Chevron vs. the Amazon

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The oil industry giant Chevron began operating in Ecuador's Amazon rain forest in 1964. Over the course of thirty years, this majestic environmental wonder became the victim of unregulated corporate abuse and greed. By the time the corporation vacated the area in 1992, their toxic footprint had brought about 1700 times more damage to the environment than the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill in the United States. Empire Files host Abby Martin visits the scene of the crime in Chevron vs. the Amazon, and uncovers the extent to which the criminal acts of industry have spoiled the riches of a tropical paradise.

The Amazon plays host to hundreds of thousands of unique species of plant life, insects, animals, as well as an equally diverse human population. All of this came under threat when Chevron established operations in the region over 50 years ago.

At the film's outset, we are given a series of sobering statistics. During their years of operation, the corporation dumped 17 billion gallons of crude oil and 19 billions gallons of contaminated waste water into the region. Prior to vacating, they attempted to hide their environmental atrocities by covering these spills with dirt or setting them ablaze. The totality of their offenses simply could not be denied, however, as the land and its people have suffered from its devastating impact over the ensuing decades.

Ecological experts give us a glimpse of the damage. The plant life that manages to thrive is internally saturated with crude oil, and the rivers are marbled with poisonous contaminants. Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian citizens have suffered their own plights in the wake of Chevron's invasion. The harmony they share and cherish with their homeland has been sabotaged, and they're experiencing increased incidents of disease and early death.

As is the specialty of the Empire Files series, the filmmakers place this in the context of an industrialized machine that runs without regulation or oversight. Without a doubt, Chevron was given free reign in the region for many years, and the implication is that they greased the pockets of decision makers in order to procure the freedom to operate as they wished. A series of lawsuits are currently working their way through the courts system, and the film places harsh criticism on many of the tactics Chevron is employing to navigate their way out of them.

Chevron vs. the Amazon is an impassioned plea for greater accountability and oversight when it comes to protecting the health and survival of our planet.

Directed by: Abby Martin

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  1. LeeJai Cook

    I firmly believe that the "high and mighty" officers of such corrupt corporations as Chevron, Texaco, etc. will be "brought low" by Elijah, our forthcoming World Ruler. How he will do this I do not know. When Elijah will appear on earth as an adult male I do not know. Elijah will have vast powers. Even now he monitors the words, actions, and thoughts of every person on earth. He also sees and hears all events worldwide as they occur on the planet.

  2. Harun

    Contaminate your own country, not others. Big oil companies think they are above all sense of decency and do whatever they like. They can also buy any politicians who will fight for their cause. What else can we do??

  3. Last viewer

    Vote or else change the US in a democratic country.
    In a few word, regulate by laws the amount of fund a political party can use to prepare for election.
    - The problem : - The republic of the the USA is no democratic country ; at all.

    Just sit on it, they'll fall.
    After they're done aggressing everyone around, they'll kill each other.
    Just stay away from them.

  4. sanfelwow

    Thas just aint thruth , CT is most jenerous employer in Western world ....

  5. Leigh Atkins

    Rich Powerful Oil Company providing USA with oil VS anyone else = dead anyone else

  6. james

    Dig the work you do Abby but your voice is so annoying. You often sound so condescending.

  7. wendy wilson

    I feel so ashamed not to know what is the real cost to drive a car or have that shiny bobble on my Christmas tree .. when I think of the real cost to the environment by using fossil fuels .. this new year it is time to reconsider what we spend our money on and where it came from .. we need the rain forest more than ever ..we have been horrible to the people in other countries around the world so we can have stuff ..

  8. Geoff

    Oil is a natural occurring substance that comes to the surface naturally all over the world. How do you think oil was discovered in the first place. They dug for it? No it was lying on the ground bubbling up from underground. Yeah its disgusting the practices companies do decades ago but it's not the end of the World. All Oil biodegrades over time.

  9. Robert Litlle

    The oil giants buy politicians in every country, have laws changed in their favour, leave an environmental mess for the public to pay for, and pretend they did Nothing Wrong. Shale gas 'fracking' is the next assault on the environment and people, with special loopholes in environmental rules that permit it to occur legally.
    Check you pension plan - you may be supporting this behaviour, you may be a shareholder. No-one is innocent but only action will change this.

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