American Call-Girl

American Call-Girl

2013, Sexuality  -   46 Comments
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It's an illegal workforce that's an internet connection and a phone call away. The world's oldest profession has moved online and indoors. We're going behind the supply and demand of the escort industry.

Many are caught in an abusive underworld, while others fight for the freedom to simply work. This is the American escort industry.

Sarah has flown from across the country to Las Vegas, to meet a new client who booked her on the Internet. She won't show us her face because some of what she does is illegal. She works as an escort, part of a booming underground workforce. The film crew went there to learn how escort industry operates.

Sarah got divorced and needed money, so she joined the sex industry. Like many women she turned to the Internet. She works independently, no agencies, no pimps, just a laptop and a cell phone. She offers all sorts of different consultations, as she calls them. You could spend full day with her for $6,000, or you can go with something simpler which is 4 hours of dining and dessert for $1,600.

The Internet is the backbone of the 21st century sex industry. Prostitution is illegal in most of the United States, but if you look online countless websites appear to sell sex. You can have your pick of blonds, brunets, redheads, couples, strippers, party girls and of course escorts. The film crew basically wants to find out who these girls are and how this whole escort business operates.

Amanda Brooks is an escort and author of the Internet Escort's Handbook. Amanda teaches women how to break into the business of independent escorting. She says that selling your time for money is not illegal. Doctors and Lawyers do it every single day. What is illegal is prostitution which is the selling sex for money.

In the online market for prostitution thousands of escort websites are carefully worded. Sex is rarely offered and clients are expected to read between the lines. For women who want to stick out from the pack there is plenty of competition. Girls have to be very competitive no matter what niche they're in right now. Being on top of your business is being on top of your marketing and advertising.

Amanda says that the demand for escorts is huge and generally 80-90% of the clients are married. Marriage is great for business because the men realize that they're missing something and escorts are lot better that an affair because they're not going to try to take him away from his kids, they're not going to try to make him marry them... they're very safe.

As an escort Sarah sees both men and couples who come to Las Vegas looking for a good time. Sarah is privileged in the world of prostitution because as an independent escort she calls the shots and commands big money from her clients. But for many women who set out to become escorts a much different reality awaits.

The escort industry thrives in cities throughout the United States, but Las Vegas is a ground zero. Married men, bachelor parties, couples looking for adventure and tourists from around the world come to Las Vegas looking for pleasure. Although prostitution is illegal, there is a thriving black market.

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  1. Emmanuel

    Our leaders have to rise up and do something about this because as the younger ones grow and see this as an avenue of making money they will engage into it.

  2. Glen Hale

    A lot of commonsense would sort this out..

  3. Glen Hale

    Cheaper then getting married and losing 75% of your assets in a divorce paying child support and trying to start again at 50/60 when women are looking for men 10 20 yrs younger.

  4. JJ

    Selling rape. The result of patriarchy and its best friend capitalism. Not a natural behaviour for women and girls whatsoever.

  5. Noo Noo

    If prostitution were legalised there would be more safeguards in place for the women involved- first and foremost there would be no need for pimps. Targeting the 'Jons' will not help- there will ALWAYS be a demand for sex workers.

  6. Forbidden Fruit

    Women aren't in it because they love sex. If you believe that, you're delusional. Keep lying to yourselves. Whatever it takes to make it okay in your mind.

    1. i_drink_Scope

      thank you for pointing out what is blatantly obvious to everyone on the planet.

    2. Emmanuel

      I agree with you
      Some are in it because of inadequate job vacancies and some because they have no choice

  7. terencegalland

    so thats what la is all about gambling, sex, and no doubt tax for the government.... ah well!

  8. amanllah

    sexuality purpose for mankind only next population factor , but human being in misadvantage.

  9. Jessica

    A good doc for anyone who is clueless about the sex business. Glad they bring attention to the pimping problems that these women face. I wish they would have proposed a solution to help the girls, such as criminalizing the Jon's rather than the women, getting the women help rather than throughing them in jail. Some women are forced to work and are too scared to tell the police because they don't want get charged.

    1. Emmanuel

      I am a potential individual having this as my vision to end this indecent act.

  10. areuserious

    WOW. if this doesn't make u feel no hope for humanity. SHAME on the women and the men...

  11. umer

    1600$ o my GOD. a beautiful nice cute and loyal , you can spend half of this on her.
    housewife THE GREAT

  12. Jo McKay

    Being a National Geographic doc, I was thinking there would be a little more of anthropology; this barely touched the 'culture' of escort services. As an idea, pay for time, and what may come (again no pun intended) after is between the participants, seems reasonable. Also in this case, a woman easily could call police if she or he is being violated. That's some protection at least. The pimps, and violence and drugs in those (so called) relationships is the darkness in this. As others have said we are, most of us, bought and sold for the greed of capitalist corps and the govts who do their bidding. Being an independent 'consultant' at least puts a few in the place where 'they' decide. As for the rest of us, in my opinion, take a look around, we have no claim to any moral high road - those who think they do, are delusional. Peace

  13. Demelza

    I don't want to comment my opinion.. or start a discussion.. But I'm reading all these comments and most of them just are saying it's all bad.. and I want to share a quote:

    "Why should the exchange of sexual services for money by more unsavoury than others exchanges of fee for service? The desire for sexual gratification is natural as is the desire for food. So prostitution must be morally on par with catering." - Karen Green

  14. Stephen Kyle Tapp

    Prostitution (although not pimping) should be as legal as wifery, but "Sarah got divorced and needed money, so she joined the sex industry." That's a lazy c*nt depending on being able to reinvent herself and hide her past after she's too old to get paid by the piece but can still fool some older dick with money who's still plagued by the 10x lust hormone imbalance between human males and females resulting from co-evolution that females cash in on in one way or another.

  15. jackmax

    Most expensive sexual encounter was not with a call girl it was my ex wife still paying for the sex I got

    1. docoman

      Common story mate. :(

    2. areuserious

      true. VERY TRUE. most expensive business marriage. lol, my ex-wife the call girl! haha

    3. disqusdamnuserid

      ....and the divorce lawyer her pimp.

  16. Rastus

    I have yet to hear anything resembling a reasonable argument to explain why being a prostitute is nothing more than that which will be the demise of us all namely greed....Kid needs new shoes? no he doesnt and wont have them because you cant afford them...You need a fix? no you dont, put down the needle and spoon. You cant survive on minimum wage? how come others can and do? Its laughable that people strive to keep up appearances yet sell their integrity to do so...cant you see the contradiction?

  17. roxy

    It's really disappointing to see how quick people are to put down sex workers who are in it by choice as some kind of vapid, over sexualized women with no sense of ethics or morals. How quick Carimbo, for example, is to just call someone he'll never meet a "ho"... There's this ridiculous sense of superiority most people have when they think of sex workers, as if they themselves are SO MUCH BETTER because they chose a different profession, or are privileged enough to have the choice of a different profession.... as if they themselves are better people because of what they do for a living. Open your eyes and stop being so quick to judge and condemn. It's not your place, and it's wickedly unattractive and ignorant.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      We ALL sell ourselves for the dollar in a society underpinned by capitalist social relations all relations are suborned to capital in the marketplace society-the biggest whores are not the one selling sex I can tell you that much.

  18. CarimboHanky

    i saw this a couple months ago... its nice but to this day i still dont get why would a man pay $1,300 for a couple hours with a ho'... i have the money and im sure ill never pay more than $100 for sex.

    1. Molurus

      You'd certainly do it when you'll see the beauty as in the form of celebrity or something else!!!

    2. RGNC

      sex is paid for. period.

  19. Animalia

    What is this world coming to? I have no integrity in this design, the foolishness of this action will condemn them in the very end. Everything will have to answer for its crimes.

    1. WiseGapist

      That meant nothing...

  20. Jack Dempsey

    Talk about phoning it in....

  21. docoman

    I used to work with a bloke that was buysexual.... he used to buy all the sex he got. ;)

  22. Albert Potato

    I started dancing at a strip club to pay my way through medical school, but soon those lap dances turned into much more. Now every time I look at my medical degree and smile, my burning case of herpes brings me back to earth. I can't even pass wind w/o making a mess in my pants.

    1. bringmeredwine

      How awful for you. At least you soldiered on and got your degree!
      My very dear friend caught herpes from a stupid one night stand, and her meds make her feel so rotten.
      Luckily, she is with a very understanding man these days.
      I wish there was a cure for herpes.
      Imagine how many of these "escorts" are catching it.
      I wonder if they even need a medical when they apply to these agencies?

  23. bringmeredwine

    These women are taking crazy risks, every time they go on a call, that's for sure. I'm sure they each have various reasons for doing what they do; and come from all different back grounds.
    Personally, I would rather die than go through airport security with a suitcase full of sex toys!
    This documentary left me wondering what on earth some of these women DO to charge such high rates?.(please don't reply).
    If you want to get rid of prostitution, just arrest every John for a change and let the woman go.
    Business would dry up in no time. (no pun intended)
    But for whatever reasons, some men HAVE to pay for sex, and they need that "release".
    Pity a handicapped guy who has no other alternative, or men with very sick partners. What are they supposed to do?
    Why should paying for sex be against the law?
    I don't have the answers.

  24. Wayne Siemund

    This documentary seems to indicate that married men are so sexually insecure they have to pay for validation, wives are frigid sexless adventureless creatures and escorts are just animated capitalists.

  25. MalOdour

    Only to get worse or better depends on your outlook as the country tanks.

  26. I AM POP SLAG.

    Its illegal because they cant tax it, same as ganja. want to sell booze? you need a licence, pay the lord of the manor your dues.

    1. Yohann Therrien

      only because they deny it

    2. bringmeredwine

      The strippers I know are NOT prostitutes,
      While not working, they look and act like everyone else.
      However, there are dancers who also turn tricks, and there are secretaries who turn tricks.
      You just never know..


      this proves nothing

    4. wald0

      Why can't they tax it? Seems easy enough to me, we tax other services. Just like they can and will tax weed one day, already doing it in a couple states. Then they both will be legal but us common folk will not be able to afford them any longer. In fact I think they already allow brothels and collect tax from them in Nevada. They can figure out a way to tax and regulate anything.

    5. oQ

      Strippers in Canada pay tax on their salary, not on the tips...which is where most of their income comes from, but at least they are declared workers.

    6. tomregit

      Like waiters and other service industry workers it's in their best interest to declare at least a portion of income earned through tips. Failure to do so will eventually result in a rather unpleasant visit from a government tax auditor.

      It's probably not your intention but, although they both fall into the sex trade category, strippers may not like the comparison with hookers. ;-)

    7. bringmeredwine

      They must also pay for a licence every year in most provinces.

    8. DigiWongaDude

      I think they should, but it seems to me that if they tax it they must condone it. If they condone it they must support and protect it, as it provide rights to it. Right? It being the industry and the workers.

      Imagine a court case where a sex worker witness will be in the usual process of being discredited for her occupation and 'immoral behaviour', but rebuking rightfully "Hey, I pay my taxes!".

      So you'd end up with, what society terms, an 'immoral' person being given full government support because some of the elicit money being made is making it's way back to provide street lighting. Yep...I'm for exactly that and more, but where's the government incentive to get in to bed? And if they fell behind on their dues, wouldn't that make the IRS their pimp?

      ...handing the mic to the Venus Project - sure they'll have the answers...


      ...[tumbleweed rolling through]...

    9. Jack Dempsey

      I agree with you, but the most important "value" being protected by not legalizing sexual services is frustration---people who don't get laid very much can be manipulated more easily as consumers, voters etc. Satisfaction is the enemy of business.