Fat Head

Fat Head

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While most people saw the documentary Super Size Me as an expose of the fast food industry, comedian and former health writer Tom Naughton saw it as a dare: He'd show that you could lose weight on a diet of burgers and fries.

In addition to chronicling Naughton's weight drop, the film provides interviews with doctors, nutritionists and others to drive home his thesis that most of what we know about "healthy eating" is wrong.

Naughton addresses Spurlock's argument that the current prevalence of obesity cannot have been caused by home cooking or by non-corporate, family-owned restaurants, since they have been around longer than corporate fast food chains.

Naughton says that the food people eat at family-owned restaurants is the same unhealthy food eaten at fast food chains, and that the reason the former did not make people obese is because during his generation's youth, families would only eat at them a handful of times a year, and not frequently, as some people do at fast food restaurants.

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  1. I truly enjoyed this documentary! Not only was it informative but,it was also very humorous!
    I was recently put on statins for the second time though I told the doctor that I came off of them the first time because of the bad side effects. He said the one he was prescribing had less side effects but,that did not prove to be true. So once again I came off of them and after watching this ,I have no regrets. My mother's memory has been affected because of this drug,as well as my sister's.
    I will definitely decrease my carbs and eat whatever is best for my body so that I can remain healthy. It doesn't surprise me that consumers have been lied to all these years because,as the documentary brought out, it's all about the money!

  2. Interesting film, I would hazard to say sugar is addictive and a large part of the large drink and fries are the higher profit margin as well as driving your hunger to encourage more consumption.

    The premise is the fundamental idea that high sugar and carbohydrates that drive blood sugar increase fat storage, in no way does he indicate fast food is better than a well balanced diet, simply keep your meat and dairy, your vegetables, reduce your carbohydrates and sugar.

    A couple times over the years I adjusted my diet to eliminate carbohydrates with great luck, unfortunately after getting too lean I would dive right back into pasta and couldn't stop packing the weight right back on, I believed that if I ate fat I would get fat again, then I tried reducing carbohydrates and eating more fat, a great lunch is a cut up flat of chicken leg meat with bacon and veggies cooked in avacado oil, less hunger and easier to maintain weight, save my pizza for one day a week and still feel good about life! No bounce back this time, a common outcome.

  3. Some of this guy's statements are a bit off, but most of them are right on target. People need to understand that the idea of calorie in calorie out seems logical, but doesn't fly. Prior to starting Low Carb High Fat my husband and I had cereal with whole milk and coffee for breakfast. A simple sandwich and some chips for lunch. Dinner was usually some sort of meat with either potatoes or pasta and probably a sauce. He drank a soda and a sugar free tea, I would drink water and sf tea. Snacks were whole wheat crackers and cheese and a bowl of ice cream. NOT a good diet, but not way overboard on calories. Our jobs require standing and walking, not strenuous, just all day. He works outside some, but we are pretty sedentary. We both gained about 20 pounds in the last year. Warning signs became clear at the last checkup so, we started low carb diet. After three months he is down 35 pounds and I am down 25. We eat two egg omelettes, with veg, meat, and cheese (pre-made in muffin tins) and coffee for breakfast. Salad with chicken, ranch dressing, and cheese, a bowl of melon, and either pork skins or nuts for lunch. Dinner is some sort of meat and vegetables, either cheesed or sauced. Snacks are nutty granola with yogurt and jello with fruit and topping. I know the calorie count is very similar to our previous diet. Our activity level is no different so calories out doesn't make the difference either. The only major change is our carbohydrate level, which is FAR lower. I also quit thinking about this as our "Diet" and now call it our "Menu". I threw out the list of old menu staples for our household and introduced new ones along with recipes that are just as quick and tasty as our old ones. Eating out is a bit of a chore. Waitresses look at you funny when you ask for broccoli instead of fries with your steak. :)

  4. Yep. Fathead says it all. What a load of misleading and dangerous crap. You can lose weight eating pure sugar if you stay below your energy needs, or snorting coke or getting cancer! Staying at a normal weight is for health reasons, not vanity, unless making a good looking corpse is your sole goal. You ARE what you eat, just eat REAL food, not processed garbage, and don't buy the line about moderation unless you want to live moderately well or long.

    1. You apparently didn't watch the full movie. What he said was spot on. A diet in dietary animal fat and low carbs is actually a proven fact as being very healthy by producing all of the positive results medically for our bodies. Missing that animal fat does do damage to your overall body. May not come in a month, a year or for some even 5 years, but it will slowly damage your body. Vegans and strict vegetarians beware.

  5. I love how every comment saying bad things about this documentary clearly only watched the first ten minutes.

    This is old wisdom we forgot. Epilepsy used to be treated with low carb high fat diet before medication was invented, so was diabetes this isn't new we just got conned by big money companies. It's now been revealed that the sugar industry pushed the fat is bad agenda paying off researchers to keep people looking at them.

    He used fast food as an extreme example, he was not saying you should eat that way but was proving that Supersize me was based on lies and misinformation and that the conventional diet advice is based on lobbyists paying off researchers.

    Again anyone reading the comments before deciding to watch, make sure to watch the WHOLE thing not the first ten minutes like all the detractors here.

  6. Brilliant,mind blowing, exelent documentary.Bravo!!!

  7. Very informative! Loved how simple he made this. I'm going to be changing my diet today to accomidate the new incites this gave me. Ty.

  8. What i got out of the documentry is that you as an individual need to understand it isnt the fast food industry that is the issue. It is the individual, you are the ones who choose to scoff down the burger/fries/sundaes,and tacos etc and just sit on your butts, you are why you are fat. The industry isnt "making" you eat their foods you decide the amount and when you eat it , all by your own, take responsibility for it. There is no real problem eating a fast food diet occasionally plus your body needs the fat. Mothers milk is majority of fat. Approved drugs/foods from the different industries usually have worst side effects than the things they are suppose to cure/treat. Imodium for example " Imodium side effects may include:
    headache with chest pain and severe dizziness;
    a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out;
    fast or pounding heartbeats;
    stomach pain or bloating;
    ongoing or worsening diarrhea;
    diarrhea that is watery or bloody; or
    severe skin reaction--fever, sore throat, swelling in your face or tongue, burning in your eyes, skin pain followed by a red or purple skin rash that spreads (especially in the face or upper body) and causes blistering and peeling."
    EWWW!!! I thought it was to help?

  9. lol Pankaj... there is no evidence to even suggest this doc was funded by Mcdonalds. & like many here you obviously didn't watch it at all.
    The facts speak for themselves, but just like the narrative you've bought into, evidence & facts don't seem to mean anything to you.

  10. First 10 minutes of this documentary, i clearly figured out that this documentary is funded by mcdonalds and a fight against the guy who made the first documentary against them. Now i think it is very much possible that one of the competitors of "mcdonalds" must have funded the first documentary. So the learning for me is that- "By just common sense we know what fast food does to our health, irrespective of any brand". And i should not watch any documentary which is for or against any specific brand, because it is just waste of time watching how these big food corporation fight against each other. If your food is really making people healthy, people will talk about it. The very fight shows your lack of trust in your own food being healthy.

    1. Definitely missed the point or didn't watch the whole thing

    2. Check the website, "the diet doctor". We have followed the menus for 3 1/2 months so far.
      My blood sugar went down to normal from borderline type 2 diabetes and I have lost 32 lbs and counting. I am not craving junk food anymore. My wife has lost 39 lbs. in the same time period. And you won't believe what you can eat!
      This is how we ate back in the 60's and before. We rarely saw any overweight people.
      Things started to change in the late 60's and continue to change for the worse.
      Low fat foods and diet drinks are being pushed as the way to lose weight. People are taught to believe that low fat means that we will lose fat. Nothing can be further from the truth!
      People need fat to burn fat. We are not herbivores.
      Also, many people were not born when we ate fat, butter, cream and meats.
      Corporations and pharmaceuticals have bought government, many scientists, and some doctors as there is big money in pushing unhealthy addictive foods onto the public.
      Then when we get obese with health problems, the pharmaceutical companies push medications and eating more low fat products. So the merry-go-round continues.
      Follow the diet doctor and you will see for yourself. You will see how we ate back in the 60's when I was young and why very few got fat.
      The big corporations and pharmaceuticals don't want the truth to come out. The truth is right in front of you. Reach for it!

  11. hes jealous of spurlocks documentary how copycat to make one based on spurlocks how unoriginal utterly

    i beleive he was paid by mcdonalds to do this its a load of bologne eh his fav term

  12. A calorie is NOT just a calorie. Carbs raise insulin, fats do not. Also, no thanks on the Buddha thing. Jesus died for your sins and rose again. Buddha is in a grave. Just saying...

  13. The thing is that we are stupid, but not only the fat people. Wealth makes lazy and that's addictive.
    This topic is just one of many that show us we are selfish beyond comparison.
    Its all about balance, fast food is not bad nor is it good.
    We are not build to outlive seaturtles, offcourse if you do a bunch of nothing and are on drugs to help any disease you will outlive an active person that get weakened by actually living a life.
    I dont mean myself by that but i like to say that egoism is something i am conscious about.

    This doc shows nothing that is relevant when you dont think that money is worth time.
    Comfort is the mindkiller, its quite addictive and all kinds of addiction are bad.
    Spend less time in a supermarket and or restaurant and get your ass in a kitchen.
    Learn skills and apply them for people you care about instead of doing a trick over and over to get cash and turn that into a burger or pop.

    I sugest you learn about Buddha and get some yoga, if you think you are to big than start with breathing yoga'ish. Seek wisdom instead of power.
    Be patient, you will be able to learn whats really important to you.

  14. Right - who is paying this guy i wonder ….not!!

  15. what a load of crap saying fast food is ok as a fast food meal have over 100 ingredients mostly lab created and HFCS is simply not been studied why ADD shot up so much since 1985 which convent is when HFCS took over sugar and if HFCS is so safe why it totally banned in baby food

  16. A lot of the information in this movie, makes sense, but not everything. I weigh 103 pounds. I've been like that for about 12 years now ( with small changes between summer and winter. I also gain a little bit 11 lbs when I moved to France, because of the change of my diet, but now I have adapted to it, so I'm 103 again) I can tell that what you eat is not as important as how much you eat. My mother and a woman that I work with at the bakery are obese. There are patterns that I observed in both of them. Both will make me do stuff that they can do themselves: "Bring me this!" is the most common. So with my colleague I will normally walk twice the distance, she does in the same 8 hours day, I will bend to get the things from the lower shelves for her and so on. Because I don't mind doing "her job" too, since we work together, I lost the 11 lbs and she gained 22 lbs. (I'm not kidding). On the other hand if I or my father are around my mother, she won't even get up form the chair.

    I have also observed those two women eating habits and I catch myself thinking "My God if I was eating that much I wouldn't be just fat I would look like whale". They eat around 2 to 3 times more then I do. And they eat all the time. They will put something in their mouths every 30 min. ( a mini donut, a pice of bred, a small cake, a bar of chocolate... )

    But can they get thinner if they go on a diet? NO! Beeing obese is a life stile. Making exercises 30 min a day is good, but it does not compensate for the live choices we make. The transportion we choose ( do we walk, do we take the public transport, do we drive), how is our home aranged ( do we need to go get something or everything is in a hand range). Are fat people aroun me lazy? YES!

    People are predisposed to beeing fat or thin, but thin people eat less and move more. Is that relative? I DON'T KNOW!

  17. very funny and instructive!

  18. Most of the people posting comments have missed the basic points of what this guy is trying to tell you. Carbs are not something that is 'natural' to our diet. That basically the caveman diet of meats/nuts, fruit and veg is the basic rule of thumb we should try to follow. That as soon as we became farmers our body health began to decline due to us eating grains that we had grown. My grandparents lived on a farm. Spud farmers in fact. They were very active people. For breaky it was bacon and eggs. For dinner it was meat and 3 veg, for lunch the next day it was cold meat from the night before, salads, and home made breads. Real butter, real clotted cream. Both of them lived well into their 80's and neither had diabetes, heart disease, or any other diet related illness. I know myself I have successfully lost large amounts of weight by cutting carbs down and eating lots of veg, some red meat, and a small amount of fruit. (all things in moderation of course) As a kid I remember there being a lot of food around their place but no one was over weight. When my grandmother bought us snacks while we were playing it was a big bowl of stone fruit. Plums, apricots, peaches, and fresh milk from their own cow...and we LOVED it!

    This guy is not saying don't eat carbs. He is saying limit them. He is saying its not a disaster if you have the occasional fast food fix. That money/big business has corrupted food science in many ways and that you should listen to what you body is telling you. I know myself if I eat pizza I get a weird food high, which i suspect is from the dough or something they put in it. As such I listen to my body and rarely if ever eat pizza now days. He is also saying that physical activity is very important! That this should in no way be disregarded.

    So fast food is cheap? So what, so are a lot of healthy foods. You cant tell me that green leafy veg are expensive. They are not. Its time constraints and/or laziness that can stop us humans from preparing our own healthy meals and opting for fast food. Don't forget, that whatever you think about fast food, a hell of a lot of people think it tastes delicious! Another reason why it can be hard to resist. However, this does not stop human beings having free will. Its still up to the individual to make the choices about food for themselves. Like he said, no one is dragging people into fast food places and stuffing fries down their throats. And if people choose to eat it, it is their decision and no one elses.

  19. I notice a few comments saying that "he only discusses the side of losing weight but eating meat all the time causes cancer" - skip to the end (around 1:38:00) - he specifically says "of course this is not a healthy way to eat, a healthy diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables"

    The reason he is only talking about weight, is because THAT is the aspect the documentary is focussing on - You can eat fast food in moderation and be fine. If some one CHOOSES to eat it all the time, that is THEIR choice and THEIR problem.

    Why do humans feel the need to force everyone into their way of thinking?

    Can't you just accept that people HAVE free will and we should HAVE THE RIGHT to exercise it, whether you like it or not?

    And don't rabble on about how murder is free will - ONLY someone mentally unstable would murder someone. Most people probably could at one point in their life be so angry they are capable of doing that, but they often CHOOSE not to, because it is the wrong decision.

    Bad things will happen sometimes. Just do your best to teach your kids how to deal with the real world and stop harassing total strangers because you have a bee in your bonnet about some overweight family member or a parent with heart disease.

    It's sad.
    It doesn't make it your job to fix everyone else.

  20. Unfortunately that is like a sofisticated set of gears made up of one of other dependent industries. Only a "fault" in a gear and all the system will been damaged. Is the Capitalism's poison being inoculated in our veins killing us slowly.

  21. Just finished watching this documentary. I don't believe he funded this solely with his own money. And only the issues of weight control were talked about, not other problems like colon cancer, etc. The problem with McDonald's and the like is the monopoly they have. They provide cheap food. For poor people, it's a way of getting a full stomach on little money, by which is what McDonald's pays in wages. They create customers that way. When McD's is forced to pay livable wages, we'll see how many people flock to their stores. Naughton created a documentary on how not to care about your health and feel good about yourself.

    1. I agree. You hit it dead on, the food is cheap and filling. Everyone knows that the food is overall unhealthy but cheap and convenience at weigh

    2. I grew up at a time when White Castle was the most popular fast food, but I remember patronizing local restaurants in my Bronx neighborhood more than the junk food. A lot of pizza! Which is probably better that McD's. Later on, I ate more fast food, but I was poor and it fit the bill. If cheap good food is available I believe people would frequent those restaurants. This aside, I found Tom Naughton to be smug and obnoxious. Just my personal take.

    3. Load of crap. I'm poor. There is a McDonalds less than a 5 minute walk from my house. I CHOOSE to eat it once a week or less. Choose. I'm poor, I'm not f(cking s*upid.
      Yes, we have a LOT of people that make stupid decisions.
      It's not your job to stop them.
      Don't you have children or family members or friends that could use your attention?

    4. so, your theory is that when mcdonalds is forced to pay a livable wage (which cannot and will not ever exist as minimum wage, since the price of living goes up as a direct result of minimum wage going up, since manufacturing and service costs also go up, and thus prices.. but maybe that's too much logic for a liberal) people will stop going to mcdonalds? Well that is likely true, since the price of mcdonalds will have gone up so much.. BUT if there are no customers, those mcdonalds workers will be unemployed, so how does THAT help anyone? This is why liberals play checkers, not chess.. cant think more than one move ahead.

    5. Keep thinking those thoughts, it'll help when you get downsized and have to apply to McD's for a job. Am I a liberal? Do you know me? Then you would know that I play chess, have since I was 13. You're wrong about prices going up when wages rise. Here's the solution: provide a liveable wage (not a starvation wage) and CEOs can take less pay, no golden parachutes, and when they run the company into the ground, the CEOs can collect unemployment insurance. Here's the good news: They'd get the full amount! How's that logic?

  22. I guess only some authors are credible in the eyes of this filmmaker. The body prefers carbohydrates, but it will burn fat, then protein if it can't get enough carbs. So, like the Atkins diet, people do lose weight, but a high protein diet can cause calcium loss, and other problems. I don't think Spurlock cut his carbs. I live upstate NY and people here are definitely larger than those I see in NYC. Everyone drives everywhere they have to go. There's something dumb about this documentary. What a stupid thing to say to someone from another country, treating them like a cartoon character. Who funded this film? It sounds like a lot of what the cows leave in the field.

  23. He is right when it comes to carbohydrates. Eating a lot of grain and potatoes etc. causes increased fat, but to think a diet of pure meat and other high protein foods (except vegetables with protein) is healthy just because it makes a person thinner, is wrong. Eating like he is recommending is a good way to get cancer. Try to remove as much meat and milk from the diet as possible if you want to live, and reduce bread, cakes, fries, pasta, sugar etc. if you want to loose weight.

    1. You're an id**t. Eating meat has absolutely no connection to cancer. How do I know this? I have a ph.D in biochemistry and dietetics. You need to slap yourself in the face with a piece of meat.

    2. Obviously you have no education in good manners, just like you equally don't have anything of value to contribute with of hard facts, since you're attacking me as a person instead of my comment - that is based on the China–Cornell–Oxford Project, where the results (by: T. Colin Campbell, professor of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell,Chen Junshi, Deputy Director of Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene at the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Richard Peto of the University of Oxford, and Li Junyao of the China Cancer Institute) of the study is published in the book The China Study, that examines the relationship between animal based foods and dairy with a variety of chronic and/or fatal illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancers. It support common sense, like your mum would probably agree with if she ever told you to eat your veggies, and is critical about such nonsense as the low-carb diet that the narrator in Fat Head gives an example of, where he thinks weight loss=health gain and therefore stuff himself with lard.

    3. So your basing your 'educated' results off an epidemiology study that was conducted in rural China nearly 30 years ago? I'm well aware of this study and if you had actually read the book you would see there are several holes in Campbell's results . For example, his chapter on generalizing casein to "all nutrients from animal-based foods," and how it has the capacity to generate autoimmune diseases is not supported by his or anyone else's data. In contrast to his data, whey protein, another milk protein which has casein, appears to have a proactive effect against colon cancer. Any effect of casein, then cannot be generalized to other milk proteins, let alone all animal proteins. It's nowhere near as cut-n-dry as 'don't eat meat, it gives you cancer.' Furthermore, the study did not observe any vegan diets to compare with the others. Humans are omnivorous by nature, and protein is one of the major building blocks of our diet. Yes, you can get protein from plants, but plants do not have BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), a very important component in meat that helps build and maintain muscle function. Vegetarian diets also lack nutrients such as vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc and Iron, all of which are essential to healthy brain and body function. So, I say again: slap yourself in the face with a piece of meat; might actually knock some sense into you.

    4. not to mention the fact that more people die from complications of diabetes, which a low carb, high fat (not necessarily high protein) diet both treats and prevents (in the case of type two at least) and which a high carb low fat diet PROMOTES.

    5. And obesity PROMOTES diabetes. If a person eats bad food they should pay more for health insurance. They are a risk to everyone else.

    6. agreed, so give up the carbs or pay higher premiums. By the way, people on high carb diets tend to gain much more weight than low carb ones, so the cause of both overweight AND diabetes may be the carbs, rather than weight causing the diabetes, especially since there are many overweight people who do NOT have diabetes, and many thin ones who do, so while there is correlation, there is no proof of causation!

    7. You sound like a "ph.D." True, many persons of your educational background express themselves in this way. Can any kind of meat be used to slap a person in the face? I assume you've done some studies on this.

    8. I've slapped someone with both a steak and a fish.
      I don't care if he's a ph.D or not.
      Your point was just as moot and just as low.
      You should grow up if you're so responsible and care so much about every one else and their health.

    9. If you watched the whole video, he never once says that it is healthy, and he says that a good diet would optimally include lots of fruits and vegetables in addition to the meat, which should have more variety. He also says that people who are a little thicker actually live longer because thinner isn't necessarily healthier. Please pay better attention before you make these remarks.

  24. This guy is incredibly annoying. I couldn't make it passed 10 minutes.

  25. He's not obese he's just fat

    1. His point is that legally he is classified as obese in this country. The fact that a man who appears only a bit pudgy is classified as such makes it plain that there is something wrong with the way our country is treating this "problem", which is being blown way out of proportion...

  26. wel, i finally finished it, and i think this was an awesome video, anyone who wants to counter that would have to have evidence
    it's good to be skeptical and not to believe everything people say, but some of the things really do make sense, especially for someone who works at kfc

  27. Sorry.....had to stop watching half way through......the comedy started to wear a little thin....obesity is a serious topic, and while I get the idea of comic relief...the non-stop attempts at humour began to grate......Im sure this would have been an interesting documentary.....minus the cornball humour....

    1. Try lightening up a little. I know someone with cancer who laughs more than you. Just think about that.

  28. those stairs... they're NEVER at a comfortable step height, and they're usually in a BIG middle of nowhere space, they're kind of scary... if they put a wall on one side, it'd be comfy going down that side, up on the side without the wall would be fine, looking up away from the vertigo...

  29. It's obvious. People that look down on others simply will never let them make their own choices. And this documentary is simply proof of how bad it can get. I thought I was going to hate this documentary, seriously super size me was absolute crap. This guy more then anything is saying read between the lines and when others claim to want to help they are more then likely lining their pockets. Originally business lined their pockets to help us.

  30. Here's an idea .. maybe it is a COMBINATION of fast food AND lack of exercise. Funny how it claims it CAN'T be fast food at all and points the finger at tv, cars, and lack of exercise in general. Its annoying that he thinks its one cause and one cause only and fast food CANNOT be related . And he eats a burger and claims "he didn't die" .... oh come on he constantly puts things out of context, no one says one burger is going to kill you ... its when it becomes a frequent habit to eat high calorie food and is COMBINED with lack of exercise

    1. its not about calories, its sugar. correct me if i'm wrong, but he never "only" mentioned just eating a burger will kill you-he never said that; actually he said the exact opposite;) And if you were paying attention, he did in fact talk about exercise! A simple 2 mile walk (walking to work or to the store, school whatever) is something he did talk about. So I'm not sure why you're saying "Its annoying that he thinks its one cause and one cause only" you're basically contradicting in everything you said. LOL.

  31. I saw the section that explained the calories in/calories out theory and how carbs drive insulin which drives fat storage/retention about 9 months ago. That convinced me to go low carb... lost 75lbs since then and never regretted it. My checkups confirm Naughton's checkup results. Whole grains are good for you in the same way the sun revolves around a flat earth... the more you learn about it the more you realize it's simply not so.

    1. I totally agree with you. Rewinding to 6 months ago, I was 'eating clean' with lots of healthy whole grains, vegetables and lean meats (worked out as about 60% carbs, 20-30% protein, 20-10% fat) while also working out intensely with programmes such as Insanity and Les Mills Pump. I lost no weight and no body fat. In addition, I started to feel really bad - I was tired all the time to the point where I struggled to get off the sofa, I had a serious brain fog that affected my studies, I felt depressed and would cry for literally no reason, etc. I used to get hungry, even after eating and would need a nap about an hour later.

      Fast forward to two months ago and I stumbled across Wheat Belly and high fat, low carb eating. I've lost 10lb (taking me to 133lb at 5'5" so I was never fat before this diet), the brain fog is gone, I'm never hungry, don't have to count calories anymore, I'm full of energy and have even kicked up my workouts a gear with half-marathon training (and I'm running faster than I did with my previous diet). On top of that, my mood has totally changed and nothing is different except the diet. Our brains are made of more than 66% FAT so why on earth would anyone go on a low fat diet?! If I eat anything with wheat/gluten in it, I get an upset stomach and a rash within half an hour, even though I didn't think I had any problems with wheat/gluten beforehand. If I eat too much sugar in one sitting (i.e. a Pepsi at a restaurant with friends), I get dizzy and hyper.

      Based on nutritional advice, I'm doing everything wrong. I shouldn't be eating this much fat and losing weight. I shouldn't look and feel as good as I do with clear skin and strong nails. Calories in vs calories out is such a flawed analogy that people are fed; as you and I have discovered, the macros, i.e. proportions of carbs, proteins and fats, are much more important.

      Shame that so many other people still believe the nutritional dogma.

    2. Whole grains ARE better for you than, say, white bread. But the fact of the matter is, we need far less of them than we have been told to be healthy.

  32. I loved every minute of it, this was spot on!!!

  33. At the beginning of the documentary we are told that there is no obesity epidemic.

    At the end of the documentary we are told the government is responsible for the current obesity epidemic.

    This sums up the quality of the documentary and the information it gives.

    1. pay better attention, he is using the governments own phrasing and rhetoric at the end. The "obesity epidemic" is overblown, but what obesity problems we are having are primarily caused by current governmental recommendations as to diet.

  34. On a lighter note. . . didn't the spokesperson for the "Heart Attack Grill/Cafe" in Las Vegas recently die from a heart attack? It was my understanding he had previously suffered at least one if not several heart attacks prior to the final fatal one. This being a restaurant that specializes in infamously large fat, cheese & bacon laden double, triple & quadruple burgers. The cooks dress as doctors & the wait staff as nurses.

    1. I know you are trying to lighten things up, but I gotta say, the fact that they served burgers says it wasn't exactly a LOW CARB high fat environment, more like a high carb, high fat environment, which isn't healthy for either team LOL. On that note though, did you know that people who work in food, often refuse to eat the food they work with? so this dude might have been eating salad every day lol.

  35. GR8 docu!! Very witty and pointed, U don't necessarily have to agree with everything shown or said, but than again that is the point - USE YOUR OWN BRAIN, M*RONS!-))

    1. i wonder if what he said about Spurlock being a frod is true or just an exaggeration

  36. The director of this doc clearly has some real personal issues with food. He is obviously over weight and appears to have some real self esteem issues so is trying to justify eating s*it!

  37. What ever happened to eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly?

  38. People leaving comments about this guys adoring McDo's... watch the freaking document. It just gets better towards the end. True facts.

  39. wow i hate this documentary ... of course labeling food is good .. if u count the calories u eat u will get slimmer ... i lost 30 pounds last year i stop going to MacDonald and all those fast food and if i went with friends i check on the website before the calories ... don't take the milkshake !

    1. i think people have just become paranoid and afraid of fast food, i think this guy has some good points, i would like to hear a sensible argument as to why this video is, as he said...a bunch of bologna, lol, it's different that's for sure, but some of the things he said about Spurlock i want to know if it's true

    2. Its not about calories. Its about not eating sugar as well as only eating the 'healthy' carbs that comes from fruits and veggies-what mother nature gave us:)

  40. buon appetito.....

  41. I found this doc extremely amusing, from the narration to the "man on the street" interviews. At some points I laughed out loud. Not a bad way to spend another dreary, frigid winter afternoon.
    There was a lot of information to digest (no pun intended).
    I know this for a fact: for years I always ate very healthy food from scratch and never had a weight problem.
    2 years ago I found my health failing and endured multiple surgeries which have forced me to become inactive. So much for "healthy" food, eh?
    But the point is, now I'm packing on the weight BIG TIME, and my eating habits never changed.
    All the long hikes I used to take every day must have really made a difference.
    Mayhaps I shall dump my boring wholegrain and veggie consumption.

    1. that's an interesting life story and has made me think differently about weight gain and fast food, thankyou for sharing :)

  42. People are fat. But, the truth is that labor markets are down and the service economy (sitting in a cubicle as well as the fast food crap... equals bad news. However, the food we eat is highly sterile with preservatives for fear of law suits.

  43. Reduce carbs, use less procossed fats, take a hike, and you can eat eggs and bacon for beakfast followed by steak and greens from supper.
    But I thought fast food places serve mostly high carbohydrate foods. Hamburger buns, breaded chicken strips, fat dripping potato fries. Rarely do they serve anything green as a normal part of the meal deals. Salads are always a side item, as if they are an after thought to nutrition.
    This documentary certainly has something to consider. We shall see how this develops if another independent study is presented.
    The one absolute truth in this documentary was 'follow the money'.

  44. I'm about to watch this doc. I normally do not post comments prior to watching said doc & I don't much care for other's opinions posted before investing time in the doc in question. That said, I am breaking my rule only because I did not notice in any of the comments the main issue of the day. Kids don't play like they used to.

    At the risk of sounding like an old man, when I was a kid I was physically active from the time I awoke until I went to sleep. We (as friends & neighbors) constantly kept each other active through countless games, sports & activities that required physical interaction. Now how much time is spent in front of a computer or TV screen. This doesn't even address the fact that most people don't even know who their neighbors are & as a result the children suffer.

    Never was it an issue of over eating & lack of exercise when I was growing up. Now it has become the topic of every talk show & news program. Just balance you diet folks, eat appropriately & get lots of exercise. I will go so far to say that in my experience (many other very fit athlete friends of mine will also tell you) it's not so much what you eat but how much you eat & how physically active you are. Of course there are many bad things you should avoid eating but I would dare say: a person who eats nothing but fast food & exercises regularly is most likely to be healthier & in better physical condition overall than someone who insists on eating nothing but organic "health" food & has a sedentary lifestyle with little to no physical activity.

    Now I will watch this doc & see how far off base I was with my pre-mature comment. Here's to health everyone! Enjoy that delicious cheeseburger. (I'm eating a few tasty slices of pizza right now) Just don't have two & go for an extra walk, swim or run that day or week to make up for the extra intake.

    1. I so agree with you!
      For the past 10 years, I rarely see any children playing outside.
      I only see them if they are waiting for a school bus, (god forbid they WALK to school); being supervised by adults as if they are little prisoners; and the kids are usually overweight or already obese.
      Such paranoia! There were child molesters and incest when I was a kid too! We were taught to never go in someone's house without asking our parents first; and don't get into a car. Pretty straight forward to me.
      The teenagers and adults in my city are obese.
      Type 2 diabetes is rampant.
      Don't people know how to prepare decent, cheap meals anymore? I managed to, while I was a poor and busy working mother.
      Why do people even bother having kids now if they can't even send them outside to play? It's no life for the kids or their parents.
      My mom would have killed us if we didn't run out the door every morning!
      Sorry for the rant!
      I really did enjoy this doc, appreciated the humour and didn't feel like picking apart all the narrator's observations. I found it very entertaining.

    2. It's a sad, sad, sad ,sad world! I've always liked your moniker when I have noticed it the comment sections from time to time by the way.

    3. Thank you, what a nice thing to say.

  45. This documentary is just about this one guy, in this case an apparently "known" comedian, telling his story and showing us what kind of diet works for him, while maintaining the all-important facade of educated opinion by quoting people and organisations whose particular camp he is a follower of.

    All in all, no different from most of the people claiming the opposite view of what is healthy to eat and what's not. The money trail is no smaller on one end than it is on the other, in other words you can't trust anyone. In the years since this documentary was made (if 2009 is indeed correct) the so-called LCHF (low carbon high fat) diet has really caught on in food fashion, and naturally it comes with its own entourage of bestselling authors and food industry lobbyists.

    The problem with food consumption today is about intake versus expenditure. You can complicate matters by involving a range of metabolic factors, such as insuline tolerance and genetic predisposition, but in the end that's just part of the equation as a whole, which is still intake vs expenditure.

    The intake part is easy, counting your calories takes only basic math skills and some amount of patience. The same simply cannot be said about expenditure, Most people have wide variances in their basal metabolism, and not only are these variances hard to measure, but their underlying causes are elusive as well. This is why two people can have widely different results from one specific diet.

    Many people also tend to get the wrong idea about exercise. This is not their own fault, but simply due to the fact that it's easy to create infomercials and other marketing ploys around food, but not so much when it comes to basic cardiovascular exercise. Basically, if you're exercising for the sole reason of burning this or that amount of calories, you don't understand the full range of benefits that good, varied exercise provides.

  46. This documentary shows how once someone in government gets an agenda, it's full speed ahead and nevermind the facts. An excellent example of how the gullible are led into wars or nonsense like manmade global warming, cooling, climate change or whatever they are calling it now.

    Adolf Hitler was right when he said; "it is fortunate for governments that most people do not think". It is also fortunate for businesses and scientist's who can profit on such ignorance as illustrated in this documentary.

  47. Despite his overuse of the word 'bologna', I think you're making a mistake if you judge this documentary upon forming an opinion after 10 minutes. Yes, there are points that don't sit quite right with me, but these are exaggerated points to go with his argument: A lot of the panic on healthy living in the media is unnecessary and a lot of the information you get is not quite right and at times even manipulated to serve financial purposes.

    It does, at times, sound like he's advertising fast food to be perfectly fine, but I think you have to look beyond that: There's more to health and weight than the 'over-consumption' of fast food.

  48. Hows this dumb a*ses healthy meal at the beginning. him eating that boring a*s looking supposed healthy meal he was eating was like watching an infomercial for workout equipment when they compare the flashy new gay crunch machine in colour to the black and whit fat guy in black and white straining to do a sit up.There is a lot of great healthy food out there that gives your body what it naturally needs that tastes amazing. Enjoy your whopper you fat f--k clog those arteries go merica! the land of the ignant r*tard who are brainwashed to cherish macidols.

    1. you know, i think too many of these replies have no solid evidence to back them up except for packing on cuss words or insults or saying something you don't like about the video ie. it was corny, the guy i a fat pig, etc. i have been looking for some solid information that might help me conclude if this evidence is true

  49. Boring, the documentary came out 5 years after Super Size Me. After McDonald's revamped their menu and nutrition info.

    1. good point

    2. good point, i don't think there were milkshakes back then

  50. ...Kinda like QualiaSoup!

    1. What's like QualiaSoup?

    2. ...the editing/graphic presentation.
      Narritive, can be straight forward, cut to the chase-esque...

  51. You know, I rarely agree but I have to say he made an interesting point at the very beginning of this movie. If you consume literally 5 thousand calories no matter what food you eat and don't opt to exercise, then you are asking for a painful death.

    Not to mention that anything over 2500 calories for a 'moderate' lifestyle will pack the pounds as well. I heard even over 1200 calories for a 'sedentary' lifestyle is uncertain.

    So when they say 'moderation is key' it applies to every situation and I suppose it could work here as well.

    Or you can reduce carbs... or you can exercise more and stop being lazy.. or do any of the 3. I'm skinny and I thought I would never be unhealthy but now I am kind of worried. I know I will never be fat, but skinny people with heart disease? Ugh... shudders just to think about such a thing. Time for me to cut down on carbohydrates and exercise even more hehe~

    All in all, I enjoyed the film. A bit long but funny ^_^

    1. Jim Fixx was a good example of poor diet leading to heart disease even though he was thin and fit. However, he had a genetic predisposition to heart disease, had a congenitally enlarged heart, had indulged in some unhealthy life choices like smoking, was under emotional stress, and had been fairly heavy, before he took up running in his mid-thirties.

      I'm curious as to why the admonition to "exercise more" always seems to come with the judgmental admonition to "stop being lazy," as if that's the only reason for reduced activity levels.

    2. Because when you exercise you burn more calories and prevents you from being lazy... sheesh no brainer here ^_^

    3. i totally agree

  52. This documentary is very misleading. Of course you can loss body weight by eating a diet of fast food. A key factor in determining body weight is the individuals caloric intake vs their output. In this sense you can lose weight eating anything as long as you keep the calories down. However, if you only eat processed junk you are definitely deprived of essential vitamins and mineral, your good and bad cholesterol levels will be inverted, your melatonin and serotonin levels will be devastated, and most importantly fast food places load their food with chemicals that the FDA dose not mandate the expression of the daily value found in the food. Fast food is full of heat activated flavoring and SULFUR, which no living thing can tolerate. But if you insist on being "a proud American" than enjoy your $1.07 heart attack.

    1. You are wrong on too many points to waste time on. IE: it's "lose" not "loss body weight" .... LOL moderation is the key, no heart attack comes from a dollar seven.

    2. And who else here besides the producer of the documentary point to exercise or an active lifestyle as a factor in health?

    3. I agree this documentary doesn't fly with me.
      I'll admit I only watched 10 min of it, but what he explained was that people really aren't getting fat.. and that nobody forces people to buy fast food.

      So he just dismissed the whole scientific statistical evidence while also discarding advertisement which conflicts with these statements.

      This lack of obvious insight in the opening scenes demonstrate the character of the whole documentary.. Sorry, not interested in your bologna. .

    4. So statisically you based your opinion on 10% of the available information. That makes you a 100% m*ron. He based these opening statements on information presented later on in the film. Based on your reasoning, you probably only watched the first 10 minutes of Titanic and thought it would have a happy ending.

    5. You miss the whole point of this dicumentary. That point is that government can act out an agenda without any concern for facts or the actual well being of those they rule over. Once the agenda is rolling, there are no shortage of scientists, business people or lawyers to jump on the bandwagon.They know how to toe the line to get power or wealth at societies' expense.

      I shake my head every time I see or hear some gullible simpleton parroting some line that originates with a government agency. Try thinking for yourself and earn the "Truth" moniker.

    6. Everyone should already know this from the war on drugs. That the government doesn't care about you is so obvious, a three year old could see it.

    7. I think you didnt get the point of the documentary. The documentary was about eating a diet that is higher in fat and lower in carbs vs. a diet that is lower in fat and higher in carbs. He was trying to show that you can eat a meal with higher fat and still lose weight. Yes, fast food has chemicals and is deprived of vitamins and minerals, but the point was just to show that the reason why fast food is bad is not because of the high fat content. I'm not entirely sure this is true, but that is the argument that the documentary maker was trying to make, not whether fast food has enough vitamins, etc.

    8. Never trust a person who calls themselves "truth" regardless what they say. ;)

      The point is that fat is broken down into amino acids, that are later reconstructed to other protiens. Of course its devoid of ions and essential minerals, it just wasnt the point. You can pay $50 for a heart attack if you want, it could probably also be organic and fair game.

      PS: there are sulphur compounds when you fart.

  53. cult documentary.

  54. Very interesting doc. But Al Sears looks like a porno film star. Um, could I have another Big Mac, please?

  55. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.

    1. no... it isn't.

  56. Google "Garbage plate" "Rochester" "Nick Tahou's" These are the best, you have to try one someday... Makes a whopper look like a diet meal.