The Food Speculator

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The Food Speculator

Assuming the role of a speculator, director Kees Brouwer tries to find out whether he is merely taking advantage of the opportunity offered to investors by the food scarcity, or that, through this abstract world of financial products, he is drastically interfering in poor people's lives.

Increasing food prices are increasingly causing unrest in the world. It was no coincidence that when the Arab Spring first began Tunisian protesters attacked the order police with baguettes.

Is there just not enough food for so many people, or are the price increases caused by speculators, looking for quick profits?

Backlight tries to find an answer by doing a little food speculation of its own. A quest that leads us to places including the streets of Tunisia and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Luyang Han

    Unfortunately, I still don't get the point, how the system works.

  2. Paul Gloor

    I think you are basically betting against the prices.

  3. Kubby Lemew

    I can't listen to German, such a harsh language...even with subtitles. Sorry.

  4. Kaaike

    The language spoken is Dutch, not German...

  5. Luyang Han

    Not exactly. There are futures for wheat, and the reporter buys is a derivative of wheat future. I think the reporter still does not get through the understanding of how such multi-layered speculation works, and he just gather the opinion of people saying yes, speculation is bad, but lacks understanding of how exactly speculating a turbo will influence the price of wheat in Tunisia.

  6. lex lexich

    ppl who don't even recognize German... where is this world going???

  7. Kaaike

    It's DUTCH, dumbass.
    i.e. From The Netherlands, west of Germany.

  8. lex lexich

    shut up, please, i knew you would misunderstand, i am from europe and i lived in the netherlands for 2 yaar... like i said ppl not knowing how German sounds is not acceptable... ask your mother

  9. Kaaike

    You're right. I made a stupid comment. After posting I already had the feeling I had misunderstood what you wrote. Guess I'm the dumbass....sorry.

  10. lex lexich

    it's all right, no harm done

  11. Luis Garcia da Silva

    One guy said he can predict human behaviour just like he predicts the movement of sound waves.. bulls*it man! and then the manager at a bank says that you dont own the assets if you buy a future contract.. bulls*it again! I stopped watching at 9:43min. Not good!

  12. Daniel Covington

    Uh, I don't trade futures, but I do trade stock options, and speculation on stock options prices has NO effect on underlying reference entity prices, so I don't trust this documentary. Also, there is VERY little mention of speculations of future commodity prices BEING LESS! You can make money both ways!

  13. Daniel Covington

    Yes, you are correct, the reported buys a derivative of the future, not the future itself.

  14. Daniel Covington

    What I am unsure of is whether or not the trading of the futures derivatives actually affects the underlying commodity price. I have to go to CBOE and take their educational lessons to be sure. However, I can say that purchasing options on stock options, if such instruments exist, does not affect the underlying stock price. There are single stock futures now though, so the trading of those instruments may or may not affect the underlying stock price.

  15. cyberfrank

    ok, so I m back where I started, speculating sometimes inflates the prices, and you need to invest tons of money, and trade at the right time, big fishes make the market, under secrecy...

  16. InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Hmm. My market experience says that big moves in stocks are very often preceded by large option contract purchases.

  17. McDolans

    Dutch isn't exactly a pretty language. I know because I'm Dutch!

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