The Living Edens

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The Living EdensPlanet Earth is still home to places so pure they have become precious reminders of how all the world - the ancient, timeless Earth - once looked.

From the icy mountains of Denali to the aqua blue seas of Costa Rica, we witness dramas unfold among the animal inhabitants as they have since the beginning of time.

Through the expertise of world-acclaimed natural history filmmakers, we experience the magic of each Living Eden as it is captured on film for future generations.

Kamchatka: Siberia's Forbidden Wilderness


Manu: Peru's Hidden Rain Forest

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9 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Daniel Robinson


  2. Nakor420

    Elephant seals are GROSS!!!

  3. alans

    Yeah, OK, after this documentary, there will be no more of these pure places.

  4. LolaHeavey

    Brilliant. Thanks a lot!

  5. TomazZzz

    Thank you very much, for this upload as well as all others...
    Unbelivable camerawork.. Specially in this series i ofthen wonder "how the hell they made this closeups???"
    Remarkable work, astonishing!!!

  6. Phillip Galinsky


  7. Mowgli33

    This was amazing. It proved what can happen with a hands off approach with nature and allow predators their place in the universe.

  8. terryrret

    " No mobile version "
    Never seen that before , sounds like a good one

  9. CommonSense


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