Red Light Blues
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Red Light Blues

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Red Light BluesThis documentary is about the Red Light district of Amsterdam, as it is going through radical, far-reaching changes, the consequences of which might be felt all over Europe.

Red Light Blues starts with the Red Light district’s Open Day, which was organized by Mariska Majoor (37), an ex prostitute who runs an information center on the Red Light district. This Open Day was sort of an idyllic reflection of paradise. All this was in total contrast to what was going on in the political corridors. Politicians and business people, for their close-mouthed reasons, were beginning to push for the closure of the Red Light District.

There’s a total freedom of religion in this particular world as the prostitutes and the clients don’t care a bit if you’re a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist. The discrimination of color also doesn’t exist here. The Netherlands was the world’s first country to introduce the Law of Tolerance and thus the first country to stop treating prostitution in a hypocritical way. Until now.

The City reclaimed hundreds of windows, under the pretext that they were run by criminals, painted them all in white and rents them out to fashion designers.

We’ll attempt to understand what’s going on by talking with Amsterdam’s Mayor Mr. Job Cohen, with prostitutes and ex-prostitutes, with ordinary people, politicians, clergy people, police officers, sociologists, historians and tourist guides.

So, there is still hope. Red Light Blues is a light-hearted, straightforward (no hidden camera) documentary with a touch of poetic flair.

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  1. Women sitting in the window, selling themselves to men, like livestock. While everyone else but them makes more money off of it.

    Incredibly lunatic, very patriarchal idea that stems from Madonna whore complex... BAD IDEA? You think?

  2. This is capitalism at it's most transparent level-all social relations based on wage labour is exploitation. The question of whether sex is to be a commodity is really a reflection of a greater social struggle. Social prescriptions against can be seen as resistance to this commodification and it can also been seen as one class not wanting to pay for the production and reproduction of the next generation of workers and poses the argument that women should get paid for housework. This was somewhat solved by giving women equal rights outside the home to be exploited just like a man at a slightly greater level. When I see the Margaret Thatcher's and the Madeline Albright's and the Hillary Clinton's of the world in position of great power starting wars killing innocent women and children I see just what a monstrosity the social relations of capital are. So should women.

  3. As a Canadian tourist I did not go to Amsterdam to visit the Red Light District, and that is not the reason I hope to visit again. Amsterdam/the Netherlands has so much more to offer, things to be truly proud of. Perhaps boarding up the windows will bring awareness to EVERYTHING else.

  4. Funny part is that the women at the Red light district are hardly ever from Amsterdam...Holland girls don't want to work as prostitutes, What you will find is girls from other countries with less opportunities to get other jobs. U gotta wonder how many of them are trafficked. Probably more than we know. and how many are there because the circumstance forces them and not by choice.

  5. random long shot of the horse? lol

  6. "Why d hell you have to make such documentary when you're not willing to listen?!"

    I strongly agree to this in all forms. The businesses and girls evolving around the RLD's are often 'put a sticker on' as if it were a true nightmare and a 'bad' place and job. And by the way, making it a decent place, wouldn't make this work a decent job in the peoples eyes. The girls are looked at and laughed at like animals and this will remain whether it will be decent or not.

    For those of you who are curious about the 'feeling' of Amsterdam's Red Light District, I have this for you: CamsterDamn. It's a freshly launched (Dutch made if I'm correct) virtual/online version of the Red Light District over there. Perhaps this will spark up some interesting conversations over here since it looks quite dead at the moment and not much useful reactions are posted.

    If anyone wants to hear more about the RLD, feel free to post your questions here and I'll be glad to answer them (correctly) since I'm from the area myself and know exactly what's going on, and what not.


  7. "Bias!" a word best describes d host. You can't expect 'all' people to agree that the Amsterdam Government sucks for having such aim to eliminate d Red Light District. It sounds that every time he interviews a populace who pity 'some' of those prostitutes who were forced to work so for some reasons, he contradicts and try to butt in his own belief. Why d hell you have to make such documentary when you're not willing to listen???!!! C'mon!!!

    About d film itself, "Temptation" if you make it legal then most (if not all) would give in. It's not just about d country, it's about morality as well. Never did it became a standard of morality or respect to pay woman for sex nor treat woman that way or use them for d benefit of those who own those prostitutes for money. It all roots to 'money'. If only government can transform such place to a decent work place then all these women can have a decent job as well.

  8. The problem with documentary's like these are that there are too many changes going on in The Red Light District to keep track of things - and make an up to date docu. What I've just watched is 'old news' (I'm from Amsterdam myself) and loads of things have been changed already after this documentary came out. One thing I do want to mention here is the following.

    What everybody says about those girls being forced into prostitution, that is NOT TRUE whatsoever. Yes, there are girls being forced, but from what I know (and I know), this is less than 10% of all working girls. Of course, that doesn't 'talk anything right', but PLEASE stop whining about how sad those working girls are. They are NOT sad. They work their asses off for a certain (very luxurious) lifestyle, and they chose to do so by their selves.

    Trust me, those 'sad' faces you might've seen aren't so sad anymore when you see the bunny's hopping across the P.C. Hooftstraat the next day, spending their hard-earned cash.

  9. This is nothing more than propaganda piece for pimps. Crap documentary, and no one gives a crap about Holland anymore, because it's made itself into a laughingstock. Why would you want to visit some crap place like that when you can see real European culture. Dutch "tolerance" is a recent invention of social engineering. It has nothing to do with traditional Dutch society.

  10. This is so sad, making a documentary about one of the worst crimes, open your minds people sex is good, sex is the best but not like this. Respect women, men animals, nature. If god any god exists i hope he throws the damn apocalypse on our tiny brains to finish this joke. The word ''human'' shouldn't even exist you disgust me. oh and f*** me with that prostitutes want to be prostitutes just help them make them change their mind or make the world a better place so they wont have to do this to get easy money.

    1. ... try spelling anonymous first okay?

    2. Perhaps he/she was trying to spell unanimous.

  11. who gives a **** how long it took to reestablish a jewish community there and what would have happent if you wouldnt reestablish it ? What does it has to do with the red light district and why is it shown on this documentary ??

  12. I don't think this is a very good documentary. I'm from Amsterdam myself and i think the picture this doc. gives is a completely different images than the truth. The girls they spoke to are all dutch and they are not the problem, the problem is with the Eastern European girls. Because it's really hard to track where there money is going and if there is any pressure from within there own country. So in my eyes the only way to bring back the ''old red light district'' is by work much closer with European governments to check the girl and to give them the information they need to get rid of there pimps. Because most of the girls are really scared of the dutch government and police cause of the stories they've bin told by there pimps who can speak to them in there own language. If they close the windows the transparency would become even worse and the girl will and up underground. Men will always find a way to prostitutes! I just pick them up in bars ''ooo snap he didn't"

  13. I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.

    It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is.

    -Hermann Hesse

  14. Take the women out of the windows and replace them with provocatively dressed mannequins, right. Makes sense.

    I know plenty of women who work in the sex industry out of choice. There are plenty of outlets today which don't involve street corners or pimps but however a woman wants to do it is her choice. The people bitching and moaning about women's rights here have obviously never spoken to a prostitute. None of the women on this doc seemed disturbed or 'dying inside' over anything except the prospect of unemployment, and over the usual gripes everyone has about not always enjoying their jobs.

    Don't think you can speak on behalf of people according to your own personal morals and presumptions. Women always have and always will choose to sell their bodies for money, whatever you think about it. They make a hell of a lot more money in a shorter amount of time than selling your soul for 40 hours a week in a retail outlet so it really isn't that hard to comprehend as a life choice.

    P.S That artist was an utterly pretentious wanker.

    1. I appreciate what you're saying that prostitution will always exist, but you appear to be ignoring, or unaware, that 80% of the women in the windows in Amsterdam are trafficked(mostly from Eastern Europe), and therefore don't have a choice. They are victims of a hideous crime and these women don't earn any money, and are trapped. I used to work in a bar on the busy red light strip and saw this myself and spoke to prostitutes. The alarms in the rooms are connected up to the pimps rather than to the police. Something should be done to free these women, and stop others being trafficked. Documentaries like this are manipulating people to believe that this isn't going on, and that all the women are there by choice making a fortune- its simply not true. A small exception to this is the women in the sex shows who are mostly Dutch appeared comfortable/happy with their jobs.

  15. Nice post!

    Here are some real The Red Light Secrets

  16. my comment in this show is not to comment any down comment bcoz, who knows how hard might be the rascal cost to think what he filed it up as a documented point and shown it for the shake of my place Amsterdam. this s tow tal-e bul s...t you know............& it is really i swear it. thnx.

  17. this would be a great doc if they didnt choose such a creepy old r*tard to do the interviews .. sa sa sa spit it out m*ron and ask a half intelligent question ( put the booz down for a day and comb you hair buddy )

    1. This is a documentary and not a holly wood movie. Show some respect m*ron.

  18. One of those ****** speaks of the men servicing the women as if the women are just drooling to give some smelly, fat slob a **** job.
    Isn't it other other way around - the women servicing the men?

  19. I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Entirely too much focus on what men think. Who gives a **** what they think?

  20. This documentary has completely missed the point. It has been very selective in who it has chose to interview- what about the 75+% of trafficked women working off lengthy made up debt to violent and exploitative pimps? Be a sex worker by choice, fine, but don't make a documentary that misleads people to believe that the women in the windows are there by choice and are protected, as it is simply not true. On a less formal note, all of the presenters in this documentary gave me the creeps, the over enthusiastic guy with the ginger beard, pervy grandad, and dracula. Eurgh.

  21. I guess I hav an alternative view from most of society, but the way I see it most people do not enjoy their jobs, but they do it for money. I have worked many jobs I hate for the money, what is the difference for a prostitute? people just think they can judge because of the nature of the work but hey, even these women have thier purpose. They may be preventing some me from committing rape or child abuse, who knows... I'm just saying for the good money its not the worst thing ever. Hopefully people will not be so judgemental

  22. I think the red light district of Amsterdam is sad. Hordes of people gawking at women dressed in provocative clothes. The whole atmosphere is sad and grotty.

    Prostitution should be legal everywhere but it belongs behind closed doors. The Australian model works well. Brothels for the most part are non descrpit buildings, there are no women on display. You simply walk in, meet the women and choose the one you want. And as a result there are no women on the streets.

    I think more tourists go to Amsterdam to smoke pot than visit a red light district. The sex tourists travel to Asia.

    Keep the district and the prostitutes but get rid of the windows.

  23. RON PAUL 2012!

  24. most of u r dumb as hell #1 mr be thankful prostitutes are the most likey to raped n or killed by impotent ass men # 2 u wanna say they lied they this they that just because her job is sex doesnt make the subject any less embarrassing when talking about it w someone who may or may not be looking down on u but u know one thing they aint never sat where u have and most free choosing prostitutes are ok with the job but those illegally trafficked tricked n scared out of their minds in foreign countries are the ones who feel sever degradation u wanna educate urself y dont u pay for one hour and actually talk to one

    1. Troll level 1000

  25. Can anyone from the Netherlands confirm if crime rate has risen throughout other areas of the city, as a direct result of these reformations?

    1. Living there doesn't make someone aware of the crime rate. If the statistics are available online, you can check from anywhere in the world. If not, you can call to ask for statistics from anywhere in the world so geographical location doesn't necessarily limit you in regards to that information.

    2. Would have to respectfully disagree with you. Have you checked out stats on your local crime map recently, and do you think they're accurate / up to date? What do you think council call centers use? I asked this question of residents for specific personal reasons.

    3. Sorry but unless you're asking hundreds of residents and having them fill out statistical surveys, they can easily give you a false picture of the crime rate. I won't even get into all the reasons why that is a faulty way to assess the crime rate for a given district. Statistics are pretty much the only reliable way to get a justifiably accurate understanding of the crime rate, outside of that sphere you open yourself up to personal bias and exaggerations from those you're interviewing and as I mentioned earlier, it has nothing to do with your geographical location. Subjective personal experience can only go so far.

    4. 'you open yourself up to personal bias and exaggerations' -

      fair point I suppose, but doesn't that make a message board more interesting? Was kind of interested in personal insight. Considering you're the only person who bothered to respond though, I've already moved on from this one and approached relatives on the topic

  26. A beautiful documentary i must say

  27. closing the red district.. can u imagine how much the rate of rapes would increase if u eliminated this job...?? think about it, specialy women who judge prostitutes.. u should really thank them that your ass is not been raped every night..

    1. Saying that the incidence of rape would increase if it weren't for prostitutes just proves that men are unable to and choose to rein in their sexual urges. How immature and juvenile men are. My answer to you would be for you to just go jerk off in the privacy of your home and think about how women are human beings and not objects for your enjoyment.

  28. How dare you silly squirrel. It is people like you who have created such a stigma around prostitution!!These women are not 'dying inside' nor are they 'dehumanised objects'. Maybe you should take your head out of your ass and go educate yourself before you throw such insulting comments around!!!!

  29. I agree that the interviewer was creepy and disgusting. I noticed how he was licking his lips when he was asking the young prostitute of Surinami descent whether she enjoyed the work.. As for a genuine answer to this question, I believe that none of the girls gave one; I could easily sense that they lied because it was more comfortable to do so. I guess if you work in this job you don't want to admit to yourself and others that you are dying from the inside.. Being a dehumanized object is not a pleasure to any woman, prostitute or not.

    1. Ok man but not all of them lied, u have to consider the fact that some of them just didn't care and actually said the truth..
      Also I would like to say to u my friend that u should open your mind and think what is normal to u and what is normal to others.. Only god can judge people (if he exists)

  30. I live in the Netherlands, 200 meters of a prositute neighborhood in the second biggest city the Hague.
    What was the year that the film was made, the movie shows an extreme tolerant Netherlands where even policofficers say that they love the red light district. Today that would be absolute impossible The last 10 year the Netherlands changed a lot. Looking back, maybe it became visible in 2002 with the killing of an popular anti muslim extreme right wing leader some days for the elections in combination with the 9/11 anxiety. The public view changed from appreciating tolerance towards a critical something as; we and the government have been far to tolerant towards foreigners, drugs prostitution and it is failing. Our country as we knew it has vanished. And it is all caused by the foreigners and the liberal approach. With the public opinion also politics changed and police approach changed towards a no tolerance policy.

    I am sure that most of the public figures talking so positive then about the red light district and prostitution wouldn't dare to tell the same today. Most of the Dutch in 2012 will not appreciate it an call it weak, leftish socialistic crap.
    Nowadays prositution in the Netherlands has an image of exploitation and woman traffic.
    You can still smoke weed and go to the red light district. but the whole image of an extreme tolerant the Netherlands, where most people are positive about foreigners, prostitutes and coffeeshops is outdated.

  31. I don't know wat to say about it.But i'm not Hypocritic..neither My Heart is Saying it's just a reality way of Life..
    But my Brain is saying it's worst way of Life..all this Tolerance for wat?..It's for the Damn Money

    Where is my mind.. Where is my mind....wherre is my mind... hahahaahha... yeaahhh!..

  32. I love this film. I have two new heroes in Mariska Majoor and Xaviera Hollander. What the city of Amsterdam is trying to do is like trying to turn New Orleans into something like Dallas, TX. It would be a blaspheme.

  33. @CanadaGuy25,

    Firstly, this section is labeled as "Comments" not "Reviews". Perhaps you can go to the webmaster and discuss their choice of titles. Additionally, the comment policy does not prohibit respectful discussion.

    Lastly, you are hypocritical - as you did not post a review yourself.

  34. Closing the red light is equal to closing the window through which the charm which struck the eyes of the tourists. I do not stand for the close up the windows. If these girls are ok and like what they do, it is no offence to any one.

  35. Okay, as a Dutch girl, I am outraged.. How dare they even touch that part of our history.. I've heard Job Cohen say once that 'All that Amsterdam and Holland is known for is drugs, sex and paintings..' well excuse me, mister Mayor, but I beg to differ. What the Dutch are known for is tolerance, respect, realistic views on life and knowing it has to be enjoyed. By taking away both the coffeeshops and the red light district, they're slowly robbing Holland of al it's authenticity. Well I, for one, will not stand for it!

  36. don't close please ,,, that is big moment of the world history.

  37. the right wing strikes again. they will subvert and lie about anything they can use to get into office and power, sicos

  38. This documentary may have more credit if not for the weird creepy interviewer.

    1. I totally agree, very creepy, if I were a prostitute I would not want him or the other guy come to me. And I also think the documentarie was slighly bious

  39. "we come for the culture FOR the lady's"? pffttt...

    1. i guess so ...

  40. what does it take when I installed Adobe flash and the video says I didn't

    1. get google chrome

  41. annoying when people use this review forum as a place to discuss social topics or have personal conversations back and forth. Makes it difficult for people who want an actual review of the film....

    use facebook or something if you want to have personal discussions unrelated to the film please

    1. @CanadaGuy25,

      I'm repeating what you've said over and over again, on many threads...

  42. Lmao The best Pizza! PY IZ and flipped the A Z you are the Sprinkles of Cheese! ;)

  43. I've seen this before in London's Soho/Covent Garden. The government kicking out all the local, individually run businesses to make space for large corporations. Denying some people the right to make a living so that other people (who are ready to give the government more money) can make a living there instead.

  44. hi!does anyone know what is the song played with the clarinet??

  45. Boredom is humanity greatest enemy...An ex gigolo and a decrepit old man are worried that they can't have open prostitution and can't see naked hookers on the streets of Amsterdam...I question the intellectual and moral integrity of a person that considers this important.
    Anyway, they speak a lot about freedom as an absolute when actually they talk about pleasure, about the history of prostitution in Netherlands as this justifies it, about the free choice of the prostitutes like human trafficking doesn't exist, about how there can't be human sexuality without prostitution and it is the normal and healthy way etc; it is all grossly biased and there isn't a single reason to take them seriously.
    In this case I will easily take the side of the right-wing neo-conservatives.

    1. You obviously don't live in Amsterdam.

  46. its the same people like Eric prince and James dobson those neo-conservative Christians who want to control everybody.

  47. I suspect that all this has got less to do with fighting crime, and a lot more to do with the current trend for western governments attempts to control people ever more. I don't think that any reasonable person would disagree that people trafficking is wrong, but that practice goes on in other major cities, where prostitution isn't legal. It's certainly a problem in London. So I doubt that the steps they're taking, will fix it. Assuming that's even as big a problem as they say it is.

    As for reclaiming the shop windows and replacing them with fashion designers, I suspect that's doomed to failure. London and Paris have got the whole fashion scene angle well and truly covered. Amsterdam is hardly likely to muscle in on that action.

    Amsterdam has it's very own niche market, with no competitors. So to get rid of it all now, especially when economies the world over are faltering, smacks of cutting off their nose to spite their face.

    They're cracking down on coffee shops in an effort to combat drug tourism as well now, probably because people are having too good a time, and actually enjoying themselves. I certainly did when I went. :D

    As heart-rending and captivating as the story of Anne Frank is, a tour of her house probably isn't going to pull in the crowds anywhere near as much as sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll does.

  48. I had never watched a doc about Amsterdam and I was eager to watch this one. Sadly, it would seem, the red light district is slowly being dismantled. It was said that the girls will either go underground or use the internet, which would be just like the rest of the world...unfortunately. I would have liked to have watched it evolve and maybe (optimist is creeping in), they will allow a certain percentage to stay?
    The mention of prostitution being the oldest profession in the world sounds like a cliche, but that could only be because I am getting older?
    In this increasingly virtual world we are living in, I imagine it will become more utilized in through any means.
    Can't help but reflect on societal controls on a profession that has obvious clientele being a fester for suppression, which will bring about shit I don't even want to think about.
    I can't say I personally condone prostitution, but I know decisively, that there is an obvious need for it...what is baffling to me is that women are increasingly becoming a client--there is definitely a disconnect when the two parties can't mutually come together...and the concluding thought has to be the desire for a disconnected/one-timer/stranger encounter?
    Anywho, after writing all this I'm realizing this doc brought up some purty good what am I gonna do? LMAO

  49. one more documentary about prostitution from man point of view, all the time a bout dick's how unhappy they are but never about woman, how much more they can do then just to be peace of meat that u pay for,,,,

  50. their speaking facts and that's what i only deal in fact

  51. cool doc

  52. I live in Holland and I have to say that everyone thinks that the Dutch are tolerant.

    You only have to look at their history with WWII and minorities.

    In Holland if a woman wants to stand naked in a window and sell her body thats legal.
    If a woman wants to cover herself up she will get jailed.

    1. Good point.

    2. heheheehhee u talking bout wilders there :-)

    3. Sounds like Sodom and Gamora..kind of erie actually

  53. Without question ... the Red Light District of Amsterdam is one ... correction ... was one of the most vibrant and exciting places in the world. The Dutch are a truly civilized people and it's a shame to see one of Amsterdam's most unique districts turned into a non-organic fashion show of window display dummies!

  54. The Netherlands is still among the top countries for receiving trafficked women...most prostitutes (it's apparently 75%) are foreigners, many of them sold into virtual sex slavery. The reason it's so bad is because even though it's legal, there's so much demand internationally, that obviously, a market for cheap, submissive women will arise.

    I know this may be "unpopular", but the myth of the happy working prostitute being a young Dutch woman really isn't the truth. The vast majority (even in the Netherlands, which shocked me) are basically trafficked women from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

    1. Even if your dubious statistic was true shutting down the red light district doesn't stop sex trafficking it merely shifts it into a different way to advertise. The illicit business of sex slavery would just go on the internet and exploit from that angle commonly done in any other country. The real problem isn't simply the red light district or the legalization of prostitution itself as other countries have this trafficking problem as well, but the lack of control the Dutch government has on criminal activity. If such high amounts of sex trafficking is known to exist then why isn't it stopped? Is it assumed to exist based on sample data or speculation?

    2. @Thang Tran
      It's very, very difficult to legislate sexuality, in any case...For which I'm mostly grateful.

  55. They could have found a girl with a descent looking *ss for this title snapshot instead of the one we are presented -- the poor woman has a man's *ss. :(

    1. @dogsaysbark
      I agree. But I think that clear band is reining her in a little bit, right? They should've just left that off... and centered the shot.
      (It's a Paris Hilton a*s.)

    2. The clear band certainly isn't adding anything in the way of making her rear end or hips looks sexy thats for sure, it kind of looks like tape. I also agree with dogsaybark, they could have gotten a much nicer looking pair of cheeks for the cover.

      I am sure there will be some nice and lovely ladies coming to this page and reading our comments and thinking, I doubt there is a line up of people wanting to photograph your butts for the cover of a DVD case (not counting the ones who come over asking us to be the "before" picture. I can only speak for myself when I say this. No the server wouldn't get overloaded (or whatever the technical word is) by woman logging on to look if it was a picture of my butt on here lol. While my rear end I have been told is not to bad (hey I am not 20 years old anymore so I take "not to bad" as a compliment lol) I am sure the majority of the comments would be slightly less than positive.

    3. ...

    4. @Py
      What's that balloon popping out of Gumby?
      (most) Men have sex on the brain, everything else is under it even though they try to disguise it with lot of listening.
      (most) Women have sex on the brain, everything else is under it even though they try to hide it with a lot of talking.

    5. ...

    6. Not our (males) fault. The old joke is that God gave man a brain and a penis but gave us enough blood to operate only one at a time .

    7. ...

    8. Yes, it is our burden. What's a simple man to do?

    9. Use it to fuel the home delivery.
      Me preaching intelligence? The more you dig the more you get what you search for.

    10. ...

    11. It's remarkably how manly it is. You're right.

    12. Perhaps she used to be one. ;)

  56. Prostitution has always been with us; always will. Why pretend otherwise?

  57. Nothing annoyed me more than this creepy interviewer! The questions just freak me out! one exp. - "Oh what do you do in other times than this job" W: "I go to gym train" OOOOHHHHH (ejaculated at the moment) soo do you want to be a sports therapist" :-S that's st*pid. Also asking the mayor that do you sleep around f*ck other women other than your wife? Tell us it is normal!!!!!
    Go get a life man.

  58. Closing the windows will not stop the criminal element that has crept into Amsterdam`s red light district. Infact the sex slave trade is not in the open as seen in these windows. Those poor girls are held in warehouses and treated worse than cattle. The Government can`t be bothered going after those illegal brothels so they pick the easy target. Sadly the real victims of the slave trade are not to be found in those windows. This is a publicity stunt to appear to be doing something about the real victims and those girls in the windows are not victims. The Dutch Government in effect are making it easy for the bad side of that industry to flourish.

  59. If and only if this was a mocumentary (which it isn't) the descritption would read:
    A public masturbator and a porn producer/street magician goes around Amsterdam talking to a guy that reminds me of Michael Jackson in the Thriller-video, a ginger tour guide who sounds like he is two seconds away from kicking down the front door of the local university and start shooting people and the world's fatest prostitute dressed in a tent mixed with clips of a she-male playing the ukelele.

  60. Dutch people rock, so does the Netherlands. Period. Greetings from Canada. If I did not live here, I would want to live there. My Grandpa was one of the 1st Canadian soldiers to land in Holland during WW2. He has a special place in his heart for that Country and said he always will. Boo on the Politicians and crybaby's who take away freedoms given freely for decades. More control, always more control.....

    1. @slpsa

      I agree, they rock. I've been to Netherlands and Canada too. Both are awesome places.

    2. @Vlatko...i thought you lived in Canada (not of origin).
      Amsterdam is a great city, lived in Belgium three years and visited Holland many many times, was lucky to have family there which allowed me to experience the place from inside.
      The Red Light district must stay.
      The book Super Freakonomics has an interesting part on prostitutes.

  61. that'll bring back CnN on just teasing, my friend!

    1. Hi, Az. Been busy around the house---had to get away from the box with the flickering lights for a while! Then I couldn't comment (Vlatko said I wasn't banned, but just needed to delete my currupted cookie). LOL! It work. He's pretty smart.

      P.S. Egads! Which thread did I choose to answer your post on? Looks . . . . nasty. ;-)

    2. I teased you because i remember you saying you went to Amsterdam and didn't enjoy the red light district.
      Ya , i have been away quite a bit too. There was a lot of torrent lately, i think the storm has quiet down now.

    3. Amsterdam was like sin-city! I felt "violated" just walking between empty run-down dying churches. Quite sad. But I think the only actual "red light" district I visited (with my pastor and some others) was in Antwerp. Amsterdam is where we evangelized in the gay bar. ;-)

    4. Howdy Charles, don't forget you said we are supposed to go to Amsterdam together, you said you were going to show me around. (LOL)

    5. Can i join in? You'll need a neutral woman to distract you both.

    6. A neutral woman. That's an oxymoron.

    7. as neutral as a muscle rub in a massage therapist office

    8. Well it Is a double entendre also.

      And you're correct, I would never, ever, no doubt, in no case, never enter my peach pit of a male mind that a massage could in any way be sensual.

    9. AZ - I hope you understand this is all in fun.

    10. @Az Lol, I have a Degree in Massage Therapy and Licensed :)
      @Pysmythe Hiiii I missed talking To You And Az :P
      What would you do without Az spreading Her Wisdom and Intelligence Lmao :P We All Need it Here Lol

    11. Just curiosity. Where in Tennessee?

    12. Nashville,Tn Born And Raised There Buddy :)

    13. Memphis. Thank ya, thank ya very much.

    14. Heeeey KIN Peoples! I got folks There Too!! Tennessee Heck Yah :)

      But Alright I'm bout to be quiet and watch a Doc so I can get back on subject Cuz I don 't wanna get into trouble With Vlatko LOL...

    15. ...

    16. @ Pysmythe Aww really thats Goood I know you're Happy Lol! I have sons that age too :)

    17. Iz: Sons? Twins? My little buddy is already an artist at age 4 (almost 5). His mother and I both thought that the other had helped him draw a picture of a duck only to find out, he really did it himself. I was so pleased he has a talent that I don't have. I'm ready to give him art lessons already!

    18. Hey CnN :)

      Naw they are 8 and 7 years old 13 months and 6 days apart. But yes I did dress them alike when they were little so people did think of them as Twins LOL :D Aww you have a Little Arist on your hands huh..Well parents always see the talents in their children before they know they have a talent. I think you should go for it with the lessons he could be the next Michangelo or something I think I misspelled Lol!

    19. is Iz adopted? I suggested it a while back but had not gotten a response of approval from you.

    20. Lol Yes Az You can call me Iz if you want to :))) But only You and C@N can do it though since you are the only guys that have said thats my request Now :P

    21. with half of Py we would make pizza

    22. Just woke up...and this is what I find!
      D*mn, that is so funny and clever!
      Half of me is about all that's ever really "there" anyway...

    23. Ok! Iz: Funny true story time! I have only a few minutes before class. I went overseas teaching in a group with a woman named "Christina Slenk." Slenk was a great last name as she was sly and walked just . . . . . slenk-like. She said, "Oh, Charles, you look like a "chas" to me! May I call you Chas?" "You can call me anything you want to, Miss Slenk!" was my bashful reply. So "Chas" I was, but unfortunately I did want all the men, boring people, and even kids ALSO calling me "Chas"! It stuck with me for the next two years. So, good luck with only two of us calling you "Iz"! We'll see! :-)

    24. Lmao Ya'll trip me out laughing :D Its a phrase that I really really liked and believe is true... Soooo I changed the S to Z...And Theeeen lo and behold Az gave me a nickname from the word Is I can't believe this i'm so embarassed. I thought she was making a joke when she said the three Azoziz thing Naw she was serious LOL....You and Az can call me Iz if you want to cuz ya'll are Special if someone else does I'll say stop Biting off Az and C@N You're Not Special Lol :P

    25. Az, I liked your idea and remembered it. :-)

    26. Razor: Antwerp was the only "red light" distict I visted. Is that the Netherlands? They really did have RED lights! Rather creepy actually. I don't have any desire to see Amsterdam again, unless we take Az with us. I'll try a "brownie" if they have one, otherwise I'm quite sure I'd be a really big "kill joy" for most of your leisure activities there, Mr. Razor.

    27. @C@N,

      Charles, well you know what they say, "as in Rome..."
      "Evangelized in a gay bar"? amazing they did not throw youse guyses out.

      Kill joy is right, will stick with AZ.
      Lets see, what can I say to keep this on topic? Oh Yeh, don't know if Antwerp is the Netherlands, never been there.

    28. I was like 23 at the time, Razor. I was really good looking when I was young (it helps). But we weren't very intrusive. We didn't have our makeup on that day, but as a mime troope nearly everyone was friendly with us and we never had any problems with access to public places. We would laugh (quietly of course) as American tourists would take pictures of us not knowing we were Americans too. "Oh how quaint! A German mime troope. Quick Agness, take a picture with Satan!" That was me---I was the devil. Lots of fun! The only city we didn't perform in was Amsterdam--direct evangelism only as it was our "day off".

    29. Antwerp is in Belgium, they call it Antwerpen, dutch is spoken mainly there. A brownie? CnN? You will need my presence for could get out of hand. lol

    30. Yeah, you'd have to keep me in Check, Az. If they are good brownies, it's hard to stop with just one! Do you suppose they have reefer cheesecake in Amersterdam too?

    31. The reason people bake brownies or cookies is because the recipe has to contains quite a bit of butter so i guess a cheesecake recipe containing quite a bit of pot butter would work. Also strong sweet chocolat flavour hides the "not so good" pot taste.
      But frankly i think you would rather have a toke,easier to control, eating pot is a lot stronger for a first timer specially if you eat a tinny bit too much.
      You could really get out of hand, even with four hands taking care of you. lol

    32. Az: Really?!? I tought you were joking about getting out of hand. I thought eating pot would be less "stimulating" like when you eat cooking made with alcohol. Not so sure I'd like to do anything now that I would be embarrassed to tell my kids about when they're sixteen and old enough to say, "Ah, but dad! You did it!"

      Hum, so, the pot is in the butter, eah? I hear it's not really addictive, so let me think about it---if I'm ever in Amsterdam again. No redlight district visit, however. The Mrs. would not be happy about that at all.

    33. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

      Dorothy Parker

      Sorry CandN - Reply was meant for Dracu.

    34. @CnN you make pot butter and then use that to do baking.
      One ounce of pot trimming, one pound of butter, slowly boil for an hour, strain...and you got what you need to bake.

      I know i may sound like i am a stoner, but i actually am not smoking these days. Most time i go back to it when i do art. It has always been easy for me to quit months and months at a time (or years) even though i seem to always be around it, specially here in the Kootenays where most people smoke and many grow.

    35. An ounce of bud? I think I want to have dinner at your house.

    36. For pot butter, that would be the trimmings from buds. Ever seen pounds and pounds? not unfrequent in BC

    37. Oh I live in Oregon. Hell I've seen pounds and pounds - much of it from BC.

  62. Home sweet home