A Hundred Orgasms A Day

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A Hundred Orgasms A DayA Hundred Orgasms A Day follow the story of 3 women who were tormented every hour of everyday with the need to have orgasm.

This documentary explain how Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome or PSAS causes this unusual condition. PSAS is a little know neurological disorder where women have symptoms of continuous uncontrollable genital arousal. This condition is unrelated to any kind of sensations of sexual desire.

PSAS was initially documented by Doctor Sandra Leiblum in mid 2001, just recently recognized as a unique syndrome in medical science which has a comparable equivalent progressively more claimed by men.

A few physicians makes use of the name Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome to reference the disorder in women; some others look at the syndrome of priapism in adult males to be a similar disorder.

Most importantly, it is really not connected with hyper-sexuality, also known as nymphomania. Both hyper-sexuality, and nymphomania are not known diagnosable health conditions. Not only is it very rare, the disorder is also seldom reported by affected individual who may think it is embarrassing.

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127 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Atom Colideer

    no part 4, I really wanted to know if they managed to do something about it, gutted

  2. NAND Gate

    After everything you have been posting Vlatko, I am scared to watch this. I am afraid of the suprise storyline where all the orgasms achieved are via pets or some such.

  3. His Forever

    Surely not! But you made me laugh out loud on that one. What a dreadful thought!

    Edited later: Ah! Yes, I was right . . . very wholesomely done!

  4. His Forever

    I looked on Youtube for it--you're right. No part 4! Sometimes you can find the missing segment and send Vlatko a link. I couldn't find their website either. I'm quite bummed about that as I wanted to see how they are doing now.

  5. His Forever

    Definately worth watching even with part four missing. My favorite quote: "Where there is life, there is hope!"

  6. knowledgeizpower

    Interesting...The married woman Rachel seemed more of a nymphomaniac
    opposed to the other woman with this disorder in my opinion...

  7. Yasuhiro Usuba

    I wish I can have more than 2 orgasms a day! So lucky. ^^

  8. Irishkev

    Oh, I hear they are coming along fine.

  9. NAND Gate

    Vlatko made me impotent.

  10. NAND Gate

    For an orgasm?

  11. NAND Gate

    dang no porn? pass then.

  12. hou boug

    you are paying your crimes against other nations you ll never know what is happiness

  13. Achems_Razor

    How come I don't know any women like this?
    Yes, Vlatko is trying to tell us something, but what?
    There bl00dy well be some skin in this doc!

  14. TestTickle

    i havent watched it yet. i cant even relate to what it means to want to have an orgasm but not to have sexual desire.
    maybe this is an unpleasant condition, but it makes me laugh a bit. i dont quite believe it. they come out with new stupid diseases all the time.
    this was not my 1st choice in videos, but the one i wanted to see has the copy write notice. i'm not expecting anything really interesting. i think these women will be annoying victims-like:take pity on me. i'm so hot and i just cant stop f-ing

  15. TestTickle

    the video didnt finish ;) but it was enuf. the women seemed nice and not what i expected. they were believable. the problem is-every time i learn about a new disease, i get a mild case of it.

  16. Guest

    (lol) Sounds like you might have a little bit of Method Actor in you
    (in a roundabout kind of way). Did you ever see that Woody Allen film 'Zelig' ?

  17. Achems_Razor

    Hope for what, sex with a washing machine on the spin dry cycle? What ever happened to the normal porn stuff, you know, man and woman, two woman one man, or even two woman, enough with the steel, wood, iron, and sheet metal screwing.

  18. John Gros

    I so much need a woman like this.

  19. Guest

    DID you see that OMG ! Right in front of the whole world. I don't know if I can bear to watch anymore of this. I mean come on! yeah know ? She actually left the laundry soap cup in the washer and over filled the washer without separating the darks, colors and whites? I mean Yuck ! Brown underwear for sure wheres the Clorox?
    She might as well sit on the washer cause she sure don't know how to use it for washing clothes.

  20. Guest

    Thanks Vlatko finally a Doc that explains my world. LOL

  21. robert elliot

    If she would be "ever grateful" to go through the rest of her life without ever having another orgasm, then why not get a Clitoridectomy?

  22. His Forever

    I don't think that would stop the engorgement of her genitals, but would only prevent her from climaxing and finding some "release" from time to time. I think it would make matters worse.

  23. His Forever

    Yes, I noticed that too. I made that mistake ONCE and never again with all my white clothes ruined. Maybe she was just in a hurry to get away from the washer.

  24. His Forever

    That's not nice. I really think they are suffering here. It's too odd not to be true.

  25. His Forever

    Hope for a cure is what she meant.

  26. His Forever

    Ha ha. No, she was very sincerely hoping for a cure in the future.

  27. Grant Franken

    Edit: Nevermind, same question as Robert.

  28. Maddox 1414

    I don't know, personally I can't really believe it. It seems as this goes on its a Christian problem. Or, more specifically a sexual repression and mental problem. I hear over and over, I have to do things to take my mind off of it, and when I'm distracted, I dont notice it. Thats the brain, and unfortunately, if the brain becomes obsessed with something, and the self denies it over and over, you have just created a new "disorder". They all had dreams of being good christian's who don't lust, and now their lust is all out of wack because they are fighting the constant reminder that they are a human. Just like they said, the more you scratch and itch, it itches more. But in reality the more attention you give an itch, the more noticable it is. And the final nail in the "disorder" coffin. They feel powerless to do anything about it. In my day I've seen quite a few women who feel great pain because of sexual repression, especially religious repression. What if your religion told you it was evil to sleep? You'd try for years fighting your body, feeling evil and horrible. Then you get married and can sleep whenever you want. The feelings of evil and unescapable hoplessness will never leave. Many christian men suffer from ED actually because they feel sex is evil. If god is so good, why would he want us to be miserable, fighing ourselves inside his creation. If any human did that, we'd call him a psycho.

  29. His Forever

    As far as I coud tell, only one of them was a self-professing "Christian" and if "Christianity" was to blame for this, there'd be millions with it, not just 40 known cases.

  30. Casey Jensen

    WOW...yea...we can definitely categorize this with the likes of "ADHD" and "ADD". What better way for a fat and uglly middle aged woman to get attention. I love how in the beginning the woman describes her "disorder" as having an orgasm, then immediately having an erection right after that for 24 hours. Is it just me fellas, or does that not sound half bad? LOL

  31. Ceke

    A 24 hour erection is one of those thing that sounds good in theory (or fantasy) but the reality is a lot different. Any erection that persists for more than 2 hours is a medical emergency, and if it isn't treated can lead to penile tissue death, and permanent loss of erectile function. Not to mention it is also incredibly painful. Personally I'd put this one squarely in the 'nice fantasy, wouldn't want to go there in real life' box.

  32. Trevis Robotie

    if a man had this problem,a hundred orgasms a day would dry up the most productive man permanently!these ladies should count their blessings cos they don't ejaculate like us....you can manage to come ten times at the most,then what?can't imagine 'black' going round the clock,day in day out non-stop,i'd get castrated!

  33. Justin Drakes

    What the hell is your problem?

  34. His Forever

    My nephew's young friends for a joke took a bunch of Viagra and had to go to the doctor---they couldn't get it to go down and now they have erectile trouble, I think that is what he said. It's only funny in a joke.

  35. Guest

    These women have a very stressful experience. Because of its rareness, it is, often, misunderstood, minimized or seen as comical.

    It is not the same as desiring sex; then having an orgasm.

    A male friend equated it as having an ongoing erection that cannot be satisfied plus it would be visible for others to see.

    It would be interesting to find out what happens to these women in coming years (hummmmmmm)

  36. Yavanna

    That would be topporndocs

  37. IsoscelesKramer

    Kind of like cutting out your eyes to stop the hallucinations, eh? You no longer desire constant attention to your cooter but, now you have no clit. Is that irony? Vibrating underwear, anyone?

  38. Guest

    I had a friend who would get aroused every time she went jugging. She would have several orgasms while running and... she was in real good shape, running every day.
    (may be) the weirdest anyone has ever told me face to face.

  39. Guest

    Blue skin and long hairy tail?

  40. Achems_Razor

    That would work.

  41. XZanthia

    Wow, this must be really ruff on these woman. I really hope that people gather to find a cure.

  42. Richard

    Must be terrible to not even have to do anything to get one the most amazing things a human can experience every hour. Cry me a river. I think world should stick to documentaries that matter like the hungry, or the poor, or a--hole 1 percent who didnt work to get to the top. screw the minority. yay for majority.

  43. Johan Mattisson

    Why is there a Sexy woman on the frontpage of the documentary? Isnt this docu about how awful or bad these women are having it? Is it suppose to lure horny men? or teach something ? i dont get the marketing picture behind it...

  44. Tamryn Louise

    So you can get too much of a good thing...

  45. Rich

    My genital discomfort is pegged at a ten every day. I empathize with these women.

    This doc is certainly a satire....or some drug company's video released just before they start selling a new drug for reducing libido-- Like toe fungus, a problem you never knew you had.

    I love this comment for men. "It's like you just orgasmed and then had another erection 5 minutes later." Like that is going to make a man empathize.

    Now women can understand why men masturbate some much...or did I just reveal a secret that they didn't know?

    This doc is basically a mans sex drive spoken from a womans point of view.

  46. His Forever

    I agree. That's offensive to me. This was a serious documentary and that picture is demeaning at best to what these women are going through. Glad you said what I had been thinking!

  47. His Forever

    Nice to know she was keeping in shape!

  48. His Forever

    Ok. That one actually made me laugh too.

  49. His Forever

    That electrolisis helped for 48 hours. I wonder if that can be expandedand perfected? Why did it help in the first place and why was it only temporary? I wish they had talked aboout that more.

  50. avd420

    How dare an orgasm be pleasurable.

  51. Achems_Razor

    Imagine the hits Vlatko would get on "top porn docs" nothing wrong with diversifying Eh? I'm sure most of us could give him suggestions.

  52. Vlatko

    That is actually a good idea.

  53. Søren Dahse

    i was lured by the picture, did not watch the docu, didnt find it to be a very interesting subject

  54. 123thisisme

    Too bad you are so stupid and insensitive to the problems of women. I bet you are some self-centered, demanding, freakish bastard to live with. S*** on you.

  55. 123thisisme

    It is YOU. YOU are stupid and insensitive and like a self-centered mail, you think only with the head in your pants. Jerk!

  56. 123thisisme

    What a JERK you are: selfish, self-centered, insensitive, boorish, and stupid. You are like so many males, you don't have a brain in your upper head so you think with the lower. JERK!

  57. Sertsis

    To Az above and Cand N below ,...LOL!!!

  58. Truthseeker420


  59. Truthseeker420

    I just want ONE that I don't have to manage myself, right.

  60. Jack1952

    I think you must be commenting on the wrong documentary. Check the top of the page to be sure you are in the right spot.

  61. Jack1952

    I was with you until you started to slam all men. Please don't place me in the same box with this guy. I'm nothing like him.

  62. Jack1952

    If only a few people have a problem we should ignore them. Is that your position? Your sensitive side seems to be the strongest when you have someone to blame and your basic angry personality is exposed.

  63. Jack1952

    I really don't want an erection every five minutes, especially in public. It would be embarrassing and physically uncomfortable. Besides, I would like to get some sleep.

    Toe fungus can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. A family member was cursed with this malady and she was extremely grateful when she found relief through an ointment marketed by an evil pharma company.

    Any woman who wants to lower their libido should listen to your insensitive remarks for ten minutes. It may the tonic the unfortunate women in this doc are looking for.

  64. Jack1952

    Well done. You have taken a physical problem and turned it into your personal anti-religious platform. Keep up the good work.

    Jerry Falwell would have blamed their wicked past for their affliction. You seem to have a lot in common with him.

  65. Guest

    Oh! Gosh... No end to their torment? No cure? They dont have much other choice but to the matter into their own hands.

    Still, I'd agree that this must be en exlusive female problem?
    Gosh, once a man (20-25) went through a few orgasms, the problem cannot physically occurs? Else, he'd be deshydrated?

    Sometimes, I think that some of these docu are a bit weird.
    Some ~ 40 cases all over the world?
    Never medically diagonosed.
    Is there any guide lines for the diagnostic?
    I think, I'll change of specialty.
    & get an Internet diploma in that specialty.


  66. Guest

    Medicinal Marijuana...they could give it a try!

  67. Truthseeker420

    I gotta be honest. I originally started watching this because I thought it was more like a "how to" guide. Dang-it.

  68. j244


    You make me sad.

  69. Yusiley S

    This is to Jack1952 comment... 123thisisme stated "many" males... she didn't say "all" males. There is a huge difference between the word "many" and the word "all". The word "many" implies a majority or hand full (she didn't include you since you're not the majority); whereas the word "all" would mean every single person (everyone including you, but she didn't use "all"). I just want people to understand the context of what 123thisisme was trying to state. Most people need to study and learn the real meaning of words carefully, and not just jump at comments.

  70. Yusiley S

    I surely wouldn't want this syndrome at all. Imagine how painful or tender the genitals must feel after the tenth or twelfth orgasm. O_O Some people need to understand that female genital tissue is really sensitive and fragile... it's why some women experience infections in their vagina. Anyways after a while of constant rubbing and physical stimulation, it's not going to be a very pleasant orgasmic experience. That's why I sympathize these women.

    With that being said, I wouldn't call it "Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome"... to me it seems more of another form of anxiety disorder. During time of stress the body would do anything and everything to cope or relieve that stress. For me, during my most depressing days, I would masturbate about six to ten times. I took Zoloft and it took away those feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as the sexual urges. I think what these women need to try is a combination of anti-anxiety/depression medication with therapy to help cope with their disorder. Of course I'm only responding or giving this solution in part of my own experience of chronic arousal and in no way am I implying that anti-anxiety/depression medication with therapy will work for these women or anyone else who are suffering from this disorder/syndrome... BUT considering that these women are desperate for a solution I would at least give this a try.

    I do deeply wish them the very best and that they over come their disorder/syndrome.

  71. bazje38

    @az wouldn't that just worsen things? mari-j always gets me goin :P

  72. Guest

    Ya but if you were always going...may be it would slow you down. lol

  73. Capn_Sensible

    It's possible. This seems like and exceptional circumstance in that the women are physically aroused but not mentally.

  74. Capn_Sensible

    What you say makes a lot of sense. Orgasm reduces stress, but only temporarily. It is logical that the mind/body could use this as a coping mechanism.

  75. Jack1952

    @ Yusiley S

    You have a point. I believe I was influenced by another comment that 123thisisme made in an earlier post. "You are stupid and insensitive and like a self-centered male" is the quote. These two posts seem to indicate a particular anger towards men. It may not be true, but the comment did expand it's scope by redirecting her wrath so it would include others...specifically other men. It was the tone of the comment more than the specific wording that prompted my reply.

  76. wcb123

    Sorry but this syndrome is nothing more than extreme hypertension mixed w/ stress.

  77. Chvck Price

    All vastly overweight, and totally unattractive. Smoke some mj, and quit whining. Guess no one knows what it feels like to be a 12 or 13-year-old boy. Call the wambulance. Whaaaaaaa.....

  78. Guest

    Ah Gosh! I though humankind finally found the "Pot of Gold"!
    I formally complaint to the "International Society for the Protection of the Orgasmic peoples"!
    As soon as I find its head offices.


  79. Jayson Levine

    Hahaha!!!! They should be thankful, because it's the only way they're gonna be introduced to the sensation!

  80. Nery I. Calderon

    Well, I think this is a self-inflicted condition. I don't think it develops by itself body and mind have all to do with it.

  81. RakeFace

    Where's the "thumbs down" button?

  82. jonathan jackward

    boohoo you have a rough life , might as well put them lips to some use.........
    i mean would you like to go grab a coffee?

  83. Achems_Razor

    What do you do with yours, suck doorknobs?

  84. Anne M W

    oh wooooo *wiping the tears from my eyes* you made me LMAO Jason! you stupid shallow dumb ass moron..how old are you?? Let me guess 21 at the most!!

  85. Anne M W

    My god the ridiculous comments made by a bunch of horny males who couldn't satisfy a woman for longer than 5 minutes I'm guessing. So focused on these women's looks!! I'm sure the one's making the hilarious comments about these females are the ugmo's who couldn't get a woman to look at them twice unless of course they paid for it! Have a great day "Boys"

  86. John Q Publix

    interesting ...ive never heard of this condition,seems like the ending was to abrupt i think it might be missing a part 4

  87. Stiev Stigma

    Lol, more likely chrome off a trailer hitch.

  88. HoloprosencephalicTurtle

    I've heard of something similar, where small unrelated sensations will cause orgasms constantly throughout the day for some women. Something as simple as brushing one's teeth, or scratching an itch. What I've described sounds like a nightmare, but for a different reason; imagine having your day constantly interrupted by spontaneous orgasms.
    I can't imagine having to constantly pleasure myself because the arousal never goes away. On second thought, maybe what I previously described was a more severe version of this disorder...

  89. Malchik

    It must be cold up there on that pillar.

  90. Nixin Clines Closs

    Well, all I can really say about that is, My wife Elenes demands at least 22 a day and lord knows i am obliged to keep up!

  91. Urban_Myth

    How r*tarded one must be to think it is a demon?

  92. Karenwasherefirst

    Although this is beyond my field of study, i speculate that this is a neuro transmitter malfunction of sorts related to the hypothalamus or residing in the posterior pituitary gland and infundibule gland causing a constant transmission of releasing hormone. Oxytosin, also a hormone, is also a player in contraction of the uterus.

    At any rate, in Canada, available in health food stores is a supplement, sold as a small red tiny capsule that is made from a berry [I think juniper berry, unsure] it is listed in health books under 'glandular' it is toted as having wonderful regulating effects for women. Best part it is low cost $3.OO and it worked in my situation [which was not the same], but hey it's worth a shot.

  93. agun

    If we can make viagra you can make a pill that solves this.

    I also suspect this has something to do with being overweight. Maybe even diabetes.

  94. Frank

    Not sure if having an erection 24/7 is bad thing...The ejaculation issues for a woman isn't a real issue as it would be for a man. But the issues for these woman may even be that it is a taboo for a woman to have such a strong sexual appetite! Its more like trying to stop a grotesque thought, as hard as you try it only makes it harder to stop, add on top of that the gratification of an organism and you have a vicious cycle that can become unstoppable.

    Changing the attitude or guilt of a strong libido and the use of EEG would probably fix the problem. Maybe even use a neuro-transmitter repressor like GABA as part of the treatment. But I do believe that belief systems are a very large part of the problem...

  95. Carissa Lynn STrumpo

    This is so sad,
    I could not even imagine...
    And I though my sex drive was too over active...
    My heart goes out to these women.
    Stay strong girls! <3

  96. thomas_5900

    they say marriage = no more sex. therefore state if i ever get married, holy **** i need to marry a girl with this disorder xD

  97. thomas_5900

    you have to have an average IQ, or be brainwashed to believe it's a demon.

  98. tuffer249

    I've seen this on TLC - that particular women found relief by accident. She wanted to quit smoking and went to her doctor. The doctor had prescribed her Zyban (or one of those types of drugs) and not only did she quit smoking, the PSAD was less intense

  99. Demoorelizer

    You have no idea what goes into making medicine do you? Or how a human body works? Viagra is a simple pill designed to treat Angina by simply increasing blood flow by widening the veins in a man.
    The Doc shows a mental disorder, not a circulatory one, you can't just make random pills for the brain.

  100. Demoorelizer

    A 24/7 erection is like priapism, which can cause blood clots to travel to the brain or heart and kill a person, so it is a bad thing.

  101. Anders Adrielsson

    As soon as the jesus stuff kicked in I turned off. Can't watch that stupid bullshit.

  102. Marian Whitcomb

    PLEASE! Invisible disorders like this and fibromyalgia are deadly. Not because of the disorder itself (which is hard enough to deal with), but because of the depression caused by people who are totally insensitive (often immediate family) either because they have never had to deal with anything this serious and are unable to relate; or, simply because they are cruel.

    I used to hold on to the first as a reason, because I did not want to believe people could be inherently evil...until You Tube comments gave these pathetic excuses for humans an anonymous way to behave openly in a way that might as well be sticking a knife into someone who exercised great courage to share their story in an effort to reduce others' suffering and ask for help from the rest of us who are lucky to be normal.

  103. Kim Masterson-curci

    there's some women who hate sex n have no urges for sex. So it makes perfect sense that there are other women who have nothing but urges and think about it 24/7. Either way they are treated like freaks. I'm glad I'm healthy that way now. But know that after a traumatic experience I too swung to the out of control side with sex for a few years. It didn't lessen until quitting smoking I was given Wellbutrin.

  104. Orpha Wallace Reyes

    i think i have this issue :P

  105. Orpha Wallace Reyes

    although we do not ejacutale like you some women do come profusely. and yes dyhydration can happen. how do you think we get wet?

  106. ProudinUS

    Keep talking..go with it..go with it...explain your self.

  107. mariel sanchez

    nice post

  108. Raptor jones

    ... That.. is .... just SOOoo ........ Weird ... lost for words.

  109. redrkr0728

    Oh good god!!! I saw this documentary listed....read all the bloody comments....laughed my arse off at most of them....decided it was worth a look....AND THE FREAKING VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE!!! ARRGGHHHH!!

  110. Shain adler

    yes u can just make random pills for the brain... what the hell do u think psychopharmacology is all about buddy boy?

  111. james

    Bad News ladies... Every Male in our species has gone through this. Random erections Unintended ejaculations 24/7 365 fro about 2 years. Its called puberty. And once you grow out of that faze you think about having sex EVERY 10 seconds. So yeah too bad. Except when women are aroused they don't feel physical pain like men do...

  112. lenrt

    I´m having a hard time believing this :P

  113. Ray Leslie

    Trying to claim that going through puberty is a troubling as PSAS? As a man, I'd say you're laughable. Get a grip buddy.

  114. cw

    interesting choice of words :D

  115. cw

    If the filmmakers wanted this affliction to be taken seriously, they would have chosen a different picture.

  116. Beata Filipiak

    First of all, I agree with the previous speaker, the picture at the beginning is wholly irrelevant. Anyhow, it's the first time I've heard of this condition and I can only imagine how it derails one's life. And it's sad to hear that some communities would still deprecate the gravity of this condition and mark the afflicted down as possessed.

  117. steven

    The female orgasm is addictive and it makes the woman act as an addict if she indulges too much

  118. dewflirt

    So true! My man has to keep my chastity belt chained to the kitchen sink otherwise I'd have sold the family silver by now and spent the proceeds in Ann Summers.

  119. Tasm

    Now you know what a guy feels like all the time.

  120. Monkey

    The fact that you call Dr. Drew an expert concerns me.

  121. Monkey

    You do realize that a man can have an orgasm without ejaculating, right? Male or female erections that don't go away are painful and irritating either way.

  122. amn

    good girl stay tight on your words GOD bless you

  123. Nick Enchev

    screw this! all you do is find a proper way to phrase the condition and add syndrome at the end. What about having an "I wanna bang all the time cause I'm a nympho, problem". I'm so sick of the constant "syndrominification" of everything.

  124. skottie

    oh please, that's temporary and sporatic, this is a constant annoyance which is also painful.

  125. kymykat

    nah.....it's been two years since my last post. Im a freak!!!! But I wouldn't have it any other way. At least not the opposite of it. I feel badly for those who don't like sex. They miss out on some really great stuff. and I feel bad for the women who let people hurt their feelings with their jealous hater talk just because a woman is healthy and enjoys sex. That certainly doesn't mean she is a raging s*ut. I'd like to think I'm in the healthy up swing on this subject but I'm not at all like the woman here in article. We are all different remember and god makes no mistakes!!!!

  126. shawn .

    There's an ancient remedey for persistent sexual arousal in women that should resolve the symptoms completely... it's called marriage.

  127. corynski

    I would suggest that there is a similar, or related, condition with men, but I don't see any reference to it here. From an evolutionary perspective, men are so very different, as we could father a child every ten minutes, while a woman requires nine months to mother one. It's all so terribly interesting seeing that the human population is soaring into the billions, exponentially it seems, for whatever reason. At eighty though my body is incapable of such feats of masculinity, apparently 'nature' no longer requires my assistance in increasing our numbers. So why does the urge remain? Complicated subject for men and women, will be my guess........

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