Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

2009, Environment  -   20 Comments
Ratings: 9.02/10 from 175 users.

This documentary explores the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification, which may soon challenge marine life on a scale not seen for tens of millions of years.

The film was made to raise awareness about the largely unknown problem of ocean acidification, which poses a fundamental challenge to life in the seas and the health of the entire planet.

Like global warming, ocean acidification stems from the increase of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Leading scientific experts on the problem, many of whom appear in the film, believe that it's possible to cut back on global warming pollution, improve the overall health and durability of our oceans, and prevent serious harm to our world, but only if action is taken quickly and decisively.

Directed by: Tristan Bayer, Daniel Hinerfeld

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MAllen Documentaires
9 years ago

This film proves the earth is not "Billions" of years old.

Tobias MacRobie
9 years ago

Loose science, statistics driven accounts.. I was not impressed within 6 minutes of this.

30% more acidic.. compared to what starting pH? Or how about the "amount of carbon dioxide in the oceans will be double what it was, compared to pre-industrial times".. so like, are we talking 4.6 billion years ago, or like some particular year? Which industrial time? England? US? Brazil?

I was just really disappointed at the loose science. There are no precise measures given, and the statistics are very partial. Therefore, I wouldn't trust much of any of the info provided in this doc'. /my2cp

10 years ago

Zionists have the answer, exterminate 90% of the population without discrimination, as long as its not anyone from the ''1%''

10 years ago

this is a week documentairy. they forget agriculture which plays a major role in acidification (43%). CO2 only 29%. they say "the small animals are the most importand" The big ones live on them, so what do you think you should do. Make the environment viable for these animals of course. and what do they say. Restore fish population! that is really stupid. and we should use solar an wind energy, but this is at the moment only 1% of the energy suply. 13% is reneweble at the moment. But when we look at the zero point field we find a energy source that is inexhaustible. come on people, think for a moment.

10 years ago

people please don't forget that 43% of the acid deposition comes from agriculture and horticulture. It is the NH3 (ammonia). CO2 takes only 29 (still much) for its acount. We shoult stop the use of fertilizer on land and eating cows who release a lot of ammoniak (11 kilo's a year). that will be easier than stopping using cars, however; clean ennergy is availeble everywhere. I believe climate change is not caused by humans, but that it is a fluctuation in solar activity. nutrient rich waters however are caused by umans and form a major problem

10 years ago

Clean Energy will only happen if Barrack Obama gets re-elected. Vote for a cleaner greener world. Lets the fossil fuels become a thing of the past. We have the innovation to do better. Yes we can!

10 years ago

A crucial doc about a global issue which cannot be ignored. If the oceans die so does everything else. There are too many people and we're destroying our ecosystem. It's up to everyone to think how to make a positive difference, and now.
Let's hope most folk are clever enough to realise this, however reading some of the previous comments doesn't give one much confidence...

10 years ago

This documentary is dumb as ****."if shellfish couldnt grow shells would they cease to exist?" erm yes sigourney, the answer is in the question- they wouldnt have shells would they? the term shellfish kinda defines them no?
silly (but not entirely stupid) pop science...
I went fishing today...Its supposed to be cod season here and In the same waters i could catch 40 or 50 15 years ago with ease= not a single bite, trawling has destroyed the stocks and sea bed not acidic water- yet...

10 years ago

Ocean acidification is far more potentially destructive to the ecosystem the global warming/climate change.
The oceans go tits up ,the whole planet goes...
Its the real scientific reason behind the attempt to control carbon- the effect will run away with itself- ocean plants produce about 70 % of the oxygen we breathe- global warming and its presentation to the public is a scam- we dont have scientific evidence or even the data to back up the claims of anthropogenic global warming and it looks like we are not significantly altering the temperature of the climate- if it were true it would be methane we would be banning- its much much worse in increasing the greenhouse effect than co2.

10 years ago

Also, we can simply harvest oxygen from carbon dioxide to be used for energy, too.

10 years ago

Simple solution: hydrogen.

10 years ago

A natural resources defence council production. . . GET READY FOR SOME UNBIAS FACTS AND OPINIONS B*TCH3S!!! YOU'VE JUST ENTERED THE NO SPIN ZONE.

OMG!!! Snail shells are dissolving in the ocean!?!? ROFL!! ... Haven't snails been around since WAAAAY before the dinosaurs? If they didn't naturally dissolve (and get broken down by microbes) then we might actually be in trouble.

They are just trying to cover up the REAL threat. You all know what I'm talking about. Man-squid-fish must be stopped. I'm super cereal.

Carol Christofferson
10 years ago

Since the industrial revolution the acidity of the ocean increas by 30%.
Before the industrial revolution the ph. of the ocean was 8.2 ph.
Now it is 8.1ph. Where on earth or ocean can you say it increase by 30%
If that was true the ocean would be so acidy it would corrode iron in a few days.
That sound like a story to scar little children.
Or simply BS

10 years ago

"...but only if action is taken quickly and decisively."
two adjectives that only fit into the vocabulary of existing political interests concerning destruction & theft.