The UFO Phenomenon

The UFO Phenomenon

2021, Mystery  -   9 Comments
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UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, have long been a popular subject of numerous books, TV shows, and movies. For most people, it firmly belonged to fantasy and science fiction. Talk of UFOs would almost always be met with a healthy dose of ridicule and especially skepticism towards those who claim to have seen one - or worse, abducted by aliens.

However, Fox Mulder and his friends who believe in flying saucers might have the last laugh. More than ever, UFOs are a hot topic in Washington and other relevant parts of the world, especially since the recent admissions from high-ranking US military and government officials that UAPs - or unexplained aerial phenomena - are real.

In 2019, a series of leaked tapes from the US Department of Defense showed infrared images taken from some of America's most sophisticated and cutting edge fighter jets and navy ships of unexplained aerial phenomena.

These UAPs were highly anomalous and had technology beyond anything encountered by humans. They directly engaged with US jets and pilots, hovering over the water, rapidly accelerating without accompanying sonic booms in seconds. And though these reports sound like the standard script from "nutty" UFO believers, it is now what senior-level officials are also saying.

Admitting that UAPs exist and that we have had active encounters with them is a shocking 180-degree turn in the US Air Force, FBI and CIA narrative. It was a constant push to debunk the subject and suspected coverups in the past. But now, this culture of denial has all but disappeared.

Popular Australian show 7 NEWS Spotlight's report "The UFO Phenomenon" takes a deep dive into these recent developments because it is not only the USA affected, but potentially also the Australian Government.

Australians in the thousands have been reporting UFO sightings dating back decades, with some notable notorious instances in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. For example, Exmouth, Western Australia, was the site of a famous 1991 sighting. A woman named Annie and two Australian Federal Police officers saw a diamond-shaped aircraft that hovered over their vehicle and moved faster than anything they had ever seen.

Further back, in 1966, half the school population of Westall High School in southwest Melbourne ran out into their football field to see a group of what they perceived were flying saucers. Teacher Terry Greenwood was visited by Australian military personnel and threatened not to talk about it.

At school, administrators also instructed staff and students not to talk about the incident, and the authorities have never given an official explanation of what happened. Today, 55 years later, Westall witnesses reunite to talk about what they experienced with the same clarity and certainty they did as children.

Even though more data is required to prove that UFOs exist ultimately, these new developments, at the very least, give us a tantalizing glimpse of the possibility that they do.

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Dickie Ticker
1 year ago

in the modern era of "everyone has a camera on their person" we still see this utter twaddle of 70s/80s-spec footage
viewers are being played for fools

1 year ago

This review is about this production. I am not either agreeing or disagreeing whether UFO phenomenon is true or not.
Suffice it to say this documentary has 2 minutes of fuzzy videos released by authorities in one country, which you can watch on YouTube. the rest is old material repeated here. badly produced. don't waste your time. if you have watched any other UFO Docs you probably have seen everything.
The obvious question every one should be asking is, doesn't this country have any high resolution high speed video cameras on board these ships. these 2 minute video is of less quality than armature videos of these flying things taken decades ago. maybe they should buy a better quality Chinese video recorders on eBay, they can take better recording next time!

1 year ago

Disinformation on disinformation!

Andrew Blackadder
1 year ago

If beings from another Galaxy are coming to visit us and yet they dont seem to land in Central Park or Golden Gate Park because they can see we are not as evolved as them and they know we have people who would start shooting at them, so they just wait, observe us, maybe even try and help us, or perhaps even pity our ignorance as they watch us killing each other over whos God has the biggest Penis.
I wish we could get clearer photos as they are always grainy...

1 year ago

There's nothing new here. Just someone trying to dramatize the UFO phenomena. I don't understand the high rating this video got -- must be just from the "believers."

Razzle Bathbone
1 year ago

To say that "Even though more data is required to prove that UFOs exist ultimately...." is nothing more than repeating the absurdly disingenuous denial mantra. These types will NEVER find "more data" to ultimately "prove" that UFOs exist because they are NEVER sincerely even looking for it. There is tons of evidence available from tons of "credible" sources. Start with Richard Dolan's books "UFOs and the National Security State". They are a HUGE rich history of proof from government documents and eyewitness reports. Hell, the US Navy has recently CONFIRMED years of interaction with UFOs that 'defy any technology that we have on Earth" (their words!) There is overwhelming evidence readily available for those who are SERIOUSLY looking.

1 year ago

..another UFO documentary that assumes you have done no prior research - a simple minded production for the like-minded viewer. the attempts to dramatise are quite flimsy.

the U in UFO means exactly that - unidentified! it does not automatically mean beings from another world or anything else *sigh*

mainstream journalism is still trying to manifest as an independent research body but its a sad reality that its is not. its just as controlled as any other mainstream media resource.