Drain the Ocean
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Drain the Ocean

2011, Science  -   31 Comments
Ratings: 8.06/10 from 49 users.

Drain the OceanDigital ocean mapping and CGI technology vividly illustrate the mountains, plains, canyons and creatures of the deep as never seen before, revealing a world of almost unimaginable scale right here on Earth.

The oceans cover three-quarters of our planet, hiding a whole other world beneath the waves. If we could pull an imaginary plug at the bottom of the sea and, layer by layer, expose the majesty and mystery of what lies beneath, we would be astounded.

Drain the Ocean reveals the longest mountain range (65,000 kilometers!); the deepest point on Earth; the largest stretch of flat plains; and psychedelic bio-luminescent life forms that look like Hollywood aliens.

Narrated by Avery Brooks and combining the latest scientific data with state-of-the-art CGI computer hardware plus specially written software, this innovative and visually striking special drains the water from the oceans to reveal the mountains, canyons, plains and volcanoes that are more dramatic than anything visible on dry land.

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31 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Martin Brook

    All good stuff completely spoiled by horrible too-loud music that drowns out the dialogue.

  2. Connie

    Will there be time we can purchase DRAIN THE OCEAN for home viewing CD-DVD?

  3. Donnie Sandusky

    People are gullable and it now works in New age TV, any country that doesn't show it I would say be glad because it's all made up 'scientific' information that they like to teach in New age text books. As we have known throughout history, tell someone something for long enough and they will believe it.

  4. Meh

    Blocked in Denmark too.

  5. j.smith

    Another one blocked in the Netherlands, same with you tube link, also blocked.

  6. Wally

    It was fascinating at first but than it turned out boring. Too much repetition of information

  7. Keith

    I would love to see them do a story by " Draining The Ocean " off of Ft. Fisher / Carolina Beach near Wilmington , NC where I live. Many naval battles as well as blockade runners took place. It would be interesting to see what is down there.

  8. Bryan Foreman

    I'm on board! Let's do it! Let's drain the oceans and blow up the moon!

  9. Diane001

    Yep. Something for everyone here at TDF. I liked it: loved the graphics, no problem with the voice, learned some things about the deep. I turn off docs that bore me. Thought everyone else did the same due to the presence of much, much worse stuff elsewhere on this site. Cheer-up, dissastisfied folks, and use the old but highly effective point, click, and scroll methodology at your fingertips which takes about as much energy as it does to complain.

  10. Demi McDonald

    such a dope doco

  11. Guest

    His voice is so annoying and I wanted to watch this!! =/ if I wanted to watch on mute, i would stare at my TV.

  12. brice page

    chocolate rain guy voice? :D

  13. the555hit

    Avery Brooks. Hug that man somebody. At last an American voiceover that doesn't insult your intelligence with OTT cozy Hollywood action schlock. The closest he gets is ..millions of species j u s t w a i t i n g to be discovered'.. mm mm, like i'm a Tazmanian tiger and I can't wait for humankind to d i s c o v e r me. Bone dry and measured. Keep that guy in work, please.

  14. Arnie

    I liked it. The narrators voice was a little deep and hesitant but the overall graphics and the work that went into this production was really quite good.

    With regards to Monterrey Bay, a little bit more research needed to done that better explained that 20,000 years ago the ocean levels were 120m lower than today and that the Monterrey Bay Canyon was carved by rivers emptying into a much lower ocean.

    Glacial melt later on would have added to the water flow carving the Monterrey Bay Canyon even deeper.

    The graphics showing the mid ocean ridges going around the planet were very well done. I had been aware of the mid Atlantic Ridge but not the other mid ocean ridges. Very interesting.

  15. Jon D. Coffey

    This was horrible. Cheesy. Recycled dialogue. Poor digressions.
    I saw that friggin' mud bubble ten times over the course of this thing.

    1. Brycce Krick

      nobody pay attention to this guy. he's a troll

  16. Jane Haydon

    I wasn't bored at all and found it totally fascinating. This is the best thing about this site, there really is something for everyone, thankyou!

  17. Truthseeker420


  18. KsDevil

    Some interesting information about the bottom of the ocean. Without the commercials, it can seem repeatitive. Nice graphics, too.

  19. Leon Butler

    is this narrated by morpheus?

    1. knowledgeizpower

      it sounds like...James Earl Jones...

    2. angelclaw

      It says in the description it's Avery Brooks... the guy from Deep Space Nine...

    3. knowledgeizpower

      guess that answers his question down below i don't remember seeing who the narrator was the first time I read thru oh well maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me lol :)...

    4. Sieben Stern

      Captain Ben Sisko - the Emissary! 8D now it's a must watch!

    5. Jim Brooks

      it is Avery Brooks

    6. knowledgeizpower

      Yeah It is Avery Brooks Thanks Jim Lol, there is another older well known actor by the name of James Earl Jones his voice sounds very very similar you could almost mistake the two imo.. But this was a very nice documentary did you enjoy this one?

    7. Yavanna

      Benjamin Sisko!!!

  20. knowledgeizpower

    Wow and I was about to check this one out lol :0

  21. Chris Taylor

    helped me to nap

  22. Irishkev

    What's with the android narrator. Is it to drive home the point that we humans know next to nothing about our home?

  23. Aaylsworth

    Barely worth watching, repeated the same phrases over and over and used dramatic music and narration to make up for the lack of content...