Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

2010, Health  -   372 Comments
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Burzynski is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food an Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered on Dr. Burzynski's belief in and commitment to his gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970's called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and could begin the final phase of testing in 2011-barring the ability to raise the $25 million to fund the first one.

When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting, life-saving medical breakthrough. Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer. Various cancer survivors are presented in the film that chose his treatment instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation - with full disclosure of original medical records to support their diagnosis and recovery.

One form of cancer - diffuse, intrinsic, childhood brainstem glioma has never before been cured in any experimental clinical trial in the history of medicine. Antineoplastons hold the first cures in history - dozens of them. Burzynski takes the audience through the treacherous, yet victorious, 14-year journey both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons.

However, what was revealed a few years after Dr. Burzynski won his freedom, helps to paint a more coherent picture regarding the true motivation of the U.S. government's relentless prosecution of Stanislaw Burzysnki.

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  1. Not all of Burzynski's patients live. That is to be expected as cancer has many causes and takes many forms. What astonishes me are Burzynski's critics who want to hold up the failures while completely ignoring the fact that many of Burzynski's patients are stage-4 and other treatment avenues have been completely exhausted. In other words, many of the survivors treated by Burzynski would be DEAD had they taken the traditional route. It's sad that not all cancers can be cured yet. However, Burzynski has a proven track record of successes that put his detractors to shame. If you want to question his methods based on those who do not live - then you need to take the EXACT SAME APPROACH to judging those institutions that fail at much higher rates that the Burzynski clinic does! Then, see who is your best survival bet!

    1. Maybe you might do a little bit of research yourself!!! FDA, big Pharma do control the world, their interest is $, Dr Burzynski’s interest is helping humanity and advancing science.

  2. It is a proven scam. Please do your research. FDA doesn't control the world. Cancer is a world wide problem and contrary to what you see on youtube, there is no cure for Cancer. Whats more most european countries treat cancer with government funds, so they have interest in curing cancer and spending less on chimio and hospital money. What is really sad is that some are so desperate for a cure they fall for this quack doctors (The billionaire Dr. Burzynski charge roughly 120 000$ for a treatment that requires very inexpensive equipment) instead of getting treatment from a doctor. Indeed, many Cancers are curable when found early

    1. The FDA doesn't control the world the pharmaceutical companies do. The will try and crush anyone who would become a threat to their profits. Burzynski seems to charge a lot for his remedy but he has expenses like any other business.

    2. Wow, way to prove the film right. What an exboritant answer checking all the boxes of intentional fake reviews/commentary. I don't know what is and isn't true, so how about providing ALL the UNBIASED information and let people make up their own minds. If what you're saying is true, you have nothing to worry about, right? If only your comment wasn't so over the top you might have fooled some of us. Keep insulting people's intelligence. Good for you.

    3. That's interesting so the government was scamming the scammers if that's what your saying is true.
      And then of course jumping into bed with the Pharma companies.
      Or was it the case even they.the government.wasn't sure it was a scam but wanted to cover all the bases just in case anyway.

    4. So the government was trying to out scam the scammers if what you're stating is true.with all that money he was allegedly making.
      Then jump into bed with the Pharma companies.as they so often do with similar cases.
      Or were they.the government.just covering all the bases just incase they would be missing out if it did work.Humm!!
      So whatever way we look at this it's very disconcerting from an ethical point .I think you must agree.
      Oh as for the FDA not controlling the world .I feel someone should send them a memo on that. and you may also do some research into other cases they have abruptly involved themselves in, take your pick.

    5. It's documented facts that the FDA has been harassing this NOBLE Doctor for over 15 yrs. When he HAS had complete success using his NON-TOXIC meds. They have tried to strip him of his license and practice. You tell me ONE GOOD REASON FOR THAT? Even if he only cured one patient. HE'S NOT KILLING MILLIONS LIKE THEIR CHEMOS AND RADIATION. People should have a choice

    6. It's really burdensome to read an ignorant authors diatribe!

    7. I have done plenty of research and pharma, the medical industry and the FDA ARE trying to crush anyone that comes up with any alternative methods as Cancer is a huge industry and without it the pharma and a large part of the medical sector would go bankrupt. Cancer is all about money and making as much has they can. They don't care about you and your cancer, if your mom dies from chemo, if that baby doesn't get the care and medical attention that can save it's life. All the care about is the bottom line. Do some credible research and if you find something share it. Talk is cheap and if I get cancer I am going to the Burzynski Institute in Texas.

    8. "much more credible than you"...? Nice name. IF you can't even give out your name then you are a faker. just someone trying to poke around and provoke. Get lost faker.

  3. I used to be proud of being an American. What a mess with the Law system and its impossible money-making bureaucracy.
    No humanism, no morals, no nothing except $ad infinitum

  4. I have terminal ovarian cancer and wish that this treatment was offered here. It is a sin that the drug companies control our medical schools, the F.D.A. and our doctors! Why is that conflict of interest allowed here? What cancer patients have to endure in treatment is inhuman!!!

  5. The bible & religion have absolutely nothing to do with it. It's science. Stop being so narrow minded you stupid puppets. The bible is a fictional story.

    1. Watch the movie a Case for Christ on Netflix based on a true story about a man like yourself who said the bible is just stories. Being a reporter he set out to prove god doesn't exist

  6. Alot of these post have nothing to do with this documentary. I'm in the medical field. I cannot say what I do, but i'm very familiar with oncology and it's protocol. These are some facts. 1. Most FDA commissioners are either former executives from Big Pharma or receive executive positions with Big Pharma after leaving the FDA. 2. 40% of the FDA budget is paid for by Big Pharma. yes, it's quit true, you can look it up. 3. The FDA does not allow an individual to create, market , or sell a drug regardless of efficacy and effectiveness. If you are not a big pharm co. you cannot get FDA approval even if you somehow get the ridiculous amount of money that is needed for trials. 4. Most of the budget of "Cancer research" from any of the Large 501c nonprofits (American cancer society, National Cancer Institute, Susan Komen foundation) are minuscule compared to what they spend in advertising for donations and what they list as Education. 5. Out of that minuscule amount that does go into "Cancer Research" it goes into the two modalities that have about an overall success rate of 5% or less. So they are essentially pumping money into drugs and treatments that do not work. (hence the sum of money put into research compared to what they take in annually. ) 6. Oncology Drugs are one of the biggest money makers for Big Pharma if not thee number 1. 7. Doctors are paid commissions on Oncology drugs that they prescribe to their patients. (NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST THERE RIGHT) Yes, you can read pay schedules on onco drugs on pharma websites that say "for physicians". Although they might have made that more secure nowadays. But it used to be readily avail for anyone's access. 8. IF cancer was cured with it never will be, they might find an effective treatment, but never a cure because...well, there's just no money in any cure. Would you make more money from selling someone a dairy cow, or selling lots of people the milk from said cow? Anyway, if cured, (somehow) An entire section of medicine disappears overnight. Oncology is gone right? with a cure, you can just go to your GP and get the cure. The most profitable drugs on the market for big pharma is no longer needed and their stock prices will plummet. Ok, so the last part of this might be speculation, but the first 7 are facts. I'm not making these things up. And Lastly, if the FDA thought that Dr. Burzinski's antineoplastons therapy was too dangerous, why did they basically give to thumbs up to the National Cancer Institute to go through with trials of their own version of the medication (which they basically stole from Dr. B through a former research assistant.) So, the NCI's meds are safe, but Dr. B's are not? I'm just saying, Stuff just doesn't seem to add up. I'm not saying Dr. B has the magic bullet to curing cancer. But does it seem highly suspect that the FDA has the best interest of Big Pharma and not the public? It sure seems that way.

  7. USA is a very sick country... unfortunately, the rest of the world follows her like a blind man

    1. Very sick indeed!

  8. Big Pharma is just FRAUD. radiation for cancer treatment is stupid, it just gives patients a lobotomy which makes them stupid so they can go along with stupid doctors and their Nazi death sentence, the fake cancer drugs.

    1. Chris, I was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 lung cancer 2 years ago. During the biopsy they discovered that my airway was almost closed (think boiling a frog). They cut out what they could during that procedure. I was given 2 options. 1 - do nothing and let the disease take its course. 2. Chemotherapy. There was simply too much cancer, spread out too widely. As horrible as the chemo has been, it's what is allowing me to be here right now and able to write this. During my last CT scan, it was shown that lesions on my r adrenal gland doubled in size. And there was new activity in my r lung. My Dr. and I talked about the possibility of radiation to target those specific areas. And we did. I'm pretty sure I don't appear to have had a lobotomy. I'm rather coherent and articulate. The chemo that I'm currently on is losing its effect. There is one more drug that may or may not work. And if it does, it will quit working at some point. These drugs aren't perfect. And cancer is a worthy opponent. It's smart! Immunotherapy is showing a lot of promise for many people. I'm not one of them. All this is to say, I'd be dead without the chemotherapy and radiation. Sure, they are so so expensive. Progress is being made every day. But I'm here (literally) to tell you that you're wrong. Perhaps you had a bad experience that has poisoned your thinking as badly as you say the current treatments are for cancer patients. I'm no fan of big pharma. I'm no big fan of radiation. But I'm a big fan of having a little more time to thank the people who have been an important of my life. And a little more time to spend with my family. These "fake cancer drugs," "stupid radiation treatments" and "stupid doctors" you speak of may buy you a little time at some point to do the same. I hope that never happens. Finally, after living a long, prosperous and healthy life, I hope you in hell for your nazi reference.

  9. This documentary is full of Lies.

    It misrepresents scientific findings and tries to give the impression that Burzinski has performed clinical trials under the supervision of the FDA. This is a LIE. None of Burzinski's trials have ever been supervised by an independent or outside body, and whenever anybody has tried to peer review his trials by copying them, they have all seen wildly different results.

    This only ever happens when the person who made the original study is either lying or grossly incompetent.

    Considering the efforts this "documentary" makes to mislead it's audience i'm guessing that in Burzinski's case it was the former rather than the latter.

    1. If it works without clinical trials and it saved my life or my child 's I wouldn't give a damn about clinical trials from an institution that is obviously corrupt! There were very few extensive clinical trials for the cure of diabetes. There were very few clinical trials for the cure of polio. Imagine...oh you probably can't. Take your fake "comments" to crazy town in D.C. to Frump Towers - he'll believe you!

    2. Lying or grossly incompetent with the cure / successful outcomes he has had? Better watch the movie again.
      If he wasnt such a strong threat to FDA or Big Pharma ,they would have ignored him.

  10. The patents have long run out, pharma could easily make their own versions of his drugs. Also he has never published all 60+ Phase I & II trial data, why?. Major pharma companies are very keen to make deals with smaller companies. Roche has just inked a deal worth up to $555 million to work with India's Curadev Pharma on cancer treatments that use the body's immune system to combat tumors. Then there is Dr. Hidaeka Tsuda who demonstrates that antineoplastons don't work against colon cancer The trial failed to find any effect of antineoplastons on overall survival (OS) or relapse-free survival. That's a negative trial in any book, regardless of other findings.

    1. James Peters thank you for this insight. Burzynski documentary isn't a documentary at all. It's an infomercial a propaganda piece that caters to a segment of society that believes Burzynski is a brave cancer maverick who's worst crime is to want to cure little children's brain tumors.

      The facts don't lie. Scrape away Dr. B's propaganda and you are left with a doctor (not even a board certified oncologist) who has been charging desperate cancer patients exorbitant prices (hundreds of thousands of dollars) for the honor of being a lab rat in one of his phony clinical trials. Sixty of which he's started and finished zero. After 30 years he has yet to publish one bit of evidence that his antineoplastons work.

      Another interesting fact is at this point in time every single child with brain cancer in the UK that raised in excess of 200K to come to the U.S to receive antineoplastons has now died from their brain cancer.

      Of the 4 cancer patients in the 1st Burzynski film, 2 have died, 1 has recurred, and for 1 there is a question based on their medical scans as to whethe or not they really had a malignant brain tumor to begin with. Brain tumors are notoriously misdiagnosed.

  11. What Courageous, Awesome, Wonderful man!!! Good job for standing against the Pharmaceutical companies

    1. yes never finishing a clinical trial, never getting peer review never opening his results up to scrutiny. All the while taking large sums of money for an unproven treatment. yeah such courage

    2. What about the FDA supervised study of childhood brainstem glioma shown at 21:15 ? That looks like a bit of proof that his method can cure at least one type of cancer.

    3. No it doesn't. The studies mentioned are phase one and phase two trials and only FDA supervised in the loosest sense. Burzynski has never finished a trial concerning this treatment. The one trial that was finished by him was never published so the resullts cannot be verified. He continously runs trials in order to subject people to his "treatments" but he abandons the trials before completion so he never has to subject his claimed results to scrutiny.

    4. Thanks for clearing up the phase thing. So, the study I referenced was just a phase one study in which he got extremely lucky?

    5. Nobody knows. He uses the clinical trials in order to sell his "cure". But almost always ends the trials before completion and starts a new one. If he actually completed a trial and published the results then his approach could be examined. Many studies are ended early (for many reasons) but I do not know of any person or group who has a similar failure rate. He has had (at last look) over 60 trials started and only finished one, That one he did finish he has never published the results of. All this and he also charges high prices to be part of his "trials" another almost unheard of approach. Please look up C0nc0rdance on youtube "The Burzynski Clinic" and see for yourself

  12. He has had over 35 years to publish all his Phase I & II trial data. He also charges people $100-200,000 a years for his drugs. This says all you need to know

  13. The fact that I have never heard of Dr. Burzynski until now means that the FDA has won in the end, even if they haven't legally shut him down.....and this is a very, very sad thing.

  14. @thesheep888:disqus. you may consider doing some research instead of just posting disputing comments. take some time and read Dr Mary's Monkey by Edward T. Haslam and learn about where this cancer is coming from in the first place. i don't wish cancer on anyone, tho if you ever find yourself at a crossroads & have to decide between allopathic options & alternative, may i recommend that you don't sit around waiting for someone to show you 'scientific documentations' of alternative/homeopathic options, because the AMA/FDA (monsanto-Michael Taylor, if you must) stifles by threats of loss of licensure or blacklists those who publicly divulge anything other than FDA approved protocols. which are intended SOLELY to reap $$$$$ for pharmaceutical companies, or should i say 'those who have financial interest' in keeping people UNhealthy. good luck

    1. hopefully people won't listen to your completly unqualified opinion.

      You do realise that the alternative health industry is a billion dollar industry right?

      You're only lying to yourself if you think that industry isn't all about money.

      you would send people to a painfull death for the sake of your own paranoid tin foil hattery...you may not wish it upon anyone but what you're doing instead isn't really much better.

  15. This system that we live in doesn't help people in any way but only to step on each other, go behind each others back to get to the top. The people who have power are the ones who are on top of the pyramid. Their only interest is to gain even more power. Our lives, our health, our education doesn't mean crap to the government, to congress or to any of the higher uppers. Dr. Burzynski is a man who truly fights for what is right. He fights for the sake of our health, us citizens. Just by hearing that the government along with the industries who oppose him and his discovery makes me to strongly believe how corrupt this system is and the only interest of any of these men is money and control over the people. It is pathetic of how low they are willing to go for their sake of their own interest. I hope that one day all of us citizens can join together to bring about change in the world and through this system to the abyss. I am thankful that their are some people who fight for what is TRULY RIGHT. People need to know the truth and most of all realized the horrific things that are not presented to the public.

  16. Love this determination...but it is inaccurate to say 'first cures in history'---there have been may suppressed cancer cures, dating back 80 years....Rife for one.

    1. That didn't work. However radiofrequency and microwave ablation are used today

  17. im sorry but if your life was going to end because of cancer, i have a feeling you would do ANYTHING to save it. Proof? The proof is all of the people who testified on his behalf not to mention the living children that are still alive today thanks to him. Over the edge you suck.

    1. thanks for the insult. do you have any actual proof other than personal testimonials? can you provide the before and after medical evidence that this cancer actually existed and was actually cured? a scientific claim requires scientific evidence. do you have any?

    2. Does it really matter THAT much when a person is told there's no hope left for them, that they should just wait to die? I've lost my sister 44, my mother 68, and grandmother 87 to Cancer and now at the age of 43 I'm being told I have a mass in my Lung that needs to be biopsied. I saw how my family members suffered with chemo & radiation, & I'm terrified. I understand we all die, however dying of Cancer is a painful & horrible agonizing death. My sister was a person who took care of herself and had a near perfect life. I garentee you had she had better medical insurance, she be Alive today and her 2 small children would have a mother. Its not OK that your insurance dictates how your treated medically and what drugs you can take (that they'll pay for). Everyone should receive the Best medicine for their illness no matter what . I personally do not know how people Who run the pharmaceutical companies live with themselves. They'd rather keep people sick to make a buck. So when I see something like this it makes me wonder why aren't people screaming about it. How can a Court of law permit this to happen to a man who has saved even just 1 life? You should be happy for these people who are still alive and stop criticizing it. I mean really do you work for a pharmaceutical company or what because it sure looks like it to me. you seem to have the same attitude as They do Damn rat bastards.

    3. first off sorry for your loss and i hope you get the best results possible from your biopsy. you have every right to be terrified. i very recently lost my niece (she was only twenty and had an 11 month old daughter). insurance companies can be heartless i understand. when ir comes to" Pharmaceutical companies live with themselves. They'd rather keep people sick to make a buck" i am guessing you are claiming they are suppressing a cure or cures. am i right? if so t and if you provide scientific/demonstrable proof i will be right beside you standing against them. no i do not work for a pharmaceutical company. you said yourself you are terrified. not the best time to be making decisions on the effectiveness of a treatment. especially one that has no actual scientific proof. there is a system set up to try to weed out the snake oil salesmen and ineffective or harmful treatments. the scientific method isn't perfect, but it is the best we have come up with. all Burzynski has to do is finish his trials publish his results in a peer reviewed scientific journal and allow his treatments to be duplicated. if Burzynski does not need to do this to treat patients does that mean that any treatment can be inflicted upon a mostly medical ignorant public regardless of actual proof ?

    4. good read! "Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy by Cythia Olsen

    5. does this book contain scientific evidence?

    6. Read it and find out.

    7. AHO! SISTER! i just visited my brother who opted for chemo/radiation. i walked into this 'healing?' facility & my eyes floated about the room, upon each new 'victim' of the 'system' & was immediately slapped across the face by reality, when i saw DIET SODA (aspartame!!!) BEING SERVED TO CANCER PATIENTS RECEIVING CHEMOTHERAPY! i lost my mind! (silently) WHO OWNS/RUNS THESE FACILITIES?!! MONSANTO? how can anyone work for such profligate corporations?! i asked a nurse there if she was familiar with aspartame. she replied, "yes". .................. i asked 'how can you serve this to cancer patients?' she replied, 'this is run by the hospital and that's what they offer'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!??????

    8. Sounds so similar to what I saw upon visiting my brother in the chemo clinic when he was 23 years old (still alive and well today, thankfully). I walked in and people were drinking coke, diet coke, sugary drinks, anything that would NOT benefit a frail cancer-ridden body going through chemotherapy (let a lone a healthy body). Where is the diet recommendations? Where are the nutritionists? Diet is at least half the battle, and even more of a battle after the cure and before you even get cancer.

      After my brother was cancer free he was inspired to join the medical field. In all of his education he was amazed that in his estimation only about 1% of his medical training involved anything to do with proper diet, nutrition, etc.

      Now, if this doesn't scream corruption and greed I don't know what will. These people that are inhibiting proper cures for the sake of drawing out money from people should go to prison, they are murderers and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

      Some of these comments defending the FDA on here, I'm not sure if you're employed by the FDA or the most ignorant fools I have ever seen in my life.... shame on you as well

    9. If you run your healthcare system like a business what do you expect?

    10. Must be nice to live in a civilized country with free healthcare.

    11. It is. I'm incredibly lucky.

      I had a motorcycle crash a few years ago, I was taken to hospital, patched up and sent on my way without needing to even look at my wallet or pick up a phone to an insurer.

      Had it happened in America the cost would have probably bankrupted me as I can't afford health insurance

      It's a constant struggle though, the current government trend in Britain is to stretch the NHS to breaking point by decimating the budget and increasing it's targets. There are a lot of elements that want to adapt an American pay only system...it's why I get very defensive over matters of healthcare.

    12. it's a pity that all the people killed by this quackery can't stand up for themselves...your "Proof" is disputable.

      did those people get well on their own, because of the treatment, because of regular treatment...we'll never know because Burzynski never ran proper tests or kept proper records (because It makes it easier to deny knowledge of people he's killed)

    13. The cure rate for people undergoing chemotherapy can be as low as one percent for some types of cancer, so should we call chemo quackery too? People should be able to choose what is used to treat their own terminal illnesses, or choose not to be treated at all. All options should be made available to dying patients.

    14. so you believe it's ok for confidence tricksters and snake oil salesmen to rob vulnerable people of the last of their money whilst they slowly die...

    15. I would hope that people would educate themselves about their various options and then choose which one is best for them. If they get duped or fail to make an educated decision, that is their own fault. If they want to jump off of a cliff in the meantime, that would also fall under the same category. Why are traditional treatments like chemo and radiation (which allow patients to die all the time) exempt from your contempt? In conclusion all I have to say is, FREEDOM!

    16. Ah...so Victim blaming then...Don't blame the con artists for conning, blame the victims for falling for it instead.

      You try doing that when you're bedridden in pain, and absolutely terrified!

      I'm starting to wonder, and i'm going to take a wild stab in the dark here but...Which alternative therapy is it that YOU sell?

    17. Ha, I don't sell any alternative therapies, but I don't blame you for thinking I do. Sure I blame the con artists. Con artists are the scum of the earth, but we can't have laws against people willingly paying for shoddy products. People need to take responsibility for their own health and for the choices they make. I don't "blame" people who make bad choices. I simply don't worry about it because they have the right to do as they please with their own bodies. What happens to their body should not be left up to me or you or the government. By all means, evangelize and make efforts to educate people if you like, but ultimately you shouldn't force someone to do something against their will EVEN when you believe it is in their best interest.

    18. Ok, i'll take off my tin foil hat then.

      Sorry but it was just a couple of specific sentences you used, i've heard them before from practitioners and my conspiracy gland flared up.

    19. So, you have a conspiracy gland too!? haha I think we have to agree that we disagree about what the appropriate role of government is. Thanks for making me think a bit more about my ideas, introducing me to yours, and for being civil.

    20. yeah...unfortunatly it gets infected every now and again and I come down with irrationalitis. But a course of common sensadin usually clears that up.

    21. Name the cancer type treated with chemo alone that has a 1% overall response rate, unless you mean complete response or partial response?. I don't think you honestly know what you are taking about?

    22. I said the cure rate. CURE RATE. That means that they are still living 5 years after getting the treatment.

    23. From Cancer Research UK - 50% of adult cancer patients diagnosed in 2010-2011 in England and Wales are predicted to survive 10 or more years. 46% of men and 54% of women cancer patients diagnosed in 2010-2011 in England and Wales are predicted to survive 10 or more years. Cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years. Many are cured by standard of care.

      The “2% chemo efficacy” comes from an Australian study into the contribution of chemotherapy to 5-year cancer survival, and the researchers claimed to have found that the average benefit of chemotherapy was about 2%. So the study is about the contribution of chemotherapy to survival and not about survival of patients having chemotherapy. For obvious reasons, this study has become immensely popular with alternative therapists and is quoted by them ad nauseam. A rather strange phenomenon took place after the publication of this study: over time, the 2-3% contribution to survival had somehow become 2-3% plain survival – period. Some of these altmeds now actually claim the outcome of the study was that of all cancer patients receiving chemo, only 2-3% survive for more than 5 years. In other words: chemotherapy kills an average 97% of cancer patients within 5 years. If we really want to get anywhere at all, then honesty about the facts, not manipulation, self-aggrandizing and scare mongering, should be the basis for discussion and decision making.

    24. that is NOT the definition of cured!

    25. Well, sorry about that. I heard or read something somewhere and ran with it. Thanks for making me go back to re-check my facts. I just did some reading on cancer (dot) gov and found this: "If you remain in complete remission for 5 years or more, some doctors may say that you are cured. Still, some cancer cells can remain in your body for many years after treatment. These cells may cause the cancer to come back one day. For cancers that return, most do so within the first 5 years after treatment. But, there is a chance that cancer will come back later. For this reason, doctors cannot say for sure that you are cured."

      I realize this quote doesn't support my statement, but wanted to help others understand my misunderstanding in case they have a similar one.

    26. Just take any type of cancer that you don't catch early enough and there's your 1% number. The closest fair number I could come up with was < 6%, meaning only < 6% of the people who get diagnosed with this type of cancer survive for 5 years after their initial diagnosis. "Exocrine pancreatic cancer is rarely curable and has an overall survival (OS) rate of less than 6%" Source: cancer (dot) gov I'm assuming that means it's 5.8 - 5.99 percent, but let's be real here. Less than 6% means somewhere between zero and six percent.

    27. Remember that there are 100 to over 200 different types of cancer (the actual number depends on how some researchers subdivide some types) in humans. Each of these different cancers have different genetics, different prognoses, different causes, and different treatments. In other words, it is not one singular disease with one unified course of treatment. Every cancer is so different with such different physiology, there is just never going to be a magic pill. Many types of cancers can be cured, even in the latter stages. Even if somebody has Stage IV cancer (this means its spread to other organs) treatments can improved quality of life and extend it too. The 10 year survival of all cancer types and stages in the UK is 50%. Also there are many clinical trials being run to help further extent some of the harder to treat types. Pancreatic is usually only caught late (Stage IV) and is either unresectable and/or has liver metastases. In childhood Relapsed (its come back) or Refractory (no longer responds to treatments) ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) the survival rate at 5 years with aggressive treatments isn't great, around 10-20%. However CAR-T therapy in many early Phase I trials has shown around a 90% Complete Remission Rate and for many its durable

    28. Duly noted. My main point (while expressed rather rashly) is that for some cancer patients (usually those who catch it too late) there are no good options. If your doctor says you have a 10% chance to survive for the next five years if you go through chemo and radiation, and you will die if you don't, I'm not going to get angry at you for choosing not to go through chemo and radiation. If you want to try faith based healing, antineoplaston therapy or voodoo, then I wish you the best. It's none of my business and you should have the freedom to do as you please. Eliminating these choices is the same as eliminating the right to choose.

    29. Thats not proof, but anecdotal evidence

  18. BP GMO fuel affect the water?

  19. At the end of the day it's about maintaining the right to choose for myself which treatments, if any, I wish to take! I don't trust anyone in whom I feel does not have my best interest at heart and I will not be forced by government or anyone to make those choices for me.

    1. does it matter if that choice is based on fact or not?

    2. No! Do you think terminally ill patients, or any patients for that matter, should be forced to take the most logical and factually based treatment? I think they should take it, but they shouldn't be forced to. It's called freedom.

    3. yeah...ask Steve Jobs how well that freedom worked out for him.

    4. Is that supposed to be an argument? It's not. What are you advocating?

    5. Really...because Steve Jobs exercised his "Freedom" to be scammed when he attempted to treat his perfectly treatable disease with alternative therapies. He died...Seems like a good example to me.

      I don't really think That it's a choice if it's based on BS, it's a scam.

    6. According to the American Cancer Society, for all stages of pancreatic cancer combined, the one-year relative survival rate is 20%, and the five-year rate is 6%. Pancreatic cancer kills pretty much everyone who gets it. He might have lived longer by undergoing traditional treatments, but there is no way to know for sure; he was going to die either way. He was not unaware of conventional treatments. He made the choice to go with the treatment that he felt was best. It's not as if he rejected a guaranteed cure, as such a thing does not exist. Again, what alternative to free choice in medicine are you advocating?

    7. There is a way to know for sure that he would have lived longer...science...He caught onto it really early, and had the finances for the best of care. If anyone had a good shot at surviving it was him, but he went with the woo and he died incredibly young.

      That's the problem with alternative therapies...they are SO underregulated that it's impossibly to find out how many people are killed by them every year.

      A fair choice implies that there is full disclosure...with alternative therapies this is not the case.

      Choice is important, but so is defending vulnerable people from the scam artists and quacks who prey on them.

    8. There's no way to know for sure (extra emphasis on for sure) if he would have died slower, though I think he would have if he had gone with traditional treatment from the beginning. I agree wholeheartedly with your final statement, and better education and more information is the answer, not screaming, "Trust me!" while denying alternative treatments to patients. Similarly, eating at McDonald's every day could cause you to die young, and exercising daily could extend your life, but we shouldn't jail people who are lazy or restrict access to McDonald's.

    9. As soon as an alternative therapy can prove it's efficacy, you can distribute it from the rooftops for all I care...until then though they shouldn't be presented as a valid choice because they're not...especially when there's a clear culture of misinformation surrounding and promoting it!

    10. You're missing the point. We have freedom of speech and freedom of medical choice in the USA. There will always be snake oil salesmen and frauds in the world. If a medicine or therapy hasn't proven it's efficacy and a person chooses to use it anyway, that's not your problem or the problem of the government. People should be free to drink bacon-mercury smoothies if I think it'll cure their cancer. It's not the business of government or anyone else to control how I choose to treat my own illness. If the treatment kills me or fails to cure me, others should not feel guilty about it. Also, when we're talking about terminal cancer patients, like most of the patients in this documentary, what options do they have? Would you rather die in 4 months or get chemo and die in 6 months? In a situation like that, people must have the right to do whatever the hell they want. FREEDOM!

    11. Exactly where does it state that " freedom of medical choice" is a right in the US? As for "People should be free to drink a bacon-mercury smoothies if I think it'll cure their cancer." I disagree but not so strongly that it is important. If I charged you for those smoothies, claimed that they are a cure and never opened up my claims to scrutiny then there is a problem. Your post seems to absolve people (and companies) from the negative effects and and false claims of their products. Can the mainstream medical community inflict a treatment on the population without being held responsible? Can a treatment be used before there is independant documentation confirming the efficacy and safety of the product? Can a company use misleading and baseless claims to sell their products with impunity? Do you support removing safeguards so all companies can act like Burzynski? He is preying on scared and desperate people. People who for the most part are unequipped to decipher the medical lingo at the best of times. He uses a loophole in the trial system to escape the rigors of the scientific method for his own gain. If his cure works open it up to all. Allow it to be tested and improved upon. Allow a greater percentage of those inflicted with cancer to benefit from his cure, all while getting extremely rich. Why does he not do this?

    12. I guess we don't really have total freedom of medical choice in the USA, but at least we have the right to refuse medical treatment. I feel very strongly that total freedom over our medical choices is a fundamental freedom that we should have. I believe that the freedom to choose what does and doesn't go into our bodies (yes drugs and poisons included) is the most basic of freedoms. You can't go around forcefully protecting people from themselves. Offer help, offer assistance, offer advice, but let them choose for themselves. Also, the mainstream medical community has inflicted crazy treatments on the population without being held responsible, like "helping" patients by giving them frontal lobotomies for example. You can also check out this site to get an idea of how many deaths are caused by malpractice each year: www (dot) propublica (dot) org/article/how-many-die-from-medical-mistakes-in-us-hospitals . Even if the real number is only a fraction of what they claim in that article, that is still quite a lot of deaths caused by our mainstream medical system. You can also draw your own conclusions about this quote taken from the CDC's website: "Since 1999, the amount of prescription painkillers prescribed and sold in the U.S. has nearly quadrupled, yet there has not been an overall change in the amount of pain that Americans report. Overprescribing leads to more abuse and more overdose deaths."

      My post DOES pretty much absolve people of selling crap products. There are all sorts of crappy products out there. Where do you propose drawing the line? Should we ban infomercials? What about drinks with added sugar? What about hang gliding? In the end, I think the responsibility should fall on the consumer to make smart choices. I don't want to live in a kindergarten where I'm not allowed to do anything dangerous because the government doesn't want me to hurt myself.

      I would answer yes all of your other questions except a partial no to "Can a company use misleading and baseless claims to sell their products with impunity?" If I go to you and ask you about your product, you should be legally allowed to give me a slimy sales pitch, but I think ALL direct-to-consumer advertising of medicines and nutritional supplements, including tv, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, internet and billboard ads, should be illegal. As it is now, quacks (infomercial types) and pharmaceutical companies alike get as close to false advertising as they possibly can without breaking the law, and occasionally get sued for bending the truth too far. I feel strongly that personal medical choices should be left to individuals, and that making the advertising of medicine and health supplements illegal is the best way to allow people to make rational choices for themselves.

      The FDA and CDC are heavily influenced, if not totally controlled by, corporations just like the USA's lovely House of Representatives. If you don't agree with me on this point, we're never going to get anywhere. If you do aggree with me, then you understand why the FDA and CDC do not approve products or carry out studies which could potentially negatively affect the profits of said corporations (mainly pharmaceutical and agricultural). Marijuana is one such inexplicably "insufficiently studied" substance. I have some extreme views regarding consumer responsibility because I'm convinced that only way around this roadblock in the highway of science is to allow the competition to compete without dealing with the FDA or CDC. I don't trust the FDA or CDC anymore than I trust a greasy politician. The peer review process without the FDA or CDC would still be just as good or better.

      I'm actually not convinced Burzynski's therapy works as well as he says it does, as I have a lot of the same questions that you do. However, I am convinced that it works on occasion and that his therapy works on terminal brain cancer patients at least as well as conventional treatment. When your doc tells you you are going to die soon, you should be able to legally eat or inject whatever the hell you want even if your doctor says it's a bad idea.

      Sorry for being so long winded. I'm sure this could all be said more concisely by a better writer. I'm really enjoying your comments. You're definitely causing me to examine my ideas more carefully. Beats talking about the weather by a mile!

    13. I'd rather have medecine that actually does what it's supposed to...something alternative therapies simply do not do.

      I think you're mistaking freedom with lawless anarchy!

      Nobody should be free to prey on desperate/vulnerable people whatever excuse they can drag up in justification of it.

    14. I do not advocate taking away traditional treatments! They are obviously great and have saved countless lives. There are plenty of life saving miracle drugs out there which have come directly from big Pharma. When you get sick, you can choose medicines which have been well studied and proven to work. If someone else wants to choose a medicine which has not been well studied or proven to work, what business is that of yours?

      While I don't like it, people are free to prey on anybody they want. You can't protect people from willingly giving their money away for shoddy products. If you start doing this, then where do you draw the line, and who regulates what is "shoddy" and what is not? The governmental institutions which currently make these choices have been bought and sold by businessmen my friend. Scamming people is not illegal, it's just not ethical. If I convince you to join the church of Scientology and convince you to willingly max out your credit cards so that you can "level up" or whatever, that's perfectly legal. If I send you an email telling you that I'll send you a million dollars if you send me one hundred dollars, that is also not illegal. You're stupid if you fall for these scams.

      Also, to give consumers a fair chance to think for themselves and to listen, with an open mind, to the advice of medical professionals, all advertising of drugs, medicine and nutritional supplements should be banned.

    15. Though i think a lot of your opinion is victim blaming I actually agree with you, at least on the closing sentiment...i think that America's treating of it's healthcare like a business is nothing short of barbaric and monsterous.

      For clarity, i'm British, so i live in a socialised healthcare system that is free at the point of service. So in my country doctors are salaried by the government and not paid anything by drug companies, so a lot of the problems America goes through aren't problems I experience...I sometimes forget this fact when arguing with Americans online

  20. I just add to add one more thing...who in their right mind would say this poor dr has gone through 14 years of FDA harassment for money. No way....what a nightmare. No one withstands that type of persecution unless there is a serious passion to help people.

    1. absolutely nothing in your post(s) constitutes proof his treatment works. do you have any proof? lets look at your posts shall we?
      - ".who in their right mind would say this poor dr has gone through 14 years of FDA harassment for money." exactly what harassment are you referring to? the repeated requests to follow the rules all other treatments have to follow? or is it the endless trials that he never finishes?
      - "You would think people would be dying (no pun intended) to find something that actually works." yes we are and conventional treatments have continuously increased survival rates and life expectancy all with demonstrable scientific evidence to back it up. how is Burzynski doing with the scientific and demonstrable evidence? where are his independently duplicated success rates?
      -"Right now if your diagnosed with terminal cancer there is very little hope for long term survival" that sadly is the definition of "terminal" cancer or otherwise. show me where this alternative treatment has documented verified cases o curing terminal patients?
      - i am all for keeping an open mind to possibilities. but without actual scientific proof and actual data i can see and review for myself his claims do not warrant serious consideration.

    2. Why are you arguing with me? I'm nobody...just a viewer like yourself. Sad that medicine has become as dividing as politics. I refuse to argue. Take care

    3. i am not arguing i am asking for proof. his claimed treatments are not "medicine" until it is proven effective. but if you asked why am i asking all these questions? because alternative treatments are dangerous they give false hope, deplete bank accounts and misinform people.

    4. so over the edge...How do you no that they are dangerous?? do you have proof??? do you have proof that he has given false hope, depleted bank accounts and misinformed people?? You said in one of your post he would BE A HERO...I was wondering how many billions of dollars the FDA is willing to lose to crown him a HERO?? How many jobs would be lost if he was a HERO. BUT MORE IMPOTANTLY I WONER HOW MANY LIVES HE COULD SAVE IF PEOPLE LIKE YOU DIDNT MAKE POSTS LIKE THIS DUE TO IGNORANCE. I hope you have something to back your comments up ??.. Otherwise go post your NEGATIVE comments on a website that doesent pertain to a life or death situation.. Look at that now you are sending me over the edge....

    5. over the edge.. You do realize you could have cost someone their life with your negative/ignorant comments.
      Shame on you... good day

    6. my comments are not negative. they are asking for scientific proof for a scientific claim.

    7. All i did was ask for proof and you respond with screaming and insults (i deleted those posts). Do you honestly believe insults, Screaming and unverified personal testimonials equate to proof? Do you have any?

    8. Read the screen at 21:15 of this documentary. Can you prove that this data was falsified?

    9. Did you not see the part where they walked you through the FDA supervised study of childhood brainstem glioma at 21:15?

    10. You obviously haven't watched the documentary all the way through.

    11. i certainly have (both of them). but feel free to enlighten me. show me the demonstrable proof that this treatment works. show me his trial results?

    12. so you do no people that have always had to go overseas for treatment??

    13. i do. my husbands former wife. she refused radiation/chemo. she was informed that making that choice would only offer her 6mos left of life. she had just delivered their first child. still, she stuck to her guns & went to germany & mexico for treatments that are legal there (because! they work) but not legal in US. this gave her 10 more years!!!!! it's NEVER (1) thing that can fix everything. it's everything that can fix (1) thing. you must EAT RIGHT! (not per FDA-monsanto-one in the same), drink HEALTHY water, what a concept! NO microwaves, plastic, gmo, horrormone/antibiotic/Zilpaterol/Ractopamine meats that are sold to you in the 'grossme' stores. then there's the vaccines that are being pumped into ppl, AT THE STORES! are you kidding me?!! "HERE! IF YOU LET US PUMP THIS TOXIC 'VACCINE' IN YOU DURING YOUR SHOPPING TRIP, WE'LL GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT ON THE CRAP YOU CAN BUY HERE' sorry, i got started. so, yes, as a 'recovering' pharmacy tech & having a holistic husband & studying for years, the alternatives, i saw 1st hand what is happening.
      we did not evolve by consuming toxins & pharmaceutical drugs. we evolved by living off the earth, feeding on what was coming forth from the earth. part of the soil (before pestacides/herbacides), the rain (before chemtrails), and the sunshine. and those things are FREE, therefore they don't advertise themselves on tv or the radio, so most don't hear them offer themselves. but i guarantee, if you go outside and walk the earth and learn to listen, you will be guided by your instincts to what will heal you, just as the animals. as we are.........animals, whom most have sold their souls to the corporate world of 'YOU DO IT, FOR ME'

    14. wow, you're just mixing and matching conspiracy theories like there's no tomorrow aren't you.

      I get the impression that your opinions are more informed by infowars than they are by real life experience.

    15. Dear over the edge, I would like to apologize for some of my comments I used last night.. Everyone has a right to free speech.. And sometimes when your in the midst of someone battling for their life EMOTIONS TEND TO RUN HIGH... MY EMOTIONS.. It's such a horrible thing to be faced with and wonder hope and pray you make the right choice. Again I truely am sorry
      Sincerely marcella

    16. no worries

    17. What about the FDA supervised study of childhood brainstem glioma cited at 21:15?

    18. There are really only two possibilities that would explain why Burzynski has conducted his clinical trials the way he has. That is to open 60 trials, finish only 1. Published evidence that his antineoplaston therapy works ZERO.

      1. His antineoplaston therapy does work to cure cancer and his clinical trials evidence shows this. He would apply to the FDA for approval. In all likelihood if he shared this discovery with the world several things would happen. Of course he would be a hero to many for finding a cure for types of brain tumors for which there hadn't been any really effective treatment. Also, instead of his treatment being available to only the patients who come to him, it would be available to children and adults all around the world. Oh, and I'm sure there would be a Nobel Prize waiting for him in Stockholm!

      2. His antineoplaston therapy doesn't work and the clinical evidence has proven it doesn't work, and this is why he hasn't published his evidence. Essentially the gig would be up and what most people in the medical community already know would be confirmed. He would no longer be able to charge patients the exorbitant fees he's been getting from desperate cancer patients for the last 30+ years.

      You tell me which it is. Which scenario describes what he's been doing? Even if the antineoplaston therapy DID work and he didn't want to share this with the world and he only wanted it available to the limited number of patients that come to him, is this the behavior of a compassionate physician?

    19. I was just wondering how big do you think a billion dollar trophy would be?? Im sure the FDA would be so happy to provide that for him. And you are so silly or ignorant?? , He's not allowed to share it with the world, because there would be billions of dollars lost. Have you ever had cancer, known someone, really researched cancer?? People for overseas for treatment, HE is allowed to practice in the U.S. PLEASE now what you are talking about when it comes to peoples lives...

    20. It would seem that you have very little knowledge of the people whom post here. I find your comments to susan g extremely uninformed.
      When someone makes a claim to be able to cure any illness, that claim must stand up to peer review which Burzynski hasn't due to the fact he has never produce any documentation
      to which his peers can review. The science community have always worked on that process yet Burzynski seems to avoid due to the fact he knows that his claims are nothing more than him preying on people at a time when they are at their lowest point of their life and are desperate to try any thing to prolong their lives.

    21. Was the FDA supervised study of childhood brainstem glioma cited at 21:15 of this documentary a farce? If so, how do you know?

    22. Where has he published the results?

    23. again see my response above.

    24. Its not a documentary, its an ad

    25. you're lame

    26. i have proof. i have to 'living' acquaintances who have written their own life stories of life after cancer & refused conventional/western/allopathic methods.

    27. you and i have a very different definition of proof. Personal testimonials backed by nothing other than an anonymous poster on the internet is not proof to me. Show me a peer reviewed trial and then i will listen

    28. What about the FDA supervised study of childhood brainstem glioma cited at 21:15 of this documentary?

    29. The FDA don't supervise clinical trials. Also has he ever published the results?

    30. see my responce elsewhere.

    31. i agree with you Shay J. and can assure you he was beaten down.. It is disgusting that it comes down to money instead of lives...

    32. Or a serious passion to fleece them.

      The reason he has been harrased is because he has refused to let them examine his trials or his methods...and the reason he doesn't let them is because he's lying.

  21. Baffling that so many viewers are so quick to discount alternative treatment? Big Pharma has largely won over the minds of the American people, turning us against each other as we strive to protect the precious sacred cows of medicine. You would think people would be dying (no pun intended) to find something that actually works. Right now if your diagnosed with terminal cancer there is very little hope for long term survival. Even Steve Jobs with all his money could not find a cure that modern medicine has to offer. I for one am sick of people around me dying of cancer. There must be another way and if we don't open our minds to the possibilities we will never find a cure. Radiation and chemo have had their 30 years and so far the results are dismal.

    1. as soon as any of these alternatives can provide a single scrap of evidence that suggests they work then they'll stop being alternatives and become just plain old medicine.

      if you open your mind too much then your brain falls out!

  22. For those of you who don't believe this film, watch American Addiction on Netflix, then you might think twice. I believe all of it.

  23. This is a very one-sided documentary interviewing all his supporters and survivors. You only need to just go onto Wikipedia to read his methods are highly controversial and none of his trials have had published results.

    1. Oh, yeah, right, because if it's on teh intermenets (sic), then it must be gospel truth. Anybody who believes teh Wikkis to be a reliable source of information for everything is an absolute tool.

    2. Sam you might want to try a more reliable source to gain your information... My son just started college and was told never to do research on certain websites... Please tell me you have done more research if you are going to make a slightly controversial post.. Have you know someone that has been to him..

    3. nothing wrong with wikipedia...also there's nothing controversial about saying his methods are controvercial and his theories unproved...that's just a basic fact.

    4. Firstly, your avatar is pretty scary. Secondly, does the FDA supervised study of childhood brainstem glioma cited at 21:15 of this documentary mean nothing to you?

  24. When I watch something like this, I always am wondering who is making the money. Where is the money going and to whom?

    1. That question is easily answered in the case of Burzynski. This documentary / informercial was made by a conspiracy film maker by the name Eric Merola. Merola's cousin who has since died from her cancer was a patient of Burzynski's. It's been suggested although honestly I have no proof, that Merola made the informercial for Burzynski as payment for his cousins treatment.

      What I DO have proof of is Burzynski's earnings. This information is public record in one of the many law suits he's involved in. He did earn in the neighborhood of 3 million a year before all the more recent negative stuff coming out about him and the fact that the FDA has pulled the plug on him enrolling any new patients in his trials. Dr. B likes to tell the story of how he came to this country from Poland 40 yrs ago with $20 dollars in his pocket. He now lives in a 7 million dollar gated mansion with 16 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. I don't know of a single cancer doctor earning that kind of money. Of course it's easy if you don't have to deal with getting payment from the insurance companies. They don't cover his unproven treatment. Plus you get the money from the patients, cash up front! And he charges as high as 200 thousand for his treatment.

    2. Susan G If you don't have proof why would you share?? You could have cost someone there life... you do realize that. Right? You need to be about FACTS and what kind of home he lives in has nothing to do with his ability to help cure..

  25. What most Americans & other countries do not know that there's an agenda to depopulate this planet of 80%. Now I've stated that because if you just investigate the term depopulation you would go so far down the toilet you would not come back. If the secret society wants good health in people they would stop posing the air, food & water & stop the vaccinations that has antifreeze inside of them. Could you imagine a world that people do not work in secret laboratories to invent AIDS cancers, & live viruses to kill a population of people. Could you imagine a world that your milk doesn't have hormones vaccines & poisons, your meat that you eat are killing you. The animals are sick & were digesting it. The secret WORLD wants all of us on top to die, while they have technology to cure anything. It's more of us than them but people aren't aware of there presences. Cancer is big money, that's why you must eat 90% plant base diet stop the soda, fast foods please unplug yourself from their hold. If you want to see 2020 without having some type of disease. Thanks, take care.

    1. Also investigate soy, wheat, corn proteins. Pig, beef and chicken proteins too. Alternatives are Quinoa, Amaranth and Spelt. For meat, if you have to eat it I suggest from wild living animals, or from animals on organic farms, mainly sheep, and deer. The rest is, well not really suited for human consumptions without complications down the road. On the other hand, a small change can go a long way, have fun eating and feel good first of all. That includes a clean conscience too :)

    2. mate, if you could just edit that post to add Lizard people in somewhere then i would have a full house on my conspiracy bingo card...if i hand it in i can win a tin foil hat of my very own!!!

    3. Who informed you of the lizard people? Do you actually, believe these species exist from the Draco constellation? Perhaps they do exist because the elite have an agreement with them & other off world humans & non plasma beings. Besides most of them look like us living here among us. What are your thoughts about this mind control & depopulation agenda? I'm curious of what others think about it, does this agenda exist or just fiction?

    4. wow ok...i was being sarcastic...

  26. It's about the money PROFITS that big pharma doesn't want to lose.Chemo kills 7 out of 10 cancer patients - many don't die from the cancer but instead from the treatment.
    Chemo & radiation do irreversible damage to the body. The side effects are HORRIBLE. To top it off ALL the drugs used in chemo are carcinogens -they CAUSE cancer. Radiation causes cancer.

    1. please show me the stats that support "Chemo kills 7 out of 10 cancer patients"? and yes big pharma make profits but so does

      Burzynski. the money side is a red herring and proof of nothing. i will ask the same questions that i ask all that support alternative cures. do you have scientific peer reviewed proof for these cures?

  27. big pharma and the FDA are MURDERERS! This has happened to many others who have cured cancer.

    1. Nobody has ever cured cancer.

      Cancer isn't even something that can be "Cured" by the very nature of what it is.

      Cancer is an umbrella term for a seemingly endless list of diseases that have different causes, symptoms, effects, lifespans, and growth patterns. The idea that there could be a harmless one stop cure is nothing short of idiotic and only really highlights how little you know about even the most fundamental aspects of these illnesses.

      It would be like saying someone found the cure for car trouble...Be it a flat tyre, a blown gasket, a dead battery or a head on collision with a train, doesn't matter, just rub this oil on it and it'll start working again good as new...it's impossible.

    2. Hey a_no_n. We no longer allow links so i cannot approve your recent posts. I suggest you reword the post and give directions to the info without the link

    3. A pity because posting a link was a great way to quickly give simple evidence, but I can also see how it would be easy for spambots and trolls to abuse on a much larger scale and frequency. So fair enough.

      Ok, Well I found the study in less than a minute by googling the name of the study and clicking on the corresponding pubmed link which took me straight to it.

      For anyone interested who doesn't know Pubmed is an incrediby useful source, it's essentially a free online library of studies.

      The entire study doesn't once mention Burzynski, anyone affiliated with him, or anything about his treatments.

      What this documentry does is mix in Burzynskis own findings from a completly different and unrelated (also unregulated) study, it presents the evidence as if Burzynski or someone representing him took part in the trial, which is a lie because the study quoted concentrates solely on the effects of Chemotherapy and radiation treatment on the disease in question.

  28. Thank you for this...It is one of the most honest films I have seen. I am not surprised by the FDA and NCI actions, or the pharmaceuticals.
    The entire medical field is corrupt and tends to use the general public for their testing, without public consent.
    I am very glad they did not win, and I will be passing this on to Everyone I know, especially those with cancer.

    1. "One of the most honest films" produced by an infomercial company and paid for by the Burzynski clinic.
      Advertisements are, by their nature, untruthful.

    2. You can say what you want but the results of the treatments speak for themselves. Refute the results and the survival rates compared to FDA trials using something that is 40 years old. Non toxic should be the goal.

    3. please show me these results? by that i mean peer reviewed independently duplicated and verified results that have been subjected to double blind trials. in other words non biased scientific results. personal testimonials and claims not supported by data are worthless to me

    4. Comparisons of results with FDA Trials compared to the results of patients treated by the Dr have no bearing on you? Do you work for Pharma? Shouldn't something promising like this get the trials you speak of? How can you blow off results that look this promising? Both of my parents died of cancer and got Chemo. Had we known of this treatment I would have rather seen them get this and die than the HELL they went through with the so-called standard where $ billions will be lost by Pharma. That's whats going on here. Nothing else. Its the money these drug companies rake in that's at stake. The Hell with people and whether they live or not.

    5. Why the different standards for Burzynski and for Big Pharma? No phase II studies are ever duplicated "independently". That's pure propaganda at it's finest. If you don't like his treatments, don't use them for yourself, or your family or your children etc.

    6. there is no double standard. please show me the completed scientific trials by Burzynski. and i noticed the interjection of "phase II" into your reply. why not refute what i actually said instead of building a strawman. i said "independently duplicated and verified results"

    7. Show me a drug that was "independently verified" before getting approved by the FDA. That's not how the system works. And, BTW, it's unethical to do double blind studies for illnesses that are terminal without treatment, especially for people who have failed all other options.

    8. wow asking me to provide facts for another claim i did not make

    9. OK, you've just lost all credibility. No point continuing any discussion if you can't see why it's unethical to give placebo to people who are guaranteed to die without treatment.

    10. i never commented on if it is or is not ethical. all i asked is "who says". or to be more clear by whose standards are you making this claim? you also added "especially for people who have failed all other options." so if all other options are off the table why not try a treatment in a controlled environment held to the guidelines set up to best test effectiveness and safety?

    11. who says "it's unethical to do double blind studies for illnesses that are
      terminal without treatment, especially for people who have failed all
      other options."?

    12. So you say if you don't want to use Burzynski's treatment for yourself or your family then don't?
      Here's why that is a problem. There are very good reasons for having certain steps in testing and approving a drug treatment. They are there to protect the patient from unnecessary risk. When people receive a cancer diagnoses or their child does it becomes difficult to remain rational. Patients are very vulnerable to false hope and promises from charlatans and snake oil salesmen.

      Burzynski has thumbed his nose at the very institutions that are trying to protect the public.

      It's been 3 months since you wrote your post. Read the article about dr, B that was in the USA Today a few days ago. Then go to the FDA wen site and read about all the violations he's racked up from destroying patients records to not reporting overdoses from his supposedly side effect free antineoplaston treatment. There has even been a death of a child directly caused by the antineoplaston treatment. Now he is no longer offering the drug. He belongs in jail. He certainly has done enough to be there.

    13. The second Burzynski movie shows that the Japanese ran trials and feel that the results are no longer anecdotal.

    14. The Japanese trials are b.s and here is why. They gave the patients a drug called 5FU a chemotherapy drug along with the antineoplastons. There is no way of knowing which drug was responsible for any positive result. Also the Japanese study was never published in any peer reviewed journal.

    15. Would you be so kind and give me a pointer where I can find those "b.s." trials so I can decide that for myself? Much oblieged!

    16. Something I forgot to mention. The Japanese doctor who was involved in this experiment is an anesthesiologist. If you notice in the PubMed article I linked for you this came from the Dept, of Anesthesiology. It's beyond odd as to why an anesthesiologist would be doing "cancer research". Highly unusual and even suspect. Never forget that Burzynski is very wealthy. He has also slithered away from Texas justice several times. It's possible he has friends in high places. Money can buy a number of things including the outcome of a trial as I'm sure you know.

    17. Because anybody who's wealthy must be guilty. Well, if he was accused by the state of Texas, he must be be guilty. That such prosecution failed is only further proof of his guilt because he just "slithered away." The mere possibility that he might have friends in high places further shows his guilt. (What are some names of these people in high places who are his friends?) Again, his wealth proves him guilty because that must mean he bribed judges, juries or both.

      Rather than presuming guilt based upon effective refutation of prosecution, did you ever bother to consider he wasn't convicted because he wasn't guilty? When prosecuters fail so miserably, sometimes it's because the evidence wasn't there, they never had a case and the accused was innocent all along.

      The state of Texas and the FDA have taken Burzynski to court various times but to be met with failure. If the FDA or Texas ever had any proof of wrongdoing, they would have brought it to court already, but, no, they couldn't do it because it was never there. It can't be considered as being real or anything other than baseless accusations. That alone should be enough to vindicate him. It is wholly bizarre how anybody could turn such facts around so as to indicate his guilt

    18. Susan G, Do you hear yourself?? MONEY CAN BUY A NUMBER OF THINGS!! And you think because he has a 7 million dollar home he can compete with the medical board and FDA (BILLIONS OF DOLLARS)

    19. I am responding to the comment you posted today. It was then deleted. You know the one where you accuse me of troling.

      WTF are you talking about? This link you posted isn't the link I posted to you. The link to the study was in vitro i.e. a Petri dish on cancer cells and yes it did show that it inhibited cell growth but in order to achieve this the dose of antineoplastons had to be so high that achieving that level in a human person would probably be deadly. I already explained that to you. Maybe before you accuse someone of trolling you might actually read what they took the time to write. Go back and read my post again. The other Japanese experiment WAS done on actual human subjects, but several other anti- cancer drug were given along with the antineoplastons. This was never published.

      I really don't appreciate being called a troll. You asked me to provide certain information, when really all you care about is your aversion to chemotherapy, I've got news for you Burzynski's antineoplaston treatment IS ALSO chemotherapy. It has real side effects. Some like hypernatremia can be life threatening. Don't bother asking me for anymore information. I'm done with you.

    20. I apologize for calling you a troll, and not putting as much time into this as I should have. In the end I just don't trust petri-dish studies because they don't have anything in common with humans, as do animal studies. Different species and different makeup of the studied system. The study in humans though mentioned in it's abstract that without the other medications, there still was cancer-cell inhibition and shrinkage. But alas, I urge anyone with relatives or friends having cancer to take a look at both sides and decide. There are surely people trying to extract money from the alternative view on cancer, so be very wary!

      Also this commenting system is a mess, and it is not clear when deletes occur and why, so I'm done with disqus, what a farce of a name! It's neither fair, nor transparent. Not much of a base for any discussion...

    21. Yappity apology accepted. I agree with you regarding invitro studies. It's a Grand Canyon jump for the Petri dish or a lab rat to an actual patient lying sick in a bed. Yet people read about some study that's inviitro that show promise and they immediately think it's a cure for humans. That was my whole point with the Burzynski and Japanese antineoplaston study, One was testing it on cancer cells in a Petri dish (extremely HIGH doses were needed to kill cancer cells, so high given to a pt. would probably kill them). The other study antineoplastons were being tested ONLY for toxicity levels are were given along with other types of chemotherapy. So how would you know which drug was responsible for any improvement or success?

      I get the impression you are very much against chemotherapy. While it doesn't work well at all for some types of cancer for other types it works really well. I personally know many patients who had lymphoma and were able to continue working while receiving chemo. There are excellent antiemetic drugs available now that make it more tolerable.

      I agree with the commenting system, Also Disqus doesn't work well on my iPad at all. Very frustrating.

    22. I am very much against treating the symptom instead of the source. I like to follow Ruediger Dahlkes Thinking, because his reasoning is converging with my own experiences. Not sure about the english title, but the book I read from him, written together with Thorwald Detleffson, was named in german "Krankheit als Weg". That rougly translates to "Sickness as a Path" or "Sickness as a Chance/Path"

    23. Practitioners of alternative TO medicine claim that conventional medicine treats only the symptoms and not the underlying cause – which ironically is what homeopathy’s founder first advocated. Of course you know that homeopathy is nothing more than sugar pills and sugar water.

      In the real world doctors do address the underlying cause of medical conditions and only treat symptoms in the case of self-limiting complaints (e.g. antipyretics for the fever associated with colds and flu) or to reduce distress (e.g. painkillers, salves and creams for rashes). Treating the symptoms is just the first step before getting on with the real job of fixing the problem.

      Another example is Antibiotics that are prescribed to treat specific organisms that are causing the infection.

      The claim that doctors only treat the symptoms is a false premise. Let's say a patient comes to the doctor with swollen feet and ankles, difficulty breathing, abnormal EKG and other symptoms including abnormal lab tests. The doctor will know this person is probably suffering from congestive heart failure. Of course he will treat the symptoms or they could be called the side effects of the heart failure. By treating these symptoms by giving the patient medications to eliminate excess fluid, meds to strengthen and regulate the heartbeat etc. the symptoms or effects of the condition can be decreased or eliminated. It doesn't really matter WHY the person has heart failure. It could just be the aging process, maybe they are or were a smoker and a number of other causes. The important thing is to get the symptoms UNDER CONTROL so the patient doesn't die from them.

      So saying doctors ONLY treat symptoms like it's a BAD thing is stupidity. The quack, charlatans, and snake oil purveyors love to throw this accusation out there. When they wouldn't know how to treat the symptoms OR the cause! Most of the time the doctor MUST treat the symptoms or the patient will die.

    24. Let me clarify: I am talking about physical symptoms to psychosomatic sources of them. And of course it is sometimes important to treat acute symptoms to keep the patient alive, but only for that and until he is strong enough to be getting at the source of the condition. Then there are patients who don't want o change a lifestyle, and then there are doctors and people who call everyone not in the mainstream medical profession a charlatan. Would you argue with me that an unhealthy lifestyle, including stress, unhappy relationships, workplace, friendships or unsolved conflicts cause sickness in humans and animals alike? So thats what I'm talking about basically. That these thing weaken the physical body and make infections much more likely for example. But don't take it from me, there are many doctors out there with amazing credentials in the mainstream field who have written books. Just keep an open mind please and be fair with your accusations as you expected from me.

    25. I absolutely agree with you that life style, stress etc. can cause not only psychosomatic effects but can also lower the immune system increasing the chances of an infection and who knows what else. So we agree on this.

      I hope you aren't saying that the doctor shouldn't ease the suffering of the patient who is having these kinds of symptoms. It is very hard for a doctor to get a patient to change their lifestyle. Just look at all the grossly obese Type 2 diabetics in the US. For most of them all they would have to do to cure themselves of their diabetes is to loose weight, exercise, and eat a healthy diet. By doing this they would be avoiding all the horrible complications down the road. Believe me their doctor tells them this when they are diagnosed and regularly after. But they just can't do it. So the doctor is put in the position of treating their disease the best they can. They can't just let the patient die. Telling them if you don't want to make the necessary changes I won't take care of you.

      Sometimes psychosomatic symptoms from stress are temporary. Something might be going on in their life that gets resolved, but for a short time they may be having trouble sleeping and need medication in order to sleep and be able to function.

      You have to be careful though. For a long time it was thought peptic ulcers were caused by stress. Then it was discovered that it was the H-pylori bacteria that caused them, and not psychosomatic at all.

    26. google "Emoto replicated", "Water crystal replication study" or "dean radin blog" and see for yourself please. My reply with the link gets censored.

    27. What is the matter with you? Five posts above I corrected you. The guys name is Emoto not Moto. Now you did finally get his name right but I guess you didn't bother to read what I wrote to you. In the post above I went on to explain to you that his "experiment" was completely debunked and laughed at. He never published any of his quote research. Instead he turned his pictures of water crystals into a coffee table book for sale on Amazon. LOL

      Now stop bothering me with this ridiculousness. Do you have any REAL science to present?

    28. So now you become rude, something you scolded me for. Guess I struck a chord. Dr Dean Radin published this replication of Emotos study, find the article about it and the journals name on his blog.

      And since this is also a public discussion, please understand that I answer to your post, so others can follow the train of thought we had, but not neccessarily to your person anymore because you acted so high and mighty towards me after scolding me for that it just became tiring communicating with you.

      After trying some time to post a link, only to get deleted I therefore only post the search terms. Anyone interested can find the (published) replicated study of Emotos water crystals and decide for themselves.

    29. I looked up Ruediger Dahikes and I see that he isn't a medical doctor he's a psychologist. Therefore he has never treated a patient medically, and Thorwald Deteleffson is a homeopath! A homeopath, really? This is who you get medical information from?

      Homeopathy is pure quackery. It has been proven over and over that the only effects are placebo, in other words it's useless against real disease. There isn't one bit of evidence proving that water has memory. The homeopathic concoctions are diluted down to the point where barely a single molecule of the supposed substance exists! The idea that like treats like is absurd.

      Please tell me you don't buy into homeopathy?

    30. Since you brought up memory of water, please look up Omoto too.

      Are you under the impression I have to justify myself before you? I though we we're just engaged in a discussion.

      Homeopathy might have it's merits, but as far as I know works only for a portion of patients. My guess is there is not one cure for everyone, but there is a cure for everyone. And homeopathy is in the end also only treating physical symptoms, albeit also looking at the circumstances emotional and so on in the patients life.

      But so has placebo therapy when it comes down to it. Although the source of the sickness might come back manifested with another symptom.

      Now out of curiosity, have you looked up Dahlke and Deteleffson on Wikipedia or have you looked at excerpts from the book I stated, or even looked at unbiased summaries of it? Because as you know, someone with more manpower than me can slander me to smithereens on wiki just by starting an edit war.

    31. You certainly don't have to justify yourself to me or anyone else for that matter. I'm not trying to slander you at all. I'm simply trying to understand what your beliefs are regarding medical treatment.

      Homeopathy is quackery. Unless the person wasn't really sick to begin with and they imagined the homeopathy cured them, or they really were sick but it got better on its own and they attribute that to homeopathy. Either way homeopathy is useless for treating real illness. This is because you can not cure real disease with water unless the illness is dehydration. :-) So yeah it does make one wonder about your level of understanding about human physiology and disease when you say that some people are cured by it, and it "has its merits", and I'm only referring to people who were really ill. Surely you can't argue that real diseases can be cured with sugar water? That is what homeopathic remedies are afterall.

      I did try to read about them but I couldn't find anything in English. I'll try again.

    32. I think you meant Masaru Emoto the guy who took the pictures of the frozen water crystals that had been prayed over and thought about from a distance. He claimed the water could some how react to these long distance thought!

      He has been completely dismissed as any kind of researcher. His experiments were ridiculously designed and conducted. And he never even bothered to try and publish anything. It was the laughing stock of the scientific community. He has since turned his pictures into a coffee table book! LOL. People who are into new age B.S like "
      The Secret" who buy into believing that all you have to do is think about and WANT something really really hard and bingo it will fall into your lap! There are scientifically illiterate people who believe this crap and they make people like Emoto very rich.

      I actually don't care too much about people like Emoto and the guy who wrote The Secret. If people are entertained by and want to throw their money away on it that's their right.

      It's the people like Burzynski who prey on desperately sick people, offering them false hope that I find despicable.

    33. From PLoS One ''Randomized Phase II Study of 5-Fluorouracil Hepatic Arterial Infusion with or without Antineoplastons as an Adjuvant Therapy after Hepatectomy for Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer'' Put simply one group got 5FU alone and the other got 5FU + antineoplastons. The group getting both treatments should have had either better PFS (progression free survival) or OS (overall survival) but they didn't

    34. @over the edge I'm sorry I didn't see your post in time to respond to it directly.

      The link in my post was a link that yappity yap accused me of posting. In other words he was confusing it with a link I posted that was very relevant to this discussion.

      Thank you for your understanding. :-)

  29. It's not ONLY cancer treatments that the FDA "kills" to protect drug companies and others. There are treatments for pain that the drug companies lobby the FDA hard to stop. Some with zero side-effects... They want people addicted to their crappy drugs.

  30. Ah, yes, but the FDA has to approve those treatments in order for insurance companies to cover them. There are several treatments being used successfully in clinics around the world that you can't get in the US because the FDA blocks them, either by deliberately messing with the research protocols as they did with Burzynski's phase II trials, and which the NIH has finally admitted said trial protocols were tampered with. President Reagan went to Germany for (successful) cancer treatment on the QT while he was President. Meanwhile, just remember, my money follows my mouth. I too have cancer, a very serious form of leukemia. I am using an alternative treatment because I believe the conventional "cure" would hurt a lot more than it would help. And, I am still alive approximately 8 months longer now than I should have been; still active and taking care of myself rather than bedridden with extreme pain. I choose to live, but not at any cost. If they hadn't managed to pass a law that Burzynski's treatment cannot be funded with any federal dollars (medicare IS federal) I would be using Burzynski's treatment rather than what I am currently using. If the FDA hadn't banned the use of the heat treatments they use in Germany, I would be using that. If I had the money to go to a Mexican or Japanese clinic, I would be going there. Since I have none of those options, I use Medicare to finance blood transfusions and testing, and depend on my own limited funds to purchase supplements that MAY cure, but certainly will not harm, and are certainly delaying deterioriation and death.

  31. I thought it was great I'm trying to send it to my family on facebook?

  32. "The whole scheme was targeted at stealing Dr. Burzynski's patent on antineoplaston therapy."

    I find that hard to believe. What value is an antineoplaston patent when the treatment has been disparaged by the same folks who allegedly stole it? If I claim that cure A is bad and the inventor should be put in prison, would anyone buy that cure from me if I stole it? I think not.

    1. Why, then, has the fda in conjunction with one of Burzynskie's disloyal employees, filed 11 (eleven) copies of a patent that duplicates Dr. Burzynski's patent. This was done, BTW, during the time that they had trumped up some 100 charges against Dr. Burzynski, all of which had to be dropped because they had no basis in fact.

    2. Its like oil companies they dont want someone to invent vehicles that run on water, they would want the formulae so they could scrap it and carry on selling you expensive petrol. Get it now?

    3. The reason they want the patent is so that they have it, which then makes sure no one else can use it...and viola, no one is using this treatment anymore. So the value in the end is that no one can use this treatment aside from the new patent holder, who, most certainly, would not use it.

  33. This film was produced by an infomercial company. Just sayin'....

  34. Well, I am not able to use Dr. Burzynski's treatment because I am 72, retired and have medicare and a supplement. The supplement will not pay for any treatment that medicare will not cover, and a law was passed specifically precluding ANY federal monies, or monies from any organization that relies on federal funding, from going to Dr. Burzynski's research. They should be inundating this research with federal support. BTW, I understand that if one has Blue Cross insurance, (the regular insurance) they cover about 60% of the cost of Burznski's treatment.

    BUT, I am still around and reasonably healthy four months after diagnosis when the prognosis for acute myeloid leukemia says I should have passed away within 6-8 weeks of diagnosis. I am still around because I bought a book called Outsmart Your Cancer (which you can buy on Amazon(.)com), and found out that there are many roads to helping and/or curing cancer patients that are less harmful than most conventional cancer treatment.

    I am now using Protocel - if you get the book, you will find that it is sold as a supplement because the FDA was unwilling to follow through on any research (again, because it cannot be patented). This treatment has a pretty long history of successful treatment of many different cancers.

    To good health for you and your families.

    1. Thank you for speaking out and giving inspiration and advice!

  35. My understanding is that Burzynski had a trial going on with the FDA at the same time the prosecutor was asking for its cooporation. The FDA decided to proceed with the trial and left the prosecution hanging (yeah, they're after him). Then that trial fell apart. Of course, the "documentary" was done by an ad man, so there is that.

  36. No surprise. The "biggest democracy" of the world is so fake, nothing but a myth. I'm not muslin if you want to know.

  37. This documentary really shows the corruption of the Government and the FDA.
    Cancer kills so many people in the world and Burzynski has shown a lot of evidence that his medicine helps. His cure should have been a miracle but this documentary shows that the government and the FDA are only interested in money and not the health of the people. This really angers and enrages me. I think it is so sad that people who have cancer are not been giving the chance to fight for the lives and not given the opportunity to survive and beat cancer. Kemo-therapy only causes pain and suffering, shocking to discover that the fater of the identical twin at the start had to use GLOVES TO CHANGE HIS DAUGHTER NAPPY). SHOCKING! I think the people of the United States should stand up to the government.

  38. If not every pathogen, and including "cancer" mutants, hydrogen peroxide destroys them. Dead. Why? Pathogen microbes die in the presence of free oxygen, as healthy cells and microbes use and benefit from free oxygen. H2O2 has that free oxygen particle that easily detaches and joins to oppositely-charged pathogen bodies, destroying their nucleus. Tumors are no exception.

  39. Greed and arrogance stop the human population from evolving. My brother was just diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. The oncologist had such arrogant behavior! She was more focused on showing us how smart she was and how many chemical receptors she knew by name. She did not connect with my brother and did not explain the reality of this disease to him. It is a tragedy that cures could be lurking right around the corner, only to be stopped by the red tape and brick walls made of human greed.

  40. Michael, I am so sorry. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to be told you have cancer. I just watched this documentary and felt like I and everyone else needed to do something about it. "Those people" in power don't do anything about it until everyone in the US is ready to take them out of their places.

    You should also watch FORKS OVER KNIVES. This is about the FDA controlling the foods we eat that are for sell since we don't all have gardens any more, and the drugs that are controlled by them.

  41. I've been recently diagnosed with cancer and was given the options for radiation or chemo. My cancer is not as severe as most that are mentioned in the film but, still, to be told that I need Chemo or Radiation for treatment is a horrible thought to digest! After watching this film I became even more pissed!!!
    It's such a shame that a person discovering a cure to be harassed for saving lives. I just don't get this world sometimes? I guess the bottom line here is Jack, that "Money corrupts absolutely"

    1. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer she was told that it was terminal. Her doctors told her that chemo would not be helpful in any way and did NOT recommend this treatment. If money is the only motivating factor for the medical establishment would they not have insisted on chemo? Cancer is a complicated disease and effects the basic structure of our body. A cure is certain to be just as complicated to finally uncover. How living tissue works and how life is even possible is not even close to being understood. There will unlikely be no miracle cure...only years of hard work, study and research. We have to support all those who put in the effort, even Burzynski. I think it is only fair to ask him to be a little more forthcoming with the results of his research so others can take part and help to reach the conclusion that we all want.

      I wish you only the best for what is to come.

    2. When terminal, with a form of cancer, chemo only "buys" time. Chemo is a cocktail of poison. My husband was terminal and Chemo bought him 8 mos. Pending where you are and the type of cancer, chemo when terminal may or may not be offered, and has absolutely nothing to do with money, short of funding the drug. For instance, where we live in Canada, the Gov't funded the expense for Chemo however had we not had Gov't funding Chemo most likely would not have been offered. It would have been throwing money out the window type of thing. KTLA had a quick blip a few months ago regarding a cure and the media did not expand on what and where. The U of A- Edmonton is working on a cure for Breast, Colon and Lung cancer yet the Cancer societies would not offer even 1 dollar towards research. The Gov't of Alberta funded it as they have run out of hospital beds. Pharmaceutical companies make millions and do not want a cure. I no longer support ANY cancer society. for over 30 yrs that I can remember, the Cdn cancer society has been searching for treatment, not a cure and by now, there is no excuse for not having a cure for a cancer, in my view. With all the carcinogens in our foods, cleaners, detergents, toothpastes, baby foods, in EVERYTHING, the Gov't should be banning formaldehyde etc., added unnecessarily but the Gov't hasn't. Why not? $$$$$$ Johnson and Johnson publicaly announced last week that by 2015 the formaldehyde they have added in baby shampoos, Aveno shampoos etc., will be removed but I have to ask why was it permitted to be added to begin with. Answer: $$$ Our Bodies do not rid of carcinogens! They build up like lego inside our bodies and years later we are diagnosed with a cancer. 1 in 4 WILL get a form of cancer in their lifetime. Guaranteed. For our children's generation, 1 in 3. It's time the Cancer Societies have a cure, not just a treament, for some form of cancer and with that perhaps they would find a new belief and funding from people.

    3. Sorry for your loss.

      This is such a tragic and emotional topic. There are so many issues involved and it effects so many people. It is understandable that there will be many who react with anger and suspicion because it can be warranted. The side effects of chemo are horrific but I know people that it has helped. Every case is unique and tells its own story. I have dealt with the Canadian Cancer Society through charity work and I have nothing good to say about them. As far as I'm concerned it has been infiltrated by professional fund raisers. Unless you can promise huge dollars they won't even answer your calls.

      Most of us would like an announcement to be made that a cure has been found and that by next month cancer is a thing of the past. It just isn't going to happen that way. University of Edmonton's research into dichloroacetate is a good example. It seems to hold promise but even they know that more research must be done. Their cautious announcement only involves certain cancers. Cancer is too complex a disease to allow them to make the blanket statement that a cure may have been found. The manufacturer of this drug realizes that if it can cure certain cancers it would be a windfall for them but they know they have to be careful of promises that can't be kept. A negative result could end in lawsuits causing bankruptcy. The fact that it cannot be patented does not mean that money can't be made from it. Like I wrote in an earlier blog, I have just bought and eaten some tomatoes which has no patent but someone is making enough money from their sales to make it worth their effort. It is a statement with surface logic but really isn't true.

      There is large money involve in the pharma industry but even pharma executives are susceptible to cancer. No one is that greedy that they would die a horrible death to line their bank account. Burzynski has made a lot of claims but all he will release are anecdotal accounts of cures. There are no in depth medical charts available anywhere (I have looked). Anecdotal evidence may be pleasing to the ear but may not be rooted in fact. A little guy can be just as greedy and ruthless as the big corporate executive. My penny pinching landlord is a prime example.

      Once again, sorry for your loss.

    4. There is plenty of proof, and don't forget that Burzynski's protocol HAS passed FDA phase II clinical trials. If it were not legitimate therapy, the FDA would have been able to deny passing the trials. Most chemo is allowed on the market after passing FDA Phase II trials. I think you, Jack1952, are probably an FDA plant trying to discredit any legitimate form of therapy in order to protect a fully compromised cut, burn, poison industry. There are a number of cancer cures out there, they just aren't patentable, or, in Dr. Burzynski's case, already patented, so the FDA, the ACS and the HCI along with the AMA, are in the pockets of big PhRMA and don't want them passed. Fact, if they know chemo won't even buy time, they will tell you, but if they can "manage" the condition, whatever it is, for 5 years, they have doctored the statistics such that they can make a lot of money and they can claim it as a "cure" even if the cancer patient dies riddled with cancer and miserable in 5 years and one day. You are not going to be able to con the people for very much longer. The game is almost up. Get a copy of "Outsmart Your Cancer", people. You or your loved one might be able to survive their condition and live a full life without all the horrible side effects. I'll touch base again after I conquer my acute myeloid leukemia.

    5. I am not nor have ever been a plant for any organization or institution. The suggestion that I am is a dishonest attempt to discredit any opinion or evidence that I may present to legitimize your own stance. Argue with what I say not on what you believe I am.

      I understand why many dispute the FDA and other standard institutions. They have not been successful at finding a permanent and definitive solution for the problem of cancer. If they can't do it...one can't help but want to look elsewhere. I'm afraid that there are those who realize this and take advantage of the desperation of these unfortunate individuals. I sincerely hope that one of these alternative researchers do find the answer but I understand that cancer has so many forms and is so complex that I find it difficult to place too much hope in this arena. Therefore, for the reasons mentioned above, my caution is also laced with acute suspicion.

      I sincerely wish you the best with what you must face.

    6. I notice you do not respond to the fact that Burzynski's treatment HAS passed phase II clinical trials, at which point most pharmaceutical remedies are allowed to go to market. Doesn't THAT support a suggestion that perhaps he has been persecuted and unfairly blocked from getting his remedy to all of the people who desperately need it? That looks like pretty good proof of the allegations in the documentary to me.

    7. Burzynski has had his share of legal battles with the FDA and the Texas Attorney General. This includes using treatments not yet approved, selling medication across state lines and insurance fraud. He is also being sued by a stage four cancer victim of defrauding her of one hundred thousand dollars. In spite of this he is still allowed to continue in his research. So the persecution has not been total.

      If you read all my comments on this thread, not just some, I have stated, more than once, that I hoped that he had something and that he continued in his work. I just question his methods...his maverick style of research and that he allows himself to be presented in a less than favourable light. Cancer treatments and anti ageing therapy from the same clinic does not inspire the utmost confidence as far as I'm concerned. I feel it prudent to approach his methods with caution...the same caution I would use on any alternative method and even standard treatments. I would hate to pin my hopes on someone who, in the end, may have an inflated opinion of himself, or is just a very crafty con artist.

      One thing that puzzles me. If his treatments are that successful why doesn't he leave the States and continue his research elsewhere. The FDA cannot reach him outside their jurisdiction and if he does prove to be correct in his theories he would come back to the States as a hero and the FDA would have little to say about it. The United States is not the centre of the universe, in spite what most Americans think.

    8. the way i look at it ,is why would you worry about his treatments and alternative remedies when it cannot possibly be any worse then chemo and radiation.and the success rate cannot be worse either then chemo and radiation,why would he want to leave the country when they stole his cancer cure here.i would not let them get away with it either.and i would also stay here and get justice eventually hopefully,also he has one lawsuit against him,what about all the people he helped with uncurable cancers.maybe the lawsuit is frivolous setup by the fda and others.but what do you have to loose,your life,im loosing it anyway..so why not try his cancer cure..im sure the fda would have plenty of lawsuits against them if you could sue them.take care...john

    9. If he's about curing cancer then he should leave. If he's about ego and profit then he'll stay and he'll be no different than the pharma companies everyone is criticizing and his cure is suspect. What does it matter where he cures as long as he cures? Its not as if they stole something solid and he can't use it any more. He still has the knowledge and can use it anywhere. If its as successful as he claims, he'll cure anywhere in the world and the news of someone with phenomenal cancer cure rates will be difficult to suppress, especially if he has carefully documented case studies to back up the claims of cures. If his cure was so great why wouldn't someone like billionaire, Steve Jobs, fly him out of the country so he could be cured? Cure someone like Jobs and that is the end of chemo and radiation, especially since pancreatic cancer is the deadliest of all the cancers. Instead, Jobs dies at 54 years of age, something I'm sure he didn't choose.

      If he stays the cancer cure he claims was stolen, disappears. If he leaves to a country that allows him to operate freely and if his cure is viable the process survives. Maybe he is not as altruistic as he claims. Actually, he is allowed to carry on with his research. They want him to produce data that proves that his process is viable before allowing him to use cancer patients as guinea pigs. He won't do it. One can only wonder why.

    10. Please post a link to the results of this trial, since you seem to know so much about it...

    11. Just so you know Michael, I also have been diagnosed with cancer. As my DIL says, acute myeloid leukemia is the worst kind of leukemia to have. That said, while I am prevented by government folly to use Dr. Burzynski's treatment, I will not submit to chemotherapy, because the recommended therapy would do nothing but prolong my life (maybe) at the expense of great misery (certainly) and possible greater damage to my body should I somehow beat the terrible odds with that therapy and survive. Personally, I have found a naturopathic physician here in Collingswood NJ, and am currently scheduled to begin Vitamin C IV therapy which does show some promise. There ARE other treatments. Start with a book called "Outsmart Your Cancer". Lots of good info there. If you search, you will find lots of alternatives. The big problem being that the "established medicine" does not recognize the successes and it naturally follows, insurance companies will not pay for treatment even if you do have reasonable insurance. Medicare is absolutely useless in the case of good cancer treatment. (It does pay for a lot of the necessary testing). These treatments are gaining greater acceptance on the West Coast and even in the Midlands than they are here on the conservative East Coast, therefore medical doctors who use some of them can be hard to find - and some oncologists will not work with them because they believe the line that it is quackery. Nutritional support is only good sense, not quackery, but things change very slowly. My choice is simple: "Do I want to live my life as well as possible, with a chance that I will survive this disease, or just extend my life in misery as long as possible with very little likelihood of survival?"

    12. Also, Jack 1952, were you aware that Dr. Burzynski's Phase III trials have been approved to go ahead, but only with the caveat imposed by the FDA that Burzynski's treatment MUST be accompanied by radiation treatment because otherwise it "wouldn't be a fair trial"? What is fair about imposing a proven harmful kind of treatment onto a treatment that has been proven in FDA clinical trials to work without it; and without side effects? This is a reasonable and honest requirement? I don't think so - NO, I don't think so at all.

    13. Anyone who has dealt with a government bureaucracy knows just how pig headed they can be, sometimes for no reason other than to flex their muscles. I once questioned my tax return and received a letter threatening to freeze all my accounts if I didn't immediately clear up the matter. Just for asking a question. Fortunately, a phone call to Revenue Canada, and a very helpful operator put an end to this. She also told me that some people in the government are just "backsides" and do things just to be contrary. Bureaucrats can carry on a senseless vendetta for no apparent reason and is mainly a power trip for them.

    14. And, in fact, that bureaucratic attitude has been a great deal of Dr. Burzynski's troubles with the FDA. The FDA was behind the charges by the Texas Medical Board. But the one statement made in a hearing by the head of the FDA is the one main reason Burzynski has been unable to get past them and on with his research. "I never have, and never will, approve a treatment by anyone but a large, well-funded corporation." Those, or approximately those were exactly his words in one of the many grand jury "investigations" of Dr. Burzynski. BTW all of the charges you mention were dropped. As far as I know, none are currently open - and, don't you think that with that government attitude, those charges would have been pursued if they had had any legal basis in fact? Dr. Burzynski has won all of his battles with the FDA and with the Texas Medical Board. Considering their resources, they would have won if the charges had not been baseless. But there is also clearly big pharmaceutical company money behind this as well. The fact is, he survived this because he is innocent of the charges. As to why he hasn't moved out of the country, he would probably have had to start over completely and he has a great deal invested, both financially and emotionally. Also, studies are currently being conducted in Japan, and, I believe, but am not certain of the fact, also in Germany. It appears fairly certain that Japan will have his remedy available to their people before it is available in the US. As far as a lawsuit by one private individual, I am not aware that there is any current lawsuit.

    15. chemo has nothing to do with money,are you serious,its all profit.chemo that is.good luck to you...

    16. how much more forthcoming and honest can he be,they stole his cancer cure.u know u r rite ,im begining not to trust the little guy especially you...

    17. Michael, I have recently been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, and although the oncologist recommended chemo, I already knew from some prior research after the death of a friend of mine that I would NEVER trust the pharmaceutical industry to have my health as their objective. You should read a book called "Outsmart Your Cancer". I have read it, and I intend to beat this condition.

    18. A number of comments posted hold water and others are outright false. I believe the same people trying to sabotage this doctors work are the same ones who tried several times to have him indicted four times and failed.

      The only only reason for trying to discredit this man's work, is all about MONEY.

      It is a well known fact that the FDA is in bed with the big drug companies.

      I suggest to skeptics is to reads as many books on these organizations as possible,then come back and add your comments.

      A good place to start is a book called "Bad Pharma" by Ben Goldacre

    19. you stated "The only only reason for trying to discredit this man's work, is all about MONEY." why can't it be about holding treatments to the same standard? you go on to say "I suggest to skeptics is to reads as many books on these organizations as possible," why not read the scientific papers and the clinical trials instead of books? oh yeah his record of trials is abysmal. then "It is a well known fact that the FDA is in bed with the big drug companies." even if you are right that in no way proves this treatment safe or effective. don't forget Burzynski makes a lot of money as well but you do not seem to see that as a negative.

    20. Hi Michael, how are you doing now? I hope you are ok!

  42. i too am appalled with whats going on here...My Country, this United States of America! Question is....Where is the American public??? are we reduced to whining, internet posting scared little people. Time to stand up to the machine! where is the Rebel in us that made this country great! from the times of our countries fore fathers, and most of you posting are too young for this, but to the times of Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, even Che'...the Revolution is NOW!!! I've seen the little Spark in the "Occupy" movements, BUT...it just seems WE are afraid to hurt or loose here. WE MUST FIGHT!!!!! Like in the DOC"S scene when the Immigrant said that not even an EVIL Communist Dictator prevented Doctors from such progress in his Former country of Romania. In closing, i will leave you with a great quote for all of us to think about; "My Fellow Americans, Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For YOUR Country." JFK.

    PS;GOD help us ALL!

  43. I think there are a lot of intelligent people making comments but many are shooting from the hip. Many of the commenters questions are answered in the documentary itself. Watch the video again.

    Some of the monies ( I believe $700 000) for his (Burzinski's) legal fees (2.2 mil) were raised by another doctor. So obvously he's not making a lot of personal profit off his treatments. I'm sure it's quite costly to produce these as he has his own lab making it not a large company with many resources producing many other pharmaceuticals at the same time.

    He has not said he has a cure for all cancers but another method to reduce and or even eliminate tumors and some cancers that the majority of the medical profession have deemed untreatable.He even says that it does not work for everyone, about 25% which is much, much more than conventional radiation and chemotherapy can offer THESE untreatable people not all people with cancer. I see many people die and most of them do not have any quality of life. Sometimes its not about the cure but the extra bit of time families can have togeather and the quality of life during that time that is more important.

    Not all cancers are treated the same way some even use multiple methods together. For example breast cancer: surgery, radiation and or chemo.

    Retrials only work if they are replicated. Different doses and different cancers will not have the same results.

    Some have suggested he move to a different country to continue his trials. Life is not that simple. We don't know his personal situation. We all can't move everytime something doesn't go our way. Change would never come about.

    I work in the medical field and am also furthering my education in the same field and YES there is always an agenda, it is always business first people second and for those of you who do not see it that way then I'm afraid its too late for you to see outside the box but that's ok because it only takes one. One person can make a difference.

    I hope that one day I can help to bring about change in these fields as did many of our fore fathers.

  44. First time commentor here but a huge fan of documentaries.

    Thanks very much for the upload. Last night I watched the Thrive Movement doc and it seems this issue is the same facing new energy. There's too much money at stake.

    Every issue we face as a planet involves money and it's depressing. Especially when there is a better future for us waiting around the corner. What's even more depressing is how unconscious people are in the world today. I will post this video on my Facebook page and I can guarantee no one will gives to shits. They're more concerned with some sporting event or TV show which are in place to blind them for truth.

    It has been a pleasure to read all comments in this thread and I look forward to having and sharing in many discussions in the other threads and docs on this site.

  45. FDA......F****** Damned Agency!!!

  46. I am amazed how high up the tyranny is regarding this issue. Burzynski is so lucky to be alive! I would be driving a bullet proof sedan if I were him indeed because people who make to many waves with big brother or with government agencies, concerning big big BIG money have a way of disappearing. Seriously, this doctor is so lucky he hasn't gone missing, and been featured on Unsolved Mysteries. We need a cure for the biggest baddest cancer of all and let me assure you of this, it will never ever go in remission or be healed...The United States Government! I was deeply moved and had a huge lump in my throat as the woman told her story about her 4 year old little guy (as I have a 4 year old) and was very pleased to see the picture of him at 18 in 2009. Very enlightening indeed.

  47. One of the best health documentarys posted to date. This documentary clearly shows the corruption that exists in the FDA,TMA,NCI, ELAN PHARMACEUTICALS, SLOAN-KETTERING and more. There are few documentarys that show the corruption as well as this one. People always ask me why if cancer, aids etc have been cured why the world doesnt know about it.I will now direct them to this documentary.

    There are over 50 cures for cancer and many of those cures contain antineoplastic=aka anti cancer causing herbs that have been listed in the
    MERCK index. The MERCK INDEX being a list of all known chemicals written by the worlds leading chemists.

    The problem is that these herbs that contain antineoplastic properties are not supposed to be patented.Thus the big pharma, FDA, NCI, SLOAN-KETTERING have no intrest in using them or doing clinical trials with them.Though judging by this video the big pharma companys, large government agencys, cancer research and treatment companys may change that.

    This man burzynski should be given a noble peace prize but alas there are politicics in that too...

    Thanks for posting..the health videos are a wonderful public service.

    1. Well said mike.

    2. What herbs have antineoplastic properties?

  48. Well what if Dr. Burzynski offer all his medicine online as opensource medicine. Say something like linux and the like. We all know that 7 Billion minds would want to improve it and everyone can share. Don't you think its far harder for them to prosecute each on of the 7 Billion who all shared common knowledge and know how about this gift. Same thing with the Gerson Theraphy. Public will benefit more if all this alternative medicine will be given a chance to compete against the Goliath Pharma Company that's only there to gouge almost all patients.

    1. thank you..wish i believed but ...

    2. Great idea...unless Dr. Burzynski is not interested in sharing. I have searched the internet looking for his test results and have come up empty. He may be just as interested in the almighty dollar as the pharmaceutical companies. Altruism may not be his motivation.

    3. His test results are on his website.

      And you are a liar.

      Obviously some pharma shill.

    4. Every post you have made on this site has involved name calling and insults. There has to be a better and a more adult way to make a point. Your methods are no different than the way you claim the FDA uses. The FDA should not be allowed to bully Burzynski into compliance anymore than you should bully me into agreeing automatically with everything you say.

    5. A theory I have that if he makes it open source, what's to stop big Pharma from patenting it? And then they never use, or develop it again and no one else can either.

  49. FDA has to be re examined of its efficacy and stay out of our lives!

  50. Why do these producers always ruin a great doco with melo-dramatic music? Excellent doco otherwise though.

  51. Look , it comes down to this: Traditional cancer treatments are outdated, have a horrible success rate, are expensive as hell and really degrade quality of life. Depending upon the type of cancer, traditional treatments can extend life a few years...possibly. To have a cancer go away completely, especially when metasticized is just not going to happen. Chemo and radiation are so toxic that anyone holding a chemo bag MUST wear gloves for safety because it is so caustic. So, why have we not had any advancements in treatment in over 20 years?Simple, Chemo and radiation guarantee repeat customers....if you don't die. There is no arguing in the medical profession the pharm companies rule the medical machine. I am part of the machine and I see it daily. I do not prescribe anything I would not take myself. If an "alternative " treatment is shown to work, even in one person, run with it. Cancer is a killer, a big one. Billions go to cancer research and development. Isn't anyone starting to get a bit suspicious that zero advancements have been made? Nothing? The last drugs were approved back in the late 80's! Your tax dollars hard at work doing nothing as usual. I personally would not mind throwing $$ at Burzynski instead of the current trials being done on yet another chemo that is stronger and more destructive. It is in the best interest of all government and pharmaceutical companies to keep us sick and dependent on more pills to treat symptoms. don't blindly believe this is a cure. Don't discount it as fraud either. When something is met with this much violent opposition you should wonder why? does he really have a cure that could jeopardize fda earnings? any kind of treatment that shows any promise is a step in finding another treatment or cure.

    1. Your post touch a nerve with me. I have often wondered why there have not been any advances in decades when unimaginable sums of money have been thrown at research. But not just for cancer. For all manner of diseases: diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chrones disease, and whatever else you can think of. While I am not a genius, I'm not stupid either. We live in a capitalist society where money is power and big pharma has lots of money ergo power. And apparently there is more money in treating and managing disease than in curing it. Ordinary people follow the rules. Extraordinary people buck the system and bring about great change. Dr. Bruzynski is indeed an extraordinary person whose time is overdue. His great work with anitneoplastons should be available to anyone who does not wish to endure the misery of traditional treatments for cancer. With continued research, perhaps Dr.Bruzynski's life long work could even be a stepping stone for cures to other diseases. God bless him for his work, dedication, and courage. I am in awe of him and hope that one day his antineoplastons therapy will be the norm rather than a mere alternative.


    2. I heard that someone wanted to patent (steal?) Dr. Bruzynski's cancer cure method...

    3. You are absolutely right. A former employee of Dr. Burzynski, along with a pharmaceutical company that was to have begun clinical trials in cooperation with the Doctor (and the FDA) filed eleven duplicate patents on Dr. Burzynski's antineoplaston thereapy. This was done while Burzynski was involved in yet another trial that fell apart because there was no proof that Dr. Burzynski had done anything at all wrong. Meanwhile, Dr. Burzynski has chosen not to deal with those because he has more important things to do with his time and energy - like continue with healing cancer patients. I get the impression, BTW, that the FDA is "at it again". Again trying their best to put Dr. Burzynski out of business and into prison. Watch the movie - and wait for the updates. There has been a lot more chicanery since this documentary was first published. I do not understand how they can continue to get away with this.
      I wonder if the next step will be to declare him a muslim terrorist and send him to Guantanamo. (I like to think this is an exaggeration, but I do not trust the FDA, the Patent Office, the USDA and I certainly don't trust homeland security. This is a really scarey world right now.

    4. but...there HAVE been advances...
      Bruzinsky is only extraordinary in just how deceptive he is. His treatments are provably ineffective.

      Peer review is really quite simple. a scientist takes a study, examines it's claims, and then makes an exact copy of the study. that scientist then compares his results to the original study.

      They then publish their results so that other scientists can do the same thing.

      all the scientists who copies Berzynskie's studies, found completely different results to the ones he claimed. This means one of two things, Berzynski either lied, or he made a mistake.

      Considering the fact that he hasn't published any further findings since, I can only conclude that he's a liar.

    5. Except "traditional" cancer treatment has been updated thousands of times, it's constantly evolving, to the point that Cancer survival rates are the best they've ever been.

      Alternative treatments don't work.
      whatstheharm.net catalogs thousands upon thousands of people who have died as a result of alternative medicine.

      For evcery one person alternative therapies supposedly cures, it ruins the lives of hundreds more, which is why i find your attitude sickeningly irresponsible and ignorant.

      Sometimes these therapies recieve such aggressive opposition because they are DANGEROUS.

  52. Jesus I'm so bloody tired of trying to talk to people about this enormous global corruption that's ruining our planet and people, and being met with pure ignorance. Haven't people discovered the internet yet? Are they all still believing the bullshit they feed us through the press and our corrupt education system? Is it just that it's too overwhelming to consider? I mean, awakening to the fact that you are enslaved is not a pleasant thought, but we can break free! We have them vastly outnumbered. It's like the Jews not fighting the Nazis because it was just unbelievable that the governing power could be so cruel. All we need is awareness and then a global revolution would be inevitable. Wouldn't it?

    1. I sincerely hope it would, Mr Namsat. And it is a tiring endeavor, but once awake, you have no other alternative but to keep trying to help others awaken.

      All my love,

  53. The fundamental check the science community has to find truth to claims is the ability to repeat the results. When a scientist publishes a claim, other scientist will redo the experiment in the same manner published. If the same results can be achieved by other people, then it's on it's way to being accepted.

    Burzynski's published claims have been studied for years. The science community want it to be true...it would be great if it was true. Scientists and doctors have family member with cancer as well, and they want them to live. But the National Cancer Institute could not replicate his claims. Drug companies could not replicate his claims. Even the Japanese National Cancer Institute who tried using the same method Burzynski used on his patients, can't get the same results. When no other scientists can reproduce the same results when doing the same experiment, then there is something wrong with the claim.

    The peptides he uses, "AS-2.1 and A-10" are really PA and PAPD, respectively. They have been proven to have no effect on cancer cells. PA has actually been proven to be toxic...so be careful.

    1. Did you not notice the specific information in the documentary showing the National Cancer Institute could not replicate his claims because they DID NOT USE THE PROTOCOL (at a minimum they ignored the inclusion criteria and dosages) agreed to and then evaluated the treatment a failure. I sit on the Institutional Review Board of a leading hospital. We review all research protocols at the hospital that involve human subjects. I know it is tedious to follow the details in complicated situtations like this but if you cared enough to watch the documentary and write a response, try watching it again and pay more attention.

      I also know it is frightening to think that our government and its agencies could be involved in the type of behavior described in this movie. As citizens of a wonderful country, it is our responsibility to do what we can to improve what does not work - not to stick our heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening because of fear.

      I recently lost my oldest friend to cancer, none of her oncologists advised her of these clinical trials. I wonder how many people might try to participate if they were aware.

    2. well the government thought the claims were valid else they wouldn't have filed for 11 patents on Burzynski's ideas. this documentary is tearfully boring but the punchline comes about 3/4 through when you see why the FDA has been causing him so much trouble. the guy that botched the clinical trial at NIH eventually got promoted to the FDA to work for the guy that was prosecuting Burzynski. This is frightening and everything I have come to expect from our country.

    3. These comments are totally untrue and made by a fool.

      Go to his website and read the trial documents for yourself.

      The NCI deliberately falsified the protocols to fail.

      Please provide your evidence by a link to the documentation that proves your statement.

      I know - you won't - because these are lies again!

  54. check this out

  55. Run from the cure - Rick Simpson. Our kind have been using it for millennias, yet you ignore it? Well, your loss.

  56. B17 is... Vitamin B17. Most commonly found in the pits of fruit other than citrus.. best is Apricot pits, apple seeds.. berries.. peaches etc.... It contains a cyanide that attacks only the cancer and feeds the good cells. The FDA is trying to get vitamins to be declared to be drugs.. because they say that only a drug can cure or prevent a disease. Check it out. Cancer is caused by an acid situation in your body.. all you have to do is alkalize your body and cancer will not survive. This has been known since the 50's... Look up Krebs and B17. The sooner we all educate ourselves with the truth instead of the Pharmaline.. the sooner we will live in a place that actually does Health Care instead of Disease Care.

  57. After having seen Marieen's heartbreak­ing testimony (among many claiming the success of Dr. Burzynski'­s treatment of antineopla­stons for cancer cure, and the statement of Assistant U.S. Attorney Mike Clark, that "whether antineopla...­ston does or does not work is not an issue", I can only conclude that we have a great malignant tumor spreading through the FDA, phRMA and the "medical-i­ndustrial-­comp?lex" if you will, that will keep on killing more people through obscenely wicked and shamefully disgracefu­l (though old school) tactics, and I cannot wait to see the medical system transforme­d into something much, much better than what we have today.

  58. So I used to work for this man. NEVER AGAIN, unless you enjoy the smell of urine. HORSE URINE.....Once you come off of the treatment and are "cured" your cancer comes back move than 10x worse than you started. Not worth mortgaging your house etc....I'm sorry just not worth it.

    1. i dont believe you.

    2. I don't believe her either. With a comment like that, I think she works for the government, a governmental agency, or a pharm. company.

    3. Im sorry, but if your life and well being is not worth mortaging your house for, than it's obvious you're not one suffering from the disease. We can see right through your bullshit

  59. Debt dollars creating unsustainable debt (and no acknowledgement that this is even happening), millions in prison for changing their state (drug use), endless wars, a collapsing economy attacked with bandaids and hot air, and now this...Is there anything left in the US to believe in? I guess my only hope are people like Burzynski and those who made this film. And possibly the Ron Pauls and the very few who have the courage to open their eyes and speak up, but it's so few against the so vast and so powerful.
    I know how frustrating it is to try to communicate the growing ills of this world to people who have everything invested in believing that it's all ok; that all we need is this party to win or that party and all will be better. I do. But please keep trying and supporting those making the same effort.
    Great, great documentary.

    1. Speaking the truth is depressing enough without being condemned as a nutcase. Ignorance is bliss and I am tired, too.

  60. There's a saying I've been using lately which can be applied to almost anything. "Follow The Money". As long as you apply this saying you'll see why people, governments, corporations the world is the way it is. Follow The Money.

    1. Burzynski doesn't have a bank account? You don't trust big crooks, but you will the little ones. The little crook has to eat too, I suppose.

    2. Words of wisdom indeed!

  61. It's a shame, that the country, which used to be the heart of freedom, now is eaten alive by bureaucracy and corporations. Politicians forgot, that they exist in order to help people live their lives peacefully and with joy, not to make it more difficult because "fat man in big car promised him a check with lots of zeros"
    BTW, Dr Burzy?ski is quite well known among doctors, at least in Poland.

  62. Its not about curing, its about marketing treatments, plain and simple. You see the same thing with the oil industry, fuel economy and alternative energy.

    1. Yes, I agree.

  63. USA = The most corrupt place on Earth
    And they do it...."legally"

    Between Gearson, Burzynski, and all the medical substances in that "horrible" drug called marijuana. Silencing anyone or anything that gets in their way of profits, meanwhile prohibiting any possible cure.

    Between all the bankster's who literally robbed all the others blind...
    NONE of which have seen a prison cell (other than Madoff..who strangely enough...lost RICH peoples money..not the poor/average like the Bankster's.

    Between our gov going to war to obtain resources thru force (or IMF thru unpayable debt obligations), killing anything that moves in order to get what they want.

    Between our gov in debt up to their eyeballs, and the FIRST thing they cut?
    Anything YOU hardworking average citizens get.
    YEA...those DAMN teachers, firemen and police.
    Funny thing is...I don't see people volunteering to rush into burning buildings, or go work the streets of downtown Detroit

    Between Gov skewing numbers beyond belief for the past 30 years
    CPI AUG-AUG inflation rate for food? CPI says 3% LOL
    DAMN, where do they shop? I see an average of 20-30%
    (other than heavily subsidized items like milk, fruit, etc)

    Wages FAR from keeping pace with inflation. People celebrate a 3% raise, when REAL inflation is 6%. Simple math here folks...you LOST 3% of your buying power. NOW with a bad economy...a raise? what's that??

    Brainwashed people walking around touting "keep tax breaks for the rich"
    LOL...ehhh rich gained wealth over this recession, biggest leap in US history for BOTH corps and private rich citizens..that's a FACT..not a guess
    Are they hiring? NO! Are they going to hire? SURE..China ripe for the picking

    And all that SS money you paid into for years? KISS IT GOODBYE
    SS isn't broke because you live too long...blah blah blah
    It's been robbed from MANY times by our gov....no conspiracy..it's a known FACT. The solution? Pay you less thru skewing the inflation numbers to keep payments down (Obama suggestion). EHHH they ALREADY DO THIS!
    So I guess if you live to 160 years old, you'll get YOUR money....that YOU loaned to the gov (thru force)...back

    I am NO Democrat
    I am NO Republican
    They are BOTH full of sh*t..and prey on people who play the 2 party game

    I know 1 thing for sure.....
    this place is a REAL clusterfu*k
    and I don't intend to stick around for the encore

    1. 50 thumbs up! Great post!

    2. I agree with Pysmythe. Reading posts like yours gives me some glimmer of hope that there are people out there who are actually using their brains. I heard a nice quote the other day. "When the government tells you its raining, they are pissing down your back". Well the government has been telling us its a storm out there...

    3. Absolutely right. On all counts.


  65. I support hemp oil all the way on the basis that some Isreali scientists had a video showing delt-9,THC binding to, and destroying cancer cells. But when my grandpa fell ill with prostate and colon cancer, his doctor told my family to try to get him on Vitamin B17 I believe it was. It is some Russian chemical that is toxic, but does more damage to radical cancer cells than normal cells. He explained that the damage that drug does on the liver, won't cause an elderly man die any earlier, but that he wasn't legally allowed to tell us where to get it or give us anymore info because it is not allowed in the US to be used as a medicine. After further research, it was already too late for my grandpa, but I really wish I knew about this earlier, and from then on I've began to show a lot of resentment toward our government and medical field, sice it seems nobody cares if we get better, it's just about the money we put in their pocket, or the insurance company's pocket. Now I won't go and recommend anybody give a young person B17, but if you know of an elderly person you know and love, and want more years out of them, I highly suggest reading about it, and it is readily available over the internet.

    1. There's nothing 'Russian' about B17, it's actually the stuff found in apricot kernels and it's also known under the names 'Laetrile' and 'Amygdalin'. Many doctors have written books about the very good results they had with it (and the misery they had to go through with the FDA trying to stop them). Just google for books on B17/Laetrile/Amygdalin. Have seen it in action and am convinced it really kills cancer cells (FDA claims it poisonous, because apricot kernels contain 'cyanide', but they never mention that it's the same (bound) form of cyanide that's also contained in vitamin B12 (which even kids can take alot of without any poisonous effects). Anyway, B17 is another example of a natural anti-cancer treatment (should be combined with other stuff, as a whole called 'metabolic therapy'), prohibited by FDA/Big Pharma. By the way, I don't think it's really a cure on it's own, because it does only kill cancer cells, not what causes cells to start multiply like crazy. The real cause could well be prolonged emotional distress, which triggers natural biological processes, like the multiplication of cells (read 'cancer'). For more on this read (google) 'German New Medicine' (GNM) and also investigate 'psycho-somatics'. You're in for some surprising visions on illness - it saved a person very close to me, who got rid off cancer with these two things (B17, GNM), after refusing any kind of conventional therapy (mastectomy/radiation/chemo).

  66. One day, the penny will drop. People will stop believing in the medical profession, even those who work within it. It comes as little surprise that the good doctor has been bitten by the hounds of hell and this documentary exposes as much about the ridiculous state of judicial law as it does about the entire scam of 'health care'. What is wonderfully remarkable is that this man continues and tells his tale. So many, many unsung heroes have been consigned to obsurity and their contributions shelved or diluted for profit. There is nothing beneath and beyond the wiles of these psychopathic murderers. Excelent documentary; one every parent and doctor should see.

    1. I know many doctors that have already written off the medical industry as hopelessly corrupt. And it's entirely because of the influence ('ownership' would be a better word) that big drug companies have over FDA policies and medical school training.

      This are the kind of things that happen when industries are rewarded purely for making as much money as possible, and when the only risk of punishment is an insignificant fiscal slap on the wrist for behavior that is so horribly immoral, unethical, and outright criminal that any 'normal' person would probably be executed for it.

  67. If I or any of my loved ones are ever diagnosed with cancer, I would insist on a mixture of Antineoplastin therapy, Gerson's diet and hemp oil (cannabis). I am sure together they can and will eliminate any tumor! The three are completely non toxic and I doubt that they would clash with each other inside our system.

    @Vlatko - This is the first time I have commented on your website, but I would like to tell you that visit your website pretty much every day, and have been doing so for a good year and a half. I am usually among the first people to view a doc after its posted. I can tell because of the lack of any comments.

    To all the people who comment on here, I read your discussions ever so often, and they are always interesting and mentally stimulating. Thank you all!

    1. Thank you too @high_ku. I'm very glad to hear that. Cheers.

    2. I practically live on your website. Thanks for keeping it up!

    3. Knowledge is power. This website i'm sure will have given a lot of power back to the people. I and i'm certain a lot of other people really appreciate that you have made this website vlatko. so thanks.

    4. Seems like the smartest people on the internet are here on TDF :) We'd have one hell of a discussion if we all sat at one table together.

  68. oops .... well anyway this is an astounding documentary, on so many levels. Not only has a potential cure for cancer been established yet stolen from the inventor - who remarkably remains jolly throughout!!! A tribute to the humanity of a REAL doctor and scientist against the vile scum that is corporate America

  69. I started watching this with the assumption "quack science incoming"

  70. Before I even started reading other posts, it's good to know I'm not the only one with the antenna up! I'm quite wary of this, it seems much like an infomercial for this Doctor's treatment, with some pretty poor actors!

    Having said that, I'm also completely against the slash, burn or poison brigade we call our current medical establishment.

    The theory behind this new treatment appears much the same philosophy of using drugs to 'cure' whilst ignoring the cause, that's why this is just as ineffective. Drugs are not the answer, they cure nothing, they just mask symptoms and leave the cause firmly in place. All I see here is a man coveting the millions given to the other drug companies, with an untested product. He's just after the funding.

    We really need to get past this ignorance. The human body is the cure, give it what it needs and get out of it's way, stop ingesting chemicals, get enough rest, fresh air and exercise, it WILL heal itself. Natural healing, herbal remedies and fasting, raw food, there are lots of ways to get your body back to health, but they're just not very profitable for these big companies and that's why we have so much propaganda around these diseases. My grandparents lived well into their 90s and their healthy philosophy on life, not their genes were the reason, which they past down through the generations. I just wish more people would realize their health is in their own hands and anyone can do it, we don't need big pharma.

    It is just that simple that people can't believe it! Until they wake up, big pharma (or little pharma) will continue to profit by keeping people in the dark, make this cancer into a boogey man that it is not and profiting at many people's expense.

    1. Ok, but if you had cancer right now and you missed out on the prevention what would you do?

  71. Is it a logical assumption then that blood transfusions from healthy people would be similarly effective at treating cancer? (near 11 out of 40 successful treatments)

    Surely blood transfusion experiments have been done. I see no reason why anti-neoplastins will be rendered ineffective during the process.

    1. Michael the caps were accidental. My content represents the truth. To dismiss one's content due to the form in which it is presented is moronic.

  72. Its incredible that such discovery can be kept under wraps by Dr Burzynski' or FDA or any other USA based person or agency or corporation a few questions why dosent Burzynski' go to another country where he would be well received, why hasent any other persons or countries allowed this treatment to be made available where USA patents dont reach like cuba etc and why dosent Dr Burzynski' spread through out the world this treatment and let the secret out and save millionsof lives

    We do live in a crazy world where money rules over everything else and people have their prorities all wrong, god help us

  73. Its interesting but there isn't enough evidence to jump on this. All the literature summaries on antineoplastons i've reviewed indicated that the results from antineoplaston theray were mixed; some finding significant efficacy and some not showing any efficacy at all. Furthermore no one has been able to reproduce Dr. Burzynski's published results which is probably the most damaging thing to any scientific theory. I would however be keen to see the results of a randomized control trial if the funding ever materializes.

    1. I believe it to be the problem of those in the Medical Establishment and the push for more profit of big pharma. Remember the Schopenhauer quote: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

      This is standard operating procedure for any human social group. Just ask the Jesus! And to top it off, they have a cash cow and who says that they would willingly give up tremendous profit for something as simple as positive results?! THIS IS BUSINESS and these people would willingly stomp on your baby's head to make more money. Of course they have the crutch of belief to rationalize their murderous behavior. More funding will NOT MATERIALIZE. There is no money in cures. The system is the problem, good results stop the money train. It is the same in the oil, coal, nuclear energy, war, and other areas of the economy. If there is a simple answer, it is ignored and ridiculed. This talk of evidence is just a way to distract attention from the theft as it is happening. People are routinely being killed.

    2. I agree with most of what you say, but did you really think about one of your statements, "This talk of evidence is just a way to distract attention..." Come on man, evidence is vital. If we abandon the requirement for evidence then we could believe all these b.s. alternative cures that have sprung up to take advantage of people's distrust of the medical field. This is about the fiftieth doc I have seen on alternative cures for cancer, and all the rest were complete rip offs. Yes, big pharma and the medical establishment have become corrupted, and they do ridicule people that have made real advances in an effort to belittle them and keep all the funding for themselves. But, that does not mean that you can abandon the requirement for real scientific evidence when claiming you have a cure. It is all these half witted crank cures that have hit the market that allows them to get away with belittling these guys like they are quacks. With so many hippy type gurus out there it easy to convince those in charge of the money that this guy is just another fake out to make money at the expense of desperate people.The same thing is happening in politics right now.

    3. I knew that would get some attention! There is evidence of many things that have failed to prove the case, my point is that evidence of scientific claims can be as ricketty as a juried decision. Now there is plenty of evidence that the treatment above has proven effective in many cases. Radiation and Chemo, is DEADLY TOXIC IN AND OF ITSELF. But there is little acknowledgement of that is the popular press. In a perfect world evidence would've found all the answers and yet here we sit scratching our heads! The major thing is that people use evidence to fortify their unquestioning belief, their FAITH, and never mind that man behind the curtain! In the case of Dr Burynizinki that is the case. The FDA and Big Pharma have "evidence" and they win most arguments because they have the force of power behind their evidence. So POWERFUL groups can use their own special "EVIDENCE" to overcome replicable results. Evidence is often just another name for deception and when PROFIT is involved there will be deception. BUT no I don't believe we discard evidence! It is that the evidence used has been very selective, to support the thesis put forth by wealthy corporations which is protecting it's source of profit. For instance, is THC deadly?" Does it lead to Heroin? The FDA, DEA, FBI, AMA, and other alphabet soup orgs all would agree that it needs more study. Really? And how doesn't this damage the reputation of the DEA, FBI, FDA, AMA? C'mon... we are being lied to by the very people who insist that they would NEVER LIE all to delay any change to the system that rewards them so handsomely. This is a HUGE problem. If lying gets more widespread, then the level of distrust will continue to grow. Are there liars? YES, SUCCESS(great profit) BREEDS imitation(lying to create great profit). In a capitalist economy there is no one you can truly trust. The good doctor is not really making much money here... but the cancer society will lose more profit if his treatment becomes more popular, and I would bet my life that the American Cancer Society will not abide by that! Curing cancer puts the American Cancer executive class out of a job.

    4. The only thing that matters are results - survival rate with no toxicity/damage to the patient!! in addition, this is NOT a commercial for Burzynski. This is about truth, justice and health! Go read the Book Galileo's Lawyer. It was written many years ago by Burzynski's attorney, Rick Jaffe.

    5. That was well said.

    6. I'm sorry, but in science results are not the only thing that matters. If you cannot get other people to repeat your results that is pretty much a kiss of death to your theory. I've been doing science for over 10 years and have had experiments with fantastic results only to have the theory die because the results could not be repeated. I realize this doesn't seem fair but in the end repeatability shows the robustness of a theory

    7. Im sorry sylvester but when corrupt entities are involved its very easy to come up with bad results. It is alot cheaper for them to pay someone alot of money to falsify results or not do the protocal correctly than it is to give up their monopoly.They will never allow any treatments for any illness that they cannot patent no matter how effective it is. And remember the last thing they want is a cure for cancer,there is no money in it.Since the main stream media is all owned by corps so all the propaganda that is released will be biased on the side of the corrupt criminal corps.And how many people left for dead by oncologists have to be brought back to life before one says well maybe there is something to this?? You state... I'm sorry, but in science results are not the only thing that matters. Dont you call all those people testifying with their healthy kids right next to them results?? Or are they just Figments of our imagination?

    8. The Israelis repeated and got the same results.

  74. good doc

  75. which is more frightening - the military industrial complex, or the medical industrial complex?

    For some reason this isn't surprising to me - there isn't money in curing diseases, only in treating them. There isn't money in peace, only war.

    1. Truer words were never spoken.

    2. You think the issue in this country as regards these things is really that simple, do you, boy? I've been "voting" to change these things for 27 years, and so have a great many other people, for much longer. The people in this country aren't stupid, moron. The politicians and the corporations, whomever they may be, are always GREEDY...and that motivation is very difficult to overcome with ANY number of votes. Tell your proclamations to some a--hole friend of yours who'll take you seriously: You have no idea what I've tried to do, or what the real situation is in this country.

    3. and one is impotent in treating the other!

    4. there isnt money in solving a problem, there is only in maitaining a problem.

    5. @ Naso
      Push off, you little zamanfou turd.

    6. @ Naso Sipsi)
      "actually no. all you have to do is vote.
      the problem is people in the u.s. are stupid"

      Oh, haven't you heard?

      Last year, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court of the United States held that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited under the First Amendment. This, together with two other decisions, have completely transmuted corporations into 'persons', just like you and me, with full rights under the constitution and everything!

      So now Mr. Jones can send his contribution of $100 dollars to the Republican Party and Mr. Smith can send a similar a sum to his party, and Lockheed Martin Corporation can send $100,000,000
      to one party and $100,000,000 to the other so as to ensure that
      we voters have a free choice between corporate candidate R and corporate candidate D.

      Democracy in action!

      The Supreme Corporation(sorry, I mean, 'Supreme Court') has dispensed with that old-fashioned system of one person, one vote, and upgraded us to One Dollar, One Vote!

      So you see, Naso, it really doesn't matter for whom we vote,
      or even if we vote; we are guaranteed the best corporate government money can buy ? and we had damned well better
      like it, too!


      The Blessed Trinity:

      In the United States, corporations were recognized as having rights to contract, and to have those contracts honored the same as contracts entered into by natural persons, in Dartmouth College v. Woodward, decided in 1819.

      In the 1886 case Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 U.S. 394, the Supreme Court recognized that corporations were recognized as persons for purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment.

      Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010), the Supreme Court of the United States held that corporate funding
      of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot
      be limited under the First Amendment,..."

      ~ Wikipedia, 'Corporate personhood'


    7. That's setting him straight, Oz! Not that it really makes me feel any better... The day they voted that crap in was one of the worst in my life. I couldn't BELIEVE they actually went and did such a thing in this country...At the same time, I wasn't really surprised.

  76. Finally, someone that says they have a alternative cure for cancer has real science and clinical studies to back up their claim. This is worth watching and researching, this guy really is getting great results and he has the proof, even is FDA approved. It has been obvious for a long time that the health care field in general is corrupt especially that portion setup around terminal diseases for which we are desperately seeking a cure, like cancer or HIV. Unfortunately there is another newer industry that has sprung up in order to take advantage of the public's warranted distrust of traditional medicine, alternative medicine. 90 percent of which is absolute rip off. I wouldn't call this guys treatment alternative really, it is based on sound science and makes logical sense as far as how it works. It is an alternative to traditional treatment, but it doesn't seem to be alternative medicine- if you take my meaning. I am surprised they have let this guy operate this long and especially after he started participating in documentaries like this. If they don't shut him up soon he might actually change something. Maybe we shouldn't say that out loud, my bad.

  77. I'd like to think this conspiracy has serious grounding under it...

  78. This documentary is quite biased in favor of Burzynski's claims. There is very little information on why exactly the FDA has challenged those claims other than conclusions drawn that say they must be doing this to help the pharma companies make huge profits. True data is scarce and there is a huge emotional appeal, using children to tug at our heartstrings. A film with an objective reporting style would help Burzynski's case if his claims are indeed proven to be true. An emotional plea has a tendency to lead me to believe that there is little substance to his claims. I could be wrong and I sure hope that I am. I hope Burzynski continues with his research and compiles enough research data using acceptable scientific methods to prove his claims.

    I have one question that bothers me. Is the FDA so bullheaded and the pharma companies so greedy that they would risk their own lives and that of their families? Or do they already have a cure that is reserved only for the elite? It would seem that a dying corporate executive would soon forget about profits when his life is at stake. A huge bank account is useless when one's life is over.

    1. If there was a treatment for only the elite, why can't steve jobs get it? He's the 110th richest person with around 8 bil to his name. I figure if there was one he would be able to get his mitts on it easier than he does a new liver for his pancreatic cancer.

      More likely it's just greed - cancer is BIG business, treating that is, not curing it.

    2. @ Sieben Stern

      What about the greedy guy who is getting rich treating cancer? What does he do when he is diagnosed with cancer? Does he treat himself with the same treatments that he has for so long forced on a desperate public? Will he let his children die because they interfere with his profits? Does greed always trump the fear of death?

      Almost anyone would like to have lots of money. However, how much money can you offer a person to give up his life? A rich person is just as dead as a poor one. It is the ultimate equalizer. Pharma corporate executives face the same equalizer we all do.

    3. Steve Jobs definitely fits into the criteria of societies elite. He died of pancreatic cancer. He was unable to find the miracle cure for his condition in spite of the billions he had at his disposal and the business and social contacts that he most certainly had. Could it be because that cure doesn't exist?

    4. i'd say one doesn't exist indefinitely - just that we hold ourselves back from finding cures by letting business interests rule over research and religious ideas to rule over lawmaking.

    5. The FDA was set up in response to the many quacks and scam artists of the past. This was in the best interests of all the American citizens. A strict set of guidelines were instituted so those in the medical field could be monitored. No doubt there are corrupt individuals who practice medicine and produce the medical aids that we depend on. That is human nature. It does not follow, however, that everyone in the pharma industry is corrupt. It would also imply that Dr. Burzynski may not be a quack, but he is still required to follow the guidelines set by the FDA. Having found a cure does not give him the right to ignore the protocols in place...protocols made at the insistence of the American public to protect themselves from the quacks. We can't have it both ways. Protection from snake oil salesman, but allowing leniency towards the mavericks of medicine sounds like selective enforcement. That also would suggest corruption in the FDA.

    6. Jack - did you watch the same documentary as me?

      The FDA in a conspiracy with National Cancer Institute and others, has illegally used the power of their office to persecute, lie, deceive, threaten, misinform and file fraudulent charges, then conspired to file fraudulent patents, and to steal this doctors discovery.

      How can this doctor 'follow the FDA guidelines' if the FDA illegally refuse to allow him to do so, and even publish their position of NEVER ALLOWING AN INDIVIDUAL to receive FDA approval on a new drug?

      The issue is not that the doctor ignored the protocols - it's that the FDA ignored the protocols and deliberately misused the protocols so the 'trial' would fail.

      During this 'trial' they deliberately killed people.

      NCI, FDA should be arrested for murder and the .gov prosecutor disbarred.

      Are you sure you saw this documentary - I would suggest you review it again.

      The FDA has long been know for it's criminal activity in working with large pharmaceutical companies, and doctors are receiving very large sums of money from pharma to endorse drugs t patients.

      This is criminal.

      You are a dope.

    7. First of all, name calling is not the weapon of choice for anyone with a legitimate argument. It demeans you and the cause for which you claim to champion.

      If you read my posts (all of my posts) you will find that I hoped that Burzynski had found a cure and he would continue to research his findings if they were indeed viable.

      My problem with this film is its bias. It can be said that it resembles an infomercial with its sales pitch for the DVD selling at $13.99. The film also neglected to state that Burzynski had been charged with insurance fraud claiming reimbursement for using an illegal or unauthorized drug. His drugs were still in research phase and therefore not eligible for an insurance claim.

      The statement saying that an individual would never be granted FDA approval for a drug was made by one man and may or may not be the policy of the FDA itself. No doubt the FDA and the NCI act in what appears to be a self serving manner. This film, however, makes charges but does not allow those charged to mount a defense. Even Burzynski was allowed a defense lawyer when he went to trial. For this film to be fair it should have presented all evidence and when all evidence is examined then propose a conclusion. Even if Burzynski is completely right in his claims this film leaves a bad taste in my mouth with its obvious bias, emotional appeals using tears and children and its attempts to sell a DVD. Not the clinical approach that is needed to finally resolve the ravages of cancer.

      Once again, I am not saying that all claims made in this film are wrong...only that this film only presents one side of the story.

    8. There was opportunity for the prosecution to defend information given here, but that opportunity was turned down...

    9. Does anyone know the reason for the insurance fraud. Could it be that some patients could not afford the treatment so he tried to get the insurance companies to pay for it.

      Insurance companies make more than enough money and their m.o. is to pay out as little as possible including denying people life saving treatments and surgeries and sentencing them to death because they [insurance companies] don't cover that treatment or feel that its financially not lucrative (meaning that the odds for survival aren't high enough).

      We elevate Robin Hood to hero status and not view him as a criminal when he stole from the rich to give to the poor.

      I'm not saying that he should have resorted to crime but that should not discredit his research.

    10. It shouldn't discredit his research but it may lead to questions concerning his honesty. Go to his website and you will also find that he is trying to sell an anti ageing cure. Maybe he is sincere but it does have the snake oil resemblance to it. I am not ready to trust the guy because he is the little guy and he appears to be fighting the big pharma guys. A little guy can be just as dishonest and ruthless as the big one.

    11. im sure if his remedy gets rid of cancer,it can also make you look younger,lol...hey maybe he knows his stuff...i would trust the little guy before the big money guys.i mean alot of people voted for bush and look what happen.anything to do with govt. is dishonest.period.thats been my observation..listen its our bodys,we should be able to choose what goes into them...its should be that simple...the majority is not always rite....g nite people...

    12. As far as I know, the "insurance fraud" charge was dropped along with the 99 other charges, a few at a time, when Dr. Burzynski showed no sign of buckling under to their "fraudulent" charges. The whole scheme was targeted at stealing Dr. Burzynski's patent on antineoplaston therapy. In fact, while an indictment was brought, the case(s) never actually went to trial because they were thrown out by the judges before whom they were brought as unfounded.

    13. this guy needs money also to continue his research,he does not have unlimited funds like big pharma,i mean whats he suppose to sell,his wife,lol...get real,he tries to make a dollar ,u dont trust him,this is america,he needs money to continue his research and god knows they all tried to make him go broke and put him out of business,and in jail..jack ,know one is trying to force our beliefs on you,but you are asking for it by your comments.you believe what you want and we will believe what we want.case closed,happy now jack..g nite

    14. Not only business interests - but we are talking the GOVERNMENT of the U>S>A that is corrupt.

      Now that dope Obama is talking about reviewing the process of patents - no doubt so the US government can steal other peoples discoveries and inventions.

    15. The best cure is most probably prevention. This includes what we all already know:

      1) Eating a plant based diet.
      2) Reducing toxins in the environment.
      3) Lifestyle changes like stopping smoking, less processed food, etc,
      4) Not having babies with with people who have genetic predisposition to certain cancers and genetic mutations that lead to them. This means more comprehensive screening and less ego.

    16. There is no doubt that these steps would help. The American Cancer Society is continually stressing how lifestyles can effect the spread of cancer. If, in spite of our best efforts, a person contracts cancer, that person should not be a the mercy of those with fancy sounding credentials and a convincing sales pitch. Dr. Burzynski may not be one of those. All that is asked is that he follow protocols. Be up front with his research and publish so it can be peer reviewed. That is not an unreasonable request.

    17. follow protocols,he did and the fda broke and made there own rules during the trial.they made the laws and broke there own laws they made.something is wrong with you brutha.go get that condition taken care of at your drs office.hell probably give you prozac,or paxil,hey maybe lexapro..how can you talk about being upfront when the last thing big pharma and the fda are is upfront with the american people.what a joke you are...im done with you..g nite jack..

    18. Why so angry? The FDA does not rule the world. It exists only in the United States. The United States is not the centre of the universe. Assuming everything you say is true, then he is fighting a losing battle if he stays in the States and his cure is too important to lose. It is imperative that he leaves and continue his work. He is giving up.

      I want him to have the cure. I want it badly but not so badly that I will believe, blindly, what this video says. My mother died of cancer. If only he could have saved her. There has to be a place outside of the United States where he can continue his important work. Not every place in the world is controlled by the States. Why won't he do this? The world needs him, not just America. I need him...if he has the cure. Could the FDA touch him if he moved his operation to Iran? Eliminate cancer in Iran and he could live anywhere in the world and the FDA would be powerless to stop him.

    19. learn_her

      And the children born with brain stem cancer - how EXACTLY are your stupid comments going to help them.

    20. maybe he just did not believe there was one out there.i know a millionaire who died of lung cancer and when his family asked him to try alternative remedies ,he said it was all fake and never tried any of them and died.some people just dont believe it exists or it is true.they believe its a scam.would you try alternative therapies if you had cancer jack.just curious...

    21. That would depend on the circumstances. Standard medicine has cured a lot of diseases. Cancer has over two hundred forms, each with its own cause, pathology and by this, I strongly doubt that there is one blanket cure for all. Pancreatic cancer has only a six percent survival rate while prostrate cancer has over a ninety percent survival rate. If I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, I'm sticking with the mainstream remedy. I would be foolish to do otherwise. I might try something different if I had pancreatic cancer. I would have nothing to lose. This discrepancy in survival rates is a major reason I have my doubts that Burzynski, or anyone, could have a single cure for all cancer. If its to good to be true, it probably isn't. Just because he's a little guy doesn't mean he's not a crook. Some of the most nefarious people I know don't have a pot to urinate in and can spin a most convincing tale to fleece you. Corruption is not the just the domain of the very rich. Not saying Burzynski is a crook. Just not gonna swallow everything he wants me to, either.

    22. Just remember, Jack, that 1. Dr. Burzynski does not suggest that he has a cure for all cancers. If you looked at his website, you would see quite the opposite. He has, however, successfully treated some cancers that have been defined as incurable by the cancer industry. 2. The industry has managed to "fudge" the definition of "survival rate" for cancer such that if you are diagnosed with cancer and spend 5 years plus one day treating it - even if you die riddled with that same cancer (or another cancer caused by your treatment), the statistics will say you died of some side effect of the cancer, cachexia, edema, asphyxiation, etc. You are not counted as a cancer statistic at all if you die having had cancer for more than 5 years. Too often the goal is to "manage" the cancer so that you survive long enough that they don't have to tell the truth about real cancer statistics. And 3. it doesn't seem to matter how much other damage is done to the body as a "side effect" of treatment, either.

    23. The trouble with your argument is that of the three points you make only one deals with Burzynki's ability to cure cancer. The remaining have to do with how corrupt the medical establishment is. If I have a cure for certain types of cancer then my entire presentation and argument should deal with that cure. Pointing out someone else's inabilities does not enhance my own. It clouds the issue...being, can I do what I say I can.

      If I can get $10 (hypothetical) to keep you alive for a few years, how much would you pay me to cure you today, without side effects? The same $10...or more. Maybe a lot more.

      Why do health insurance pay for what you call ineffectual cancer treatments? Wouldn't they be all over a real cure? If a real cure was available that was cheaper, insurance companies would insist that they be used and that would be the end of the treatments they use today. Insurance are about profit too, and they have been shown to be just as greedy and uncaring as any big business. Their concern is the bottom line and expensive, ineffectual treatments do not render a more attractive bottom line.

      No one has ever shown irrefutable proof that pharma companies have intentionally followed a policy of withholding a cure for cancer. What is suggested that many pharma companies know they can cure cancer but have colluded not to do it. Business rivals that never double cross each other. It would also follow that the top brass and some of the medical staff are curing themselves and not telling anyone about it. Not any of them have ever been tempted to use this cure on someone outside their circle. For example, a new love interest, an illegitimate child, a political hero or a best friend. They always and consistently allow those close to them but outside this elite circle to face cancer they way the rest of us do and never cave under the inner psychological pressure to use their knowledge to their own benefit...a selfishness they have already demonstrated by keeping their knowledge a secret. It is too large a conspiracy to keep under wraps indefinitely. And, if it is ever found out that they did keep a cure from us intentionally the legal ramifications would bankrupt every pharma company involved.

    24. unfortunately, yes. crime pays even at the risk of losing life, which is why criminals abound. Dr. B's treatments are extremely costly for most people, partly due to the absence of rational or preventive health care.

    25. I have watched close family members die a slow a lingering death of cancer. A cold hearted and greedy pharma executive may watch family members die like this and do nothing but his own selfishness will not allow it for himself. Either he has the cure or he will be victim of cancer just like anyone else.

      If Burzynski's cure has any validity, why doesn't he follow FDA guidelines. His research has been allowed to continue. He has not been told to stop his research...just follow the rules. If he had followed the rules maybe his cure would now be standard practice. No one, not the FDA or the big pharma companies will be able to keep the lid on a true cure once it has been proven effective. That this documentary exists is proof of that. Burzynski would then become an extremely wealthy man. He may well be very rich now. How has he been able to fight the FDA and keep his clinic open unless he has large financial resources.

    26. Actually is a reply to Jack1952 but there is no reply button to his post.
      Watching the film it seem to me is FDA not following the rule and the protocol designed by Burzynski.
      And most of the money for the trial has been paid (or raised) from one of the doctor appearing in the movie.

      @Vlatko didn't understand why there is no reply button at jack1952 post, hope I'm not doing something wrong, in case I'm sorry.

    27. Your right it wasn't very objective and it was a strong emotional apeal. Still I suspect if there was a good reason the FDA targeted Burzynski over and over again then it would be easy to find, and if it were easy this documentary is an epic fail... I get the fealing this is not an epic fail... I intend to do more reaserch for now.

    28. I agree with you. The documentary does not get at the heart of the matter.

    29. a dying corporate employee with a huge bank account can afford to use any and every possible treatment that may or may not lead to a cure. And the treatment doesn't have to be "legal" or "approved". A corporate employee is one pixel amongst millions that make up the face of a corporation. Corporate employees rarely know what the next door department is up to.

    30. It's not just the executive. There has to be researchers that know...and their doctors...and their lawyers...and family members...and his mistress...etc. A cure is too big a secret to be kept for long.

      I expect that I just don't believe in miracle cures. When and if cancer does become a thing of the past, most of us will also have forgotten the conspiracy theories surrounding this disease. My children have hardly heard of polio and it was the scourge of the early 20th century....until science found a preventative vaccination which was distributed by pharma corporations.

    31. This is NOT a commercial for Burzynski. This is about truth, justice and health! Go read the book Galileo's Lawyer. It was written many years ago by Burzynski's attorney, Rick Jaffe.

      And yes, Big Parma like any corporation is greedy and bullheaded. In the end though, it's a belief system. Drugs are chemicals that never get to the root cause of a problem... never!! The problem(s) are usually toxicity and nutritional defifciencies. For example, often breast cancer is due to iodine deficiency and likely toxicity of flourine, bromine and chlorine. Is chemo going to address the cause - iodine deficiency and also remove the toxic elements or will it introduce more toxicity?

      Most drugs are an expensive cover up that just treats symptoms fooling the patient into thinking they are getting well while the problem still exists and more drugs are presrcibed to deal with side effects or another problem that eventually manifests.

    32. there is proof in all the evidence in the case, become a lawyer and read. There is proof in the 30 or more years of trials, one after the other, never amounting to nothing but harassment. There is proof
      in the courts dropping all claims and charges against Him. There is proof that all his clients were willing to go to D.C. Whilst they were under treatment of their own will. How much more proof do you need.

      A major Media Channel has agreed to carry him and cover his findings. This is not about proof but about getting access to the media to deliver your findings.

      Why would an established entity try to prevent that. Why would they team up against one man or company if He had patents and Government approved facility. The Point is any one should be able to have freedom of speech. However, if you are against this Dr.
      then there is no insurmountable amount of argument to change your mind that is why we have courts. The point is he was wronged by our Economic giants. If he had false claims they never presented one. The children were the evidence of his cure and patented drugs which were approved by the Gov.. How many people have been used to advertised Cancer Institutes cures, without introducing other cancers? None. I know people who went through this and died. All His subjects lived. The point is Chemo only aims at a specific bio form and condition; not the entire Public. That is what Dr. Burzynski is arguing.

      If The Cancer Institute was in error, they would not have fired the Department Head/President. IF the Cancer Institute was not in error they would not have committed a crime and doubled his patents.
      They would not have tried to steal his method.
      They would not have tried to erase him.
      They would have presented a video or documentary of This Dr.
      try to steal and double their findings. Instead He created his own method from the beginning of Hist career.
      How much more proof do you need. 30 years isn't enough for you?

      That means that you support killing people for profit at any cost.
      Isn't that corporate greed at its fullest.
      Give me a Doctors degree and support my pride and name to no end.
      I thought the saving of lives what the most important thing?

      Where is the evidence against this doctor. You only have a mountain of duplicated evidence by the cancer Institute supporting Him.
      Thank God for the Sad reality of a 30 year court system.

    33. It is ridiculous to claim that I support killing for profit. If you read my comment I said that I hoped that I was wrong and and that he should continue his research. If he has the proof that his method works then he should post his research data for all to see so it can be examined by those who are experts in the field. If he is indeed successful in curing cancer (and I really hope he is) his success cannot be kept secret for long. There must be many places in the world besides the United States that would love to have a cancer curing doctor living within their borders.

  79. Your congress is totally bribed by the big companies.
    Land of the bribed and payed for. :-(

  80. This stuff really makes you mad...to think that greed takes presidence over the suffering of children in their own country is just sad.

    Weeell it's not like i'm surprised since this happens over and over and over again in a Capitalistic system...so nothing new, but really really sad :(

  81. Cancer is big business! The big pharms will loose BILLIONS if there is another proven way to cure cancer, it's that simple. The Bible says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. So very true!

    1. Your Bible has nothing to do with this, and stop diverting the discussion from the very start @Charles.

    2. "Our" Bible has everything to do with the world we live in. The current state of civilization is exactly what the book describes (minus the technical details). Those of us who are willing to consider it's words understand this. Those who aren't, well... We figure they would rather learn the hard way. :-)

    3. @David,

      "Our" Bible has everything to do with the world we live in.

      Nope. I say "Our" Dhammapada has everything to do with the world we live in. The current state of civilization is exactly what the Dhammapada describes (minus the technical details).

      Wow... that was easy... What are you going to do about it? Our opinions divert. I hope and meditate upon that you'll understand the words of Dhammapada one day. But don't worry, If not you'll learn them the hard way. Good luck.

    4. Who are all those people following the words of the Dhammapada? 10 thumps ups? Surprising!

    5. I stated a truism plain and simple about money and greed and I added why I think so (because the Bible also says so). Give me a break. Please.

    6. And because you all argued with Charles instead of ignoring the idiot this discussion has gone off the rails. I hate bible thumpers. IT'S ABOUT THE CANCER REMEMBER FOLKS!!!!

    7. Just in case people are in the dark. The bible is a History Book trying to get erased by the current popular doctrines and ideology.

      All History books and science prove this book. That is why it remains the number one seller and Christianity is not a dominating force in the world. Politics is a greater for than religion. Presidents go after political gain then religious influence second.

      It doesn't take a genius to know that a bang must derive from a minimum of 2 forces.

      It doesn't take a genius to know that apes forgot to keep evolving.
      or rather Humans for got to evolve for approx. 2,000 years or more.

      It doesn't take a genius to know that someone created the intricate detail of the human body, and it is the most advanced animal.

      It doesn't take a genius to know that men were made to create babies from women not other men. Why is this politically incorrect.

      It takes 2 to create a baby. Why do we want to minimize this power. Why do we want to erase the creation of family.
      A dominant and supportive environment. It is true that man and all his rules over imposes on each race and gender. If you notice God doesn't reach down and modifies these centuries of discovery.
      He allows man to trod in his trough. He delivers him when he ask.
      Ask and Ye shall receive. Why was my mother of 69, healed of cancer in 1975, a minority forced to live on government assistance, a non complainer hard worker, my father was a military man....you know the rest of the story. I'm not bitter or mad but Blessed. If God is for you He is more than the world against you.

      In other words popular doctrine changes all the time, about every 12 - 15 years. We have returned today to Civil Rome in a modern culture. We are going in circles. Gaining more knowledge of the here and now, but our culture is repeating itself. At first it is ok to do something, then it is not. Rinse, repeat.

      It doesn't take a genius to know that science proves that some animals evolve. But man seems to be created for the conditions of Earth's many environments. And God Still delivers him in them all.

      man has no creative power, only duplicating power.
      We cannot add more life or more hair naturally that is.
      We have a pre set amount of creative power built in. Yaye for man!

      Since we are superior, why can't we get along, or love life more?
      Rather, why is there always a dominating group oppressing the another? And again God delivers them from them all!

    8. Charles, seems lately you are going on a Hail Mary, praise the Lord roll, similar to the JW's when they have just finished one of their religious seminars. Wha's up??

      Their is no room for your gods in this doc, for one thing if they are real, then they are the idiots that made "cancer" in the first place!

    9. Mr. Razor: I wasn't expecting so many people to criticize me AGAIN for nothing! What part of the statement wasn't true? The love of money IS indeed behind almost every evil deed. I don't counter-comment on all your comments where you down-grade religious people or when you express an atheisitic point of view. Only sometimes. I actually thought you would say, "I agree with you this time, Charles."

    10. @C_and _N:

      It wasn't for nothing Charles, You offered a direct quote from your bibles...1 Timothy 6:10, for the love of money is a root of all evil. Therefore, bringing your religion into the picture as always. A new doc on the wormhole series, by the way, about time, are you going to put your religion in there also?

    11. Mr. Razor, you're mindset colors nearly everything you say. Why can't I be afforded the same measure of expressing my opinion? If Darwin had a quote about greed and the love of money, then feel free to quote away! I didn't even comment on the Wormhole episode about "life after death" until you asked me if I would, even though I had watched it. I don't think I made any comment about God on the one about the size of the universe (I could check), so cut me some slack. If I watch the one over time, if I want to comment, then I'll decide then what to say if anything.

    12. @C_and_N:

      Charles, would welcome any comments from you concerning anything, except religious comments where they do not belong, as quoted from books of fantasies that you portray to be books of real time events.

      I could quote from the movie "Avatar" which could be similar fantasy scenarios that are portrayed in all your books of fantasies-the bibles. Am sure that would go against your grain, as your bibles circular logic goes against mine.

      But I must add please feel free to quote anything you want, it is your prerogative, don't need any permission from me, but Vlatko on the other hand...

    13. I suppose that religious demagogues in congress could very well be getting paychecks from pharma companies, and using scripture to justify it. Regardless of the means, my heart goes out to the millions of families destroyed by religious apology, either directly by lunatics using people's credulity to get votes and paycheck, or indirectly by means of failed patriarchs that can't handle his own middle aged owes and take their families to hell with them instead of staying close to the ones in question and be humble to ask for help from real people.

    14. David Foster. Your silly outdated book has little to do with my world. When will you figure out you are wasting your time on such nonsense. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way . :-)

    15. Even if it's irrelavant for you, you still have to admit it's right about the love of money being the root of all evil.

    16. C and N. lol yeah I suppose you are right. The bible does get something right once in a while.

    17. Vlatko: What is the Dhammapada (before I google it)? If it is what you sincerely base your faith on (I'm assuming some kind of holy book) and it has a truism that fits the situation, then I don't think I'd be opposed to hearing it.

    18. Really? You do realize that you are quoting a book where the people in it thought if it flooded: God was angry with them. If a volcano blew: Demons were coming for them. And so on. You have every right to quote that book but I have every right to point out the inconsistencies in it. You should read better fantasy literature.