8-It is extremely difficult even for a UFO photographer/watcher with a zoom camera on a tripod to capture the image of a fast moving object that may be at a distance that even the professional zoom lenses cannot reach,
      9- The the economic and religious structure would be turned upside down because the flow of things as we know it may have to be overhauled in order to update our current state of development if materially and spiritually,
      10- The skeptic and realist who may have an internal fear of accepting this phenomena will do anything to reject the topic; even if an ET was to walk up to him/her he would attempt to remove its head
      by mistaking it to be a mask.

      This simply ten of many speculated reasons why the proof you seek is elusive. It isn't that simple because of us altogether.

  38. Khaled

    Good documentary. Different than all the others I've seen so far but certainly not the best. There are eye-witness statements of high profile & credible people, such as respected astronauts and pilots, that are not even mentioned.

    Besides that, I highly doubt that human beings have reached a stage, technologically speaking, of 'Anti-gravity'. Like someone mentioned, it would definitely be used for space missions, and I think we would all definitely know about it. I believe the great scientists all over the world would have at least gotten close to that & it would be on the discovery channel. But nothing so far.

    I think the military tried to replicate this technology but have failed so far.

    I believe quantum physics will be the reason for any breakthroughs in that area. At a subatomic level we are seeing inexplicable behaviors - such as having twin electron's reacting to each others states remotely - somehow information between them travels through space-time instantly. Read 'quantum enigma'. The most interesting part of quantum physics is that 'consciousness' comes into play. The experimenter is considered a variable in an equation that directly affects the results and behavior of the subatomic experiment.

    Anyway I think when we understand that at the macro-level it will change everything. If there really are aliens out there they've understood and applied these concepts.

  39. Philosophocles

    Ok, watched the movie now, and I do have my own views to share.

    Firstly, if we had anti-gravity technology 60 years ago in third reich, why don't we have it
    NOW? Big hole in his first theory.

    Secondly one thing that skeptics fail to realize is that, just because we are primitive and use our science to kill each other does not mean other sentient beings would too. If they were not fighting, politicking, arguing with each other all the time then they would have plenty of time to make good use of their scientists and search other worlds in case of some unstoppable cataclysmic event on their planet. They would however, be highly intelligent and disregard any planets that already have humanoid life. Having already analyzed a society built around conquest, and found it unsatisfying, and or debilitating.

    Thirdly I do believe that just because I can't explain something does not mean it is not true. Newton (or any other scientist for that matter) never explained gravity. We still can't explain (or reverse) gravity, we spend every minute of every day fighting something no one can explain (planes, cars, trains, etc all fight gravity with huge engines and petroleum) So I can not say aliens do or do not exist. But I can say it is possible. Are all these UFO sighting true. NO WAY! The real one's involve unexplainable objects moving in ways no human aircraft could, at speeds we still have yet to reach. There is a plethora of disinformation out there, its our job to filter through which is which.

    And his idea about a saucer with multiple jet engines. Ridiculous! It would be unbelievably LOUD! Most UFO sightings report NO SOUND, or very little sound.

    If Area 51 is so secret even the government won't admit it exists, why does he base half his theories on it? I will never base a theory on an assumption from an undisclosed source, at a place that doesn't exist. That's just silly.

    The mutilation of animals I can believe as government cover up. The guy he interviewed described helicopter wings on the UFO. What advanced interstellar craft would use helicopter blades? It is impossible to fly in space with something that relies on gravity to work? I believe that was definitely some scam by government, maybe testing some new type of weapon. And aliens so advanced would have no need for primitive tests on animals, they would be able to analyze the whole animal inside and out with a type of xray or computer scans alone! If they could fly from another planet, they would not use primitive means for research. That makes no sense. Why fly millions of light years to cut open a cow? Or abduct some random people? They would be so advanced, they could collect all their readings from their ship. Like we do with satellites (except way more advanced)

    Also @ 1:33 he contradicted his most concrete idea. He claimed someone was making a revolutionary technology never before seen. But yet he claimed the Germans had done the same thing in 1940s. So who did it first? Germans or this random guy? Why is it revolutionary if the German scientists have been working on it for over 60 years. Lost all credibility with me there.

    Yet he had good intentions in mind. To research UFOs with an inquiring and rational mind. But any idiot could have told you the same things he did in 10 minutes! Some UFOs are government tests and some are unexplainable. Some people are really abducted (by whom, we don't know) and some people do it for their 15 minutes of fame. In the end he leaves us right where we started, confused and without any new insights. I hate to be a 'hater' (for lack of a better word) but this Doc is not all that great. There are much better UFO docs out there with less assumptions and finger pointing. But as a wise parable states 'to each his own'

    1. eze60

      Agree with much of your article:
      The only thing you mentioned "Why fly millions of light years to cut open a cow?" that I wanted to comment on is that the assumption is that many of the reported advanced beings are 10s maybe 100s of light years away from our own solar system in our galaxy. In terms of interstellar distances, they are our neighbors.
      WHile all is fair game in terms of intergalactic travel, the ones coming here are nearby. Though in terms of our technology, they are an impossible distance away even at 10 light years from us.

    2. neoleaver

      If we found a cow on Mars, what do you think our scientists would do with it?

    3. daniel

      make sum frikn alien burgers...nummy

    4. Walter B. Woodliff

      Have a Barbeque.

  40. Philosophocles

    I love reading the comments first... but i suppose i should not, because a doc that once seemed interesting no longer does.

    Anyway love the site Vlatko, I can never get off. Entertaining and Educational! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're far too kind.

    As for this doc, I like Neds view. One should take everything into consideration and analyze for themselves before blindly believing anyone else. Even if they have proof, you cannot always believe what your senses tell you. Thats how Vegas Illusionist and Politicians make their money off you. The only truth is within. Perception is a precursor to inspection. And only after thorough inspection can one fully understand.

  41. JK

    the triangular shaped ship that makes no sound.... i have witnessed this myself three lights.... on each corner. blackening the stars... just above me treeline level... i am a god fearing man... with alot of faith

  42. rob

    Actually time travel is possible and happens all the time. What they say is impossible is traveling BACK in time.

  43. Ari

    One of the best!!

    everything start with something!

  44. nello

    At 1:22:30 he speaks of a disinformation campaign going on which has nothing to do with UFO's, followed by a shot of a pyramid-shaped mountain (weren't it the aliens that build the pyramids?) :-D

    Nevertheless, the best UFO-doc around.

  45. diatorr

    Very good, but it should be in conspiracy category.

  46. WTC7

    This is a well researched documentary and my overall impression is positive. It certainly makes someone like me, who believes in extraterrestrial visitations, to stop and think.

    But there still remain a few nagging questions not answered by the documentary. What about the period before the WWII? There were accounts of objects in the skies even before man made airplanes, photos exist from even 1800s, and certainly before the Cold War and the weapons and space race and intelligence war.

    The second thing that makes me skeptical is that most of the supposed UFO spotting invariably emphasizes that these objects were not making any sound. I've never heard any existing witness account that mentions breaking of the sound barrier noise when these objects disappear from sight at incredible speeds. This doc doesn't mention that at all.

    The documentary doesn't research on the cases such as Rendlesham forest incident near the US military base in the UK, where the witnesses were US military personal, even touched the vehicle that landed in the forest and the radiation level measured on the spot was abnormally high.

    It also doesn't give accounts on sightings in the outer space, witnessed by astronauts for example, or caught on satellites' cameras. Because if US has reached that level of technology, they could easily take the trip to Mars right away.

    Given how governments, and especially the US admin. manipulates with their citizens, which is clear even in this doc, I wouldn't be surprised if the whose scam about the US secret technology may be just a cover up for a bigger secret.

  47. Towelie

    Faster than light travel should be possible, so theres no reason why UFOs cant be from another world, but just because FLT is possible doesnt mean time travel is. Everyhting weve found out so far through Quantum Mechanics says traveling faster than light is possible but time travel isnt.

  48. Prince

    Yes, we can call it spaceship, because its also able to travel space... many peoples calls it UFO because they cant identify it... but me, i also do call it "TIME VEHICLE OR MACHINE TIME" because its also can travel through time with THE SPEED OF LIGHT = C...If we can push something in the speed of light, then we can break time space... (E = MC2) has discovered by ALBERT EINSTEIN long time ago... and you say it now just an illusion for seeing UFO or make a time machine... think it again!!! " (E = MC2) has discovered by ALBERT EINSTEIN long time ago" its just the cover up by our elitism and government... and who is our elitism which controlling this world... religion inst, financial inst, politic,
    can u imagine how this world will be, if UFO has not been cover up...

    i have a simple theory to make you understand.. its hard to move even 1 particle through the speed of light in this air, it needs 300.000.000 horse power to move one particle in this air... unless through the dimension... oke2 have u ever seen triangle prism?? light is divided by prism as we know as the color of rainbow... so how can we make a great prism to operate dimension?? the answers is on the WATER & ICE... in world war 2 there is a project on antartica shouth pole by nazi germany...and second is WATER... deep sea... many project has been made there...

    So there is no wonder more.. if u heard about UFO appear from water or USO (unidentified submarine object)... because their base are there...

  49. Prince

    UFO/USO is a kind of time vehicle or time machine... they can travel through the speed of light and time are break there...e = mc2

  50. Chris

    I'm an optimist but more so I am a realist. This is the best documentary on UFO's I have ever seen, it's rationality and depth is key. It also has the greatest cliff-hanger to a documentary i've ever seen...

    1. Paul

      It doesn't really matter what people think, we all have an opinion and everybody is entitled to mine.I am truely a believer. Beam me up Scotty....

    2. mike

      check Wallymart parking lots at night---