Vaccine Nation

Vaccine Nation

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Vaccine NationIn the United States, the number of mandatory vaccine injections has risen to 36 per child. Each of these injections contains neurotoxins such as aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal by-products, heavy metals, and many others. What happens to a child's fragile immune system when it's overloaded with these toxins? From the award-winning director of The Drugging of our Children, Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own and AIDS Inc. - comes the latest film of critical social importance: Vaccine Nation.

For most people, vaccinating themselves and their children seems like a good idea. Vaccines are safe, effective and are supposed to protect us against dangerous infectious diseases - Right? Wrong! What you don’t know can harm you or kill you! In this groundbreaking film, you will: See the truth about the dangers of vaccines and their direct relationship to autoimmune diseases, infections, allergies and a massive increase of developmental learning and behavioral disorders in children, such as Autism. Discover the truth about the history of vaccines and how they have NEVER been proven to be safe and effective for anyone. Witness the legacy of governmental deception and cover-ups associated with vaccines.

Learn about the corruption within the scientific community and how vaccine studies are seriously flawed. You’ll also follow heart-wrenching, real life stories of the parents and children devastated by the effects of vaccines. Join director Gary Null PhD and over 40 of the worlds foremost vaccine experts in this shocking expose’ that will shatter the truth as you know it.

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  1. The most evil man in all history of mankind..Masterbates and his manmade virus

  2. When you have close friends and family who know for certain that after their baby was vaccinated, they (within hours) began regressing- stopped walking, talking, connecting with others; there is room to doubt that vaccines are safe for everyone. Then, when you look at the History of our United States government supplying the public with materials that later caused great illness and death i.e. lead based paint, early years of birth control, the early days of gas in homes, or even electricity, etc.- There is certainly room for pause. Then one is able to look at all of the data themselves. Look at the motives between the two parties in opposition. There is no doubt in my mind or in my heart that vaccines are toxic for our youth.

  3. connecting vaccines and autism today is completely ridiculous. i am both autistic and vaccinated and am very glad i was inoculated against these diseases. refusing to vaccinate your children because of a paper that has been disputed countless times is literally saying that you'd rather your children be dead than autistic

    1. Curiously, you didn't follow your name with MD or PhD, Erin.

    2. What a ridiculous statement. I have 3 vaccine injured children, one autistic. I can assure you each and every one was vaccine related.

    3. Erin there are plenty of compelling testimonials, some in the film Vaxxed that indeed does reveal an anomalous health situation. One paper is not it. Studies have not been conducted to suss this out fairly nor extensively. I got the MMR cocktail decades ago, and fell very ill from what is now deemed to be non-paralytic polio, so don't think I haven't considered the polio vaccine, which in fact can cause polio rather than prevent it as it does in most, but not all. Please watch the film and explain why you won't consider that they missed a big something...

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  5. Vaccine Nation: In the United States, the number of mandatory vaccine injections has risen to 36 per child. Each of these injections contains neurotoxins such as aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal by-products, heavy metals, and many others. What happens to a child's fragile immune system when it's overloaded with these toxins? From the award-winning director of The Drugging of our Children, Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own and AIDS Inc. - comes the latest film of critical social importance: Vaccine Nation.

    For most people, vaccinating themselves and their children seems like a good idea. Vaccines are safe, effective and are supposed to protect us against dangerous infectious diseases - Right? Wrong! What you don’t know can harm you or kill you! In this groundbreaking film, you will: See the truth about the dangers of vaccines and their direct relationship to autoimmune diseases, infections, allergies and a massive increase of developmental learning and behavioral disorders in children, such as Autism. Discover the truth about the history of vaccines and how they have NEVER been proven to be safe and effective for anyone. Witness the legacy of governmental deception and cover-ups associated with vaccines.

    Learn about the corruption within the scientific community and how vaccine studies are seriously flawed. You’ll also follow heart-wrenching, real life stories of the parents and children devastated by the effects of vaccines. Join director Gary Null PhD and over 40 of the worlds foremost vaccine experts in this shocking expose’ that will shatter the truth as you know it.

    1. well said!

  6. On a personal note, our only child has been affected for life as a result of neurotoxic vaccination reaction/damage, neurotoxic pesticides exposures and neurotoxic water fluoridation chemicals (in everything we eat, drink and bathe in) since December, 2008 - I at the time had no knowledge of the neurotoxic chemical cocktail of vaccinations which were to be injected into my baby. He had a violent reaction and he became desperately ill, he stopped breathing a lot, we had a monitor on him but the screaming and jerking were so bad that after he was continuing to stop breathing, we walked the floors with him day and night to ensure he wasn’t a SIDS statistic - his whole body was jerking, jumping, high pitched screaming, convulsions, vaccine induced encephalitis, vomiting, gastric, later started head banging (we believe violent headaches) he developed lots of sickness, including chronic asthma, eczema, allergies, gastric reflux, gastric, and horrendous disorders of behaviour, including violent and destructive outburts, mood, temperament, emotional etc.. with numerous diagnoses over the years (labels for neurotoxic chemical brain injury) such as Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Parental Child Conflict Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Speech & Language Disorder, Panic Attacks, as well as the asthma, allergies, Skin problems, Infections, Immune Dysfunction, Leaking gut, Chemical Injury/Chemical Sensitivity/MCS & ors. (from the toxic, neurotoxic chemicals (& carcinogenic compounds) in the vaccines and other neurotoxic chemical exposures (such as pesticide exposures (also potent neurotoxins & carcinogens ) and water fluoridation chemicals (potent neurotoxins & carcinogens ) later in life when we were ‘fluoridated’ in Dec. 2008) - his life and our’s has been very difficult because of all his problems especially severe behavioural/emotionally/moods…..

  7. I find this movie be terribly irresponsible and full of false causation and poor journalism. The Yurko case, most obviously is compelling to suggest bad police investigation or american injustice, but does virtually NOTHING to support the relationship between the death of his child and vaccination. The fact that so much time is spent on this case just proves how desperate this movie is to create something compelling. What a bunch of fear mongering and non-sense and a waste of an hour and a half except to say I have heard the other side.

    1. You either did not watch the film or you are lying. One or the other. People paying attention know so you fool no one. This is what opened my eyes years ago so now I help open many other eyes.

  8. As with any medical treatment it's a statistical decision. The cold hard fact is the statistical chance that your unvaccinated child will contract one of these awful diseases is much greater than the statistical chance that the vaccinated child might have a SERIOUS reaction to a vaccine. The really sad reality is that if this ignorant trend of not vaccinating continues and increases the chance that the unvaccinated child will contract a vaccine preventable disease will go up as herd immunity decreases.

    This has already happened in the UK and in pockets of unvaccinated children in the US.

    The thing to remember is these are not harmless childhood diseases. They ALL have the potential to cause serious lasting effects and even death.

    Before you decide to not vaccinate your child you should talk to a parent who has lost a child to one of these diseases. Hear what they have to say about losing a child to a disease that could have been easily prevented.

    1. ...Except that you can't find a parent in the US who has lost a healthy child to chickenpox, hepatitis B, or the flu. What you CAN find are thousands who have a vaccine-injured child. And that idea about the benefits outweighing the risks? Have you a shred of data to support that statement? Were children dying in droves of Chickenpox in the 1980's? I can't seem to recall the chickenpox epidemic, ......but I know all about the autism epidemic.

    2. Your statement is simply FALSE. The risks are greater to contract a permanent life altering neurological or auto immune disease than it is to contract a temporary virus.
      Not vaccinating your child is not a trend it is a choice a parent should make based on whether they want to take those risks. You cant argue with a parent who does not want to inject their child with something full of chemicals known to have adverse side effects. I do not and will never understand why people who are provax are so concerned about children who are unvaxxed being around their children at school???? If your child is vaccinated he/she should be safe right? Do your research. These diseases were not abolished by vaccines in this country. Big pharmaceutical likes to show you half of the truth not the whole truth. Yes these diseases were on the decline after vaccines were introduced but what they don't tell you is they greatly reduced before the vaccines. The vaccines were introduced long after the major decline. The whole theory of herd immunity is such a crock of shit. The theory of herd immunity started and occurs only when people contracted the infection naturally there for acquiring natural immunity for a lifetime. "You get the chicken pox once your good" theory. The vaccine companies latched on to this concept and created a false concept that not only is dangerous but is designed to make money.I can't wrap my brain around any person especially a mother who would inject their child with 49 doses of chemically treated substances before the age of 6 to "prevent" a childhood disease and risk a lifetime of health. It's ridiculous. To each their own....

    3. I am totally with you. I had someone tell me that it isn't about me! I can't get why everyone is so fired up about my kid getting sick. If you vaccinate or immunise your child, why are you concerned about mine who may be shedding real viruses? Your child won't get it---right? I am prepared to look after my child if he gets sick, and I hope that his clean environment and healthy food have maintained his immune system well enough to fight it with the help of any meds my doctor needs to prescribe. I can't find any info on the last death from measles in Canada, but this is from the States: "Measles is fatal in about 0.2% of cases." and " in the outbreaks in Europe in 2011, ... 30,000 people got measles, causing 8 deaths," All happened in "unvaccinated (82%) or incompletely vaccinated (13%) people."

    4. You have no understanding of the immune system and how it works. Go and read a 7th grade science book. If you are exposed to a virus for which you have no antibodies to you will get that virus. Your immune system only fights it if it's made antibodies to the virus. There are only TWO ways this can happen. 1. You contract the disease and then have antibodies. or 2. You are vaccinated and this stimulates the immune system to make antibodies to the virus. It's basically the same process, except with the vaccine your poor child doesn't have to suffer through the disease.

      Why should people worry if their kid is vaccinated and yours isn't? Because some children are too young to be vaccinated and some children and adults are immunocompromised. They might have cancer or some other issue. But I'm sure you have no interest in social responsibility. You don't believe in herd immunity, but that's exactly what's been preventng your kid from getting sick. If more and more don't vaccinate you won't be getting away with hiding in the herd anymore.

    5. Lady--all my kids were vaccinated. I'm being rhetorical here-disturbing if you will--and showing how people who are fixed in their minds can be nasty and judgmental.

    6. The vaccine your child receives doesn't guarantee that ANY anti-boby, let alone the targeted virulent, will be the anti-boby produced.
      The anti-boby made may be the rejection of this vaccination . Also if the vaccine contains squaline, your child now is producing an anti-boby AGAINST a Vital brain dwelling substance that is natural to humans. The immunity system now ATTACKS this natural squaline, leaving the brain and your child helplessly, and life long attack on the childs brain.
      Good luck, on your next GAMBLING guess.
      I have NEVER had chickenpox (even after being quarantined with my sister & brother), the common cold, the Flu, measles, mumps, whooping cough, or any other common diseases.
      I WAS NEVER VACCINATED!! For any of them either....just a thought

    7. My grandmother lost her 2-month old to whooping cough in 1919, but she was totally against immunisation and vaccination. Although she grieved, she believed that such procedures went against Nature. She had great faith in the God she had grown up to believe in, and considered the little one's death to be God's will.

  9. i would never get myself or my child vaccinated, due to not being fully aware of the ingredients and affects of these ingredients. After watching this, I understand that even they do not know the affect, it has not even been tested, thus they cannot confirm or deny, cancers, ADD, Autism and other learning disorders, that the reasons for vaccines being used in the first place was not even based on scientific proof that these worked!

    1. The ingredients that are in vaccines are clearly listed on the package insert for the vaccine. You can also find that information on the CDC web site and on the pharmaceutical companies web site.

      These ingredients along with the amounts used have been extensively tested for safety. There is a mountain of propaganda, all of it wrong that is coming from the antivaxx crowd. They will tell you there is everything from aborted fetal cells to monkey brains in vaccines. All of this is false.

      You are incorrect when you claim that none of the vaccines and their ingredients have been tested. They most certainly have been. Google PubMed: Vaccine and safety. You will quickly see hundreds of studies that have been done.

      There are literally hundreds if not thousands of studies finding absolutely NO connection between autism, ADD, or cancer.

      Your claim that vaccines haven't been shown to work is simply absurd! Too absurd to even dignify with an answer. Don't believe they work? Go to the CDC or WHO web site and take a look at the statistics before vaccines were introduced and after they were introduced. The evidence is incontrovertible.

    2. Most of the companies (if not all) who have done this testing, are linked to big pharma.

    3. and the above post proved what exactly?

    4. So I am told that you need proof beyond " correlation with causation. (hint initial vaccine age and testing for autism tend to be the approx same time)," as stated by over the edge, and yet susan g is using an argument based on "the statistics before vaccines were introduced and after they were introduced."

      I am not convinced. I believe that there is more to play in nature then we are allowing to be brought to the surface. We are animals and we do belong to something bigger.

      I do not like to be the one to bring this up, but I feel it must be said; We are not God.

  10. I so love when people like you say it all, for I do not even need to say anything, but man I have to say one thing,.. take it easy on yourself, this is a public forum....

  11. And hroi, if you think that there is no corruption in the scientific community especially when big rich and powerful companies, like oil and pharmaceutical, are running the show, you are clearly living in a fantasy world.

  12. I can't believe you would rather gamble with your child’s life & mental health and development by immunising rather than using your common sense with protecting them environmentally from diseases like polio Sarah Daniels. That seems to be a very uneducated decision you have made.

    1. And just how do you protect them environmentaly from contracting a disease like meningitis, polio, or tetanus? Do you keep your child in a plastic bubble?

  13. Sadly vaccines have possible serious side effects, but think of all the lives they have saved and the illnesses they have prevented. It's a gamble but I would personally rather be vaccinated than worry about something like Polio.

    1. come to my house for a month and then tell me it's worth the gamble

    2. Sarah, that remark could only be made by someone who has not had to go through what the parents of all those with vaccine injured children have had to go through. Polio was already on the decline before the vax came out.

    3. It is this claim by the antivaxxers I find to be the most dishonest and despicable.

      You see I lived through the polio epidemic of the 50's. My own Father died from polio at age 26. He died only a couple of years before the vaccine became available.

      It is a lie to say that polio was on the decline anyway. People were afraid to leave their homes! Google: famous people who have had polio. You will be shocked at the number. EVERYONE either had a family member or knew of someone who contracted polio during this time. The epidemic was RAGING right up to the time the vaccine became available. People couldn't line up fast enough to get the vaccine. People were so grateful the Salk and Sabin. They could live their lives without the fear of getting infected.To say it was declining is the height of dishonesty.

      Google "The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Vaccines Didn't Save us Gambit"

  14. It was mentioned at the start of the comments that African babies would greatly benefit from immunizations that are commonplace in western society - ultimately saving them from death which could otherwise be easily prevented. Yes of course this is granted - but have you thought about how many babies in Africa that have been treated with only the very basic and least amount of immunizations have actually developed Autism???? Probably none :(

  15. free Alan!!!

  16. Please get your facts straight. Gone are the days when it takes decades to get a vaccine (or any other pharmaceutical) approved. The quicker they get to market, the quicker the profits can start rolling in. In 2001, the first human trials for Gardasil were started. On June 6th, 2006, Gardasil was approved by the FDA. This is a far cry from 20 years. According to Merck Canada Inc. Product monograph: “GARDASIL® has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.” It has also not been studied long enough to know if there are any fertility complications either. Changes in formulations and combining vaccines are all done with the same expediency. Look up any one of Health Canada’s Summary Basis of Decision (I am sure the FDA has similar decisions) and look for the length of studies. More often than not, dates of the studies are left out. That is because the general masses would have a collective canary if they discovered how quickly these “miracle cures” were being pumped out, with minimal evaluations of such non-important things like genetic, carcinogenic, or fertility effects.

  17. they dont seem to show the infants and children and adults lying in my hospital beds dying of things that could be abolished if they were vaccinated.. im all game for documentaries, BUT they are very biased and claim to show two sides, but two sides are never shown equally. which is a shame.. then people fight over the topics because they feel fully informed about any given topic. i feel if anyone is going to do any type of documentary... it would be amazing to see both sides to the story in its entirety.

    and as a nurse... i get paid hourly like you would working at subway lol. you DONT get paid more or less providing any type of service... And i get paid by my province health care system.. which funny enough my taxes go to.. so in the long run i pay myself to work.. :P
    yay me.

    get vaccinated or dont get vaccinated who cares?! Just regardless there will be risk and as long as you accept them thats your own business. No one should try and shove their own beliefs onto others. There is no right or wrong. in the end were all going to die...

  18. I forgot the conspiracy portion ....

    The New World Order (Bankers, Government, Corporations, Etc) want to get rid of 80%-95%of the worlds population. This is not theory, it is FACT, many of them have openly stated this.

    If vaccines were so great then why do they continually push to try and FORCE everyone to get them? Wouldn't that be contrary to their goals?

    Conclusion, they know that these vaccines will temporarily save people making them look like they are doing the right thing but in the long run they will kill FAR more people than they save and will be very difficult to blame on them.

  19. Ok, here are the facts.
    1. Most things they vaccinate against are rare in modern societies.
    2. Even if you get one of these diseases the chance of it killing you is small unless you have other health problems.
    3. The ingredients of vaccines are far more harmful then most of the diseases are in the modern world.
    4. In a 3rd world country where they have horrid living conditions, the value of vaccines most likely outweighs it's negatives.
    5. If you or your child ends up with a lot of soreness, swelling, rash, sickness, headaches, changed behavior etc after getting a vaccination. NEVER get another one.
    6. They claim that an un-vaccinated child can make a vaccinated one sick. Excuse me? If the vaccine actually works they should not get sick. It is the vaccinated child that can make the un-vaccinated child sick as they have been injected with the disease.
    7. They have paid settlements to families because of the adverse effects of vaccines. They would not do this if nothing was wrong with them.
    8. All drugs cause adverse side effects. To say that vaccines are the one thing that magically does not would be ludicrous.

    In summary:
    1. If you live in a third world country you are MOST LIKELY wise to get vaccinated.
    2. If you have a compromised immune system, getting vaccinated MIGHT outweigh it's dangers.
    3. If you are in relatively good health, the dangers of being vaccinated FAR outweigh the benefits.
    4. If you are vaccinated and have adverse effect, NEVER get another.

    Note: Numbers 1 & 2 are questionable since vaccines are not supposed to be given to anyone that is sick. This also assumes that vaccines even work to prevent disease and not cause them which there is far more evidence to the contrary.

    1. that was really a fantastic reply!

    2. A lot of what you say here is correct I think, however, in regard to a few things in your first list.

      1. Most things they vaccinate against are rare in modern societies.

      - Yes, but this is due largely to the use of vaccines. every time a bunch of people start refusing vaccines, the number of cases of these diseases increases proportionately. Fact.

      2. Even if you get one of these diseases the chance of it killing you is small unless you have other health problems.

      - Yes, the chance of death from measles is slight, but considering that complications are common, and some of these carry a very significant risk of death and/or chronic damage for example ; encephalitis (not treatable), pneumonia, bronchitis etc. as well as rubella although being tolerable and almost certainly not fatal, is very likely (40-50%) to cause permanent damage to an unborn fetus, particularly in the early stages while the mother may not even know she is pregnant, I still think it highly sensible to keep these diseases at a rare level through vaccination.

      3. The ingredients of vaccines are far more harmful then most of the diseases are in the modern world.

      - yes the ingredients in some (not all) vaccines can indeed be harmful in larger doses the like of which you will not find in any vaccines, or to particularly susceptible individuals in the tiny doses, but these are a very small percentage of the population. There are a higher percentage of people who would suffer the rare fatality or the rather common complications of the disease itself, so I think this outweighs the possible harmful effects.

      4 & 5 - I agree wholeheartedly.

      6. I am not aware of this claim, I think possibly you are confusing the fact that un-vaccinated children increase the probability of transmission of the disease within the population in general? Please cite me the reference if I am mistaken here.

      7. They have paid settlements to families because of the adverse effects of vaccines. They would not do this if nothing was wrong with them.

      - Yes, pharmaceutical companies are profit based organisations and are endowed of all the human weakness that this entails but you answer yourself quite appropriately in your next point ;

      8. All drugs cause adverse side effects. To say that vaccines are the one thing that magically does not would be ludicrous.

      - (firstly you should say all drugs CAN cause adverse side effects) No one is claiming that vaccines do not carry risks. At least no one with at least a lay understanding of medicine. All medicines contain poisons, and should only be used when the benefits outweigh the risks. Contemporary culture has led many into a delusion that medicines are simply 'fix me' pills with no risk, or that risk free drugs are a possibility, mainly because of marketing which I think is a truly wretched practice (any marketeers reading this? do me and the rest of humanity a favor and kill yourselves). With vaccines, the benefits are to an entire population, so I think the large benefits to society (the continued rarity of certain diseases) outweigh the small potential risk to the individual. I admit it may seem cold to expect a grieving parent to accept this truth but there it is, so go sue big pharma all you like. They can afford to settle, no problem at all. If people are are educated to a level where they can vaguely understand statistical analysis, and the process and method of medical science, when presented with the numbers and trends recorded over many decades, it is quite clear that we a owe a huge debt for our current and continued well being to vaccines. To make it mandatory should not be needed though, this is a reaction to the poor education of large groups of people within society, for whom the governing body finds it necessary to take these steps in order to protect the populace as a whole. If a few refuse, fine. If many refuse the disease starts to come back.


    3. Nice response that portrays the opposite side of the argument Sam. You didn't come off as being completely biased and all high and mighty like some. Neither of us can be proven 100% to be completely right and it more or less comes down to belief.

      With most of the available "so called research" being paid for and marketed by the companies that want to sell this stuff it is hard to believe them as trustworthy.

      With a lot of research being done by activists that seem to show totally different results and them seemingly having nothing to really gain. It is much easier to believe that they may be correct even though the establishment wants to brand them as nuts.

      With that said, there unfortunately is not enough independent research that conclusively proves one way or the other. I have, although, seen enough myself that I stand by what I have said.

      What is absolutely clear is that better research is needed as well as a better approach. Maybe an as needed approach.

      Like for example let's say 1000 people die or have permanent damage each year from vaccinations. Let's also say, to be fair, that 1000 people would die or have permanent damage each year if we didn't vaccinate. Let's also say that if we were to only vaccinate when and where necessary as deemed by uptake of the particular disease that only 100 people die or have permanent damage as a result of the combination of not having been vaccinated and getting vaccinated. This hypothetical scenario would result in a 95% decrease in problems associated with vaccination overall.

      Granted these figures are completely made up and may be way off. Nobody, as far as I know, could really say as this option has not been investigated. If this is even close to reasonable it is something that should definitely be looked into. Whatever the case there has to be a far better option then mandatory vaccination for everyone, sick or not, pregnant or not, at risk or not, premature or not, under 6 months old or not.

      Hopefully someday soon we have the research we need and the plan to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks including possible reformulation of some vaccines and a total different approach to administration of them.

      Edit: Almost forgot, you are right in that I should have said "all drugs CAN cause adverse side effects"

    4. Sam's response saved me from having to write a response. He said exactly what I would have said. :-)

      "With most of the available "so called research" being paid for and marketed by the companies that want to sell this stuff it is hard to believe them as trustworthy."

      Michael this just isn't true. Of course some vaccine studies are funded by the pharmaceutical companies. But it's not even close to being true that most are. There have been hundreds if not thousands of studies done by Universities and private research.

      As of now there are only 3 drug companies in the US that make vaccines. Most all have gotten out of the business. This is because juries can be very unpredictable when awarding a settlement. Sometimes they will see an injured person and out of sympathy find against the drug company (deep pockets).

      Since vaccines were never a huge money maker like the ED drugs or the statins, they decided the money made from the sale of vaccines compared to the money paid out on a half dozen law suits, made the sale of vaccines not worth it.

      By the time there were only a few companies left making vaccines the government stepped in. The government recognized that for public health it was essential that vaccines be available. So they told the pharms that if they would continue to manufacture vaccines they would set up a special court to handle any cases where someone thought they or a child had been injured by a vaccine. This does not in any way admit that vaccines are bad or dangerous. There are the very small number of people who will have a bad effect from a vaccine.

    5. hi 'Sarah. Everything you say make sense. My only concern is vaccinate my 2 month old child against 7 diseases in one go(that is the program in uk right now) would his little body cope? Im really concern.

  20. Lots of hate for each other going on here. We all seem to think the other is stupid. If you think someone else is stupid, you can be sure that it is actually you who is stupid. I thought it was only Religion that caused war. Most of us can live and let live until we find an issue like vaccination which seems to force us all to be on the same side or by default, those that aren't for us are against us. A challenge to us all: Observe the tone of your comments and rise above the topic you are arguing about and see how we are treating each other. By the way, I don't believe in vaccination. And belief IS enough. Belief is the sum total of all my observations, both scientific, spiritual and emotional. Sure, I can't explain my beliefs "scientifically" yet. But I will work on it because I know people demand and crave that explanation. But sometimes, it seems the arguments just go back and forth with each side claiming the other has their facts wrong or has misinterpreted the science, or tampered with the figures. Then we start quoting who has the best research and so on. Anyway, keep up the talk but please don't hate each other.

    1. I loved this!

  21. I am 43 and never had one vaccine or shot put into my body. I look like I am in my late 20's and pound for pound can hold my own with anyone. My personal belief is that 90% of it is mental. If I start to feel bad I start thinking I am fine and you be surprised with just thinking you're fine can do. I also believe in all natural products like honey, salt, fruits and vegetables. I rather take my chances then to take a vaccine knowing what I already knew thanks to my parents.

    1. Your personal opinion is invalid on this topic, its a matter of science. Just because you think, the act of consciously thinking you're fine works as disease prevention does not mean it actually does work. Certainly eating healthy is a great way to prevent all sorts of disease but vaccination also prevents the spread of disease. As for you saying that you look like you're in your 20s doesnt really have any meaning considering we don't have a picture or can't verify your age. Even if you were 40 and looked 20 it may have, and most likely has nothing to do with the assertion that you have never taking any vaccines in your life.

    2. My friend's son is vaccinated and contracted Pertussis. 80% of the people infected in California in 2010 with Pertussis were vaccinated for the disease. Maybe they don't work as well as we think they do, and improved water, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene is really the key to disease prevention and elimination. That doesn't require the injection of foreign, man made chemicals, and disease toxins directly into muscle tissue either (which is definitely not how one would contract the disease in reality).

    3. Yes, the acellular pertussis vaccines now in use in the US are less reactogenic and less efficacious than the whole cell vaccines formerly in use. This is no argument against the newer vaccines. There was a trade-off between safety and efficacy, and the US opted for the acellular vaccine. When I hear arguments being made "we have pertussis, so the vaccine doesn't work," I see oversimplication at work.

    4. If you were to step on a rusty tetenus infected nail, and became inoculated with the bacteria. Let me know how your positive thinking works out for you.

      I have a far better explanation you've been lucky.

  22. Why isn't this under conspiracy?

  23. K R Bohme
    A milligram is one thousandth of a gram. A microgram is one thousandth of a milligram thus Antoinette L.N. is correct and NurseNomad is wrong.

  24. A microgram is actually one thousandth of a gram, NOT one millionth.

    Big pharma = Big business. There is no denying that truth. Do you really think a billion dollar industry - BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY(!!), is concerned with public health and what is best for the people they sell their drugs to? I think not. Trust no-one with your health, least of all the profit driven 'sickness' industry and it's partners in crime.

    1. "Big pharma = Big business. There is no denying that truth. Do you really think a billion dollar industry - BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY(!!), is concerned with public health and what is best for the people they sell their drugs to? I think not. Trust no-one with your health, least of all the profit driven 'sickness' industry and it's partners in crime."

      i'm always a bit irked by comments like this. essentially, you're saying:
      "Big Pharma" is a "billion dollar industry"
      vaccines are bad.

      (i say this because you are responding to a film that is essentially claiming that "vaccines are bad"). the thing is... that's an invalid conclusion. in fact, no-one's arguing that it *isn't* a "billion dollar industry". the thing is--that's not entirely germane to the question of whether vaccines are generally safe. if you're going to question anything, question the *science*, not the supposed motives of the people promoting the treatment.

      however, i suppose that sort of information is relevant if you're already inclined to distrust orgs. like the FDA, WHO, CDC or MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières); but if that's the case, no amount of scientific evidence--not even the hundreds of studies that attest to the safety of vaccines-- will convince you.

      the scientific community is not an echo chamber. scientists, researchers, doctors, etc. do not believe each other or have general consensus opinions *because* they are scientists, researchers and doctors, but *because* well-performed scientific investigations generate the consensus opinion. for that reason, i tend to view with skepticism opinions that are based on questions of motives.

    2. Thank you for your rationality.

  25. I just have a few things to clear up:

    1.) people like the producer(s)/director(s) of this film present these issues (related to vaccines; their safety, etc) as though they were part of a discipline-wide "controversy". they aren't. it's a few dishonest or incompetent doctors and scientists making blatantly un-scientific claims about vaccines. if you really want to know how vaccines work or about their safety, don't watch a documentary--talk to a virologist, immunologist, histologist, or a toxicologist. they'll be happy to explain everything to you.

    2.) this whole deal about thimerosal has been blown completely out of proportion, and only continues to exist because people don't understand a few basic things about it: first, ethylmercury has been used as an antiseptic and preservative since the 1920s. you'd think we'd all be autistic by now if exposure to vaccine-amounts of mercury caused the condition. second, it's nearly 50% ethylmercury (so it isn't even pure), and the calculated total amount that a child receives after getting all vaccines is 187.5 mcg (a microgram is ONE MILLIONTH of a gram)--less than a child will get from normal environmental exposure to METHYLmercury (a more dangerous form).

    that is all for now.

    1. If they only need to use such a small amount, why use any at all? duh.

    2. Because they have to use some type of preservative or the bottles of vaccine could become contaminated. Duh. The amount used is minuscule. It's just enough to prevent bacteria from growing but small enough not to cause any harm,

  26. @ John Rushnick
    Mercury in fish is different from Mercury in vaccine. It also makes a difference whether it's injected straight into the muscle vs digested. So your point is moot. Not apples to apples.

    1. And you know this how? All elements can be removed from the chemical it is engaged in can it not? Like separating hydrogen and oxygen from water you knuckle head. Give up, go back to school. You body does a great job breaking things down and using them for what ever process it may need it for, and sometimes it makes mistakes. But it was not supposed to be burdened with that in the first place now was it?

  27. all im going to say is that vaccines do not educate your immune system.

  28. Excellent documentary. The US has consistently proven that, motivated by big business and greed, bullying tactics are the only way to go!

    Just go and visit not just one, but several other western countries (for example in Europe where I live) that are not vaccinating their newborn infants. Where's the pandemic of diseases proliferating the populations? The US is all about the almighty dollar and not about the welfare of their citizens. Just look at the folly of their medical insurance system today in comparison to other western countries, even to their neighbors up north!

    It's all the same in the US. It's shocking the lack of moral consideration to possible death ramifications in such a free society. For eg., the US has the 2nd highest newborn infant and maternal mortality rate in the world. 1 in 3 c-sections are performed in hospitals, and natural birthing options are not even offered in local hospitals. Compare this to their western counterparts, again in Europe, or even in a 3rd world nation such as Africa where c-sections and medical interventions are not the norm and it's plain to see that the US falls in the health care industry greatly.

    Again, very good documentary. The US has to get it's act together before it gets to a level of no longer being called a modern western society.


    Quoted from a gentleman a few pages down, and yes, his statistics can be verified and are correct. Very good post sir! Common sense cannot be argued with!

    My father is a practicing Physician, he also has a PHD in Chemistry and in his ENTIRE career of over 50 years has NEVER administered a single Vaccine to a single child, and has also NEVER lost a patient, either during birth or post to any type of disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine. I just called and asked him this, and his reply was that he lost a couple babies to Pneumonia due to conditions brought on by home environments (AKA, it was the parent's fault for not seeking treatment soon enough, and to the idiots, that I know will comment on this, NO, you cannot Vaccinate against Pneumonia...) I also have never been vaccinated, as I was born overseas and it simply was not an option or a concern, I get sick, like flu symptom sick, probably every 3-5 years, most winter's I am the only one not sick. That little fact is for JSC005 to contemplate, since he clearly has his doctorates and knows everything.

    Another thing that many people have not mentioned, which is clearly documented by the medical industry, is the fact that many diseases that we are immunizing against, are beginning to mutate and evolve to counter our new ways of handling them, becoming more and more difficult for our bodies to fight off.

    Vaccines may well lead to the imbalance that separates man from nature, and leaves us a step behind in the evolutionary race to beat disease.

    ALSO, why is no one mentioning the TRIBAL GROUPS, from some of the NASTIEST, DIRTIEST jungles in the world, that have NEVER even been to modern doctor's, and already they are showing to be 10X more resistant to the modern plethora of diseases, than those of us that choose to trust in the same government that sold us all into slavery almost 100 years ago.

    1. Why? Take a look at who the Obama Science and Technology adviser is? Look at his work, look at what he is proposing. This is the most evil twisted game that anyone can imagine. The whole vaccination thing is just a twisted chase the tail mind game to make money and use humans as little science projects. It is disgusting.

    2. I do believe you are not being truthful at all! Your father has never administered a single vaccine in his entire career. That is not even laughable. It is impossible to believe that you are telling the truth.

  29. Read about what happens to a pregnant women's baby if she is not immune to German Measles and is exposed in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Then read about what happens to an infant when exposed to whooping cough. Ask your own pediatrician if he vaccinates or vaccinated his own children. Please this is so much garbage with NO SCIENTIFIC BACKING. NONE.

    1. Do you support CDC recommendations for pregnant women to get mercury-laden flu shots? The FDA says that no testing has ever been done on the safety of flu shots during pregnancy.

  30. So 10 years from now.. Should i give my child any vaccines?

  31. so... if your child is vaccinated and mine is not and they both attend the same school and my kid gets a disease because he was not immunized against it shouldn't your kid be protected because he was immunized? If the risk of disease is supposed to be only to those not immunized then whats the risk of sending my kid to school un immunized? the risk should be for those children not immunized and those parents are usually informed about said risks.

    1. so your strategy is to rely on other people vaccinating their kids? what if everyone did that? what would your strategy be then? maybe we should just keep our fingers crossed or keep our kids in isolation.

    2. How do you know that these diseases even exist? That is what people are getting at here air head. If no one is getting the disease anymore, has it not been eradicated? Or is someone sitting on a little vile of it to pass around once and a while to be sure to scare you into Walgreens to get your dosage$ dumb dumb. Or do these diseases just sit around on a park bench with there little parkas on until some non-vaccinated human sits down for lunch? Read guest post one month ago and notice he has never been vaccinated and he is not sick and is only rarely. You just don't get it, so lay down and take it from BIG PHARMA like your told.

    3. In the UK we get our drugs for free or for a minimum payment depending on financial status, so Big Pharma is not quite the same issue here that it is in some places. How do I know these diseases exist? Recently (in my area) there has been a huge increase in the number of measles cases, I know it's real because I can see it with my own eyes. Most likely due to parents bowing to the opinions of a few idiots and refusing to immunise.Check it out and tell me if you'd like a child of yours to possibly die or suffer brain damage or blindness, that's what measles can do. Is that really ok when it can so easily be prevented. Even if it does have adverse affects on some people, sad though that would be, the need of the many far outweighs the risk to those few. There are some people that cannot, for medical reasons, be immunised. As a caring member of the human race it is your duty to protect where possible, those that cannot protect themselves. These diseases are not gone and might never be as long as there are people that can't/wont take the vaccine, so no, no one on a park bench with a vial waiting to infect people. As for guest, he's vaccinated by proxy.

    4. ehmmm, in the Uk the government pays for your drugs silly, if someone gets it for free doesn't mean its free.

  32. This is the same thing that the doctors said to me and he than gave my son his shots. My son now has brain damage and seizures all the time. My son can not talk, walk and he is almost six. Doctors are full of crap and they have no idea what they are giving our kids.....

  33. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone who questions the toxic nature of what we do to our children. While I personally was already aware of much of the information about vaccines themselves that was presented in this documentary, the story that is told is tragic and heart-wrenching. Inform yourself before you sign on the dotted line!

  34. I CHOSE not to vaccinate my child. I think that the point this documentary is trying to make is that parents DESERVE the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children based on what they believe is right, and also that parents have a RIGHT TO ACCESS OF INFORMATION that may impact their decision to vaccinate their children. Where I live, it's called "conscientious objection" not to vaccinate your children and with a bit of paperwork, they can enroll in daycare and school just fine. While I believe that vaccines have a purpose, it has become MORE OF A FINANCIAL CONSIDERATION and less of a health consideration. When I was little, I got the chicken pox, along with half the kids in town... now they expect people to mass vaccinate against it for the few cases where it may cause a serious health risk. VACCINES ARE OVER ADMINISTERED. This is not the answer.

    I personally was not vaccinated until my family immigrated when I was a toddler. Upon immigrating, I received a full stream of vaccinations, including MMR, even though I had already contracted measles and rubella prior and had a natural immunity to them. I went through a full routine of vaccinations (including MMR boosters) until I became informed as a young adult. The last vaccination I had was the TDP booster as a teen. When pregnant with my son, my natural antibodies were tested by my midwife as part of routine blood work. I don't remember the full checklist, but I had immunity to measles and rubella (both of which I had as a child), but ABSOLUTELY NO IMMUNITY to Hep B, DESPITE BEING VACCINATED against it (the full routine of 3 inoculations when I was in public school). This fact really makes me QUESTION THE EFFICACY OF VACCINES, and makes me wonder what my personal history with vaccination has done to my immune system.

    1. Me too i was not immune to Hep B even though i received all the vaccinations. (I also have lived in the middle east and India without knowing of my "non resistance" and so far so good, disease is not lurking in the shadows waiting to strike). I say the risks are too high when you dont receive a 100% assurance they will work. Like playing russian roulette.

  35. If this was a matter of people spinning lies then the billion dollar industry could just spread the truth...The fact that big farm allows lies to be believed as long as they support sales shows what side has allowed this to be a questionable issue at the least...and mass murder at best...until bid pharm starts being 100% truthful they can not be trusted and If you want to follow a liar because of fear....Then you will follow anyone that can cause evil and point the finger at others...Big farm as been built on fear and lies America is the most vaccinated country and the most unhealthy---being that we spend the most on medication by the numbers it says that medication and vaccines are not working.

    1. We are the most unhealthy because we are the most obese nation in the world. It has nothing to do with vaccinations. Can you spell and write a coherent sentence?

  36. You can always tell the deceptive people here who are slamming this informative documentary for the fools they are. They're the first to say nasty things like calling people retards & such. Please ignore these ignorant duped people with the dis-information pretending they know what they are talking about. They can make accusations like how wrong this report is but, of course, they have nothing to back up their claims. Just the false charges & mean remarks which is a big tell that they know nothing on this matter Read the informative comments FYI. It's always good to listen to both sides of this argument but just ignore the obvious spin.

  37. Now that I think of it, although this film is propaganda for retards, banning all vaccines could be a good thing! I mean the planet is getting a little overpopulated. I guess we can lose a billion or two people right? Then maybe we can stop using those evil GM foods in place of rich and wholesome organic foods now that the population is low enough to actually support it on organic farming. Looks like a win win situation to me!
    If you can't tell I'm being sarcastic, do a little research on the human threshold of these toxins in vaccines so you can stop believing this crap about it causing autism and the such. If vaccines cause autism then by the same logic the lack of pirates caused global warming and the increased import of citric fruit from Mexico to the USA decreases car crash fatality rates.
    Even if EVERYTHING said in this movie is true, the amount of people negatively effected by vaccines would come nowhere near the amount of lives lost to illnesses we cured decades ago.
    The real problem with "big pharma" today is the fact that these cures work so well, they can up the costs of them to make a great deal of cash at the cost of the low income families.
    One final note, correlation is NOT causation, to be a causation we need the mechanic of causation which in the case of vaccines does not exist. Why doesn't it exist? because vaccines don't cause autism.

    1. Nicely said!!

    2. Vaccines have never prevented anything apart from health, sanity and common sense. In fact, vaccination has been a failure and a fraud right from the beginning. It's moron science for moron doctors and moron parents to believe in. As far as I am concerned, vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise and child abuse dressed up as disease prevention.

    3. Erwin
      When did you last see someone die of smallpox? Or children in wheelchairs or with crutches due to polio? Both very normal things 100 years ago...........

    4. Kind of like fluoride. Blind leading the blind telling the blind people watching that they have snake oil so they won't be blind anymore, but it really makes them blinder. ??? bah!

  38. Wow, I can't believe how misinformed the "academics" are on this documentary. Very disappointing to see that this documentary provided false and misleading information on several occasions.

  39. Shots in the dark is a good documentary similar to this one for those of you who claim this is a "piece of trash". My concern is, the people advocating vaccines are usually those who stand to make money...doctors, nurses, etc. Then you have the government making these vaccines mandatory and explaining their importance. Do you trust everything you are told by agencies like the Food and Drug administration who allow toxic chemicals into our cosmetics, personal care products, food, water, etc. to tell you what is best for you and your child? The C.D.C.? who claims fluoridated water is one of the ten greatest accomplishments of the 20th. century despite many respected medical professionals expressing alarm in regards to the use of this chemical. We are told as pregnant and breastfeeding women to load up on the stuff, then give our babies fluoride drops for good measure. I mean, come on, common sense will tell you that you it is probably not a good idea to force a medication on people for the benefits of better teeth. Once it is in our water supply, there is no regulating it. "Dosages" will vary depending on the size of the person, the amount of water they drink, how often they bathe since it will be ingested topically through the skin. The National Resource Defense Council is suing the F.D.A. because triclosan, the active ingredient in antibacterial hand soap and dish soap is toxic and has been linked to health problems.

    1. Nurses don't make a dime from patients getting vaccinated. I guess all the scientists, doctors and professors of microbiology and immunology are in one big conspiracy to harm children. BTW, The CDC is not the FDA - 2 totally unrelated agencies. Please read some science, not crap on the internet.

    2. You sure are sure of yourself. Nurses are only slaves, sort of like you and me. Where did you learn how to do the things you know how to do? Nurses only do what they are told to do, same as a biologist, same as the guy that said the oring on the space shuttle was defective. If it stops a rich dick head from making millions, then the data is skewed. Now, the guy went to prison for killing his kid, right? So when he was exonerated, did the guy that made the vaccination replace the guy in his prison cell dumb dumb? NO, so why not? "$" It was proven that he did not do it, and that the vaccination did! Everyone along the line did what they are told and somewhere along the line, somebody made a decision to kill anyway, knowing what the outcome is.

    3. Saying that nurses don't make a dime from vaccinating patients is completely untrue. Nurses are paid by the government, meaning that the nurses do what they are told by the doctors and then they get a paycheck. If they didn't vaccinate patients, they would be disobeying the orders of the hospital/government and they wouldn't get paid.

  40. My friend is going through almost the same thing as Alan Yurko. please support us on facebook search the group Fighting for Samantha on facebook please. so the same thing doesn't happen to her.

  41. What I find interesting is the need for people on the side of Vaccinations need to insult others who have a different opinion from them. It's all name calling and bulling from so many people on that side of the issue. I would be way more open to their thoughts is they could do this with out resorting to name calling or various other bullying tactics. If we can't learn to communicate what we think is the benefits of what ever it is we are fighting for with out attacking others can really hope to get our points across effectively?

    Isn't question things good? Is that what's awesome about Science, approaching things with an open mind and our continuous discovery of new things. Science is supposed to be free from ego. When we let Science become dogmatic doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of it.

    It seems like there is a trend in this too in other branches of Science as well, where people who attempt to go against the statues quo are losing there jobs and unable to do there research. Like some of the Scientist involved with exploring alternate theories to the big bang theory.

    I am becoming very disillusioned with this world in some ways and the continuous trend of people trying to force there beliefs on others, naming calling those who disagree with them and this need to control those around them.

  42. Taking a vaccine is a calculated risk that you take, you have to weight benefit against the dangers, vaccines were not ever intended to be uset in the way that it actually is used in the USA today.

  43. no one will or has forced me to vaccinate my children, being that my two were born at home. i believe that americans are fed fear every day of their lives and that is what breeds more people to fear disease, as well as a severely malnutritional diet based on sugar, msg, nitrates, high fructose corn syrup and everything processed. when will people wise up, start thinking for themselves and realize only we can control our fate? breastfeed your babies, eat healthy, organic, fresh food from the earth! only then will you have confidence in your body's own natural ability to have a strong immune system and heal itself! pro-vaccinators need to stop preaching their own fears and start building their immune systems! stop counting on poisons to cure dis-ease, it will never work! get smart and don't blame non-vaccinators for spreading disease! they say they are being socially responsible? for being a follower of fear? become genuinely socially responsible and eat locally grown, organic foods, support the earth in helping to heal her and stop poisoning your own children!

    1. How I wish most ppl reasoned like you....

  44. Ok, I like this site but it offends me and my brain that they're mixing mumbo-jumbo BS from uneducated people who make propaganda with legitimate documentaries.

    if you don't like vaccines, go back to the middle ages. if your curious, research the mortality and morbidity rate of people back then and then complain about vaccines. These days, people aren't dropping dead left and right precisely because vaccines have conferred protection against those diseases.

    1. What you're not considering is that people weren't dropping dead left and right 35 years ago when I was vaccinated... and I had 1/3 of the vaccines that children have today.

      Sudden increase in the number of vaccines. Sudden increase in the autism rate. May be coincidence, but why take chances? I'm getting my dr. to follow the vaccination schedule from when I was a kid.

  45. I love how so many people claim all these studies have been done about the vaccine link to autism.. there has been 1 study.. and in that one study 1 ingredient. There are 36 shots that need to be checked that have yet to be touched. You CANNOT inject toxins into the human body and come out of it problem free.. They have linked mercury to autism in the past and NO they didnt remove it from shots, it still remains. Sit down and read.

    1. And that one study was FRAUD, the guy who did it had already developed an 'alternative' vaccine to sell. His license to practice medicine has been revoked.

      You get more mercury from fish than you do from vaccines.

      Anyway, it might be a good thing that ignorant fools are refusing to vaccinate, world population is too big and this is a good way to weed out the 'stupid' gene.

  46. Alan Yurko could have his own documentary. What a tragic story, although I heard he was released in 2005!
    With common sense in mind, I do not want to vaccinate myself or my children. Sanitation and healthy food create a strong immune system and decrease the chance of the spread of viruses and bacteria. I am grateful that I was born in a time were there were less vaccine. I feel for all those babies in the film cryng, not only because the needles hurt, but maybe they can sense that this is not good for them. No one should be forced to get injected with a potentially harmful substance, and children are daily. Feel free to vaccinate your kids, but do not force others to do what they believe is wrong. It seems like the difference between organic gardening and conventional agriculture. One focuses on quality seed, soil, water and nutrients, the other on mass production. What we find is the conventional produce is more susceptable to bugs so they get sprayed with poisons. The healthier a plant the more resistant it is to bugs. So are we.

  47. I had a vaccine reaction in 2003 and am still in pain and suffering from fatigue, arthralgia and fibromyletis from it.
    It was from Hep A and typhim vaccines.It was amazing to me how powerful the reaction was from just a needle.It is insidious-you don't know what your life would have been if you hadn't gotten sick.And I worry now that something is contagious on a low level from the vaccine disease.Its a real hell.Think twice before you criticise documentaries like this,I recommend people only have vaccines that have been around for 40 or 50 years.Stay absolutely clear of any genetic material vaccines!

  48. This is NOT a 'documentary'.

    This is a conspiracy theory film filled with utter trash.

  49. Whoa, "who cares what's in it". Many people do. If you have never experienced the toxic effects of chemicals bravo for you, but don't throw that at those of us who have. Not all vaccinations save lives. And... if you actually looked at the real statistics (not the ones that are skewed) you would find that as many or more vaccinated individuals come down with the very dis-eases they are supposed to prevent than those who are not vaccinated. Recommend you look at just one toxic chemical such as Mercury and see what the effects are and then ask yourself if that is something you would like to experience (if you live through it). Everyone should have a "CHOICE" as to whether they want vaccinations or not. Everyone should have a right to "choose" whether they want to be pumped with toxins or not. My right to "choose" is as valid as the other persons.

  50. Who cares what's in it, it saves lives. It's a law for school kids to have them because illness spreads so quickly in them. If you refuse to vaccinate your kids, they shouldn't be allowed in school.

    1. Ya! No body cares till its your son, your daughter, your granddaughter that can't walk or speak or socially interact with anyone!! Don't forget about death!!! They say chances are slim but WHAT IF!!!

    2. Yea! Who cares till it's your son, your daughter that can't walk or talk or socially interact with anyone. Don't forget die or disfigured!! Chances are slim right so how cares!! But WHAT IF!!!!

  51. Excellent documentary. The US has consistently proven that, motivated by big business and greed, bullying tactics are the only way to go!

    Just go and visit not just one, but several other western countries (for example in Europe where I live) that are not vaccinating their newborn infants. Where's the pandemic of diseases proliferating the populations? The US is all about the almighty dollar and not about the welfare of their citizens. Just look at the folly of their medical insurance system today in comparison to other western countries, even to their neighbors up north!

    It's all the same in the US. It's shocking the lack of moral consideration to possible death ramifications in such a free society. For eg., the US has the 2nd highest newborn infant and maternal mortality rate in the world. 1 in 3 c-sections are performed in hospitals, and natural birthing options are not even offered in local hospitals. Compare this to their western counterparts, again in Europe, or even in a 3rd world nation such as Africa where c-sections and medical interventions are not the norm and it's plain to see that the US falls in the health care industry greatly.

    Again, very good documentary. The US has to get it's act together before it gets to a level of no longer being called a modern western society.

  52. Can we actually look at vaccines only? Some vaccines served a purpose, but such a multitude of them at a young age and containing such toxic chemicals. Let's get real here folks. Personally have experienced toxic overload due to mercury, arsenic, and aluminum. Not willing to look at a narrow window of information anymore. Too many skewed stats. When do we let our bodies build their own resistance to common illnesses.

  53. If homeopathy is placebo then why is it more effective on babies and children than adults?

  54. @ Bryan,

    Homeopathy is just the placebo effect. Nothing more.

  55. Are you people like out of your mind? Before vaccines became widely used, child and infant mortality was greater than 50% by age 10. It was very common to families to have 6 or 7 children, only 1 or 2 of whom would make it to adulthood. Without vaccines, diseases such as polio or smallpox would become widespread again. This so-called documentary is mostly distorted misinformation.

  56. Can't both sides be satisfied by just taking the unnecessary toxins out of the vials and slowing down the schedule a bit? This way, the kids still get vaccinated, but without toxins. It would satisfy both sides of the controversy and eliminate much of the risk to our children.

    1. I agree. I was vaccinated as a child, and I'm 43. We didn't have anywhere near the number of shots that kids get today.

      There also weren't people dying in the streets from diseases.

      And the instances of autism were much lower then.

      I'm just sayin'.

  57. I can understand parents vaccinating their children, look at all the propaganda that has shaped so much opinion this far. I have heard countless stories of doctors telling ant-vaccination parents that they are dumb or stupid or careless... I have also heard many stories of children being vaccinated without consent. It happens all the time.
    Look at each vaccine... research what it's clinical tests were actually based on and who preformed them. Independent studies??? No... rarely if ever. Look at this whole H1N1 thing, they were pushing for children and pregnant women to be vaccinated first, but if you were one of the FEW to actually read the included pamphlet available from your doctor, you would clearly see that NO TESTING was done on CHILDREN or PREGNANT WOMEN. wooaa. You would also see that they only counted any reactions shown in the first 24hrs as a side effect of the vaccine. They didn't take account of all the fainting, low blood pressure, seizures and even deaths that occurred within hours AFTER the 24hr period.

    If you decide to be a vaccine supporter, please do your research before sticking your kid with under tested chemicals. You ARE allowed to pick which vaccines you want. You DON"T have to just say yes to the package deal either.
    Sadly, my cousin died two days after his booster shots. Please make INFORMED DECISIONS.

  58. As a science teacher, I am well aware of the biology of a human body and the fact that it is completely capable of repairing itself if given the proper tools. Poison is not one of those tools and all drugs are poison. The public has been brainwashed for so long about the necessity of being drugged and of injecting themselves with toxins that the idea that it is simply wrong does not compute. Society in general needs to be deprogrammed. The drug culture is no longer to be found in back alleys or street corners. The biggest pusher in town is wearing a stethoscope, and his or her supplier is making it very profitable to be drug dealers. People are no longer "patients"... they're customers. Until we refuse to roll up our sleeves on demand or to walk away from such health abuse, people will continue to pay the price for misplaced trust. It is a tragedy that many of these people are children who were never allowed a voice in the decision process. We used to say "War is good business, invest your son." We now say "Drugs are good business, donate your child."

  59. @ Mitz

    thank you for your Reasoning. It is the first intelligent comment that I have heard that almost makes debating about vaccines moot. Homeopathy is about giving the body what it needs to flourish, reducing susceptibility to any and everything. It is also about your state of mind/consciousness. If you think stress, you get stress, you get disease. Simple
    And then Mitze states, if you still get something, most everything is treated by medication. Homeopathy for sustenance, allopathy for trauma. Case closed.

  60. When was the last time you met some one who had smallpox,whooping cough or polio? Its because of widespread vaccination that these diseases , that once killed thousands a year are so rare these days. Where is the evidence that vaccines cause autism (I mean scientific evidence not anecdotes)?

  61. I read some comments about kids who are not vaccinated could get other kids sick. I have not vaccinated my children and the 2 times they were severly sick they caught it from a child who had received the vaccination. This was the rotovirus, and whooping cough. I know for a fact from working at a school and babysitting my whole life that 3 vaccines do not work these are whooping cough(pursussis-sp?) rotovrus, chicken pox. 2 outbreaks of whooping cough, and one of chicken pox swept the school everyone exposed got it. The vaccine did not make it less intense either which is what the doctors are telling the moms. Also while babysitting an 18 month old I had to call 911 because he had a seizure turned blue and stopped breathing he had just received his DPT shot needless to say that mom never vacccinated him again. So regardless of all the research I've done I've seen it with my own eyes.

  62. Pretty good doc.
    I think that everybody needs to look at the pros and cons before summiting your child to a vaccine.

    A list of some of the ingredients used to make a vaccine:

    Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)?

    Phenol also known as carbolic acid (this is used as a disinfectant dye)
    Toxic to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. It also receive a number 3 and 4 for health on the MSDS rating scale, (very high).

    Formaldehyde a known cancer causing agent ( weakens the immune system, causes neurological system damage, genetic damage, metabolic acidosis, circulatory shock, respiratory insufficiency and acute renal failure, as well as being a sensitizer which means it can make you sensitive to many other things, it is corrosive if ingested, and it is a suspected carcinogen).

    Aluminum which is associated with Alzheimers disease and seizures also cancer producing in laboratory mice (it is used as an additive to promote antibody response)

    Thimerosal (used as a mercury disinfectant/preservative) can result in brain injury and autoimmune disease
    (Thimerosal contains 49.6% mercury and this is 100 times the exposure the Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control Center guidelines consider safe for the average-sized infants.

    I don't know about you but something is wrong when you have to choose between these poisons and public schools (basically the only school system in America).

  63. OK, this guy had an extreme case and his pediatrition shouldve been a hell of alot more careful with a premature baby.
    but really, the risk/benefit is greatly in favor of getting the vaccine. if africa isnt the perfect example, in areas where an outbreak is occurring and they vaccinate an area before its hit then those people have a huge chance of surviving.
    look at how many people used to die from diseases and compare that to how many that maby die from vaccines and i think that it is definitely obvious that vaccination saves way more than it kills and it also saves that person from suffering threw the illness even if they are guaranteed to live. and vaccines are extremely cheap compared to treating the illness itself.
    if you look at the average life expectancy even in the US, then you see, as more vaccines are introduced that work then people live a little longer.
    i dont think getting an annual flu shot is good but for the stuff that you can only get once and never again, vaccines are beneficial.

  64. when my first child went to school, in 2005 I sent in his record of immunizations, they told me unless he received the Chicken Pox Vaccine he wasn't allowed to attend the school. As a first time mom I did what was asked and had my child vaccinated. I find out 4 yrs later when my second is ready to go to school, the school board no longer requires that particular vaccine. I was bullied into adding more mercury into my child, public facilities need to be more aware of the possible effects of mercury. Sad really.

  65. As a Bio-Pharma Trader I will believe anything in the Medical Field... They are just pedaling poison...

  66. Great documentary. This one should be viewed by all! The evidence is there distinctly showing that vaccinations among a myriad of things can be detrimental to different individuals. It is a game of chance. It doesn't just come as Autism. Has anyone taken the time to really look at the increase in autoimmune disorders over the years? Just start by looking at family and friends you know and how many "ailments" there are. "36 shots" does not fit all and there is no "magic" pill. Amen Mitze, diet is the absolute starting line. What most people call food leads to nothing but malnutrition. Malnutrition leads to illness and disease. There are large numbers of so called vaccinated individuals who contract the very thing they were vaccinated for--in fact more than those who are NOT vaccinated (oh sorry they forgot to tell us that didn't they?) Be informed and be safe-experience tells me that arsenic, mercury, and aluminum poisoning is not fun!

  67. If you pro-vaccinators understood how the body works you would change your belief system. The reason children die in 3rd world countries is not from lack of vaccines, it's from horrid living conditions, drinking water from sources contaminated with human and animal waste and from extreme lack of proper nutrition. In America we have clean drinking water, sanitary environments and proper nutrition at our disposal. The reason people get sick is not because they didn't their shot, it's because their diets consist of high fructose corn syrup, sugar and processed foods, not to mention a sedentary lifestyle. If you ask your Doctor can any of the diseases I get my child vaxed for be treated with medication? and they will say YES all of them can. So, bottome line is, eat healthy, use proper hygiene and stay away from the pediatrician's office!

  68. Here is an article at Science Direct worth reading which will be enlightening to both sides of the issue. To briefly summarize, this is a retrospective study of the individuals compensated by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, for epileptic fits, supposedly brought on by pertussis vaccination.

    The study conducted genetic analysis of the individuals and found that 11 of the 14 had genetic mutations consistent with myoclonic epilepsy of infancy, a condition which will occur regardless of vaccination. In this case it was not the vaccine that caused the epilepsy, but the genetics of the patient.

    This is a case for personalized medicine. If these forms of encephalopathy can be be screened for prior to vaccination, than the VERY VERY VERY (as in your child has a better chance of being hit by lightning) few children with these mutations can be screened for BEFORE a vaccine induced fever, or a disease induced fever triggers them.

    As to not vaccinating your kids, think about this....there are many children who cannot be vaccinated due to health risks, while YOUR child might not die from measles or mumps, they are a walking bomb for those who cannot be vaccinated. Lets have some social responsibility here people.

    1. How do you know if the genes were mutated from their parents being vaccinated or not? Oh, you didn't think that far ahead before commenting did you? Did you ever think that vaccinations are a creation that makes us chase our tails, and keep the money wheel turning? Its totally possible that our mutations are a direct correlation to our environment and the stupid things we do to ourselves?

  69. Our bodies were designed to naturally heal itself and fight infections. We cant be too sure what is even in the vaccines. I had both mumps and measles and I didnt die, i was given natural home remedies as a child. People need to start wising up and stop poisoning their kids.

    Good documentary

  70. Would any of you guys with more time and ambition than I do please help edit the Alan Yurko Wikipedia web page? It's very short, and doesn't properly and immediately address why he pleaded "no contest" at his his review trial. You have to read the article "Why is Alan Yurko still in jail?" for an answer to the story (included as a link) to understand why. I wonder why Mr Yurko hasn't done so himself, but it just seems like injustice upon injustice seems to follow this poor man.

    Excellent documentary, by the way! Makes me glad I'm not in America any longer if parents have no choice in whether or not to vaccinate their kids now!

  71. Natalie, I've traveled Africa and absolutely, you're 100% correct. Whether or not vaccines are bad, I won't say, but if they prevent Polio, TB, tetanus, rotavirus (the leading cause of death in infants), hepatitis etc. then use them. Who has the say in what diseases they allow their children to have. It would be irresponsible parenting to not give your children vaccines just like it'd be irresponsible governing not to research meds properly. The responsibility is on everyone's shoulders to protect the weak and defenseless.

    1. If I spend my time defending the weak and defenseless, who is going to protect me?

  72. As a parent all I want to know is the truth. However, is this possible in the multi billion dollar a year vaccination industry? And how much are doctors making per year by parent and child visits receiving only a vaccine? How can we expect objective information?

    Whereas there is little money to be made, and a lot to be lost, by being an anti-vaccination practicianer.

    So who is to be believed? It seems obvious to me. The motivating factor by the anti-vaccination stance seems to be one of helping others. This is why I choose to believe these people, this information over the information giving by the vaccination industry!!!

  73. I love how in our comfortable Westernized society we can turn around and say something like vaccination is endangering our children. If you really feel that it is fine, don't vaccinate them. However don't go crying to the lawyers when your child dies of a simple measles infection, or don't bother going for treatment when your child gets epiglottitus from whooping cough. If you truly believe that vaccination is dangerous then maybe you should donate your share to a mother in a developing country who has lost multiple babies to vaccine preventable diseases.

    1. Get the data correct first before answering like this, US has one of the highest infant death rates in the world dumb dumb. And these people are not says vaccinations are wrong or bad, its the bad stuff the add to it and that it is not researched fully, and when it is they lie about it, just get back in line and face forward, maybe go to an airport and stand in the imaging machine for a while. It will do the rest of us a favor.

    2. US does not have one of the highest infant death rates in the world, although it is higher than most european countries. The reason for it being fairly high is the infant mortality rates among african americans. From Wikipedia: The infant mortality rate for European Americans was 5.7 per 1000 births in 2003-05. For African Americans it was 13.6 per 1000, and for Hispanic Americans it was 5.6 per 1000.

      I think americans should be more worried about obesity than vaccines. You also write about mutated genes in one of your comments. Could you substantiate that please, otherwise it is worthless as an argument-

    3. How do we know some of the components of vaccinations are not contributing to metabolic diseases like type II diabetes, or thyroid problems associated with obesity, that have skyrocketed among children in the last couple decades?
      We don't. Know why? Because they have hardly done any studies on the long term adverse affects of vaccinations and most pharmaceutical drugs.

    4. Are you aware that it takes approximately 20 years for a drug to reach the market from conception. If a vaccine creates serious problems it could mean the end of a company. If you believe that they do not consider such long term effects you are mistaken. If we didn't have or did not use modern medicine, life expectancy in general would sink dramatically!! Not years but decades.

    5. I believe knowledge is more important than medicine. The amount of money big pharma pumps out for class-action settlements and court decisions is staggering. Yet the business goes on. They've been shown in court over and over again to be not only lazy but deceptive.

      Bayer Pharmaceuticals developed an injection treatment for hemophilia (that alone should give pause) that was found to be contaminated with the AIDS virus. Many countries banned the medication but that didn't stop Bayer from selling the infected medicine to other countries. Google it and see that most headlines have "intentional" in the title. Bayer is still around though isn't it?

  74. Stephen, you are a shill, buddy.
    Go ahead and vaccinate your kids.
    No one's gonna stop you! ;)

  75. Vaccines do not only cause autism!!!!!!!! People like you(Stephen) are endangering(poisioning)children! Look at the ingredients and side effects I would say that they speak for themselves!

  76. 'Documentaries' like this endanger the lives of children. Vaccination has never been shown to cause autism--how many studies refuting this do you need!?

    1. You are getting your information from a multi-million dollar company that lobbied to be protected from lawsuits dumb dumb.

    2. how about the years where people diddnt get vaccinations hmmm?
      and what about me?
      ive never ever gotten a flu vaccination
      ive never ever gotten the flue
      ive sleped in the same bed as someone with the flue at the same time
      are you a drug official trying to foce the vaccination down my throat?
      my friends who took the vaccination got the flue
      chew on that

    3. in the US, the government will take your children from you if you dont vaccinate them regularly.

    4. Not true..... there have been a few rare cases of over zealous DCF/CPS type workers whom have overstepped their boundaries.... but if you KNOW your rights and are PREPARED to stand up for them.... you will likely have little to no issues with the government forcing their way directly into YOUR personal life.

    5. Just to add.... I have a 14 y/o son whom has attended public school for 9 years without being vaxed since age 5.... that means he is NOT up to date on any of his boosters and a 9 y/o daughter whom has NEVER been vaxed also attending public school. I have never had one government worker show up to my house with the intent of removing my children from my custody, in spite of the fact that I HAVE had numerous ER/Hospital/Urgent Care Clinic doctors & nurses threaten to file a complaint of medical neglect against me.