The Age of AI

The Age of AI

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A YouTube originals production, The Age of AI takes a deep dive into this thrilling and constantly evolving technology.

Hosted by actor Robert Downey, Jr., this eight-part series clears common misconceptions surrounding the technology, spotlights the innovators who continue to push its boundaries, and the projects they're nurturing for the advancement of mankind.

The first segment titled How Far is Too Far? profiles the CEO of Soul Machines, an organization devoted to creating a life like avatar with a digital consciousness. These simulations interact freely with their users, and they're designed to learn much like our own species.

Healed through A.I. tackles the technology's potential to deliver more acute disease detection and effective early treatments. Included in this segment is a moving portrait of how A.I. has helped one young patient communicate with his loved ones in spite of a debilitating neurologic disorder.

Using A.I. to Build a Better Human traces the emerging technologies that can put a permanent end to human disability by correcting physical abnormalities and enhancing performance.

Love, Art and Stories: Decoded traces the means by which these advancements can take on more deeply ingrained human characteristics. Can they be used to create original works of art from scratch? Can they experience the emotions and compatibility necessary to harbor romantic relationships?

Leaving the earthbound pursuits, The 'Space Architects' of Mars outlines the possibilities of advanced space travel and colonization on the planet Mars.

The next segment puts a positive spin on one of the most pressing concerns regarding artificial intelligence. Will a Robot Take My Job? shows how these technologies could actually open the door to new industries and countless opportunities for employment.

The planet itself could be salvaged by A.I. as shown in Saving the World One Algorithm at a Time. We may soon have the ability to preserve entire species of wildlife, conserve planetary resources, and predict volatile weather conditions earlier than ever before.

The final segment - How A.I. is Searching for Aliens - delves into the reams of data collected by artificial intelligence that could point the way to proving once and for all the existence of intelligent life beyond our own planet.

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1 year ago

Learning AI to think like a human, will innevitebly make them just as primitive...

moi e toi
moi e toi
1 year ago

You must be tiktok stupid to watch this crap.

Mike ONeill
Mike ONeill
3 years ago

A truly inspiring piece of filming. Makes me more optimistic about the future of humankind