The American Dream

The American Dream

2010, Economics  -   179 Comments
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The American DreamThe American Dream is a 30 minute animated film that shows you how you've been scammed by the most basic elements of the government system.

From the author: All of us Americans strive for the American Dream, and this film shows you why your dream is getting farther and farther away. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day?

The American Dream takes an entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America today.

You will be challenged to investigate some very entrenched and powerful institutions in this nation, and hopefully encouraged to help get our nation back on track.

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  1. I show this video in my Economics Classes. I've been showing it for years, now, and every time I watch it (well over 100 times, now) I see something new. Just yesterday, I noticed, for the first time, Hardman dropping the illuminati sign in the Twilight Zone scene.
    Is there a website that has ALL of the symbolism contained in the cartoon?
    Great job by the creators.

  2. great docu 8.9/10

  3. Only one thing missing, the Fed Reserve is run by the Jews.

    1. Your point? Also. AHH, a rothschild! Kill it with fire!

  4. This documents is very interesting but the producer either does not know anything about Economy or he wanted something else. Do not forget that MONEY acts as a medium for direct barter system. Yes Bank created some money out of thin air but without goods & services money has nothing to do in the economy further government can take necessary action to reduce money circulation in an economy. Any individual or organizations need debts to acquire something in the present rather than waiting for necessary funds to get accumulated, sometime by the time you saved that money today that amount is not enough to buy that particular goods for prevailing market rate.

    Government imposed taxes not because they want to steal your hardly earned money but to fund the other public goods + subsidiaries which free market economy is not keen on those. Any government or Federal can print money but if that particular economy is not growing then it will cause inflation to balance the supply & demand that is why government should be there to control the circulation of money. Money should back by proper amount of goods & services to be exchange without G&S money has nothing to do in an economy. also note that Money has major functions :

    1. Medium of exchange 2. A Unit of account 3. To act as a store of value 4. Standard of deferred payment (which means that its status as legal tender allows it to function for the discharge of debts)

    This documentary just talks about the last but that is also only partly true

  5. The uninformed or preoccupied people, by no fault of their own, are holding back those that are awake. Let's hope more creative ways such as this clip becomes part of the education to the truth of how the world really works. Those who want to fast track their research with the red pill, YouTube Jordan Maxwell and David Icke.
    Welcome to the beginning of true knowledge!

  6. To Nick:

    think you missed some points. Economics
    don’t call it inflation, they call it the inflation tax. The increase in currency (not
    money) devalues everyone’s savings and their fixed debt if the interest rate is lower than the inflation rate. If you
    have variable rate debt (credit cards, lines of credit, etc. ) or a fixed rate higher than the rate of inflation your real debt increases. If
    you have savings and the rate of interest is lower than the rate of inflation,which it always is, you lose purchasing power. (Example: savings interest rate 1%, inflation 3%, your real interest rate is -2%) you lose 2% purchasing power. Deflation is an issue if you are a net debtor like so many Americans and the federal government because your real debt will grow. It will benefit net savers but that isn’t most of America so it will cause financial hardship for the poorest who can afford it least. Regardless of inflation or deflation at the end of the day the American people will still pay interest and continue to lose purchasing power. The point the film is making is 1) our
    constitution states only the government may issues money not currency. 2) our currency is being issued by the federal reserve, a private corporation that charges interest to us for something our government could do without the interest expense 3) Income tax was levied in 1913 in conjunction with the formation of
    the Fed as collateral for the central bank to issue the currency 4) The central bank makes currency with journal entries and a printing press and turn around and charge the American people interest for currency they create at not cost and ehich isn’t backed by any assets or anything of value 5) The printing presses and journal entries that
    expand the money supply drive inflation, which devalues your savings and your labor.

    The film referred to JFK’s plan for the US Government to
    issue currency. That would be a great first step since we (America) would no longer have to pay interest to the central
    bank for currency we could print currency interest free ourselves. One other point, Jackson, Abraham Lincoln who
    was supported by the Tsar of Russia, and JFK all stood against the central banks…..

    The final point they are making very clearly is too many of
    us are not willing to fight for the liberties our founding fathers bequeathed us and our politicians sold for a few dollars and a little power….. Until we unite as a peopled and show the same
    courage our ancestors demonstrated we will continue to be victimized. and as Jefferson said : will wake up homeless on the continent that their fathers conquered

    From a soldier in Iraq ,DEC 14

    1. Keep in mind that even the founders couldn't stop the bankers in their homeland, they had to start a society from scratch. The bankers had their hooks in too deep, and I'd argue the same is true in America today. My beliefs were confirmed after the bankster bailout that these criminals not only control the economy, money, and our property, but that they are also untouchable and immune to the laws.

      The only way we can defeat this is complete revolution, both wall st and our corrupted government, especially the scotus and congress. The wedge issues and partisan politics of today are mere propaganda that keep us all fighting among each other and as I put it in another post, keeping our hands at each others throats and not at the throats of our leaders (both corporate and elected). They have a recipe that works, and will continue to work. There is no realistic solution.

      The maker of this doc would have us believe that everyone would rise up if they knew the truth, but despite 99% of us knowing the truth, and we DO KNOW IT, we simply are too indoctrinated into our own system to abandon it. Call it fear, stockholm syndrome, or anything else, but it's the truth. We're cowards. Those among us who would stand up and be brave would find all those who rallied around us fled in terror of the consequences of their actions.

      I speak of this as a former home-owner. I was foreclosed, a victim of both the system and bad luck (job loss). I watched my 401k tank twice- the y2k downturn, and again in the bankster heist. I've since learned that any debt is bad debt, and only buy what I can afford to own outright. I don't trust banks, and instead use a credit union (not much better really), I don't trust any company with stocks and stockholders, and avoid doing business with them when possible. I still say- there is no fix, only protecting ones-self from the next heist. Grow your own food, live as off-the-grid as possible and become self-sufficient.. plan for the worst, because this problem will not be fixed in our lifetimes, and maybe.. just maybe, our grandchildren, strapped with crushing debt, poverty, and hunger, will all rise up and try to fight. But it won't go well for them. Militarized police with awesome amounts of firepower will mow them down easily.

      I don't blame my own generation for the problem- we inherited this, but I do blame them for burying their heads in the sand, even as their own peers fell, one by one, to crushing debt. We all have to pay the piper. I sure did. Who's next?

    2. Do you know of Chris Hedges? There was no such conversation as this during Vietnam; progress as a product and patience as a virtue.

  7. I've enjoyed this clip schools need to teach the truth instead of lying. The director needs to do one on FEMA CAMPS & agenda 21. Make it laughable the human sheep believe in lies from cradle to grave & will never know whose controlling ALL.

  8. Does anyone know by any chance; who the author is? I'm doing a causal argument paper for my college class and I chose this as my documentary to go over. I need to know the authors name for my citation and annotated bibliography.

  9. So let me get this straight. The message is that inflation is an artificial process meant to make us poor since it decreases our spending power (even though inflation also decreases any outstanding debts we owe... meaning we don't have to pay as much back on borrowed money). So we should...what exactly? Try to deflate our money? Magically keep it the same value? Go back to the gold standard? The general consensus among economists is that a slow inflation of currency has the most beneficial side effects of any of those options (and it's impossible to avoid inflation or deflation from happening at all).

    The other message is that the big bad fed is uncontrolled by the government... so we should hand control of it over to the politicians? That will go over great for our economy every time a senator lowers interest rates and jacks up the inflation artificially to gain votes. No thanks.

    This "documentary" was a mess. Half truths, designed deceit, and tacky humor. 1/10 stars.

    1. Just trying to make a simple and entertaining view for such complex people as you sir! I do believe it covered the facts in an entertaining way and hit all the points of our managed society that will never change anyway as long as the banks have us by the throats!

    2. Not facts, unfortunately. Wayward propaganda and blatant mis-direction. Don't believe every entertaining television spot you see Richard. Also, I wouldn't consider myself "complex"... I'm just a simple US soldier doing my patriotic duty to be informed.

    3. Perhaps the biggest message is that people are spending money they don't have, on items they don't need. This, as the video shows is a tactic by the bank to get people to borrow money to buy new things and help the banks earn money. Perhaps the message should be, don't have credit cards, don't go out and buy into consumerism and don't allow yourself to be controlled (through debt) by the bank. If you do want these items, save up and buy them. Don't borrow.

  10. Much needed message that will (no doubt) fall on deaf ears!!!!
    Fantastic job providing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in a concise timeframe! Loved it

  11. Gotta do some research now.

  12. There was a time in American history when public education equipped people with the intellectual tools necessary to have productive discussions about their country; most people were familiar with the founding principles of their nation and how to vanguard them. As this trend came to an end in the early 20th century discourse and national consciousness gradually became scattered and incoherent, making it increasingly difficult for Americans to separate fact from fallacy.

    Great video, I loved the hotties!

  13. This happened to me and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage with my bank!

  14. I agree that most of this stuff is not presented well to our children and future leaders. It is not only our schools job but the parents as well to look and provide information about our civic duty as citizens. We all need to start doing our part as citizens and spread this information with the technology we have today and be grateful that we have the opportunity to speak up about important issue like this.

  15. They have never taught these facts in schools, they never will. This movie signals what has happened to America and the world. Only wars are left to settle the debt!

  16. Not sure what I thought of that to be honest.
    I get the general premise that debt = money, the Fed prints money for free while normal people have to work hard for it, and this is outrageously unjust.
    But I think it kind of trailed off into unnecessary melodrama based on little fact. I mean, what was the ending about exactly?
    Also the weird and completely pointless and sexist depiction of women irritated me a bit. I mean, every single female in the film was silent and in a bikini being casually treated like a sex toy and contributing nothing to the documentary. It seems like the filmmakers just chucked them in for comic relief - pretty sick really.

    1. Perhaps you should restrain the feminist in you Tegan and just try to understand the core message of the movie without being distracted and burdening your mind by frivolous details.

  17. The level of dishonesty, ignorance and half-truths in this movie is sick. Kennedy's executive order simply transferred the already existing President's power to the Treasury and Kennedy supported the elimination of silver notes. The Fed is a creation of an act of Congress and signed by the President, like any other act of Congress and can be abolished or changed on a simple majority vote. It's members are determined by that act with 1/2 selected by member banks and 1/2 appointed by government much like members of the cabinet. The Gold standard period was some of the worst economic times in the US history with very frequent and long lasting depressions and recessions. The fastest growth in real terms of US growth was the two decades after WWII. This in contrast to the past historical fact that most wars in history have been followed by very poor growth. No substance at all.
    One can certainly not be happy with the Fed and it could do better, but to actually want to return to a strict gold standard would be an economic disaster. Its every bit as idiotic as the economic stupidity of Ayn Rand and her deluded acolytes.

  18. its not just government thats the problem .governments were created because punishment reward and authority were used by people

  19. Admit it.. It's too late to change the "system." We're riding a fast train to one of the biggest wrecks in modern history. Greed, on every level, got us!

  20. The last thing needed is to turn this into a political debate. Political allegiance only divides the people. It is more important and beneficial to focus on the serious issues in the documentary than to focus on the political implications, which only inspire "in the box" thinking

  21. Finally a video I can show to my uneducated cohorts who have little attention span for all the research it takes to learn about fractional reserve banking, the fed, the rosthchild dynasty.. their unscrupulous deeds, and the puppet politicians screwing us over daily.

    1. Cartoons are fun!

  22. Great Animated Documentary!

  23. everyone must rebolt. dont work. dont pay taxes. dont purchase anything new. dont pay your bill nor your mortage. a short period of this all banks and "federal reserve" will fail. we have the power. we buy the products, we stand by and watch this happen. when is it enough. when a loaf of bread is $30.00??? REBOLT!!!

    1. REBOLT? Never heard of it. Please explain..

    2. you mean, REVOLT??

    3. I'm happy to announce I'm fully rebolted and feeling what?



      ...could... someone... pass me... that... spanner?

  24. Where this diverged from reality was where half way through when all banks were conflated and the stupid rothschild conspiracy canard was revived for no reason.

    Here are some debunks:

    - Inflation happens even with a gold standard, we just have less control over it.

    - The Fed may have a quirky structure but ultimately the President chooses the board members.

    - The real reason you are all losing your houses in the USA is because the banking system was deregulated and investment banks were allowed to do things that savings and loans banks used to have the exclusive rights to do, and vice versa. All the crazy cycles of scandals and schemes since the late 70s have originated from that. The sub-prime securities contagion horror was a particularly bad instance.

    Ultimately this is a political issue; one which the great democracy of the USA has not been able to get through in a way that put its people first. And in that sense there is a kind of tentacled banking sector menacing you, however it's got its tentacles in congress and it's not bloody rothschild for goodness' sake. What should have happened was a debt jubilee like in Iceland. The good thing about fiat money is that if administered in the true democratic interest, its insubstantial nature can be an advantage - because it makes it very easy to say "with a wave of my icy lesbian prime ministerial wand I now proclaim that all mortgages be reduced to 90% of the post-GFC value of the properties, rather than 180% or whatever they may be". GAME reset, PEOPLE preserved. In Ireland and the USA and elsewhere, it's PEOPLE reset to square one, GAME (banks and money) preserved.

    1. Wrong, plain and simple.

      Inflation by definition of cause and effect cannot and does not happen due to a base that is/has a finite amount.. hence you cannot make more gold. Fractional reserves/fiat money causes inflation.

      Although the president "selects" the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, he has no choice of the candidates put up for this selection, the Federal Reserves gives him a list to choose from, all of which are primarily concerned with what is best for the Federal Reserve, not the nation.

      People are losing everything because they are forced to play by unfair rules that those in power do not. They enforce these unconstitutional rules over us through the IRS and a Police force with intimidation and brutality.

      Your last point shows just how clueless you are about any of this, Our nation is not a democracy, it is a republic. The Rothschilds were in fact one of the original co-conspirators of the enactment of the Federal Reserves, it is documented and confirmed.

      You have much history and facts to learn about this great scandal and how it has enslaved the great nation of "united State of America"

    2. > Inflation happens even with a gold standard,

      Not with an honest one. The general tendency is for prices to go down as production gets more efficient.

      > The real reason you are all losing your houses in the USA is because the banking system was deregulated

      Another common misconception; far more new regulations are passed each year than are revoked.

      The housing bubble was caused by artificially low interest rates, along with other programs intended to make home ownership more available to people, which raised the demand for houses, which increased the prices - a self-feeding cycle that is the root cause of all bubbles.

      For an excellent explanation of exactly how this happened, Thomas Sowell's book 'The Housing Boom and Bust' is an excellent resource.

  25. They are government employees that work there ,yes but what the film is saying is correct for one , we do have to pay the fed for printing money , why , the fed was taken back from bankers in the past then lost again , kennedy wanted the fed back , besides getting out of vietnam but thats another story we all know what happend there , dont we . my question do we really know what gos on AT THE FED , behind closed doors , DO YOU !

  26. This was a good cartoon. An excellent contribution to the debt = money discussion. I do wonder why the makers set the 10th centrury banking run scene in an Arabian setting. It took place in Italy in the 14th century Arabs, because of their oil, have always been portrayed by Hollywood as an American enemy. The filmmakers should not have reinfiorced this

  27. The fact you are arguing with people on the internet is quite pathetic. Everyone has their own opinion, if you don't agree then shut up and leave.

    1. And you fail to see the irony in that comment...

  28. Back to the Future 1:30, The Twilight Zone! 2:13, Animal House 3:51, and the list of movies go on =]

  29. Well here we are in 2013, The Occupy World Movement is over and we are still slaves to the Corporations.

    I see all the video of the Occupy Movement and it makes me laugh, Everyone protesting against what the corporate run governments are doing to them. But the whole time people were protesting they were walking around using and consuming there products that give them the money and power to enslave us all. The Occupy Movement just made them RICHER.

    If you want to hurt the Corporations you have to stop there cash flow, STOP PURCHASING THERE PRODUCTS.

    Yes it's that simple....

  30. Well written, but it ignores one very important point. Americans, much like most of the world, are addicted to cheap and easy credit, which will be gone with proper banking policy. Our lifestyles are only possible because we live on paper money.

  31. Thank you, maybe some adults can understand whats really going on now that it's in cartoon form. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  32. I wonder if everyone will wake up when all the water on earth is poison, all wildlife is dead, and we're forced to start eating soylent green? Probably not, all the fatties I'm sure, will love eating people.

  33. Well, I'm convinced - lets start executing all the bankers....

  34. Stupidist thing I've ever seen. A five year old is smarter than this.

  35. . No one is educated now we are all trained unless we seek to educate ourselves. Reason I say we are trained is because we all see a minority(Rothschild=jews )being supported by the majority of the people

  36. lol this is too corny

  37. I managed to get about halfway through this before I realized it was made by libertarian conspiracy theorists. The tentacle monsters with Rothschild shields for faces cinched it.

    After going to their website to confirm my suspicions I noticed they consider the late Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck to be "good guys", not surprising considering the sexist moments in the film. Before it started to go into nutty territory I was already thinking "okay so the cool guy character is giving valuable information but I really have a hard time finding him likable when he literally sexually assaults women on a beach and steals their bikinis". Next time you make propaganda, lolbertarians, leave out the **** that is a red flag for people not already entrenched in your worldview and you might get some newcomers to buy what you're selling.

    1. Whats wrong with libertarians? Do you hate freedom, or have you just been brainwashed into thinking someone else has a higher claim to our bodies than us? Because, I'm sorry, It IS one of the two. Didn't even watch the documentary yet, it's just people who can't mind their own business anger me in a way like no other, and if you for some reason hate on libertarians then I'd be willing to bet you are one of the many worse than worthless beings that for some reason think they know whats best for someone more than they themselves. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Libertarian, (just happen to agree with almost everything they stand for) I refuse to put such an all encompassing label on myself that pretty much screams "I LET OTHER DO MY THINKING FOR ME". Unfortunate, because you are quite pretty, and ff9 is most def in my top 3. I'd love to help you wake up.

    2. Nothing wrong with being or having a libertarian view, I thinks she's just projecting her annoyance of conspiercy theorist and there talking heads like alex jones or glen beck, she has a valid critic of where this video came from and its biased. There is ''some truth'' in this short piece, but it seems to be self aware of how its idea is like a really bad conspercy movie, but there is some true historical relevance in here that this film should be taken with a pinch of salt :P

    3. You can't even spell conspiracy.... What exactly makes your opinion valid?

      Are you seriously putting Glenn (another word you misspelled) Beck and Alex Jones in the same category?

      "...but it seems to be self aware of how its idea is like a really bad conspercy movie, but there is some true historical relevance in here that this film should be taken with a pinch of salt"- Is anyone actually supposed to be able to understand what you are trying to communicate? Seriously, is English you second language? If so, you need to work on your translations a bit, because that entire run on sentence makes zero sense whatsoever.

    4. the problem with America is the ignorant people you can send your children to the best prep schools,good colleges,and they won't know how the financial system works.and the people who vote are ignorant and only know what the people in power project, to believe.

    5. Well this is amusing, "didn't even watch documentary yet...people who can't mind their own business anger me..." While I call myself a Libertarian, the more of these people I meet I grow increasingly hesitant to use that term. Seems to me the majority of Libertarians are without reason, a great number holding to baseless conspiracy theories. I kept waiting for the documentary to use the word 'globalists' and then have Alex Jones' crazy ass jump up like the "Toasty" guy from Mortal Kombat.

      The problem with all you nutters is that you say, question everything but then blindly follow someone else simply because they happen to be the underdog.

      Oh, and, thanks for proving her point about the machismo bulls*it here.

  38. really bored of the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts who distort the facts.

    1. Well, you tell me why every President for the last thirty years has left the country with record breaking debt? By the end of Obama's second term, he will have generated more debt than every US president combined - and yet, we have nothing to show for it.

    2. Where's your source... FOX News?

    3. Yes, let him tell us. Furthermore, there has been no less than three US presidents assassinated for bucking the central banking fraud. Karen Hudes, former World Bank senior attorney can educate people on this. She is working overtime to expose this banking fraud. Also, I highly recommend watching Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism if you don't believe the history of the banking hoax pulled over on not just America but the world. The Rothschild's indeed funded both sides of all of the major wars and it is written in history. But hey, let's not let history get in the way of denial!!

    4. Would you elaborate on how you believe the facts to have been distorted here?

    5. You don't understand the facts or history and I doubt you even watched it. I already knew everything in the documentary because I use the brain in my head to study history and reality. You don't know much about US history other than what you were told in school do you? How about you go study it. Study about Jefferson, Jackson, and the history of the banking cartel. Study about the central banks that came and went. We don't have the guts anymore to stand up to them. Go look what Wilson said after he was out of office about him signing the Federal Reserve Act. Conspiracy is real. A conspiracy is a plan to defraud or otherwise break the law. Are you saying conspiracies don't exist? If the private federal reserve system is a conspiracy theory then I'm wearing a full suit of tin foil armor. You are either a shill being paid to post or you are just ignorant of history. Could be either. You call people tin foil hat wearing nuts but you didn't explain whatsoever or defend your position and that makes your opinion null and void.

  39. Great cartoon documentary! Full of facts and real history if you know any.

    There is no doubt that we are ruled by evil. We were deceived and led by leaders who endorsed and profited from a ponsie scheme on our money. They encouraged us to follow them down a dark path that used our own weaknesses against ourselves, Human nature and greed is so predictable.

    There is no doubt that the lovers of money are the root of all evil. The ones who control the worlds money are the ones who control evil. They are the ones responsible for funding and encouraging all the wars, within our own society and around the world.

    All we need to do is wake up and stop playing their game. Identify the guilty hidden and protected owners of the world banking Cartel and take their power away. We need to find leaders who have real ethics, morals and values.and only when we take the profit out of politics, will we find honest leaders.

    This should be shown on Saturday morning cartoon festivals for all children to see. To bad the bankers own the media too.

  40. Many short film like this will come but no one will sacrifice their comfort of life and kill those who do wrong!

  41. Pinch of salt required.

    Beware this doc.
    It says "it's all the fault of them RED SHIELD BANKS"... by which the cartoon means 'jewish'!

    It starts as if it means to be an accurate description of international banking then suddenly slips some anti-something in there unchallenged.

    I am neither jewish nor pro-american but this is blatant and doesn't address the reality that americans screwed americans and the screwers and screwees were both jewish, gentile and came in a variety of colors and flavors!

    Trying to make financial distress into some sort of finger pointing exercise is not useful...

    Wanna know who REALLY did this to you?
    Go to your bathroom, face the mirror, outstretch arm and point with finger and shout "YOU DID THIS! YOU ARE TO BLAME!"

    Move on citizens...

    1. were you watching the same film?
      this just tells you how the banking system works.
      move on dickhead

    2. I know how the banking system works... these Rothschild references are a red herring!

      Did you actually watch this doc?
      Did you spot the propaganda or do you want me to spell it out for you?

      Americans screwed themselves by living beyond their means in a largely 3rd world nation that has good PR and no onshore production... and now these cretins want to blame it on someone other than themselves and their SUV/fat-ass culture!

      Move on...

    3. Thats foolish. We have lived beyond our means and all that, but there was a deliberate, concerted effort to propogandize us to live that way.

    4. hey why do you think we have such good pr? Do you believe it's a grand accident and coincidence that most of the world, America included, believes we are so well off? Doesn't it sound a little far fetched to you? You know what is even more far fetched expecting everyone to know that they are being fooled when all media sends the same pro-consumerism, "America will always win" message. Why would so many people have signed such shitty deals if they knew better? They were told they needed the money and that they could back because the interest rates would be low and because most Americans don't know enough about the economy or banks they never saw the impending doom. Maybe Americans got greedy but only becayse there was a man behind a curtain yelling "Greed is good! Money will solve all your problems and I'll give you lots of it!"

    5. I kind of agree here, Also, I'd like to add that another reason many Americans do not know much about the economy or banks is due to the State run education system, which starts with propaganda as early as 4-5 years old, and is intentionally insufficient.

    6. whoa man no one said anything about blaming Jewish people
      (antisemitic projecting much?)

    7. How the hell does this have anything to do with Jews? The Rothschild family was the wealthiest fortune on the planet and controlled the finances of several countries simultaneously.

  42. Awesome doc :)

  43. A new twist on the secret of money. Still a good short introdution for people who still do not understand the origin of money and who really controls it. It should be shown in American schools to wake up the next generation so we do not continue down the path of ignorance. I'm from Canada but we still have privatised banks as America. Again good documentary.

  44. Really a Cartoon hmmm this is interesting...
    Well there are all sorts of info out there for Dummies
    Law for Dummies, Taxes For Dummies
    Maybe There Are Books on..
    How Your Government Operates For Dummies
    Financial Institutions For Dummies
    Inflation For Dummies
    Global Economic Crisis For Dummies.... What Dummies need to Learn Too :D

  45. Zeitgeist the movie is worth a look too.

  46. it is sad, majority of Americans knew this manipulation, unfortunately no one have the guts to fight for the elusive freedom from the evil banks

    1. JFK had the guts, and he has never been alone. many have fought the fight. guess who's dead

    2. It's not a matter of guts. People like easy money. No one wants to save up $300,000 and buy a house in cash.

  47. i thought it was too short,it left out some critical things and included some arbitrary things, since they were showing the history of money and talking about gold , and the banks i thought they would have gone more in to depth about ow why and when the U.S. went off the gold standard,but it wasnt even mentiond specifically at all,and i though it would have included more aboutthe current meltdown and the bailouts ,maybe it could be reworked and extended to at least 120 min film if not more

    the other poster did make some good points about jefferson owning slaves and how the country was stolen from native americans

    @oddsr ,what an odd comment ,retarded actually ,so what they grew hemp so that makes them lowlifes?

    i guess enslaving people and genocide pale in comparison to smoking pot huh
    or growing hemp,which is not even used for that purpose(smoking __o0)

  48. Regardless to the many viewpoints on the root of the current financial crisis There is enough information present to understand that the monetary system is failing and has been corrupt from the beginning (of the civilized/agricultural transition) despite the medial difference's of expression that we seem to focus on, we should develop an understanding of the issue as a whole and focus on the protection of ourselves, our family and then our community. Lets be thankful that there are people passionate enough to want to share there knowledge and opinions with the world population, no one is forcing you to consume biased information, that is up to you to research and verify, ~ on another note how great was the clock work orange/ JFK segment?

  49. red shield is rothchild ? :-)

    1. Yes, that's what it means in German. Though that's not the original family name. They took that name after the success of the original red shield bank. The original family name was Bauer.

  50. Great point Sox! They also grew hemp, frickin' lowlifes!

  51. The one thing people always forget when referencing the anti-bank heroes Jefferson and Jackson is the fact that they owned slaves. Jackson was also notoriously anti Native-American, genocidal in fact. I guess if you hate central banks people will forget the fact that you enslaved and murdered people. They are all jerks banks founding fathers different side of the same coin, same rapist mind set.

    1. The two have nothing to do with each other obviously. Do you honestly believe racism and economics go hand-in-hand? What he did was awful and our country has worked hard and shed blood to move away from racism. Of course we have more to do but to say that being racist has any effect on his intellect or saavy in economics is simply stupid.

      If we never listen to those with flaws the world would be a place full of death people

  52. Is the contention that the Federal Reserve Systems is privately owned and not a part of the government... something that those of you in support of this movie would be willing to admit is false?

    I've found the statements on this in the film don't check out. The film-maker's website has an "education" section, but there are no references. Sources online that corroborate the assertions made in the film similarly lack resources.

    I'm not right wing, I am not a Conservative, I am not a neocon, I am not a supporter of the USA, or Israel, and I think that the recent revolution (I use that word deliberately) in Egypt is perhaps the most wonderful world event I've ever lived to see. But I am interested in doing something about the problems of greed, corruption, and "evil" in the world, and I think this film fails to meet necessary criteria to be championed as it is in these comments.

    An important characteristic of an argument is that its testable. In order to be testable, to have the have the opportunity to succeed, to be proven correct, there must be the possibility for failure. If the supporters of an argument are not willing to admit that an aspect of their assertion can fail, then it is not testable and thus not an argument, but rather a belief.

    To have beliefs is good, but to confuse them for knowledge is the mistake of inflexibility that leads to tyranny... imho (I’d love to look for sources to back that up... but I’ve got to work on other stuff... though I do have a to a 1500 word research essay on anything I want for english class... maybe don it about this? Hmmm...?)

    If anybody could point to some GOOD sources (... the help give the film credibly...) I would be much obliged.

    (PS, please be nice in any rebuttals, I’m new at this. Any snooty tone is not from experience, but a rather a lack of in that the above is rather poor writing... more of a rant, I’m not even gonna rewrite it, homework to do eh. Peace! Go Egypt! Wooo!!!!)

    1. It is staffed by ex-employees, future employees of goldman sachs mainly-it is not technically owned by anyone but it always works in the interest of "the banking system"
      is completely opaque and unaccountable and keeps refusing audits as that wouldprove who it "works"for.
      bank of england is the same beast in a different suit

  53. Yeah, I wish JFK had been able to finish his work, I believe we would be colonizing space by now.

  54. Even if every citizen in the country knew this information it is still too late for us to do anything about it. We are slaves to it, we all have to live...And if they can do things like with Kennedy...What chance does one person have if they try to buck the system? Just try and say you refuse to pay income tax...Ha Ha....Tell your employer that they cant take taxes out of your check..Try to get a job and tell the company that they dont need your social security number..Ha. Just to get a job at a fast food joint you may have to be backgrounded, urine or hair folicle tested..If the people are willing to allow this kind of violations of thier rights, what makes anyone think that "the people" would stand up against this kind of injustice. Who will be the first to stand up and be imprisoned or worse? America will never be the same as it was.

    1. All we have to do is nullify the legislation that set it up. We have to insist that our legislative servants have the will and courage to change it.

  55. Awesome video. I ordered 5 and will circulate like I did America: From Freedom to Fascism. Awaken the sleeping giant and together we CAN slay the den of vipers.

  56. Awesome video. I ordered 5 and will circulate like I did America: From Freedom to Fascism. Awaken the sleeping giant and together we CAN slay the den of vipers.

  57. Great Doc, I'll show this to my kids!!

  58. @Master Shake What has to happen is the US government needs to print its own money instead of printing T-bills and selling them for money plus interest. The money now created is made from nothing but has to be paid back PLUS INTEREST and the interest wasn't created when the money was printed or keyed into a computer account so in order to pay it back, which the US government has NEVER PAID ONE DIME TOWARDS THE PRINCIPLE, must sell them more T-bills to cover the cost of interest every three months. All money in existance is not labor is debt based - eliminate all debt and you will eliminate all money.

    Corporations, no matter what you think of them, are in the same position as the government (and all governments around the world since any country dealing with the IMF is dealing with the mother of all reserve banks) as they also must pay back their loans plus interest to operate their countries.

    The only interest money that exists is somebody elses principle so it is currently a 'grab all you can while you can' mentality. The guys at the top making the most money right now know that the system is destined to fail. If they make a million dollars and the company goes bust, they at least have a million dollars and if they don't get it now, it won't be there later.

    Try playing a Monopoly game where the bank has $1000 in actual money and is able to lend up to $10,000 because of those reserves. Set a 3% interest rate on the money each player borrows and make payments each time you round the board assuming each circuit is a month and you have one year to pay back the loan (use an online loan program to determine the 12 payment amounts). Play the rest of the game as usual and let us know what happened. Remember though, the principle amount of your payment disappears when you make a payment but the bank gets to keep the interest.

    Playing with 5 people, each would get the same $2000 as they get now and noone can touch the $1000 in the bank as this is the reserve. Also, you don't get $200 when you pass GO as you are a real estate invester and must make all of your money from your property. Create a 'government fund' pile and pay to that when you buy property (after all, you borrowed your money to buy property right?). The money spent on 'pay' cards, taxes and luxury tax doesn't go to the bank but to this 'government fund' and any pay cards get paid out of this 'government' fund.

    The $10,000 borrowed is all the money in the money supply and you will have to make due with that. You may take out more loans as necessary using your property as collateral (base the loan ammount on 80% x (12 x property rent) at 3% adding this ammount to your payments) assuming the bank has enough reserves to back the additional loan. Mortgaging this way you can still collect rents on those properties with a mortgage.

  59. So this cartoon is trying to say we need to eliminate the system of money in the USA and then go back to trading goods?

    The only thing my job could give me instead of money would be microchips. I hope there are grocery stores and gas stations that want to trade with my microchips. If not I'm screwed!

    This system doesnt work! The people that have or manufacture goods that people want will get more "trades" then other people(thus increasing there material possesions or "wealth"). If there were only some system that could allow me to exchange my hard work for a claim check that I could then use to trade it with the grocery stores and gas stations. Then they could in turn trade this claim check with other people for goods that they have, instead of trading me for my microchips. We have this all ready its called dollars.

    Friendly neighborhood Americans... money is just a claim check on the output of a human beings hard work. We all have special and unique strengths and abilitys. I for one am good at electrical technology but I would suck at teaching or dentistry. If you feel our money system is unjust then blame yourself. We all seem to think that movie stars and singers should make millions more than teachers and nurses, this is our society we have built. If you feel you are a slave to money then dont consume so much, no one made you go out and buy that new house that consumed 50% of your monthly income and stick a new $30,000 dollar pool in it and buy a $3000 dollar pedigree golden retriever on a credit card. No wonder you feel like a slave, its going to take many many hours of hard work to aquire enough claim checks to pay back other people for there goods and services(or hard work).

  60. AWESOME !

  61. Loved it, a great peace of wisdom packed into entertainment. Got me thinking again about the central bank system stuff. The curious thing is that since I'm a European it got me fired up asking myself the question who the European Zentral Bank belongs to. After 2 days of research and talking to some ecomists shokingly I am none the wiser. It seems that's a question that is hardly asked at all. Pretty scary if you ask me...

  62. Greed is truly the most frightening aspect of humanity. Why do these people need more money then they, or the descendants for many generations, could possibility spend in their lifetimes? Why does one set of humans find it so important to control another set of humans? Why can't we just live and create?

  63. Small lil niggling question since all you nitwits hate the idea of a centrally managing system of banking and money distribution. How do you plan to create a workable system of money distribution? Currently the US has a single currency printed by the mint and distributed by the reserve. Oh by the by, the reserve is not as this little funny states a private bank, rather it's defined as independant within the government, so yes it is part of the government, and congress does in fact excercise oversight upon it. What this cartoon completely fails to mention is 1. the fact that Jefferson who was the earliest opponent of central banking was also the first president to take money from it in a loan. 2. After Jackson killed the bank, the country went into a depression almost immediately. 3. The country went repeated depressions off and on until the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. While the film likes to say the period between the Second Bank of the US and the modern Federal Reserve as some kind of golden age, it wasn't, unless you were a robber baron. During the 80 years between the two systems most americans were piss broke, monetary policy was more labyrinthine than ever, there was no middle class to speak of. And if you owned land west of the missippi it was because the government had given it away, not becasue it was bought. Some of you need to learn history from something other a blatantly biased cartoon.

  64. Time to take out the law inforcement that support the banks , strong hold on citizens , starting with the unlawful detainer . They need to see this and if they are still brain washed then be restrained with a massive televised stoning so the dumb sheriffs get the picture its starts with them backing down. if they carry out the the sins the most be eliminated to work are way towards the elite who back them. This will make the news with this video supporting the stopping of their authority. then the next bunch of cops will have to either back down or being taken out. No choice the took a othe of office and need to see that they are the link that has to be broken away first. Once interview's from private people/utubetypevideos of them saying yes I'm not going to inforce and they are not on the dark side no more and get out then
    we will have some head way.

  65. Niiice cartoon, but its going to take much more than an uprising to rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve.

  66. Interesting cartoon but nothing special. Its been going on forever. Whats the solution? Your average American will not wake up one day and say "Gee, I better pay off that debt, I need to sell my SUV, plasma TV, I cant eat-out now, I gotta cancel my gym membership, turn in my iPhone" I mean, come on now. Whats the solution? Communism and distribution of wealth?
    Elite always had the power, from monarchism to totalitarianism to present day, you name it.
    But its entertaining to watch and discuss online, nothing will be done, face it.

  67. Even with religion, this tyranny is merely acceptable.

  68. great doc... What an eye opener

  69. @gogomaul - you've said a mouthful in a nutshell. We deserve it. Greedy, materialistic, arrogant and naive

    1. not everyone is those things in america..I may b one of the few and sure I've had my moments of greed, just like anyone else, but I have been poor since the day I was born and tried to make a better life, but failed due to medical issues...not eveyone in america is that middle to upper class..o, and I'm white too..I knew abt this stuff but was not clear abt it until recently..always felt like something wsn't quie right...I don't believe me or my son deserve to be homeless becuz of how things have been ran and put into place b4 we were even born

  70. We are prisoners of our greed. Maybe we deserve this

  71. Intresting... the offical website supports Glenn Beck, CATO, Ron Paul, Breitbart, and Drudge Report? God it's all a right wing cook film.

    It's a good film, but damn it's allied with Right wing nuts.

    1. am i nut 2? why becuz it's the one wants to face the reality that this country is going to implode..what happens when ur $1 won't buy ANYTHING? I don't think that makes any1 crazy for studying history and getting the facts up ur mind and quit labeling people, everyone has a seperate story & way of thinking

  72. Fantastic Doc.

    @ bri. Yes parts of it are sexist. Outrageously and disgustingly so. I don't like to see that kind of imagery either - but this time it doesn't matter. The economic issues being discussed are more important than feminism.

  73. the newly re-inhabited is the answer to the question how do you fix it! We cannot look to the corruption for the answer any longer. We are the answer to the problem and this is the solution

  74. first we need to organize a revolution maybe in the name of the Eternal God Almighty,then again maybe not .all these terriostslike Bushs Cheenys Blair...secret societies like skull and crossbones,CFR,trilaterial com.united nations,Biderburgers,cia and the whore cathoic church and political state union will get their judgememt at the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so dont lose faith even if the chop my head off they will only win tempory,remember eternity is a long time.thank you kindly

    1. I hope your right

  75. Ok doc as far as info about the banking system. But what about the fact that it is overtly sexist?

    It's disgusting.

  76. I fear it is too late for America. Our politicians are in the pockets of banking and Wall Street interests. Our population is divided among petty squabbles between social groups. We are disjointed, distracted and divided. We cannot solve even the smallest problems as a country, never mind taking on the global banking cartel which has been calling the shots across the world for a very long time. I don't think violent overthrow is the answer, just based on logistics alone, regardless of the fact that most American's don't have the stomach for armed revolution.

  77. this stuff really needs to be public knowledge

    please everyone who views this make an effort to enlighten friends and family

  78. JFK. the best president ever

  79. One point more about "money"; according to "Modern Money Mechanics" published by the Chicago Federal Reserve the question is asked and answered Q."What happens when you get a loan from a bank?" A. "The bank cannot loan you depositors money because it would block those funds until you repay the loan. The bank cannot loan you their money because that would violate the reserve requirements. What happens is that the loan amount is added to both sides of the ledger (debt is money) and it becomes a deposit in the overall Federal Reserve System." Example: if you deposit a hundred dollars into the bank it becomes their money BUT THEY OWE YOU. If you deposit a check that someone wrote to you it becomes the bank's money BUT THEY OWE YOU. However, if you sign a NOTE to get a "loan" from the bank they open an account in your name without your knowledge; it is called a TDA = Transaction Deposit Account. Then they write a check for the same amount which zeros the account and it goes away. Then they give you the check, call it a "loan" and YOU OWE THEM. Debit, Credit; Debit, Credit - get it?
    So who funded your loan? Who loaned who what?

  80. @Anthony
    You're correct Canada is all part and parcel to the on goings of the Federal Reserve, Central Bankers, Bank of England and I'm guessing the Trilateral Commission or New World Order.
    My intent was not to bash the American People or the other countries who are controled by the Federal Reserve (Canada included) but to bash mighty reserve for its written jibe. We are all being taken, ripped off and deceived. My apology for not being clear.

  81. Bring down the federal reserve!!

  82. I agree.. good, easy to understand doc. I think it should be shown in high schools as well.

  83. Great Doc. Thanks.

  84. sure, what now? what should we do?

  85. That was f***ing awesome, nuff said for me- lets go kick some a55. (LOL)

    Kidding, but really it's how myself and a lot of others feel at this point. I have watched my dad and mom struggle through forty something years of marriage raising three kids, 25 of which my dad worked in a coal mine. Now they are facing cuts in social security and medicare, my dad is denied the medical care he deserves from the mines for black lung, and his pension is all but lost in the recent finacial collapse, all so some fat rich plunder f##K could have another Mercedes. Perpetual debt is perpetual slavery, freedom is a neon distraction obviousely postered by the banking community to make us sleep more. WAKE UP!!!

  86. @OverMind "...realistic solution to the problem?"

    What to do?

    Good question.

    Frankly, I think it's too late.
    There IS such a thing as too late, you know.
    We get used to seeing other countries sink past hope.
    But it can't happen here! No! This is The United States of America!

    Well, guess what. It HAS happened here:

    "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism
    because it is a merger of state and corporate power."
    ~ Benito Mussolini

    And it's all over, now, baby blue.

  87. Abolutely outstanding.

  88. WEll, at least this film is a step in the right direction. Now, if they could somehow incorporate the elements of NASCAR, the NFL, and Dancing With American Idol's Survivor Stars and combine it with the cartoon format it may have a chance at peaking the interests of at least 47 people in this hopelessly dumbed down society. One can at least have hope.....even if it is futile.

    @ Freethinker

    What the hell planet are you phoning in from??? Pull your head from that dark dank posterior orifice and take a deep refreshing breath of air. Inflation has been virtually non-existent????? When is the last time you actually went to the store and purchased something, 1492? Even the American people are not stupid enough to buy that load of crap. Gimme a break.

  89. Cute, but not exac tlyaccurate. For example, the maximum income tax rate in 1955 was 90% vs. 35% today. And inflation has been virtually non-existent in the U.S. for quite some time now.

  90. Great documentary, very similar to others...
    I am just wondering how are we ever suppose to stop the FED? They have infinite power, legislation and laws have not stopped them. Are Americans suppose to get physical? If you really think about it... we cant. The moment Americans try to overthrow the FED, they will hire a private army. Those who fight on the FED's side will obviously do it for money despite them knowing the cause of the war. Pretty disturbing , don't you think ?

  91. @ kanada - O'canada Before you go around bashing "the American People" for anything, you'd best check your own countries economic policies. Also, check out who's controlling your countries purse strings. I'll take a SWAG and say it's the same folks [bankers].

    Glass house dwellers are funny, when they throw rocks from inside their abode.

  92. Great doc. Now how do we fix it?

  93. Hey mighty reserve, for you to say what you said in recent post, is just plain ludicrous. For the American People to let an Elite Group of businessmen print American Dollars and then loan it to the American People with interest is also ludicrous. Your monetary system is broken, I'd suggest to the American People and all the people of the world who hold value in this system of the Federal Reserve " to make a run on the Banks and get your money and buy something tangable". Paper is just paper...

  94. This cartoon needs to be seen by EVERYONE. Lets make it happen.

  95. @mighty reserve

    youre post sounds very angry which could mean you know a lot we dont or u know nothing so please enlighten us on how this film is flawed in its representation of the fed

  96. @Atrophy

    The proplem with any backed currency is 'Who owns the backing?' How many TV ads run hourly telling you to sell your gold for cash? And how much gold is actually in Fort Knox? NONE.

    Most people think that our government (the U.S.) creats all of our money when they acually borrow all of our 'credit dollars' instead. Most people blame either the government or 'big business' or wall street for all of our financial problems when the Federal Reserve, IMF and all of the reserve linked banks of the WORLD are the ones responsible for ALL of the shortages of money including the necessity of businesses to destroy our planet just to sell enough stuff to have enough money to pay back their loans which they can NEVER do since their interest MUST be paid out of some other borrowers new loan principle. When new loans are restricted, old loans begin to lose their ability to be repaid due to the diminishing supply of circulating currency.

    All banks are connected to the Federal Reserve but not all are controlled by them. The Savings and Loan institutions were eliminated because they were a threat to the current Fed system as an alternative source of loans NOT under the thumb of the reserve. Any local bank that has failed has done so because they are connected to but independent of the Federal Reserve system.

    There is one more big step they must take before being able to have the most control before the final ending and that is the end of the Credit Unions. When they fall, that will be your sign that it may be too late, of course then it WILL be too late.

    I have in my posession three letters of invitation and a booklet (it was free) from 'The Secret Society' PO Box 6305 Dover, Delaware 19905-6305 fax# (716)447-7489.

    They refer to themselves as 'the new Illuminati' and cite the Rothchilds and Rockefellers as members of their group. They also call themselves 'The Nouveau Tech Society'. I had already known about the Builderburg Group before receiveing these letters so I naturally did not accept their offer.

    I expect some of you are members as this is a very open forum and most of these documentaries are centered around these people and what they have done to the world since banking began. EVERY war, EVERY economic upswing and downturn even unto the collapse of communism, since the Reserve System supplied their currency too, was within their influence. Communism and Socialism had to fail with only one scape goat, that of the government, to blame for the ills of society, which we have done, which would lead directly to those who fund those governments - the Reserve System.

    Our 'free society' has too many other entities to point fingers at for the cause to be discerned to one inevitable source and the consolidation of currencies like the EU is NOT a solution as we see the bankruptsies and potential bankruptsies occuring within that block of countries. The EU currency is actually collapsing right on schedule but the United States, Canadian and Mexican union is behind due to our balking at the NAFTA treaty, the non acceptance of the National ID Card (with an RFID chip imbedded) which has to be in place before our own personal RFID chip could be required which also has to be in place before we would be presented with the Amero Dollar to replace all other North American currencies. The personal RFID chip also could only work if ALL North American Banks were directly connected to the Federal Reserve System which is why local independent banks had to fail.

    Watch the recently added doc 'Innocents Betrayed' and all of the negative comments that video has already generated to learn that the disarming of America is about to begin. No law has EVER stopped ANY criminal from owning any type or quantity of firearms. What could stop a criminal is a private citizenry that is armed and we don't have that even in America.

    The 1st amendment doesn't give Americans the right to say anything they want to, it gives them right to free speach against a tyranical government.

    The 2nd amendment doesn't guarantee the right to bear arms against your neighbor or a criminal but against a tyranical government.

  97. What???? this film knows nothing about the reserve. Its the greatest thing ever invented to supply much needed cooperations with financing and the entire country with liquidity. This is how jobs are made people. If it weren't for the reserve and the banks you would not have all the amenities you have today so thank them and keep your mouth shut all of you. If you want turn all your money into golds and head for the hills go ahead but don't utilize all the great things provided for you and complain.

    1. What??? Any System that allows corporations to enslave, steal, kill, murder and destroy its citizens and property by deception or overtly is in fact sanctioning tyrannical and criminal conduct. A tyranny by defenition. see def 3. Absolute power, especially when exercised unjustly or cruelly. note Thomas Jefferson's ref
      tyr·an·ny (tr-n)
      n. pl. tyr·an·nies
      1. A government in which a single ruler is vested with absolute power.
      2. The office, authority, or jurisdiction of an absolute ruler.
      3. Absolute power, especially when exercised unjustly or cruelly: "I have sworn . . . eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man" (Thomas Jefferson).
      a. Use of absolute power.
      b. A tyrannical act.
      5. Extreme harshness or severity; rigor.
      [Middle English tyrannie, from Old French, from Late Latin tyrannia, from Greek turanni, from turannos, tyrant.]
      Please, "shut your mouth" before spreading illogical, miss information about issues you clearly have no understanding of and are finding challenging to grasp with any sense of reality. I am very interested in debating with you, aspects of the Western Financial System, for one, it would appear from what you have stated, our, fore fathers had nothing before the Federal Reserve was created?

  98. Is the education in America that bad that nobody realize this was happening...

  99. Amazingly done ! I really enjoyed the film references such as 300 e.t.c mixed with the historical facts ! 10/10 A Must Watch

  100. This was absolutely fantastic, clear cut and dry

  101. @Cool E Beans
    The gold standard stood as a means of preventing inflation.
    Having currency fixed to the value of gold and NOT being permitted to print more than the value of the gold in the treasury prevented the devaluation of money.
    Having interest is a good incentive to pay a loan back otherwise someone can just sit on it until someone comes to break their legs.

  102. Interesting. While it's kind of disappointing that certain topics need to be, for lack of a better phrase coming to mind, "dumbed down," apparently to be more palatable to the masses - anything that can draw attention to what is most definitely the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the American People is a good thing. I agree with a commenter above who noted that the females portrayed in this cartoon are scantily-clad bimbos, which tells you a lot about the target audience. No matter what the subject matter, I don't like being targeted..

    Despite what some might tell you, the Federal Reserve's bank charter does not expire. It can, however, be revoked by Congress. It's well past time to start putting people in office that will start making changes from the ground up instead of adding new stories to a teetering skyscraper built on a flawed foundation.

    A tip: If they have nationwide television coverage, spam you with with pep-talk emails every day and live in a world so different from the one you and I live in that it might as well be a different planet they DO NOT DESERVE YOUR VOTE.


  103. Very good for those not to knowledgeable in economics...but it takes up the very highlights of the problem in a easy-to-understand way...

  104. This was awesome. You guys do great work. Make a video showing what's going to happen in the next few years if we don't all come together.

  105. great doc....plz look into the red shield 2 on you tube!!

  106. There is still hope for America! When the system implodes, politicians like Pelosi, Bush, Chenney, Rummesfeld, will scramble about like cockroaches surprised at the sight of light.

    The wheels of justice grind slowly by the crush exceedingly fine.

  107. Very Good

  108. "I killed the bank" - Andrew Jackson

  109. BAHAHA... amusing but so true.
    The gold standard is so far behind us now its neigh impossible to go back.

  110. For an alternative monetary system see and "The Lost Science of Money" by Stephen Zarlenga. The work of Michael Hudson is also a must.

  111. I'm sure glad timothy waited till the new year to ask for another chance to print money by march 16th at the rate they are going they may start QES4 by November. thats if they get QES3 threw in march and odds look good for that. tic tic tic tic tic tic tic.......

  112. Now watch the Bush Connection, unless of course you have a bad heart or high blood pressure. If you don't, you will!
    Thanks a million Vlatko. You the man!

  113. Good stuff!

  114. Overmind i loved your doc.i feel every war was started by banks,i feel Kennedys were assasinated for talking about stoping the war in vietnam,i think the world bank is privitizing water in africa and south america so the poor are paying 10 times what they should.peoples houses should never have been taken banks are criminal.thank you for being a honest man.

  115. @Elwood You missed my point. Or is the solution to the problem simply to get rid of the symptoms, while the cause to it all remains untouched?

  116. This is a good summary of our primary problem. A problem that doesn't just affect the USofA but every people. Fortunately it's an animation and that makes me hopeful more Americans will watch it. However, I can hear the rebuttal now... "This is just one more steaming pile of "Conspiracy Theory.""

    I'd say to those nay-sayers. Once you can prove the "THEORY" all you have left is a steaming pile of "CONSPIRACY!" Capiche?

    Bravo to the creators!

  117. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    And I actually understand how the Fed works now. Oh, the educational power of cartoons.

  118. hi overmind i have watched 100,s of documentarys and wanted to talk with other people that cared as much about people as i if you want to know the names of the doc.i got these from i can tell you .my hobby is

  119. Well erik, the truth is that women tend to be far more adaptable than men. It is men who historically have found the gumption and made the decision to put their lives on the line - to stand up and fight for their families, their countries, their heritage. Not to say that women do not have the capacity for courage and bravery, certainly many do. But nature is such that women, being the physically weaker sex, must rely on men for survival far more than vice versa (at least within the context of a single generation, and you can't get to the next generation without surviving this one). Anyway, I think this really is a brilliant piece of work that has great potential to spread awareness to the masses.

  120. Tremendous, says it all. Thank you

  121. And how did you end up with those in the first place? @ Elwood

  122. I thought this was an excellent way to make a complex issue understandable and really enjoyed it, but I was deeply disappointed at how sexist it was. Way to put half the world's population off-side by portraying women as bikini-wearing, mud-wrestling, passive bimbos who only exist as props for the guys in the movie! How much better this would have been had women been depicted as equal warriors in the fight against tyranny. Instead it challenged one form of oppression while reinforcing another. It's 2011, not the 1950's!

    1. Totally agree!

    2. LMFAO you cant be for real can you?? can never please people like you, always a problem, you cant sleep at night untill you find a problem hey??

  123. Entropy at work! All the systems of our current society are breaking down. Where the tipping point is, well, that's anyones guess. However, the future is not set, there's no fate but what we make for ourselves!

  124. it is time to stop chem-trails ,privitizing water,relying on oil,using mensantos seeds and chemicals,letting the electorial collage have more power than the peoples is time to take back our constitutional is time for perscriptions and artfical sweetners that are poisionis to be taken off the market.

  125. Very good point @ OverMind

  126. So, the only solution for the American economic crisis is the overthrowing of Federal Reserve by violence? Works well in fiction, cartoons and movies like Fight Club. But in reality, that is not the solution, not even a part of it. What these "documentaries" point out maybe the cause for the current crisis but my question is: what do they offer as a realistic solution to the problem?

  127. Cute! But it won't help those who do not understand how the system works understand it now. If you don't get it, you don't get it, doesn't matter how hard or how simply one tries to explain it to you, it's as simple as that...

  128. @ revenge
    This doc was great I said nothing about it not being true, maybe you misunderstood me? I meant because it was easy to understand send it to anybody who doesn't understand how their being robbed, why their losing their homes, and how our buying power has been slowly drained since the federal reserve was created... I already sent to to several friends who haven't got a clue why they lost their home, and their 100s of thousands of dollars in debt trying to pay for bills and go to school... "That's the thing about the American dream, you'd have to be sleeping to believe it" ~ George Carlin

  129. Very simple and very true the greed of the ELEITE

  130. @mad I'm curious, what did they exactly say that wasn't true? I saw no incorrect information and nothing that I already didn't know. Know who your friends are buddy, but more importantly know your enemies.

  131. Brilliant!

  132. Maybe now people will get it...maybe

  133. This is a informative and easy to understand doc. I think it should be shown in high schools.

  134. This cartoon is awesome! Share it with anybody who is not so bright about the economy