Welcome to the World

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Welcome to the World

A lyrical, exhilarating and sometimes unsettling look at childbirth around the globe. Every year 130 million babies are born.

Their life chances are a lottery depending on where they are born. In Europe, six babies per 1000 will die before their first birthday.

In Africa, it's 82. In America, 1 in 3 will grow up to be obese; in Cambodia, a child is more likely to become malnourished than go to high school.

In Sierra Leone, one in eight mothers die in childbirth. Through the stories of mothers and babies around the world, we look at how poverty affects childbirth, childhood - and everything beyond.

According to the World Health Organization, 99% of women who die during pregnancy and childbirth are in the developing world.

Every minute and a half, a woman dies from pregnancy-related causes and just eight countries account for almost 50% of the world's maternal deaths every year.

Directed by: Brian Hill

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. David Ewer

    "Whoever controls reproduction controls the future..." SHARON BROUGH

  2. David Ewer

    Essential and excruciating viewing.
    1.6 million kids are homeless in the US, twice as many women die in childbirth in Africa than the world average, yet we live in a rich world. How can the US spend >$800 billion on the military and let millions live without homes or hope?
    Why are there no comments? Is this film too heavy to watch, or are people scared to confront such massive issues?

    I expected more from the folk who visit this site...

  3. Elizabeth Wesley

    Such heartrending stories; they tear me apart. All I can say is "why"?

  4. bumpercrop

    Why aren't the basic rudimentary reproductive-education classes being
    taught in our public schools, appropriate in graduating age? Vist SIECUS.org
    to discover the reproduction/ed curriculum in your county. Contraception should be free and freely available, for all human beings.

  5. AntiTheist666

    Welcome to the World.

    This isn’t just about babies; it’s another excellent and hard hitting documentary in the Why Poverty series.

    If you had any doubts about watching this please put them to one side and just watch it, you won’t be disappointed; it’s full of pain, suffering, death and awful stats, like only 17% of women in Sierra Leone use contraception and that there are 1.6 million CHILDREN homeless in the USA.

    The stories of Starr, Pisey and Neang are deeply tragic and painful to watch but absolutely need to be seen and understood if we hope to reduce this terrible suffering. Every single one of us are where we are today because of a fluke of being born and we should not turn a blind eye to those who suffer just because we are well off.

    Amongst all this pain are some marvellous moments of childbirth and heart warming displays of love, care and compassion. The dedication of the Medicins Sans Frontieres staff in the face of this disaster is a fine example of the indomitable human spirit.

  6. AntiTheist666

    Hi David

    I don’t know why this great doc has so few comments either? Ok some of it is tough to watch but looking away rarely helps the pangs of conscience nor solves anything.

  7. Lastviewer

    Simply appalling.
    I feel like dropping everything here and go help at anything over there.
    In Cambodia for the least.
    I had a good life, worked for ~ 25 years in pure applied science in industry, and I know that it wont get better or worst while I may find a way to help.
    Just a comment to close: Why would this docu be the less viewed?
    I wonder... Must be the reason why there are 1.6MEG homeless children in the US? And I guess that this figure is only an"Average" that vary from one region to another.

  8. Mark Edwards

    While poverty is a tragedy in itself, the real tragedy is in the cowardly irresponsible men who father these children only to abandon them.

  9. octavio

    Two words, "birth control"

  10. Destiny Greenfield

    I want to donate to pisey and his mom and sister. Do any of you know how I can find out their full names or some way to help them? I know I can find many others who need help too, but Pisey struck me in a way that I cannot explain. I would love to donate to them and be sure that he gets that education.

  11. Destiny Greenfield

    We are talking about people who are uneducated and severely poor. It's not so easy as birth control. Your part of the mindset of "their problem, not mine" that keeps these cycles going. If it was that easy, we wouldnt have a problem, would we?

  12. Doris

    not everybody can effort birth control ,the don't have money to eat ,me to I like the name ant were the life, pleas let us now were we can find dose people. Pisey's ? mom have a big hart ,a reel mother,

  13. Doris

    so many women have to suffer wile man have the placers ,

  14. Maria

    I couldn't believe it when the woman said "I wanna have as many kids as possible, maybe one of them would be somebody important one day and help us live better". If that isn't ignorance, I don't know what is.

  15. Godsclaws

    Yea sounded pretty selfish hey.

  16. sadness

    two words: capitalist hell.

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