Stephen Fry in America: Mountains and Plains

2008 ,    » 25 Comments

Stephen Fry in America: Mountains and PlainsStarting with the airborne border patrol agents at the Canadian border in the stunning mountains of Montana, and ending at the very different border with Mexico in Texas, Stephen explores the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and America's breadbasket beside them.

He meets Ted Turner and some of his 50,000 bison, encounters Wyoming ranchers who have particularly close encounters with wolves and bears, rides through the snow on a dogsled, overdoses on carbohydrates at a German diner in Bismarck, N Dakota, and experiences the Badlands of South Dakota.

A ride with a trucker in Nebraska takes him into the bizarre home of some Kansans in an underground missile base. Posh Aspen in Colorado is in contrast with a Salvation Army belly dancer in Oklahoma, while a gala dinner in Houston is a far cry from a band of Texmex musicians at the border in El Paso.

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  1. Christos Stoltidis

    This doc is more boring than sleep and death......

  2. alans

    ...and you still watched it.

  3. John Murgaš

    is South America part of America?

  4. Kulvurt Roke

    Good Doc, worth a watch especially if you don't know a great deal about the states plus Steven Fry's voice is always soothing to hear.

  5. sarah post

    you're moar boring than sleep & death u should go do both i loooove stephen fry & silly americans

  6. sarah post

    haha im pretty sure he was joking

  7. sarah post

    jeeeezusss christ native americans are so freaking laaaame!!! SHUT UP already and go get yourself another 40oz! "The white man took the taste out of my mouth". No, you can't taste anything because your BAC is never below a 2.0 hahah

  8. sarah post

    I love this show btw thank you so much!

  9. OjibNation

    Why don't you watch some more docs and get educated in the ways and lifestyles of modern day Native peoples. Your ignorance just shows everybody else that you're r*tarded. hahahaha

  10. Epicurus

    was that necessary? how was that any different than saying all black people steal? or all white people exploit?

    dont use this comment board for your ignorant racist agenda. you come off as a complete m*ron when you generalize an entire group of people like that and even ignore the history or why they drink so much.

    you should be ashamed of yourself and I hope you grow up one day.

  11. Guest

    i hope so, but you got to give a guy a chance!

  12. Guest

    I would like to note that in a much more polite way you kind of do the same thing here with the following statement: "why they drink so much". White People have many drunks too, Chinese do too, Russians do too, Mexicans do too, Polynasians do too, i'll stop possibily get my point.

  13. Guest

    Sarah perhaps you are misguided while sitting on your tower of Baby lawn.

  14. sarah post

    Actually, 1/4 Cherokee & am very educated on the ways & lifestyles of the general Native American population, which is the main reason for the opinion that I hold. & this knowledge is derived first hand, not from a documentary. & telling people what they can & can't say on a comment board? Come on, that's a bit fascist, oh high and mighty, Epicurus hahahah

  15. Epicurus

    Sarah, hate speech is not protected under freespeech. and yes some people do have a say what is said on comment boards.

    and if i were 1/4 black could i say something like "jesus christ black people are so laaaaame, shut up and go smoke another rock."

    use your head.

  16. John Murgaš

    just being sarcastic!

  17. John Murgaš

    Better Nutrition also makes them tolerate alcohol more.

  18. John Murgaš

    that's right, not all white people are serial killers.

  19. Guest

    i thought so but as the world never knows and it was a good opportunity to look up the names of all those different partitions.

  20. autumn burnett

    well, I think what Sarah is trying to say is that:

    she is freaking laaaaaaame!!!,
    should shut up already,
    and go get herself another 40oz.,
    oh and we should already have assumed all of that because she is 1/4 Cherokee.

    There I think I translated that right.

    Luckily she seems to be a semi-isolated case of lameness in our little docu-community. Most of us here have enough of a mind to at the very least keep bigoted comments like that to themselves let alone not make them at all. I believe she would find a crowd more to her liking in the chat area of The View website.

    My great-great-great grandparents were pioneers that traveled to oregon in wagons. My great-great-great grandmother died after giving birth to her 7th child named May. The native americans that lived close to them took in May and cared for her because my great-great-grate grandfather couldn't take care of her and the other children while supporting the family. I have never heard a single story in my family about Native Americans being anything but respectful, honest, and loving. It is so SAD how our society has turned out. You Sarah, and the conditions that have been forced upon the Native Americans are proof of that.

  21. Guest

    What a beautiful story about your grand grand Grand! I am sure there are similar stories in my family too, my root being from way way back in the Gaspe Peninsula.

  22. KsDevil

    I am glad Stephen was able to show the grandness of the central plains and mountains. The fly-over states often get missed because there's more silent glory than active drama compared to the border states. Of course, I'd like to note not everyone in Kansas is a hippie living in a hole in the ground. But Stephen is right. There's a lot of nothing in this state but it's all interesting if you look for it.


    i wished i tried "mutton busting" when i was a kid, that looks hella fun!

  24. sknb

    They don't expect there to be any glaciers in Glacier National Park by 2020= 2030.


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