The American Dream

The American Dream

2010, Economics  -   179 Comments
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The American DreamThe American Dream is a 30 minute animated film that shows you how you've been scammed by the most basic elements of the government system.

From the author: All of us Americans strive for the American Dream, and this film shows you why your dream is getting farther and farther away. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day?

The American Dream takes an entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America today.

You will be challenged to investigate some very entrenched and powerful institutions in this nation, and hopefully encouraged to help get our nation back on track.

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William Deel
2 years ago

I show this video in my Economics Classes. I've been showing it for years, now, and every time I watch it (well over 100 times, now) I see something new. Just yesterday, I noticed, for the first time, Hardman dropping the illuminati sign in the Twilight Zone scene.
Is there a website that has ALL of the symbolism contained in the cartoon?
Great job by the creators.

2 years ago

great docu 8.9/10

Leon Rothschild
6 years ago

Only one thing missing, the Fed Reserve is run by the Jews.

8 years ago

This documents is very interesting but the producer either does not know anything about Economy or he wanted something else. Do not forget that MONEY acts as a medium for direct barter system. Yes Bank created some money out of thin air but without goods & services money has nothing to do in the economy further government can take necessary action to reduce money circulation in an economy. Any individual or organizations need debts to acquire something in the present rather than waiting for necessary funds to get accumulated, sometime by the time you saved that money today that amount is not enough to buy that particular goods for prevailing market rate.

Government imposed taxes not because they want to steal your hardly earned money but to fund the other public goods + subsidiaries which free market economy is not keen on those. Any government or Federal can print money but if that particular economy is not growing then it will cause inflation to balance the supply & demand that is why government should be there to control the circulation of money. Money should back by proper amount of goods & services to be exchange without G&S money has nothing to do in an economy. also note that Money has major functions :

1. Medium of exchange 2. A Unit of account 3. To act as a store of value 4. Standard of deferred payment (which means that its status as legal tender allows it to function for the discharge of debts)

This documentary just talks about the last but that is also only partly true

Capitus Dimenutio Maxima
8 years ago

The uninformed or preoccupied people, by no fault of their own, are holding back those that are awake. Let's hope more creative ways such as this clip becomes part of the education to the truth of how the world really works. Those who want to fast track their research with the red pill, YouTube Jordan Maxwell and David Icke.
Welcome to the beginning of true knowledge!

8 years ago

To Nick:

think you missed some points. Economics
don’t call it inflation, they call it the inflation tax. The increase in currency (not
money) devalues everyone’s savings and their fixed debt if the interest rate is lower than the inflation rate. If you
have variable rate debt (credit cards, lines of credit, etc. ) or a fixed rate higher than the rate of inflation your real debt increases. If
you have savings and the rate of interest is lower than the rate of inflation,which it always is, you lose purchasing power. (Example: savings interest rate 1%, inflation 3%, your real interest rate is -2%) you lose 2% purchasing power. Deflation is an issue if you are a net debtor like so many Americans and the federal government because your real debt will grow. It will benefit net savers but that isn’t most of America so it will cause financial hardship for the poorest who can afford it least. Regardless of inflation or deflation at the end of the day the American people will still pay interest and continue to lose purchasing power. The point the film is making is 1) our
constitution states only the government may issues money not currency. 2) our currency is being issued by the federal reserve, a private corporation that charges interest to us for something our government could do without the interest expense 3) Income tax was levied in 1913 in conjunction with the formation of
the Fed as collateral for the central bank to issue the currency 4) The central bank makes currency with journal entries and a printing press and turn around and charge the American people interest for currency they create at not cost and ehich isn’t backed by any assets or anything of value 5) The printing presses and journal entries that
expand the money supply drive inflation, which devalues your savings and your labor.

The film referred to JFK’s plan for the US Government to
issue currency. That would be a great first step since we (America) would no longer have to pay interest to the central
bank for currency we could print currency interest free ourselves. One other point, Jackson, Abraham Lincoln who
was supported by the Tsar of Russia, and JFK all stood against the central banks…..

The final point they are making very clearly is too many of
us are not willing to fight for the liberties our founding fathers bequeathed us and our politicians sold for a few dollars and a little power….. Until we unite as a peopled and show the same
courage our ancestors demonstrated we will continue to be victimized. and as Jefferson said : will wake up homeless on the continent that their fathers conquered

From a soldier in Iraq ,DEC 14

9 years ago

I've enjoyed this clip schools need to teach the truth instead of lying. The director needs to do one on FEMA CAMPS & agenda 21. Make it laughable the human sheep believe in lies from cradle to grave & will never know whose controlling ALL.

9 years ago

Does anyone know by any chance; who the author is? I'm doing a causal argument paper for my college class and I chose this as my documentary to go over. I need to know the authors name for my citation and annotated bibliography.

9 years ago

So let me get this straight. The message is that inflation is an artificial process meant to make us poor since it decreases our spending power (even though inflation also decreases any outstanding debts we owe... meaning we don't have to pay as much back on borrowed money). So we should...what exactly? Try to deflate our money? Magically keep it the same value? Go back to the gold standard? The general consensus among economists is that a slow inflation of currency has the most beneficial side effects of any of those options (and it's impossible to avoid inflation or deflation from happening at all).

The other message is that the big bad fed is uncontrolled by the government... so we should hand control of it over to the politicians? That will go over great for our economy every time a senator lowers interest rates and jacks up the inflation artificially to gain votes. No thanks.

This "documentary" was a mess. Half truths, designed deceit, and tacky humor. 1/10 stars.
9 years ago

Much needed message that will (no doubt) fall on deaf ears!!!!
Fantastic job providing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in a concise timeframe! Loved it

9 years ago

Gotta do some research now.

Cy Cooper
9 years ago

There was a time in American history when public education equipped people with the intellectual tools necessary to have productive discussions about their country; most people were familiar with the founding principles of their nation and how to vanguard them. As this trend came to an end in the early 20th century discourse and national consciousness gradually became scattered and incoherent, making it increasingly difficult for Americans to separate fact from fallacy.

Great video, I loved the hotties!

Richard Neva
9 years ago

This happened to me and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage with my bank!

T.J. Thompson
9 years ago

I agree that most of this stuff is not presented well to our children and future leaders. It is not only our schools job but the parents as well to look and provide information about our civic duty as citizens. We all need to start doing our part as citizens and spread this information with the technology we have today and be grateful that we have the opportunity to speak up about important issue like this.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

They have never taught these facts in schools, they never will. This movie signals what has happened to America and the world. Only wars are left to settle the debt!

Tegan Tallullah
9 years ago

Not sure what I thought of that to be honest.
I get the general premise that debt = money, the Fed prints money for free while normal people have to work hard for it, and this is outrageously unjust.
But I think it kind of trailed off into unnecessary melodrama based on little fact. I mean, what was the ending about exactly?
Also the weird and completely pointless and sexist depiction of women irritated me a bit. I mean, every single female in the film was silent and in a bikini being casually treated like a sex toy and contributing nothing to the documentary. It seems like the filmmakers just chucked them in for comic relief - pretty sick really.

9 years ago

The level of dishonesty, ignorance and half-truths in this movie is sick. Kennedy's executive order simply transferred the already existing President's power to the Treasury and Kennedy supported the elimination of silver notes. The Fed is a creation of an act of Congress and signed by the President, like any other act of Congress and can be abolished or changed on a simple majority vote. It's members are determined by that act with 1/2 selected by member banks and 1/2 appointed by government much like members of the cabinet. The Gold standard period was some of the worst economic times in the US history with very frequent and long lasting depressions and recessions. The fastest growth in real terms of US growth was the two decades after WWII. This in contrast to the past historical fact that most wars in history have been followed by very poor growth. No substance at all.
One can certainly not be happy with the Fed and it could do better, but to actually want to return to a strict gold standard would be an economic disaster. Its every bit as idiotic as the economic stupidity of Ayn Rand and her deluded acolytes.

Janeen Clark
9 years ago

its not just government thats the problem .governments were created because punishment reward and authority were used by people

10 years ago

Admit it.. It's too late to change the "system." We're riding a fast train to one of the biggest wrecks in modern history. Greed, on every level, got us!

10 years ago

The last thing needed is to turn this into a political debate. Political allegiance only divides the people. It is more important and beneficial to focus on the serious issues in the documentary than to focus on the political implications, which only inspire "in the box" thinking

10 years ago

Finally a video I can show to my uneducated cohorts who have little attention span for all the research it takes to learn about fractional reserve banking, the fed, the rosthchild dynasty.. their unscrupulous deeds, and the puppet politicians screwing us over daily.

Michael w
10 years ago

Great Animated Documentary!

10 years ago

everyone must rebolt. dont work. dont pay taxes. dont purchase anything new. dont pay your bill nor your mortage. a short period of this all banks and "federal reserve" will fail. we have the power. we buy the products, we stand by and watch this happen. when is it enough. when a loaf of bread is $30.00??? REBOLT!!!

10 years ago

Where this diverged from reality was where half way through when all banks were conflated and the stupid rothschild conspiracy canard was revived for no reason.

Here are some debunks:

- Inflation happens even with a gold standard, we just have less control over it.

- The Fed may have a quirky structure but ultimately the President chooses the board members.

- The real reason you are all losing your houses in the USA is because the banking system was deregulated and investment banks were allowed to do things that savings and loans banks used to have the exclusive rights to do, and vice versa. All the crazy cycles of scandals and schemes since the late 70s have originated from that. The sub-prime securities contagion horror was a particularly bad instance.

Ultimately this is a political issue; one which the great democracy of the USA has not been able to get through in a way that put its people first. And in that sense there is a kind of tentacled banking sector menacing you, however it's got its tentacles in congress and it's not bloody rothschild for goodness' sake. What should have happened was a debt jubilee like in Iceland. The good thing about fiat money is that if administered in the true democratic interest, its insubstantial nature can be an advantage - because it makes it very easy to say "with a wave of my icy lesbian prime ministerial wand I now proclaim that all mortgages be reduced to 90% of the post-GFC value of the properties, rather than 180% or whatever they may be". GAME reset, PEOPLE preserved. In Ireland and the USA and elsewhere, it's PEOPLE reset to square one, GAME (banks and money) preserved.

michael golia
10 years ago

They are government employees that work there ,yes but what the film is saying is correct for one , we do have to pay the fed for printing money , why , the fed was taken back from bankers in the past then lost again , kennedy wanted the fed back , besides getting out of vietnam but thats another story we all know what happend there , dont we . my question do we really know what gos on AT THE FED , behind closed doors , DO YOU !

Glen Grehan
10 years ago

This was a good cartoon. An excellent contribution to the debt = money discussion. I do wonder why the makers set the 10th centrury banking run scene in an Arabian setting. It took place in Italy in the 14th century Arabs, because of their oil, have always been portrayed by Hollywood as an American enemy. The filmmakers should not have reinfiorced this

10 years ago

The fact you are arguing with people on the internet is quite pathetic. Everyone has their own opinion, if you don't agree then shut up and leave.

10 years ago

Back to the Future 1:30, The Twilight Zone! 2:13, Animal House 3:51, and the list of movies go on =]

10 years ago

Well here we are in 2013, The Occupy World Movement is over and we are still slaves to the Corporations.

I see all the video of the Occupy Movement and it makes me laugh, Everyone protesting against what the corporate run governments are doing to them. But the whole time people were protesting they were walking around using and consuming there products that give them the money and power to enslave us all. The Occupy Movement just made them RICHER.

If you want to hurt the Corporations you have to stop there cash flow, STOP PURCHASING THERE PRODUCTS.

Yes it's that simple....

10 years ago

Well written, but it ignores one very important point. Americans, much like most of the world, are addicted to cheap and easy credit, which will be gone with proper banking policy. Our lifestyles are only possible because we live on paper money.

11 years ago

Thank you, maybe some adults can understand whats really going on now that it's in cartoon form. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

11 years ago

I wonder if everyone will wake up when all the water on earth is poison, all wildlife is dead, and we're forced to start eating soylent green? Probably not, all the fatties I'm sure, will love eating people.

11 years ago

Well, I'm convinced - lets start executing all the bankers....

11 years ago

Stupidist thing I've ever seen. A five year old is smarter than this.

11 years ago

. No one is educated now we are all trained unless we seek to educate ourselves. Reason I say we are trained is because we all see a minority(Rothschild=jews )being supported by the majority of the people

11 years ago

lol this is too corny

11 years ago

I managed to get about halfway through this before I realized it was made by libertarian conspiracy theorists. The tentacle monsters with Rothschild shields for faces cinched it.

After going to their website to confirm my suspicions I noticed they consider the late Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck to be "good guys", not surprising considering the sexist moments in the film. Before it started to go into nutty territory I was already thinking "okay so the cool guy character is giving valuable information but I really have a hard time finding him likable when he literally sexually assaults women on a beach and steals their bikinis". Next time you make propaganda, lolbertarians, leave out the **** that is a red flag for people not already entrenched in your worldview and you might get some newcomers to buy what you're selling.

11 years ago

really bored of the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts who distort the facts.

11 years ago

Great cartoon documentary! Full of facts and real history if you know any.

There is no doubt that we are ruled by evil. We were deceived and led by leaders who endorsed and profited from a ponsie scheme on our money. They encouraged us to follow them down a dark path that used our own weaknesses against ourselves, Human nature and greed is so predictable.

There is no doubt that the lovers of money are the root of all evil. The ones who control the worlds money are the ones who control evil. They are the ones responsible for funding and encouraging all the wars, within our own society and around the world.

All we need to do is wake up and stop playing their game. Identify the guilty hidden and protected owners of the world banking Cartel and take their power away. We need to find leaders who have real ethics, morals and values.and only when we take the profit out of politics, will we find honest leaders.

This should be shown on Saturday morning cartoon festivals for all children to see. To bad the bankers own the media too.

Z o h a i b K h a n
11 years ago

Many short film like this will come but no one will sacrifice their comfort of life and kill those who do wrong!

11 years ago

Pinch of salt required.

Beware this doc.
It says "it's all the fault of them RED SHIELD BANKS"... by which the cartoon means 'jewish'!

It starts as if it means to be an accurate description of international banking then suddenly slips some anti-something in there unchallenged.

I am neither jewish nor pro-american but this is blatant and doesn't address the reality that americans screwed americans and the screwers and screwees were both jewish, gentile and came in a variety of colors and flavors!

Trying to make financial distress into some sort of finger pointing exercise is not useful...

Wanna know who REALLY did this to you?
Go to your bathroom, face the mirror, outstretch arm and point with finger and shout "YOU DID THIS! YOU ARE TO BLAME!"

Move on citizens...

11 years ago

Awesome doc :)

11 years ago

A new twist on the secret of money. Still a good short introdution for people who still do not understand the origin of money and who really controls it. It should be shown in American schools to wake up the next generation so we do not continue down the path of ignorance. I'm from Canada but we still have privatised banks as America. Again good documentary.

11 years ago

Really a Cartoon hmmm this is interesting...
Well there are all sorts of info out there for Dummies
Law for Dummies, Taxes For Dummies
Maybe There Are Books on..
How Your Government Operates For Dummies
Financial Institutions For Dummies
Inflation For Dummies
Global Economic Crisis For Dummies.... What Dummies need to Learn Too :D

12 years ago

Zeitgeist the movie is worth a look too.

Xantee Bent
12 years ago

it is sad, majority of Americans knew this manipulation, unfortunately no one have the guts to fight for the elusive freedom from the evil banks

12 years ago

i thought it was too short,it left out some critical things and included some arbitrary things, since they were showing the history of money and talking about gold , and the banks i thought they would have gone more in to depth about ow why and when the U.S. went off the gold standard,but it wasnt even mentiond specifically at all,and i though it would have included more aboutthe current meltdown and the bailouts ,maybe it could be reworked and extended to at least 120 min film if not more

the other poster did make some good points about jefferson owning slaves and how the country was stolen from native americans

@oddsr ,what an odd comment ,retarded actually ,so what they grew hemp so that makes them lowlifes?

i guess enslaving people and genocide pale in comparison to smoking pot huh
or growing hemp,which is not even used for that purpose(smoking __o0)

12 years ago

Regardless to the many viewpoints on the root of the current financial crisis There is enough information present to understand that the monetary system is failing and has been corrupt from the beginning (of the civilized/agricultural transition) despite the medial difference's of expression that we seem to focus on, we should develop an understanding of the issue as a whole and focus on the protection of ourselves, our family and then our community. Lets be thankful that there are people passionate enough to want to share there knowledge and opinions with the world population, no one is forcing you to consume biased information, that is up to you to research and verify, ~ on another note how great was the clock work orange/ JFK segment?

12 years ago

red shield is rothchild ? :-)

12 years ago

Great point Sox! They also grew hemp, frickin' lowlifes!