Used and Betrayed

Used and Betrayed

2016, Military and War  -   23 Comments
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The neglect and abuse of American military veterans is well-known. Unnecessary conflicts, multiple deployments, and sluggish medical care have inflicted irreparable damage upon millions of the country's finest men and women. But the atrocities don't stop there. As explored in the new documentary Used and Betrayed, produced by the acclaimed Empire Files series, the United States military has a long and shameful history of exploiting brave soldiers as guinea pigs in a number of shocking experiments.

The film sifts through a series of declassified documents to present the circumstances and consequences surrounding several of these experiments. Each case showcases a sinister disregard for the lives of those who serve their country.

The film's accounts begin during World War I as over sixty thousand African American troops were subjected to chemical experiments in an attempt to gauge their effectiveness on the front line of warfare. The long-term health effects were not taken into account until many years later in 1993 when the facts behind these top-secret experiments were first unveiled to the public. At that time, only a little over 600 of these troops were located and offered appropriate medical care for their resulting ailments.

The list of barbaric horrors goes on. According to the evidence presented in the film, the military would perform lobotomies on afflicted veterans prior to the discovery of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. First mounted in the 1950s under Central Intelligence Agency director Allen Dulles, the MKUltra Project subjected unsuspecting citizens - including many military troops - to a series of drug-induced mind control experiments. As a result of questionable combat mission conditions, Gulf War veterans have suffered from a host of conditions from memory loss to various cancers. In each case, the government has been slow to acknowledge their role in perpetuating these illnesses or to provide assistance in treating them.

With damning anger and urgency, Used and Betrayed advocates for full transparency from the government on these and other missions throughout history. And that reparations be given to troops and families who have suffered so direly as a result. That's the only way we can truly support the troops.

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  1. edward donegan

    USA, USA, USA...…….were number 1. Number 1 in drugs, bombs, prisons, sick people. Yea were number 1 alright.

  2. mimimiLifeISunfair

    So what if they got used by their own gouvernment ? Isn't it their own fault if they can't defend themselfs against a far far more powerful enemy while they have gotten thair hands cuffed into submission ? Isn't it some ones own fault in our society for not being loved for example too ? At least thats what they keep telling me. If you are not strong enough to bear with everything under the sun under every circumstance you are not worth a bit of mercy anyways. Isn't that what so many of us got told ? So what, what gouverment does ? If you are to.....(weak or what ever) not capable to defend yourself under every circumstances against every enemy including the state and/or the whole society, or at least cope with the cruelties everybody does to you daily in life, you are not worth living in our so civiliced civilisation anyways. Oh and best whould be you whouldn't procreate, ever, hence you are waaay to weak for the genepool of our so civilised society anyways. So bear with it, or get lost. Nobody here got compassion for pity loosers whoem just keep complaining something whould be unfair or something whould keep hurting them. You better get your shit together and start building something which we as society can leech of. Maybe then, and only maybe, you will get a bit of love and/or respect from us. But don't you dare expecting us giving you something like that just for the sake of it. What do you think you are ? A human being ? Priviliged peace of.... Seems to me like you are suffering under severe god complex there. So get up your a** and stop crying like a little b*. Btw. nobody cares about you fighting a war for us or building some roads someday in the past. It's just about what can you do for us now. So get up your a** and do something for us, now.
    Sincerely your society

  3. Alv V

    I'm quite sceptical about what the US government does both to it's own people and the rest of the world, but I can't take any of these Empire documentaries, simply because I don't like propaganda and I don't think I've ever seen more obvious examples of what might classify as propaganda.

    1. Bee

      You dimb little tw*t. THIS IS WHAT YOU CLASSIFY TO BE ALL PEOPAGANDA??? No wonder you're getting f*** by your own people and government.

  4. Brian Jacobsen

    The Gov lies in every war to its citizens the people who join the military If people would not participate in these dealers of death. Maybe someday we can get rid of this insanity.

  5. john

    Well gee when you sign up for the adventure of killing people that you know nothing about and are not a threat to your homeland maybe you kind of deserve what you get. I hardly think of people who follow orders no matter what they are without question as heroic or patriotic. Just tools of a psychopathic govt. So take your medicine and quit bellyaching.

    1. Nathan

      See that’s what I mean about stupid, ignorant and ill informed people. Everyone that enlist in the military does not enlist to kill others( gun ho) a minority of enlisted men and women. Some enlist for economic reasons; and hope and pray that there is no war. Then there is perhaps the vast majority enlist to protect our homeland. Hopefully they bring back the draft so your sorry but can become the few the proud and hopefully brave so you and your family can selfishly continue too live a comfortable and cozy life!!!!

  6. john

    What goes around comes around. You join up to kill you might just get killed yourself and you'll never know who your real enemy is because you never ask yourself that question.

  7. Chris Connolly

    The rest of the world (outside of the U.S) know more about the corruption of the U.S government & military than most Americans do. The U.S. is very quickly becoming the most hated country on the planet & will ultimately be responsible for its own inevitable downfall because of its war on imaginary external terrorists. The real terrorist is the American government. War equals profit - its as simple as that.

  8. Carmel Fenech

    All this is happening because the political and military armaments industries allow it to happen for their own interest. Our interest is to demiliterise globally and use the money saved to run international bodies similar to but under a new format like the United Nations and International Court of Justice to settle global disputes by force if necessary.

  9. LeeJai Cook

    Oct. 3, 2016. LeeJai Cook, Roaring Springs, Texas USA. I feel sure that Elijah, our forthcoming World Ruler, will pay excruciating attention to the plight of veterans who have suffered such horrendous treatment at the hands of our government. All parties who participated in these dastardly operations should find themselves rocks to hide under. However, I emphasize that I have received no information from Elijah regarding the horrible, disgraceful treatment of our veterans.

  10. Count Arthur Strong

    Fortunately the troops won't be required to protect the rest of the world from the maniacs of Islam for much longer - they're wiping each other out at a phenomenal rate on their own. Islamic government? Like ISIL? Murder, rape of children etc. You'd have to be an ignorant peasant to even believe the idiocy of Islam.

  11. Roma Fraser-Engler

    A prayer taught to people in ancient times - I reject Molech the Demons of MOlech; all the demons of hell- Heckate through GOD the One GOD of Abraham - I place this problem in the hands of GOD and request that I and many people - these afflicted people are protected from any all backlash from Molech and as described . This is Positive Quantum Physics . These statements are made without prejudice - are true based upon the best current accurate written data available and are not allegations . All Our Hope is in GOD.

  12. Roma Fraser-Engler

    Human Sacrifices to Molech Perptrators ( Desciples of Molech - females most aggressive - Bohemian Grove - Paper Clip Community - Nazis War Criminals in USA and Canada) Molech lay communities - Hypocracy of spiritually infected Christian, Jewish and Muslim Communities devoid of non hypocratic Christian Jewish and Muslim Clergy, Imams and Catholic Priests apparently Sinclair be sure to do all through GOD - Fraser All Our Hope is in GOD. These statements are without prejudice true to the best possible accurate written data and are not allegations . From the Desk of GOD. Be sure to give me (GOD) that problem - do not second guess me (GOD) - Sustain me (GOD) with and by your prayers.END

  13. Donna

    @ Jenika, Agree & should be required for any & all that want to vote!

  14. Jenika

    This should be required viewing for high school students to create awareness of what they will be facing should they sign up for this country's military.

  15. Cautiously Optomistic

    I was asked repeatedly to join the Army. Something in my gut said ...DANGER....stay away from these people....
    I heard the commercials " There's no life like it " ....IRONIC STATEMENT
    Who wants to be a pawn.

  16. Alliyah Brown

    Experimental guinea pigs. Yet they'll have you believe Islam and Muslims are the problem. Under a true Islamic government, none of this would be allowed to happen.

  17. Donna

    She brings up the Marshall Islands around 10:30 so considering they now go completely underwater at high tide at the Islands highest point, do you wonder why climate change is a non issue? Just another reason to allow the masse to die so the lunatics in control won't need to cull us?

  18. RB

    Perhaps there are those who are drawn to the enticements of the bestowal of a sense of worthiness ["a few good men", anyone?], but there are many who sincerely believe they are doing their part to defend all they have been taught is worthy of sacrifice ... and there is no shame if they have found something they are willing to fight, and perhaps die, for .... intention is everything! The betrayal lies [literally] in the psychopaths who lose no sleep over the suffering left behind as they seemingly never sleep in their efforts to rape/burn/pillage "Atlanta to Savannah"...

  19. Shell

    A hearty here here Kevin, to your observations. Your end question is the thing in life which eludes me; mankind's inhumanity unto itself, I just can not accept that old excuse. Apathy,greed,culling the herd? There is enough for everyone, the herd doesn't need "culled", the herd needs to simply evolve spiritually,and intellectually. My hope,is that we as the human race, evolve quickly enough to feel instinctively; we are all equal, free, and worthy, as well as see with intellect,knowledge and wisdom,that cruelty has no place in our world.None at all!

  20. kev

    So not only are these men and women led into murdering their fellow men, women and children around the earth, in the false pretense of 'fighting a foreign threat' while of course all the time the two sides are controlled by the same people, the banking families, through their controled puppet politicians (they find it so much easier to cull the herd by having them do it to themselves).
    but, these people are also used as experiment subjects to find new and more exotic ways of killing and inflicting numerous harms on us.

    To step back a bit and look though, if there is the underlying urge to kill,main,destroy the lives of others, as is really the job description of 'forces' which everyone joining up is well aware of, then can they really expect to be treated with any less contempt by those who would watch them to inflict such attrocities upon their own fellow man?

  21. martin

    human guinea pigs - cannon fodder -
    if you enlist then expect the worst
    even Cherchill used the enlisted as a means to an end sending thousands of young men to their certain deaths.