The Unending War

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This documentary recounts the story of the veterans who withdrew from the US army after realizing the truth to the made-up excuses of the US for Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The US invasions and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan after the September 11th incidents, under the name of war against terrorism, were the most costly wars in the history of the US which took a heavy tool of human lives and properties for the US, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Ten years ago, the Bush administration managed to convince the American public that invading Iraq was the only way to prevent another terrorist attack similar to 9/11.

Finding and destroying weapons of mass destruction and toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime were held up as legitimate reasons for the invasion.

President Bush and his advisers even naively believed that after Iraq had been 'liberated', it could become a shining example of democracy to inspire other Arab nations.

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    Trevis Robotie
  1. Trevis Robotie

    ....and the blind shall see....

  2. Gregor Bolderink
  3. Gregor Bolderink

    Who made this film? I tried to google the director: Majid Elhambakhsh. Nothing useful came up.

  4. Matt Smith
  5. Matt Smith

    living in any place where there's a war going on can be dangerous

  6. WiseGapist
  7. WiseGapist

    Not a bad doc overall. It's refreshing to hear the opinions of ex-military and helped restore some of my faith in people brainwashed into joining the armed forces. With any luck testimonials from veterans will be convincing to those less inclined to listen to soft liberal types such as myself. It amazes me that there are so many soldiers unable to grasp that their country's leaders do not give a sh*t about them outside of their death equating to one less soldier that can be deployed to kill/guard somewhere else.

    The (female) narrator is a poor choice as is some of the narrative script, though the doc is more than saved by the honest and revealing interviews.

    Recommended for all, especially those considering a stint in the armed forces ;)

  8. Francisco Martinez
  9. Francisco Martinez

    isn't that ungodly, what more can this guys do? there's got to be something somebody can do, they are patriots for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Francisco Martinez
  11. Francisco Martinez

    my heart goes out to them

  12. Robert Elliot
  13. Robert Elliot

    If you follow the Youtube link, apparently it's a PressTV (Iranian) production. This might be what provoked the banning of PressTV in the US recently. Damn fine documentary - the kind of journalism that turned Americans by the millions against the Vietnam war and the Pentagon and has since been so thoroughly and violently suppressed in order to prevent Americans from ever knowing again what horrendous crimes against humanity are being committed in their name. No one could call themselves Christians and support these wars after watching this, hence the need to bury it.

  14. Lisa Ostrouch
  15. Lisa Ostrouch

    Amazing! Very well-done.

  16. Michael Schwinn
  17. Michael Schwinn

    this guy juian assange will be arrested soon !

  18. WiseGapist
  19. WiseGapist

    Religion and war go hand in hand. The Crusades spring to mind...

  20. disqus_0qRcR2XYov
  21. disqus_0qRcR2XYov

    Finally the truth 10 years to late.

  22. Paul MacLeod
  23. Paul MacLeod

    Unfortunately, I think you'll find that Common Sense isn't as common as we once thought.

  24. disqus_0qRcR2XYov
  25. disqus_0qRcR2XYov

    Theres an endless source of new young naive men to sacrifice.

  26. wald0
  27. wald0

    You under estimate the power of lies that have been thoroughly, consistently, and systematically reinforced through out one's entire life. They start brain washing young males about the military literally by the time they are about five years old in America. This is also reinforced with constant lies about how our country has always stood for freedom, human rights, and democracy. It isn't until we are old enough to think for ourselves, be interested in global affairs and politics, and search out the truth- which isn't so easily found mind you- that we are even exposed to an alternate point of view. By then it is often too late. Many have invested so much into that kind of thinking by then that asking them to accept it was all lies is like asking them to reinvent themselves, to let go of all they have ever been told and learned and start over. It would be like asking anyone to forget about everything they had been taught about history and how their country fits into it, to forget about what they think they know of honor, commitment, service, etc. and trust that this time we are telling you the truth. It is not an easy sell, to say the least and don't forget, once you are in you can't get out without going to jail, being labeled a trader and a coward, never being able to get employment, etc. unless you meet the terms of your service.

    Not to mention that a huge amount of those who sign up do so because its literally the only career path with any chance of a steady, predictable future, a retirement, great insurance for the whole family, education opportunities for one's self and children, etc. left in this country. Ninety percent of people here are understandably consumed with THEIR life, how they will pay THEIR bills, raise THEIR children, etc. Sociologist discovered long ago that there exists a hierarchy of needs that must be met in a certain order, if they are not the person will most likely never consider anything past the need that isn't met. If I remember correctly it starts with basic food and shelter and progresses through things like a basic feeling of safety and a reasonable ability to predict the immediate future ending with one's need to be needed and loved. If these needs are not met we can forget the person ever even considering things like global politics, economics, morality, etc. Right now, in America, most are consumed with meeting these needs and securing the ability to do so for the foreseeable future. Until this is relieved they will not think of much else, and i don't blame them.

    If you even bring up subjects such as this with most everyday people that are struggling to make ends meet you can see the frustration in their eyes. They know things are not right but, they have sooo much to worry about already they just don't have the energy or time to star considering things that make one feel so bad, so guilty, so desperate to change things when they feel they can't. If you can't pay the bills changing global politics seems a little out of reach, to say the least.

  28. disqus_0qRcR2XYov
  29. disqus_0qRcR2XYov

    Religion is a tool used to unite a population in their sharing of hate

  30. wald0
  31. wald0

    Banned in the U.S.? I don't doubt that is technically true, however; I live in the U.S. and have watched quite a bit of press t.v. lately- so how "banned" can it really be? I'm telling you guys, they missed one when they let this whole internet thingy get started. We cannot let them stop it!!!! If they manage to get rid of anonymity online they will have struck a fatal blow to free speech as well. If they manage to censor sites they will have killed it outright- don't let it happen people.

  32. Mick Fraser
  33. Mick Fraser

    Again, nothing new here unless you've been traveling somewhere else in the universe the last ten years. Millions have died in unjust useless wars in that time.

    In this case, Congress and too many naive and/or stupid Americans got duped by a fat greedy man with a bad heart, Alfred E. Newman "what me worry?" and the scapegoat once great General they let fall on his sword.

    Serving in the military is bred into the culture and Manifest Destiny is still believed by many at the top. I am no Michael Moore, in fact he sucks too given that he has never really done anything significant but bring awareness to people who already know. But the US is owned by and run by sickos.

    There is a serious psychopathic epidemic at the top. Just like cream, scum always rises to the top.

  34. LoggerheadShrike
  35. LoggerheadShrike

    Agreed, this is all just rehash now. There is an enormous amount of documentary film and books written on this topic now. Strange, how it was so absent during the events, and the minute it's believed to be of the past, a tsunami of material appears.

    I've become extremely suspicious lately about anything media-related (including documentaries) and to be honest I would not be surprised if the agenda here is to get us all used to being scammed and abused as the new normal.

  36. branrx
  37. branrx

    Mission Accomplished... George Bush

  38. wald0
  39. wald0

    This doc. makes some great, factual points. But, it also goes too far at times with out right lies. No doctor has ever prescribed alcohol as a cure for PTSD, if they did it was an isolated incident and they should be sued for malpractice and have their license removed. Yes, soldiers that have been wounded are often prescribed potentially addictive pain killers but, if they didn't do so this same doc. would be reporting they didn't care about the soldiers pain. I would say this is about ninety percent accurate, which is bad enough. I am in no way defending the actions of our military, the U.S. policies against Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan, or this ridiculously false war on terror in general mind you. I think Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and friends should all get prosecuted for war crimes and that what we have done to the Iraqi citizen or are still doing in Guantanamo is unthinkable. That said this doc. definitely has an agenda in mind, one should remember that while viewing it. Their over all point may be dead on the money but, some of the details are almost laughable at times. Not that i blame them for making this, if some country was threatening military action against my own, whether justified or not, I would do all I could to convince their soldiers not to fight. I just think it would be more effective if they didn't exaggerate, when the truth is more than enough it only hurts your case to do so.

    Saying things like Muslims don't kill themselves like Americans because their religion teaches them not to conveniently ignores the phenomenon of suicide bombing, which often kills hundreds of innocent people, even other Muslims and does not happen in spite of their religion but because of their religion. Besides, if the only reason you don't kill yourself is because the eye in the sky might see I am not so sure your doing much better than we are. These guys are taking isolated incidents and trying to make them seem like they are common, everyday, occurrences. I could do the same with almost any country and make them seem like demons.

  40. wald0
  41. wald0

    Thanks for the link, that letter is... well, I am kind of still stunned from reading it. It grabs you, I mean deep and hard, and will not let go. The fact that this letter never made the main stream media speaks volumes. I wonder if Cheney or Bush ever even read it, I doubt they did.

    P.S. Everyone should check out the fake Bush interview with Rolling Stones at the bottom of the above link as well, its hilarious.

  42. Glen Hale
  43. Glen Hale

    ALL war are funded by big banks ford , IBM were in there supporting Hitler in WW11 we supply the cannon fodder.

  44. oQ
  45. oQ

    I had read the fake Bush interview also, laughing my BO...was almost tempted to post it here.

  46. Jordan Nash
  47. Jordan Nash

    Sad, very very sad. Karma's gonna be a bitch.

  48. Unity
  49. Unity

    Very well put, you made a couple of excellent points. The first is people's priorities or the hierarchy of needs, which now seem to be more with people obsessing with fashion, sports, ever increasing concern with social status and the many different sources of entertainment... "Bread and Circuses(Games)".

    One point I identified with was seeing that frustration in people's eyes, searching desperately for a "reasonable" answer to whatever fact they've been given. It's that denial mentioned by you and the documentary, no one wants to have lived a lie, especially if that life is against his/her own values

  50. grom
  51. grom

    you americans are so naive. As long as human walked on earth they conquered each other for resources nowadays oil , opium etc. and control. It's the same today like it has been in stone age, but at a bigger and more modern scale :) . So wake up !

    And those crybabies soldiers , what did they expect ? They wanted army , war, trigger happy idiots, then face the consequences !

  52. LoggerheadShrike
  53. LoggerheadShrike

    quote - "If you can't pay the bills changing global politics seems a little out of reach"

    Actually, that's just been drilled into our heads.

    When we're doing well, they tell us the people won't resist as long as there's food on the table; they're too comfortable to care. When we're doing poorly, they say the people won't resist because they're too busy trying to get food to put on the table. See how that works? Neat trick, huh?

    The reality is that it isn't because we're increasingly desperate that we don't resist, it's because we're brainwashed with a thousand little tricks like the one I just described, delivered by awesomely powerful technological media.

  54. CapnCanard
  55. CapnCanard

    Let them keep their 'common sense'. Instead, I suggest we use 'good sense' as a counter balance their 'common sense'. But these are just words... like the abuse of the word 'conspiracy', as if people would never ever conspire and the use of the word is forbidden..Or the word 'terrorism', as if fighting war on 'terrorism' isn't a way to 'terrorize' people to comply with the authoritarian warlords.

  56. Garrett de Koning
  57. Garrett de Koning

    A very interestin article and just proves that soldiers veterans today are used and abusied and when Mothers Fathers Family go against the powers to be they class them as unpatriotic and should be charged with treason. The way I see it the President and past Presidents should be charged for treason for what they have done and doing to a great country. Not every one is ready to go it alone and the military use this on people with propaganda and lies.

  58. LoggerheadShrike
  59. LoggerheadShrike

    This isn't made by Iraq so it isn't Iraqis trying to "convince [invading] soldiers not to fight" ... nor do I think the point about suicide had anything to do with Islam or being an American, but the nature of being human. If you do heinous things that are revolting to the mind, when you never had to put yourself in that situation but chose to for reasons that weren't truthfully very good, you'll become sick in the mind, and if you let it fester rather than redeeming yourself, there's a chance it will come to suicide.

    This is different than if you have to do heinous things for reasons that were never your own choice, to protect your family for example ... that will still affect you, it will give you pain all your life, but not so bad as in the former case.

    And yes naturally there is an agenda here. It is what's known as "limited hangout"

  60. Naddi
  61. Naddi

    lol for those of you who dont know
    PRESS TV is an iranian state owned tv station

  62. milomonk
  63. milomonk

    because an American television station will never show anything like this, just because a TV station is owned by the US doesn't make it anymore credible if anything it makes it less

  64. panthera f
  65. panthera f

    And you Americans are STILL suprised about WHY they HATE your guts ?
    I am not.

  66. Lastviewer
  67. Lastviewer

    So? Business as usual? War.
    I wonder what was worst: Either the napalm bombing of quiet remote Viet village or that shooting in Irak? Who on planet earth doesn't know of USA way of life? I even think that made Kissinger a hero
    We all know he's a war criminal. One more, one less on the paperclip list.
    The thing is this: If the occident stop abusing and harassing the weak nations, where else (Apart the US) we'll order our raw materials?
    Or "Money", I should have said. Easy money with a gun.
    Then, the international corporates would need to feed on its own peoples.
    Something the banks begun to do these few last years.
    Being an atheiste, I'm not so found if this.
    As I read below: Living over there is not safe.
    And living in the US isn't sain.
    If anyone who's in a rage for any reason, good of bad; dress up with army clothing, brings arms & weapons to a nearby bar, it obviously can happen that he'll be involved in a shout out, get killed of bare resentment for life.
    This is it. For ever.

  68. Peter Wilson
  69. Peter Wilson

    I agree with comments made concerning "10 years later we get a rash of documentaries". What would be valuable would be documentaries exposing the lies that pave the way for invading Syria and Iran. Also, where is any meaningful reporting on U.S. and European support of the murderous "rebels" in Syria? Does anyone believe our "government" would hesitate to use brutal force to repel "rebels" being trained, armed and financially supported by foreign countries were they to engage in attacking and occupying U.S. border towns and cities? I do NOT say to U.S. military men and women "thank you for your service". I let them know that I do not support U.S. missions that consistently bring misery to innocent people in foreign lands.

  70. BF GS
  71. BF GS

    I havent watched this yet, but who says this isn't the anti-government making up conspiracy and lies, editing the words of the accounts of real people to make a favourable impression to support THEIR side.

  72. Unity
  73. Unity

    Check out today's new doc: Freedom: Are you a Freedom Seeker? They mention the hierarchy of needs you talk about (they call it the pyramid of needs by Abraham Moslow). You called upon it ;)

  74. saturn
  75. saturn

    Very good doc, but normally, sheep (majority) don't watch anything on this site, they are hooked to Fox, NBC, CBS etc.

  76. Rocky Racoon
  77. Rocky Racoon

    America is imploding from within-it will soon be over. Fracking for Oil is causing earthquakes and poisoning the water supply for the entire nation-they are literally killing themselves. Well set up for the kill by monster Dick Cheney and his energy policy the one that Gave Shale Gas Companies permission to Frack exempt from EPA approval and regulations-to top it off it is another wall street bubble the gas will be gone in less than 20 years and already many companies are going belly up being bought up by the Bigger fish. They are doing the same things Rockefeller did and **** during their domestic oil boom 100 years ago and it is the same families more or less doing it again. This time they have gone to far I guess they think they can survive off planet or something or will be happy on some isolated island. Good Luck with that. Unless we have a serious confrontation with Corporate Power Globally-those on the bottom have to get it together and join across class lines never mind nationality race religion etc. and get it together-to save the species it is that serious as these corporations have about 500 years and more ruling the planet. Things with North Korea for example can get out of hand very easily and Kerry just pushed up things in Syria we could go up in smoke anytime.

  78. Rocky Racoon
  79. Rocky Racoon

    Corruption is endemic in all of our social institutions-with rare exceptions of ethical pockets of people who usually go along to get along according "today's political realities" well how many here have ever spoken up about a wrong practice or procedure or injustice and kept their mouth shut over fear of losing one's job?

  80. Rocky Racoon
  81. Rocky Racoon

    They have been so desperate for truths they let many into the military that at one time would have been rejected-they lupen and sent them to overseas which is why we are seeing so much barbarism it is just inhuman what these soldier's are doing to innocent men women and children. Now more kill themselves than are being killed by the enemy they just can't live with themselves once they get back home either.

  82. Rocky Racoon
  83. Rocky Racoon

    I agree I always check the alternative sources. The difference in reporting is astounding. I watched a report regarding the Cypriot situation and could not believe how little they made out of the bail-in saying no one showed up to even bother to get their money or their was no protests nothing-the entire nation was in the streets to stop it and I believe they had an impact and rolled back the severity of the theft. What is also not being reported is that our governments have given these banks the same right to go into depositor's accounts and steal them converting them into stock first and paying them back with it so they get 2 cents on the dollar and the big bond holder's get paid off in full.

  84. Rocky Racoon
  85. Rocky Racoon

    have you ever seen such mediocrity such as these pieces of work given so much power? These neo-cons are all defective characters. Very damaged individuals Cheney is a prime example he is so far from reality-but like I said he will be the one who is responsible for the ultimate demise of America Fracking is destroying them from within the entire eastern portion of the country it is like injecting one self with poison from head to toe. Sick Sick Sick

  86. Rocky Racoon
  87. Rocky Racoon

    Oh they are tryng but it is also useful they will probably wrap it up one they get all the data out of it. Every person who ever goes on the net and everything they have every said or written everything that is on computer's connected to the net is getting their personal profile made out so they can say if you get arrested at a protest and wrote a Marxist perspective in University they can use that against you and say you are a terrorists-or if you have medical profitel used drugs etc all in the name of national security remember how fascinated everyone was over the German Bureaucracy which coinded the term the "banality of evil" just how matter of record keeping they wrote down their crimes how many they killed how many pairs of shoes they collected how many teeth I don't know what records they kept but that was one of the things that seemed to make an impression on many in the West. Good record keeping is now seen as part of the national character and a positive attribute. So we are still so twisted. In America today corporations have more rights than people and indeed are considered people-so if that is not the corporatist state and if that is not fascism than I don't know what is.

  88. LoggerheadShrike
  89. LoggerheadShrike

    Indeed and all of our citizens too. People try to come up with complicated reasons why our economy is beginning to fail - it's simple, from top to bottom, from the janitor to the CEO, everyone is gaming the system and trying to squeeze as much out of it for the least contribution to it. Workers don't care about the corporations that employ them, corporations don't care about their workers, etc.

    It's exactly the same as what happened to the Soviets. Endemic corruption and bureaucratic abuse led to a lack of care and rising cynicism, eventually manifesting as minimal effort and maximum gaming of the system.

  90. Sebastian Gonzalez
  91. Sebastian Gonzalez

    idk what the average human in a bubble sees, all i know is the west has been sending troops over there since the 1500's

  92. goldensilence
  93. goldensilence

    Religion has always been the classic casus beli for obvious psychological reasons and this is a fine testament to the sheer stupididty of some people. If they actually read their religious teachings they all state specifically thou shalt not murder. Anyone saying otherwise has been misled by propaganda. How many rapture worshipping maniacs in the US now supporting war against Iran? How many Muslims willing to kill themselves and others for their religion? Its insane and it is not what religion teaches supports or condones. Too often people state religion is the cause of war and this is absurd, akin to labeling fire as evil because someone died in a house fire. If people cant distinguish this then they lack the very same logical thought capacity that the religious murderers do

  94. bringmeredwine
  95. bringmeredwine

    Rumsfeld has always been on the scene whenever something unsavoury is going on.
    He always lands on his feet.
    I swear this man has signed a pact with the devil.

  96. bringmeredwine
  97. bringmeredwine

    And the Canadian government wants" in" on the action.
    Someone stands to make more money than God if we ever hammer out an agreement for a pipeline from Alberta all the way to Louisiana .
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Alberta is becoming a giant ugly Tar Sands pit.
    On the other hand, it makes me sick seeing all the damage done to ordinary Americans by all the fracking right in their back yards. I care lots for my U.S. neighbors
    Some provinces have expressed interest in selling their fresh water to the U.S. ('cause eventually all the fracking will deplete or pollute their drinking water.)
    The powers- that- be in Canada are just as corrupt, but not as rich as your American "neo-cons"
    One more thing; our police have also merrily handed over "suspected" terrorists to your government, who in turn sent these people, Canadian citizens to Guantanamo.
    I'm just ranting now, so I'm gonna shut up!.

  98. bringmeredwine
  99. bringmeredwine

    People are already being turned away at the US border for stuff they tweeted to their friends. I'll bet we're all being monitored too!

  100. bringmeredwine
  101. bringmeredwine

    And Buddhists, of all people, are now killing Muslims; led by their monks!

  102. Dillon Randy Hillier
  103. Dillon Randy Hillier

    This doc was alright till Mike Prysner said most people that join dont want to go to war. F*ck you. Maybe if your some WOG MOS. Super misleading and biased.

  104. goldensilence
  105. goldensilence

    Really? I have not heard of this. That must be some hardcore cognitive dissonance going on there.

  106. bringmeredwine
  107. bringmeredwine

    Check out bbcnews. com.
    Sadly, Its been going on for years now.

  108. bringmeredwine
  109. bringmeredwine

    I couldn't find the page I was telling you about, so you can just google it if you want more info.
    These atrocities are happening in Burma and India.

  110. Ðaniel Çurtis
  111. Ðaniel Çurtis

    dude...North Korea is a super poor epic fail place...i guess you didn't know that.Their would never be a war over that place...unless the south wants it back....other than that its a waste of time to think anything the little man said,cause for the most part he says stuff like that for his own ppl to watch cause their brainwashed and such..go check it out,And syria....we will be doing what we always do//sell them guns(prolly both sides)etc...and send in spec ops stuff for some kills..

  112. goldensilence
  113. goldensilence

    Thanks. India and Burma have always had issues because of
    their shared border and this wont be helped by the fact the US is friendly with
    India while China courts Burma. I'd say religion has
    little to do with this either.

  114. matt
  115. matt

    this was super biased. so hard to find a doc that isn't nowadays.

  116. David Brands
  117. David Brands

    Right. You haven't watched it yet but you've already think it's an anti-government conspiracy. This is why people on the right are called reactionaries. React first, think later (if at all).

  118. fratdawgg23
  119. fratdawgg23

    The players change, but the USA's game remains the same. The US has not participated in an honorable war since 1945, yet the bloodshed continues for the protection and enrichment of the One-Percent.

  120. zimb abwe
  121. zimb abwe

    good response fratdawg, you're "onto it"

  122. Enzu
  123. Enzu

    Very good watch!

    If the US doesn´t choose an independant president soon, that can clear up all the mess, I think that within a 100 years there will be no more US. Maybe no more humanity either...


  124. Enzu
  125. Enzu

    Unless they get the nuke, and the US have one too many war games with south korea on norths border...

  126. Gordon Giroux
  127. Gordon Giroux

    hard to believe the military havn't killed that wikkileaks guy yet

  128. TBNRKooby
  129. TBNRKooby

    All the recruiters are like "oh if you join you'll get money"
    also at schools they show us "we are the good guys we help out" ,but really they hide everything behind our backs

  130. TBNRKooby
  131. TBNRKooby

    Honestly why do people do this? I think is because in violent movies they make it that the protagnist is invincible and kills everyone, then kids think it is very cool and want to join

  132. Cleese DaVinci
  133. Cleese DaVinci

    There was nothing honorable about fighting for Stalin. The last time we had to defend this country was the War of 1812.

  134. Eric Lawson
  135. Eric Lawson

    Wow what a mess we are in now in Iraq!!!There will never be any peace for those people. To many dead or displaced seeking revenge.When Nelson Mandela was asked why did the USA go to War in Iraq he answered with one word OIL!!!! As long as there is Oil in Iraq there will be no Peace !!It will be interesting to see how this current ISIS surge will be handled by the current administration !! Lets all hope Iran is not pulled into this current conflict !!!

  136. InvisibleHandInMyPants
  137. InvisibleHandInMyPants

    The unending war has ended. At least for the US. Thank You, President Obama.

  138. BIGDAVE54
  139. BIGDAVE54

    I could care less what some f***** from Sweden has to say about anything. This lil girlieman goes all over the world to badmouth the USA . My country goes out into the world and tries to help people in need just like they did in WW1 and WW2. My brother was in France a few months ago near the Normandy landing beaches. Several of the older local people came up to him in a restaurant and shook his hand they had never forgot the service my country did decades before. A**hats like this character mean nothing.

  140. Dominic
  141. Dominic

    I would recommend you watch Hitler & His American Allies on YT!! Its illuminating. We are all collatoral damage for the old & new (Corporate) aristocrats. However you cloak patriotism up its good for GDP.
    You think the The Fed are concerned with America`s dead & maimed Christian soldiers? They spend over $ 650BILLION per annum on military hardware while the bankers meanwhile have RASHED American society. Watch MELTDOWN on YT.
    Tell you its a learning curve. I wish America would wake up to this usery.

  142. peterspc
  143. peterspc

    the problem with wikileaks is that they should have takeing the video to the united nations war crimes commission and let them deal with it , and then bradley manning would have been a witness and not condemned as a criminal , so you must now ask what has the war crimes commission done about the video since ? ? ?

  144. cstack
  145. cstack

    amazing that in this time of unlimited information some cant seem to grasp that there are two , three even four sides to a story . just think what the 650 billion could have done for domestic issues and we gripe about welfare moms and school lunches draining the system

  146. Kevin Johnson
  147. Kevin Johnson

    Uneducated moron,he is Australian,your comment is as constructive as diarrhea.

  148. Emily
  149. Emily

    when you join the military, you don't get to choose what war you fight. I respect the guys who have seen war and decide to leave the military but the guys who refuse to go to war are freakin pussies and should never have joined the military in the first place!

  150. jackmax
  151. jackmax

    How much time have you spent in the defence force?
    If you haven't spent anytime in one of the services then how is it that you feel you have the right to condemn others that have served in the defence force.
    Do you know the rights of a soldier or are you just giving your opinion without any knowledge on the policies of the dept of defence?
    Why upvote yourself, are you aware to all you have done by doing that is showing other that you are full of your own self importance.

    and yes I am a returned serviceman that has done multiple tours of duties.

  152. Emily
  153. Emily

    i think you need to re-read what i said. i am thanking all who have served and greatly respect all servicemen!
    what i'm saying is one who joins the defence force expecting not to serve in war is stupid. there pushing the burden onto other servicemen which is not fair for defence force members.

  154. jackmax
  155. jackmax

    You called them "freakin pussies" and that's an insult, not referring to their non-combatant service.
    Did you know that there are some that are enlisted that aren't allowed to enter a war zone, would you call them either "stupid" or "freakin pussies".

    The amount of service personnel that refuse to be deployed to a war zone would be such a small percentage that the other members that are serving in these areas would not feel the effect at all, due to the fact that is an administration problem prior to those members being deployed.

    Would you call any member of the national guard either stupid or freakin pussies as they an internal defence force.

  156. Chadsworth
  157. Chadsworth

    The majority of French Women at the time said that they would have rather had the Germans because the Allies raped so many. Your government doesn't help anyone, you are just as evil as the so called dictators for which you instate then topple when they stop being useful.

    WW1 you did actually help so yes thank you but in WW2 we were still losing after you joined the war, Russia did the brunt of the fighting where you supplied them equipment then you portray them as evil. you also seem to forget the ANZAC soldiers who helped fight on the Pacific and Western front. WW2 went from an alliance of countries working together to stop an evil dictator to America rolling through spreading freedom and liberating the needy.

  158. Shiboo
  159. Shiboo

    As an Iranian, I would take everything mentioned here with a grain of salt because PressTV, not unlike FOX and other counter parts is FULL of propaganda as they are ALL biased & pro Iran! :)

    A lot of truth yes, but the danger is that they mix lies with their truth!

  160. candy coat
  161. candy coat

    im so glad this is finally getting out god job , i love how there are so many commenters are locking in , i can feel a big rising movement coming soon ,this is going to be the year ,if we could get our military all on the same page and law enforcement (local). to do the right thing, and realize money and power should not come before humanity and the planet we all must share ,we could support the few good men in in congress like Trey Gowdy and really drain the swamp starting with the W H and pentagon /military industry complex commanders , put all those real criminal terrorist in Guantanamo swap out with citizens being held illegally presently , this is would be a pro active step our veterans will feel better to know it wasnt all in vein , we can change the past but if dont get a grip on our future than we might as bend over for the child -moes who are in charge now , this is as logic and simple as it should be so lets begin now we know who needs to do what get the word out in every town read everyone's comments just on this page is a a sign we're all get it now its time to do more than twitter gather all you oath keepers we the people stand with you and for you no more fear nothing to lose ,and EVERYTHING to gain ,FUTURE OF HUMANITY ''OUR'' WORLD , don't let our differences divide us, what we have in common is worth standing united freedom,healthy life ,equality and liberty in PEACE

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