Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden

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In late June of 2013, as United States leaders were publicly labeling him as a "coward" and a "traitor", Edward Snowden was hiding from authorities in Hong Kong. Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden dramatizes the pulse pounding moments prior to and in the aftermath of this moment.

Just three weeks earlier, he nervously handed over nearly a million top secret documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) to journalists from the world's most renowned newspapers. These classified materials painted a frightening picture of a U.S. government whose surveillance activities far exceeded constitutional boundaries, and whose efforts worked to sabotage the interests of ordinary citizens they were sworn to protect. Once the documents were revealed to the world and Snowden's identity was exposed, a massive global manhunt ensued.

Around every corner, Snowden never knew when he might be arrested or even killed. He was an enemy of the state now. The United States government - made weak and hostile from the revelations revealed in the leaked documents - was diligent in their attempts to arrange extradition back to their country so Snowden could face the legal consequences of his actions. In the end, a simple clerical error might have been the only factor that helped him evade harm or capture.

Strikingly photographed and sharply edited, Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden presents a solid primer on his position at the NSA, his motivations for exposing sensitive and potentially damaging materials, and the reality of living as one of the most notorious whistleblowers in American history. It's well-trodden territory, but the film provides fresh and revealing insights along the way, thanks to interviews with his father, his co-workers, former NSA Director Michael Hayden, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, reporter Glenn Greenwald, and Snowden himself.

Whether you believe Snowden to be a sinner or a saint, the film will likely prove most enlightening in its minutia. Benefiting from the moment by moment perspectives of figures from both sides of the story, the narrative plays out like an all-too-real game of cat and mouse. We're given a tangible sense of what it must feel like to be a hunted man.

Directed by: John Goetz, Poul-Erik Heilbuth

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. User-1

    Excellent video! Hard to believe his father would turn over his son to the FBI, ref 42:40

    We live (US) in country that is really not that free. Just think for a minute if the situation was reversed. There was someone with docs coming from Russia and seeking freedom in the US. That person's docs will be confiscated and he/she would have the Manning Treatment applied.

    Wikileaks remarkably did a excellent job on helping Snowden. My hat off to you guys!

  2. winter

    It is interesting to watch these NSA scumbags and the politicians that put them in their loft y positions race around their gilded cages in terror like cockroaches do when someone turns the light on. Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange are heroes who exposed the ridiculous and corrupt US military industrial complex. Those who can see need to lead those individuals that would cover their eyes and cower before the US government to the truth.

  3. oQ

    Plagiarized Citizenfour, a much better and complete documentary.

  4. Digi WongaDude

    Perhaps Snowden's a fan of the Scottish poet Walter Scott, who is famously quoted from Marmion:

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.”

    ...those words certainly sprung to my mind, but he also had these pearls of wisdom to add:

    “Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.”
    ― Walter Scott, The Heart of Mid-Lothian

    “All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.”
    ― Walter Scott

    “For he that does good, having the unlimited power to do evil, deserves praise not only for the good which he performs, but for the evil which he forbears.”
    ― Walter Scott, Ivanhoe

    ...Here's to great thinkers AND do'ers.

  5. edwardo

    I think that the time is right for Snowden to run for president!!

  6. Joe

    Great documentary and good presentation of the facts. That which is hidden shall ultimately come into the light and be revealed. . .

  7. bb

    Edward Snowden as all whistle-blowers are heroes in my book. And why is it that NSA is not held to the wall for their criminal acts of spying on us???

  8. Lastviewer

    The peak of the fun is when the Bolivian presidential airplane got hijacked and was found without no "Snowden" aboard !
    Just to think 'bout that, happening before the eyes of the whole world...
    As much stupid as getting involved in Vietnam for a set of 4 Michelin tires !
    The first ability noted in humankind is his fitness to learn ; Trials and errors.

    Rest assure, I'll remember this doc but maybe, not everyone ?
    There will be another one in less than a year.

  9. Will

    So funny, the Gov officials yelling hes a traitor, should be thrown in jail for life etc ietc,.....lol, and our Governments are spying all all the citizens good and bad.........FML

  10. Rose M. Coveney

    Snowden obviously took JFKs speech to heart. He was exposing the criminals yet he is labeled the criminal.

  11. Blabber_Mouth

    @winter Exactly right sir. Everything is upside down. He should have been praised by everyone!! The government wants him brought up on Treason charges because they got busted, and a big portion of the population wants him brought up on charges because the scummy, low-life, bought-and-paid-for (Zionists) politicians tell them so. Between the unbridled corruption in D.C., our country being dominated by Zionist terrorist, and most of the country too stupid to do anything other than watch 'Reality TV,' this ain't looking good. 'Reality' is what'll be loading there dumb asses into box cars in the near future if we don't get this thing under control, not what comes across their television screens. They'll show you EVERYTHING, EXCEPT reality.

    Secrecy, corruption and deception - that's the name of the game.

    This won't fix itself.

  12. Blabber_Mouth

    The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.


  13. Critical Edge

    Im am not some pessimist that thinks the worst, i actually always tried to see the best in all...but NO MORE! Where can we all gather? We who know what is happening in the world is wrong! it is not only in your country that bad things happen, i live in scandinavia and i can tell you, IT's ALL OVER and its just getting worse. Can anyone point me in the ight direction to gather and make a REAL change? or can we start a *The Movement of Change* Have no fear! 99% will follow

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