Odessa Girls

Odessa Girls

2012, Society  -   122 Comments
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Odessa, on the frontier of the ex Soviet Union, is the new tourist magnet for Americans. But what brings them there?

The pioneer spirit is strong with these Americans who are taking advantage of Odessa's reputation as home of the world's most beautiful women.

Economic prospects in Odessa are poor, alcoholism is widespread, and women outnumber men almost 5 to 4.

One area of the economy which is doing well is the marriage business. Men are in such short supply that many girls, some as young as 18, signup to join one of the numerous marriage agencies.

Glitzy websites show a seemingly endless procession of beautiful single women. One of these is Julia, 27 years old, whose situation is typical of many of the girls in the catalogs.

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  1. i find this sick. those ladies might be hurt, lonely or even desperate. but those pedophiles shamefully called "men" are so sick.

  2. I watched this documentary to get an inside look at what Russian brides are really like. I was born in Russia and although I'm fluent in the language, I've lived in the US and have been a citizen for a long time, therefore making me "westernized". Due to my cultural background, I've NEVER agreed with feministic views...until I've heard the men in this documentary speak. The women featured are not unintelligent, uneducated sex dolls existing for male amusement, they come from a culture where yes, you respect men, but you don't completely degrade yourself! If anything they use these dumb old men to make a better life for themselves. Most of these women believe in marrying foreigners because they believe these foreign men will love and respect them, thus demeaning them deserving of the caring and feminine qualities these women will bestow on them. Watching that girl with the daughter broke my heart, she is a genuine and beautiful woman who deserves a good man. I study medicine, and in psychoneuroimmunology I learned that men would die without women before women would die without men. I've just made the best argument for feminism based on scientific fact, thanks to the ridiculous and disgusting presumptions made by the men in this movie, and although normally I'd be pissed, I'm currently ecstatic.

  3. Chuckling at all the judgmental comments. Hats off to Kairo for his rational comments. First thing usa women do is say "don't judge me" after doing something questionable but can dish it out a plenty as well as the guys. I've considered this alternative method of finding a gal which the decent outfits openly recommend that this takes time and even if you do find something interesting, you need to take at least a year to make sure, just like they did or you would do at home. Anastasia (dating company) is known to be questionable and people will reco to go elsewhere for more professional outfit. This should be no surprise as their are rotten providers of every type of service there is, including doctors.

    Taking specifically Anastasia and any other outfit like them out of the picture... and in general, to say this method is sick and sad? Doubt that I will do it this way but certainly more sensible than drinking poison in a bar full of loud mouths full of themselves with a bunch of attention whores who like to get drunk for free, who are at least as dishonest about themselves as the guys, looking for the exact type of guy they will be wanting to divorce down the road. It would seem the divorce rate proves that quite well. Decided I'd rather be single in my 20's than subject myself to these type of sad sick creatures. How's that for some judgement? Not really. Just the result of personal observation, not watching an edited video. No doubt that most of the bar flies will desire to consider me the same as they describe the guys they talk about from this video, which of course would be a hoot and more silly judgments by the ignorant.

    Where ever you are or go, be it to a watering hole, church, activities, an online dating site, or overseas, set up by friends or their wives, finding a quality compatible considerate mate of either gender is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, online you can at least screen out a lot of the things you know you cannot live with right from the start, whereas in person, gals seem to be reluctant to divulge anything of consequence or skate around anything that will scare the guy off. I imagine it to be the same on the gals side. Why would I want to pull teeth for some basic information or play the silly subtle games for as long as it takes in order to find out what I want to know? I suspect real men are tired of that BS and are trying a different method. Too bad they haven't done their homework better and in many cases being sold a bill of goods (or bads as the case may be).

    Have to agree with the gal about PlentyOfFish. Jam packed full of drunk divorced gals with baggage and some with attitude who claim they want honesty but cannot even be honest with themselves, expecting you to cater to their every desire rather than wanting a decent guy to be the man he was meant to be. Not that there are not exceptions but go see the comment again about "needle in a haystack".

    I was going to say that of the girlfriends I've had, the South American women tend to be less messed up about what is truly important but that is only if they haven't lived in the usa too long. Quit dating altogether after that. Tore me up to break her heart. However, why get married if you know you cannot handle her kids, one who already started smoking dope. You are not their real dad and have no natural authority, so you will just become their enemy or something in between. Just because you really care for someone doesn't mean you can make it work. Many have tried and failed. Even if you can handle that battle, should you be required to if you don't want that extra headache? Its not all about me, its what is best for them too. It would seem far too many of both genders fail to consider that they need to look out for what is best for the other person also since they may not be looking at everything they should.

    Have read articles from Russian gals who have had usa women try to mess up their head with their BS. Asking why do you do this and do that for him? She said, its not any bother for me, apparently he came looking for something different than he was used to. Maybe different than what was going on in this video but she definitely got that right. Unfortunately I fear she is the exception anywhere. I remember traveling to Romania to meet a gal I had been corresponding with for months. Come to find out she had our life all planned out, I was just the sperm and money donor, the future kids already had names. And to top it off she wanted an open marriage like her uncle who had a mistress. Now I am thankful for European honesty... I would definitely have her run a business but way too intense for anything else. I'm sure each Romanian is different. But it seems women everywhere have a head full of mangled crossing wires. Two of my favorites readily admit this saying, "you don't have to tell me, I am around them all day ...and I am one of those!" Too bad they were either married or in different stage in life. Most gals unnecessarily flare up at any complaint of any gal. Guys not so much and just figure the guy complained of may be a dick since they have run into enough of those themselves. Now on occasion an old girlfriend calls to complain about the other gals at work. One of her girlfriends tells her she sounds like a guy in her responses. She has been married 4 times. Why would I go there? I don't want to be number 5.

    But yes I'm mr. horrible because God gave me a brain to use so I thought I'd actually take him up on the offer instead of trashing it with booze and wicked women and fast cars ...or was it fast women and wicked cars? We make our own heaven and hell. I don't admit to be in heaven but I've seen hell from and distance and don't want to get any closer.

    Look before you leap!

  4. Eddy Murphy in "Raw" I think has a segment that he explains why he went to Africa to find a woman, and then he talks about keeping her away from his friends wives and American women will throw a monkey wrench into your whole deal and mess it up. It ends with her telling him she wants half. It's not only funny as hell but true.

  5. Figured I would at least watch the vid first although I was pretty sure I knew what to expect. I think most of these people both male and female have good intentions and really want to upgrade so to speak, but ya the old guy and a couple of others were a bit scummy. I do agree with Johnny though, American women are no prize for the most part. I read somewhere that American women are on the bottom of the list of desirability. I can see it. The Eastern block is not the only place that has lot's of single women. Not sure if I would participate or not, maybe a Latin country. I miss the 70's and 80's ya even the 90's.To much attitude these days.

  6. I'd rather be with any other women in the world than the one's from the usa.. I'm just saying.. And the rest of the guys are on board,, American ladies are the worst no matter what degree they have or what their story is.. THE WORST, Yep, imma hater, have fun with that, but I spoke FACTS girls..

  7. The thing that bugs me is when people go off and say "Ukrainian/American men/women are X". Each person is unique. Yes, they will be skewed one way or another due to cultural influences. But, there will be people of all types in all groups. Secondly, there are cultural differences. Instead of criticizing a Ukrainian woman because she feels she needs a man rather than being 'strong and independent' alone, accept that family and nurturing may have a higher importance to her than in many western women who value achievement and independence more highly. It really is ok to be different. The old guy is creepy. Actually, I think the world would be a better place without him... and I don't say that very often.

  8. it is simple the guys are looking for sex and the women are looking for money.

  9. No wonder these men can't find American women, they're the dregs of society. Asking these women about their cooking and cleaning skills before what they want in life, what pigs. And don't you dare call American women lazy, I have a master's and a Ph.D in anthropology. Men who think like this deserve to be castrated.

    1. Sounds like you're one of those feminazis!

  10. One guy says he'd like to find a woman that can be his best friend..uhm, how can she be his best friend when she can't even understand and speak English?

  11. Well, no American women will miss these dorks! And most beautiful women??? I think not.

  12. journeyman picture has seen better days, snooze

  13. Call me when it's Odessa Boys -yawn-


  14. Just sad. The disillusionment of the two men about their studly statuses around fourteen or fifteen minutes...s*upid. And the old guy who is an utter narcissist...he might have been attractive in another life where he wasn't so concerned with the past and youth and his immodest attitude about sex, but as he is, his mouth ruins any looks he might have left. Sure, many chicks like older men. But not when they're substituting bravado for substance. Ugh. This was just gross. I really felt sorry for those gorgeous women. Their men should stop drinking so much and be real men --- protect and provide. It's weird how American men still grasp their purpose when they are allowed to do so...and many of them do so beautifully. I'm blessed. I'm no "Odessa Girl", yet I can't imagine the competition and humiliation of this. Ugh.

    1. Majority of those women in the documentary weren't even that stunning! o_O They looked like they've seen better days! 5 to 4 is a good ratio of women to men.Not every woman wants to get married, or have children.

  15. When prospects for life companions are nothing but catalog items to some people..... sigh.

  16. disgusting and embarrassing for all participants. Screwdriver, car, woman. Same same for these neanderthals.

  17. "None of the men have asked me about what my heart desires" (child seeking attention..) gestures "Yes, yes go away..." haha

    1. Her kid was old enough to understand that Mother needed a moment for herself. Please.

  18. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't really have a huge problem with the
    principle of these tours. Both parties are agreeing to it as adults, although I'm not 100% sure if that young black-haired girl really wanted to be there, thanks to her mother! Should be out partying at her age.

    What I do have a problem with is this group of men presented in the doco. Whether they're truly representative of the typical Western man seeking adventure and romance, or whether this group was chosen because it made for good television I really don't know. Most likely the latter. All I do know is that it made for some good laughs, and well, some seriously creepy moments. To the Iraq vet guy, dude, don't talk about war when meeting a girl. Like, seriously. Thought the poor girl's 'cool story bro' look said it all. And that South African guy was truly horrendous, needs a psychiatrist. The old guy did seem to have some game, but totally lost me at the start with the used car analogy. Sheesh.

    What that girl with the light brown hair said was 100% true - why would you travel half way around the world at great expense, and not have the courtesy to be a gentleman and introduce yourself to the girls. Most of them lacked even the most elementary social skills, let alone basic grooming. Some of the girls were not only pretty and elegant, but quite intelligent and frankly way of the guys' leagues. Total mismatches.

  19. Some dating tour!
    Going to 2 discos where you can't hear yourself talk? And the women (girls) standing around waiting for a guy to notice them?
    It reminded me of being at my high school dances! So lame!
    I wonder how much the men paid for this farce.
    One of the interpreters could barely understand English.
    The older man and the veteran were just plain weird. The South African was a pig. The rest of the guys seemed okay, just being typical men.
    How could that mother send both her girls so far away with a total stranger? I thought that was pretty sad.
    I was rooting for Julia who seemed genuinely nice and wanted a real father for her daughter.
    I thought the other women looked way too young to be worrying about finding a husband.

  20. Is it me or is every guy that they interview a manchild? Except for the old guy and the ukraine hippie.

  21. Was married for 20 ys ex wife decide she wants some thing else and still looking..Went to china found one, got her to Australia, had to marry under migration laws, she took off and got legal aid to sue me for wages when we were in a partnership.. took steps now live in the Philippines pay $80 a mth rent, food cheap found nice girl.. How can I thank my ex for leaving.

    1. Has either ex hunted you down, looking for spousal support? I'll bet you're happier now than you've ever been!

  22. Well, just look at the men: beer in hand, unshaven, misogynist slobs without job prospects... what woman would be enthusiastic about such losers? Russian women deserve better: they're smart, well educated, feisty and loyal.

  23. All these men have small penises. I'm sure of it.

  24. I feel for these girls. In the U.S. the problem is reversed, we just don't talk about it. Too many men. We'd be wise to allow increased immigration of women from the rest of the world to balance it out.

  25. happy walentine's day for you ukrian girls! I hope i will find right one among you;)

  26. It is heart breaking to see woman being used this way as commodities for pleasure seeking activities. Poverty pushes them to make dangerous choices like them. I feel ashamed to be born as a man after watching this movie

  27. wtf this is disgusting that man was all like i like hip hop then the woman was like i like eminem but not that this is bluntly imperial on the behalf of the americans who feel the world is theirs to conquer and f***.

  28. hello, I have totally offtopic guestion, but does anybody know what song is playing in this movie starting at 14:15. I cant find it anywhere

  29. I am surprised that anyone would want to date that South African guy at all. I am a South African woman and he would repulse me completely - so it's no wonder he would look abroad for someone. Interesting and excellent documentary as always though, thanks for that.

    1. When he was sitting beside sweet little Julia, I was horrified!

    2. I agree. When i saw him i saw someone from Brakpan. As a South African male is was embarrassed about his behavior. He looks like a drunk. He seemed half drunk on the way to the social anyway. In general most of the men they showed is a very very bad reflection on the rest of us normal well raised men.

  30. This video proves one thing. If you have money you don't need game. You don't even need teeth lol

    1. Its sounds to me like perhaps your game has both no money or teeth lol

    2. You seem bothered at all the comments criticising these desperate men. You must be one of them. I hope your dentures are the kind that looks real

  31. These poor beer-swilling slobs have no idea what they're in for. Eastern European women are some of the most ruthlessly materialistic in the world. They marry North American men, then two years later file for divorce and take them for everything they've got. This happened to two of my friends, who I warned. The guys in this video should have asked the local Odessa men what the women are really like first.

    1. Ive seen evidence to the contrary.That indeed well over half these men who go to eastern Europe looking for wives have not only money but also youth, class and looks as well.Maybe just a little more adventurous then our domestic,stay at home,hen pecked beer-swilling slobs.If you find a few bad apples,do you cut the entire tree down?

    2. Nice generalization. You met 2 women and now ALL Eastern European women are like that. Nice logic....Not.

    3. I've also heard that. It seems pretty obvious to me as well just by watching this. They are clearly seeking a sugar daddy. Interesting how the comments are favoring the 'poor women' in this doc and the men are slobs etc, but I think both parties are equally at fault or equally shallow. Look at what the local Odessa man said, 'It's hard to find the right women here, they aren't what they used to be...' I think that says a lot considering how hot the women are and how abundant they are. Beauty is one thing, but if the women are cold hearted then what good is that. If they are truly intelligent and all these great things that people are boasting about in the comments here, then they should move to north america where they can earn a good living and put their intelligence to work. Again they just want to be taken care of and be lazy.

    4. I heard Eastern European women will clip your fingernails and toenails for you and massage your aching back. I do housework. cook, clean, and more for my husband, (the "more" being the obvious)...but I'm not clipping his damn toenails for him. It's all about culture. Don't call them lazy just because they're different. They're programmed, too....just like all of us.
      Men were reprogrammed to stop being real men and women were reprogrammed to put up with more and to expect more. I'm not reprogrammed. Many men aren't either. It's up to you to find the people who are sincere and true. But calling any culture of women "lazy" is pure ignorance. A woman's work is never done. A man's work is never fun. End of story.

  32. Who is the owner of those matzoh balls hanging from your chin?

  33. I'm surprised at how little skill almost all of these guys have with women. What kind of guy asks a woman her age and what she cooks as a few of the first questions? I bet the marriage agency could have handed them some basic dating advice material and they could have practiced it over the bus rides. Some basic things such as asking open-ended questions can go a long way.

  34. Some guy talking to the woman about explosions. How sweet

  35. Maybe it's just me, but did any one else notice how much Tony (the one the other guys were jealous of) looked like David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)?

    1. Your right,its just you.Perhaps if Berkowitz had booked a ticket to Odessa his minor discombobulation may have never occured.And like wise if you also had booked a ticket to Odessa,your high teck mass murder and genocide of millions of helpless,innocent and denfenseless Iraqi and Vietmanese men,women and children by cowardly push button assassians may have never occured as well.

    2. Yikes! Chill out, man. (Is that you, David...?)

    3. Sorry no ruffkutt i,m not David,but it seems we have a lot in common my brother.I spent two years freezing my ass off and humping ammo in Germany ready to fight any enemy tooth and nail for america.But to me all this recent Darth Vader stuff is just plain wrong and seemingly with out any moral fiber then having a chance to play with our new toys while threatening anyone who can,t stand up to this one sided juggernaut,Unfortunatery these deadly arcade games will not come with out future consequences.My real brother killed himself,I hope you do the same.

  36. Some of the girls in this video are nasty ugly and these guys could probably get better in their own country. I would only go to Russia or Ukraine for a princess or a queen. What an awful company - Anastasia? They show model level girls on their home page? but you have this s*it to look forward to if you go on their tours.

  37. at 21:00 what a jerk!

  38. Sad for this men that have to travel across the world to find a soulmate or should I say a lustful toy!!! I think a lustful toy is what they are interested in.

  39. Interesting, how systems attacks everyone. Lets put it this way, i have been there , you haven't. Hence you dont know what you talking about. Just by trying to sound right, you sound like a dush. You logic is wrong, you are wrong, and you spouting nonsense is wrong. Please leave people to normal discussion and go troll another post. Your comments worse the worthless, they are degrading to anyone who reads them. Just leave this post and let smarter people handle it.

    1. Kairo;I have some sad and disturbing news for you.I went to the Ukraine 15 years ago and married Nadiya,who was my same age,Today we are both old,fat and ugly but still Happy.Let not our vanity and desires for revenge paint everything with a broad brush.I rest my case,and wish you all the best.

    2. That's such an amazing story! I'm so happy for you both; imagine growing up so far away and then meeting like that!

  40. These hideous old men with 0 personality ugh feel so sorry for these girls. It would be fun to go there and treat some of these women with respect and romance show them what a real man is like not some disgusting slob. I think maybe it would ruin them "well make them better really" to know there is something different.
    Jesus this makes me sick as a guy who is romantic raised with a feminist mother and having two sisters in America. How the hell Im kinda mad id like to punch some of these guys in the face.
    If I had money Id go romance a girl show her how to respect herself how to stand up for herself fly her somewhere better send her to school and say "your free now go do something amazing your free." These guy's suck so bad I am so disgusted. And Ive seen other doc's about the sex tourism industry so gross.
    It's sad really that your so repugnant so despicable you can't even get laid in America so you go use people in some other country. Ugh my skin literally crawls when I watch these kinda doc's. Here is an idea let's make you poor and then have gross looking men pay to F&*^k you up the arse so you can have a cheeseburger and a roof!
    Go shoot yourself in the head have a nice day!

    1. Please stick to your fart jokes.They were much funnier and had more class.

  41. My Lord; Perhaps we should change Christmas to the date of your birth instead.This must be the second coming.

  42. Misogynist central. Unbelievable. These guys are pathetic. They should have used their airfare to purchase some mental health sessions. How depressing!

    1. Bless me father for I have sinned;Still barking at the moon?Or perhaps at your own inadequacies.And please,no more playing grab ass in the rectory.

  43. Lets not feel bad for the women, it a conscious decision to go to this kind of events and enroll in this kind of service. As someone who came from Russia originally in US now, this women will go over to US and divorce the guy as soon as they get first opportunity. we should feel bad for the guys, because they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Geoffrey summed it up pretty well, in long run guys will be left holding the bag. One quick correction, women don't live in squalor, but standards of living are much much lover then US, but its not Africa by any means. What they only briefly show in her, is how calculative this all is for women, one mother writing letters for daughter to marry her away to someone in US. That's long term planning!

    As someone mentioned: " I find it interesting that the young native man couldn't find a women because "They want everything and will give nothing in return", which is almost the identical lament of the South African and American men's point of view." This is actually a real and most honest clue in the entire video, they should have done 3-4 of local guys, and the entire video would have clearly exposed that its not the issue with local guys. As someone from Russia living in US, i no longer date russian speaking women (Ukraine, Russia, ettc). They are very good at manipulation. American women are angels and honesty savants compared to them.

    Sex in eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine is much more transactional in value (mind set wise, money play much larger role then emotional happiness), there is a reason why a lot of strippers and prostitutes internationally from Ukraine and Russia. All the guys in the video have no social skills, ziltch. They think they found a solution, and most of them not going there for sex (you dont pay 3.5 g just to have sex, in US you can get prostitute for much cheaper), they want family. Problem for them will be when they bring her over US, she gets papers and dumps him , getting half his stuff.

    This women are far far socially smarter then this guys, Lets do the math here. Women who will go to this events are gold digging by definition(those sappy stories about bad men in Ukraine is total BS, but guys are poorer there and women are more transactional), if she is gold digging she already has a plan how to get most out of it, once she hooks in the guy, he is toast. Those women know how to use beauty to its full advantage, far better then American women. These women are not settling for anything, guys will get used and as soon as their usefulness is finished, they will be discarded.

    1. It sounds to me like you have a bone to pick with your own.What happened?When the baby came you disappeared?Or did Nadiya ask you to keep your cigarette out of your vodka glass,or to try to aim for the center of the commode the best you can and also to please leave the chattel alone.The foxier the women the more foxy they think,and they will ALL drop us into a shredder at the first opportunity they get for upgradment.Like the popular song gose-If You Want To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your life-you know the rest.

    2. Kairo thank you for the information. I was fealing sorry for the women now I feel alot better.

    3. Yeah, I agree. Why are people in the comments here so sympathetic to the women so much, they've put themselves in the situation... Which is a hint that they are gold-diggers and seeking a sugar daddy to drain his bank account. To be fair, it's a mutually exploitative process, the men are exploiting their beauty and the women exploiting the man's financial wealth. I think there's an unspoken agreement to this exploitive process. The one who doesn't realize this get's played like a fool.

      Advice to the guys in the process: PRENUP!

  44. some of these dudes have absolutely no game

    1. I felt the same. I feel like these girls' standards are so low that men like this are actually attractive to them. Although I think the old guy in black had some game; definitely some class and self-control.

  45. Since time-immemorial men have been using money to buy beauty.If the action is to hot and fast in Odessa for you dildos I suggest you spend your cash on a sentimental journey back to the mickey mouse club.They say the new water slids there are a gas.(do what you will-harm no one)

  46. All you critics of this doc sound like a bunch of jealous,lethargic losers trying to hide hehind some impractical high flying philosophy.Worldly people looking for love is like trying to grab a butterfly. GET REAL,its sex and money that makes the world go round whether its here or over there,its all the same.

    1. so,you booked yourself a ticket then?don't forget to learn what 'herpski' means,could get nasty.

  47. These Odessa women live in squalor with very little chance to augment their social position.
    a foreigner offers a better life for themselves, their children as it gives them access to the luxury and lifestyle they see in movies and tv from hollywood.


    These uninteresting international men are social rejects, either past their prime or clearly unappealing to the opposite sex for various reasons attempt to find mates with the only people that will have them; the desperate. Some are looking for sex, most simply want a pretty women to give them the attention they never received back home, boosting their insecure ego.

    Match made in heaven, or at least the cesspool these tours entail.
    too bad in the long run they both will be disappointed.

    1. It must be very nice to be an enlightened Sage-all knowing and all seeing.PS-Except in your own back yard.

  48. Odessa is finished as a wife destination. All that remains are scammers.

  49. I'm on my way girls!

  50. i'm amazed at the comments here...marriage is centered around selfishness & leads aside the main point of a commited partnership:to bare offspring which are entitled to the most upright attention to be gifted with the best coeducational upbringing.marriage is not in need for age differential intercourse,there are non-commital alternatives;if the main cause is social acclaim,then one should not be surprised when one's younger spouse climbs that ladder by 'swapping' for an upgraded version.
    no BOO-HOO for the phallus driven;hail the children.

  51. I actually found this quite hilarious. As an example the dude at about or before the 12:00 minute mark. The translation speaks for itself.

    Men or women, they both get what they deserve. They are both involved with this blatant prostitution of each other for selfish & material gains. Old loser dudes want hot young babes to have sex with & hot young babes want old losers to get money from.

    Simple self satisfying recipe for self delusion & hopefully a brief moment of happiness & maybe even fulfillment. Until they get a life & discover the true reality of happiness I wish them both (men & women) success in what they are pursuing.

    Perhaps one day some of these men & women will come to an understanding of themselves & maybe, just maybe find true happiness. If that includes a partner, then all the more power to both of them to succeed in a healthy long lasting relationship.

    If not, I hope they are able to find a level of happiness in themselves. It's hard live with someone you don't like. Especially if that person is yourself.

  52. This is something like buying things (girls) at a shop center, watching through the mirror, and comparing prices.
    you'd better look for your happiness inside yourself

  53. look closely at the parents and grandparents a lot of problems are heredity.

  54. Marriage has always been a form of prostitution, which is why prostitution is illegal in most states, because it rocks the foundations of marriage.

    The idea of getting married because of love is fairly new. And it's been shown to actually result in more divorces than the previous methods.

    1. And you hit at the underlying premise that marriage is a contractual business arrangement and if anyone doesn't think this is so------I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

    2. Marriage is an institution where people should be committed. (pun)

  55. I thought this was very funny in parts and also disgusting in some. But, the women in this video seem to be aware of the predatory nature of some of these men, so I'm relieved to see that.

    I dated a Ukrainian immigrant and she was a wonderful, hard working, beautiful and funny girl. This video made me miss her a little bit because the women in it reminded me of her sweet and good qualities. So, yeah I guess if you're looking for a wife, I would recommend a Ukrainian :) Good luck girls and guys.

  56. I don't know who's more pathetic, the men or the women----probably the men since they need to prey on younger, less affluent women in a culture that offers them little alternative. Getting married to an American guy---no matter how pathetic---- is the only way out. I guess if I were in their position, I might settle for one of those old pathetic geezers if I had to live in a one room flat, subsist on potatoes & date the local drunks.
    But hey, let's just ditch the word "love", ok? Let's call it what it is: prostitution.

  57. Again please wake up.A man has the same odds of getting devorced or being trapped in an unhappy marriage whether he marries his high school sweet heart or a prostitute from the other side of the world.Sustainable compatibility is at best a crap shoot.As imperical statists will barer me out.

  58. Holly cow!!! This is not a VICE doc? I bet they're just kicking themselves over this one!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA.......

    No offense to VICE, love their docs!!!!

    1. OK I should have made this comment AFTER watching the video. These guys are pathetic! Really sad the economic situation taken advantage like this. And yes I think VICE has room to do alot better of a doc than this crap!

  59. I can't believe that filthy PIG 'Arthur' compared those poor girls as a "used car," which he had to "test drive" before they were "parked my garage." A life of poverty and loneliness would be a picnic compared to a life of abuse with Oink.

    1. LOL well said----my sentiments exactly!

  60. You can't look for true love, it has to just happen.
    Stop looking and you will find love when you least expect it.

    1. I find wisdon in your words.

  61. Those are the world's most beautiful women???

    1. Sort of like fishing - "You should have been here yesterday!"

      Someone told the guys they might get laid and what they heard was they might get a maid. You like to cook, clean, take care of a house? Yeah, who doesn't?

  62. Wake up.There is nothing to criticize.Everyone is looking for happiness.Whats going on there is exactly the very same thing that is going on every where.Some may be more lucky then others,but not better.

  63. Among our group of forty to fifty something YO professionals one of the men, Ben, I'll call him, divorced his wife of twenty-five years and in short order he was traveling in Europe. He brings home a stunning twenty YO, long blonde hair, body to die for. Oh how in love they were - at least the first social gathering. Every time after that, the picture was just sadder and sadder. 'Angie' treated him like a dog and he acted the whipped dog he was. We went from feeling angry for dumping his lovely wife to feeling sorry for him. No man or woman should be consistently publicly humiliated, particularly by being subjected to the sight of their spouse crawling all over attractive members of the opposite sex in full view of everyone.

    As soon as she got her Canadian citizenship, she left him for a younger and wealthier man. He tried to pick things up with his wife but she would not have him back. For a blissful year of relived youth he paid a very heavy price.

  64. Oh boy!.. Poor girls!.. Sad men( Those people, both genders have twisted mind, everyone and each, what they doing is wrong... Can`t believe they take THIS serious. And I agree, it is better to be single then with such old dude((

  65. hehehehe, the game of luv :3 really made me laugh at the end :D but seriously a couple of days it's not enough to decide a matter like this. In this case it's even worse since there's lack of quality communication. No wonder I almost never find a gf since I talk too much and become their friend instead XD
    But i don't know why since there are social sites allover people still choose an agency over a free of charge service and completely your experience of finding that someone, maybe it's the prejudice of "if i put my money into something, there are people working on the background to assure greater chances to get what I want" but the methods are so cheap and whatever...Once I'd like to try one of this services just to see how it is and later to comment it as a cheap dating/looking at weirdos trying to get hooked.
    But that girl with the kid...she's just in the wrong place.

  66. In my opinion, being with no one is better then being with the wrong one. I'd advise those girls that all the guys they showed on this show were 'wrong ones'.

  67. I have no problem with these consensual transactions whatsoever. It's just a shock to the system of what we perceive.

    Both parties are mutually looking for the 'jackpot' (as it's actually referred to). So what? Where's the hurt? Anyone who gets their heart hurt in the process of this, didn't read the small print.

    'Love' is reduced here to its lowest common denominators of just emotional brain chemistry, through the difficulties of desiring a union.

    If that's sad to you, then find love your own way. But, guys, see how far you get if you insist on finding love, for loves sake, without any transactions.

    Personally (because I find it abhorrent to reduce love to an irrational emotional commodity) that's exactly what I did, found it my own way, and proved to myself that true love really is a far greater thing, but it wasn't easy, and that's just me.

    Got a million bucks? Got someone keeping your bed warm? Ask yourself (like you haven't many times) how warm your bed would be without the money?

    When at last you think "Well ok, maybe 'sick' is too strong a word… but true love is a more noble pursuit than this" then good. But I ask you all, do ANY of these people (on either side of the equation) appear to be looking for that? LMAO, these girls are sharp and groomed, having shopping lists of their 'wants'. The looking for a 'nice guy' is so very true - they are easy targets for those shopping lists. It's all very predatory, inlcuding the owners and organisers.

    1. I live in a small town where the "picking up a guy" revolves mainly around going to one of the many bars, it's an even sadder story there...especially at 54. Of course there are other venues, one can go hiking, skiing, bowling, shopping, or at church. So single i remain.
      I agree with Docoman being with no one is better then being with the wrong one but then again...even when i was with the right one i still left. It may be that i am the wrong one or it may be that unions are made to be broken.
      My friends say; go to Plenty of Fish, i had a look....full of the unlucky bar guys. Darn!

    2. Believe it or not, I found my guy on Plenty of Fish. I had been married for 25 years and knew what I was looking for. I refused to "settle" for less.
      I met some loser-boys on line all right! Then I met HIM and at first there was no chemistry, (from my point of view-not his) but what a nice guy!!! He wasn't good-looking at all.
      Once I really got to know him I was totally hooked and we've lived together for 5 years now. (and the electricity is still there!)
      Most of my friends are single again and can't meet any decent men at the bars. By "decent", I mean hard-working (employed) responsible and kind.
      We'd rather be single than be with the wrong guy, too.

    3. Good for you!

    4. If you're in your fifties, chances are you know what you're doing, just not sure of what you WANT.
      If you left that "right one", he probably wasn't right for YOU.
      Always listen to your little voice.

  68. Sad but common around the world in different ways...like in Thailand for example. In fact travel as a single in just about any country (where most citizens can't afford to get out) long enough and you will be ask to get marry, man or woman.

  69. Oh please! Everybody keeps talking about the poor lonely women. When these tender women are actually brought over for a visa. They give the boot to there sponsor faster then you could say, "sucker!". It's a free ticket to making money. Colleague of mine got a mail order bride. She dumped his ass in 6 months and moved out.

    1. A colleague of yours?? Ok, if you say so codename76 ;-).

  70. Those dudes are icky.

  71. sad

  72. I find this video rather sad, as that the women feel strongly that they have to find a husband and get married in order to feel fulfilled in life. Why is it that there is such a shortage of men anyway? What happened to them? Did they move away for work, get killed in conflicts or are they just drunken jerks who die in accidents or from alcohol poisoning?
    I find it interesting that the young native man couldn't find a women because "They want everything and will give nothing in return", which is almost the identical lament of the South African and American men's point of view.
    I hope that at least some of the intellegent and capable women find a husband who will encourage them in a new society and support them in a much more fullfilling life than seems possible in their present country.

  73. I live in Romania, just under Ukraine, and the geographical distance isn't that big, but maaan there's something so off about all of this that it seems like a million miles away. Also, I find it amusing that all of those men think that the women are helpless and genuinely interested in them .

  74. As Julia, I believe, said: the girls are seen as merchandise. I find it sick how some of these men parade around girls "watching the goods", preying upon the need of money and a husband, living their own spring break searching for the fulfillment of fantasies. What have we come to, when a personal relationship, love and companionship are being traded as commodities... I'm pro the idea of facilitating meetings between people who are in search of any form of relationship, but whenever money is brought into an equation, there will always be some form of exploitation, this goes beyond prostitution. I feel for all the good people out there who fall victim to this materialistic and obscene society.

  75. this is what one calls 'positive rascism' at it's finest..........

    1. Could you explain what you mean by 'positive racism? I'm curious to know.

    2. positive rascism consists of attributing a creed with characteristics
      that we perceive as beneficial like africans are better athletes or chinese are education oriented...irish are better drinkers>smirk<,
      & so on.

  76. It appears that all the women are beautiful and desperate for a way out of this life. And the men and old and ugly and desperate. My hope is they all find love regardless

  77. Sounds like a paradise for paedophiles, pimps and all kinda sickos....

    1. hey, you know me?

    2. Actually, it's just a paradise for horny men. Pimps will be out of business if they tried pimping these girls. Didn't you hear? Women vastly outnumbered men!

  78. shiiiit this is sick

  79. all i can hear in my head is back in the ussr by the beatles.