Addicted To Plastic
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Addicted To Plastic

2008, Environment  -   18 Comments
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Addicted To PlasticAddicted to Plastic is a documentary focusing on the worldwide production and environmental effects of plastic. The host takes a 2-year trip around the world to give us a better understanding of the life cycle of plastic.

It’s probably fair to say that we all believe buying goods (pencils, food, electronics, etc.) with less packaging is a good thing, and when we separate our trash and drop the plastic rubbish into the blue box for the morning pickup, it all gets recycled, and we can feel confident we’ve done our part for the environment.

The development of degradable plastics is a good thing, but a lot of what we use – new trash as well as old – has penetrated some very disturbing levels of the food chain and the ecosystem, and the makes the case that all is not well in our world via a simple boat trip to the North Pacific Central Gyre, aka the Eastern Garbage patch, where air pressure and rotating water currents swirl and push all kinds of floating trash to the water’s surface.

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18 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Harald Stoll

    -1 for calling 'The Netherlands' as Holland.. buuh

  2. justdontlikeplastic

    Why would we buy a PLASTIC DVD. Please offer a digital download - we all have servers in our houses by now anyway - or we can store them on a cloud server. #newmillennium

    1. Amanda Rickert

      YouTube it. There's a full length on there; the whole hour and 25 minutes of it.

  3. icedale

    [b]Oh, and how much plastic are they fishing compared to how much petrol that fat greenpeace boat eats up every day?[/b]
    Actually, that is what I was thinking as well..

    I saw the documentary just a few hours ago. Very interesting, and it did get me into thinking once again what green way wrote above, "I still have not understood why those multi-billion dollar companies are not forced to collect and recycle their own wastes! they have the money and the equipment to do it.".
    Thought, it is fairly easy to give an answer myself to that (profit). Companies of such sizes should be obliged by law to collect and recycle the material used to provide their products. I think it is both essential (after all, how much can a country account for?) and commonsensical.

  4. xan

    Anyone noticed the beautiful oyster and crab colony on that piece of foam? And then how that guy picks up a machete and chops it to death? But he doesn't realize that, his only thought is bad plastic, bad plastic. How eco friendly is that?
    Oh, and how much plastic are they fishing compared to how much petrol that fat greenpeace boat eats up every day? I guess their master plan is to burn as much petrol as possible so that others won't make plastic out of it.

    On the other hand I liked the idea with the railroad ties, and cool blue, and Denmark :)

  5. Ivan A lara

    With Biodegradable produces the Future CAN BE PRESERVED!

    Earth is a Global Community, not a disposable Commodity.

    history is plastic, and Plastic is History.

  6. 420 Vision

    Humans exist so that the earth can have plastic !

  7. karen

    ummm ... so you start it over in a new window and move the little cursor over to where you left off. sheer genius, I don't know how I stand myself.

    Thought provoking documentary, almost tmi to figure out a good course of action!

  8. alton

    OMG they are hiding out behind some weeds ;)

  9. hawkpork

    haha.. ok everybody.. tell me what you see in focus at only 2 seconds into the film. looks like the solution to me :)

  10. green way

    actually i cannot understand why the U.S. does not have a system like Denmark to recycle plastics. If they had been paying more than 5 cents for each bottle ( which reduces the incentive to keep the bottles to the lowest possible level), people would have gotten their money back and companies like Coca-Cola would not have to use raw materials each time to produce bottles. In addition, I still have not understood why those multi-billion dollar companies are not forced to collect and recycle their own wastes! they have the money and the equipment to do it.
    as customers, we should raise our voice to hold those companies responsible of their products!!

    if recycling centers are having difficulty in identifying the plastic items due to the increasing varieties, why are plastic product producers not forced to mention how to recycle

    1. Lionel Ali

      Because america is a reach country not like India which is a poor country so they don't have a land for a factory and also they don't have the enough money to make the new plastic example like a (bottle) so they reuse the plastic and recycle it again and again , but in America they don't have to recycle the plastics because america is a reach country and they can afford new plastic and all of us know's that America have a big factories for plastics and the time they need to produce the new one and also they have the money for it .

  11. Magali

    Very interesting documentary. I unfortunately met mega video for the first time and did not see the end.
    Is this not the concept of this website to watch free documentaries or I misunderstood?
    I do not mind to pay if the money goes entirely to a green recycling company.

  12. Eff

    Humankind will need to adapt to consuming plastic food in order to pass over that mustard jar lid will ya....YUM!

  13. medical

    I couldn't see it all, but it was informative, scary, hopeful, and made me think of what i buy and what i do with it.

  14. Achems Razor

    @ Jenn:

    TDF. is the best place to watch all docs. It is the top site. Instead of searching it is already done for you.

  15. Jenn

    Achems, I wonder if this is on Google Video? Have you checked?

  16. Achems Razor

    Very interesting Doc.
    I watched most of it until the most hated company in the world, (Mega Vision)!! cut me off.